Naked teen physicals and lads naked at doctors gay I started to give

Naked teen physicals and lads naked at doctors gay I started to give
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I appreciate all comments good and bad on all story. Let me know what toy think and what you wanna see BILL I blew my load into Bella's arsehole. As I held her arse firm against me she must have fully grasped what was happening. She tried pulling away from me, she tried as hard as she could.

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But I was stronger. I held her firmly there. "dadplease stop now please stop" she screamed at me. I had finished now and I guess a kind of guilt was setting in. I moved back slowly pulling my cock from her arse. She cried as it pulled out. This wasn't my fault, she had to know that. This was Ruth. She got me to this point then Bella practically willingly took her place. "Bella I well Bella Ruth well um" I sputtered at her. All that big man persona gone.

Fuck I needed a beer. "just go dad just fuck off" she spat a me. I nearly grabbed her by the throat to teach her some fucking manners when I really looked at her. She was still up in front of the jet.

They were off. She reached up and turned them down first then clicked the button. I watched as she slowly as carefully rocked her hips up at the jets. One hand moved to her breast but I couldn't see what she was doing. I was honest to god speechless.

What I had just done was wrong I knew that. But I also knew that she was part of the problem. Now watching her do this straight after I violently raped her doing this. It Vela-dated everything for me.


I was not in the wrong. She was a dirty little slut and wanted it all. BELLA I was in so much pain. My arse hole was throbbing.

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He mumbled some crap he usually did once he was done. Obviously guilt setting in. I told him to fuck off. I could hardly move. Everything was still abit hazy. I felt the water move and assumed that was him making his hasty exit. Each time I started to move I felt pain.

So instead I turned the jets down low and switch them off. The water pressing up on my swollen fanny was soft and gentle. I started rocking my hips slowly. It felt nice. It took away some pain.

I started lifting up further as I moved towards it causing water to softly run down my arse crack and onto my violated arsehole. I moved my hand to my breast. Rubbing my nipple softly. I was so close to orgasim. I kept thrusting but turned the jets up slightly. As I knelt there grinding my pussy on pumping water I thought about my dad. Why had he done this to me. It was hell as it was. Worse because he knew he could make me loose myself. I hated myself after those moment.

But this. How much more had he done to me as I layed there out cold. How long had I been out. There were bruises on my hips and breasts. And I could feel that he had had his penis in both my fanny and arse.

He was so violent.

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I rocked harder starting my moan. My hand went out to grip something, and I managed to turn the jets up again, increasing my pleasure instantly. I moaned and screamed as I moved my fingers to feel the sweetness between my legs. The jets slowed til the stopped and all was quiet.

I turned and layed back against the wall of the spa softly running my juices around my pussy in the water. Eyes closed. There was no goin back now. He had done the worst. All I could do now was make sure he never touched my sister. I wrapped a towel around me and headed inside, I went straight to dads room not bothering to check if he was there or not.

He wasn't. Under his bed I grabbed 4 bottles of vodka and one bottle of jack and headed back to my room. BILL Ruth and Chrissy had made up and Chrissy had stopped asking question.

I said sorry for yelling at her and she pretended to not remember what I was talking about. "daddy can Ruthy sleep over tonight." I looked to Ruth who showed no hint of the girl she was in the den or in the spa.

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"I can call my mummy and ask" she smiled at me. "no that's fine Ruth ill call her, I don't mind if you sleep over." I got up and headed to the phone.

Looking out the kitchen window I could see Bella in the spa. My cock hardened and I turned away. Telling myself to wait. I grabbed the phone and dialed Kelly, Ruth's mum. "hello" "hey Kelly it's bill, Chrissy's dad, how ya going" "yea good yourself, you sending that kid home yet, my boyfriend is coming around tonight and he was really looking forward to spending some time with Ruth" she sounded in a hurry.

Yea I bet he was "that's why I'm calling kel, the girls were hoping for a sleepover, I said its ok with me, i can drop her back I the morning" She didn't answer right away I could hear mumbled talking, she must have had her hand over the mouth piece.

