Se cogieron a mi ex y me mandaron el video

Se cogieron a mi ex y me mandaron el video
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Sean wrapped up at work early. It was a blistering hot and sunny spring day and he couldn't concentrate, all he thought about was Tracy. He was a small-town boy from the mountains in the Southwest and had never been exposed to anyone like her.

On the way home, he stopped at Walgreen's to pick up some bathroom supplies and beer and found some other cool stuff, too. Getting back into his truck, he cracked open a beer and pulled out of the parking lot, his mind on Tracy again, the blow job she had given him.

She was so sexy, so. . What was she? Why was he fascinated with her? His house was dark and quite; he wondered if Tracy was still around. He put his beer in the fridge, after grabbing a fresh one. His back door was open, and when he looked out back, he saw Tracy. She was sitting right outside the door on his porch in one of his lawn chairs, wearing a skimpy white bikini, and his headphones.

She was all oily and she looked asleep. Taking a long swig of his beer, he wandered back to his fridge and grabbed another, and then walked out to the edge of the porch and sat down by Tracy, admiring her young body, noticing her funky tan lines were already disappearing.

A little sweat had pooled in her little belly button and Sean was tempted to stick his finger inside it and splash it all out. She smelled like a little coconut. When he spoke, she jumped a bit, startled.

"Hey," Sean said, smiling at her, realizing how glad he was to find her still here. She returned his smile, removing the headphones and twisting to face him.

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"Hey yourself Grass Boy, how was work?" She asked. "I love the headphones. I found this chair in your garage, next to your box of porn." She gave him a devilish wink. Sean watched her eyes travel over him finally resting on his hair. She sighed and shook her head. "Looks like you were outside all day, did you get hot? I slept most of the day, just got up a little while ago. Hey Sean? How come coffee smells so good, huh? But tastes so bad?" Sean shook his head, not really knowing how to answer that, or which question to answer.

She laughed at him while her fingers traced little circles around her belly button. He did the best he could trying to answer her questions, while his eyes took in her youthful allure.

He offered to make her some dinner and openly wondered what she liked to eat. She interrupted him. "Tacos!" she cried. "I'm making us tacos.

I got all the stuff from the store already. Went this morning. You needed some cleaning stuff. I did your bathroom." "Did what, Little Coconut?" "Cleaned it." She stated. "It was nasty bad." As she talked, her gaze often drifted to his hair, making Sean self-conscience. "I have an idea though. What would you think, or, well, would you like me to give you a haircut? Hm?" Sean pondered that. He needed a haircut, and she had claimed to have practiced on her dad. What could it hurt?

He wasn't certain though. "Ok, but. . ." he stammered. "Ok. . Ok. . Go change; put on your shorts and take off your shirt and hurry back!" Tracy ordered, spewing out the words fast with obvious excitement. Before Sean's head had time to catch up with Tracy's game plan, he was dubiously sitting in the lawn chair, wearing only swim trunks. Finishing his third beer, he watched Tracy's scantily clad ass appreciatively as she ran indoors. The volume of the stereo was increased, music drifting outside from his favorite Latin guitar CD.

She returned with a fresh can of beer, placed it between his legs, before unzipping a small leather pouch and removing scissors and a comb. Tracy stood in front of him glistening and grinning so wide Sean thought she might swallow her ears. She held up her little scissors, opening and closing them menacingly, grinning and wiggling gleefully.

Sean smiled uneasily, trepidation knotting his stomach, and Tracy's grin grew broader. She looked so sexy, oily, nicely tan, youthfully thin, it made Sean laugh, glad he could so easily make her happy, but he felt a little trepidation, the way she held her scissors, so ready to lop off his hair. Tracy approached him, spread her legs and straddled his knees. With the comb in her mouth, scissors slipped over her thin fingers, she measured his bangs with her fingers, as he watched a drop of sweat form a bead and trickle down her tummy, as she came closer, her inner thighs pressing into his outer thighs.

She sat down on his lap. Combing his bangs down once more, she began to cut his hair. When some hair fell into his lap, Sean saw she wasn't cutting much. She was going slowly, taking her time and running her fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp. Sean's mind drifted off with the beautiful Latin music.

Sipping his cold beer, his eyes lingered on the young oily body sitting on his lap. He grew very relaxed, when she stood, her body swaying slightly with the music.

