Busty slut gets peed on

Busty slut gets peed on
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We flirted shamelessly that summer. She was earning some cash before she headed off to college that fall and her uncle, who worked as a supervisor in the shipping department, had arranged this job for her.

I was on the road most of each day, just another salesman for the company but I would get excited every time I headed back to the office. We ran into each other constantly, and never missed a chance at a mutual smile, a friendly gesture, or the easy flow of innuendo-laced small talk. Stuff like that makes a job worth having sometimes.

She was petite, maybe 5'2" when she stood up really straight. She had one of those insanely pretty faces big brown eyes, high cheekbones, and a wide smile with perfect teeth. If she were six inches taller or so, she'd surely have the opportunity to be a model. Her straight brown hair was always immaculately styled, she took time to make sure she looked good and without being obnoxious, she knew she looked good.

"What's keeping you busy this weekend?" I asked as I passed her desk.

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"Not you, sweetie." She would pout, then give me that sparkling 'you-know-I'm-joking' smile. "If only you'd change your mind about eloping with me to the Caribbean, your weekend might not be so dull." My comment was accompanied by feigned non-chalance "If I let you smuggle me out of the country, you'd never bring me back." She objected as she twirled a pen in her hand.

"You got that right." I smiledlooking her square in the eye. "Get outta here!" she giggled as she tossed her pen at me and turned back to her work. I caught the pen and set in on the edge of her desk and pointed at her "Whatever you do behave yourself." She flipped her head lightly to get the hair off her face and looked up sideways at me as I walked backwards away from her workstation.

She winked. Our banter was playful, light-hearted, but still had a little ribbon of sexual tension running through it. For a fresh, 18-year-old high school graduate, she demonstrated the kind of self-confidence that doesn't usually come to women until they are 10 years older and that might have been the sexiest thing about her.

I'm sure she scared the shit out of the boys at her high school, and it was probably why she didn't have a boyfriend. I finished my routine rounds earlier than usual one day, and decided to kill some time back at the office before heading out for some afternoon cold calls. My flirty little buddy was nowhere to be found, so I figured I would get some file sorting done in case my boss wondered through. As I rounded the corner of the hallway towards the supply office, I spotted her in the lunchroom.

She was sitting on the couch, slightly reclined against one arm, her eyes closed. Wow, what a sight. I stopped and stared my brain couldn't process anything else.

The vertical piping on her snug sweater hugged her form perfectly. Her dress had slid over to one side, the bottom edge laying lust a few inches above her knees. "Looks like sleepyhead stayed out late last night," I whispered as I stepped to the coffee machine just a couple of steps from her, adding sarcastically, "and everyone thinks you're so pure." Without lifting her face, or even opening her eyes she replied, "They have no idea but you know better." She smiled up at me and began to stretch.

Lifting her lithe arms up over her head she tilted her head back and slowly bent her upper body. The "Nnnnnnnnnnnn" sound she was making was audible only to me, and goddamn erotic as hell.

Her stiff nipples were clearly outlined under the fabric of her top and a rush of warmth covered my groin.


She shook her head from side to side gently and stood up. "Well, back to the grind." She said as she faced me. She caught me in mid-stare. Like a kid with his arm elbow-deep in the cookie jar. I had let my eyes drift over her entire body once or twice as she sat there and forgot to be a little more discreet with my lustful gaze. Then she ensured my embarrassment was complete. "They do that when I stretch." She smiled and headed back to the office, knowing that I was watching.

I watched. I watched her sleek little body sway from side to side. I watched her hips bounce under the pleats of her dress. I watched her hair swish along her neck and shoulders.

This vixen had my full attention, there was no doubt, but something between us was changing. My dreams that night included her. Imaginations of that pert, smooth young woman dominated my sleep.

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During my morning shower, I relieved some of that pressure while visualizing her swallowing me. I realized it was the first time I had used her as inspiration for masturbation. I believe I had become infatuated. Enough was enough time to find out if all this flirting was just games, or the basis for something else.

