Three is the magic number

Three is the magic number
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Have you ever thought you were going to regret something and then discover later that you would have regretted not experiencing it even more? That happened today. I'm not sure what possessed me to agree to spending the day at the beach, but I did. My wife loves the beach and she begged me to join her when her normal beach buddy was unable to make it. I eventually gave in to her requests and before I knew it we were sitting ankle deep in the sand at the Charlestown Breachway.

I'm not sure how long we were there or what we had been doing up until the point my wife made a comment about a bunch of hunks standing in the surf. Naturally I glanced in the direction she was pointing and noticed a small collection of well tanned men sure enough.

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What was even more noticeable to me was the sexy young woman standing in front of them taking their pictures. She stood in the sand with her legs spread apart enough to keep her balance as she squatted into position for another shot. I couldn't help but notice the muscle in her legs flex as she squatted and stood back up.

It was as if in slow motion when she stood upright and straightened her posture revealing her amazing curves. I gazed at her rounded ass with just a hint of sand on it. It flexed gracefully as she moved about the sand sinking in with each step. Forcing her to show me her muscles over and over again. I commented to my wife about the Hunky men and how it must be quite a treat for her to have them to look at. I told her to enjoy the show, and that I had to take a walk to the showers and get the sand off.

She hardly even registered that I had spoken and responded with, "No thanks, I'm all set. Enjoy your drink" Clearly distracted by the grouping of studs in the damp sands.

I give her credit for even being able to respond. Had there been 5 or 6 of the photographer, I'm not sure I would have even heard her speak to me, never mind respond. I headed out for my walk and I headed in the direction of the photographer.

I had no plan. I'm not that type of guy. I was simply overcome by a kind of desire that put my body into a cruise control of sorts. Perhaps it was lust, I don't recall. I had little control over any of it. I eventually got closer to the photographer.

I couldn't get too close and be seen. I knew exactly where my wife's eyes were. I stayed towards the back of the beach and never passed the photographer. I wanted to be sure my wife's peripheral vision never caught a glimpse of me stalking the back of the beach watching the young photographer snap snap snap away.

Each snap of the camera a sexy new position and a delicious new vantage of her ass. The little bows on her skimpy green bikini bounced around her hips as she motioned through the sand. They grabbed my imagination and It went running. I must have considered 10 different ways to tug at that string; with my teeth, a single quick tug, a two handed slow pull, a gentile yank from both sides simultaneously, the ideas flowed as fast as her shutter snapped.

I'm not sure at what point in the Seduction of A Total Stranger I was at when she happened to glance my way.

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It may not have even been her first look, but it was the first one I saw. I had to double take and make sure I was seeing correct. I was seeing fine. She had glanced my way, but now she was looking directly at me. I'm positive she couldn't see my eyes with my sunglasses on but the way she gently touched her hip as she twisted in my direction made me think she was giving that pose directly to me and that she knew exactly where I was looking. I straightened my posture and flashed a smile her way as I moved to the other side of the tree I was standing at and leaned against it with my left shoulder completely blocking most of my body from my wife's potential gaze.

The photographer watched me as she brushed the sand off her ass and legs and placed her camera on a beach chair near her. She flashed a welcoming smile my way as she turned away, flipping her hair at me, and walking down the beach further away from the spot my wife and I had been sitting. I watched her walk down the beach, turn up and head towards the parking lot.

I assumed she had gone to change, or something. I watched her exit point for a while in hope I would be able to watch her walk back onto the sand.

I leaned back to look around the tree to check on my wife. She had not moved, with two eyes full of young hunk she had not been paying mind to time. She was froze. I glanced back to see if the Photographer was on her way back and she was. Except she was still walking along the back of the beach and she was walking directly towards me. Her sunglasses felt locked on me as I watched her slowly sway my way. her pace was calm, her body language confident, the gentle smile on her face suggested approachability.

She broke my silence as she approached, asking me if I was enjoying my day. I told her I was and that it was a beautiful day to spend on the beach. She agreed with me and told me about how she was there working. I told her I had noticed and was enjoying watching her work.

She knew exactly what I was hinting at. I knew she knew too. But she followed up asking what I meant. She wanted me to twist a little. I can't tell you how much it excited me, having her start such a fun game of cat and mouse with me. I smiled and did exactly as she wanted.

I told her that I was fixated on the ties from her bikini and my curiosity was on about how much tension those little strings would need to unravel into the sand. she smiled at me, her blonde hair gently bouncing in the wind. She reassured me that it wouldn't take much pressure at all as she slowly tugged at one string. she held her motion paused. The bikini string tight as the edge of the knot waited to slip though with just a little more pressure.

She held. I swear she held until she saw me swallow down my anticipation. At that point the knot slipped open and she pulled the front of her bikini back just enough to tease me with a good look at her exposed hip. I could see her tanned skin break out with a few goosebumps as she thrilled herself teasing me. See? she said as she glanced up at me with a welcoming smirk. I glanced back over my should to check on my wife when the photographer stopped me " she can't see us" she reassured me.

"Now, about this bikini string… " Before I knew it my hands were on her waist.

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My thumb softly caressing her exposed hip and slowly ran up her core. She twisted a little bit under my thumb, the soft wisp tickled her a little, but she didn't move away. she moved closer. She ran her index and middle fingertips across my chest as she asked me if I would be interested in taking a walk a bit further down the beach.

