My lesbians amateur sisters i finally converted them

My lesbians amateur sisters i finally converted them
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Please note that this is a very long story if you don't like them long, then please don't read. . I had seen the sails of the ship as she approached and I had made my way through the forest to the headland, the same headland overlooking where the mutineers had been sunk on the rocks that were hidden just below the surface a few hundred yards offshore.

I knew with certainty that this ship would hit those same rocks. They were sharp steep pinnacles that would rip the bottom out of her. I had once swum out there and seen them about six or a little more feet below. They ripped into the side of the ship, gouging a hole along her length, the water rushed in so fast that it was a matter of seconds before she was gone.

I knew that from after the time the mutineers sank, that there would be useful pickings on the beach over the next few days. At first, I thought there were no survivors until I saw someone swimming awkwardly towards me. I watched from the safety of the trees and saw the woman dragging herself from the water before she collapsed to the sand and lay still. I didn't move a muscle, I kept watching for a sign that there might be others but I saw no one. She was the first living person that I had seen in years, I was happy with my animal friends on the island, I was scared, I now no longer knew how to communicate with another human being, I had almost forgotten how to talk.

So, I just sat and watched her. It was a long time before she stirred, I saw her struggle to a sitting position and watched as she looked around. I could hear that she was crying as she climbed to stand on unsteady legs. She waded back into the water, shouting out names but only the splash of waves on sand answered her.

Then just like me, all those years ago, she sat down and sobbed. Hesitantly, I approached her from behind, to stand and watch, uncertain of what to do next. Finally, I went closer, I laid a hand on her shoulder, it was the wrong thing for me to have done, she squealed as she jumped with shock before turning to look at me. Her eyes were wide with fright as she took in my appearance.

My skin was a deep brown colour, burned in by years of sun. My hair was long and tangled and my clothes were made from animal skins. Two large shining curled tusks hung at my chest, I must have been a strange wild sight to her.

It didn't help that I carried a huge bow and a bag of arrows, with a sword hung at my waist. She cringed away from me as I reached behind my back but I saw her relax slightly when I held my gourd of water out to her.

Her eyes never left my face as she drank, when she was finished, I reached a hand to her, after a long pause she lifted hers to mine and I pulled her to her feet. I beckoned for her to follow, waiting as she looked back to where the ship had sunk, then she turned and followed me. After a while we arrived at my home, we hadn't spoken a word on the way. I reached for my hidden rope, gave a tug and the rope ladder came tumbling down.

I pointed to the ladder and she peered up with a puzzled look on her face, there was nothing to see from the ground, just a ladder disappearing into thick foliage.

I took hold of the ladder and climbed, when I reached the first leaves I looked down and beckoned her again, when I saw her begin to follow me, not without some difficulty, I carried on. She came up to gaze in awe at what she saw, my house in the trees. She stepped from the ladder, testing the floor with her foot obviously unsure whether or not it was safe. I sat and watched her as she walked around, taking in the furniture, tapping the walls and roof.

She stopped to study the haunches of meat that hung, salted and drying. At the doorway into my bedroom, she suddenly screeched and jumped back as Frederick, one of my furry friends jumped from a box and out of the window before disappearing among the branches.

It was an animal somewhat like a large squirrel, although I had not the slightest idea what it actually was but it was my house friendly pet, not exactly tame nor was it totally wild, just somewhere in between, we got along okay.

I went to her, took her hand and led her to the bench. She watched as I struck two rocks together, the spark lighting the bracken in my cooking fireplace. This was a quite large metal dish, shield-shaped, that I had found in the mountains. It was sat on a circle of rocks to prevent the wood below from getting burned.

I swung the pan of water over after I had added wood to the flames. When the water began to boil, I threw in a handful of berries, allowing them to simmer for a while. I handed her one of the mugs I had filled, she sniffed warily at it before taking a sip, a surprised look on her face, it tasted remarkably like coffee although I had no idea what it really was. Then I heard the first voice spoken to me in so many years, "Do you speak English? Who are you? Where do you come from?" I struggled to form the words, to say my name.

"L-L-Laura." I stammered and then I started to cry, it was the first time that I had cried since I buried my parents near the beach so long ago. I felt her arms around me, holding me tight as I cried, I clung to her as she whispered in my ear, soothing me until I quietened, "My name's Elizabeth," she told me, " it's okay Laura, I've got you." "Please tell me what year is it?" I asked her.

"1864, July." For a minute, I thought, I wasn't used to doing sums anymore, "My God, I've been here eight years then. Do you know the date?" Elizabeth had to think as she worked out the date, "It's the 21st today, why, is it important?" "Yes, it's my birthday today, I'm eighteen." Then I started to cry again.

After a while I calmed myself, before haltingly and with long pauses, I began to tell her my story. . We were three years in New South Wales (later Australia), where my father had been a Lieutenant Colonel serving with the British Army. I was only seven years of age when we departed from England for him to take up his position, he and my mother were excited at the prospect of the three years accompanied posting to a far away and seemingly exotic place. Unfortunately, they were sadly disillusioned, it wouldn't be long before they both wished that they had never seen the place.

Fever was rife, food was often scarce with very little choice, convicts and settlers were both a constant cause of trouble. All in all, for them, it was like a hell on earth. For me, it wasn't quite so bad, I was shielded from the worst of what went on and my days were spent at the small English school in Sydney colony.

Even so, I think we were all glad when the posting came to an end. Certainly, I was excited at the prospect of being back in England and meeting up with my old friends. Father had decided, that rather than us taking the traditional route back, via South Africa's Cape of Good Hope, that we would take a ship to Hawaii, spend a few weeks there before travelling on to California, then overland before to then board another ship back to England, the whole thing just sounded so adventurous to me.

The Golden Eagle was a beautiful three-masted schooner with absolutely masses of brilliant white sails. I even had my own cabin, albeit, it was small and cramped what with the bunk, one cupboard and a wash basin but it was mine and I was over the moon. I didn't much like the Captain, he was very gruff, bordering on downright rude when he even deemed to answer a question from any of the passengers.

I could clearly see my father bristling whilst striving to hold his temper. I soon realised that the Captain was more interested in his cargo than he was in a bunch of unwelcome passengers. There were two other families besides my own, ten of us all told. We hauled our anchor and set sail on a beautiful sunny day, sailors flying all over the rigging and the masts in response to the Captain's orders, sails clapped in a thunderous roar as they were unfurled before catching the wind.

By evening we were well clear of the bay and heading in an easterly direction. During the next two weeks, we called at several islands, I can't remember all their names now but they included, New Caledonia so called by Captain James Cook the famous explorer, he was the first European to land there and he named it after a place in Scotland. Then on to Fiji where I found the local tribesmen quite frightening, it was said that they were cannibals. The weather was still fine and sunny when we left Fiji, but the Captain was complaining that there was not enough wind to keep the sails filled, he had every possible inch of sail spread but still, we only seemed to be creeping along.

Then on the second day, the wind dropped away to nothing and we were completely becalmed. The water was like a glass mirror, not a single ripple disturbed the surface of the sea. A thick mist appeared as if from nowhere, enveloping the ship. The following day, the Captain had two longboats lowered, long ropes snaking from them to the ship.

Each had ten sweating sailors toiling at their oars as they attempted to keep some way on the ship. To me, it seemed quite pointless, as they made hardly any difference to our progress. All day and into the night they rowed, with just an occasional pause to swap crews.

The poor weary souls struggled to climb aboard, they were so tired. In the morning, I overheard father saying to my mother that he felt there was trouble brewing. The crew were not happy with their lot. But the Captain appeared to be oblivious to their plight and simply kept on driving them. He even had one man flogged who had refused to go back in the boats, so bad were the blisters on his hands. On the fourth day, a gentle breeze began to flap the sails and once more we were moving but still only very slowly.

The Captain did not recall the boats, still, the men dipped and pulled at their oars. It was sometime in the afternoon of day five when I heard the lookout shout "Land Ho, fine to larboard." My father had overheard one of the officers saying that because of the mist, they had been unable to take a sighting and consequently, they had no idea exactly where we were and they weren't certain what island it might be that the lookout had sighted.

Soon it became evident that there were in fact, a number of very small islands becoming visible, with just one fairly large one. Meanwhile, the wind had improved to become quite a stiff breeze and I noticed the ship had altered its course and was now heading for the larger of the islands. As we approached I could see shimmering sands backed by dense forest, it all looked quite stunning. Soon a small bay became evident and the ship's passage was slowed, by half of the sails being taken in.

A leadsman was swinging his line at the bows, calling out the depth of water beneath the ship as we entered the entrance of the bay. We didn't go very far in before the anchor was dropped. I saw barrels being loaded into the boats, For water, my father explained when I asked what they were for. Yet again, the sailors were having to row, I saw several with bleeding hands as they climbed over the side and down into the boats.

They didn't look very happy. Some hours later the boats returned to the ship, a young lieutenant, shouting at the crews as they manhandled the barrels into slings. I'm not sure how it happened but I heard the loud crash followed by screams and shouts. Two barrels had come loose and crashed back down into the boat below. They killed one man and seriously injured another before smashing a huge hole in the bottom of the boat. It sank very fast as the sailors scrambled for safety.

The Captain had two more men tied up for flogging, he blamed them for the loss of a boat, he didn't seem at all concerned for the dead or injured men. The crew stood in surly silence as the first of the two men were fastened to a grating but a rumble of noise began to swell as the bosun raised his whip.

He paused to look at the Captain, "Carry out your duty," the Captain snapped at him. The whip fell, scourging the man's back as he screamed before it fell again and again. Of course, I didn't actually see any of this, I had been hustled below to my cabin but I could still hear quite clearly what was happening.

Then I heard a pistol shot, the same young Lieutenant from the longboat had fired at three men who had rushed the bosun and grabbed a hold of his whip. I heard the Captain shouting "Cease firing" but it was too late, the crew went berserk, attacking any officer in sight. More shots rang out and men screamed as I could hear feet charging along the deck above me.

Then, just as suddenly it went quiet. I could hear my mother and another woman weeping through the thin wall that divided our cabins. My mother was shouting my father's name before she went, still shouting, up to the deck. I heard her scream his name again, then she was sobbing.

The door to my cabin crashed open and from my hiding place beneath the bunk, I heard someone enter before leaving with a curse. There were more screams from the neighbouring cabins, followed by pistol shots, then the two other wives were dragged away. I was alone as it went quiet below decks. I crept from my hidey-hole and peaked out of my cabin, nothing moved but I almost screamed out loud at the sight of the two dead men lying in the passageway.

It was the husbands of the two women that had been taken away. I snatched up the large dagger that one was holding, I wasn't exactly sure what I intended doing with it but it seemed to help calm my nerves. I crept quietly along the passageway, ignoring the first ladder that we usually used, I could hear the drunken shouts just above me. When I reached a second ladder, more to the aft of the ship, I slowly stole up, one gentle step at a time.

