Busty babes ada and diamond threesome cowgirls

Busty babes ada and diamond threesome cowgirls
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Note from the author: So this is my first story and if I get enough up votes I'll write/publish more. All comments are appreciated, if you vote it down please tell me how I can improve in a comment.

Disclaimer: This story includes some themes that may not be your cup of tea. If you have problems with incest or any of the other themes that are listed above then this is not the story for you. To that person I would remind you that this is fiction. To everybody else, enjoy the story.

My Sisters' Gift Chapter 1 "Finally it's Friday, I swear this has been the longest school week I've ever had…" As I walked out the front doors of my school I thought about how awesome it's gonna be to finally have my day off.

Between my busy high school schedule and my job at a local McDonalds, I haven't had a full day off for more than two weeks and this Saturday was my first chance to sleep in for a while. I hopped in my Honda in the parking lot and got in the terrible Friday after school line. At least it was a sunny fall day and I didn't mind listening to some new CD's I had.

It's a fifteen minute drive home and then freedom. I pull into my driveway and notice that my twin sisters Sadie and Sarah aren't home from the local community college yet. They are a year older than me and with their half Brazilian skin tone they were always the hottest girls in school. Finally getting in to my room I took off my shoes and jacket and flopped on my bed for a much needed jack off session. All those hot girls at school in their skirts and yoga pants are distracting and I haven't gotten any for almost six months now since I broke up with my last girlfriend.

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I've been on a few dates with girls but I'm still not really ready for a serious relationship and I haven't found the right girl. Anyways I cleaned myself up and decided to take a shower before I had to go to work. I quickly got dressed, including the authentic McDonalds shirt and head visor. "Damn, I'm gonna have to tell Vicky that I can't work so early after school anymore, there just isn't enough driving time." The night manager Vicky is pretty chill and she works with a lot of high school kids.

I threw on a sweatshirt, grabbed my cup and headed downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and re-read the note that my mom had left in the morning. "Kids, I'm flying out to the corporate offices in California and I'll be back in two weeks. The kitchen is stocked and everything should be okay while I'm gone. Take care of yourselves and be nice to each other." Signed, with love Kim. Mom put herself through college, even though she had my sisters when she was a senior in high school.

She put in the time and got a full ride scholarship and now she is an executive at a big bank.

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At 36 she is trim and beautiful with her fair Brazilian skin tone. Mom goes to the gym at least every other day and she works hard to maintain her fit form.


She is a 36 D and more than one of my friends have told me they think she is hot. I started to notice her when I hit puberty and both her and my sisters had been objects of more than one fantasy. I sighed, "Dad was a fool to walk out on her, but as soon as he heard that she was pregnant again, he broke it off." I started to walk towards the door and I looked at the clock, "Damn three fifty already it's a ten minute drive down there." I heard a car horn go off and I assumed it was my sisters coming home from their classes.

I opened the front door and was greeted with two warm smiles. "Hey Mitch, we just went and got some lunch. Are you off to work?" my sister Sarah said. "Yeah I work until ten tonight." "Okay, well were gonna go to a party that Jason is throwing tonight and we'll probably be gone by the time you get home." Both girls took it upon themselves to kiss my check as they walked past me in the doorway.

"Alright, I guess I'll see you then." I got in to the car and quickly drove to the McDonalds where I work. I pulled into the parking lot and I speed walked into the building knowing I was running a couple minutes late. The first thing I noticed was Donnie, my cute coworker who was working the front till.

It looked like business was going pretty slow as only one customer was at the counter. I quickly put on my apron and clocked in at 4:02; I looked for Vicky to let her know I had arrived. Vicky, the night manager, is twenty seven.

Not only is she beautiful, tall with long wavy blonde hair and all the right curves; she's the hardest working person on this side of the Mississippi. I found her in the back, standing on a step stool putting some boxes away. I took a moment to admire the way her ass jiggles as she reached up high before clearing my throat to announce my presence. "Hey Vic, do you need some help putting that box away?" Without turning around she replied "No, I got it Mitch.

