Macho rabudo no centro da cidade

Macho rabudo no centro da cidade
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Before i start the story Im going to decribe myself, I'm about 6 foot 3 inches tall I'm kinda chubby but not grossly so.

I'm naturally tanned for I'm part Mexican, my biceps are nicely toned and defined. I have brown hair that is grown out a little, my eyes are steel blue, turning grey in the dark and bright blue in the light.

It started when I moved back in with my mom. I was almost 17 and was a junior in high school. I remember that day, it was cold and miserable.

I was the first one there not wanting to be late to the bus as the new kid.

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I noticed to short young girls walk up in front of me, but being dark outside I couldn't see them very well but they where quite plainly sisters. I went to school and had a regular high school day, full of homework and bitchy teachers but I didn't see the two girls, so I assumed they were in the middle school across the street. After school let out I got on the bus to go home, then the eldest of the two sisters stepped on the bus I couldn't help notice how insanely hot she was, I later learned she was in 8th grade and her sister was in 6th.

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She had jet black beautiful hair down to the middle of her back, her face was perfectly shaped and completely smooth, she had a slender but not grossly skinny frame, though being in 8th grade she didn't have much breast to speak of, although they were still a nice perky size, probley a medium A cup.

She wore a neon blue jacket half zipped revealing the tight school shirt she wore, I got a glimpse at the tight yoga pants she wore before sat down. Her sister got on not long after her and she was like a younger version of her sister.

Same black hair though not as long, same perfect face and a little smaller body and no breasts at all. She took longer deciding where to sit so I got a better look at her, she was wearing a tight purple t-shirt and dark blue jeans almost black. As she turned around to walk back up too the front I caught a glimpse of her nice round ass. I widened my eyes because for a 12 year old she had a beautiful ass, it swayed back and forth as she walked even jiggling slightly. I figured her sister must have an even nicer one considering she's older, and I had no idea how right I was.

I rode home listened to music and thought about the two almost twin-like sisters. My stop was the second stop, I got up and was disappointed to find people blocking my view of the girls but once I got off I was thrilled to find that we walked the same side walk to get home, although I lived a block or so away from them. But as soon as I started walking I looked down and saw a beautiful sight.

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I watched as her perfectly rounded ass bounced and jiggled in front of me. But to add to the pleasure her yoga pants that she wore, despite being black, we're see through to the point where I could see the slightly tanned tint of her ass cheeks.

I almost moan out loud and to top it off I could see the tiny blue g-string she wore. Seeing all this was getting me excited as I noticed my member growing in my pants. I prayed they didn't turn around for I was wearing sweat pant, I almost sighed with relief when the turn a corner to go to their house.

I have to walk quite I bit to get to my house so the whole time I couldn't stop thinking of the sisters, I just couldn't get the images of their tight young asses jiggling in front of me.

As soon as I got home I went downstairs to my room and pulled out my hard prick. Now I don't brag about my size but I think I'm fairly good sized, I'm about 8 and a half inches and thick. I knew my mom would be home in about an hour so I quickly jerked off my member to the mental image of the angel sisters. I finished with prefect timing for my mom got home soon after I finished.


She asked me how my day was and we had a normal day after that. I woke up the next day thrilled it was Friday, I got ready for school and went out to the bus stop a little late. There was an up side to this I got to walk behind both sisters, and in the glowing yellow light of the street light i was in heaven. I decided at that moment that I had to, no matter what, get inside those sisters. So all day at school I thought about my plan and concluded that I would do it tonight.

So after school I walked behind them and watched them run into their house I pinpointed where their rooms where based on the fact they both had girly blinds on their windows.

I went home and prepared the stuff I would need for tonight, I decided that I would take the older sister tonight and the younger one someother time. I was going to be wearing a mask and they would be blind folded and gagged so there was no chance of being caught.

I set my ski mask aside and packed rope, a home made gag and tools for picking locks if nessary in a string back pack I never used.

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I hid the stuff and went about my day. At about 11:00 pm I decided I had waited long enough, I went up stairs and quietly sneeked out my back door.

I wasn't n much of a hurry so I took my time walking over there. When I arrived at their house I studied it under the dark cover of a tree, after watching for about ten minutes I was satisfied everyone was asleep.

I ran to their back door and quickly looked inside, nobody their either. Smiling to myself I checked my surroundings before getting the tools out of my bag and picking the lock, after the door was opened I froze remembering they had a dog.

As soon as I thought that he came running up to the door thankfully not barking, he sniffed me and licked me. I smiled and let myself in knowing he wouldn't be a problem. I looked into a room that had a girly 'keep out' sign on it, I walked in and looked at her and confirmed she was the older sister. I shut the door and put on my mask and took out the gag and blind fold. I first very carefully tied her to the bed spread eagle.


I smiled at how deep of a sleeper she was. But she woke up after I put the gag in, her eyes snapped open and finding that she couldn't moves started to freak out.

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I watched in amusement and quickly blind folded her, she still struggled and if she kept doing that it would be hard to accomplish what I wanted. I leaned down an whispered "Keep struggling and you will hurt.

Understand?" She rapidly shook her head and lay still. I chuckled quietly and pulled the covers off here and was pleased to find she wore only a baggy shirt and so tight pink panties.

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I looked at her face to find a panicked look, I smiled and reached for her young body. (I know this isn't erotic but I tested out this story I've been wanting to write. If you like it comment below I will probley add the rest of the chapters soon, which will be very sexual. Let me know what you think! Thanks)