I poked my head over the rim of the hatch and to my relief, there was no one nearby. I wasn't at all sure what I should do but I knew that I couldn't stay hidden below. I crawled to a cargo hatchway to gingerly peer around the corner.

My mother and the two women were tied to masts, their clothes hanging in tatters, my mother was almost naked with her large breasts jiggling about as she struggled.

I almost screamed when I saw my father lying on the deck covered in blood, I was sure he was dead. There was a strong smell of rum in the air, coming from two barrels that the sailors kept filling their mugs from. I watched as one weaved towards my mother, he offered her a drink from his mug but she spat at him, he slapped her hard across the face and then jammed a hand between her legs while he laughed at her. Others cheered him on as his hands began to unfasten his breeches.

He let them fall to his ankles and his huge penis sprung into view standing out like a canon in front of him. He moved his body forward, his penis pushing between my mother's thighs. I saw hear lean towards him as he pushed but her assailant got a shock when her mouth enclosed his nose, he screamed as she bit the end of his nose off, blood spurting everywhere as he staggered away.

Another man ran at my mother, his fist connecting with her chin. I saw her head drop as she was knocked unconscious. A red rage came over me, I didn't wait to think but I jumped from my hiding place with the dagger in my hand and charged the man who was also now lowering his breeches.

Before I reached him, a number of the crew began shouting loudly when they saw me, I clearly heard one, "There be the little wench we bin looking for." I raised my dagger high as I neared and took a mighty swing down at him. The shouts from his mates made him turn his head towards me, he took a half pace backwards, this causing my downward stab to miss his body, the momentum of my swing carried on down and then his penis was wiggling on the deck, neatly severed by my dagger.

Men were now rushing in a mass to catch me, I swerved aside, stabbing wildly as I ran but there was nowhere to run to. I found myself trapped in the bows as they now cautiously came nearer, several were carrying large wooden belaying pins. In desperation, I searched for an escape but there was none. As the first hand grabbed at me, I stabbed again and then I turned and heaved myself up the railing to then leap into the sea below. I pushed the dagger inside my blouse and began swimming as hard as I could towards the nearest shore which was perhaps two hundred yards away.

I felt myself tiring as I heard the splash of oars behind me and the shouts encouraging the rowers to pull harder. They were close by the time I felt sand beneath my feet. With a last surge of energy, I forced myself to my feet, wading the last few feet to the beach.

As I ran I could hear the shouts getting ever closer, then I felt a hand snatching at my blouse, I twisted away and saw him trip and fall heavily to the sand. I was now gasping for breath, I thought they would catch me but my luck held, suddenly I was into the trees, curses only feet behind. The thorns tore at my clothing and skin, I was bleeding as I ran into the almost impenetrable barrier. My foot hit something hard and I fell to the ground, immediately I saw my escape, there was a foot or so beneath the thorns and the ground, on hands and knees I scurried forwards.

I was rewarded by the receding sounds of their shouts and curses. I reached a small hollow and rolled myself in where I lay striving to breathe deeply and calm my shattered nerves.

I was desperately afraid and wanted to get further away but I had no strength left to move. For what seemed like hours I lay and cried, still listening to the men as they searched for me. It was getting dark and yet still they were there. I saw a flickering, they had lit a fire on the beach and obviously, they intended staying.

Slowly, I crawled back towards the edge of the trees. I saw another boat had joined the one that had chased me and there was now a large group of sailors sat around the fire.

I could smell salted pork roasting on the fire, mixed once more with the tang of rum in the air. I lay and watched, trying to catch what they were discussing. One, who appeared to be leading the group, called for quiet. I heard him point out that they were now mutineers and murderers, it was time to forget about the girl and get away to somewhere safe.

Some argued, that a little longer in searching for the young virgin wouldn't hurt. But eventually, they put it to the vote and decided they would leave in the morning. Once decided, they got down to hearty eating and drinking. A couple of hours later and they were all asleep, their drunken snores shattering the night. I crept over the sand towards them searching for anything useful that I might find. The first thing I came across was a pistol complete with powder pouch, quietly I lifted it away from beside its owner.

Then I found a sword, large and heavy. There was still a big hank of pork hanging by the dying fire, I cut it away before quickly making my way along the beach, I was looking for a better route inland, a way to avoid the thorns. It was then that I saw the tracks left by the water gang earlier, so I turned and followed them in the moonlight. They led between huge trees so dense, that very quickly it was too dark for me to see their tracks.

I crawled behind one huge tree and sat down. I was starving and thirsty, I chewed at the pork, the stream quenched my thirst. The early light filtering down through the branches woke me. I sat and listened for an age but heard nothing except for the wind which had risen in the early hours. I followed the footsteps back to the beach, they were gone, the beach was empty, large waves dashed ashore.

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I saw the last boat being winched aboard, then I saw bodies being thrown over the side. A short while later, the sails were being unfurled. As the wind took hold, I could see the anchor leaving the water to be pulled aboard, the ship leaned with the wind and then she was moving fast towards the entrance of the bay.

As the ship cleared the headland I could see massive waves smashing into her. The wind was now like a gale, the ship could not sail into it and it was being pushed sideways but to what still seemed like open water.

Soon she would be hidden by the headland out of my sight. Then I saw her rise up as if lifted by a hidden hand, even with the wind and distance, I still heard the mighty crash of breaking timbers as she crashed back down. The ship lifted once more, then she was leaning over for a brief moment before with a lurch, the ship turned right over.

It seemed only seconds before she was gone, not a sign of her remained. Even with my little knowledge of the sea, I knew she had hit rocks hidden beneath the surface.

I was alone with my grief, I cried and cried, sobbing until I had nothing left, then I crawled back to the trees to escape from both the wind and the rain that was now pouring.

The storm lasted two days, during which time I shivered, seeking shelter where I could, until at last, the sun broke through the clouds and the winds went away. At the beach, waves still lashed onto the sands. The beach was littered with all manner of things washed up from the sunken ship. Instinct told me to gather whatever I found, I soon had several piles well clear of the water. Then I noticed the bodies, a little further along. The first was Mrs Peterson, one of the other passengers, then I found my mother and father, strangely lying side by side on the sand at the water's edge.

The water had cleaned the blood away and somehow in death, they looked peaceful, it helped me through my grief. . Here, I stopped my story, the memory too vivid in my mind, I had only been ten when I buried my parents. Again she held me as I wept uncontrollably before she led me to my bed, covering me with my blanket.

Her hands stroking my hair as I let the years of hidden grief come pouring out. When I woke, I found her fast asleep, lying on the floor beside my bed, she still had hold of my hand. Quietly, I rose, trying not to wake her but as I lay her arm across her body, I saw the dried salt on her skin and clothes.

I heated water before softly bathing her arms. She must have been exhausted because she never stirred until I washed her face. Her eyes sprung open in alarm before she realised it was me and that I was washing her.

As she sat up, her clothes creaked with their stiffness, she didn't object as I struggled to unfasten the buttons of her dress. I lowered it off her shoulders then took my cloth to her neck, lifting her hair as I washed. The two thin straps that held her slip up fell down her arms and it dropped to her waist, I washed her back.

For the first time in my life, I found myself marvelling at another's body, no wonder really, she was beautiful and her skin was so soft. I finished her back and without thought, I moved around to her front as I rinsed the cloth. When I raised my eyes I froze, her breasts were there, right in front of my eyes, they were larger than my own but still firm and erect.

I jerked myself back and tentatively reached out with my cloth before continuing to wash her. I saw her nipples stiffen and grow as washed them, I wondered what had caused it, it wasn't cold. I motioned for her to stand then eased her stiff clothes to the floor, my washing had got slower as I studied her, for some reason, my eyes kept going back to the two flaps between her legs. I felt her tremble as my cloth rinsed them free of salt, again I wondered why.

I worked down the front of both legs, then pushed her around to face away from me again. As I washed back up, I saw her legs spread wider apart when I neared her backside. I could see the salt caked in the crack of her cheeks. With fresh water I rinsed her, I saw her little private hole as I worked down, soaking the salt away, then I was underneath between her legs with my cloth. My face was close to her backside, I was shocked when I had a sudden urge to kiss her there. In confusion, I hastily stood.

I placed the bowl on the table before gently pushing her to lean her head down so I could rinse her hair. Once again I was staring at her hanging breasts as they swayed from side to side. I could now feel a strange sensation running through my body.

My nipples were hard and erect, dragging on my clothes, there was a tingle between my legs that I had only ever noticed once before when I had watched two of my furry friends mating in the forest. I carried the bowl away, trying to hide the growing flush I could feel on my face. I didn't understand my feelings, I felt ashamed, shocked even and yet I knew deep inside, that I had got excited looking at her body, especially her private places.

I went and sat outside, the cool night air easing me back to normality. I had no sexual experience, not even a sexual thought in my life, with a jolt, I knew that's what I was experiencing. My body was responding to this woman, why? Was it because my body had reached an age of wanting sex and Elizabeth just happened to be the only person available? Or was it actually her that I was attracted to? All I knew, was that the question and answer were beyond me, I simply didn't have the experience that a normal life may have given me.

When I went back inside, she was curled on my bed, fast asleep with her backside facing me. I sat in my chair, not wanting to look but unable to drag my eyes away. The tingle was back between my legs, almost without thought, I had pulled my short skirt to my hips before my fingers traced over my slit beneath my mound of hair, with a start, I realised I was soaking, liquid was seeping out of me. It smelled strange when I sniffed at my fingers but I liked it, it seemed to make shiver. My fingers went back to my slit and for the first time in my life I caressed my emerging lips, the touch felt nice.

I wasn't really aware when a finger slipped between the folds of flesh until I felt the warmth, strange feelings now surged through me. I pushed my finger deeper, exploring new territory, searching for the source of the tingle that had now become so intense.

I almost jerked up from my chair when my finger found a small lump at the top of my lips. I knew instantly that I had found what I was seeking, I felt it, then caressed it between my fingers and it grew larger as a fire began to build.

I had no idea what was happening to me but it did feel good. My eyes were riveted to the two mounds of her backside, the little hole that I could see and the squashed lips between her legs. My body was consumed, something was happening, I was in heaven. I bit my lips with my teeth so as to prevent myself from moaning out loud, then my whole body shook as instinct caused me to frantically rub at the button.

Slowly, I calmed, my body relaxing, although my legs still trembled. My mind was in a whirl, I didn't understand what had just happened but I knew it was the most intense and beautiful thing I had ever experienced.