"um yea ok I guessbut you tell her she needs to be back here early in the morning before my man heads home, he has to see her. Ok bill you hear Ruth home early" then she just hung up. I returned to the lounge room to find Chrissy and Bella on the couch with a blanket over them. Ruthy was leaning against Chrissy and I could see her hand moving around Towards her legs under the blanket.

"stop Ruth" Chrissy laughed. I stood just inside the door way. Neither had noticed me. "c'mon mum probably won't let me sleep over anyway cos her boyfriend is coming around and he like to um spend time with me" Ruth smiled at Chrissy.

Pulling the blanket off her lap she tried again. Chrissy tried to squirm away but still laughed "stop acting like a baby Chrissy just let me do it again." Chrissy sighed and opened her legs slowly "this isn't the same Ruth and Bella said we shouldn't do it" Chrissy laughed as she rubbed her hand up Chrissys thigh.

"your sister just doesn't want you having any fun you should have seen what she was doing outside and what she was doing with your dad, if she can do stuff why can't you" Chrissy nodded slightly as Ruth pushed her hand up between her legs and rubbed on the outside of her knickers.

"does that that feel good Chrissy, do you like that?" I could not believe it. I was bulging in my pants.


Chrissy had leaned further back I the couch and Ruth was rubbing her mound softly. "can I go inside your knickers please chrissy?" Ruth asked Chrissy hesitated. "maybe we should stop now dad might come back and see us" "oh c'mon Chrissy as if your dad would care.

He showed us those movies and you liked the stuff we did in the bedroom, just let me touch you." Ruth was trying to push Chrissy undies aside.

Chrissy reached down and pulled them over. Ruth smiled "see you don't have to act like such a baby, your dad wouldn't have made you leave if you didn't act like that." "that's good isn't it. Here rub my boob." Ruth grabbed Chrissy's hand and put it up her top and started rubbing it around.

Getting right into is she was rubbing Chrissy harder. I decided to interrupt. I walked back into the kitchen a bit then coughed loudly. "Kelly said yes girls" I yelled before I got to the door way then paused as I listened to the rustle of them both sitting up and fixing the blanket then I walked in. "yay" both the girls said in unison. I sat down in the chair next to the couch. They were both red. "what were you girls up to, you look guilty " I laughed.

No nothing they both said together. Chrissy was sitting up at the end of the couch furthest from me. Ruth was laying down the couch with her head is Chrissy's lap and her legs hanging over the end of the couch feet propped up on the arm of my chair. I kept trying to make small talk but was only answered to mumbles so I gave up. Ruth nudged me wit her foot.

I looked over and both girls were watching the tv. Neither looking at me. She nudged again and I looked back down at her foot. Then up her leg. She had the blanket pulled back up her legs and they were spread wide. Her hand was striking her cunt.

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I ran my hand up her leg, resting in the underside of her thigh. I couldn't reached her cunt without leaning over my chair and I didn't want Chrissy to noticed. She kept rubbig but not looking at me. Chrissy never turned either. I started to rub my bulge over my shorts.

Then I heard the back door slam shut. I didn't pull my hand away from Ruth's leg or my crouch. Chrissy jumped and looked and so did Ruth causing herself to push closer to my fingers. Bella stomped through the kitchen and towards the bedrooms not stopping to look at any of us.

Ruth sat up. "I need to go to the toilet. I'll be back in a minute chrissy" Ruth jumped up and headed out and Chrissy looked up at me. Can I have a drink daddy. What I was waiting for. Of course baby I replies. I jumped up and fetched her a drink. When I returned she was standing near my chair. "can I come sit on your knee for a minute daddy" I nodded and she took a big sip from her cup and came over shyly.

I picked her up and sat her on my knee. She wiggled back until she was comfortable. I sat back. She started rubbing a little bit. "daddy don't you want me bounce me like you do with Bella and Ruth" She sounded sad. "it's not that baby. You are so tiny. So young. And I promised Bella I wouldn't bounce you like her" I tried to sound convincing but truth was I wanted more than bouncing.

