Ebony babe shakes her big ass on webcam

Ebony babe shakes her big ass on webcam
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Hi, I am Pranali.

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Let me tell you something about me I am in 10 standard(grade).I am the only child to my parents so I am pampered in all possible ways I have brown eyes that make all boys go crazy.I am a hot peoperty amongst boys u see.I have perfect round and firm melons and firm ass and I like to keep my pussy clean I hate even a single hair on my lovehole In school I dont have many friends I always hangout with Aaisha and Aasma my bestiee friends,other than these two I chat with Harry and his gf Priyanka.

Aaisha was a proper blonde.She was fair had blonde hair,brown eye's,and a eye pleasing figure 36/34/36 literally.She was a carefree and loud person.She had many friends and many flings.She never liked to obey anyone,she belived she was the queen.Her father was a hotlelier had many Restaurants in India and U.K.

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he married a blonde in U.K. So in her initial studies were from U.K. after her mothers death they shifted to India and she got admission in our school. Coming to Aasma was very fair,as if she didn't had blood but milk flowing inside her.

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green eye's,dark black hair very silky she looked like a sexy16 year old.Had well to-do figure sufficient curve's and bulge's and enough flesh wherever required. We finished our first semester exam and Harry came upto me and asked if me and my bestiees would join them for a sleepover at his farmhouse I was more than happy to join him and later also convinced my two idiot friends.

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We had decided to go thursday night take a leave on Friday Saturday-Sunday we have holiday and another leave on Monday and come directly to school from his farmhouse. So we had a long weekend to get naughty On thursday after school Aasma and Aaisha had come to my place to help me with the packing Pranali-Gals I m not able to decide what to take and what not help me you bitches dont just eat and watch that fucking ftv.


Aaisha-Chill out sexy do one thing first take all your innerwares Your bra,thongs,slips panties your pads if you need them ;) Pranali-ohhh I kn.Aaisha cut me off and asked Aaisha-btw,what's your size and what you where those old aunty types panties or what. and both the girls let out a giggle while I had sarcastic look. I went near her moved a finger along her face and cheeks sat on her laps and placed my hands around her neck looked into her eyes giving her a sexy look and with a sexy tone and in a hushed voice.

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Pranali-As if U dont know? Aaisha-Nodded her head and replied negative. Pranali-Is it but I am not going to tell you.You'll have to find out sexy ;) and I slided on to my bed. Aaisha-so il have to do the hard work to get to know the size.

Pranali-No gain without pain my love eater. Aaisha sprung upon me to catch me but I sliped out of her hands she kept running behind me over the bed around the bed throwing pillows but to vain she couldnt catch me.

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Aaisha winked at Aasma as if she hinted her something and know it was both Aasma and Aaisha trying to grab me for a few minutes I escaped from both of them but finally Aaisha got hold of me picked me up and took me to on bed. Pranali-Aaisha no no please I was just joking see I have the packing left Harry will be here at anytime but my pleas were to listened by none and to make me quite she locked my lips with her.

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it send chills down my spine and let myself loose. Aaisha got hold of my shirt and ripped it apart and revealed my bra clad boobs. Aaisha-OMG. thats sad your size hasent increased at all you need a massage. Pranali-Yeah,You were busy with your boy's so why would you find time for me :( Aaisha-dont worry I am here now so next four days I will take nice care of you.


When Aaisha was talking I suddenly felt some activity happening om down part.I glanced over the room and guess what I didnt find Aasma anywhere.So now u know who it would be I pushed Aaisha from top of me and got hold of Aasma to ask her what was she doing. In the mean time she had slipped my shorts down my legs and had her hand on my pussy when she looked at me.

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Aasma-What why you looking at me you two kept on talking and I couldnt resist u seeing in that position so I plunged down hearing this me and aaisha,started to laugh and I called aasma close to me and I planted a kiss on her cheek and on lip's. Seeing this Aaisha got jealous and she took my panties down and entered my pussy she was very good at eating the pussy thats why I called her loveater. Aasma sighed deeply and pulled my bra off to reveal my bare chest She ran her hand down my chest and I felt ripples shiver through me, she squeezed my mounds firmly in her hand, and pinched the nipple gently and I gave out a little squeal.

I looked down to see my panties nestled firmly puffy lips of my loveater.The crotch was damp with fluids and juice.The tingles had intensified and I hastily pulled down the panties and threw them on the floor.Aaisha slowly inserted her finger into my warm pussy and ran it up and down the middle of my lips gently, pushing inside slightly so that she could brush against my love button every time she stroked upwards.

I began to moan and groan faster now as Aaisha began to push a little deeper with her finger and she even added another finger and pinched my love button and Aasma was on my lips and I was not letting her in her desperate measure's were getting me horny she pinched my all ready rock hard nipples so hard that I opened my lips and let her enter me and with so much of build the very next moment a volcano of juices exploded within me and I let out long and loud moan out in the room.I felt my pussy lips begin to squeeze and contract and I felt juice's oozing out my hairless pussy.

Aasma realising I had an orgasm she flung down on my pussy to lick me clean and there was a kind of war between Aaisha and Aasma for my juices and this made me explode again and this time it was a, heavy juicefall as two tounges and twenty fingers worked on me and this time I came on their faces. Guys this is my 2nd story I hope there will be less mistakes from my last story I am also planning to write the complete story where pranali fucks both but it depends on your reviews.