Somehow, I knew that I had just grown up. In the morning I made breakfast, while Elizabeth dressed in her now washed and dried clothes that I had left by the bed. Her face was still creased with anxiety but her skin had recovered its colour. She looked more relaxed. For some reason, I found that I couldn't look at her directly, I was flustered and unsure and I dare not look her in the eye.

When I stole hidden glances I felt the tingle beginning to build once more. When we had cleared away, she asked me if I would continue with my story, I needed a distraction from my thoughts, so relieved, I continued.

. For several days, I dragged timbers, ropes, chests, bits of furniture from the water, even a cooking pot floated ashore. Two sails were the hardest to drag from the water, one took me several days, I only managed by getting a bit at a time onto the hot sand, pegging it down until it dried and then pulling more from the water. I ached from head to toe but as the days went by, I felt my muscles hardening, my strength building. Food had not yet become an issue, there was plenty of fruit about, coconuts by the hundred, some type of banana that I couldn't eat raw but they were okay baked over a fire.

There were other exotic looking fruits that I wasn't prepared to risk eating just yet. When I had pulled the last of the sail ashore, I found a number of fish caught up in the folds, one or two looked quite nasty, with vicious spines and large snapping teeth, these I let go. But others looked like what I thought of as normal fish and these I found to be delicious once I got the hang of how to cook them right.

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At first, I built a shelter close to the beach, just within the tree line. Piles of everything I had salvaged were covered with a canvas sail. I had been there about a week, already I was losing track of the days. I sat one evening to ponder on my situation. I had seen no signs to indicate that there might be other people on the island but that didn't mean there weren't. I had no idea how large the island was, so far I had only seen my bay and out to the nearest headland by the entrance.

Beyond the headland, I could see a sandy tree-lined beach that seemed to go on forever. I found a tree that looked easy to climb and indeed, so it proved. Soon, I was at the top of the tree, I had picked a good one as it was taller than most. There was only a canopy of leaves to my left and right, stretching as far as I could see into the distance. Inland there were a number of mountains, mostly quite small but there was one that dwarfed the others.

The nearest I judged to be only two or three miles away, the trees appeared to stop a short way up its sides, I guessed that it was from the mountains that my freshwater stream originated. I decided that I needed to climb, at least the nearest mountain, in case I might see any signs of habitation.

The next day I set off, following the course of my stream. It seemed the easiest way of getting through the forest without getting lost. I carried water, food, my dagger and sword. I had only gone a fairly short distance when I came to a small lake that had formed in a natural hollow.

It was fed by a waterfall, perhaps twenty or thirty feet high and maybe twenty feet across, there was another stream leaving the lake besides my own. The lake water was crystal clear, a few tiny fish darting here and there. I made my way around the water's edge until I came to a clear patch of sandy soil.

There were quite a number of animal footprints, two or three different types. Most were quite small but I did see two sets that were large enough to indicate some sort of heavy or bigger animal. Near the waterfall, I climbed a fairly steep hill which brought me to a grassy flat area, this was split by a wide but shallow river which cascaded over the edge to the lake below.

The trees began again only a few yards back, these were massive trees, their huge trunks further apart so that it was easier to walk below them. However, it was so dense above that it was almost dark where I stood. Where the first leaved branches began above me, I could see no higher. It was an enchanting place. From above, the sun shining on the lake's surface created a mirror effect, then there was enough of a pleasant grassy area, backed by the trees.

This was where I would build my camp. I snapped myself away from gazing at my surroundings, for now, I needed to keep going. I hadn't got very far when I heard a lot of grunting noises that seemed to come from just ahead of me.

I crept forward, trying to keep the large trees between me and the noise. Then something was crashing through the undergrowth behind me, coming straight for me. Desperately, I scrambled for the lowest branch of the tree I was stood by but I was too late, I saw this huge thing charging at me, it's large curled tusks gleaming.

It squealed loudly as it neared, I was rooted to the spot in fear. At the last second, I moved, I jumped to the side of the tree, my sword swing wildly.

The stupid animal had been so intent on me that it hadn't seen the tree until I moved, it crashed headfirst into the tree, it didn't fall, just staggered about. Now though, it was again looking for me.

I threw my sword, I don't know why, it was just a reaction. It struck the animal in the neck, I doubt that it actually did much damage but its foreleg caught in the sword's guard and it went tumbling, it lay still where it fell.

The animal's momentum had driven the blade up through its head and it was quite dead. It appeared to be some kind of black hairy pig, I knew there wouldn't have been much left of me had it hit me. The was no longer any grunting noises ahead, they had gone. I retrieved my sword with some difficulty, wiping the blood off on its hairy body, then with still shaking legs, I continued on my way.

I followed the river for about another two miles. Suddenly I was back in daylight, the ground rising quite steeply in front of me. I paused, taking a drink, while I considered my best route up.

It was a hard climb, not so much for its difficulty but more that I wasn't used to continuous climbing. I rested a number of times, taking the opportunity to look back towards the sea. I could see my bay, it looked to be much closer than for the time it had taken me to get to this point.

Finally, I was at the summit and now I saw the full extent of my island, all except one area hidden behind the larger mountain. It looked to be about five or six miles wide and somewhere between ten or twelve miles long. My bay was almost exactly midway along its length. As hard as I looked, there was no sign whatsoever of there being anyone else besides myself, no smoke, no buildings and no cleared land.

The larger of the mountains was clearly an extinct volcano, at least I hoped it was extinct. Its peak looked lopsided, the side nearest to me was the collapsed rim of a huge crater. Briefly, I thought of continuing my exploration by trekking to the crater but I quickly realised that it would be dark long before I got there.


I decided instead, to look for somewhere nearer to hand where I could spend the night. I descended from my peak by a different route, curiosity, nothing more. The side got steeper, now bare rock not grass and the going got more difficult. I realised that I had made a mistake, if I retraced my steps it would be dark before I reached a safe place to stop.

If I pressed on, I could end up in trouble, with nowhere to go in the dark. I had little choice but to gamble on what I might find ahead. It was a little later when, by accident I found the cave, I had paused to catch my breath, now quite worried by the rapidly fading light. The boulder I leant against moved, first just a couple of inches. I jumped away and it moved several more inches, I heard a cracking noise coming from below, then suddenly, the boulder as if with a mind of its own, slowly rocked before small rocks beneath it shattered and it was rolling, knocking me aside as it disappeared down the cliff.

For several minutes I sat shaking with fright at my near miss, then carefully I got to my feet. My side and an arm hurt where I had been struck but otherwise, I seemed okay.

I saw the cave entrance that the boulder had been blocking from view, it was pitch black inside, so I dare not enter any further than just inside the entrance.

Exhausted, I settled down and almost immediately I was asleep. . It seemed like a good point to break from the telling of my exploration, although Elizabeth begged me to go on but I insisted, I was both hungry and tired, I had sat in a chair all night while she had slept in my bed, I explained to her.

"There's plenty of room in the bed, you could have shared it with me," she said. I felt myself flush at the thought of her naked body being next to me, I couldn't look at her, "I didn't want to disturb you, you needed the rest," I managed quietly. I jumped as she took my hand, "Oh you poor thing, you're shy, I'm sorry, I didn't realise." I could feel my face, red and hot as her hand softly rubbed my arm.

Then she leaned and her lips kissed my cheek. The shock that went through me was like a bolt of lightning, involuntarily I cringed away, snatching my arm free. When I looked at her, she had a hurt look on her face, her lips trembled, she was close to tears.

I looked away, until finally, I mumbled, "It's not you Elizabeth and I don't think I'm shy, it's me, I can't stop looking at you without wrong thoughts, with dirty thoughts going through my mind. I don't understand what's happening to me, I'm frightened." She sat watching me for a while, considering how to answer me I thought. Instead, she again took my hand, "Come here, let me hold you." Her arms wrapped around me, my head nestled on her shoulder and she held me tight.

She kissed the top of my head while gently rocking me from side to side. I could feel my nipples stiffening at the feel of her breasts against mine.

I heard her saying, "You're just confused Laura, you've been alone for such a long time, that's all it is." I lifted my head, staring into her eyes, her lips so close to mine.

I had never been kissed on the lips, I'd certainly never before had the inclination to kiss anyone. Now I wanted her lips, I craved to feel them on mine, I could feel my blood pounding and I lost all control. My hand went behind her head and I roughly pulled her to me, my lips ground into hers. I had no idea how to kiss, it wasn't at all subtle, it was a need that I couldn't resist. Her eyes were wide with shock, her arms and shoulders leaning away from me as she struggled to break my grip.

I broke the kiss but still held her to me, "I'm sorry Elizabeth, I didn't mean to be so rough, I don't know what I'm doing, please will you kiss me and hold me again." Tears rolled down my cheeks as I beseeched her. Her hands came back to my waist as I felt her relax, my heart soared only to be shattered by her words, "Laura, I've never kissed a girl, nor ever wanted to, I'm engaged to be married, that's where the ship was taking me, to my fiance." With a sob, I jumped to the ladder, burning my hands as I slid down and then blindly I ran into the forest.

Branches slashed at my face, thorns ripped my flesh in my headlong charge. It was the burning of salt the sea water in my wounds that shook me from my trauma, I was at the bay. I turned, searching for my mother. The cross at the head of the pile of rocks guided me to her. For ages, I sat and cried and then for the first time since she had left me I spoke to her, "Mama, help me, tell me what to do, I love her, why doesn't she understand?" I screamed when a voice whispered, "Perhaps I do." But it wasn't my mother, the voice was behind me.

"I thought I might find you here at your bay, you scared me something silly." Her hand rested on my shoulder, I turned to look at her, "Oh my God! Your face, the blood, you're bleeding everywhere," she exclaimed with a look of horror. She cried when she noticed the blood dripping down my arms, puddling in the sand.

She helped me stand and pulled me to the original shelter that I had built when I first arrived on the island. I lay on the bare bed as she rushed off to the stream. Although she washed my wounds, most were too deep to stop the flow of blood.

"Cupboard, bedroom, home, bandages and cream." I gasped out between gritted teeth. The pain from the thorns was searing, I had been cut by them before, even one had hurt but hundreds of cuts at the same time was excruciating. It was morning when I woke, Elizabeth was lying beside me with a blanket spread over us, her eyes were open, staring at my face.

She smiled when I looked at her, a gentle touch as her lips feathered mine before fetching me a drink of water. I felt much better, the worst of the pain gone. The thorns had something in them that burned when they cut you but they had never seemed poisonous.

Now it was a case of keeping the wounds clean and free from infection. Back at the tree house, she had eased my clothes over the bandages as she undressed me before telling me to lie down, I declined the offered blanket, it was too warm. She seemed to take longer studying my body than was necessary if she were only examining the dressings, she blushed when she saw my nipples stiffening under her gaze and she blushed even deeper when she saw me watching her, but she bent and put a finger to my lips then she went to prepare some food.