We strolled down the back side of the beach for about a quarter mile where we found a semi-secluded inlet of private beach with it's own lot. The moment we were out of sight from the rest the beach she turned to me and asked to help with the knot on the back of her top as she pulled me in and kissed me. Her lips were soft and felt amazing. The kiss naturally progressed into something more lusty.

she slid my hand down to her sexy round ass and then slowly moved her hand towards my stiffening cock. I reached around her and grabbed a handful of her ass allowing the tips of my fingers to just touch the edges of her soft lips, teasing them though her bikini fabric. I felt her move backwards with my hand as I retracted, she kissed me harder and tightened her grip around my cock. She held a nice tight grip on me.

I felt my shaft growing in her hand. Her gentle petting quickly evolved into an aggressive tug as she exposed my full length from my shorts. She dropped from her knees and I closed my eyes as I felt the warmth of her mouth surround me. I calmly began breathing through my teeth as her mouth applied more pressure to my manhood. I couldn't help but think about her moist pussy. Sitting there waiting to be touched. I lifted her head and kissed her again.

She seemed to love making me taste my own cock. It drove her wild. Her kiss became deeper, her breathing changed and I could feel her wanting me to take more.

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With a quick tug of her last bikini string she opened her legs just enough to let the bikini bottoms fall to the ground. My fingers glided across her smooth pussy. So soft and slick with lust she let my fingers inside her. I pressed myself against her. Her hand squeezing my cock, my hand teasing her g-spot and clit simultaneously I gently pressed her up against the car we were standing at.

her firm c-cups pressed against me craving more. I spun the sexy photographer around and pressed my hard cock up against her firm bubble butt. I love the pressure of my cock against an ass. I enjoyed that moment as I slid my wet fingers into her mouth. She sucked on them and let me know exactly how good she tasted. I used my body to press her against the car a little harder. opening her arms, spreading her legs, making her vulnerable to me. I slowly released her pinned body from the car and I dropped to my knees.

She lifted herself onto her toes and arched her back for me as I parted her sexy ass and began eating her pussy from behind. She loved it. She pushed herself against my face.


I could hear her breathing through her teeth. Her excitement drive me wild as I probed her insides with my tongue. She pressed her ass into my face and said "more" I had been slowly working myself hard her and harder the entire time I ate her. My head was swollen, my shaft thick and eager. I pinned her chest against the hot hood of the car and slowly worked my head up and down the length of her wet lips. She never once resisted my teasing. She loved feeling my head glide up and down her.

Teasing, Making her crave more. Finally I pressed just my head into her. she gasped a bit with the surprise. I love that gasp. I love that first moment when my head penetrates. So I relive it. I withdraw my head glide up and and down her eager pussy and back in again. I repeated this over and over. Each time I would sink my shaft further and further into her until that one last time I pressed myself in to her and let my entire lenght sink deep into her pussy.

She arched her back as I pressed into her. She was happy to receive me and wanted me as deep as she could take. her moan suggested it was time to gently ride her. Pulling at her warm tanned hips, I sunk deeper in only to gently withdraw.

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I would watch my shaft as it would expose itself from her warmth. I would leave my head just sitting at the edge of her pussy, gently rotate my hips a little to tease then drive myself back in. Deeper and harder.

I was looking for a gasp. After a few more rounds and increasing my thrust I finally got that gasp. Once I did, I steadily began picking up my pace until I was ramming my cock in her as deep and hard as I could. The sun glaring off the cars in the parking lot, she had pulled herself off the hot hood of the car but she was close enough I could watch her reflection in the paint.

I watched her head bob about with her mouth open just enough to gasp with each thrust. I slid my hand up her back and wove my fingers into the hair at the base of her neck and with an aggressive tug I pulled her back up to me.

My cock still inside her she struggled to stand upright and keep me inside without discomfort. I kept it there. I wanted the discomfort.


I wanted her to feel it. Without warning i pulled my cock from her, spun her around to face me and lifted her little body off the ground and dropped her back onto the hood of the hot car. the hood of the car buckled a little due to the force I dropped her onto it with. Before she could consider the heat of the car I had forced myself back into her.

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Looking down at her I watched her tits bounce as I fucked her. her hands pressed against the hot paint trying to keep her body still as I rammed harder and harder. I could see hurt, and pleasure on her face and I could see that she was enjoying the mix of the two. She reached up and dug her nails into the back of my neck and pulled me into her for a deep kiss.

The hood of the car crinkled under us as we passionately grinded at eachother. She told me to make her cum as she pushed me upright allowing my to take deeper harder thrusts as she teased her clit. She loved I was watching her play with herself as I fucker her harder and harder.

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she bit her lip and her eyes began to roll just a but as she exhaled the words "just like that" to me. I continued to fuck her harder. each thrust lifting her off the car a little bit.

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I slid my fingers into her mouth and she bit them as she locked her hands around my arms and dug her nails into me as she grinded her hips in sync with me. She exhaled loudly as her body flushed with the tension, tingles and flood of relief that comes with an orgasm. Neither of us was aware if there was another person around or not.

even after we were done, I don't remember looking to see if we were alone. I didn't care. She didn't care.

she pulled me in for one soft kiss good-bye and the two of us parted ways before she had even reassembled her sexy green bikini or even exchanged names.