Heres a sexy Latina sitting on her couch in heat

Heres a sexy Latina sitting on her couch in heat
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Raja's eyes opened with a sinking feeling as terror took over. The last thing that the 22-years-old Miss Universe contestant remembered was being wined and dined at an upscale hotel restaurant near the Vegas Strip. The world had gone cloudy after only a few drinks. A handsome man with an Arabic accent had been entertaining her when the world swam out of focus.for good. Now she tried to move her legs or arms. To her surprise she realized that not only could she barely move them, but she was completely naked and tied to a bed.

Spread-eagled, she looked down and saw her ankles firmly bound with black tape to the foot of the bed. Her wrists were cuffed to the headboard, chafing her delicate skin. She looked around the bare concrete room with its cinder block walls and just a few dim bulbs overhead for lighting. A large full length mirror across from her seemed to mock her helpless nakedness. A door to the side swung open and a man in a flowing white robe sauntered in. Raja lay in all her exquisite beauty prone on the bed.

Her lithe, slender body had perfectly sculpted breasts, lean hips, and a dusky skin tone that gave her that special exotic allure completed only by the rich brown in her eyes. "Ahh, I see my lovely new flower has awakened." The man had the same unmistakable Arabic accent. What had his name been.? Then it hit Raja. He had introduced himself as Majid. "Let me go! What the hell is wrong with you?" Raja raged. But even as the beautiful girl protested, two other Arab men roughly dragged in a naked young Asian girl with her hands tied in front of her.

To Raja's shock, she recognized the stricken girl. It was Keiko, a fellow Miss Universe contestant. When the cruel Majid did not respond to Raja's protest, she tried a different approach. "What do you want with us? Just please, let us go." The rich-looking Arab in his ivory robes chuckled.

"Already the little cunt is learning to beg. That is good. You will have much more to learn, my little flower. Let me spell things out clearly for you. I collect beautiful things - cars, horses, houses, priceless artifacts - and hot, sexy girls. I have purchased you and now you are MINE to do with as I see fit." Immediately the Arab shrugged out of his robes.

Raja's eyes widened as she saw that he was completely bare underneath. His sun-kissed torso rippled with muscle, and his cock sprang free with alarming eagerness. Hard and elongated, it seemed to reach out especially for her. "I am Sheikh Majid, but you must call me Master. Do we have an understanding?" Outraged and revolted, Raja couldn't help her response.

"You sick fuck, get away from me. Let me go!" Majid shook his head sadly, as if witnessing a recalcitrant schoolgirl failing to appreciate her lessons. "I see you will need to be broken, bitch. Should I try the rough way? Or should I be gentle?" As he said these hideous words, the handsome Sheikh knelt at the foot of the bed and slowly flicked his tongue at Raja's exposed pussy. The helpless girl squirmed and tried to keep his mouth away from her sensitive spot.

"Stop it!" She yelled. But the wealthy Arab persevered. His tongue flicked inside her tight, warm channel even as his fingers made caresses across her clit. He kept licking, sucking, and patiently cajoling at her sensitive sex. Raja kept squirming in her bonds, begging him to stop. Meanwhile Raja could not help but notice that the two rough-looking Arab henchmen with Majid had sat Keiko on a stool and were now forcing her to watch everything that transpired on the bed.

"Yes, make the Japanese cunt watch her friend's ordeal. It will be a good lesson for her, maybe teach her the value of submission," Majid said with a dark chuckle. Now the handsome Sheikh nipped lightly at Raja's joy nub. She moaned as he bit it gently with his teeth, then sucked on it firmly, all the while plunging two lube-coated fingers between her pussy lips. He began to finger-stroke her delicate sex even as his mouth went to work more feverishly on her clitoris, lapping greedily as her body gradually began to suffer the effects of arousal.

"Stop it, you sick fuck! Get off of me!" Raja wailed. As the slender captive cursed her captor, Majid unexpectedly slapped her and stood up. "Fine. So be it. You don't want the gentle way - we do the rough way!" Majid turned to his associate, who handed him an electric shock wand. He stuffed a ball gag in Raja's startled face, fastening it firmly until the rubber cock filled her young mouth.