"Know anyone who'd like to see the game on Friday?" I asked her in an offhand manner the next Monday morning "One of my clients had 4 extra tickets." "Are you asking me to find 3 people, or are you asking me to go?" she pretended to grimace at me.

"Well, you're always so busy on the weekends, I assumed you wouldn't…" She lifted the tickets I was fanning myself with out of my hand and examined one, "These aren't exactly front row, but…" she slipped one ticket out of the group and tucked it inside her blouse, "I'll meet you there." "I don't want you trying to scalp that," I said sternly as I reached for the ticket.

She swatted my hand and gave me a silent "no-no-no" sign with a wagging finger and a sly grin. She slid the other tickets across the desk and turned back to her computer screen barely concealing a giggle. I picked up the tickets and gave myself a private "Yes!" these other tickets were never going to see the light of day again. "OK, OK, see if I buy you a hot dog." I walked away finishing with a command, "Don't be late." It was the slowest week of the year.

Every five-minute conversation on the phone seemed like it took a half-day. I kept thinking it was Wednesday all day on Tuesday. I wrote the wrong dates on billing statements and almost missed a critical appointment Friday morning.

We hardly saw each other that week. She was in a meeting or I was out on call. She had left early or I was working late. When our paths did cross, we only had time for quick greetings in passing. The anticipation was driving me crazy. Friday night finally came and there she was section 12, row 6, seat B. She had a home team jersey on and her hair pulled back into a ponytail a sporty look I hadn't seen her in before.

She beamed brightly when she spotted me walking up the steps to our row. "Hey, you." she said as she stood to hug me. I lingered in the hug and took in the sensation of her arms around me. Her perfume was different than what she wore at work less flowery, more musky. "First time," she said to nobody in particular as she glanced around, "but I've always wanted to, you know, see these guys play in person." We made more harmless small talk through the start of the game, and I bought us both some drinks during the first break.

She cheered at all the right times, giving me healthy high-fives. We made fun of a guy wearing the away team logo on his hat. She looked right at me when we talked during timeouts and intermissions putting her hand on my arm or knee a lot of those times.

I glanced at her gorgeous face while she watched the game from time to time. Some pretty people are even prettier when they smile. "I'm hungry for something better than a hot dog," she said over the noise late in the game. "maybe a quieter place to eat nearby?" The game was basically over and I couldn't wait to have 10,000 less people around us.

"Yeah, let's get out of here." I said as I took her hand and led her down the steps and out of the building. We were just ahead of the crowd, but I knew all the closest restaurants and bars would be jammed in a short while. I suggested we head across town to a quiet little bar & grill I had been to before.

She had come to the stadium by bus, so we climbed into my car and headed there. She was still excited about her first trip to the game, and thanked me for inviting her. I reminded her that she stole the ticket and I would have been slapped with a sexual harassment suit if I had confiscated it. She laughed and bounced in the seat, obviously pleased with herself. "They've got some great little meals here," I said as I pulled the emergency brake.

I looked over at her and I caught her glancing at me this time. "Seriously," she said softly "thanks for taking me out tonight." She leaned over and gave me a tiny little kiss on the cheek like a fresh little puff of a breeze on my skin. I began to say, "you're welcome" when I noticed she was still lingering near me. I turned my face towards hers a little more and she kissed me on the lips lightly.

I returned the favor and kissed her back. I could feel the heat of both our faces and mouths as we kissed each other more deeply. Her lips moved fluidly over mine. I touched her lower lip with my tongue and drew a small line with the tip. She let her tongue out to meet mine and they slipped over one another. Her hand was behind my neck as she moved her head in time to the deep kissing. I had one hand on her thigh as our mouths grappled like hot, slimy wrestlers.

My breathing was becoming rapid as my hand slipped up to her hip and she put punctuation on things by sucking my lower lip a little as she leaned back away from me. "Let's eat first," she suggested, "aren't you hungry?" "I sure am," I said as we stared each other down, "but I suppose we could have dinner first." "You're so bad." she smiled and shook her head, then gave me another quick kiss before undoing her seatbelt.

