Fingering and cock sucking at hotel hallway

Fingering and cock sucking at hotel hallway
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Lorna Brown Was 25 years old, coloured building surveyor from London. Although not outstandingly beautiful, she was above average. What Lorna did have going for her was a body which was anything but average. She had a stunning figure and by far her best asset were her legs. They were amazing, although not overly long they were perfect. Her legs were what first caught the attention of her ex boyfriend Steve. When making love, he would spend more time on her legs then anywhere else.

Steve was the manager at a big but not busy London hotel. In fact it was so quiet, that Steve was intent on making love To Lorna in all fifty rooms of the hotel.

He was only nine rooms from his goal, and on the night they completed all the rooms, he planned to ask Lorna to marry him. Lorna, though was ambitious, and had been cheating on Steve with a high ranking human resources officer. Steve spent the last 2 weeks sulking over the break up, and due to his lack of interest, the hotel was even more quiet then usual. There was worse to come though, before the break up, Lorna had stupidly booked the hotel for her works Christmas party.

The deposit had been paid and she could not cancel. Lorna was in line for promotion, and had to attend, no matter how awkward it might get. Steve had forgotten all about the partyuntil his assistant asked him to sign off on a bill, he came to life.

He saw a chance for revenge. He had just under 3 weeks to put his plan in motion, working in the hotel trade meant he knew all the right people. These were people who knew he could be trusted to keep their secrets, and if they thought Lorna was a risk, then she was in big trouble.The night of the party Lorna wore a black mini dress which came up three to four inches above her knees, showing off her great legs.

Steve kept a watch in his office security cameras, watching Lorna every move. Finally after a long night it was 3.a.m. and the last people went to their rooms, which they were getting at half price. Lorna boss, was very happy, a great night, and the cheapest ever thanks to her blowing Steve in his office while he booked in the details.

Lorna had been put in room 31, and Steve used his master card to enter, he did not have to be too quiet, as he knew what Lorna would be drinking and had a bottle spiked especially for her. He watch her have at least 3 drinks from that bottle, and that she would be out cold. Steve was pleased to see Lorna had not changed, and still wore the hot party dress. He proceeded to handcuff her wrists and ankles to the bed, and then lay out a assortment of sex toys, so when she woke she would be able to see them.

He returned to his office and turned on his laptop, watching her on the cameras he had installed in the room. Which also came with a two way microphone and motion sensors.

It was about when Lorna started to stir, she was trying to move her hands to her face, but the cuffs held her arms above her head. She tried harder. Her brain began to send messages that something was wrong. She tried to jump up as if from a nightmare, but again the cuffs prevented it. She was fully awake now and her head hurt like hell.

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Panic enough and looking around as she was suppose to, she saw the sex toys, sending herheart rate through the roof. She struggled madly but could not move. She began screaming, but the temporary sound proofing, meant she could have a disco and not be heard. Meanwhile Steve had made his way from the office and had opened the bedroom door, their was a speaker next to Lorna's head so she could hear what was going on in the main room.

She heard the door and started screaming again. Without saying a word Steve went straight to the phone. Lorna was speechless, of course, Steve who else would of done this?

"Steve, what are you doing, let me go now" Steve just smiled, and waited for his call to be answered. "Yes she is awake, and you are first my man." "First? First for what? Lorna demanded to know. "What the. "Steve did not answer, he just picked up the largest dildo on the table and smiled again. Lorna knew instantly, she was in big trouble.

She thought Steve meant to rape her, which would not of been so bad, but her mind refused to accept that he had called someone else to rape her.

She pleaded with Steve to let her go. The man had been waiting in room 32 for Steve's call, and did not take long to arrive. Room 32 was to be a staging area where the men could undress, watch the previous rape and then have a shower after. The first man was almost 50, tall and skinny and was responsible for all the sex toys.