Then he stabbed the wand at her belly button, shocking her with its electric jolt as her body spasmed, her shout filling the dungeon room despite her new gag. "You prefer to do things the HARD way, so we do them the hard way.

Now, what else can we target along this beautiful, HELPLESS and sexy feminine body, hmm?" Next Majid targeted her breasts, shooting her luscious tits with electroshock jolts that had her squirming madly on the bed and begging for mercy unintelligibly through her gag.

"Pllssss nnnn mrrrrr. Plsssss!" Raja shouted. "What was that, cunt? I can't hear you." Majid repeatedly shocked her, enjoying the show of her writhing, naked form, her breasts jiggling as each raw burst of shock startled her and sent jolts of pain everywhere. Then Majid raised the stakes at last, pointing the shock wand between her legs, right between her pussy lips.

" we have an understanding? Are you going to start paying attention to your new owner?" Raja nodded frantically in affirmative. Anything to stop any more pain. "Hmmm. I don't think I believe you. I think it best to finish your punishment, just to be SURE." With that, the handsome Sheikh stabbed the wand between her pussy lips and sent a zap of electroshock to the poor girl's cunt.

Raja thrashed futilely in her bonds before passing out. All this time the attractive naked Asian girl, Keiko, had been forced to watch with mounting horror.

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Now, as Majid turned to regard her, she nearly wet herself in terror. "How about you, little Japanese pussy? Will you be smarter than the Turkish cunt?" "Yes Master! Please do whatever you wish!" Keiko chirped desperately. "Anything?" Majid said, his tone becoming quite interested. "Very well. Lean between this passed-out cunt's legs and lick her pussy until she wakes.

I will find other ways to amuse myself with your tight fuckhole and ass in the meantime. Keiko knelt at the foot of the bed as the two guards tightened the knots binding her wrists and shoved her to the floor.

She began lapping desperately at Raja's wet pussy. If she could taste the cruel Sheikh's saliva from the Sheikh's earlier attentions to Raja's sex, she made no comment of it. She merely obeyed, knowing that to do anything else might get her own pussy shocked or tortured.or WORSE. "LICK!" "SLURP!!" "LICK!!!" As Majid watched the Asian captive lick out her fellow captive's prone pussy, he leaned over, whispering in her ear. "Well, slave?

Do you like the taste of your fellow slave's cunt cream? Hmm?" "Mmmm. Yes, Master! Very much!" Keiko chirped, trying to do anything to please her sadistic captive. But Majid shook his head, his voice tinged with disappointment. "No, my Japanese bitch. I can sense when a cunt is LYING to me. Just for that I am going to rape your pussy hard." Majid positioned his bulbous cockhead at the entry to Keiko's tight cunt.

He spit on his fingers, pushing the saliva-coated digits into her tight hole until it had the requisite amount of lubrication.

The tiny squelchy sounds of Majid's fingers with their saliva ramming through her helpless channel turned on her cruel captor greatly.

He looked with hungry admiration at the Japanese beauty's exposed pussy, now glistening with his saliva as he pressed the egg shaped tip of his cock into her wet hole. Keiko moaned as the man slowly plunged his cock deep, filling her completely doggy-style from behind as his hands clutched her ass cheeks for leverage.

He began a pounding rhythm right off the bat, even as Keiko desperately renewed her cunnilingus of unconscious Raja's sex. Slowly Raja began to come to. She moaned through her gag as she looked down horrified to see her fellow naked captive eating out her pussy!

Her traitorous body had already begun to respond.and in devastating ways. The butt-naked Raja found her pussy trickling its juices onto Keiko's skillful tongue. As a fellow woman, Keiko knew exactly how to cajole the other girl's clitoris and sex in all the most tantalizing ways, pulverizing her joy button with caresses and devastating teases. Soon Raja's moans were gathering strength, the nipples on her breasts turned into hardened pink buds.

Her body arched with unmistakable desire, giving Keiko better access to her now obviously aroused pussy. Raja's fists clenched as her body betrayed her, and her cunt cream danced on the Japanese captive's palate. Even Keiko had to admit, as despicable as the act of what she was doing felt to her now, Raja's juices tasted refreshingly sweet on her tongue. She lapped all the more enthusiastically at her fellow captive's snatch, trying to blot out the sensation of Majid's cock repeatedly raping her from behind.