Dinner was exquisite torture. We shot smoldering looks back and forth as we absentmindedly ate. Our talk tried to turn away from the fiery feelings we were having, but it never drifted far.

The erection she generated in my pants during our kissing never subsided below ¾ stiff and I'd bet she knew it. We kissed some more as soon as we got back into the car. She rubbed her hand over my chest as her mouth cemented itself onto mine.

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I cupped her face with my hand and pushed my fingers into her hair, gently removing the tie that held her ponytail up. She sighed as I pulled back and told her we needed to get going. The drive was worse than dinner. There was nothing to stop her from shamelessly rubbing my pants where my aching cock throbbed. Even under the heavy fabric of her jersey, those nipples I had been caught ogling last week were stiffly protruding. I caught a glance of her hand in the crotch of her own jeans as we swerved by the other cars on the road obviously none had any important place to be.

She grabbed the keys from my hand as we reached my doorway and unlocked it like she had done so a thousand times before. She was already pulling her jersey up over her head as I turned from shutting & locking the door.

I stepped towards her, yanking my shirt off as I walked. She moved backwards and caught the back of my couch with one hand, bracing herself as I moved as close to her as I could get. Her silky bra felt great on my bare chest as we tongued each other's mouths deeply. Her fingers were tangled into my hair and my hands were gripping and roaming around her hips and ass. I grabbed her firm butt with both hands and lifted her onto the top edge of the couch.

In between the wet sounds our mouths were making she asked about a condom. I told her not to worry I had it and she rewarded me by wrapping a leg tightly around my waist and pressing her tongue even more feverishly into my mouth. I reached behind her and undid her bra, never letting my hands leave her skin I moved them around from her back to her tits. I didn't look at them, but my hands told me they were firm, round B cups and that her nipples got rock hard very easily, besides when she stretched.

I rolled my thumbs onto the tips of her nipples and made broad circles around them. I held the full weight on her tits in my hands and squeezed rhythmically. Some breasts are just meant to be touched by the hands, and these were certainly that kind. They were obviously very sensitive as well, as she quickened her kissing and gripped my hair more tightly each time I changed my technique. I couldn't take this any longer the tension built up by months of flirting and the night's kissing was overwhelming me.

I pulled her off the couch and reached for the snap on her jeans. She moaned a little moan as I unsnapped and unzipped her pants. Our mouths parted long enough for me to grip the top of her jeans and yank them to her ankles. Doing that slid the strings of her black thong panties halfway down her hips, rolling them into little licorice twists.

I stood back up and rolled my arm around the small of her back and pulled her tightly to me. We kissed more and she pressed her tits into my chest, rubbing them in random ovals against me. My left hand was covering her ass cheek and squeezing it firmly I released it and let two fingers trace a line along the bottom of her ass, underneath, until I could feel the heat from her pussylips on my fingertips.

She fumbled with my belt, and seemed to hesitate when the button on my pants was un-cooperative. I was reaching back, into my wallet to retrieve my rubber before my pants were gone as she finally got them undone.

She grabbed my pants and shorts at once and slid them both off, sending my cock slinging up and down as it flipped out of the waistband.

She gripped it with one hand and rubbed it firmly. I could feel her step on the heels of her own shoes and wriggle her feet out of the legs of her pants. She rocked her hips sensuously as she looked down and watched me roll the condom onto my shaft. I pinched the fabric of her thong and tugged it aside. She looked back up at me, through me it seemed, as she spread her legs apart and lifted her knees.

As the head of my cock probed her slit, she rolled her eyes back and closed them. I pressed my hips forward and it felt like I was squarely between her pussy lips, but I also felt some resistance. I gazed back at her as I lowered my hips and tried to push myself into her again.

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This time I could feel her hole expand around my pricktip. She looked like she was biting her lip as the ridge of my mushroom wedged its way past the edges of her hole. The hand she had in my hair clenched tightly into a fist, the other gripped the skin of my shoulder and I backed out slightly before pushing into her again.

