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Vibrator live show with bigboob blonde girl have fun jincamcom
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Dog Walking in the Woods I was driving along a country road bordered by a wooded area near to a small village, when I saw a young girl cross the road into the woods walking a small dog.

I realised the possibilities of the situation and drove on a couple of hundred yards until I came upon an unmade access road to a field where I could park my car out of sight of any traffic passing on the main road. I left my car and hurriedly walked into the woods back towards the direction where I had seen the girl. I saw her ahead of me on the main track through the woods and I was soon close behind her. She was probably about 12 years old with brown hair down past her shoulders and a pretty face with deep brown eyes.

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She had a lovely little figure that made me ache for her. She was wearing a short summery floral skirt that came to a couple of inches above her knees and a pink T-shirt that was short enough to show off her navel. On her feet she wore trainers with cute pink ankle socks. As I caught up to her she looked at me uncertainly so I put on my most friendly smile and said "Hey that's a lovely little dog you've got there, what's his name?" My friendly manner reassured her and she replied "His names Benjie, he's only six months old".

"He's so cute" I said, bending down and stroking him and tickling his ears. "Is he yours?" I asked. "Yes, my mum and dad bought him for my birthday" "That was nice of them" I said "How old were you?" "It was my twelfth birthday in April" she said. I stood up and carried on walking with her talking about her dog and how she looked after him and walked him every day. She was quite chatty and not at all suspicious of me.

Her name was Becky and she was a very pretty young girl. We walked on until the woods opened out onto a field where some sort of crop was growing. The path turned and followed the edge of the wood and the field and then after three hundred yards or so it turned away from the field and presumably headed back towards the road. I would have to act now before she started on her way back. I had been keeping a keen eye out for any other walkers but had seen no sign of anyone else.

I pulled a short but wicked looking knife from my pocket and grabbed her by her arm and turned her so she was facing me.

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I held the knife close to her face so she couldn't fail to realise the situation she was in and I said "Becky you be a good girl and do exactly what I say or I will kill you and your dog, do you understand?" She was completely shocked by my sudden change of mood. "What do you want" she said "Why are you doing this?" "Just be a good girl and I won't hurt you, give me any trouble and I will kill you.

Do you understand" I said, raising my voice. "Yes", she said looking very scared. "Walk with me this way" I said, keeping hold of her arm and leading her further along the edge of the field, ignoring the track we had been following. The dog came along quite happily but Becky was looking very frightened. "Where are you taking me mister?" she asked apprehensively.

"Don't worry, it's not far" I said. I had no idea how far we would be going, I was looking for a suitable spot and I would know it when I found it. Soon I saw a spot where there was a dense patch of shrubbery shielding a small grassy area from anyone in this section of the woods, although there was no sign of anyone being about. "This will do" I said and led Becky to the spot. "But there's nothing here" she said, looking perplexed.

"Why are we stopping here?" she asked. "Just sit down and shut up" I said. She sat down as I had told her and curled her legs up underneath her, looking around for a clue as to why we were here. I took Benjie's leash from her and tied it to a small sapling so that he couldn't wander off. He settled down quietly chewing on an old rotted log. Now down to business I thought. I knelt down next to her and putting my hands on her shoulders I gently pushed her down so that she was lying on her back.

"What are you going to do?" she said in a shaky timid voice. "I just want to touch you a bit" I said reassuringly "I won't hurt you as long as you are a good girl, okay?" "Okay" she said. She didn't sound like she thought it was okay but she knew she had no choice. I took hold of both of her hands and raised them above her head, holding them there easily with my left hand alone, leaving my right hand free to explore. I put my hand up under the bottom of her shirt and gently felt her budding breasts.

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They were very small and she certainly had no need of a bra. I gently rubbed them and rolled her small nipples between my fingers and thumbs. Letting go of her hands I said "Keep your arms above your head Becky, if you move them or try to stop me doing what I want to do, I will hurt you badly and you don't want that, do you?" "No" she said. I took hold of the bottom of her shirt and pulled it upwards tugging it up past her face and over her head then up her arms and off, dropping it on the forest floor.

Now I could really examine her small breasts. I stared at them for a while giving them a gentle rub and squeeze, appreciating their perfection. Slowly I lowered my face and licked all over her small mounds licking and sucking on her nipples. I glanced up at her face and she was watching me intently, a look of non comprehension on her face. I stared back at her as I sucked on her nipples and she turned away, not able to meet my gaze.

"Becky" I said.

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"Yes" she answered. "Don't forget what I said to you. Keep your arms above your head, or I will hurt you badly. Okay?" "Okay" she answered. I lay down on my side next to her and moved my right hand down and pulled up the hem of her little skirt and very gently rubbed my palm over the soft material of her panties where they covered the tiny mound of her pussy.

I felt her whole body tremble and she breathed in sharply in apprehension at what I was doing. "Please don't" she whispered. I ignored her and carried on gently rubbing her, cupping her Mons with my palm and probing with my fingers on the gusset of her panties. I loved the feel of her petite mound and the soft folds of her little pussy lips through the soft material of the underwear that was all that was separating her flesh from mine. I spoke to her sharply "Look at me Becky" I said, "Keep your eyes on mine or you'll be sorry".

