Michaela Borovska puts on her red lingerie and sta

Michaela Borovska puts on her red lingerie and sta
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THE GIRL AT WALMART: Jackson Bridgemont was sitting in his living room when he finally realized what his main problem was. He was bored with his life. He had no local friends, his best two: a previous live in lover lived fifty miles away and his brother over a hundred and fifty miles away, lived just too far away to be anything but cell phone friends, not that that was bad, though.

But, to have a close chum to do things with and share in personal things was not possible under the current situation. When he thought about it, he realized that the best times of his life had been when he had worked retail with a large national supermarket chain.

He had really loved his job and the people that he worked with. He still shopped there for his groceries and anything else he needed that they carried. It had been a union job and that was important because of the very nice pension that he got from them through the union. But, when he asked to return to work part time, they turned him down flat with no explanation despite the ready appearance of notices in the store asking for help and the laws of the state to not discriminate on the basis of age.

He had a very fine employment record with them, and was readily known by his continual shopping there. But, for reasons unexplained they refused to utilize him in any capacity in the store.

When he went to the union over it, they acknowledged that it was blatant age discrimination, but let him down softly with the assertion that proving that was a very difficult accomplishment, because the companies worked overtime to find a list of excuses that they could use on any assertions of this, and with the political climate as it was now, the courts tended to favor the companies to a considerable degree. So, Jackson with a smile acknowledged that and left the union office determined to find a way to be utilized by someone.

Walmart was always considered the dire enemy of union workers and had a very shabby record of how it treated its employees as far as pay and benefits were concerned. But, Jackson did utilize the store for things that he could not find with his previous retail employer and on his next visit to them to buy some dry carpet cleaner, that wasn't carried by his previous store, he noticed a couple of signs up that proclaimed that Walmart hired without any age discrimination, if the person could fill an employee need in the store.

So, Jackson called the administration of the pension fund the next day and was told that he could work anywhere he wanted and with whomever he wanted, because of his age, even though he was on a union pension. And they were especially annoyed when it was brought up to them that he had been refused a return to the company that he had worked for, for over thirty-five years.

Among other reasons it was because when a former employee returns to the company, it saves the company money by replacing the total loss of the pension payments with at least some return by returning to work and paying his union dues from then on. When Jackson asked about Walmart specifically, they were very upset about the possibility of a former union worker moving to them, but according to the rules, he could if he wanted and if the previous company made any fuss over it, they would be stamped down, since they had had the first shot at him and not taken him back.

That would factor to a great deal by the even business influenced courts. So, Jackson was free to do what he wanted with that and his union pension was under no threat over it. So, on his next shopping day at his former employer's and their refusal to even consider using him in any capacity, he after getting his groceries, and delivering them home, drove to the local Walmart that he sometimes shopped in and filled out an application online there.

They notified him the very next day to come in for a personal interview and so he took a couple of ibuprofen pills and put on his back support and reported to the store with a firm step and determined purpose. They noticed and hired him on the spot as a greeter and security observer at one of the doors. It was nonunion and low wage with few benefits, but he could cope with those already taken care of by his union pension.

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This was one of the reasons that Walmart liked to hire former employees of the union stores. Their experience and training, and the lack of a benefits package bother. As he settled in at the doors, he carefully followed the protocols that they taught him: to keep his eyes open and to examine shopping lists of door alarm sendups, especially checking out the date and time, since reuse of prior receipts was one of the main offenses of the shoplifters in their stores.

Some of the people with his job got lazy about checking that out, but one of his pertinent habits was to follow stated instructions consistently, and in his old job he had been occasionally called up on that by his fellow employees and management. It seemed that his managers at the former company wanted those rules in place to have an excuse to sever relations with employees that fell in disfavor with them over usually non-terminating offenses, and really in practical matters didn't expect them to follow those rules all the time, for customer concerns as well as others.