Tracy worked slowly as he watched her hips move rhythmically with the beautiful music, feeling her hands run through his hair. He imagined putting his hands on her waist, feeling her move. But instead he took a sip of his beer and watched her belly button dance for him, wishing he could kiss it, taste it with his tongue. As her fingers ran through his hair, he watched the sun reflect off her oily ribs, as they moved back and forth under her soft skin. His eyes found her breasts, hardly covered by the tiny bikini.

Between them, small beads of perspiration rested on her slick skin. She ran her fingers through his hair again feeling nice. His head rolled back until he was staring straight up into the sky. She sat on his lap, pulled his head forward and looked into his eyes. She spoke to him. "You ok, baby?" Sean returned to his senses. He focused in on her eyes. He smiled at her. She smiled back.

"You were breathing like you were asleep for a few minutes there." She said examining his eyes. "Then your neck went limp when I ran my fingers through your hair to measure it." "I was really relaxed there for a moment Tracy. Watching your body, the music, the feel of your fingers in my hair," he explained. She smiled. "The beer. Mm." "Alright, sounds nice, Sean." She let go of head while looking into his eyes. "You're ok for more beer." She handed him his can; he took a long swig. "I love this music Sean.

I don't think I ever heard anything like it." She stood next to him now. He felt her lean against his shoulder, getting him a bit oily. He wished he could turn his head and watch her. "I need to buy electric clippers," Tracy reflected.

Tracy began to sway again. "I can't sit still like you are listening to this music." Good thing! She circled around behind him, and began working on the other side. He turned to look at her.

She grabbed his head and twisted it forward roughly. She spent another half-hour cutting his hair as she circled around and around him, her body driving him nuts. Sean found it to be a pleasant torture. Finally she sat on his lap again, admiring her handy work. Her eyes drifted down from his hair and found his.

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Her eyes became serious and she spoke softly to Sean. "I'll work on your hair more tomorrow or the next day, is that ok?" He nodded to her, looking forward to it. "It looks nice, I think." she claimed, looking at him. "A lot better than it did, Lawn Boy! I'm going to work on dinner a bit and then clean up out here.

Why don't you go take a nap?" Sean shook his head.

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No. He set his large hands on her waist, her skin felt warm and soft and oily. He caressed her with his thumbs as his eyes wandered her body. Tracy sighed as his hands fondled her, and her hand fell to his lap, feeling his rock-hard erection.

She gave it a squeeze. "I've been thinking about your big cock all day," Tracy admitted, rising from his lap and standing in front of the chair, between his legs.

She reached behind her and untied her bikini top, holding onto it, slowly removing it. Sean loved looking at her small pert breasts as she exposed them, her hard nipples. It seemed her skin strained to hold her swelling boobs.

He wanted to get a security fence, a tall one, so she could lay in his backyard and sun topless. She looked so young standing in front of him in just her bikini bottoms, so small and innocent. She seemed to be very comfortable, relaxed. Tracy bent down and took his half full beer, enjoying a swig before she tossed the can aside and reached for his swim trunks, tugging at them, pulling them off and tossing them aside too, freeing Sean's erection.

Sean couldn't help but to begin fondling himself, as he stared at the young teen. Tracy smiled at him, watching him play with himself, and slowly stepped out of her bikini bottoms. She stood motionless for nearly a minute watching him watch her, her finger traveling to her mouth, biting on the end softly. Slowly, Tracy's other hand fell, moved between her legs and she began to touch herself too, swaying and her fingers sliding between her prominent pussy lips.

"I bought you a razor," Sean croaked. "A little pink one." Tracy's knees buckled a bit. "Oh. ." She moaned. "That's so. .Oh. . Thoughtful." She slowly slid one leg over Sean's and then the other, and sat slowly on his lap, as he quickly reached for her again, pulling her close.

Inches apart, there eyes met and their mouths opened, lips moist, her breasts brushed across his chest, her hand fell to his lap, feeling him lightly, tickling him. Her oily skin was delightful to feel as his hand traveled up her back, under her hair to her neck. Sean pulled her gently closer, finding her lips and kissing her. Young Tracy eagerly wrapped her arms around his neck, sighing into his mouth, her hips sliding across his lap, closer.

Sean was unable to recall when he had last felt so urgently excited, in such dire need, while his hand felt along her inner thighs, finally touching her young pussy, finding it very soft and puffy, and already soaking wet.