"Uh.uh.uh.yes, you little Japanese whore! Make the other bitch cum. I want to see her flooding your cute mouth with her young cunt cream. Do it!" Majid growled. As he said this, the young Arab threw his hips forward, driving his cock to the hilt, filling Keiko completely as his testicles slapped against the backs of her thighs.

Keiko moaned as Majid grasped her long dark hair, holding the shiny tresses away from her face so that she could feverishly feast on Raja's snatch that much more skillfully. Raja's slender form was now thrashing in a delirium of delight rather than protest, responding to Keiko's maddening tongue strokes.

All of a sudden Keiko inserted the forefinger and middle finger of one of her bound hands into Raja's pussy, deeply penetrating her slick wet folds even as she bit down on the girl's bundle of exquisitely sensitive nerves. Raja squealed as the orgasm throttled her, forcing her to clench and spasm in Keiko's startled face. A flood of pungent pussy nectar flooded Keiko's mouth.

She eagerly lapped at the dark-skinned girl's fluids, but the excess slipped down her chin and even trickled onto her breasts as she began to lean back. "Did I say you could stop, bitch? Keep licking pussy!" Majid roared.

"I haven't finished fucking you!" With those cruel words the athletic Arab captor thrust balls-deep into the Japanese girl's cunt, grunting as his cock speared toward her womb. He clutched her hair at the nape of her neck, pushing her face forward so that she was forced to smother Raja's sopping cunt.

'Please no more' Raja thought as Keiko's tongue began lapping at her all-too sensitive clitoris. Still recovering from her initial orgasm, she found herself almost immediately falling into the next one, like a naked girl thrown into an abyss. Raja's moans filled the dungeon space, echoing in time to the sound of Majid's pulverizing fucks as he raped Keiko's pussy.

Raja had drool streaming down her chin because of the rubber cock gag still stuffed into her aching mouth. Her eyes fluttered as the second climax neared, her cunt burning with the need for release.

Suddenly Majid yanked the gag out of Raja's mouth, and it plopped on her neck like a demented necklace. "Beg for Keiko to lick your worthless cunt and make you CUM! Do it NOW or I'll shock Keiko's pussy just like I did yours!" Raja hated the idea of debasing herself like that.but the idea of giving this sadistic freak a reason to harm her fellow captive seemed even worse. So Raja succumbed. She obeyed.

As Keiko's tongue continued to batter at her moist and horny sex, Raja sighed and begged. "Please lick my worthless cunt, Keiko. Please m-make.make y-your fellow slave cum." She said the words hesitantly, hating herself more with each syllable she spoke. But just then, her pussy dripping with desire and fluids, Raja felt the crest of the second orgasm overtake her.

Her young body thrashed in the throes of ecstasy as her loins spewed another fresh round of pussy juice in Keiko's face. "Good girl!" Majid growled, and neither girl captive could tell which of them he was trying to encourage, Raja for begging to have her pussy licked or Keiko for successfully making her fellow captive come for the second time.

Then, with a guttural cry of satisfaction, Majid slammed his cock so deeply into Keiko's love channel that she almost wondered whether he had hit her cervix. She groaned as she felt his hot seed spurt through her intimate parts, not only filling her but dribbling in excess from her thoroughly raped snatch as Majid pulled out of her with a heavy sigh.

"Not bad, little cunts. Did you enjoy your first lesson?" Keiko looked desperately into Raja's dazed eyes. What hell on earth had they become trapped in? How had these two gorgeous girls gone from striving Miss Universe contestants to becoming no more than helpless sex slaves? And what would lesson number two involve? ********** "Now, time to get to serious business," Majid said with a suggestive twinkle in his eyes. He straddled Raja's neck as she lay naked and helpless on the bed, and thrust his half-softened cock at her lips.

The thick smell of sex at turns disgusted and aroused the young captive. 'What's wrong with me?' Raja wondered. She scooted her head sideways to avoid her captor's nasty cock. "Open wide, bitch. Don't you like the smell of my cock dripping with your fellow cunt's juices?

