Beach Boys Kompilation

Beach Boys Kompilation
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fantasy-pornography by Wrulf The Filthmeister The cute-faced, 19-y/o Maureen wasn't just a punk slut. Punk, she most certainly was, with tattoos and a mohawk of dark hair, while she much more rated as the notoriously skankier than skankiest sex-bum her many bangers had ever known which is redundant to say about the immensely twisted 'ho who absolutely detested nice fucks from nice guys.

To put it mildly, Maureen took pride in being a low-down junk-scrap when dicks were stuffed in her slenderly sexy flesh including a chest adorned by the firm, medium-sized dugs (tits) of a bitch-hound. Beyond that, the cunt fed on her low self-esteem, being she scorned the idea of having any self-respect or morals, and was a masochist up for all kinds of abusive degradation stomping her into her lack of dignity.

Still, none of that was Rory, her divorced, 37-y/o dad's fault as a very creative pervert in his own right. His daughter seemed to have come to her waywardness by nature. While Maureen never admitted it, though, the whore was aroused by him as a tall, lean-bodied and handsome man with a thick, 11-inched girl-stalker that wracked her with the painful pleasure of making her feel destroyed.

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Although he wasn't violent in or out of bed - despite his ornery deviance - Rory didn't touch her until. … well, Maureen was to blame that part of her life was functioning as daddy's whore, since she'd volunteered to give him head within minutes after she'd become legally-aged. The kid gloves came off after that, with Rory almost always keeping his daughter naked around the house.

He didn't beat, though flogged the slut at will that, and tossed her to all of his guy-friends as if she was a dog-bone, while having no compunction about prostituting her in the seediest parts of town.

Naturally, Rory also fucked the filthy tramp anytime he wanted. … as on the August, Saturday night of her 19th. year just after she'd stepped out of the shower when, naked and stiff-cocked, he came into the bathroom.

Maureen screeched as her father kicked her into the living room, shoved her over the couch and stormed all of his prick into her turd-chapel for the start of a vicious pounding. 'Come on, do anything you want to me! Fuck me like you hate me, you stinking bastard!' the punk-rag hissed over her shoulder. 'Shut up and take it, slug! God, what a disgusting, mud-rolling pig you are, AND I LOVE IT, LOVE IT!' Rory shouted as he ruined her mohawk by yanking back on it before turning her head to slap and spit on her right cheek.

'Do. you. love. me. daddy?' the slag panted, then shrieked as she had an orgasm. 'To hell with you, slug! I didn't say I love you, only love the disgusting piece of shit you are, bitch!' Rory erupted while slamming his palm against the right half of the slut's haunches. 'Aaaah, ooooh god, yesss, daddy! Yeah, yeah, I'm just a worthless piece of shit!

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Rip me! Hurt me! Bruise my filthy shit-hole! Gaaawwwd, yessss!' Maureen screamed as she came again. 'Shut up - I said, shut up, whore!' Rory raged, pulling out and flipping her over to hand-splat her face, then her udders prior to rolling her bottom-up and returning to ravaging the slob in the backside.

'Yeah, fuckin' do me, you filthy animal!' Maureen heatedly cried out. 'Animal? Fuck the filthy animal you are, because you're not just a turd, but a fucking piece of dung, you vile pig!' her dad came back with roar. 'Yeah, I'm a pig, an animal viler than my own dung!' - and Maureen wailed through another climax.

'You forgot to add abominable!' Rory again shouted as he fully speared into her dirt-trough, for his cock to spit his seed into it.

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After dismounting his daughter, he next turned her shitter-down before lifting his leg and smearing the bottom of his foot across her face, then walked out with a dark sneer on his face. As brutally disparaging as it was, however, his fartherly contempt always ignited sparks in Maureen's overheated clit while a bit dazed, panting and moaning, the bitch lay on her bruised shit-chute for a minute or so, then came to her feet and staggered into her bedroom where she donned a tank-top, plus webstockings, 7-inch-spiked platforms and nothing else but a tight, brief pair of shorts.

Beyond softly laughing, the worthless girl relished how ridiculous she looked, like a drunken trollop as she next teetered out to her moped and headed off to The DarkSide Rave Den with a new bottle of amyl nitrate in hand. She wasn't interested in dancing, instead, went up to the trash-littered, 2nd.-floor balcony. She leaned over the railing to watch them, since she'd always liked how the kids looked as if they were copulating with each other in the mosh-pit.