She looked up at me as I slowly and deliberately moved my hand to the waist band of her panties and slowly pushed my fingers under the elastic and down to her little pussy.

I softly rubbed my fingers up and down her slit, not entering her but just caressing her gently. I kept my eyes on hers and she started to cry quietly. Looking her in the eyes I asked "How does that feel Becky, doesn't it feel nice?" "No" she said "You shouldn't be doing this to me, it's not right". She started to sob more heavily and turned away from my gaze putting her hands over her face. I got up onto my knees and grasping her panties by the waist band I pulled them down her legs and completely off.

She didn't move or resist she just sobbed and sobbed knowing that she could do nothing to stop me doing whatever I wanted. I moved to her feet and taking hold of her ankles I placed her feet up by her buttocks about eighteen inches apart then I spread her legs by forcing her knees apart. Her little skirt was bunched up around her waist and her pussy was now nicely exposed to my gaze.


It looked so small and perfect and had the merest hint of light coloured hair beginning to grow. I leant forward and pushed my nose into her and inhaled deeply, relishing the smell of young pussy that assailed my nostrils. I pushed out my tongue and licked her slit all the way up from the bottom to the top. She shuddered at my touch. I licked her repeatedly until my saliva had made the outer parts of her pussy nice and moist. I then concentrated on her little clitoris, licking and then sucking it continuously, until she began to squirm trying to move away from my probing tongue.

Then I gently opened her folds with my thumbs and licked and sucked her most intimate parts, lapping at her hole and sticking my tongue into her opening. I couldn't wait any longer so I straightened up and undid the button on my trousers and unzipped my fly.

Upon hearing my zip being pulled down she immediately moved her hands fromher face and opened her eyes and looked at me. "What are you doing?" she said in a very disturbed tone.

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I pulled my trousers and underwear down to my thighs and her gaze fastened on my very erect cock, her eyes wide. She kept staring at it unable to tear her gaze away. "Please don't" she said, knowing what I intended. "I've never done it before, I'm only twelve, I'm too young, you can't do that to me". She was beginning to panic and I knew I had to act fast or she would try to get away in desperation.

I grabbed her ankles and forced her feet up towards her head bending her double with her knees touching her shoulders and then I lay on top of her, pinning her in that position with my body weight.

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She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed as hard as she could, trying to lift me off of her but she didn't have the strength. I pushed my rock hard cock towards her little pussy and probed her opening with the head seeking entrance into her virgin cunt. She felt the head of my cock pushing into her pussy and squealed in fright. "No don't, please don't, I'm too small, please don't do this to me, please".

She started beating her little fists on my shoulders trying to stop the inevitable.

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Her obvious fear and her high pitched girly pleading turned me on so much that I was overtaken with animal lust. Gone was any thought of being kind to her and of breaking her in gently her first time.

I forced my cock into her tight hole against the resistance of her young tight flesh. I pushed it as far as it would go and then retreated slightly only to plunge in again with all the force I could muster.

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I could feel my cock going into her slightly more each time until she shrieked in pain as my cock suddenly sank into her deeply, ripping through her maidenhead and taking her virginity.

"Aaaarrgghhhh" she screamed "It hurts, please don't, it hurts so much" I clamped one hand over her mouth to stop her making so much noise and began pumping into her as hard as I could, forcing the whole length of my cock into her repeatedly, slamming into her roughly, violently, turned on by the animal like grunts she was making every time I forced myself into her and by the sight of her feet in the little pink socks and trainers bouncing up and down by my head in time to my every thrust.


I was hammering into her so strongly that her head was moving backwards and forwards as my cock advanced and retreated into and out of her tiny hole. She was so small under me, so helpless to resist, that I wanted to hurt her, to dominate and crush her. I redoubled my efforts, thrusting as hard as I could, my body slamming against hers, my cock ripping into her, her grunts getting louder and higher pitched with the pain she was feeling, the pain I was causing. I could feel my orgasm building but I didn't want this abuse of such a beautiful young girl to end.

I clenched my muscles trying to delay the inevitable but my cum burst from my cock deep inside her in an eruption that pulsed on and on. I carried on plunging into her until every last drop of my semen had been deposited inside her. Then I collapsed on top of her, drained of energy but basking in the warm glow of total satisfaction.

Becky sobbed uncontrollably, her whole body wracked with her sobbing, tears rolling from her eyes and down her face. I climbed off of her, my cock leaving her hole smeared with her blood. She turned onto her side and rolled up into the foetal position with her face buried in her hands as she continued to cry. I pulled up my underwear and trousers and picked up her panties as a souvenir.

I also took a couple of photos with my mobile phone of her lying there and one of Benjie lying nearby sound asleep, completely unconcerned.

I turned and walked away, heading back to my car. I didn't see a soul on my way back and I drove off unhurriedly. By the time Becky pulled herself together and walked home I would be miles away. I would add her panties to my collection of memorabilia, I would never forget her or Benjie her little dog.