Time to get a taste of this." "No! That's.ugh, that's disgusting. I won't!" Raja groaned. Majid's eyes darkened as he motioned to his two henchmen. "I thought we already went through this, bitch. Resistance gets you pain and just makes my cock even HARDER." Soon the two henchmen, Ajihk and Bassam, returned with a heavy iron chest. Setting it down on the floor, they opened it and inside were all manner of sex toys and devices of torture.

Majid reached inside for a five-tailed whip; each tendril ended with a beaded leather knot, perfect for tenderizing flesh. He took a firm hold of the whip, teasingly trailing its tendrils up and down Raja's tits, belly, and slender legs. "Last chance, bitch. Are you going to suck cock like a good little slave?" Raja felt indecisive.

The disgust was strong in her, but so was the fear. Majid brought the whip down with a resounding smack across her breasts. Then a second lash slapped viciously across her overly sensitive labia. Raja squealed and writhed in her bonds. "Aaaaaahhhhh. Stop!" "Only you can make me stop, little slut. You know what you have to do." The Arab sheikh straddled her face once more, pulling her head forward and pressing his now re-hardened cock between her beautiful lips.

When Raja resisted again, he lightly smacked her cheeks and pinched her nose, and then reached around behind to twist one of her nipples savagely.

Her mouth popped open with a brief scream, and then his cock was filling her mouth - ramming down her throat with firm insistence. She nearly gagged on that thick, fleshy worm which was also so hard, like silk-lined steel in her young mouth. "Uhhh.Ahhh fuck. Take my cock in your worthless mouth, little cunt.

And if you DARE bite me, I'll cut off your nipples and sew your pussy shut, understand?" All Raja could do was gurgle in reply and try to relax her throat to take more of him in. She marveled at his stamina as he slammed his rigid cock toward the back of her throat again and again and again, his male musk and the juices from Keiko's love channel a potent flavor on her tongue.

Majid held her head, fucking her throat raw like a second cunt. She moaned and gurgled all the while even as Keiko, unbidden, began to tenderly lave her nipples and fondle her pussy with her bound hands. "Uhh.uhh… What does this Japanese cunt think she's doing?" Then he turned to glare at her. "Did I give you permission to comfort her, slave?" Angrily Majid looked back at Keiko, whose mouth was currently slurping on Raja's right breast.

Keiko froze, suddenly realizing her mistake. All she had wanted to do was give her friend a little relief as she was being tormented.

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She had momentarily forgotten just how cruel their captor and rapist was. "Ajihk, Bassam, give this Japanese slut a good work-over. She needs to understand her PLACE." Keiko begged for mercy as the two henchmen stripped, both soon naked with long, hard, and cruel cocks saluting her exposed pussy with primal anticipation. Ajihk laid on the floor as Bassam hugged Keiko from behind, whispering devastating promises in her ear.

"See that long, THICK Arab cock. You're going to fuck it hard with your infidel pussy, bitch. Let's get you straddling that thing so he can fuck your worthless brains out." "No, please. My pussy is still so sensitive. Have mercy!" Keiko was pleading as her eyes widened, latched onto the size of Ajihk's monstrous penis. It was every bit as long as Majid's but also unbearably thicker. Ajihk licked his lips like a man about to receive the ultimate reward, as Bassam forced Keiko to straddle his legs, slipping her cunt lips around the tip of Ajihk's bulbous cock head before shoving her down roughly.

Keiko screamed as the cock tore through her pussy, burying up to the hilt. He filled her completely, and even as he did Bassam took the five tailed whip and began to lash it across her sensitive tits, one savage smack after another. "Don't just sit there, slut! Fuck him! Bottom out that tight cunt on his hard cock!" Bassam growled.

Raja shivered in fear and dread as she saw the two henchmen mercilessly torture the other young women, her breasts jiggling with each new smack of the whip as she frantically gyrated her hips and humped Ajihk's cock. "Please, no more whipping! I'm doing it! I'm fucking him hard, Sir! Please!!" Keiko's moans filled the background as Raja realized that Majid was close to coming.

Instead of watching Keiko's torment out of the corner of her eye, Raja found herself now focusing entirely on the slimy shaft sliding down her throat, nearly cutting off her flow of air. The beautiful dusky-skinned girl gurgled and sputtered as the shaft vanished completely in her mouth so that her cute button of a nose pressed against Majid's pubic muff. "Here I CUM, sweetie. Open wide and try to swallow all of it or I'll shove my shock wand in your tight ass!" Raja despaired as the man began violently spasming and spewing inside her mouth.