But, in addition to his natural inclinations, he had been raised by a rule enforcing mother and had also spent four years in the Air Force where rules were taken very seriously. So, he was a dedicated rule follower and with Walmart that was no problem at all for them. Over the first two weeks of working about twenty-four hours a week, mostly starting early in the morning at seven, he was feeling pretty confident of his status on his new job and it was confirmed by the management with a pat on the back as he doing a very fine job.

He was checking the receipts out very well, and using the instore security notification apparatus, instead of taking physical actions on his own with security threats.

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They knew this, because they constantly test their employees with mystery shoppers to confirm it. A couple of his former fellow employees stopped him and asked what was going on with his now employment with the 'enemy.' And so, he informed them that he had asked to return to their former company but had been refused and so with that they pulled their horns in and acknowledged that if a person wants to work, that they had the right to find a place that wanted them.

But, his former company found out about it and tried to start trouble for him through the union, but they were boxed on the ears figuratively and told that they were lucky that they weren't in court for obvious age discrimination, and the pension board told them that he had the right to work anywhere he wanted and so they settled back into being just short of surly when he shopped for his groceries at his former store.

The employees at the former store made no issues with him over it, were just glad to see him still shopping there.

Eventually the former store's management just ignored him unless he needed their help and everyone just settled down, but several other of his former employee partners began to consider the same path as he had taken. After the first month, he began to take in consideration his new fellow employees with this new company of his. They were very considerate of an aged man of mid-seventies that wanted to make some of his time count in his retirement.

During one of his lunches, he noted a young clerk who was being ignored as to a seat during her lunch. He didn't know why, but felt it was because she was quite unattractive.

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He didn't give a fig over that and invited her with motions of his hands to take a seat opposite of him. And she shyly moved over to take her lunch with someone that didn't mind her presence. He kept his silence this time to let her become used to his presence and she smiled a bit when she got up to return to her check out station. When she smiled, she was somewhat more attractive, which is normal for most people.

He noticed that she had unusually fine teeth, white and regularly spaced. The next day, she didn't even hesitate but immediately moved to his table and took her place opposite of him with a shy little smile and then got to the business of taking down her sack lunch to his McD's hamburger and fries.

No words from her, yet. And none for the next three times they shared lunch either. She worked five days a week and he only three, but they did sit together all of the times that he showed up for lunch with her, and he had no idea of what she did on the other two days, but perhaps because he welcomed her to his table, maybe others were now doing so on the other two days of the week.

On another day soon after this, he was approached by another fellow worker of about Lydia's age on a break while Lydia was still in her check stand and appraised him that she was in some trouble housing wise.

Evidently her parents were on the verge of being evicted from their trailer park because of nonpayment of rents, though Lydia advanced almost all of her wages to them, and they got considerable public subsistence.

The employee whispered that they were both drug addicts and this was the real reason for the problem. And he felt a very strong sorrow for Lydia over this. He then asked him if he might be willing to take her in for a short time until she could get herself in shape to have a place of her own. Evidently, she had shared with her girlfriend at work that he was the only one there that she felt that she would be able to trust under those conditions.

So, Jackson promised to think it over and find out about her to make the decision. He brought up this challenge to both Marcus his taxi driver friend, and Marty, his condo complex neighbor.

This was before Marty took over ownership of the complex. They asked for her name and address if possible and would consult with some security specialist that they knew and get back to him. Marty called him the next day and relayed to him that she was a true 'innocent' and well regarded by everyone that knew her, so Jackson told the informant at work to pass on to her that he was prepared to help her in that way, if she decided to ask him about it.

The next shared working day, she came to their shared table again and with very shy eyes, asked him if it was true that he would take her in for at least a short time, to get her life in order and he assured her that he would. So, she with innocent eyes announced to him that she was a virgin, to his surprise and after she had said it, she knew immediately that it might not have been wise to announce it.

But he just assured her that her condition was in no way in jeopardy with him at his home. And she relaxed and told him that a friend would help her to move in on the coming Saturday, a day off for her and Jackson. When she got to his condo, she was surprised that she would get a whole bedroom of her own.

She had never had this in her life, but Jackson had three of them and one was his office, so the vacant one was available for her habitation. And with her look at it, her heart told her that she surely wouldn't find a better place to live and therefore was motivated to have Jackson want her to stay on with him. She wondered if she would have to give him sex to have that, only time would tell.