My eyes followed her everywhere. After we had eaten our meal, I closed my eyes, tiredness overcoming me, I think I smiled as I felt her hand take hold of mine.

It was dark when I slowly woke from a deep sleep. I became aware of her bare skin touching my side and the hand that cradled my breast, one of her breasts lay over my upper arm. She appeared to be sound asleep so her touch could have been accidental but I didn't care, I was thrilled at the feel of her hand and her breast resting on me.

I covered her hand with mine, pressing it gently to me, I knew my nipple was hard under her hand, the rise and fall of my chest as I breathed causing my nipple to rub her palm. Never had it felt so sensitive, so in need of caress. Carefully, I leaned my head to her breast, my mouth stroking the skin until I found her nipple, I took it between my lips and marvelled at the feel before my tongue traced lightly around it. I could feel it getting longer and harder as if I were breathing life into it.

I gave it a suck, it seemed the natural thing to do. I suddenly felt her fingers tighten to squeeze my breast. Was she awake? Did she know? I wondered. My questions were answered when I felt her kiss my hair and her fingers pinched my nipple, I heard a light moan escape her lips, it sounded like a moan of pleasure, so sucked harder, then flicked my tongue, her nipple was now much larger than my own ever were. I felt the loss when her hand left my breast but it was to lift my chin level with hers.

"I want to kiss you now," she whispered to me. Her lips came to mine and I pressed hard, she pulled back, "gently, like a butterfly," she told me. I understood at once when I felt the sensual caress as our lips brushed each other.

Then I was shaken as her tongue licked me, teasing between and along my lips. Tentatively my own tongue pushed forward to meet hers, we fenced back and forth before hers plunged inside my mouth. It lasted for a lifetime, my heart thudding with happiness, I loved this woman so deeply. As we kissed, still she played with my breast, one moment to caress all over, the next to pinch and pull at my nipple, my body was writhing with desire, the tingle between my thighs now buzzed.

My own hand took itself to the lips below my mound, my fingers snatching at my button, I felt her hand over mine and she pressed it down, rubbing my own over my sex. My body went taught, arching up off the bed, then I shook, I shouted out loud "Oh God! Yes, it's happening." I flopped back down but as I did, I felt her pushing her fingers inside of me. I almost panicked at this intrusion of my private parts but just in time I felt the wondrous feelings created by her thrusting fingers, her thumb found my button as her fingers explored me.

Another explosion was building like a breakaway galloping horse. I heard her voice, "Cum again for me my love," her fingers plunged in and out, faster and harder, "now, cum now." She demanded. My thighs locked around her hand, for the first time I felt muscles inside my hole they were clenching and grasping at her fingers. My whole body was now in some place it had never been before, I screamed for God, I screamed Elizabeth and then I was wailing as my body spasmed.

She covered my eyes and lips with gentle kisses, whispering soothing words as I lay exhausted and only semi-conscious. Then as it began to get lighter in the sky, she was checking my bandages. Except for a couple on my arm that needed refastening, all were fine.

We drank the hot herbal tea she had brewed, then once more she lay beside me, "Sleep some more, my love." She said to me. I smiled, she had called me her love, my heart sang, I hoped she meant it. "I love you Elizabeth." Then I was asleep. Some years ago, I had built a bench down by the lakeside. It was here that I had become friendly with many of the animals that came to drink.

Today Elizabeth was sat close beside me, her arm around my waist. "So, what happened after you found the cave?" . I woke a little cold and stiff, my ribs ached, it took some seconds to remember where I was. The sun was at an angle that only shone a little light into the cave but I thought that in an hour or so, it might light a lot more of the interior. I drank and ate from my supplies, peering into the gloom, straining my eyes in an attempt to identify the shapes that were becoming vaguely visible.

Carefully, I stooped through the opening, standing aside so as to allow as much light as possible. There was only a small flattish area just inside, then beyond that, a gaping black hole disappeared downwards. It was just as well that I hadn't ventured inside in the dark. To one side was stacked a pile of small wooden chests, as I walked closer and noticed a torch lying on the ground, I bent to pick it up then screamed, jumping backwards.

Slowly I calmed my jangling nerves. "He's dead, he can't hurt you," I told myself out loud, perhaps I was making the point to him as well as myself. The skeleton lay behind the chests, a sword sticking up from its chest. Its clothes lay in tatters where they had rotted away, it must have been there a very long time. Finally, after ages of striking my flint stones together, I managed to get the torch lit, its light filled the cave.

There was another skeleton a little further away from the first. Several swords and daggers lay on the ground. I went to the chests, I tried to lift a lid but found it stuck solid. The first sword I used trying to pry the lid up snapped in half but a heavy knife did better. I scraped and banged the hinges before trying the lid again, then with a creak, it flew open. I held the torch high and peered inside, my eyes went wide in shock, bright white, red, blue and green jewels sparkled, silver and gold coins shimmered.

Every chest was the same, it was a fortune, a treasure trove. Eventually, I selected a handful of stones, coins and a few pieces of jewellery and stuffed them into my pack. Exploring the rest of the cave, I only found some kind of large and heavy shield-shaped metal dish, I've no idea what it was but I realised it would make a good fireplace. Other than a couple more swords, daggers and a long metal tipped pike, there was nothing else. Before I left, I tossed a rock down the hole, it was several seconds before I heard it hit, then again, a number of times before it stopped, it was a long way down.

I guessed that I was in an old volcano vent hole. Struggling with the weight of my new fireplace and the pike, I retraced my steps. Several hours later and I was back at the pig, it hadn't been touched. I knew I couldn't carry both butchered meat and my metal dish, better to take some meat now and leave the dish I reasoned. I sharpened my dagger on a rock and then removed the two hind legs of the pig, I also took the tusks.

Blood dripping down my back, I made my way back to the bay. I was freshly washed from the stream, my clothes were hanging to dry, the fire flaming and spitting as the pork fat dripped, so I sat back with a cup of wine that had come from a chest that floated ashore.

I had never tasted wine before, I knew it was for grown-ups but today I felt like a grown-up, I was proud of myself and what I had achieved. On top of which, I was rich beyond measure, although when I'd get to spend any of it, who knew?

The next day I returned to the lake, armed with ropes and a few odds and ends. This time I also had the pike with me, just in case I was attacked by another pig. I climbed a number of trees above the waterfall, I thought several might be suitable for building a tree house, then I found the one. I knew right away that it was perfect, a fairly difficult climb took me up to a point where a number of huge branches spread out. Provided I was strong enough to haul the timber up, I could build a spacious home.

The first thing I did was to hang a knotted rope, this would make it quicker and easier to ascend. Then I cut away some of the smaller branches that would be in my way. Satisfied that there was nothing further to be done that day, I climbed back down to the lake, stripped off my clothes and dived in. The water was cool but clean and refreshing on my naked body. I found a small ledge to the side of the waterfall where I could climb from the water to sit and admire my private lake.

Movement caught my eyes so I sat still and watched as two tiny animals came to the lake and drank. They were some kind of deer-like creature. When I moved a little, they lifted their heads and looked at me with their huge eyes, they were not at all afraid, this fact told me that they had never had human contact and had no reason to be afraid.

They just bent again and carried in drinking, their thirst quenched, they both lowered themselves to the ground and watched me. Even when I slowly dropped back into the water and quietly swam towards them, they didn't move.

I waded to the bank, perhaps fifteen feet away and sat down on the grass. They were a beautiful sight as they nuzzled each other, then one, the female, rose to its feet and slowly trotted towards me, sniffing the air as she came. I plucked a handful of grass and held it towards her, she came closer to stop a foot away, I saw her tremble slightly as she sniffed again, then she leaned and her tongue took the grass from my hand. I saw the male rise but he didn't come to join us, he ambled towards the trees.

My little female turned and dashed after him. Little did I know then but they were to become good friends to me over time. Back at the beach camp, I started sorting timber into small piles, pieces that were more or less the same size in each pile. I didn't have any nails but I did have miles of rope. The first pieces of timber, I half carried and half dragged all the way to the lake.

I soon realised that this would take forever to fetch everything I needed. One evening, I was washing the day's dirt and sweat away when I say a small branch floating towards me, with a flash of inspiration, there was my answer, I could float and pull my timber planks up the stream to the lake.

It still took many days before I had everything at the site. In between trips from the bay, I had begun the construction. I needed the largest of my timbers for the strong base frame, I would never have got them up without the wooden pulley block that I had found still attached to a bundle of rope I had salvaged.

Never having used a pulley before, it took me some time to figure it out but in the end, it worked. I had strung ropes between the branches so I had guy lines to hang onto as I scrambled about, once the base frame was fitted, laying the floor was fairly easy. I think it took me three or four months to complete the shell of my home and lash rafters in place over which I stretched canvas sheeting to keep the rain out. The interior, I did a bit at a time, as and when I felt like it. In between times, I made a number of trips up to the cave, gradually bringing back my treasure in canvas sacks I had made.

It was a day when I swam in the lake, I'd sat on my ledge by the waterfall when I noticed that it seemed dark behind the thin screen of water. It had been quite easy to scramble along until I got behind. Here I found a small hollow, almost a cave that the action of water had created over the years. This was where I hid my treasure. . It was at the moment that my four deer appeared, yes, now there was a family of four.

Elizabeth was startled but I held her hand and quietly shushed her, "Just watch," I said as I reached for a handful of the leaves I had learned they liked. The female and two young ones came directly to me, to nibble at the leaves. I took Elizabeth's hand and moved it to the mother's head, "Stroke her gently, she likes it." I told her.

They sat around our feet, it was a perfect end to the day. I undressed before I reached to Elizabeth, pulling her close, "Can I kiss you?" I asked. She didn't answer me but instead, her lips came to mine, she kissed me gently until I responded to her tongue, then it became more passionate. My hands gripped her hips pulling her hard to me.

One of her hands went around my neck, her fingers entwined in my hair. The other came to my breast, teasing at my nipple, I moaned into her mouth.

It was pure instinct that caused me to rub my front to hers, our mounds grinding together and I felt my needs rising rapidly. I tore at her clothes until she was also naked with our bodies again crushed together.

Actress in stockings covered in facial orgy

My slit was on fire, now humping her thigh, her own doing the same. I pushed her backwards until we fell on the bed, her legs bent, hanging down to the floor. I gripped her shoulders revelling in the feel of her body beneath mine.

Again we kissed but I wanted to see her body, I wanted to touch her body and most of all, I wanted to kiss her body. Her neck felt divine as my lips explored, then I kissed her breasts, I brought my hands to them to stroke and gently squeeze, my tongue tracing below them.

My mouth was now on her stomach and I plied kisses everywhere I could reach. I paused when my lips passed over her mound, there was almost no hair, not like my bush, just a tiny fuzz of blonde hairs, I kissed her there. Now I could smell that same aroma I had previously smelled on my own fingers.