Too bad you weren't here a few minutes ago; I just put most of the stock away." "Sorry about that, by the way I wanted to let you know that it's really hard to make these four o'clock shifts after school because I have to drive home in the opposite direction." She turned and replied, "Actually we just got a new guy named Miguel who is gonna be working afternoons, would starting at five be enough time for you?" Thankful for her understanding, I answered "Four thirty is fine and I'm still available till ten on weeknights." "Alright, your going to be on the grill tonight so you'd better go get started." We were fairly busy on Friday night but work went by slow and besides talking to my coworkers there wasn't much to do.

At ten, Vicky walked up to me with her hair in a sexy loose bun and let me know that I was done for the night. As soon as she put somebody else on the grill I went to the back and got my stuff. I walked past the front till on my way out, when I passed Donnie she smiled at me dazzlingly. "Hey Mitch, are you off?" "Yeah, the weekend is here and I'm finally free." "Too bad I'm not, I have to stay tonight and close.

I got called in this afternoon and I was looking forward to going to that party Jason is throwing." I laughed as I walked out to my car and put in one of my new CDs. I stopped and got gas on the way home and I rolled in to the house around ten thirty. My sisters' car was still gone so I figured I'd call them and see if they were coming home for the night. I dialed Sarah's number and after a couple of rings she picked up: "Hey Mitch, what's up?" "I just got home from work, are you and Sadie gonna stay at Jason's house tonight?" "Nah, the party is starting to get lame and we'll probably be home in the next couple hours." Considering my mom wasn't around, I had to be the one to watch out for the girls.

"Alright, is one of you sober enough to drive home?" Sarah replied, "Yeah I only had two drinks when we got here, Sadie played some beer pong and had a few shots so I'll definitely be driving." "Okay then, I'll see you when you get here." I took the opportunity to get my homework done before the girls got home, that way I'd have the whole weekend free. When they pulled in at midnight I was sitting in my room playing some games online.

I heard them come inside and climb the stairs, apparently disappearing into their separate rooms. Sarah stuck her head in my doorway to say "good night," but there was no trace of Sadie. I played a couple more games and by twelve thirty I decided it was time to hit the sack. Groggily, I woke up to a soft voice coming from across the room, it was obviously one of my sisters but I couldn't tell which one it was in the dark. "Miiiitch, arre you aawhake?" I realized that she was slurring her words and reasoned that it must be Sadie who had woken me up.

"Yeah Sadie, I'm up. Come on in and turn the light on." A few seconds later the light came on and I was momentarily blinded by the sudden brightness.

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I felt her sit down on the left side of my bed and when I could see again I noticed that her make-up was still on and was streaked down her face. She was stunning in her night shirt and short shorts and I couldn't help but notice her beauty.

"Mitch, why doo all guys hate me?" She pouted. I groaned, and in response to my sister's obviously drunken misery I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. "Sadie, of course all guys don't hate you.


This guy loves you more than anything else in the world and you should never forget that." She sniffed and I could feel her physically tense body loosen up a bit. I could smell the drink on her breath when she said: "Earlier I found out that Jason was just using me for the last six months and I never want to see him again.

He told me that I am ugly and called me a slut." I was completely oblivious to why any guy would want to break up with my sister and I told her that. "Sadie, you are beautiful and he must have his head up his ass not to agree. Forget about Jason, you are wayyyy too good for him anyways." "Do you really mean that?" She sniffed.

She had calmed down some and as she looked up in to my eyes, she was stunning. "Of course I do, most of my friends would give a limb to date you or Sarah, and I don't know why you go out with some of those assholes.

Lie down and get some sleep and it will all be better by morning." I hugged her tighter to my chest and laid her down on my bed. After a couple of minutes, Sadie had fallen asleep in my arms and I just held her and tried to comfort her. I was glad that we were face to face as she didn't actually feel the hard-on I'd gotten as soon as I felt her soft touch.

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Sarah must have noticed the light when she walked in to the doorway and I put one finger over my mouth to let her know to be quiet. Sarah noticed Sadie and nodded, then she reached into my room and with a smile she turned my light off and closed the door. I pulled my blanket over both of us and drifted off to sleep with my sister in my arms.

