15 girl xxxx storys sunny leone

15 girl xxxx storys sunny leone
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"Well goodbye Tiffany we will miss you" shouted out my class mates. Today was the last day of school and everyone was saying their goodbyes and being sad about it. Me on the other hand I was quite happy, had good grades and will be going away to college and also I had sex just before the end of school with four guys at the same time.

It was a good end to school life and now I was moving on forward to college. I was standing at the bus stop waiting for my bus when I saw Pete, Tony, Luke and Eric were coming towards me. "Hey Tiff going home?" asked Pete. "Yeah where else should I be going Pete?" I replied.

"Don't know you could be going anywhere. Mind if we join you?" said Pete and he came and stood beside me putting his hand on my butt. "What are you doing Pete?" I asked.

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"What am I doing? Just standing beside you" he replied. I well understood that he wasn't going to stop doing what he was doing so I just stood there waiting for the bus as he kept on groping my ass; didn't want to a scene on the last day.

Others seemed to enjoy that too they all gathered around me block the view from others so Pete can feel me up and no one will know. Meanwhile the bus came and we all got on it, I usually go and sit but today Tony held my hand and took me to the end of the bus and we stood there by a post.


I held on to the post for support, I was not used to standing on the bus but had to today. "What are you guys planning to do huh?" I asked them. "Well we are planning to have some fun, for the last time we can; don't worry nothing will happen" Tony replied as the circled me around keeping me in the middle.

Tony slipped his hand inside my shirt and went for my boobs. He softly felt them, pressing on them and rubbing them but he was having problems because of the shirt and I had bra too. "Pete try and see if you can unhook her bra from behind" Tony said.

I was astonished, "What? Are you guy's crazy?" "Everything is fine Tiff just relax…did you get it?" said Tony.

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"Yeah got it now what?" said Pete. "Well now she has to remove them…take them off Tiff it is hard to feel those tits with your bra on" I had no choice but listen to what Tony had to say and slipped my bra off and put it in my bag. I was scared others on the bus will see us and that would be a big problem. Pete slowly started to feel my butt and Tony went for my boobs again. Luke and Eric waited their turn I guess they just stood there looking and guarding the view.

Incidentally I was wearing a shirt with buttons in the front which Tony liked very much as he started to open them up, I was scared and tried to stop him but he took my hand and placed it over his dick and told me, "Don't be scared Tiff no one can see we got you surrounded…just feel what you need to feel" Saying that he had opened enough of my shirt that my boobs pop out and he then went for them with both of his hands.


The bus was pretty much crowded and people were shoving and pushing making it hard for me to hold on and let them do all that.

I think once or twice I even slipped out and the guys sitting in front of us saw what we were doing. Pete went for my pussy and started to rub it over my pants I don't think he was having much fun but there isn't much we could do.

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But he was not satisfied so he told me, "loosen your belt a bit…don't take it off just make it loose" I did what he asked and then he unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them too. Now it had enough room for him to put his hands inside my underwear to get to my cunt. I had taken out Tony's dick took it in my hand gently rubbing it while he went for my boobs. Rubbing and caressing, he gently rubbed around my nipples making them hard and then pulled my nipples and rubbed them with his fingers.

Jolts of pleasure were traveling throughout my body. I couldn't hold it in me and I let out a moan. My vagina was being probed and rubbed while my boobs were getting a massage it is hard to hold it in.


Slowly as the stops were going there was less and less people but still we didn't sit. How could we when I was getting molested in the middle of a public bus. For a moment I saw the bus driver looking back at us I think he suspected something. But did nothing so they continued to what they were doing. Tony after a while got bored of my breasts and concentrated on my pussy, he took the belt off making my pants fall down on the ground, as there weren't many people then it was okay I thought.

"Luke come behind me and guard from the driver's vision…if I go down he will be able to see us" said Tony. As he knelled before me putting his mouth to business, he licked and sucked at my love hole which was already leaking because of Pete's probing from before. Pete and Eric stood on either side of me rubbing my boobs, pressing them and giving them a good rub.

Pete unbuttoned rest of the shirt and then pulled it off me, now I was naked standing in the middle of the bus with six other people which included four of them and the bus driver and another guy whose stop was coming. Our stop was long gone and the driver understood that something was up but as he was concentrating on the road couldn't figure much out. After the guy got off the bus he drove around a bit and then parked in an empty spot and came where we were.

Pete and Eric were kissing and sucking on my breasts whole Pete was still busy on my fingering my pussy. I saw him coming and told them to look behind and stop doing it but wasn't able to talk much just make grunt like noises.

"What the fuck are you guys doing back here?" asked the bus driver. "Nothing just showing our girl-friend here how have a good time on a bus…want to join in?" He stood there awestruck then started to strip off his clothes and joined us.

Rest of them also took their clothes off and we were all naked in a bus. Tony made me lay down on the bus floor while he got on me and took his dick and put it in my cunt and started to fuck me while others gathered around me jerking their dicks. He slowly went in me pushing his seven inch cock slowly; after he was inside of me he started to slam me with his cock as hard he can.

Others stroked there dicks as hard and as fast they could I think they were going to come on me. Tony kept on pumping his shaft in me as hard he could while he bent down and started to suck on my tits. He kept on fucking me harder I could feel he was going to cum, he took out his dick out of my vagina and came on my tits and my face.

Luke went down and stuck his dick in me and started to fuck me has hard he could he had been jerking so it was pretty hard already and so it felt great. My pussy was getting tired but I wasn't so I wanted more.

Meanwhile Pete and Eric came on me, that didn't stop them though they sat down a while watching pumping in me. Tony stood over my face and then shoved his dick in my mouth and started to fuck my face. He put his limp dick in me trying to get it hard again. Luke kept fucking me as much he could but couldn't last long because he was already jerking himself so he came inside of me.

He moved out of the way when the bus driver came near me and sat down then picked me up and made me sit on his dick. "Hey you" pointing at Tony, "Shove that dick of yours in her ass, let's DP her" This guy only sees me while going to school and coming and now wants to DP me, but it was okay I had it before. So Tony came and put his dick in my asshole and started to fuck me. This guy was not too big but fuck he was thick.

It felt like my pussy was going to tear open from all the pressure. Tony made an extra effort to fuck my ass doing all the work for the bus driver. After Tony came in my ass he moved and in his place Pete came and shoved his dick in me, Pete started to fuck my ass while the guy just laid down doing nothing.

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I was wondering how long will this guy stay down there. Not that I didn't feel good but I mean how long this guy can hold it? After a while Pete came in my ass too and moved making room for Eric to get into the action.

Eric slowly inserted his dick in my asshole which was quite easy now to get in because of all the cum deposits and fucked me slowly.

He was taking pleasure in every stroke; it did feel good for a change that someone wasn't shoving his dick in me. After Eric came in my ass it was Luke's turn and he was like the previous others were fast and hard.


After he came in my ass he was only the bus driver and he hasn't come yet. He was like that for last twenty minutes and hasn't moved, "Well sweetie you have to do the rest because all of your friends are done" So I had no choice but do what he said and I started to move on his dick, grind them and then started to move up and down his thick dick. Now at least he started to meet my strokes, it felt great but the thickness was too much.

It hurt me a lot but the pain was good, I started to moan loudly. After another ten minutes of fucking the driver he came in me at last. Then he stood up and put his dick in my mouth and told me to suck it clean and I did.

"So where should I drop you all off?" asked the driver as he was wearing his clothes. "Near her house…I think she would need assistance to get back" replied Tony.

The driver dropped us off near my house from where I went to my house. The last day of school was something else for everyone but it was totally something else for me.