I lowered my face to breath deeply, God! It was beautiful. I already knew that she had two flaps at her front, unlike my closed slit. Now I could see them close up just in front of my face. I leaned down to them, her body jumped when my lips touched her.

I trailed my lips along the flaps, gently kissing them. A thought crossed my mind, did she have that same little button I had that gave me so much pleasure, I had to know. I brought my hands down from her breasts, my fingers nervously touching her flaps. Gently I eased them apart, I heard her groan at my touch, her hips moving about.

You need to learn that I am the boss

Then I saw the little bump sticking out at the top of her flaps, that must be it, I thought. I touched it with a fingertip, she jumped at the feel. I knew what had felt good for me, so reasoned I should do the same to her. With two fingers I rubbed at the button, I saw the small fold of skin above it and I tried to push it up, her button came fully into view.

It was getting larger at my touch, then I leaned and kissed it, she groaned even louder, so I wrapped my lips around it and sucked. I heard her call to me, "Put your fingers inside me Laura, please." So I did, gently at first, I was frightened of hurting her. Her legs spread wide and her hole opened to me and I had more room to feel her, my fingers plunging deep and her fingers were pressing my head down into her.

Remembering what she had done to me, I started to work my fingers in and out, marvelling at the wetness that eased the way. She was now writhing furiously, I had trouble keeping my mouth to her swollen button. With my other hand, I grabbed at a cheek of her bottom, trying to hold her steady.

I was shocked when I felt my thumb touch her back private hole, I would have moved it away but her hips thrust down and trapped it there. I felt a naughty thrill as my thumb pressed to her hole, I felt myself teasing it around the opening, I could feel it sort of alternately clenching then opening a little.

I forgot the hole as she suddenly shrieked, her mound banging my upper lip, I felt my fingers being gripped inside her hole, then she was shaking just like someone having a fit. She was calling out my name, over and over, I felt so happy, I was making her cum just as she had done to me, it seemed to go on for ages. One moment I would feel her body relaxing and I thought she had finished but as I still sucked her button and with my fingers trapped inside, she would start again, shrieking even louder than before.

Three times this happened before her body finally collapsed and she lay still, her hands dropped from my head. The grip inside of her let go of my fingers. I moved myself up to lay beside her, my arms took hold of her and I held her tight to me, I kissed her face softly, all over.

Her eyes opened to look into mine, "Oh, Laura, what have you done to me?" I must have looked worried, "No, I didn't mean in a bad way, I definitely mean in a good way, I think I do love you." Then she kissed me, before asking, "Where did you learn to do that? It was so wonderful." "I didn't learn to do anything, I've never touched anyone before, it just happened, I needed to touch you there, I didn't know why." "Well, all I know is that I must do it to you now, can I please?" I smiled at her through my tears, then whispered, "I wish you would Elizabeth." As her head disappeared down my body, she said, "Call me Liz, please Laura." She had made me feel good the night before but this time my mind and body went berserk, her lips drove me wild, my little button became a big button, the sensations coursing through me were almost frightening in their intensity.

I reached my climax with a mighty surge that caused my body to arch so high, I thought my spine might snap in two, tremors racked me, one after another.

Afterwards, as we held each other I asked her, "Liz, do you really love me? I know I love you so much it hurts." She pulled me tight, her mouth to my ear and she said, "Yes, I love you, my sweetheart." We slept a deep sleep that night, our bodies tangled together. The next day, after we had washed and eaten, I told Liz that I had something I wanted to show her.

I led her to the lake and said we needed to undress. With a puzzled look on her face, she did, then I said for her to follow me. I climbed onto the ledge before helping her up, then beckoned for her to follow. She was surprised by my small cave, I pointed to the canvas covered pile, "Help me untie the ropes so we can pull the canvas off." When that was done I said, "Now close your eyes, no peeking, okay." She put her hands over her eyes whilst I opened a box.

"Keep them closed until I say." I held her arm and led her forward. "Okay, now you can look." Her hands flew to her mouth as she gasped. "My God Laura, all these jewels, you're rich," then she looked at the other boxes, "are they all the same?" "Yes and I'm not rich Liz, we are." "You mean you would share it with me but why? It's yours." "Liz, I'm yours if you want me, this is my dowry so to speak, if you'll take me, then it's all ours, yours and mine." I reached into another box, found what I wanted then offered her my close hand, "Do you want me Liz?" Tears rolled down her cheeks, "Yes I do, Laura." Then she held my hand.

"Open it, Liz," I told her. She opened my hand, the diamonds sparkled brightly on the two rings in the palm of my hand, her fingers lightly touched them, "You said you were engaged to be married, are you sure you want to take one of these rings? If you do then you're no longer engaged to him but you will be to me.

Do you want time to think? I'll wait while you do." She picked up a ring and slipped it on her finger, it was a perfect fit, "It was made for me my love." She took the other ring, turned my hand over and pushed the ring on, "Now you're mine, will you kiss me please." That evening while Liz sat with the deer, I had told her to stay there until I called her, I cooked a special meal.

I had two candles that had come from a chest, I had never felt the need to light them until now, I still had two bottles of wine, I hoped it hadn't gone bad, I wanted everything to be perfect.

I searched through the boxes stored at the back until I found what I wanted. I packed a small canvas bag and lowered it to the ground below, the remainder of the things I laid out on the bed. I pulled the canvas screen closed that shut off the kitchen table, then I climbed down. I told Liz that she was to go to the bedroom, she must not go in, nor even look in the kitchen. I smiled when I heard her squeal of delight, then I washed myself, removing the remaining bandages. After I had dried, I dressed and then combed my hair.

It was very awkward climbing the rope ladder in an evening gown but somehow I managed. "Are you ready," I called to her. She walked onto the veranda, a picture of beauty in the gorgeous gown I had left for her. The necklace of rubies almost matched the blush on her face, although I had actually picked them to go with the gown.

She gasped aloud when she saw me for the first time in clothes and not animal skins. The blue sapphires and green emeralds around my neck, nicely offset against my turquoise gown, "Laura, you're so beautiful, I I I don't know what to say," she stammered. I handed her a glass of wine, "I didn't ask, I hope you like red wine." Eyes wide with yet more surprise, she took the glass, she raised it to mine, the glasses chinked together, "To us my love." I went and pulled the screen aside, she saw the set table, "Laura, you amaze me and candles, it's just so, well you know." The meal couldn't have been better, everything was cooked just perfectly and the wine was delicious, I couldn't have been more thrilled with myself.

She looked a little shocked when I lit a pipe, she hadn't yet seen me smoke. My 'tobacco' was something I had harvested and dried myself, I don't know what it was but it certainly smelled like the tobacco the sailors had smoked on the ship, maybe it was tobacco. She held my hand when we sat back outside on the veranda. "Laura, thank you for such a wonderful evening, it's been the best day of my life, even if we are stuck on some island." "Liz, the evenings not over yet, not until we go to sleep and I'm not sure when that will be." She looked at me, she was blushing again.

"But I don't want to take these beautiful clothes off," she seemed to consider for a moment, "yes I do, just tell me when you're ready." We sat quietly for a while, sipping our wine as I smoked. Eventually, I said, "We need to plan Liz, consider how to get off this island. Tomorrow we must look at our options, if there are any that is but we have to try, there must be something we can do." My wine was finished, I couldn't wait any longer, she took my offered hand when I stood, suddenly, I knew what to do, She may have been a few years older than me but the island had built my muscles, I was strong, she giggled when I easily picked her up and then carried her to the bedroom.

I undressed her the way I imagined a seducer might have done, it was slow and sensual, my lips seeking her skin as I uncovered it until finally, I lay her down. By now it was too dark for her to see me, so I removed my own clothes as fast as I could.

Then we were in each other's arms, with lovers caresses we touched, the feel of her exciting me beyond measure. She bit a nipple, quite hard, when my fingers traced the folds between her legs. As I kissed her shoulders she said, "I want to say something naughty, will you be cross with me, Laura?" "How could I be cross with you, my love," I replied.

The words she spoke I had only ever heard from the sailors when they hadn't known I was nearby. "I want you to fuck me again, there I've said it, you're not cross are you?" I thought about the word, it was rude and dirty but it was delightful, it aroused me even more, "Let's fuck together Liz." We giggled together at our naughtiness, then she said, "I think I know how we can do that, fuck together I mean, why don't you turn round and lay on top of me, then you can suck my clitoris and I can do yours at the same time, shall we try?" "What's a clitoris?" I asked, trying to figure it out.

"That's the sensitive little thing that sticks out at the top of your pussy, the one that makes you jump when I touch it." She meant my little button I realised and she called the rest a pussy, I liked that. As soon as her head was between my legs, I felt her tongue delving inside of me, her hands gripping the tight mounds of my backside, I spread my knees for her. I could feel the delight of her tongue sliding and exploring me, I couldn't describe the feelings that I felt but I knew I was in heaven.

Then she kissed my clitoris, I had been yearning for it, waiting for the touch, yet still, I jumped at the jolt it gave me. Her lips enfolded me there and she was sucking hard, drawing me forth between her lips. I felt her pressing a digit into my pussy, oh yes, I thought, but then it was gone. Her hands were pulling the cheeks of my backside apart, then I jumped in shock, her fingers were playing with my little hole, tickling around and then rubbing with a gentle press as she passed over it.

Again she dipped in my pussy but went straight back to my rear, I was suddenly nervous as she pressed harder, I could feel the twisting motion of her finger, then she was actually pushing inside, I had a moment of panic as I felt my skin stretching to take her finger deeper into me. If it hadn't been for the feelings at my clitoris, I think I might have pulled away but I was beginning to ride that wave I now loved. Then I realised my back hole was one moment clenching on her finger as it probed and then relaxing as she drew it back.

She was pushing in and out just like she had done to my pussy and now I was enjoying the feeling. I had momentarily forgotten her, so wrapped up was I in what she was doing to me, I told myself to concentrate.

She was already dripping from her pussy, so I licked my tongue in her nectar, tasting her and loving it. Then I strived to get my tongue deeper inside, I wished it were longer, I couldn't reach far enough. Liz brought her feet closer, her knees raised up but wide apart. I took a massive deep lick all the way up to her clitoris, my friend that I so wanted to play with.

I teased it with my tongue, giving it hard flicks followed by a kiss or a suck with my lips, it soon came out to play. I could see the juices running down to disappear in the crease of her backside, it made me think of what she was doing to me and that now, I knew I was pushing my own backside to meet the thrust of her finger.

Gingerly, I allowed my fingers to explore. I felt her jump as I tickled the dark, crinkly and tightly closed hole. I could feel how slippery it was from her seeping juices, I coated my finger and then pressed at her hole.

