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Bi boys emo gay sex and young slave teen boy movies He was highly
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I travelled back to Forks three months after that highly eventful night at the beginning of June. I would not be able to look that dog Jacob in the eye if I were unlucky enough to see him in town. Not after that shameful night in the woods, where I was forced to share, forced to allow him to take part in breaking in the love of my life, MY Bella!

I needed the time away from this place. Away from Jacob, who would be walking around smirking in self satisfaction at what had happened that night. But I had to come back. This place is my home, but most of all I had to return home to my Bella. She had been punished enough.


I had been punished enough. I could forgive her for entering the woods with that beast that night. I know why she had done it. She thought I would never return to her. But, for me that was impossible! I could not be without Bella anymore. Walking up to the door, I was slightly grateful that her father was not there. Bella's truck was, however. I took a deep breath and walked toward the house.

But before I could get to the house Bella appeared at the open doorway. She looked more radiant than even my mind had remembered. Her dark hair was untied and a little longer than when I last saw her.

Her pale face was beautiful, sad looking, her luscious lips were parted in shock her wonderful dark eyes wide in disbelief.

They filled with tears. Without a word Bella rushed to me. I threw out my arms as she thudded into my chest, sobbing. I kissed her sweet smelling hair tenderly. "I'm back now, I'm here my Belle" I whispered softly. For two hours we walked through the town, through the woods.

Bella asking me where I had been, what I had seen. I asked her about her father, her friends. She had been seeing the rest of my adoptive family over the past three months. She said it would make her feel closer to me. I told Bella how much Alice enjoyed her visits. Bella smiled.

"I told her about… about us" She said awkwardly. Well one of us had to bring it up in conversation. Even so, my head turned sharply at her last comment. "What did you tell her?!" I asked sharply. "That we, well we, you know&hellip." Bella trailed off, looking at the ground. "Did you mention him?" I asked. "Of course not!" Bella cried in surprise.

"Do you really think I want her- or anyone knowing what happened that night?!" I was filled with relief! My family, although wonderful, would not look kindly on Bella, or myself for that matter, had they known about our filthy sojourn deep in the woods with that dirty angry beast. "And have you seen him?" I asked. "Y-yes.

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Only about town and when his father comes to visit my dad" Bella looked uneasy, so I decided to leave it there. I could trust her. We had found our way back to my residence. My adoptive family were out. The house was empty. This was perfect! I felt a stirring in my loins. My blood may not be warm but it sure knew where to head! Bella lead me up to my room. I closed the door. We stood, facing ones another.

Bella stared up at me. Oh! She was beautiful! Her breathing was laboured I could hear her heart, pumping all that warm luscious blood around her amazing body. Her lips were parted. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed, long and hard. Her soft lips felt heavenly! So hot and tasty! I was getting worked up! I massaged her mouth with my own. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth. It tasted so good! I must stop! I wanted to bite her juicy lips, her tasty tongue! I kissed her cheek, moving down to her ear, her hair smelled so sweet.

I was breathing heavily now, as I reached her neck, I knew what I was going to do! I kissed her neck first, just with my lips. Bella gasped. She was shivering, my saliva was working its magic! I nipped her neck quickly. Bella yelped slightly, pulling back. Even that tiny nip had drawn blood from her pale soft skin. The smell drove me wild. I dived in, sucking up the small droplets of blood from her neck. Bella shivered. Down below I was throbbing now. Even in us vampires we still get those human urges!

Bella must have felt it against her waist. She slid her petite hand down to my crotch and gently ran her fingers over my big bulge. I groaned softly in approval and Bella got rougher, squeezing my stiff serpent, making wild. I wanted to taste her again! I leaned in and licked her neck where the blood was running down her small top. With her free hand Bella unbuttoned my shirt. She looked into my eyes as she did this. I loved her even more than I had ever though possible!

I never wanted anyone else! I placed my hands upon her hips and moved them up to her waist and then to her midriff, slipping her top upwards, over her head. Her breasts, her breasts! Her fantastic breasts, clad in a silky black bra. Big enough for me to cup one perfect globe in each hand. Which I did with great gusto!

Bella still teased my solid length through my trousers. I needed her so much! Now I was grinding against her hand. I unclipped her bra. Her breasts barely moved as her cups fell to the floor, so pert and so firm they were! I licked her pert, pink nipples until they were hard. I was desperate to feed from her tender tits, but I knew I must not! Bella was now unfastening the buttons of my trousers and so I reciprocated!

Her jeans were tight, so as I pulled them down past her hips. Her silky panties (matching her bra!) came down with her jeans. I saw her dark bush, barely covering her fabulous tight hole. Just a neat little strip of hair was present, Bella clearly looked after herself! Bella swiftly yanked down my trousers, pulling my underwear down as well.

My enormous cock (though I do say so myself!) popped out, making a wet slapping noise against my muscular belly as it sprang up from the elastic that had been restraining it. Bella fell to her knees and eagerly grabbed me in her hands and tugged my cold throbbing penis fast and hard. She was staring, fascinated at my bulging pink head. I was too excited! I was desperate to bite her again and taste her, but instead I grasped her head and impaled it upon myself.

Bella gulped as she struggled to come to terms with the big piece of vampire meat in between her hot lips. Her head bobbed back and forth.

I was in seventh heaven. Thrusting my big rod into her mouth I continued to hold her bobbing head. We carried on like this for some time. Bella on her knees, mouth engorged, me, standing bow legged, hands on each side of her head, pumping.

Presently I pulled Bella up by her shoulders and, kissing one another we stumbled over to the bed. I pushed her down and pinned her on the bed. Bella opened her slender legs. I ran a finger up her left thigh.

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Bella squirmed as I located her moist opening. We were both so hot for one another! I teased her erect bud, making her moan.