Gushes of sticky warm fluid splashed the back of her throat. The salty, pungent fluid filled her mouth and there was just too much of it. The excess jism spilled between the corners of the girl's lips and dribbled down her chin. Majid pulled his shaft out with a heavy sigh, admiring the girl's cum-coated lips and chin, with even more cum oozing to the girl's neck.

"Please." Raja shuddered, licking her lips to try to wipe away the stickiness around her mouth. "Master, more." She implored him, her eyes as desperate as any set of eyes ever was. But as soon as Majid's dazed expression in the after-throes of his orgasm had refocused, Raja felt the knot in her stomach returning.

"You think that was torment, little cunt? You have no IDEA. We've only just begun…and we haven't even had your PUSSY fucked yet." He motioned at Bassam, who was still lashing the five tailed whip across Keiko's sore, jiggling breasts.

Bassam's vein bulging cock was impressively elongated and rigid, clearly eager to embed itself in a tight, warm pussy. "Bassam, come here.

This new love-slave needs her cunt raped. Preferably HARD and ROUGH." Majid's cold smile gave Raja little comfort as she watched the scar-faced Bassam abandon his whipping of Keiko to come over and straddle her lithesome nakedness on the bed.

"No! Please! Oh god, not that. Look, let me suck you. I'll let you shove that magnificent cock down my throat and suck it so hard until you gush in my mouth. Let me do that," Raja urged. But it was no use. Majid's henchman teasingly stroked Raja's clit, then lovingly palmed her tits, flicking his fingers across her nipples as they pebbled up for him.

He stared longingly at her pussy, which Raja abruptly realized was wet and dripping with arousal.

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"Mmm. Look at these pouting pussy lips. This delicate, exposed flower.just waiting to be FUCKED and brutalized," Bassam said with a sigh, tracing his fingers along her sex as she bit her lip and tried not to moan. The sight of Bassam's long, hard cock WAS sort of instinctual feminine side of her found that much impossible to deny.

Bassam glanced at his boss, and Majid nodded knowingly. "Yes, look at the little cunt. She's creaming up already in anticipation of a good, savage fuck. It's what her body was MADE to do. Go ahead, Bassam.

Give her a taste of your man meat. Fuck her and make her SCREAM." "No, please. I don't want that," Raja protested. But her body betrayed her. The girl's traitorous snatch was dripping with fluid as Bassam gently pressed his egg shaped tip between her labia and stroked her clit with his free hand.

His other hand he placed around her neck, locking her head in place as his cock slowly pushed forward, exploring her heated depths inch by agonizing inch. The sexy young Miss Universe contestant moaned, her young body feeling every inch of the invasion.

Her tight pussy had never felt so full. So STUFFED. As if a baseball bat was raping her pussy instead of a cock. She moaned, long and low and deeply, as Bassam began to establish a rhythm, deeply plowing her love slit with powerful thrusts.

"Uuuhhhh.Ahhh.Oooohhhh yes, little slut. Your pussy welcomes me. I can feel you wet and oily stuffed with your rapist's cock. Shove your hips to meet my thrusts, bitch. Do it!" Raja found that she already was, with what little wiggle room she had with her wrists cuffed and ankles bound.

Her body was sizzling with arousal. She looked down at the huge cock filling her and couldn't help feeling horny as the man began to fuck her faster and faster, plunging his hard shaft into her core. She bit her lip, moaning louder, ashamed and disgusted with herself.

"Yes, Sir! Yes Master! Please, oh god.please fuck me! Rape me so hard!" She couldn't believe these awful words coming out of her own mouth.

This was an atrocity, a brutal rape.not lovemaking. Yet the way Bassam dominated her cunt, slamming his cock so fast through her wetness, it was somehow awakening a different side of her. 'Two seconds ago I was begging them not to rape me. Now look at me!' Raja thought, torn between tears and the feverish heat coming off her loins.

