Playful lesbian babe gets finger banged

Playful lesbian babe gets finger banged
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I woke up just as I do every morning, with a in need of a cigarette and more tired than when I went to sleep. It was a Saturday so I didn't have to go to work. Rolling over I shut off my alarm and closed my eyes, trying to return to oblivion.

Unfortunately I forgot to tell my Television not to turn on automatically at 8:00AM. The news blared into my eardrums and forced me to throw off my comforter and push the power button. I went downstairs and grabbed a bowl of cereal, since there was no way I was going to get back to sleep.

The rest of my day continued as normal, online video games until mid afternoon, and then I prepared a single portion meal for dinner. I didn't have any friends since I graduated high school and moved out of New Jersey.

No girlfriend, no family; a life of solitude with the exception of work and the occasional checkout girl at the grocery store. I live in a modern age where being a nice guy just isn't enough anymore. It ceased to bother me after a while, there is a certain freedom in having no one to require anything of you.

I watched some television after dinner and made sure to turn off the automatic on function, I wanted to sleep in the next day. With that done I changed into a pair of pajama pants and went to bed. I fell asleep easily. That night I had a strange dream. In it I wasn't wearing any clothes.

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I stood before a woman who was likewise nude, and between us was a man in a red robe. His hood hung low, concealing his face. He was explaining something to the woman, I felt like I recognized her, but I couldn't remember from where.

After a moment of staring at the woman before me things began to swirl like clothes in the washer at the Laundromat. In the next part of the dream I was staring at myself, but there was no mirror. I thought to myself, "I don't really look to bad, it's a shame I'm single. I woke up to the sound of an alarm.

In my sleep groggy mind I decided to smash it and buy a new one since it was obviously malfunctioning, I had turned it off the night before. I felt around for it on my nightstand, but was disgruntled by the presence of unfamiliar objects on my nightstand.

I finally located the offending clock and hurled it with all my strength at the wall. It made a weak thunk as it struck the wall. I had just started to doze off again when someone knocked on my bedroom door. "g'way" I grunted only slightly awake. There was no answer, but suddenly the air in the room felt very still and crackled with static energy, with the smell like the air before a thunder storm.

I opened my eyes. The first thing I noticed was that my room was suddenly powder blue and that I had a myriad of unfamiliar knick knacks scattered on furniture I didn't recognize. The second thing I realized was that the robed figure from my dream was standing at the foot of my flower sheeted bed. "I must still be asleep" I thought vaguely. "Mathew stihl" the robed figure said in a quiet voice, that I heard as loud as police sirens on a still night.

"mmwhat?" I asked sleepily. "I am here to inform you that there has been an inconvenience made for you by another. Unfortunately we are unable to undo this as the contract was binding." The robed figure stated calmly. I shook my head, and felt long hair brush my shoulders. When was the last time I had a haircut?

That was all I could think in my current state. "What are you talking about?" I asked, starting to be able to make words come out right. There was a ringing in my ears as if someone had just set off a firecracker next to my head.

"I am the Lead coordinater for the department of wish relations. I am here to inform you that a Mrs. Campbell has made a wish that will interrupt your lifestyle.

It is our responsibility to try and accommodate you. To do this we are willing to grant you one wish." The robed man stated at length. With that he handed me a cup of coffee that felt oddly heavy for it's size. I drank it while I tried to sort things out in my head.

I definitely was not dreaming, this was the best cup of coffee I had ever drunk. the robed figure cleared his throat "excuse me mr…" ahem "Stihl, but I do have other business to attend to.

We are willing to grant you one wish in return for the inconvenience, but there are two rules. Number one, it cannot interfere with Mrs.

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Cambell's wish, and number two, It cannot be for more wishes. Please try and be specific." "I still don't know what your talking about" I said much more coherently. The robe figure shrugged and pointed to the mirror on the back of my door. Getting his point I got up and gazed into the mirror.

Staring back at me was a woman in her early twenties. She had long brown hair medium sized breasts and stood about five foot eight. She was actually rather attractive. Looking at her I expected to get a hard on immediately, but was surprised by the lack of one. I moved my hand down to my package and the girl in the mirror made the same motion. "what the fuck did you do to me?

I want to be changed back right fucking now!" I screamed hysterically. The robed figure hung his head and shook it slowly "I'm sorry sir, but we cannot do that. It was her express with to be you, that being the case we were forced to place you in the next available body, which was hers.

In recompense we will grant you a wish with the rules I stated before. Again we are truly sorry." My mind raced as I panicked, this was real and I had to deal with it.

Then suddenly I stopped like a car going into a brick wall at a hundred miles an hour. "so I'm her, does she have a boyfriend?" I asked tentatively.

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"no sir she was single, it is our suspicion that she was gender confused. As so, she was never in a relationship." He stated in a matter of fact tone. "do I have to make the wish now?" I asked "No, I will give you a talisman to summon me when you wish to make your wish." He said reaching into his robes. He produced a golden butterfly on a golden chain and placed it around my now slender neck. "simply tell it you would like to make a wish and it will respond, the best time to do so is right before bed, now if you will excuse me I have many other things to attend to." With that he disappeared with a pop and suddenly the before a thunderstorm feeling vanished.