"I'm ready, Sean, ready. . please." Sean was too, he knew, struggling to grip her oily body firmly and lift her up onto his cock. She helped, urgently wiggling and climbing up his body until her pussy rested above his dripping cock.

She fell, he held her, and they mated, slowly yet urgently, he entered her. She was so warm and tight, Sean didn't imagine he would fit. But as her wetness quickly coated him, her bouncing lifting her up and down, she began to sink further and further down his erection. "Oh god yes, Sean. Oh yes." Sean took a nipple into his mouth, nibbled it and tongued it, and sucked her small breast further into his mouth as she tightened her grip around his neck.

Sean hardly moved at all as she rode him, groaning and purring, her pussy feeling wonderful squeezing him and massaging him, her sounds exciting him, the feel of her warm skin amazing him. The feel of her muscles working to lift and lower her felt so small under his hands as they traveled and roamed her, exploring. Soon she sat on his lap, having taken him all the way inside her.

"This cock of yours," she groaned. "Feels so. . touches me so. . spreads me so. ." She leaned forward and bit his lower lip, growling as she rotated and ground her hips into him, his cock probing and poking inside of her, causing her to shiver and shake with delight. Her movements began to acquire some urgency as she worked more feverishly to use his cock to seemingly scratch an itch deep inside of her.

"Oh yes. oh fuck yes!" she squealed, her finger nails digging into his shoulders painfully. "Goddamn! Oh Fuck yes," she hollered, her hips now bucking frantically, her pussy rubbing against his pubic bone, his cock buried deep inside her, traveling around and around in her as she twisted and bucked in his lap. "Ug, oh. yes," she moaned before falling into his chest, her breath coming hard and fast. Sean watched it all, the way she moved, her expression, her hair, her skin, her eyes, her breasts, and she excited him greatly.

She sat motionless on his lap for a long minute, while gently biting and nibbling on his strong shoulders, moaning and sighing.

"That felt so good. I came pretty hard, so fast, it seemed." Sean just held her, enjoying being buried in her tight warmth, proud of having helped please her. She took her head off his shoulder and held his face while looking into his eyes.

"I'm gonna ride you now, and I think you'll like it." She claimed. And she did, her strong legs lifted her nearly off of him as she began to ride him. Sean held his hands under her little tight ass and lifted her up and down, helping her work as she slid up and down his cock, her pussy working miracles on him, her breasts dancing in front of his eyes, her body growing slicker with exertion.


"Oh I can feel every fucking vein on your cock, Sean, Oh!" She rode him like a mad cowgirl, up and down, slick and slippery, tight and warm. "You like that baby?

You like my teen pussy riding up and down your big ole cock?" she cooed, her head rocking side to side. "My pussy feels good, huh? I bet it does, I bet it's tight. I know it's wet, it's so happy to be stuffed full of your cock!" She bit him on the lip again, giggled a bit, her pace managing to speed up a little more. "Oh fuck, you're big, that's a fucking killer fucking cock, oh yes it is." She was exciting Sean greatly with her talk, her naughty talking, she was a bad girl.

He moaned, feeling his balls tingle, his brain sparked. "Tracy. ." She rode him now urgently, holding on to his face, looking closely into eyes. "Oh Sean, you like this. . It makes you feel good, hm? You gonna come for me, Sean?" she asked. "I can't let you come inside me Sean, oh no.

Sean you can not come inside me." "Oh god, Tracy." "Coming baby?" "Yes Little Coconut, really soon." I'm gonna swallow every drop, Sean, suck it all down, all down." Tracy hopped up and quickly had her lips sealed around the head of his cock, sucking very lightly as she used both little hands to jerk him off.

"Yeah, keep going. . like that." Sean pleaded. "Like that, oh yes. . ." He began to pump his sperm into her mouth, long full spurts of it as Tracy tried to swallow it fast enough. She did a pretty good job sucking all the sperm out of him, Sean thought, relaxing finally in his chair, drained. The sun had beaten on him all day, after a poor night's sleep. Four beers and a world-class fucking and sucking seemed to have shut down his mind and body. "Good boy!" Sean slumped in his chair.