She stood and turned around on me. "but dad Ruth showed me this" she pulled her skirt up and rubbed. She had removed her knickers and I now noticed them on the couch. I pulled her hand away. Watching her with Ruth was a lot different from her with me.

"honey you don't have to do that. I'll bounce you" I turned her around and bounced her softly on my lap. BELLA In my room I climbed under my covers without dressing first. I layed there thinking.

I had finished a bottle of vodka and was feeling a lot less angry. There was a soft knock at my door. I tried to ignore it, but then Ruth popped her head in. "what to you want Ruth?" I was angry with her. I blamed her or what dad did. I blamed ten both. She walked in and. Closed the door behind her. "I wanted to say thank you.

For helping me outside." she whispered. I wanly in the mood for this shit. I has protected my sister from all this shit until she came along. I grabbed another bottle and cracked it.

I took a big drink and snarled back. "now you've said it. Leave" "but I … um …" she stumbled over her words as she moved to sit on the edge of my bed. I hates this little bitch. "why did you do any of it, what's wrong with you" I yelled at her. "wrong with me, I've watched you. You love it" she snapped back. "it feels good" as if to prove what she meant. She turned to face me spread her legs wide, and pushed her fingers along her pussy lips. "stop that" I sat forward causing my head to spin, pushing her hand away from her fanny.

"can I touch you" she asked. "NO!, go home Ruth" "I'm sleeping here tonight. And if I can't touch your ill tell Chrissy to let me touch hers" she smirked. I couldn't believe this. A 9 year old girl threatening my sister.

What choice did I have. "no you won't. Leave chrissy alone. Or" "or what" she spat "you'll tell your dad HA! Or better yet my mum" She reached up and started to pull my blanket off "your dad would want to watchso I doubt he'll be any help, and my mum does whatever her boyfriend says.

She make me suck his dick You tell my mum And I'll introduce him to Chrissy" She had the blanket completely off now and I was speechless. "sometimes he makes mum kiss me while he sticks his fingers inside her, like this" she pushed 1 finger inside me then layed over me. Then she kissed me. Tongue and all.

Her finger began the move faster and increased the kiss. She moved her free hand to my breast and squeezed. Then she pushed another finger inside.

She broke the kiss but didn't stop finger fucking me. "sometimes when he likes to watch me suck on her boobies too" She placed her mouth over my nipple and began sucking and licking. "lick me" I moaned as I pushed my hips up into her hand.

"now" I grabbed her head started pulling it down to my pussy. I wrapped my hands around her head and pushed it against my pussy as she licked. BILL Chrissy had fallen asleep on my lap. And so far I had contained myself. I picked her up in my arms and started carrying her to her room.

I paused at Bella's room and heard moaning. I pushed the door open with my foot. Bella holding Ruth's head between her legs.

"Bella" I cooed smiling at her with my eyebrows raised. Ruth didn't notice me. Bella was drunk. I could see that. Bella stared straight at me. "fuck off" she mouthed and flipped me the finger. It made me angry. I looked at Chrissy then smiled at her closing the door. I then took Chrissy to my her bed. Chrissy was out cold. As I meant for her to be.

A little something added to the warm milk to held her have a nice deep sleep. And so I could finally give in to what I wanted even if it wasn't much. I couldn't handle my baby girl looking at me the was Bella now does. I lost control with that. But I needed to touch Chrissy. It had become this urgent need inside me. This was the only was to do it and protect her. I hadn't bothered to put her knickers back on after she feel asleep. I sat there as still as I could.

Not looking her touching her wanting to make sure she was defiantly fast asleep. Now laying her on the bed and lifting her nightly I got to really look at my youngest daughter.