I woke up the next morning with Sadie still in my bed; I carefully rolled over and noticed that it was already eleven in the morning. I stretched and headed out to the bathroom where I took a quick shower and handled all of my business. When I got out of the shower I could smell breakfast and I assumed that Sarah had been cooking for the three of us. I walked into my room to discover Sadie gone; I assumed she had gone to get dressed for the day.

I put on some shorts and a plain T-shirt and headed downstairs. Sadie called out from above me that she was going to take a shower of her own just as I walked into the kitchen. I said good morning to Sarah who was finishing up putting the bacon on our three plates. "Morning Mitch, I made you some breakfast. By the way, thanks for being so nice to Sadie last night.

That prick Jason really let her down hard and I'm sure she has a nasty hangover." As I sat down at the table I said "No problem sis, honestly I don't know why she was with Jason in the first place." Sarah replied, "I don't know either, I told her that I didn't like him from the start." Then she placed mine and Sadie's plate of delicious food on the table and honored me with one of her typical kisses on the cheek.

"With mom gone, it's just gonna be us three again for the next couple weeks." She said as she sat down in front of her own plate. I nodded, my mouth full of her delicious creations. "I'm glad that you can cook so well Sarah, don't know where I'd be without cha." She smiled, "Probably back in the dark ages." Just then Sadie came down the stairs. All she had on was one of my oversized T-shirts and a pair of panties underneath.

"Damn girl, I know your hung over but put some pants on." Sarah said. Sadie replied, "You know I don't have anything that you haven't seen before Sarah," I decided that was a good time to chime in myself, "Now now girls, play nice." Sarah lightly punched my shoulder and I feigned injury.

Sadie sat down and took a long drink of the coffee that Sarah had made for us. "Thanks for breakfast sis, it's delicious as ever." Sarah replied, "You two are too generous, this took me twenty minutes." We finished our meal in silence and I made my excuses and went back upstairs.

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After about ten minutes, I heard a brief knock on my door. "Come in." Sadie came in to my room and closed the door behind her. "Hey Mitch, thanks for being so sweet and cuddling with me last night. I guess I had a few too many drinks and kind of lost it." "No problem Sadie, I was just doing what any respectable brother would have done." I lamely replied.

She sighed, "I wish I could find a guy who's as nice as you are Mitch. In fact, I want to give you something for being such an awesome brother." I had no idea what she might be giving me, especially considering all that she had on was that same shirt and her panties, neither of which had pockets.

"You have to put on a blindfold before I can give it to you, adds to the effect." She proceeded to grab a shirt of mine and tie it around my head, effectively blindfolding me. She worked my shirt and reluctantly my shorts off so that I was naked.

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Sadie had me lay down on my stomach and she started massaging my shoulders. "Just trust me" she said. After a good ten minutes of massaging my shoulders, Sadie proceeded to move down my body. She massaged my sides and worked her way down over my back. "Ooooh your back feels so strong, all those days at the gym are paying off bro." She then massaged my legs and my feet, leaving both feeling very relaxed.

"Alright bro, roll over and I'll massage your front now." Knowing that my dick was rock hard and at its full seven and a half inch length, I rolled over and heard a gasp from my sister.

I felt her hands on my chest and then was pleasantly surprised to feel her soft lips on mine. I took my time kissing her and I lightly rubbed my tongue across her lips.

She got the message and her tongue started massaging and playing with mine. We made out for an unknown amount of time before she eventually broke off the kiss. She then started massaging my chest and shoulders again. Slowly she moved down my body yet again, massaging my arms and my hands for a few minutes.

I felt her slowly kiss down my neck and chest with those soft full lips. When her small hands grabbed hold of my hard-on I almost lost it right then. "Wow bro, this thing is huge. It must be eight inches." I smiled and arched my back a little as she started to move her hand up and down my rod. "You know, I don't think I'm gonna date anymore ass hole guys. Instead, I've got the only guy I need right here." With that, I felt her wet tongue lick from the base of my cock to the tip; I shuddered and leaked a little precum, which she dutifully licked up.