Feeling a little drunk, he saw the sun sink behind his shed, where he had watched Tracy give several men blow jobs, his mind whirled in confusion and affection. Tracy must have sensed his state. "Nap time Sean, you look real tired," she pointed out with a bit of sympathy. He felt tired and drunk, and very loose, relaxed. "I know I ruined your sleep last night." "I got you bubble bath and an air conditioner," Sean responded drunkenly as she helped him up from his chair.

"Err, I mean hair." "Come on Sean, watch your step," She said, leading him inside and to his dark bedroom. When Sean woke up, he smelled taco seasoning and something else he couldn't immediately identify. What was that? Ah! Baby powder. He heard giggling, and it gave Sean a strong feeling of deja vu. "Dream about me again?" When Sean heard her voice he remembered.

The haircut, tacos for dinner. Still, Sean jumped a bit when he felt Tracy's hand wrap around his cock. "Do you always get a hard-on in your sleep?

Silly me. How would you know?" Sean rolled over and looked at her. Her hair was wet, and she was wrapped in one of his long beach towels. Tracy was the source of the baby powder scent. "Thank you for buying me a razor, Sean." She said, grabbing his hand a guiding it toward her lap. "I shaved." She slid his hand between her legs and he felt her bald, smooth pussy. "You like that?" He did!

She pulled his hand away and ran it down her soft legs, rolling over on her tummy and releasing his hand. Sean continued to feel her, her softness, curves, young muscles. He ran his hand up her thighs and under her towel, loving the swell of her tiny butt, it's firmness and roundness.

"Today has started off so well! Sunning, cutting your hair, riding your cock. oh I am in such a good mood." Tracy smiled at him, soft light from the hallway illuminating her blue eyes and white teeth. "I've been thinking." Sean loved the feel of her little round ass, so much different than his ex-girlfriends larger, fuller butt. "Since I'm in such a good mood, I've decided to offer you a special discount, you know?" Her eyes grew real wide, and she giggled loudly when she saw the expression on his face.

"A volume discount, that is, if you think you will be using me a lot. I mean, if you want to use me a lot, I would be happy to make it very affordable for you." She giggled some more, squirming her little body up closely to his. Tracy reached out and stroked his chin. With his hand on her ass, Sean pulled her even closer, tightly against him. He growled at her. "Why should I pay you," Sean asked. "When I could easily take what I want." Tracy gasped at him.

"You wouldn't!" She claimed. "And I wouldn't allow it, Sean." Tracy thumped him in the chest with her little fist, but her toes wiggled, tickling Sean's shins.

Tracy thrust her pelvis out, grinding it lightly against his cock. "I have bills to pay, you see? I have goals and plans." She rested her little hand on his strong chest. "I won't be here forever, Sean." Sean thought Tracy felt great curled up next to him, and he felt rested, cool, and more than a little horny. With her eyes half-closed, Tracy seemed to be pretty aroused too. "You can kiss me, Sean." She said. "Kisses are only a dollar-a-dozen." She looked up at him innocently.

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Sean watched her lick her lips. A dollar-a-dozen, eh? He probably could probably find a dollar somewhere. He kissed her, and her she managed to squeeze her body more tightly against his. Her hand found that back of his head, her fingers ran through his hair, and she groaned.


He pulled away from her, though her hand tugged at the back of his neck. He watched her eyes flutter open, her lips part. She tugged insistently at the back of his neck. She felt great in his arms, her towel slightly damp, but warm from her heat.

She smelled tremendous, looked so young and eager. "Maybe I'll save some kisses for later, Tracy." Sean said quietly. A little groan escaped from her then. "Save 'em?" "Yeah. . save some for later." Sean teased. His hand left her ass, traveling to her hip under the loose towel. Tracy groaned a little louder, then. With her hands, she pushed him over onto his back and climbed up onto his stomach, looking down at him, her face close to his.

He could feel her breath on him, and it smelled nice. Sean slipped his hands between her bare thighs, and slowly, his fingers traveled to her shaved pussy. He caressed her a moment and then spread her wet lips apart, running a finger through her wetness.

Her hips bucked slightly. "Don't you want to kiss me some more? Why do you want to save them, Sean?" Tracy asked. "You could kiss me now, Sean." Unable to help himself, he chuckled. "You can always pay me tomorrow, if that's the problem.

