Japanese mistress whips her slave as he learns Japanese

Japanese mistress whips her slave as he learns Japanese
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This is the sequel to "Sarah left me 1 to 5" On Friday night Lilly turned up at about 6pm. I was expecting her at 7pm which left us plenty of time to get a taxi to the restaurant for our 7:30pm reservation. Not only was she very early, but she was hardly dressed for a fancy restaurant; she was barefoot and wearing a skimpy sun dress, which left a lot of bare flesh exposed. We were all still naked although Sarah would be leaving soon for her regular week-end orgy and Angie was going out for the evening with Tom, Dick and Harriet.

Doubtless the four of them would end up together in Angie's bed after the party that they were going to. "Phil, I hope you don't mind that I'm so early. I've been wet every time that I thought about tonight.

Then I realised that it would be torture to sit through dinner, thinking about fucking and waiting for it to happen, so I want you fuck me before we go.

That way I'll be able to enjoy dinner. Oh! And don't worry, I'm not going to the restaurant dressed like this, I've got my good clothes in my car, outside." Then she stripped off her dress and was naked nothing underneath. I welcomed her into my arms and we kissed for ages until Sarah, who had heard everything, tapped me on the shoulder. "Phil! For god's sake, take her into the bedroom and fuck her, now." Angie met us in the hallway as I led Lilly to the bedroom.

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"Hello, Lilly. You couldn't wait, eh? I hope that he lives up to your expectations." "So do I!" I thought, but kept that to myself. "Hello, Angie. No I couldn't wait. I feel like a little child in front of the Christmas tree." "It's a pity that your present isn't even wrapped, isn't it?" "Actually, I like him like that." Sarah and Angie followed us to the bedroom, and Angie asked Lilly, "Which hole do you want to be fucked in this time?" "My cunt, I think.

So far Phil's only ever cum in my arsehole. After dinner I'll want him to cum in my mouth. That'll make a complete set." Then Lilly sat on the bed, pulled me close and bent down to suck my cock, which didn't really need sucking as it was already bouncing obscenely as I walked. "Lilly, you'd better stop now unless you want to change which hole you want my cum in next." She released my cock and I pushed her legs to get her to spread them, then knelt between them and dived into her cunt, licking and sucking eagerly until Lilly's orgasm swept through her.

Next she took my hands and pulled me to my feet, then down on top of her and I entered her easily and started pumping in and out of her wet hole. Lilly held me tight against her body, squashing her beautiful breasts against my chest.

"Oh, that feels so good. Fill my cunt with your cum.

I want to feel you cumming inside me. Yessss." I moaned as my cum shot out of my cock into her cunt. "So, Lilly," Angie wanted to know, "was it as good as you hoped?" "Oh! Yes!


Angie, it was as good as I've dreamt all week that it would be. Thank you Phil." I felt that I was heavy on top of Lilly, so rolled off to one side. As soon as I was out of the way Sarah knelt between Lilly's leg and started licking my cum out of her cunt.

Meanwhile Angie took my cock in her mouth and cleaned the mixture of juices off. "You are incredible. Do you three always fuck as a team?" "Not always. I'm sorry Lilly, but Angie and I will not be here for you later tonight. It will just be you and Phil." We all had a shower together next, then I got dressed while the girls shared the blow dryer on their hair.

Lilly had me go out to her car for the clothes that she would wear to the restaurant: a very smart suit consisting of a skirt and jacket, and high heels, not the least bit slutty, unless you knew, as I did, that she wore nothing underneath. We took a taxi to the restaurant so that I was free to drink a little.

Thanks to a full moon, the scene through the glass wall of the restaurant across Sydney harbour was romantic. This was our first time alone together and we used it to get to know each other.

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I was curious about why she had not been fucked in almost a year until the night that I first fucked her in the arse.

She explained that a year ago she had escaped from a very corrosive relationship that left her depressed and distrustful of all men. Then she got to know Sarah, and heard about the wild sex orgies that she was having with absolutely no commitment.

It sounded so exciting and Sarah was so enthusiastic that Lilly was tempted by Sarah's suggestion that she join in, but somehow that seemed too extreme. Then when Sarah told her that she was spending time with me and Angie again, she wondered about me. When Sarah actually suggested that Lilly sleep with me Lilly was astounded. Sarah's words were: "Look! He's a wonderful man, and so much better in bed now than he used to be.

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I owe it to him to find him someone to fuck while I'm out being gang banged. You'd be doing me a service by keeping him company in bed. You say that you don't want to become attached to someone, you just want someone to fuck, well, Phil would be ideal for that. But if you did become attached to him, that could work too, provided that you were still willing to share him with me." My scheming wife!

Then I looked at Lilly and was grateful to my scheming wife. Not only was Lilly beautiful, but she was proving to be great company and I already knew that she was perfect in bed. Lilly wondered how I was able to cope with Sarah's week-end flings. I explained that when she first left us, both Angie and I were devastated. I worried most about Angie and did my best to help Angie become an adult, which mostly involved giving her permission to fuck.

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Angie took pity on me and got Harriet to fuck me, then soon after Angie fucked me herself. By then all barriers between us were broken down. Basically we were able to comfort each other. Then Sarah had come back to us, and she liked what we had become. I could not explain why, but I was now quite accepting of what I knew that she was doing right then with men that she had picked up in a pub. "Phil, Sarah told me that you were special.

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Now I understand why. Take me home and fuck me again, please." In the taxi, going home, we kissed like two teenagers and groped each other through our clothes. I felt a bit guilty about behaving like that while the taxi driver was watching us in his mirror, so gave him a generous tip to ease my conscience.

As soon as we were inside my front door we stripped each other naked then I lifted her up with my hands under her bum cheeks, sat her on a small table near the front door, and plunged into her. I was aroused by everything that had happened during the evening: our discussions about sex, her beauty, the dinner gazing across the moonlit harbour, her nudity, her impatience to be fucked. Consequently I was not surprised, although I was disappointed, when I knew that I was about to cum almost as soon as I started to fuck her.

Fortunately it seemed that Lilly was as aroused as I was, because just as I started to squirt my load inside her, she too was cumming. We clung to each other for ages after our shared orgasm as the euphoria gradually faded.

"Oh, Phil, that was wonderful.

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I'm so glad that Sarah pushed us together." "Me too. How about another drink together, before we go to bed?" So we sat together, still naked, in the living room, sipping our wine and chatting about all sorts of things. I was enjoying myself so much that I didn't realise how late it was until Angie arrived home with Tom, Dick and Harriet. They were already naked by the time they came into the living room, and, judging by the way that they were feeling each other up, they were very randy, so I was not surprised that they did not stay to chat, but instead rushed off to Angie's huge bed together.

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"You know, Phil, you still haven't cum in my mouth. How about it?" So we stood up, I turned all the lights out while Lilly used the bathroom, then I went for a pee before we clambered into bed together. Lilly had me lie on my back, then positioned herself on top of me in a 69 position. I felt her lips sliding up and down my cock, then I lost myself in the pleasure of exploring her cunt with my tongue. It did not take long before I knew from the moisture on my face and the movements of her body that Lilly was cumming, then that wonderful feeling swept over my body as I pumped my third load for the evening down her throat.

"Lilly. I've had the most wonderful evening with you. Thank you." "Don't thank me, thank Sarah for making this happen." "When next I see her I'll thank her. In the mean time, I very much hope that we can do this again, soon." "Well. Sarah said that I should stay until Monday morning. If that's all right with you I think that we can do it all again tomorrow.


How does that sound?" "Perfect. Good night." To be continued in "Sarah left me 7"