It seemed to resist, clamping tightly closed but then I saw it relax, so again I pushed. I was in, pushing deeper, passed my knuckle, as deep as I could get, it was hot inside her. Awkwardly, with my other hand, I bent my wrist, three fingers going into her pussy.

Her earlier words came to my mind, yes, I was fucking her bottom and her pussy and at the same time, I was sucking her clitoris. I could feel my pussy striving for its peak, desperately, I tried to hold back, I wanted to wait for Liz but my attempt was futile, she was driving me wild. My pussy was sort of pulsing, clenching at the four fingers that she pistoned in and out of me.

I had no choice, I surrendered to the orgasm now ripping me. I ground my clitoris, hard against her mouth whilst my backside clamped tight on her probing finger. My mind ceased to function, my bodies instincts took control as I came, over and over I convulsed. I was just finishing when her own orgasm struck her, she almost threw my body off, so powerful did her pelvis thrust up, then she was shaking beneath me.

Frantically, I kept working on her, keeping her on a high rolling wave before eventually, she calmed. I kept on kissing her pussy as she also kissed mine. I had to drag myself around so drained was my body, I fell into her waiting arms and silently we cuddled together. I watched her, my heart filled with love, as she went to sleep. I usually woke with the dawn, the birds were my alarm clock but today, the sun was high in the sky when awareness slowly invaded me.

I felt all lethargic, completely drained but still, I had a wonderful feeling of fulfilment, in fact, I was brimming with happiness.

I leaned closer and kissed my love before carefully easing from the bed. After I had washed I made some tea. In the bedroom, I stood while my eyes feasted on her body. Those beautiful breasts, the gorgeous nipples that I loved to arouse, the delightful little wisps of hair just covering her mound and those lips that enclosed her pussy. I wished that I only had those few hairs, I was now hating my thick bush.

With a start, I realised there was a smile on her face, barely open eyes were looking at me, "Do you like what you see Laura?" "Liz, you're so beautiful, your bodies perfect, not like mine, mine's all hard." She looked me up and down, "You're wrong Laura, your muscles are just as beautiful, you stand so strong and powerful, your strength makes me feel safe." I put the tea on the small table beside the bed, then climbed on top of her, my lips eagerly seeking hers.

She reached to grab my backside, pulling me tight to her as she thrust her mound to mine, her hips swivelled, rubbing at my pussy. I didn't care that it was still sore, instead, I mirrored her actions and soon we were panting with renewed arousal. Our orgasm wasn't as earth-shattering as it had been the night before but it was still a wonderful way to greet the new day.

The tea had gone cold, so I made fresh cups while Liz washed. We sat on the veranda to drink our tea, the sounds of the birds and the cough of the deer all around. Liz looked at me for a moment, "Do you really want to leave here? I understand the loneliness you must have had to endure by yourself for so long but together, would it be so bad?" "It's funny that you should ask that, I've been wondering the same thing.

I've grown up here, I've learned to cope with what's around me and I think I'm frightened to leave. Now, with you here, maybe I don't want to leave. Then I wonder, is it fair on you and what about when we get older, how would we manage?" I could have gone on but I'd had a sudden thought, I let it grow in my mind. "What is it?" Liz asked. "Let's say that if we could get away, we could take enough of our treasure with us so we could buy everything we need that we don't have here, then hire a ship to bring us back.

Perhaps we could arrange for a ship to call every year or so and then pay them, each visit. What do you think?" "Laura, I think that's the most fantastic idea if we could make it work. I wonder who this island belongs to if it does belong to anyone that is." Over the next couple of weeks, we moved the treasure from its place behind the waterfall to a much safer hiding place where no one would ever find it. We had kept a sizable quantity of gems that we thought would be the most valuable, these were stashed away high in our tree.

Then we built two beacons with an assortment of unusable timber and branches. One beacon situated at the two opposite openings to the bay. We stained a square of canvas red and hung it from a pole alongside the beacon that was the nearest to the dangerous rocks, hoping it would be sufficient as a warning, we didn't want another ship wrecked.

In all my time here, I had never been to the top of the largest of the mountains, nor had I ventured as far as the area that was hidden by the mountain. I thought it might be worth making the climb, it was always possible the extra height might reveal how far away were the other islands I'd seen from the ship. I suggested that we climb the mountain first, then if the so far hidden part of the island looked no different from the rest, then I didn't see any point in venturing further.

As we prepared for the trek, I could feel a change in the weather, there was a closeness in the air. "There's a storm coming, Liz, we shouldn't leave until it's passed by." Very quickly, I knew it was going to be a bad one, so I checked all the ropes lashing the house together and added a few more as a precaution, I had Liz fastening all of the window hatches. The skies quickly darkened, with giant looming black clouds, the wind began to increase with strong gusts howling through the trees.

Then the rain came, it was ferocious in its intensity, lashing the tree canopy above, we could barely hear each other when we spoke. The house creaked and groaned as it swayed but I had picked well with my tree, it stood firm where others could be heard being shattered by the force of the gale. For three days, we endured. We ate cold food, as I dare not light the cooking fire.

We could do nothing but sit and wait. Then just as suddenly as it had come, so it left and we ventured down to the ground.

Steam was rising like a mist all around from the effect of the welcome hot sun.

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Broken trees lay everywhere, the river was a raging torrent, the waterfall far greater in its width and the volume of water pouring into the lake, the lake itself was several feet higher than I had ever seen it.

It was another two days before I felt it safe to go down to the bay. The first shock was our beacons, they were gone and so was my original beachside camp. Then Liz pointed, "Look over there, chests in the water." We charged up to the headland, where several chests were rushing back and forth in the still-surging seas.

The storm must have released more stuff from one or other of the sunken ships below. Not without both difficulty and danger, we managed to get three chests onto the beach, the waves constantly battering us off our feet, I felt sick from the amount of seawater I swallowed.

Liz had a nasty gash on her forehead. A little way out, I saw something just below the surface, parts of it occasionally showing above, then yelled at Liz, "Look for some rope, quickly!" While Liz searched around, I ran back to the site of the old camp, among the trees I found a long length of rope, I struggled back with it.

I tied one end around my waist, telling Liz to hang on to the other, then I waded back into the water to fight my way out hoping I was going in the right direction. A wave lifted me high and then crashed me back down, I was smashed into something so hard, I thought I might have broken something. I groped with my hands, found the edge and held on for dear life, sometimes dragged under before surfacing again, gasping for breath.

I worked my way along until I found the ring I was looking for, with aching fingers I tied my rope until I was satisfied it would hold. Then I swam back to the beach, Liz helped me from the grasping waves.

The rope was just long enough to reach the nearest tree, soon it was securely fastened. "What is it out there?


What were you doing? It was so dangerous." Liz asked me in a very cross tone. "Its a boat Liz, can you imagine, a boat! All we've got do now is get it ashore or at least into shallow water. We'll have to go back home and fetch more rope and the pulley." Back at the lake, first we had a hot meal before collecting together what we needed, then set off back to the beach. I rigged the pulley, anchored to the tree and then we pulled. For a time nothing seemed to happen, we might gain a couple of feet but just as quickly lose it again, as the seas crashed in all directions.

It was then that I saw an ominous sight. "Liz, listen to me carefully, when I say so, we're going to pull like mad until I shout stop, then immediately, you must run for those high trees over there and climb fast, as high as you can.

There's no time for questions, just do as I say." She gave me a scared look but said "Okay but promise me you'll be careful." Now I could see the wave getting close, it wasn't exactly a tsunami but it was high enough to be dangerous.

I felt the rope go slack in our hands, "Now Liz, pull as hard as you can." We both heaved and this time we were almost running with the rope it came so freely, I watched the wave as it rose up, it now seemed bigger than I thought. "Now Liz, run, run!" I wrapped the rope twice around the tree then made a quick hitch before I dropped it and ran for my life. I knew I had left it too late, I could hear the water crashing behind me, catching up fast.

Then I was tumbling, smashed into the sand in a dark broiling maelstrom. Once my head surfaced and I gulped a huge lungful of air, then again I was rolling. I crashed into something, I tried to hold on but I was ripped away. I felt hands grasping at my arms and legs, they hurt. Then suddenly the water was gone, I was high in a tree, the clutching hands were branches that I was tangled in.

Then I heard Liz, "Laura, where are you?" Then again she screamed, I could hear the anguish in her voice, "Laura, don't leave me, Laura, Laura, Laura." With a feeble voice, I called to her "Liz." She couldn't hear me, I tried again, a little more power in my voice, "Over here, I'm over here Liz." She was racked with sobs as she helped me down, then she was beating my chest, "Don't you ever do that to me again, do you hear me?" Then she pulled me to her and held my battered and bruised body in her arms, "I thought I had lost you, I thought you were gone with the wave when I saw you disappear under the water." Quickly, I turned away from her and vomited what seemed like gallons of water, struggling to breathe through the flow.

When it was all gone, I lay in Liz's arms recovering, the occasional spasm racking my body. I raised my head and looked down the beach, "Liz, look." There was the boat sat halfway out of the water. "My God! It is a boat. Can you move yet my love?

Shall we look?" There was a large hole, near the bottom, in one side of the longboat. The boat was almost full of water, as a wave receded, the boat would briefly drain but the next wave filled her again. "Can you go up and tighten the rope Liz, make sure it's knotted well. We'll leave it until tomorrow." Later, she bandaged my new cuts, I now had quite a collection of scars.

Tenderly, she kissed my skin, then held my face, "I'm sorry I beat you, I was so scared, I couldn't bear the thought that I had lost you, I just." I held a finger to her lips, "It's okay my love, it was stupid of me, I know that but I'm safe now and we're together." It was the first night that we didn't make love, I was far too tired and bruised.

Liz rocked me to sleep, I think she sat half the night, just holding me. Once when I woke, she was crying quietly, it was a tear dripping onto my face that woke me. "Go back to sleep love, they're happy tears, honestly." The next day at the beach the seas were once again almost flat calm. The boat was only half full with water. We had carried two stout pole like branches and a sheet of canvas with us. I explained to Liz how we would wedge the poles under one side of the boat and then try to tip her as far as we could.

If we could manage to prop her in that position, we would then cut lengths of rope tying them to two corners of the canvas, then push them through the sand and under the boat, we could then pull the canvas under, hopefully sufficient to cover the hole in her side.

Once the canvas was tied in place, we would bail the water out of her. After a lot of sweat and toil, it actually worked, we had a virtually empty boat.

I thought of making some rollers to go under the boat and with the pulley see if we could get her further from the water. Then I realised that we would have no way of getting her back in the water again, the pulley would only work in one direction. I opted instead, for tipping the boat higher on its side, now that it was empty, it was easier to do.