You can kiss me all you want." Sean slid both his hands away from her young pussy and he ran them under her towel, holding her hips tightly, his fingers reaching to touch her thin waist, pulling the towel upward, exposing her ass. Some of her wet hair hung just above his face now, her eyes were closed to slits, her feet sliding along the outside of his legs. She was a horny girl, she was. She wanted him to kiss her, a lot. "I dunno, Little One," Sean said. "How much to poke my peter into your tight little puss?" She inhaled a sharp breath through her nose, her legs squeezed him, her hips ground into him.

"I. ." She stammered. "A dollar. . ." Her hands found his face and his hair. "And you don't have to pay me today, you can.

." Sean was slowly loosening the towel from around her. "How much to lick you little bald pussy, Tracy?" He asked, his hands traveling back to her wet slit and he started to finger her again, finding her little clit, tucked in between her lips. She gasped when he touched it. "Lick it and suck it and nibble on it." She was so warm and wet between her legs, he slid a finger inside her, knowing he was starting to drive her nuts.

She pulled at his hair sharply, a little painfully. Her breathing was a little unsteady. "Hum," she stammered. "Hum, a quarter I suppose, for all-you-can-lick. I hope that's a fair price." "I don't know, you're kinda expensive." Sean said.

"No!" She cried. "I can.


." "How much to suck on you little tits?" Sean asked. "And nibble on your nipples?" "Oh," Tracy moaned. "I guess, um, a quarter, for all-you-want-to-suck. And you can. ." Sean rolled Tracy over quickly, and pinned her to the bed. She yelped weakly, as Sean pulled the towel from around her, slowly exposing her.

"I mean a dime, you can for a dime. . my little boobies." "How much to run my hands all over your body?" He asked. "How much would you want to let me rub some lotion all over you?" Tracy wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck and pulled at him. Sean held steady though. "Rub you everywhere with lotion, how much?" "Oh. . just a dime." she moaned, trying to pull him down. Sean held steady, his strong arms keeping him a foot above her. "How much to watch you rub your little pussy, stroke yourself?" he asked.

She was tugging harder at him, and now was pulling herself up off the bed, her lips nearing his. Sean pulled away from her. "How much to watch you play with yourself, all naked?" Tracy wriggled beneath him in frustration. "A dime. ." That a fair price, Sean thought. He would like to watch her please herself. "I'll rub my little pussy for you, if that's what you want, for only a dime." "How much to have you suck on my hard cock, Tracy?

How much to fuck your pretty little face?" He asked, as she fell back to the bed, her fingers digging into his back.

She shook in frustration now.


"A dime, Sean. I'll suck on your cock all you want for a dime." He thought that was a very good price. "But Sean, you must understand. ." Tracy continued, her hands roaming across his chest. Sean had her all unwrapped now and liked the way she looked under him, all nude and tan. "These prices. They are based on volume. That means you have to use me a lot!. . A whole lot." Sean understood the basics of this high-volume discount of which she was speaking.

Oh yes he did. "I need you to do me a lot, Sean." Sean was certain he could offer her a lot of business, but he wanted more from her. Yes he did, and it was time to get it. "Tracy, I want more from you," He explained as she suffered below him, her body arching to touch his, her hands feeling his strong shoulders, and traveling down his muscular arms.

She emitted little moans, sad little noises that suggested she was in need. "I'll have to demand exclusive rights to you Tracy." She gasped. And she rose and found his lips, embracing him and smothering him with a long kiss. But Sean pushed her away, and she squealed in frustration. "And it may be necessary for me to restrain you occasionally, Tracy." "Anything you want Sean! Anything, anytime, anywhere you want. I'll do anything!" she cried. "Just fuck me! Fuck me with your big fat cock now!" Tracy seemed almost beside herself, in her need to get fucked, Sean saw.

And her prices were based on high-volume. He reached inside his boxer shorts and eased his hard cock out of its hole, and slowly laid down on top of Tracy. He kissed her hard, her twisting torso to aligning itself up with his cock. She thrust her hips lifting them both slightly from the bed and Sean thrust inside her.

She was soaking wet, her readiness to get fucked was complete. Tracy groaned with relief and pleasure as he forced himself deeper inside her, her legs wrapping around his waist, pulled him deeper inside her tight pussy.

"Sean, fuck me silly, please," Tracy groaned, her legs raising, her knees brushing along his ribs. "Deep, fuck me deep and hard, make me come!" Sean lifted his arms, allowing her to raise her legs further.