There was silence in the room for a second, then a voice came through the door. "Brianna honey, it's time for breakfast, I made pancakes, eggs, and bacon." "I'll be right there mom", I said at the same time that I realized I had her voice as well. It sounded familiar but I still couldn't place where.

I looked in the mirror again and realized I looked terrible, I had bags under my eyes and my hair was tousled. A mischievous grin split my face as I opened the door and headed down stair towards the smell of food. "Oh hunny you look terrible", my new mother said with concern. I tried to look sick and waved her off. "I'm just going to go back to be after breakfast, I don't feel too good. " I said as I faked a cough and a sniffle. "Alright sweetie, drink some orange juice, it'll make you feel better." She said passing me a glass.

I wolfed down breakfast and climbed the stairs slowly for show. Once I reached my room I closed and locked the door.

I threw off my clothes and stared in wonder at the mirror. I was going to experiment with some new toys! First I reached down to my brand new mound and began massaging every part of it. Within a matter of seconds my legs were too weak to stand, so I laid down on my bed.

I slowly felt around my new pussy lips and located my love hole. Smiling I inserted a finger and moved it around inside.

"wow that feels good" I thought. I decided one good turn deserves another and inserted another.

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I began to gently massage my clit with my other hand as I fingered myself. It was completely different from masturbating as a guy, and before long I felt too weak to keep my eyes open. A few seconds later my pussy exploded with pleasure and I began to spasm uncontrollably. I had to bite my hand to stop from crying out. Once the seizures stopped I layed there for a while to regain my composure.

I sat up and felt a gooey wetness beneath my ass. Looking down I realized I had cum all over my sheets. "fuck" I exclaimed quietly. Oh, well, I thought, may as well make them dirtier.

I started searching through all my new drawers for any kind of sex toys. Unfortunately, all I found was a hairbrush with a smooth round handle. "it'll have to do" I muttered to myself as I laid back onto my bed. I tried to push it into my love hole, but it started to hurt before I got very far.


That's when I realized I was a virgin. "now that won't do" I told myself, but for now I decided to try something different. I searched around my room again looking for hand lotion, girls in high school always had that kind of thing in their purses. I found some from Victoria's secret on top of my dresser and giggled to myself "I wonder if her secret is that she used to be a man." Taking the lotion I applied it liberally to my asshole and to the brush.

I had decided to take the virginity that girls never want to give to guys. I took the brush and pushed the handle against the open of my ass, but this hurt as well.

"gotta start small" I told myself, and applied some lotion to my fingers instead. These I easily fit into my ass. I was surprised at how much more sensitive it was than my old one.

I began to rub my clit as I massaged my backdoor. The combination was amazing. After a little while of this, I decided to try the brush again. This time it slid in easier, though it still hurt a bit. Once it was in I let it sit and got used to it for a while. Then I began to stroke it in and out while I continued to rub my clit slowly.

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This time I was ready for the orgasm and shoved a pair of my panties into my mouth. They were the ones I wore at breakfast and they tasted deliciously of my own new juices. I tried to get up after a few minutes, but I found that I was too tired to stand. Instead I looked around my new room for my purse. I ended up finding it under the bed. In my hello kitty wallet I found one hundred dollars and a credit card. I also apparently had a driver's license. My name was Brianna Campbell and I lived in New Jersey.

"shit, it really is the black hole state" I thought to myself. Well at least I know where the adult stores are. I put on some clean clothes and fixed my hair before going downstairs. "you look much better honey" my mom said as I walked into the living room bright eyed and excited about my next adventure in my new body.

"yeah, I feel much better after my nap and the OJ" I told her. "I'm going out to the mall to get a couple things, I'll be back in a little while." With that I went out the front door. I looked at my car keys and found I drove a Chevrolet. I couldn't see any cavaliers or cobalts. Then My eyes lit on the plum purple 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle in mint condition.

"no fucking way" I jumped off the steps and ran to the driver's side. I noted that I was already tired from the run but it didn't matter. Chevelle was all I was thinking about. I got in and turned the car on. As the engine purred into life I felt a little wetness puddle between my legs.

"shit, I'm getting turned on by my car, I should have worn pants instead of this miniskirt." I shrugged, I would have to pick up baby wipes on the way home. I made my way to the adult movie store and parked in the back. Jumping out of the car I proceeded inside. The place was a little seedy, but it was not uncommon. I found the toys I was looking for and a couple extras I hadn't thought about and purchased them.

I had done some research and found my credit limit on my laptop at my house, it was ample for this purchase. It was dark outside when I came out, but being me, I wasn't really worried, this wasn't Camden. I threw my purchases on the passenger seat and started the car.

As I pulled onto the Highway back to my house I felt something cold touch the side of my head, just above my right temple. "Don't do anything stupid girlie, or I'll blow your brains out and make due with selling your car to a chop shop. Take the next exit". I followed his directions and wished I had picked up the baby wipes. I had peed myself when he put the gun to my head.

We stopped behind a dark warehouse somewhere in south Jersey. "get in the back seat!" he commanded and I complied. I had never been this scared in my life.