I had long ago discovered a sap, which when boiled made a strong waterproof glue, I had used it on the roof of the house and it had never failed. I reasoned that I could make canvas patches and glue them to the outside of the boat, allow one to harden and then add another to form a watertight skin. A few days later and our boat floated in the bay with no sign of a leak anywhere. I had some oars that were salvaged when the ship sank but I couldn't figure out how to make any rowlocks for them.

Instead, we searched out a long and straight branch and no time we had a mast stepped in the provided hole amidships, suitable ropes tied it off, we were ready for sails, now all we had to do was make them.

We didn't have any needles, nor any twine for stitching. What we did have though, was an abundance of sharp thorns, they kept snapping but there were always plenty more, For twine, we unravelled a rope, a long and tedious job but eventually, we had sufficient to make our sail.

In fact, we made two. I had no idea of how to sail a boat, other than the little knowledge I had gained from the few weeks I had watched the sailors on the schooner. The sails of a ship though were somewhat different to those our longboat would need. First, we made a square one, with a pole arm at the top and bottom.

Then a triangular one with just the one pole at the bottom. Although it was a bit large for the job, I fitted the pulley at the top of the mast, something to make it easier for pulling the sail up.

At last, we sat in our boat, too nervous to take the next step. Then it occurred to me that the wind was blowing the wrong way, we would have been blown straight back onto the beach.

I didn't want to take the boat out to sea until I knew whether we could sail it or not, so I needed a day when the wind was blowing from our side of the bay to the other or perhaps a wind blowing directly into the bay which would bring us back to the original campsite at the furthest point from the open sea.

I only had an idea of how to sail directly in front of the wind, with no inkling of how to steer. There was no rudder on the boat, that was still somewhere at the bottom of the sea. Steering could only be done with sails, something that I was going to have to learn. There was a reasonable wind blowing across the bay when we cast off the line mooring us to the beach, I warned Liz to keep her head below the level of the sail's pole, then I hauled on the rope, the triangle of canvas rose swiftly to the top, it made loud cracking noises as it wildly flapped in the wind.

Then it filled, ballooning out, I only just had the rope fastened in time. The boat keeled hard over as she shot forward, we were sailing, slicing through the water much faster than I would have imagined.

Very soon, I found that I had almost no control, the boat went where the wind took it, at times we were leaning at such a dangerous angle I thought we might capsize. In no time at all, we had crossed the bay, I dropped the sail as we rapidly approached the beach, then quite smoothly, we touched sand. I partly solved the steering problem by removing the pulley at the masthead and moving it to the side of the boat.

It would be harder to raise the sail but now I would find it easier to control the bottom pole of the sail, more able to let out rope and change the angle without burning my hands as I had on the first trip. Day after day, when the weather was suitable, we practised, I learned how to tack the boat, zigzagging against the wind, only once did Liz suffer a glancing blow from the swinging sail pole.

I knew that there had to be a proper name for the pole but couldn't imagine what it might be. We had now fitted another, much smaller sail in front of the mast, this increased our speed considerable but it also gave us a lot more work. My confidence grew until I felt it was time to venture beyond the bay.

We chose a day when the wind was quite gentle and the sea was only running a small swell. If all went well, we intended to carry on around the island. Everything did go well, we turned left from our bay, sailing parallel to the coast until we tacked around the end of the island. So far there had only been mile after mile of sand and trees, then we reached the previously unseen area beyond the mountain.

It was Liz who first saw the building, her excited shout breaking my concentration. Immediately, we tacked and sailed towards the shore. Soon we could see a rickety looking wooden jetty in front of a fairly large building. there were a few smaller buildings dotted about. We beached the boat where the jetty met the sand and after tying the boat fast, we clambered ashore.

The large door to the main building took some moving, it obviously hadn't been used for many years. Inside, it was quite clear that it was some sort of factory. There were large swivelling vats over fire pits, long benches, chains hanging from giant beams, ropes and pulleys, all manner of things. We wandered about, gazing in awe, it was when I saw the huge spiked poles and hand scythe-like tools but with a large hook at the end, that I realised what the place was, "It's a whaling station but it's a long time since anyone's been here." I said that we should collect anything that might be useful to us, as nobody seemed to want it, I didn't feel too bad about stealing.

The stuff we found would have come in so useful to me years ago had I come here before now. A back room revealed boxes of nails, large needles and the tools made my mouth water. Hammers, chisels, drills, wood planes, saws, to name only a few.

Then I hit a gold mine, a chest containing many different sizes of fishing hooks and reals of line.

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Then, behind the building, covered in rotting canvas, there was a boat. It was badly damaged but it had an assortment of sail pulleys, rowlocks, oars, but most important, a rudder and tiller, if only we could make it fit our boat.

The smaller buildings were houses, where we found cutlery, pots and pans and the like. We even found three cases of wine, several bottles of port and two of brandy. Liz came back from one house, she held a tall mirror and a large washing bowl, then she showed me two cut-throat razors and several bars of soap. With a smile on her face, she said, "Now we can get rid of that bush of hair that you hate." She unslung the bag hanging from he shoulder, opening it for me to look.

It was a bag of maize, if it was any good and we could get it to germinate, we would have corn on the cob, we could then make flour and maybe bake bread. It took an age to load our haul, it was just as well the sea was calm as we were well overloaded.

The sail back was more difficult than it had been getting here, we were mostly against the wind, so it was endless tacking, back and forth a countless number of times.

We were both completely exhausted when we finally entered out bay but still we unloaded and carried everything to the tree line. We took two bottles of wine, a bottle of port, the razors, some soap and the mirror then headed home. We were too tired to cook, so we reheated a thick soup. I had very much doubted the wine would be any good, but oh, was I wrong? It was fantastic. We discussed our days haul over several glasses of wine.

Soon both bottles were empty, so we started on the port, not knowing any better, I drank it as though it were just a rich wine, It wasn't long before my head was spinning, I was quite drunk. My thoughts got more and more sexual, the alcohol loosened my tongue. "I think you should come over here and play with me, Liz," I said. "And what would you like me to play with?" Was the slurred reply. "Well, for starters, how about my tits," then, "No, don't bother with them, how about my pussy." I pulled my skirt up and spread my legs wide apart, patting myself between my legs.

"Ooh, you naughty thing, I ought to give you a good spanking," said Liz. "You can spank my. what did you call it the other day? Oh yes, my ass anytime you like." I giggled stupidly as I stood on unsteady legs. I weaved my way towards her. "Where do you want me?" Liz grabbed hold of me, I more fell than she pulled, then I was lying across her knees, for a moment the room spun, then crack, she slapped me, "Ouch, that hurt," I wailed.

"It was meant to, you're a very bad girl." Then her hand walloped again, on the other cheek this time. "I'm going to get you for this, just you wait." Then another hard spank, "Ow, ow, you're so cruel, I don't think my ass likes you anymore." I felt her hot breath on my cheeks, then her lips kissed first one, then the other, "Oh, I'm sorry my baby, let me kiss and rub it better for you." "I should damn well think so, you rotter." She pushed my outside leg off of her knee, her fingers kneading my cheeks.

A finger slid along the crevice, "Look what I've found hiding from me in here." I squirmed as her finger circled my ass hole, "What should I do to this naughty little hole?" She asked me but she didn't wait for my answer. I felt hot saliva drop onto my ass then she rubbed it around the winking hole, before pressing in. I tensed but she smacked me again, "Now don't be naughty, open your hole for me." So naturally, I relaxed and her finger slid in.

For a few moments she twisted it about, then I felt another pushing alongside the first one. There was a brief pain but in a second, two fingers pumped my ass. She was pushing me off her knees with her fingers still firmly up my backside, "Kneel down and bend over," she ordered. "Now spread your knees." I complied, my elbows on the floor and my ass sticking up high. I felt something soft pressing between my legs and along my pussy, I couldn't imagine what it was but it did feel nice.

Then it was pushing my lips apart and easing inside of me. It went deeper, bigger than anything I'd ever experienced before. Again, through my haze, I wondered what it could be, I didn't really care, it was working its magic. It seemed to change shape, it adjusted to fit me as Liz pulled and pushed, the sensation was glorious. Now, another finger was being forced into my ass, three bloody fingers now, God I feel good, I thought.

"Fuck me Liz, I'm going to cum, Oh God, yes, harder!" As I spasmed and jerked, then I fell to the floor, still shaking. I could still feel whatever had fucked me inside, "What was that Liz?" I asked when I looked at her grinning face. She reached to the table, her hand came back with a passion fruit, the island variety were almost the length of a medium-sized cucumber but they were much fatter in the middle, they had a thick but very soft and pliant rubbery skin.

They were nothing like the funny little hard brown things I'd seen in New South Wales. They were delicious to eat but now I also knew that they were delicious to fuck with. She giggled wickedly, then pushed her fingers into my pussy, trying to remove the fruit. "Oh bugger, it's just burst." She was fishing lumps of fruit out, whilst she laughed uncontrollably. "Do you think your pussy will grow a passion fruit bush Laura?" We both laughed, our sides fit to burst, tears rolled down my cheeks, "I need another drink." I said and slurped from the port bottle.

I lay on the floor and Liz sat back on the bench. "I can see up your skirt miss, are you teasing me?" Liz pulled the hem higher, "Would you like to see more, little girl?" she giggled again. "Yes, I want to see more and I want to lie here and watch you fuck your pussy, just like you did mine." She almost fell off her bench as she reached for the fruit. With her skirt around her waist and her knees spread wide, she spread her lips with her fingers, then rubbed the large fruit up and down her opening.

For a while she teased the fruit at her clitoris, then she slowly began to push it inside, it gradually changed shape as it disappeared inside her hole. Holding one, barely showing end, she twisted it about before beginning to pump. While her other hand continued rubbing at her clitoris. No wonder it was called passion fruit, the look on her face was ecstatic. I moved closer, to admire how her lips widened and then narrowed to fit the shape that fucked her.

I couldn't resist, I grabbed another fruit and thrust it hard up my own pussy, I worked it much faster than Liz was doing, I wanted to catch her up. She leaned her back to the wall behind her and raised her feet to the bench, "My ass Laura, finger my ass." When I touched her hole, it was already nice and wet from the juices that ran from her pussy.

I didn't hesitate, I went straight for two, fighting against the resistance, then they were in and I fucked her ass. I felt wicked, passion ruled me, I tried two more, her feet lifted off the bench, her eyes going wide as I watched her hole stretching, slowly it got wider, I had the sense not to force too hard, patiently I watched, then they were being absorbed.

Fascinated, I saw the hole staying open when I withdrew before I plunged in again. All the time my fruit was busy fucking me but I couldn't catch up with Liz. I felt her ass gripping my fingers, her eyes were screwed tightly shut, then her fruit moved in a blur as she screamed, "Laura." Her legs came around my neck, resting on my shoulders and her ass lifted up off the bench as she came.

