Chris gayle and his wife

Chris gayle and his wife
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The house was packed with people celebrating the end of the semester and for most, the end of their education as commencement was in a few days. The buzz in the air was as much excitement as it was dance music and alcohol.

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I was standing in the kitchen watching the people dancing to the music that was thumping out of the speakers when I felt a pair of hands lightly grab my waist. I knew it was her but I still nearly jumped out of my skin.

"Shhh Kitten, it's just me," she breathed into my ear.


Her breath sent shivers down my spine. She took my hand and led me through the crowd and down into the basement where we would be alone. I'd been in her room before, but never for the reason I knew she brought me tonight. Rayann was my first girlfriend.

We'd only been together for a month and she made me feel the way no one had before. Her touch alone made goose bumps race along my pale skin and my tummy do flip-flops.

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Her room was sage green and lavender and smelled like spring, just like she did. She shut the door behind us and I heard a soft snick that was the lock closing home. I bit my bottom lip and turned to face her. The look she gave me made my bones feel liquid and my skin too tight; I blushed. She closed the distance between us, "Don't be nervous kitten, I'll take care of you." I leaned in to kiss her softly, testing.

She put her hand on the back of my neck and the other on my waist, locking me in place. The kiss deepened, she ran her tongue over my bottom lip and I met it with mine. The kiss burned me but I didn't want it to end, wanted to feel this forever but she broke her mouth from mine and began kissing my neck down to the hollow at the base, my sweet spot she called it.

When she licked there, my eyes rolled back in my head and my breath became shallow. Then her hands were on me pulling my shirt over my head and mine, more slowly, doing the same for her. She put her hands on the waist of my jeans and undid the snap, I held my breath.

"Breath love, you don't want to pass out," she giggled. Next thing I know, she steps back and I'm standing in front of her in my plain black bra and panties.


I blushed again as I felt her hot gaze flow over me. She liked what she saw, I could tell in the way her breath sped up and the way she bit her bottom lip. That surprised me because I didn't have a great body; I was soft and curvy where she was lean and athletic. Her obvious approval made me bold and I walked to her and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor around her feet.

She had on lacy bra and matching panties in a light purple that made her caramel skin look delicious. We were kissing again, just as hot and burning as earlier only now our hands roamed each other's bodies, exploring what had only be previously felt through clothing. She backed me up to the bed, the mattress hitting the back of my knees and knocking them out from under me. I landed on the soft bed and pulled her with me; out kiss broken by our giggles. She rolled us over so I was lying on top of her, and snaked her hands behind me and unclasped my bra.

My nipples were hard, begging her to touch them; she did. She took one with her left hand and rolled it between her fingers and the other she teased with her tongue. Her touch made me moan and we rolled again. She leaned back and took her bra off and then leaned back into me letting our chests mesh together as our lips met yet again. She ran her hand down my side and my thigh and then brought it back again. My hands were on her full chest massaging and pinching her nipples, her moans swallowed by our kiss.

She freed her mouth and put it by my ear, her hand still running up and down my thigh, "I want to touch you Katie. Do you want me to touch you?" "Yes, yes," I moaned.

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Her hand ran up my leg again only this time on the inside. She came so close to my core she had to feel the heat but she ran it back down the other leg.

I sobbed in frustration. I needed her touch, more than anything.


She ran her hand back up this time resting it outside my panties, feeling the heat and the wetness, she rubbed me through the damp fabric; I moaned again. "Purr for me kitten," as she rubbed me harder; she stopped, pulled my last piece of clothing off tossing it on the floor.

Her fingers teased the outside of my swollen core, rubbing the clit just slightly; driving me mad. Then a finger was shoved inside me and I gasped as she swirled it inside me. Adding another finger she began pumping them in and out, in and out. "Want more, baby?" "More, yes, more!" I cried. A third finger joined the others and the pumping was faster, harder, drawing me closer and closer to the edge. Then they were gone and were almost instantly replaced by her mouth.

Her tongue thrusting inside of me and teasing my swollen clit; my head thrashing from side to side, I was lost and found, empty and whole. My climax slammed through my body in waves, the walls of my pussy tightening around her tongue. As I lay dazed, she lapped up my juices then crawled up to me and kissing me, let me taste myself.

"Taste how delicious you are?" She asked. "Mmmm, yes, but I'm sure you're even more so," I said as I rolled us, a devious grin on my face. "Well I'm not sure of that kitten, but you can test your theory." She led my hand to her core, 'When had her panties come off?' I thought when I felt only warm, moist flesh.

It didn't matter, only she mattered. I teased her sensitive lips with my fingers, dipping them between the folds but not entering her; exploring what I had not felt except for when I had pleasured myself. The more my fingers teased her, the more she begged me to touch her deeper. Taking one of her budded nipples in my mouth, I shoved two fingers into her, pumping them wildly. I released her sweet bud and moved down between her legs, never stopping the assault of my fingers.

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I added a third finger as I teased and sucked her swollen clit. She bucked as my fingers slammed into her core and when she finally came she screamed my name. I licked the slick juices from my fingers and from her thighs and like she did for me, I let her taste herself.

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"You taste like heaven," I say to her. She only smiled and rolled me under the covers. "Told ya I'd take care of you didn't I kitten?" "Mmmm yes you did." Both spent, we curled into each other's arms under the covers and drifted off to sleep together.