Her calves rested next to her ears when he slid his cock, burying himself inside her. "Fuck yes, deep." Sean thrust into her hard and fast, trying to please her. His balls slapped at her ass repeatedly as he buried his hard cock inside her over and over. Tracy grunted with each powerful thrust, her mouth open and her little tongue wagging inside.

She was tight, she was; Sean was spending a lot of energy pleasing her, his muscles exerting themselves as he fucked her harder and harder. "God you feel so good," she cried. "Making me come so fast, fuck me. . fuck me!" She cried out loudly, her hands pulling at the hairs on his chest, her heels pounding on his lower back.

"Fuck me!" She arched her back, and screamed loudly, her hands falling from his chest and finding her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her little nipples. "Yes. . God Yes! Feels so fucking good to come with your cock inside me like this!" She screamed loudly again, and Sean felt her little pussy contracting even tighter around his cock.

"Oh. ." Sean watched her relax slightly, her back and legs fall back to the bed, her arms rise to his shoulders, her lips sought his.

"Kiss me, fool, kiss me!" Sean gripped her hands and pinned them beside her and kissed her hard, slowing his pound of her little pussy as she moaned into his mouth. She bit his lower lip, her hips rotating, his cock buried in her. "You're a good fuck, yes you are!" Sean cried, lifting off of her and spinning her over.

He lifted her waist up, bringing her ass with it. She spread her legs far apart, and allowed Sean to manhandle her, nearly limp in his hands, he entered her from behind, her pussy accommodating him so nicely. He began to thrust into her powerfully again, and watched as Tracy's hands reached out, grabbing the sheets and pulling on them, her little body underneath his, her lower back growing slick with sweat.

With a handful of sheets, young Tracy began to thrust her ass back, meeting Sean's strong advances, helping him. "That's it baby, get some cock!" Sean spanked her ass hard, watching it excitedly.

"Fuck me with that tight pussy, fuck me!" Gathering her arms to her sides, she pushed and rose from the bed, on all fours now, she slammed herself back on his cock and meeting each of his thrust. "Fuck me Sean!" She cried when he grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked. "Yes!" Sean spread her firm as cheeks apart, admiring her little tight butt hole. He ran his thumb up and down her soaked pussy, gathering her juices, coating his thumb. And then he slipped it into her asshole.

She squeeled loudly with pleasure, her sphincter tight around his thumb. He mercilessly fucked her now, her small back grew slicker with sweat as he reached his other hand around her body, seeking her pussy, finding her clit and pinching it gently, fucking her hard, and pushing his thumb in and out of her tight ass.

"Oh yes!" Sean felt a wave of pleasure rush through his body, watching her, feeling her so excitedly, he knew he was coming soon. "Gonna fill you with a big load of sperm," Sean cried. "Fuck yes!" Tracy spun her little head around, watching him now, her eyes frantic. "Squirt it in me Sean!" she cried. "Come in me baby." And Sean did.

He came inside her a lot, filling her with fluid. He placed his hand on her back and forced her back down to the bed, and fell on top of her, his cock still pumping a bit. He pulled his thimb out of her ass. "Mm," he moaned. Tracy's hips moved up and down a bit, still, milking him. "Get it all out, Sean?" she asked, her pussy massaging him. "Pump it all in me?" Her hips slowed, her pussy tightened, as she pushed her ass up, his cock filling her again.

"Yeah babe," Sean moaned. "You got it all." Sean lay on her for a minute, before she stiffened suddenly and gasped loudly. "The taco meat!" She cried, wiggling beneath him trying to free herself. Sean rose quickly, his cock falling from her pussy. She hopped off the bed and ran out of the room. Sean rolled over on his back, his slick cock deflating as he tried to catch his breath and cool off. He tried to add-up how much he owed his little whore. He was still trying to figure it out when she came walking back into the room and climbed onto the bed with him.

"How about I just bill you at the end of each week, Sean" She suggested sweetly. "Taco meat is looking good, I just started heating up the shells. You hungry? I bet you are. " "Tracy? How much to fuck your little teen ass?" Sean asked, his curiosity peeked.

She gasped at him. Sean saw she was surprised at his question, his proposal. "Fuck my virgin ass?," she asked appraising him. "With your big fat cock?" Sean nodded, slightly embarrassed now. "Two hundred dollars, Sean." Hmm.