She was so soft and delicate looking. Her fanny had that baby look to it. Like Ruth's only better. I lifted her legs and spread her arse cheeks apart. Her tiny rosebud begging to be abused. I layed her back done before it became to much. I pulled her blanket up so if either Ruth or Bella looked in here they wouldn't think anything of it. Then I left the room. I was coming back. But I had a few things I wanted to do.

BELLA I lost it completely I held Ruth's head still until I spilled my juices all over her face. I took another burning mouthful from my bottle as Ruth asked "have you got any movies like your dad, I wanna watch some" she looked up at me "or I can ask your dad and Chrissy can watch too" I could not give a fuck. I got it now I understood why dad drank. It eased the pain of everything. I couldn't care less.

"my laptop. Just google what you want" She grabbed the computer and started typing away. I stood to go to the toilet. "no, stay and watch me " I stared at her "what" I asked "stay and watch me or I'll " I didn't wait for her to finish.

"I'm going to the toilet. I'll be back." I left. BILL I watched Bella leave the room. Perfect. I headed in with a glass of milk for Ruth. Adding the extra ingredient of course. "shhhh" I whispered at Ruth as he went to speak.

"I'll leave. If you tell Bella I was here you will pay for it, understand" She just nodded. I passes her the milk and she drank it all then just stared at me as I dropped 3 tablets in the. Bottle of the vodka bottle. Only a decent mouthfull remaining. "not a word" I said to Ruth as I passed her pushing my finger onto her exposed arsehole. Then I left.

BELLA when I came back Ruth was absorbed in a movie she had found and was finger fucking self spread wide over my bed. Fuck it. It was fun I watch. I sat down between her legs and reached for my bottle. I knocked the rest back and settled in to watch a horny 9 year old slut. This is what my life had been reduced to. After I while I leaned in and rubbed it myself causing her to giggle and gasp for air. I started seeing double and Ruth fell back. I felt weird. Strange. Ruth was passed out.

I didn't stop. I pushed a finger inside her. She was so tight. It became harder and harder to make everything out. Ruth's pussy was tight around my finger. I started to fall towards her then it all went black. BILL I pulled the door shut after watching Bella and Ruth fall in to the sleep. I crept back to Chrissy's room. She was exactly how I left her. I pulled the blanket back and spread her legs apart. I spat onto her fanny and started to rub my saliva around her pussy.

Her lips hardly pulled open. Her tiny clit drew me in so I moved between my baby's legs and sucked on it gently. My saliva ran down her crack into her arsehole.

I licked that pushing my tongue inside slightly. She tasted so sweet, so untouched. Pulled her down there bed and removed my hard on from my shorts. I spat on the head and started rubbing it gently up and down her baby like fanny lips. I lowered my mouth other chest and liked over her nipple. Kissing my way up her neck. I started to beat my cock over her. I placed my legs over her chest and started beating my throbbing cock over her face. I grabbed her limp hand and held it behind me pushing just one on her tiny fingers just inside my arsehole.

That had always been something I loved. Pumping my cock with one hand and moving her finger slowly in and out of my arse hole wasn't easy to keep up. But the harder I pushed her finger I closer I felt to cumming. Once I did I let it squirt over her cheek and neck letting the last few drips fall onto her lips. Rubbing the head of my softening cock over them. I removed her finger from my arse and began to clean her up when I heard a knock at the door.

I quickly finished and returned he'd blanket. Then pulled my short back up and ran down to the door. Quickly pulling Bella door shut on the way. The knocking got louder as I approached. It was 9:30pm. Who could I possibly be.

I opened the door to find Kelly standing there hand raised to knock again. She was wearing coat. It was short and I could see anything under it. "Kelly, what's wrong" "I need Ruthy home now. My mans down you see. And well I need Ruth.

Now please can you get her" she was bouncing around trying to get past me. "she's sound asleep kel. I said I'd drop her off in the morning. Why does your boyfriend want to see her so bad. " I knew why but it was more fun this way. "you wouldn't understand. He always wanted a daughter and I need her there, looks hell leave me if I don't have Ruth around" I pulled her inside. "what are you doing?