She was suddenly aware of Ajihk pushing Keiko off of him and then grasping Keiko by the neck, yanking her to the bed and shoving her face-down near Raja at a perpendicular angle.

Ajihk proceeded to resume his rape of the beautiful Japanese girl, fucking her doggy style on the bed. Seeing this, Bassam twisted Raja's face to her right, growling another sadistic command.

"Kiss your slut friend. Do it! I want to see you two bitches kissing like long-lost lovers." Ajihk chimed in even as his cock pounded Keiko's sensitive snatch. He slapped Keiko's butt cheeks hard, making her groan as he hissed, "You heard my brother's word. Do what Bassam says if you want to live, little cunts." Desperately Raja turned her face to see Keiko's tormented expression. The two gorgeous girls kissed each other deeply, tongues intertwining as they muffled one another's moans in the throes of their simultaneous fucking.

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Raja moaned louder as Bassam's cock vanished completely inside her, and the man groaned as her cunt squeezed him like a heavenly glove. "Mmmm. Now this is special, isn't it?" Majid said with approval, watching the double rape. "Two hot pussies having their cunts rammed full of cock! But we can make it more interesting I think." Rummaging around in his chest of sex toys and torture devices, the wealthy sheikh drew out two vibrating butt plugs.

Carefully he lubricated each one with melon-scented oils. Now he reached under Bassam and Raja's seesawing coitus just long enough to wedge the buzzing plug in Raja's anus.

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"What are you doing? Ahhhhh no, it hurts!" Raja squealed, unable to believe the sensations assaulting her as the wall between her pussy and anus received the full brunt of so much friction.

The ache in her ass lessened after a little while, replaced incredibly enough by pleasure. The double penetration of both her tight holes was already sending the stricken young woman toward a mind-erasing orgasm.

Meanwhile Majid had Ajihk pull out his cock just long enough to embed the same type of plug in Keiko's anal crevice, watching with delight as it whirred to the sound of the girl's intensifying groans. "Oooohhhh god, what did you put in my ass?" Keiko whined.


Soon her cadence of grunts returned with the rhythm of forward thrusts as Ajihk resumed fucking her pussy as brutally as he knew how. The constant slaps of Ajihk's penetrations, his testicles slapping against the backs of her thighs, was testimony to his savagery. Majid was not finished though. He took the five-tailed whip and slammed it across Keiko's back again and again and again even as she kept kissing her fellow captive while being brutally pounded from behind. The poor Japanese girl could only beg half-intelligibly for mercy as Raja's tongue explored her mouth.

"Plsssss.nnnn.mmmmoooorre.Ahhhhhh!!!" Keiko squealed. "You lazy cunts need more motivation. First the Turkish bitch fails to swallow all of my cum and now the Japanese cunt does only half-hearted kissy fluff.

I want to see some real passion and desperation here, my little cunts. You are supposed to be putting on a SHOW for me!" Majid's ominous words put a spike of fear in Raja's heart. 'Oh god, what's he going to do now?' she wondered. "Master, I'm kissing her. Please don't hurt her more. Mmmm, and I love being fucked by my other Master too." She now looked into Bassam's cruel eyes. "Sir, thank you for fucking my horny pussy. Oooohhhh.fuck me.fuck me," Raja moaned to Bassam, thinking frantically - 'How else can I possibly please these brutal men?' She soon found her answer, though it wasn't the one she hoped for.

Even as Bassam thoroughly raped her young pussy, driving his cock like a battering ram through her moistening folds, he began to choke off her air flow bit by bit. She struggled and squirmed in her bonds, naked and spread-eagled and utterly helpless. "Uggkkk.ugkkkk.Plsssss!!" Raja choked as Bassam growled. "I like my bitches struggling. Now come for me.

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Come for me, you worthless cunt or I'll flay your pussy with the whip." Raja tried to come. She tried to focus on the pleasure flowing through her loins, which wasn't insignificant. But Bassam's pressure was also adding a tightening edge to her body, making it difficult to reach the precipice. She wanted to orgasm so badly.

Her eyes squeezed shut and she focused on the riot of sensations - the assault of stimuli which embodied the plug whirring away nonstop in her ass and Bassam's hard shaft driving toward her womb like a spear. Mercifully it came - rolling through her like an unstoppable wave. She gushed hard on her rapist's cock even as it stuffed her full, coating it with her juices as her body's spasms shook the mattress.