… while feeling deliciously wicked, the scrunt then opened the bottle of amyl nitrate. A rush of mad lust slugged through Maureen as she took a whiff of the liquid, having just placed the capped receptacle in her pocket when Cory, a comely, 18-y/o boy, came up behind her.

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'Who cares about your dumb mohawk, you smelly fuck-trap!' he yelled above the music, grasping her hair and starting to pull her toward the balcony's sitting room almost before the tart knew it. 'Get your hands off me!' she protested, with Cory answering, 'Fuck you! Everybody knows you're the worst 'ho in town, you filthy dump!' - and he shoved her into the sitting room where his also good-looking, 18-y/o friends, Buck and Zane, were about to jack-off on a blonde punk-hole's face while she sat on a leather sofa.

'We have a fresh meat!


Get the hell out here!' Cory shouted at her. 'Yeah!' snarled Zane, hauling the blond to her feet with her nose and thrusting her toward the door with his boot against her rump. 'Dumb whore - and you look even dumber!' he growled at Maureen, hardly had he done which before Cory bent her over, to begin hammering her face into the sofa cushion as hard as he could.

'This is what you get for being a dirt-hole, punk-rat!' he rasped, which was true since the club's rule was that cunts asked for whatever came their way just by hustling their rear-ends into the den that is, short of serious damage or anything truly dangerous.

Hardened, young hussy-butt that Maureen was, however, that was precisely why she attended the venue, and. '… uhhh, uhhh, uhhh!' she grunted while Cory slammed her kisser into the cushion, over and over, until he finally pulled her up, spun her around and crudely said, 'Time to fuck-up the scag, guys.' 'Hell, I thought you already were fucked-up, bitch!' Buck directed a smirk at her before starting to throw his hand across her mug.

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'Aaaah!' Maureen shrieked. 'Scream, slut, scream!' Zane told her as he ripped her tank-top off, then drove his fist up under her boobs while she bawled in pain. 'Fuck, the punk-hog loves this!' Cory laughed, reaching around from behind to unbutton and draw her shorts down. He next kicked her legs as far apart as the garment would allow, with Maureen unleashing an air-splitting screech as he bashed his fist across her loins.


'We'll ruin you more than you'd be during an entire weekend in the mosh-pit!' he loudly said, as he fist-whipped her crotch about 10 times, then mercilessly started smacking her bum. 'God, you're fun!' Buck then crowed as he twisted her right honker around as close to 180 degrees as he could and kept it there while ignoring her screams and coldly looking at her contorted face.

'Yeah, fuck your turd-assed mother! - because shit like you is a lot of fun, a real circus!' Zane chortled, nudging Buck aside to ram his knee into her fuck-saddle. 'Oooooh gaaaawwwwd!' Maureen yowled. 'Is that the sound of your turd-mama shitting you in the gutter, being she's so full of herself that it's taken her years to dump you where you belong huh, is it?' Cory loudly asked.



oh, my god!' Maureen sobbed. 'Yeah, it is! You stink, YOU FUCKING STINK!' Zane bellowed just as Cory said, 'One of you dudes help me tear this shit off the stank-'ho.' 'You got it, bro,' Buck answered as he and Cory shredded her shorts with mighty tugs in opposite directions.

Cory then picked her up to smash her toilet-pads onto the sofa. Not surprisingly, the abuse of the young men's sadistic savagery had her cumming while her vag-gash drooled. … especially while she watched the guys next stripping off their studded, leather jackets, t-shirts, jock-straps and leather pants, leaving them in only their boots and hard bodies, as well as the throbbing, 8 to 10-inched rut-muscles between their strong thighs.

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Even in pain, Maureen knew that, god, she'd never tire of eye-absorbing boy-nakedness such as theirs! Although molesting her was their prerogative, however, she felt like throwing herself at and molesting the hell out of the hunks, particularly when she noticed that their penises beautifully were almost as obscene as she was and obscene scarcely says it all about her!

Still, she had just enough time to moan before Zane mashed his butt onto and farted in her face. 'Love that, you waste product of shit!' he yelled as he climbed off her kisser.

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'Yeah, and this is the smell of your stink-pot, mother!' Buck laughed as he mounted and broke wind into her face, then vacated it. 'Shit, I didn't realize until now that any mother worth the name could be a sewer, even if yours is, whore!' Cory growled as he added a long poot to her face, as well.

Nonetheless, that was the first time any guy had ever insulted Maureen's mother as a 'piece of shit', much less a 'sewer', with the wonderfully terrible disrespect of that making the bitch choke on Cory's butt-eye and the delight of cumming, once more. On fire over feeling defaced more than she could remember, she wanted to tell the guys that her own father had earlier called her 'a piece of dung.' But Cory didn't let her. Casually, he played with himself during at least a 2-minute butt-smothering of her face before he rolled off it and said, 'Mz.