As far as work was concerned, the town had a very fine bus system, and also they worked the same shift three days a week, so in that things would work out fine. After she settled in, he had a direct talk about the house rules, the main ones being that she was allowed to have no males in the condo at all, and that she had to be in at night by eleven, so that he could get to bed without worrying about where she was and how she was.

She was also to share in the upkeep of the condo, and she would have to pay no share of the rent or other expenses for three months, to see if she liked it and wanted to stay on. In her mind, she had already decided that she would do anything to ensure that she stayed on with this very fair and kind man.

If he didn't care about her looks, she wouldn't care about his age, was her provisional decision. The first weekend together, since they both worked only weekdays, he found out that she was a rabid Seahawks and Mariners fan. So, when the T.V. was on with one of their games, she would cuddle up to him and with one arm around his neck and the other across his chest, she would cheer and boo right along with the fans at the game.

Even with the noises, he found that he loved having her there with him, it was so nice to have another human in the condo with him.

He wasn't feeling lonely anymore. And with her in residence, he cut off the visits by his escort friends until things were settled out between him and Lydia for their future together, however long that would be for. The first couple of weeks, both Lydia and Jackson were teased about her new living quarters, but it was very gentle because of her soft heartedness.

And it ceased when management became aware of it, because they knew that she had few choices at the time, anyway.

And were very grateful for him for taking her in for the present. With that in mind, and also taking in consideration his many years of retail and management experience, they asked him if he would be interested in moving up to some kind of management position, but he informed them that he was happy in his current job and was well situated in life and would like to continue in it.

They told him that that would be fine as far as they were concerned. One evening after availing herself of watching a movie with Jackson and then working out on his second bedroom treadmill, she decided to take a shower before going to bed and went to her bedroom to change out of her clothes to do so with taking of a bathrobe along with her. Jackson was still in the living room wrapping up his day by watching the late news when to his surprise, here comes Lydia heading to the main bathroom's shower completely naked.

When she saw him, she started to apologize for her condition, because she had always gotten bad reactions to her looks, but Jackson held out his arms to her and motioned to her. She then came over and seated herself on his lap to receive his good wishes and comforting caresses and she found herself more turned on than at any other time of her life.

She reared back and gave him a couple of kisses on the lips and then moved away to get her shower. Jackson smiled and got up to go to bed heartened by his first glimpse of her young body, one that was anything but unpretty. She had pretty little tits, a nice mounded tummy, shapely hips and a darling little pussy cove hidden a bit under her young woman's bush above it. She was very sexy and didn't even know it. He decided to let her find this out on her own and not to push things with her, if it happened with him, he would thoroughly enjoy it, but if it was with another person, so good also.

So, when she got back to her room in her bath robe, she sat on the side of her bed and thought things out. She had seen real desire in his eyes when he had seen her naked. That had never happened before with anyone in the few times that it had happened. And he was just being so sweet about everything, so she figured that she should contribute more of herself to his happiness.

And with that, she hung up her bath robe and put on a very sexy night wrap and moved to his bedroom door. She lightly rapped on it and got the instructions from within to enter, and so she did without saying anything and immediately moved up to the bed, laid her wrap on the chair next to the bed and entered under the covers to share the night with her kind-hearted housemate.

She leaned over to kiss him as he laid on his back and with the softest eyes that he had ever seen asked him if he wanted to have her virginity that night? He told her that she should only give that to a man, when she had made up her own mind to do it, so she asked if they could make some kind of love that night and let her remain a virgin for some time yet, and he suggested that they do anal to accomplish that.

She didn't know what that was, but when he explained to her about it, she was dubious but acquiesced to his good-heartedness and depended on him to accomplish this without hurting her. When Jackson explained that it could hurt a bit the first few times, like her losing her 'cherry,' she just asked that he be easy on her, so he promised to do it as gently as possible.