He only wore a robe, and the sight of the woman made him instantly hard. Lorna kept wriggling on the bed, frantically testing the cuffs. " No! No! No!" over and over she repeated, as the man climbed on the bed between her spread legs. She caught sight of his penis, and screamed "NO!" "You got 1 hour, don't leave any marks and no hitting, apart from that stick your dick wherever you like." Lorna could not believe the nonchalant way Steve was talking about her inpending rape.

"STEVE! NO! Don't let him, help me! STEVE! The man face was right between Lorna's legs looking at her panties, he reached to the table of toys and picked up a large knife. "Hold still baby, don't want to cut you by mistake." He ran the blade of the knife along the leg of her dress for effect. Lorna was frozen with fear watching the man with the knife.

Now she snapped her head towards the door where Steve was standing. "Please Steve! Please don't let him do this! Please I'm begging you." Again Steve did not answer, just turning and leaving the room. Lorna's head looked down her body towards the man between her legs, who had already started cutting his way up her expensive party dress. She was crying wildly now, her head falling back against the pillow as she sighed. "Please stop! Please!

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Oh God. The man slowly completed his task and now pulled the two sides apart to reveal Lorna' perfectly rounded boobs. "Wow!" He said, "I bet they see a lot of attention, your new boyfriend must play with them a lot." "Now thats a job I would'nt mind helping you with.

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In fact I think I will." NO! don't, stop it! She screamed. He fondled her breasts. He moved up on top of her, and used his tongue, his lips and his teeth, while his weight pressed her into the bed.

Lorna could feel his cock hardening along her inner thigh. HELP! She yelled at the top of his voice and he lifted his head from her breast and shook his head. "No one will hear you, except next door and nobody there is coming to your aid." "I don't want you to rape me," She told him. "What am I supposed to do with you then?" She shivered with fear about the things he clearly wanted to do with her.The man returned to sucking her breast, but much more roughly.

He was really working it terriblely, while his other hand gently massaged the other breast. Lorna had resigned herself to her rape, and just whimpered even though he was hurting her.

That was all about to change, he did not release either breast, he moved his body further up so his cock was lined up with his ultimate target.


He began rubbing himself up and down her slit, and panic hit Lorna. It was bad enough having this old man groping and slobeering over her, but now he was looking to penetrate her.

She wriggled her hips desperate to stop him. NO! Stop it! You can't! PLEASE NO, GET OFF ME! The man easily slid the head of his cock into her, but went no further. Then he bit down on Lorna's nipple as hard as he could and she screamed.

"AAAAAARRRRRGGGHH" STOP IT THAT HURTS" Her whole body tensed up, and her ass lifted off the bed, taking his dick deep inside her.

He realesed her nipple and she dropped back down, allowing his dick to withdraw. He did this 3 or 4 more times, causing her to actually fucked him. She was screaming, begging him to be gentle. "Please not so rough! Not so hard, pleaseeeeeeee." " You gonna be nice" "Yes! YES!" She shouted the second yes, as he bit down on her nipple again. Good girl, "Kiss me," he said. He held his dick deep inside her not fucking her, just loving the feel of her wrapped around his dick.

"Kiss me, and I better enjoy it he repeated." She wanted to scream, but had realised by now, no one could hear her. Slowly, closing her eyes, she leaned forward and sought his mouth. He kissed her on the lips and she drew back. His breath disgusted her. but she did not want him biting her nipple again, so she tried to return the kiss the best she could.

She was crying, but he held her head and maintained the kiss. "That was really nice," he said. "How about another?" She did, and this time let him French kiss her. He took a third kiss and this time,he put his hand between her legs and rubbed her sex around his cock.

She sighed a protest, but made no effort to stop him. The truth was that she couldn't do anything to stop him. The toys on the table concerned her, But the first thing for her to do was to try to persuade this man not to hurt her.

Lorna could feel the mans cock deep inside her, and found herself wishing he would just fuck her now. He resumed fucking her, setting a steady rhythm. She was squealing under him, but he would not let up. The fucking was bad enough, but he was also eating her lipsand she could just not break free.