Fucking Garbage is hardly worth the trouble of hauling off, though we have business to take care of, guys,' - and he reached back for a harsh finger-lock on her right nipple, using it to lead the squealing, gasping fuck-sloven out and over the balcony railing.

Like lightning, Cory then struck his bolt into and started raping Maureen's guts in front of 3 or 4 other twats. 'You're too no-good to watch this! Skeedaddle, bitches!' Buck shouted, which the dirty scum-buckets did, prior to Buck pulling Maureen's suck-hole toward him with the back of her head and starting to give her a rough skull-ragging in the mouth. 'Siccem, doggy!' he grinned at Cory who grunted, 'Who in hell's the real doggy, man?' 'Yeah, well, dog the puppy, anyway,' Buck replied, by which time 3 half-circles of other den-hunks had closed ranks around the 'ho to shout all kinds of verbal soiling at her: 'Manhandle the skank!' 'Yeah, she's gutter-trash!' 'Hell, no, she's a piece of fuck-shit!'.

'… and worthless one, too! You're fucking worthless, slut!' 'That's right, fuck-rat!' 'Yeah, take it, rape-hog!' 'For sure! Nobody gives crap that you're getting raped up the ass, shit-wad!' 'Oh, we give crap, alright, fucking love it, bitch!' 'Righteous, man!

Hurt the scrug! Pound her dumb-shitty until she can't dog-squat for a poop!' 'You are poop, skank!' 'That's right! Rape her into the kennel to bury her head in what she is, man!'. '… that is, if you don't completely wreck her first like she deserves!' 'Hell, shiver her timbers even if she's a total shipwreck!

Fuck you, you dirty slut-pig!' At the point, Cory was so boiling hot as to sperm-corrupt and pull out of her dung-pussy, prior to Zane taking a spin in Maureen's poontang with her right leg painfully twisted up as though she was a cheap, French whore. In bit, however, Buck uncorked her mouth to spunk on her face, only for another hot boy to begin reaming her in the head. Back and forth he and Zane jostled her, while 'ummmm!' she gargled on the phallus digging its satisfaction out of her gullet.

Simultaneously, Maureen was repeatedly cumming, with more and more juice drainging out her snatch over the exciting abuse of the young men raining hard blows against her rear, tits and face. 'Like us pounding you like meat huh, do you, rag?' one of them asked.

'Uh-hummm,' - and the slunt nodded again. 'Fuck, the devil must've thought so little of such a demon-possessed pig as to spit you out of hell! You really are the dirt of all dirt and the filth of all no-good filth!' that guy shouted. About then, another one peeled her off railing so fast that Maureen barely had time to catch herself on her hands not as though that mattered since he kicked her hands out from under her, shoved her face down on one side against the dirty floor and assualted his battering ram into the depths of her sewer-vagina.

However, her dad often said that 'one thing she was good for was to be slut-bashed in the shit-ditch and cunt as a punching bag for dicks.' 'Aaaah, yeah, yeah!' she whined, feeling delectably battered. Oh, how she loved abuse and suffering! - soon losing all sense of time while not caring whom did what to her, as if she ever had!

However, she still was a cumming slow-burn of arousal when the club-thugs stopped raping her 10 minutes before closing time, at which point she was lying on her back.

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And she squealed when the laughing guys urinated on her from her disarranged mohawk to her shoes. Naturally, they found her only worthy of leaving like that as Buck, Zane and Cory next dressed in the sitting room and left with the other youngsters. They'd hardly done that when an elderly black janitor walked up to Maureen with a mop and mop bucket.

Silently, he sponged up piss and dragged the dripping mop from her face to her footwear, following that by jacking-off and pissing on her face, as well.

After that, he pulled her out of the urine-puddle by her mohawk and finsished mopping. 'Hey, you filthy slut, too bad more niggahs aren't here, being you make a great honky-toilet! But stay here and I'll take you wherever you need to go in about 20 minutes, you disgusting bitch!' he then snarled. Sure enough, he returned, whereupon Maureen gave him her address. He then took her out the back door, shoved her into the back of his truck and drove her home.

Exhausted, Maureen had barely collapsed in her bed without a shower when Rory came in to piss on her, and that was how she slept her sore holes to restoration. But then, she was the kind of perverted swine-slut who asked for everything she got just by being alive! (The End)