Her eyes flew up in her head and her body screamed MORE! MORE!! as her juices flooded the bed sheets and made even Bassam's balls sticky with her fragrance. The big muscular Arab groaned a release of his own, still holding Raja firmly by the neck in his vicelike grip as the eruption came, his testicles emptying their cargo deep inside her thoroughly pulverized cunt.

The butt plug was the icing on the cake, its myriad sensations adding to Bassam's twitching manhood still inside her to send her into a double orgasm, more pleasure endorphins flooding her naked, young body.

By the time Bassam had collapsed, totally spent, on top of Raja she was exhausted and in a total daze. She could feel Bassam's sticky fluid dripping from her despoiled snatch.

She had never felt so dirty.or so alive. Yet she could hardly breathe with the brute splayed on top of her, his chiseled chest crushing her breasts and making each breath come out as a wheeze. "Please's hard to breathe," she begged. Slowly Bassam roused himself, sliding off the bed and admiring his handiwork. Raja's widespread legs formed a V with a sticky, thoroughly raped pussy as its nexus.

The excess mixture of male cum and cunt cream stained the sheets and glistened like a string of fine jewels from the bottom of her sex down the crack of her ass. Majid leaned over to yank out the butt plug and to idly stroke his thumb across Raja's clit, admiring the hot, sexy, and thoroughly depraved mess for what it was - a timeless and to him at least - exquisite embodiment of male dominance. "Look at this little cunt.all gooey and nasty.

Such a dirty little slave. I think she needs punishment for not coming soon enough. Don't you agree, Bassam?" "Nooooo!" Raja moaned, coming to her senses as Majid retrieved an unseen object and slammed the five tailed whip between her legs. A brutal rhythm began, the loud whoosh of the whip ending with a series of brutal smacks that echoed throughout the dungeon room.

Raja's agonized moans, particularly because her pussy was so sensitive after Bassam's ruthless fucking, broke Keiko's heart to hear. 'At least that's not me though' Keiko thought to herself. By comparison she almost enjoyed the straightforward rape of her own pussy, Ajihk's continual thrusts were savage yet rhythmic and mercifully predictable.

She moaned as her hands clenched, solidly pushing backward to capture his cock inside her slit. Did he notice how well she was cooperating? Keiko hoped he did. "See what your friend gets for not obeying fast enough. You want that to be you, bitch?" Ajihk hissed.

"No, Master. No! I'm being good. What else do you want me to do?" "First you get a reward." Ajihk roughly pulled out the plug from Keiko's ass. "Now, take THIS! Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!" Ajihk's cum came roiling from his loins, surging through Keiko's pussy like a swollen river.


No sooner had he spent himself, with a hand covering the girl's snatch to keep it all from spilling out, he turned to Majid. "May I have the knife please?" "Certainly," Bassam replied with gleaming eyes. Keiko trembled before sighing with relief as Ajihk cut the ropes to free her wrists. No sooner had he freed her hands, though, he was already pulling her onto the bed and barking a new command. "Now straddle the brunette cunt's face with your cum-soaked twat and make her clean out your pussy.

If she does a good job maybe I'll convince Lord Majid to stop whipping her sopping cunt." "Yes Master!" As appalling as the order was, Keiko was almost glad that she might be able to help end Raja's latest torment. She enthusiastically sat her dripping snatch onto Raja's face, pressing her pungent sex onto the girl's nose and mouth as she reached out her newly freed hands to steady herself.

"Lick my pussy, sweetie. Hurry, we have to please them," Keiko urged. Getting the hint despite the depravity of the situation and through the haze of pain with the whip slapping against her sore sex, Raja greedily lapped at Keiko's love hole. Soon the sound of Raja slurping on her fellow slave's sex filled the room, masked only by the loud smacks of Majid's whip with its relentless rhythm. Raja's tongue worked feverishly, scooping out the rivulets of Ajihk's gooey seed and Keiko's fluids.

This cocktail had a slightly sweet taste to it, more pleasing than the mixture with Majid's cum earlier. Raja tried to pretend she was eating some kind of delicacy. She focused on the taste and not the fine fuzz of pubic hair pressed against her mouth, or the sickening reality of the rapist's cum she was swallowing.