He pulled out a roll of duct tape and taped my wrists together tightly. He then ripped my tshirt off and used it to clean the piss off the front seat. Then threw it out of the window. "Now I'm going to fuck you and you're not going to scream, otherwise I'll blow your head off and send it to the address on your license." With that he began to unzip his pants.

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It was an awkward motion in the back of a chevelle. But once he had it out, my eyes widened. It had to be at least nine inches long and two inches in diameter.

Seeing my reaction he smiled, "that's right girlie and you're going to get every inch of it." He paused then turned to the front passenger seat. He rummaged through the bag of new purchases and I groaned as he pulled out the medium sized butt plug I had bought. "look what we have here" he chuckled as he pulled out the lube I had also purchased. Turning back to me he ripped off my skirt and thong. At this point I have to admit that while I was scared, I was also turned on.

I was pretty excited about that butt plug. After applying lube to my ass and the toy he shoved it violently into my ass, I bit my lip so hard with the pain that it bled. Without even pausing he shoved his cock deep inside me, instantly ripping my hymen.

The pain was immense at first, but after a moment it subsided and I felt extremely full, and it was a pleasant sensation. I could feel the blood and pussy juice running down my ass cheeks as he slammed his huge cock in and out of my love hole.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled out of me. "flip over and get on your knees" he said menacingly. Still scared shitless I complied. I had to press my face up against the glass to fit in this position, but the cold on my face felt nice in contrast with the heat I could feel emanating from my hungry cunt. He slammed his cock back into me and started pumping in and out with thrusts that pulled me back, then slammed my face back into the glass.

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He pulled my hair with his free hand. I could feel his balls slapping against my clit and it drove me over the top. I began shaking and convulsing as I moaned in ecstacy. He stopped again and yanked the plug out of my ass and shoved it in my mouth.

"that should shut you up, if you take that out of your mouth I'll cap you right now." With that he slammed his cock into my ass and began pumping with renewed vigor. The anal toy didn't taste good at all, but the dirtiness and desperation of the moment made it hot anyway. I could feel my ass clamping and unclamping in rhythm with my pussy, which was being slapped by his balls. I started to build towards another climax and bit down on the butt plug. I felt the rapist speed up his thrusts and his cock begin to twich.

I went over the top as he sprayed the inside of my ass with his cum. He thrust twice more and pulled his cock out of my ass. With it came farts and I could feel the cum drip out onto my ass and thighs. I almost blacked out except for the idea that suddenly popped into my head. "I have a wish" I shouted. The air popped and fizzled and the before storm smell. I pulled my face away from the glass.

The robed man was standing outside the window looking in at me. "what is your wish mister…" he began. "it's miss now" I interrupted. "I wish that I could have a Penis or a vagina, or both, and that, considering the situation I'm in, he would have a vagina." The robed man shrugged " normally we do not grant double wishes, but in this case I can make an exception." The butterfly pendant fluttered off the chain and lit upon my mound there was a flash and I had both a huge cock and my now slightly stretched pussy.

It then landed on the rapists cock, which had frozen in mid drip and there was a second flash. His penis had been replaced. "if that is all miss" the robed figure began but I interrupted him again. " really quick" I grabbed the gun from the rapist's frozen fingers and untied my hands. "ok you can leave, thanks for everything." With that he was gone.

The rapist screamed behind me and I turned the gun on him. "what the fuck did you do to me" he shouted. I just looked at him and said very quietly, "now you're going to get on all fours and I'm going to rape you" He began to cry so I put the gun against his head. My Dick started getting hard as I watched him flinch and pull off his pants.

He wasn't an attractive man, but power is an erotic thing. "turn around and put your shirt in your mouth" I told him, and once he complied I shoved the butt plug up his ass with no lube. I could see by his reflection in the window that he was crying harder now.

This made me rock hard and I Rammed my nine inch long three inch diameter cock into his new virgin pussy. He sobbed into his shirt as I thrust harder.

I thought of how hot it would be to hit his new cervix and suddenly my cock had a few more inches outside of him. I smiled viciously and made it alittle longer. I then proceeded to slam it into him as deep as I could get it.

Eventually I felt something give and I was wedged tighter inside him. I couldn't move much but before lone I felt his muscles tighten and begin to spasm around my cock. This drove me over the edge and I sprayed the walls of his womb with my cum. I thought of how arousing it would be to fill him to the brim and suddenly my cock was spraying like a fire hose until his belly distended with the massive amount of cum inside it.

Eventually it stopped and I pulled my cock out and made it disappear. I took the shirt out of his mouth and handed it back to him. Out of his pants I pulled his wallet and removed his driver's license. I handed him back the rest of his stuff except the gun and the license and said.

"now I need you to do a few things for me, first I need you to buy me some new clothes, we aren't far from the mall and they should still be open. Second, I need you to get an abortion if you get pregnant, then you will know what all your victims felt.

And third, If you tell anyone about what happen ed here tonight I will come to your house and kill you in your sleep.


Do you understand me you piece of shit?" As the ex-rapist left Brianna got dressed and sighed. This was probably the best day of her life, and it was only the first.