She eased her legs down to the floor, motioning for me to stand, then she kneeled in front of me. As her hand went to my clitoris, she said, "Keep fucking, it's my turn to watch." With my legs spread wide and my pelvis thrust forward, I did, I fucked myself hard and fast.

I felt my inner muscles clenching hard at my lover inside, then I was cumming. How I managed to keep standing, God knows, but the orgasm was even better than the last one. Suddenly, I knew the fruit had burst and yet far more liquid was shooting out of my pussy than from just the fruit. I didn't know what was happening, I didn't care, all I knew it was wonderful. As I calmed, I looked down at Liz, she had a huge smile on her face, her tongue was stuck out under my pussy and she slurped at the juices dripping out.

"The best fruit cocktail I've ever had, passion fruit juice and Laura juice." My legs were almost ready to give way, so she eased me to the bench, "Did I just pee in your face, Liz?" "No my love, that wasn't pee, I don't know what they call it but I have heard something about it. It doesn't happen too often, I think it's special, anyway it tasted fantastic, especially with the fruit juice." We hugged each other and kissed for a while, then I said, "I think we should go and wash ourselves in the lake, I need to get these seeds out and then it's bedtime, oh, and don't fall down the ladder." Over the next few months, we were very busy.

I firstly, worked on the boat, fitting the rudder and the rowlocks. Now I could row out in the bay, over time I found the best places for fishing and I discovered a shallow area where I could dive for lobsters. They didn't have huge claws like the ones I had known in England but instead, they had long spiny feelers, they were still delicious though. Liz had been busy clearing a patch of land, where she planted the maize seed, some in quite damp soil near the lake, others in dry soil, it was all an experiment.

The damp soil produced nothing, the seeds had all gone mouldy when we dug them out. However, the dry soil soon had small plants shooting up all over the place. Some we watered regularly, others we just left. They all produced cobs but the watered ones had far more corn kernels on them than the unwatered. We were learning fast. I wanted my bread oven. My first attempts were a total disaster, I tried building with mud, it collapsed.

Then I made a frame with thin branches before I plastered the mud all over. Once it had dried, I cut out the branches, it looked good, until I lit a fire inside though, it cracked and again collapsed.

I was ready to give up when Liz came to me with a big lump of clay like soil she had found when digging in her garden area. Clay, I knew it was the answer. The first attempt still cracked quickly when it got hot. Liz suggested I try mixing sand with the clay. After several goes, I got the mixture right, this time though, instead of a wooden frame, I built a mountain of sand and then layered the clay mixture over the top.

After a couple of weeks, we shovelled out the sand. First I lit a small fire, hey, no cracking. Then we built the fire bigger and still no cracking, we were in business. Of course, I had been thinking about a lovely loaf of bread, until Liz pointed out the things we didn't have to do that, no yeast, milk or butter. But when my face dropped, she said for me not to worry as we could still make fresh flatbreads.

While I had been fiddling with my oven building, Liz had been experimenting with trying to make an alcoholic drink. We had long since found how to make sugar syrup from boiling down the wild sugar cane that grew in several places around the island, this was an essential ingredient for the process of fermentation.

She tried passion fruit, coconut milk, coconut pulp and a wild red berry fruit that we had learned was quite safe to eat. Although one or two were drinkable, none were very good. "I have to stop the air getting in while it's fermenting, I don't know how to do that." For a while, I pondered, until the solution came to me.

She watched me as I tied a bunch of sticks into a kind of criss-cross frame. Then we went to a bamboo patch about a mile away. I selected a very young and tender shoot and fed it into my frame, carefully bending the shoot into an upside down 'u' shape, the next day we returned, the shoot had already turned itself upwards, I tied it into the frame.

A few days later and I was able to cut it off at the base and trim the top, I now had a length of bamboo that went up about six inches, then looped back down before turning up again.

I left it a week to harden, then with some wire salvaged at the whaling station, I cleaned out the core. "When you're ready, I'll make a clay stopper with our airlock pushed through the middle, you pour a little water in and hey presto, no more air but the fermenting gasses can still escape." "However did you get to be so clever Laura, when you've been all alone here?" She asked, giving me a sloppy kiss. I liked the praise, "When my love has a problem, it's my job to solve it." The coconut produced a tart but high alcohol wine, not really to my liking, it also went sour quite fast.

The wild berry though was delicious and it just got better and better the longer it was kept sealed. Months passed by, life was good, we had all kinds of food now, wild pig which I occasionally hunted, a plentiful supply of fish, as well as lobster and crab.

We had fresh bread, fruit growing all over, there was plenty of salt and sugar and now our own, or I should say Liz's wine. I never killed a deer, there weren't that many on the island and besides, they were my friends and they had learned to trust me, I kind of looked after them.

I had rescued one that was trapped down a deep depression, twice I had splinted a broken leg, I had nursed one back to health after it had been gored by a pig and once looked after a lost youngster for a long time, she never strayed far until one day a handsome male gave her a sniff, then she was gone. I had the tools to do almost anything I liked. I got rid of the rope ladder and built a stairway.

The lake had a diving board, well I dived, Liz jumped but it was good fun. I could now make better bowstrings by weaving lengths of the salvaged fishing line together. Previously, I had made them from plant fibres and even pig gut, they had worked but didn't last very long, often snapping at the critical moment. We had moved the boat, it was now hidden in a small creek about half a mile or so away from the bay, it was where the second stream from the lake met the sea. We stopped using the same regular track from our home to the bay, allowing the vegetation to grow back.

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Liz had grown cuttings from the thorn bushes and had begun to plant a natural barrier between the direct route from the bay and us. Effectively, we were hiding our home. It had been unspoken between us but I knew it meant that we had both decided that we didn't want to leave, neither did we want to be accidentally discovered should a ship ever sail into the bay.

We were sat at the lake, a deer lying next to Liz as she fondled its ears, "You've made up your mind, haven't you? You want to stay here." she asked holding my hand. "I've been watching you for ages Liz, you've been here about two years now and I think that you're now as happy as I am here. I know that I love you more than ever and you love me. We have a good life, we're kept busy and we have our friends, the deer even come to you when you call them and you've given them names.

It was finding the whaling station that made all the difference between being able to stay or having to leave. So, why would we want to leave? What else is out there that we want?" "Laura, I'm happy just to do whatever you decide, I love my life here but if the time ever comes when you say we must leave, then I'll come with you, I trust you to make the right decision." She kissed me, a long and tender kiss, her hand raising my top until she caressed my breasts, my nipples responding the way they always did at her touch, "I think it's time we went to bed, don't you?" I asked her.

She looked around in the evening light, the deer had disappeared, "No I don't, the children have gone and it's a lovely evening, will you to undress me and make love to me here my dearest love." The end.

. Epilogue. The years rolled by, we had long since given up trying to count the passing of time, it didn't matter to us.


I had still never been to the top of the volcano, I don't really know why but it just felt like something I should do. We packed sufficient supplies to last for four or five days, plus our weapons and off we set. I was already familiar with the route to the lower reaches of the volcano, in less than a day we were there. I decided that we set up camp there for the night and begin our climb at first light in the morning.

Although the climb was hard and at times. a little difficult, by nightfall we were climbing into the crater. It was much bigger than it had looked from a distance. It had clumps of trees and areas of high waving grass, there was also a large lake in the very centre. The sound of many birds filled the air. It was an enchanting place. We camped by the lake, our tent keeping off the more chilly air than we were used to.

Weary from our hard day of climbing, we soon slept soundly. The next day, we had a wander about but soon found that there was nothing more to see. So, we packed away and carried our stuff to where we had entered the crater. Here we stashed it, ready to be picked up on our return, I wanted to go around the upper rim.

This turned out to be the hardest climb so far, a couple of times we had to backtrack and search out a different route. But eventually, we were stood at the highest point of the island.

It was breathtaking, for the first time we could see the whole of our home. Then I saw the ships. There were two anchored by the old whaling station. Quickly I sighted the telescope, I was horrified at what I saw, new buildings had sprung up over a large area, the jetty appeared to be much longer than it had been, I could see people dotted here and there.

I knew at once that our lives were about to change. Silently, I passed the telescope to Liz, "Take a look," was all I said. Briefly, she looked before she sank to the ground and began to cry. I held her tight until she calmed. "It's time to leave, Liz, our time in paradise is over." Three days later we sailed up to the new jetty.

I had seen the flags flying from the two ships, they were French. There was quite a commotion as we climbed from our boat. The senior Captain was quite uncertain as to how he should treat us. He spoke only a very little English but Liz surprised me when she spoke what appeared to be quite fluent French.

The Captain was astonished when, after he told us the year, we said we had been there seventeen years, or at least I had, for Liz it was nine years. We dined with officers that evening, I had had the sense to anticipate this and had packed a chest with suitable clothes for such an eventuality.

The Captain advised us that it would now be quite impossible for us to stay on the island and that they would be happy to offer us passage to Fiji which he said was now a thriving British colony. The ships doctor was also a biologist, he was fascinated with our knowledge of both the plants and the animals. Especially when Liz told him of how we had tamed the deer. They had not seen any of them down this end of the island. When I expressed my concerns for their safety, he assured me that they would be unharmed.

The following day we sailed back to our bay, the ship would pick us up in seven days. Naturally, I had warned them of the rocks. With heavy hearts, we packed what we wanted to take with us. We couldn't possibly take all of the treasure but a good selection was distributed among the four large chests we would take. I vowed that somehow, I would come back for the rest. The hardest part of leaving was saying goodbye to our deer, they seemed to sense our sadness, they were nervous and skittish.

As the ship left the bay, we stood at the stern-rail with the tears streaming down our faces, the officers kindly stood with their backs to us.

Some hours later, the Captain invited us to his cabin. The doctor was there, he had a grin on his face. The Captain nodded to him and the doctor spoke.

"I have a suggestion for you ladies, I do believe, that I have sufficient standing in Paris with my society to persuade them to offer you an official status that would enable you to return to the island, you would be working for the society although I'm afraid the salary would be very small. I would further suggest, that if you were to consider taking out French citizenship, it would make things a lot easier," he paused, beaming brightly, "what do you think, ladies?" I looked at Liz, I didn't need to ask, she simply nodded.

"Doctor, we don't need a salary, we're quite happy to pay rent and pay for any supplies we might need." Then we both leapt at him, hugging him tightly. He turned bright red as the Captain huffed. Three months later, we were sat on our bench by the lake, the doctor sat on the ground busy feeding a deer, "Extraordinaire," was all he could keep saying.

Even Frederick's son had come down to see us. We left the doctor, sitting in front of his tent, busy scribbling in his notebook and we climbed our stairs to home.

Now our home forever! . This is the first time that I have written such a long story, I hope you liked it but either way, please tell me what your thoughts are.