So, to get her ready for this, he took her into his arms and kissed her about the lips and face to know that she was very desirable, no matter what anyone else thought about her. She got into this very quickly, because what woman doesn't like to be desired by a man that she cares about very much? And when his lips moved down to her tiny breasts, she was amazed that he paid any attentions to them at all. He let her know that he thought that were just cutest ones he had ever seen, and with this she reached down to feed them individually in rotation to his amused and joyful expressions.

She started to become worried that she was pushing it too far, but when she hesitated, he let out a. "Hey why are you stopping now?" And so, she returned to feeding her titties to his mouth. When she started to feel his influences on her pussy area from the attentions to her breasts, she asked that they do 69, something that she had heard was very much sensually fun for a man and a woman to enjoy.

So, he asked her to lay on his front and the rotate her body, so that his face was up to her pussy area and her mouth was up to his penis. She with some hesitancy to did this, but when the licking began, she got into the rhythm and sensuality of it and got herself right down to business on him as he was with her.

When her pussy was leaking her girly cum, he moved his mouth up to her anal rosette and soon had it lit up with feelings and beginning to open to his touch. He then reached over to the nearby table and took the thick type lube and worked it into her rectum and around her rosette and then passed it down to her to anoint his cock with it. She did this very well, knowing that more was better in this case. When they were both ready, he had her move over onto her knees and chest with her head down to the bed's surface and turned to face away to the left.

He reached out to separate her legs and open up her anal region to his probing love play.


She was shaking a bit over this, but when his cock slipped right up into her, she was amazed and soon began to pump back on him, to augment the powerful feelings that she was getting from him with this loving service.

As he was gently probing in and out of her, she asked if him being in her pussy would feel like this and he answered very much like it, but would have a bit more pain initially, but also have the risk of an unwanted pregnancy, if they weren't careful. In her mind she had already concluded that she just might want to have his baby someday.

But, would still like to remain a virgin for the time being. So, he continued until he came up her back pipe and with that, she got a minor climax that none the less felt really good as the first one that she had ever gotten with a male. They then used a towel conveniently left by the bed to both wipe down and gathered each other up to sleep the night away in shared lovers bliss till dawn. When they awoke in the morning, it was Sunday, and other day off, and more football games to enjoy.

He had always enjoyed them alone or with one nude call girl with him during the game, fucking at each touch down and sucking at each field goal.

So, after a breakfast of bacon and eggs, prepared by her, he asked her what she would like to do for the day. She mentioned that she would like to first take a shower with him, since he was the only one to ever show serious sensual interest in her body and she liked it.

So, they undressed and did so, then he asked her if she would like to watch the game as his other girl friends had, in the nude? And she asked if she could do it in her bra and panties to start and if she got real enthused to take them off for him. Jackson was totally okay with this. He didn't want to push her too quickly. So, the first game started at ten in the morning, it was an eastern game of the Giants versus the Dolphins, two teams that were of very minor interest to them.

So, they busied themselves tidying up the house, with him on the vacuum cleaner and her helping with tipping the furniture to get under them.

In between the helps to him, she in her panties and bra wiped down the walls and ceiling with a damp sponge mop and dusted all of the furniture, too.

When they were all done, the game was over with Eli having a good game for a change and the Giants winning. Then, there was an hour wait for the next game starting at three, it was a Midwest game between the Chiefs and Vikings. It was of more interest to them, because the Vikings are in the same conference as the Seahawks and the result of the game would have an effect on the Seahawks efforts to get back to the playoffs this year.

But they were hungry and so Jackson suggested that they go to the Caesar's Pizza place four blocks away and get a box of Italian Baked Bread Sticks to enjoy with the root beer that he already had in the condo. She wondered about going there in her panties and bra, and so he suggested that they go in the S.U.V, with her in her bathrobe.

No one on a Sunday would even notice. And then she could take it off within the tinted window van and he would get to enjoy her on the way there and back. She remarked that that was a fine advancement in her debauchery progress with a smile and laugh and they did just so. On the way back, she leaned over and played with his cock inside of his pants and he had to show a lot of control to not empty right up into them on the way.