"Ooo, and you taste delicious too." I felt like I was in a fantasy as Sadie wrapped her lips around my head and swirled her tongue rapidly. "Ohhh Sadie that feels so good, don't stop sucking. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I groaned as she took four more inches of my cock deep into her mouth. Her tongue felt amazing and it was by far the best blowjob I've ever had.

She brought her right hand up and started playing with my balls as she tried to swallow more and more of my cock into her throat. With only an inch to go she pulled her head back so that only my helmet was still in her mouth. Running her tongue along the sensitive underside of my head, Sadie tried her hardest to coax the cum out of my cock.

"God damn Sadie, Jason must be crazy to have passed this up." I put both my hands on the back of her head and pushed my cock back into my beautiful sister's tight throat. Her long dark hair tickled my groin as she tried yet again to take all of my cock into her throat. "Ahhhhhhhhh" I groaned when I felt her nose press against my stomach and I knew that she had taken my entire length into her throat. I was rapidly approaching release as Sadie extended her tongue out and started to lick my balls while deep-throating my cock.

After what seemed like an eternity, Sadie pulled her head away to take a breath. I held her nose to my stomach for an extra five seconds and enjoyed the feel of her tongue and her silky hair. I let go and she released my cock with a deep breath. "Your cock is amazing Mitch, I need your cum sooooo bad." Sadie started jacking me off while she was licking at my balls and I knew I didn't have much longer. "Uhh Sadie if you keep that up I'm gonna cum." She moaned, deep-throated my cock, and continued to work magic with her tongue.

When Sadie stuck one of her little fingers in my ass I lost control, suddenly spewing my load into her throat. Spurt after spurt of my cum shot directly into my sister's stomach and she moaned while she swallowed it all. Sadie buried her little finger inside me and started licking my balls at the same time as she deep throated my cock: prolonging my orgasm.

As Sadie's throat milked my balls for the last of their contents, I heard the door of my room swing open. "And just what the hell is going on in here?" Sarah yelled. With my eyes blindfolded I couldn't see the expression on her face but I assumed she was displeased. Sadie released my cock from her hot mouth and I heard her say "I was just thanking Mitch for being such an amazing brother." Sarah laughed, "Oh yeah, from the looks of it, it's him who should be thanking you." I groaned as I felt Sadie start jacking my sensitive cock again.

It was rapidly shrinking in her hand and I heard her squeal: "Oh no you don't." A moment later I felt the most amazing sensation, her hot tongue is inside my asshole! "Oh God Sadie, that is amazing." She continued rubbing my cock and eating my ass and It was hard as steel in no time.

If I had thought my day was anywhere near over, I was terribly wrong. Sadie was eating out my ass like it was her first meal in weeks and then all of a sudden I felt another warm breath on the head of my dick. I moaned as Sarah took my helmet in her mouth and started swirling her tongue around. In the mean time, Sadie had moved her tongue on to my balls and started trying to take one or both of them into her mouth at a time.

I couldn't resist so I took off my blindfold and put my hands on the back of Sarah's head. I guided my cock deep into Sarah's tight mouth, pulling her by her silky black hair. Sadie's tongue moved off of my balls and she said seductively "Oh yeah Sarah, I took his whole cock down my throat earlier." Sarah sexily looked up into my eyes for confirmation and I nodded.

Sarah smiled around my cock and as I started pushing it into her throat, Sadie decided to start eating out my ass again. I groaned again, "Both of you have the most amazing tongues in the world. You are the best sisters ever." I guess my compliment helped build her confidence because Sadie buried her tongue in my ass when I said that. I reactively buried my cock in Sarah's throat and I felt her gag around the head, only adding to my pleasure.

This being the second time, I was prepared for much longer. Both girls aggressively continued licking, sucking, and fondling until half an hour later I ended up blowing an even more massive load all over both of their faces. "I wish I would have known about this thing earlier, you have a gift bro." Sarah said as she stroked my shrinking cock.

The two of them proceeded to clean all the cum off of my cock and each other, then decided that a shower was in order.