Slowly the intervals between whippings grew longer. Raja took this as encouragement, redoubling her efforts to lave and lick out Keiko's ruined pussy. Soon she had slurped out the sticky folds of her fellow captive so thoroughly that it glistened only with her own saliva.

"Mmm-hmm sweetie. Keep licking me. Just like that. Oooohhh, you have a tongue that was made to lick pussy." Keiko couldn't believe she was verbalizing her arousal so brazenly. She also realized too late that she was grinding her slick folds into Raja's face much harder than necessary.

Her slickening slit was moistening on its way to climax, and the Japanese girl suddenly found herself not caring about the men who hungrily watched them. Raja kept licking for a while longer, but she was appalled by her fellow captive's increasing lust. Between licks she tried to protest. "Please, I've already cleaned out your pussy. You don't have to do this. AAAAIIIIII!!!" SMACK. Majid's whip came down hard on Raja's sensitive cunt lips, sending a bolt of pain through her loins.

Just then, shocking herself even more, Keiko leaned back, pinching both of Raja's nipples hard and saying with a husky tone. "Did I tell you to stop, sweetie? Put that tongue in my pussy.

Don't you see how much our Masters enjoy watching us?" Keiko tried to rationalize her outrageous behavior by telling herself that this would please their captors more and possibly help both girls' continued survival.

Meanwhile poor Raja's view couldn't take in much more than Keiko's pussy grinding in her face. Still, the beautiful brunette could well envision just what her desperate tonguing of Keiko's sex was doing to the libidos of all three males in the room…and she didn't want a revisiting of Majid's cruel whip. The sexy brunette poured her efforts back into licking not only Keiko's pussy but also by nipping at the girl's exquisite nerve bundle, cajoling and tantalizing it until Keiko's crotch was bucking almost frantically in Raja's face.

"Yes, Mmm…that's it…that's it Raja!!…yes…oh yes…ohh YES!" Keiko squealed, her sweet nectar flooding Raja's nose and mouth as she squirted.

Raja moaned as the sweet fluid, surprisingly lovely on the palate, rushed down her throat. The tip of her nose and the sides of her face were sticky with Keiko's satisfied juices as Keiko ground lazily on top of the brunette while fondling her own breasts. "Ooohhh god. That was amazing, Raja. Thank you." Sheikh Majid and his two men exchanged looks more deadly than throwing knives, if looks could kill.

"Bassam, Ajihk - ready the torture chamber next door. This disobedient Japanese cunt thinks that she can call the shots and CUM without my permission. As for the Turkish bitch…" Majid stroked his chin thoughtfully. Satisfied apparently by Raja's display of lesbian cunnilingus and swallowing of sexual fluids, Majid finally let up completely on the whip. He forced Keiko off the bed.

Then he ran a hand lovingly up and down Raja's flanks before cupping her chin and forcing Raja to meet his chilling gaze. "Mmmm. Well done, my little fuck-slave. You've earned a respite I think. Don't say that I am not a generous Master." Raja struggled and moaned as Majid suddenly stuffed the cock-shaped rubber ball gag back into her mouth, fastening it tightly around her jaw.

"Now you get to rest a while. You can fantasize that that cock gag in your mouth is my penis being lovingly cradled by your tongue. Yes, little slave.I will be back for you later. Until then, enjoy the feel of COCK between your lips!" Raja's panicked eyes reached out to Keiko as the three men dragged the Japanese captive from the room, inevitably to some other terrifying fate.

The gorgeous Raja was left tied and spread eagled across the bed with only the sore, constant throbbing of her brutalized pussy to remind her of past horrors.

And horrors to come. Keiko's screams soon echoed through the walls from the dungeon chamber beyond, a constant companion for Raja as her imagination gnawed at her. What were those monsters doing to her? Raja hoped she'd never find out. ********** THE END.Or Is It? ********** I have always had fantasies like this, especially of being tied up, tortured, and raped like the girl in this story.

I hope you liked it. Remember, always follow your fantasies, the darker and kinkier the better. If you would like to see a Part 2 of this story, leave a comment. Xx ~gaggedKitty