When they got back home and into the condo, she went into the bedroom and came back out in her nothingness and Jackson gathered her up to him and soundly kissed and caressed her till the game started, and then she moved a couple of cushions up to both of his leg sides and then settled herself into his lap to play with her as the teams played on the tube.

About halfway through the game, with his little finger up her pussy carefully to not disturb her 'cherry,' he inquired of her, "I thought that you were so very shy and retiring Lydia, what has happened to you since you came to be with me?" "I have found a measure of sexual freedom and interest while being with a man that really does like me despite my looks." "No, Lydia, I like you BECAUSE of your honest looks, not despite them!" And with that she turned around and gathered him up into a mighty fine tour of kissing and caressing between them and then turned to catch the rest of the game, which the Chiefs won, giving the Seahawks another leg up in the playoff race.

Then later the Seahawks won handily over the Raiders, and the Italian rolls were gone and the root beer glasses were empty and they were very tired, so they moved to her bed this time and she laid down on her back and allowed him to lift her butt hole up for him to take his place inside of it and with cushions around her body this time, to lay on her and fall asleep in her arms till late in the night.

When he awoke, he talked for a bit about when they went back to work and he recommended that they act just like they had in the past to take the pressure off of her. She could just act the innocent that she had acted as and plead ignorance of what they tried to pry out of her and he would use his 'don't piss me off' stare to divert any of their questions from him having to answer them. Whatever was between them was for them to know and enjoy, not for her to be made fun of for being nice to a very underserving, but appreciative old man.

She answered with, "Who is old and undeserving? I don't see anyone of that deion here," and with that, she kissed him goodnight and he returned to his bedroom to enjoy some solitude for the night.

Jackson slept very well, that night. When Lydia got home on Monday night, just in time for Monday Night football, she got to enjoy one of Jackson's special meals made from some corned beef hash fried with frozen mixed vegetables in it and topped with shredded cheese.

With a small can of V-8, it makes a really tasty meal and easy to fix. Easy to fix being one of Jackson's dogmas. And since she didn't have to cook it, and did enjoy it, it was a total success with her. She asked for the recipe with a humorous gleam in her eyes. During that Monday, Jackson had busied himself in some of the weekly chores, like his exercise mall walk. He had a fine treadmill at home, but still did the mall walk to not get too isolated by doing everything alone at home.

With Lydia in residence, this was now almost a moot point, but still important for his mental as well as physical health. That is the public connection. He also visited his Post Office box and added Lydia to it, so that her mail could get there, too. And he visited his old store to pick up some supplies for the condo, including a bonus supply of toilet paper, as women have a number of uses for it as well as the official one.

Then he took an afternoon nap to rest up for Lydia's home return and awoke an hour before her arrival to prepare the dinner for the two of them. Lydia was noticeably happy with having a hot meal waiting for her when she got home and a friendly face to share it with.

She figured that she could get used to this no matter what his age was. During lulls in the MNFG, she brought up some very personal inquiries made of her about her now residence with Jackson. She just passed them up with a smile and left it at that.

And he kicked in that even in his old store that notice was being taken of his having her with him, too. And he had handled it the same. Just jealousy from other lonely hearts, they both assumed.


Lydia had also picked up her pay check that she had forgotten the previous Friday due to the excitement of moving in with Jackson and Lydia went to Lovers to get a special thing to wear for him. Talked to clerk about this nice old man and her wanting something to please him.

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And she wore it to dinner with him that night. It was barely noticeable, not because of any lack of sexiness, but a lack of fabric as he noticed.

And she noted to Jackson that her parents had visited her at work during lunch time to see if she was going to continue to fork her pay check over to them, evidently their H. bill was overdue with their drug outlet.

She informed them that she had to support herself now and would not be helping them anymore. And advised them to get into drug treatment.

She then stopped off at her credit union and deposited the check into her starved account to get off to a good start on her new freedom. During the MNFG, she was very affectionate in her new sexy threads and they enjoyed the game, between S.F.