Her half-grunt, half-squeal was soft but it encouraged me to continue. Even with the lube of the damn condom, she was incredibly tight. The next couple of strokes went in and out a little easier, in and out a little deeper. I didn't realize she had released my hair until I saw her hand on the couch, steadying her as my veined rod slithered in and out of her pussy.

I finally felt my cock bottom out inside her and could feel that her muscles were relaxing and allowing this intruder much more easily. I began to quicken the pace of my hips. Each time my cock slid out of her, a little wet noise went with it, and each time I shoved it back in, that noise ended in a muffled, moist slap. I took in the sight of her wonderful body as I fucked her. Her tits bounced up and back to their perky spot on her chest with each thrust.

Her belly bulged a little each time my dick pushed into her then tightened again each time it withdrew. Her knees wobbled around in mid-air as she spread herself for me.


Soon, my lust for this moment began to culminate. My nutsack began a tingling dance, and started to tighten. I grunted through my breathing and thrusted into her more quickly. I heard her gasp when I changed my pace yet again more piston-like steady and powerful as I tried to stall my climax as long as I could. I leaned my head into her and grabbed her ass with both hands, supporting her weight more than it was supported by the couch.

I was thrusting in and out of her with abandon when my orgasm began. I shoved myself as hard as I could into her vise-like pussy and grinded my hips into her open thighs. The cum jetted out of my cock tip like a cannon shooting mayonnaise. Enormous strands of cock juice swirled over my dick as I pressed myself into her with all my might. Her hands moved to my lower back as my muscles twitched and my prick convulsed inside of her.

I took a deep breath as I felt myself go a little light-headed and looked at her. She seemed to be holding her breath as I finished cumming and I realized she hadn't said a word the whole time she had only made a few sexy noises. I could smell the sweet aroma of her sweat, perfume and shampoo mixing and drifting around us.

As I let her weight return to the couch and rubbed my hands up her body to her shoulders, she looked up at me. Her eyes were bright…but something… "That was my first time," I could have been hit me with a train and been less shocked, "you're my first…" "I…I," my mouth wouldn't work "I didn't think you…I mean, you've never…" "It's ok," she assured me "I wanted you to do it wanted you to be the first." I slid my slightly flaccid cock out of her and reached down for her pants.

"You want to clean up? The bathroom - right down to the left." I reached past her to pick up her bra on the couch as she un-twisted her panties and slid her pants back on. She left her shoes behind as she shimmied down the hall. I used my shirt to wipe myself as I tugged the condom off. My shorts and pants were back on and I was bending to collect her jersey when I saw her shadow coming back down the hall.

She was barefoot, in just her jeans and her bra. She looked like she was ok, but maybe feeling a little nervous. She walked slowly back into the room and held her hand out as I passed her shirt to her. "You're not mad, are you?" she asked, and her eyes seemed even more lovely than usual "I didn't want it to be a big deal I'm sorry I didn't tell you." "No, no not mad at all, maybe just surprised," I said, finding it easy to keep eye contact with her as I tried to figure out how I was feeling, "and wondering if you're ok." "I'm good good!" she said, maybe a bit too enthusiastically, "really, I'm cool that was nice." I motioned, asking if she wanted to sit down for a while.

She laid the jersey in her lap as she sat on the couch and leaned forward examining a glass of water I had poured right before I took off for the game. She asked what it was, and took a big gulp when I told her it was just water.

I offered her to get her something else, but she declined and held onto the glass as we began talking. She told me about her limited experience in sex. How she had made out with a few guys, dry-humped a couple of boyfriends in theaters and backseats, and given a hand-job to a local college guy she'd met during her senior year in high school.

The closest she came to actual sex was when the same guy showed up to her house after a baseball game, kind of drunk. Although she was willing, he was unable to perform and she dumped him the next time he came to a date smashed.