He held her for what seemed for ever. Then suddenly he released her lips, but increased the pace of his fucking. He was cumming, and Lorna knew it. The pace of the fucking was mad now, she pleaded with him.

"Pleaseeeeeeee! Don't come inside me. Uurgh !

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Uurgh! Uurgh! " "Stoppp! It pleaseeeeeeee. NOOOOO!" Then he was cumming, Lorna felt it inside, and laid crying, Whilst the man held himself deep inside her, thrusting with each sprut of cum. Laughing, the man undid the cuffs on her wrists, Lorna rubbed her sore wrists, thinking it was all over. He pulled her head down to his lap, while she made pitiful noises, his alarmingly ugly penis met her lips. She tried to recoil.

There was no way she wanted that thing in her mouth. Uunnggh. No! I won't. Stop it" Please no! "Mmmmnnnnffffff!" She continue to protest as he entered her mouth. He pushed his huge cock deep into her throat. Choking, she struggled to breath around it. Not giving her a chance to fight or refuse, he strokes himself slowly into her throat.

Tears stream down her face. She wondered why his prick was still so hard as he started telliing her all the things he planned to do to her. "You know I intend to fuck you in every hole you've got! You been worth every penny" It was then Lorna realised why Steve had let this man have her, he had sold her like a common whore.

She only new a small part of what Steve had planned for her.

All the time the man slow fucked Lorna's mouth, she had just about got into the rhythm of it, when he said. "I want you to deep-throat me," holding on to her head firmly as he said it. Panting, her mouth wrapped around his cock, he slowly forced himself deeper. "You like this, don't you, baby?" he asked. "Steve right your are a good cocksucker," he assured her he was really enjoying it.

He then proceeded to face fuck her as thoroughly as he could. Lorna wanted to die, the way the man was talking about her ability, truly disgusted her. Just when she had got used to his violation of her mouth, he pulled out. She look up at him, confused, she fully expected him to make her drink his deposit.


He left the room and Steve came back in, apparently the mans time with her was up. She wanted to curse Steve, but was busy spitting out the taste of her rapist, and gasping for breath.

Steve waited patiently for her to recover, and undid her ankles why he waited. 'You bastard," She shouted, wiping her mouth of spittle.

"I not a whore, you sold me, I'm not even yours, your going to prison you fuck." His hands grab her breasts. Roughly. She screamed in pain. AAArrgh. That hurts, you fuck." Taking the nipple into his mouth, he sucks down hard. She whimpers in protest. He forces her backwards onto her back, and climbs on board. "Steve, No! STOP IT! PLEASE! NO. She is desperately fighting him, but has to concentrate on getting her nipple free, which he is attacking vigoursly.

He is between her legs now, and she knows she is losing. Then suddenly he gets up and walks out. Lorna could'nt believe it, she did not expect that. She looks at her body, the bruises and whelps are starting to show now. She rushes to her closet and grabs the first thing she finds, she got to get out of here.

Before she can put it on there is a knock at the door. Lorna swings round and looks at the door with fear, she looks at the clock, 8:15. The person knocks a second time. Her voice trembling she answers. Already knowing they were in her main room. "Wh. Who's there? The reply she gets nearly stops her heart. "Steve said hes got a whore up here we can fuck for a tenner." She wants to move to the door, and make sure it is locked, but she is so scared her feet refuse all messages to walk.

Mainly because her brain is still processing the man at the door words. TENNER?.

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Was he trying to tell her thats all she was worth. FUCK? Her pussy was already sore, anddid not want anymore. WHORE? The ultimate insult.

But the word WE, was the one she was having real trouble with. WE! WE! WE! It kept repeating in her head. He did say we, What did he mean we? Was there more then one man waiting to have her? My God she thought, how many were out there. She ran into the bathroom, and tried to lock it but the lock had been removed.

She heard the outer door open, and then close. Then voices calling her by name.