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and Oakland, because they were evenly matched and hated each other. It was a very competitive game after all, won by S.F. on an interception return by the former Seahawk, Richard Sherman, who was still a potent force in the secondary.

She didn't sleep with Jackson that night, but did join him for a before work shower in the morning with some minor but fun handsie play before drying to dress.

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Then they rode to work, with her acting just like she belonged in the SUB, sitting with him and chatting on the way. He couldn't help but notice that a face when it becomes regular in a person's life becomes neither pretty, nor not, just belonging to the person that you care about.

He smiled at that as he drove. When they got to lunch at work, they took up their usual positions at the usual table, and contained themselves from fucking on it before the whole store's watchful eyes. They just chatted and she acted in her usual shy and contained self, to some of their fellow worker's chagrin.

But, once in the SUB and on the way home, she hidden by the tinted glass, reached over to kiss him on the way home, one of her very new regular gifts to him. She had adapted a sexual regime for them, with her knowledge and concern about his welfare. They would play around affectionately whenever the mood hit them during the week. On Tuesday nights, he would get oral and a 'quicky,' with a climax or not; but on Friday nights they would go all out to bring him, with her almost always cumming whenever they played seriously.

And she was very devoted to taking good care of her MAN while being careful of his health, too. In all of this, she was getting plenty of attentions to her, too. So, she was happy for a number of reasons, also. A month after her moving in with him on a Friday night after another prepared meal for her return home after work, she appeared without fore notice to him already settled in his bed with a newly purchased slutty costume and a red towel.

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He, of course, knew what that signified. She was going to sacrifice her virginity to him that night, and possibly start off a new life, since he knew that she was right in the middle of her fertile zone for the month. She was not even sneaky about what she wanted for the night and expectations were running high for Jackson, also.

That night with what was in view, they got right down to the intended actions and with some fervent kissing and caressing, she got onto a pile of two pillows (covered with the red towel) and with her legs splayed out as far as possible to welcome Jackson into her private female kingdom, he lightly kissed and licked her pussy up to being lit up and then gently installed his member up into her for the intended purpose and when he finally came up into her, she was radiant with satisfaction and probably as beautiful to anyone as she would ever be in her life.

A couple of weeks later, her pregnancy was confirmed and there was a lot of "I thought so!" going around work, but there was a lot of happiness too for the couple.

Two misfits, they thought, that had found happiness and love. That kind of thing is infectious, you know.

Even the company got into it by giving them a baby registry to help them with the coming supplies for a new life. During the next few years, along with a reduced working schedule, a baby to take care of and her working on an artist's correspondence course to advance her nascent drawing skills, her attentions to Jackson somewhat suffered.

But he was not alone, nor totally ignored either. It was a happy home for them. One day, while their grade school child was with a neighboring family, playing with their children; Lydia got home to find Jackson curled up in his chair and very cold and stiff.


She checked at his neck and found there to be no pulse and so she called 911 and fell to the couch in abject horror over his apparent death. When the EMT's came in to check on him, one of them took her into his arms to let her mourn her dear loss.

But, one of the others passed on a slip of paper on which he had written in his final moments, I LUV YOU, LYD…… With this being handed to her, she then collapsed into the arms of her attending EMT and cried her heart out.

When things straightened out, she found that with generous gifts to his previous children, he had also made provisions for her and their boy, with her getting possession of their condo of love with an income to keep the payments up until it would be paid for.

She was just overwhelmed by that totally loving act on his part. And it finally convinced her that he had dearly loved her during his last years of life. Ben, the attending EMT to her, came back to visit her and check up on her over the next few months and later to his parent's delight they got married and enjoyed a long and happy marriage with two more children by her. By then she had long left off working at Walmart as she had made a name for herself as an illustrator of novels and gift cards.

The store was very generous to her on her separation from their business and on their own authority carried her line of gift cards in their cards section. A year after Ben passed away in their long future together, they found her in her chair, the same one as had held Jackson in his final hour of life, also passed away with a piece of paper with two illustrations on it, one of Jackson and one of Ben and the words: I LUVED YOU BOTH, YOU WONDERFUL MEN!