As she spoke, I was feeling amazed at how comfortable she was telling me all this, and how that self-confidence made her seem even more sexy as if a beautiful young thing like her, relaxed on a soft couch with just a bra on wasn't drop dead sexy enough. I guess my admiration was obvious to her, she smiled widely and set the glass back on the table.

"You're really cute, you know." She said as she leaned back on the couch "I've been thinking about you all summer you know, when I'm feeling horny and stuff." Hello! My cock woke up like a soldier at reveille.

"Well, you are just plain hot," I admitted, "you've been on my mind too and not just because of your brazen flirting." I grinned and leaned towards her, raising my eyebrows. Her body seemed to become almost liquid in its relaxation as she spoke. "I hope we're not done tonight…" I wrapped an arm around her and rolled her over to me as we started to kiss again. She raised her leg up and straddled me on the couch, working one knee then the other forward into the couch until her crotch was pressed hard onto my engorged penis.

She rocked her hips back and forth in a gently frantic rhythm as our tongues groped and played in our mouths. She reached back and undid her own bra, then pulled up and put my hands right onto her chest. She gripped my forearms as I grasped her tits and massaged them.

She tilted her head back as we leaned towards each other my mouth surrounding her right nipple. I could hear her moaning, feel her moaning in her chest as my lips squeezed and pursed around her areola, moving from one breast to the other while my hands played with whichever my mouth wasn't on.

I used the slickness of my saliva to make her nipples slip out from between my fingers as I pinched them. "Mmmmmmmm, yeah, mmmmmmm suck harder," she directed me. I sucked harder. "Oh god, uh-huh, mmmmmmmmmmm," this time her body seemed electric. Every touch, suck, rub or pinch sparked another moan or sigh of encouragement.

I was so god damn horny having her riding me like this I'd forgotten how powerful dry-humping could be with the right person. "I want you want to taste you," I whispered in between moving my mouth from one tit to the other. "Mmm-hmmmmm," she agreed and reached down to her pants to undo them. I laid her back onto the couch as she pushed her own pants and thong off of her hips.

I took them and slipped them all the way off and put one hand on each knee. She lifted her hands up over her head, one slung back across the arm of the couch and one resting on top of her head.

Her hair swam in rivers of soft brown around her face and neck as I looked into her eyes and palmed the insides of her knees. I moved my gaze slowly down her body as I pressed her legs apart.

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Her tits still had a light shine across the nipples. Her belly was smooth, rising and falling in quick beats. Her hips were slim, but round and they creased slightly at the waist as I moved my face towards her. I opened my mouth and laid it just a few inches up from her knee, on the inside of the thigh.

I made huge, open-mouthed kisses on her flesh as I traveled in a wavy pattern up her leg. She raised her hips up a couple of times as I went, and I looked up to see her licking her lips and watching me with a sexy, drowsy gaze.

I skirted around her mound, trimmed with a fine, tightly meshed bush. My tongue darted out onto her skin every once in a while, trailing and skidding along as I moved.

After I had finished my long, meandering journey from one knee, around her snatch and down the other leg I peered up and looked her right in the eyes as I moved right up her middle, opening my mouth as I went.

I've never put my mouth on a sweeter, more toned pussy in my life. The lips, the muscles and skin were all just a perfect balance of firm and soft. I engulfed her cunt and lapped at the whole slit with my tongue in a long, slow rhythm. My tongue slid up and down as I kept it pressed against her hot flesh, the tip rebounding gently on the bottom edge, just above her anus.

I peered out of the top of my eyes to see her staring right at me, with just the tip of her tongue poking out of the side of her mouth like someone concentrating on a math problem I kept looking as I pressed my mouth muscle up to her clit and rolled over it.

Her head snapped back onto the couch as her right hand came down on the top of her thigh, kneading it vigorously. A girl this comfortable with herself surely knew what she liked, so I decided to let her show me what worked for her.

I moved my mouth over to her hand as it gripped and un-gripped her inner thigh. My lips pulled one of her fingers into my mouth with a firm suck. I gently held it in my teeth as I dragged the hand across her supple folds and laid it right in the center of her pussy. Her body paused, then relaxed under her own hand as her fingers started doing what came naturally to them.

She spoke. "Goddamn yeah, yeah, eat my pussy." Her voice was breathy and intense. I had reached down and pulled my own pants off in order to free my painfully erect dick. Now the head seemed to vibrate with each rolling jerk of her pelvis. She used her thumb and middle finger to pull her lips up and apart, exposing her fresh pinkness, while her index finger pushed and rubbed on her clitoral hood.

I kept sliding my tongue on her slippery slit over and over and over. I saw the edge of her clit as her finger tugged the hood up and I bent my tongue up to it. "No!" she squealed as her hand dropped over her whole pussy and her leg straightened in a fierce spasm. "too much, too much in…in, put it in." She said through her panting. Her hand moved back to the top of her mound. My mouth found its way back to the bottom edge of her pussy and my tongue snaked its way into her hot hole.

I probed and poked, forcing my tongue out of my mouth so far it started to hurt. She used her three fingers together in spastic swipes on her clit. Her slit was like a taut rubber band around my tongue, then I felt the floor of her pussy tighten. Her breathing sped up and she bent her head to look at what was happening between her legs.

"Aaay, Aaaaaaaaaay, Eeeeeeeeeeeen," she almost whistled as her delight began. Her pussy released and regained its tension over and over, like someone was pulling and letting go of that rubber band in a quickening rhythm, "Eeee, Eeeeeeee, Eee, oh god, aaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh." My mouth was greeted with a warm, wet trickle of pussy juice as the muscles squeezed her cum out.

She was still in mid-spasm when she tapped my head and gestured for me to move onto her. I kneeled up and started to ask her about getting another rubber when she cut me off… "Fuck me now.

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I want you inside me now. Now!" Her hands grasped at me and pulled me towards her. I rubbed the glistening folds of her pussy with my prick and moaned as my cock got coated with her cum and my spit. I was still kneeling when I stabbed my cock into her, pushing until it was buried inside her. She propped herself onto one elbow and stared at her own snatch while it spread to smother my dick and the lips rippled over the veins in my shaft. What a powerfully tight pussy she had.

I didn't think of it at the time, but she was the first virgin I had ever had. My animal instincts began to claim control I really started to fuck her. My thrusts stopped being so polite and started to become almost savage. I raised myself up on my feet and supported my weight on my hands and began to pound myself into her. My hips rose up until the ridge of my head was just outside her hole, then I slammed my whole self into her. She started to make her noises again, her face curled into a beautiful vision of passion, and with every explosive pounding she moaned her approval.

I was grunting and feeling the trickles of sweat gather across my lower back. She had shifted her own hips, moving her legs up and out making herself as wide open to me as she possibly could. I have since wished to have been frozen in that moment of heat me wanting her so much, her giving herself to me so willingly.

Trying to hold back my cum was impossible. Her pussy was too tight and hot. I kept pumping my hips with the same abandon as it boiled up from my nuts and began to spew.

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I was going to keep fucking her as long as I could, I didn't care that I was filling her cunt with my seed.

The added slickness encouraged me to speed up even more, each piercing thrust pushed more slime out of her and it began to run down her ass crack and onto the couch. The sounds of our sex became so wet it was almost cartoonish, but I kept up the pace until my thighs were on fire and my back ached.

I finally collapsed on top of her, my shaft completely inside of her. She wrapped her hands around my shoulders and ground herself against me as my cock softened and eventually slid out of her pussy. She smiled readily while we cleaned each other and kissed me deeply when we parted. We dated just a few more times before she left for college. The sex was fantastic and we're still long-distance friends. She later told me she was just looking for some life experience before she went out into the world, and didn't really want, or need, a "boyfriend".

I happened to be the lucky guy she chose because I made her laugh at work and she thought I had a cute butt. I'll never, ever regret being her first.