Her moans became louder, my groans got deeper. I nibbled her neck, tasting her warm blood. It got me wild! My probing prick found the warm, sweet, wet hole. I eased my pounding head into the hole. Bella stiffened, readying herself for penetration. I pinned her arms down and pushed. "Oooooooh!" We groaned in unison. Sinking into her warmth was easier than the fist time, but she was still tight, gripping me like a finger trap.

She felt unbelievably amazing! Bella had a mixed look of pain and pleasure on her face, she was whimpering quietly, eyes closed with a slight frown on her stunning young face. Suddenly I smelt the strong scent of blood, too much to be coming from her wound on her neck. Looking down slyly I could see my hard-on disappearing into her puss.

It was caked in blood! She was obviously still too tight for him. That must taste good! "Oooh Edward! Keep pounding me!" Bella gasped, raising her legs in the air, to allow me to penetrate her deeper. I did so until my big flopping testicles were pressed against her perfect butt cheeks. Bella's blood leaked onto my balls as well as my dick. Her thighs were smeared also, the smell of it spurred me on and I was now pummelling her super quick!

Bella was close to cumming I could sense it. She was twitching slightly and gasping, swearing under her breath. All of a sudden she took a hold of my clenched buttocks, sinking her nails in. I pumped ridiculously fast, like a machine as Bella gushed quivering all over. "HOOOOOOOOOOOOH Edwaaaaard!!" She cried, bucking against my crotch roughly. I pulled my blood drenched bone from her blood smeared cunt. I was desperate to lick her clean, I was so stiff and horny, still. As I went down to her crotch to feed, the door creaked.

We both started. A pretty head poked round. Short rusty brown hair and a sweeping fringe across her attractive hazel eyes. She sniffed the air. It was Alice Cullen! My adoptive sister! Hastily I tried to cover my hard penis up. Bella squealed, attempting to hide her own modesty.

"Don't worry you two! I've seen much worse before!" Giggled Alice in her cheery way. She did not seem at all fazed at seeing the two of us in such a compromising position. "I smell blood" Alice commented. She strode over to us and roughly pulled the covers back. "Oh no, no! This won't do!" She joked, staring at my juicy red soaked willy. Her eyes came to rest on the squirming Bella's gash.

Alice looked hungry. She looked beautiful when she was hungry. I know we were family, or at least lived as a family, but I had always admired her from across the dinner table.

But I never would have tried anything, she was too much like a real sister to me. Plus her soul mate Jasper might have had something to say to me!

But now Alice was here, looking at my Belle's beautiful, blood covered snatch. She lowered herself down and inhaled. Her beautiful eyes closed. She looked as though she was in ecstasy. I looked at Bella. She looked awkward and uneasy. I nodded to her reassuringly. "Its ok." Alice said catching Bella's uncomfortable gaze. "We're all friends here" Alice whispered going back to her hypnotic gaze at Bella's honey pot.

She lowered herself to Bella's crotch. Alice's nose was inches away from her pussy. Her pink tongue darted out across Bella's clitoris. Bella gasped bucking once. Alice appeared to be in heaven. She was shaking and gasping. "So long have I longed for blood. So long I have refrained from it.! She whispered, her voice wobbling. Alice licked Bell's thighs clean, first left, then right. Bella was now gyrating again, obviously desperate for Alice to lick her again.

I was mesmerised. Suddenly I realised just how stiff I was! Tentatively I placed a hand upon my adoptive sister's fine rump and began rubbing it, massaging it. Alice did not complain so I carried on.

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I found my way between her legs. She was wearing tight leggings beneath her loose frilly dressed. Her juicy pussy felt great through the tight cotton cladding. It was fleshier than Bella's and as I kept rubbing Alice began gyrating against my fingers. She was getting nice and damp at my touch. It was seeping through the fabric.

I looked over Alice's shoulder (she was on all fours). Her head was now buried between my Bella's wide open legs. She was lapping up the blood, her tongue darting in and out at a terrific rate.

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Bella's hole was still gaping from my cock's visit. Alice also noticed the gaping gash. Blood was still present up there and Alice poked her tongue up again and again.

Bella was again gasping and bucking and holding Alice's sweet head, forcing her further up into her glory hole. I was now yanking my wood hard in my right hand while continuing to pleasure Alice with my left. My thumb was now tracing circles into her fine butt hole. I couldn't believe my luck! I had only been back a matter of hours and my dreams had come true!

Reconciled with my beautiful girlfriend, and watching her being pleasured and fed upon by my hot sister, whom I was hoping to take, if my luck was in! I do hope Jasper does not come in! I thought to myself. "Jasper is away for the night." Alice had read my mind! She turned to me from her all fours position. Her cute nose was smudged with Bella's blood. I lunged forth, our lips locked. I could taste Bella on her lips and on her tongue, we got more and more passionate.

I tore at her clothes roughly. Her sweet tits were exposed. Very palelike Bella's, but darker nipples and slightly bigger than Bella's. I massaged them greedily grabbing handful after handful and licking her nips. I could feel Bella's beautiful foot creeping up my thigh, reaching my balls and very carefully rubbing them.

"mmmmmmmm!! YyyyeeeeeAAAAAAAAHH!" I moaned foolishly.


Bella was using her other foot to pull down Alice's leggings. I was so excited! I was about to see my sister's pussy thanks to my girlfriend! Bella hooked her big toe round the skinny lace of Alice's panty crotch and yanked it off. She was totally bald!

I was about to sink down onto my belly and feed, when my Bella, my beautiful Belle, lunged forward and, poking her cute little tongue out and wriggled it against Alice's wet slit. "Ooooooooooohhhhhh C'mon sweetie, yeeeeeeeaaaah!!" Alice cried, grinding against her little friend's face.

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Alice then sank forwards over Bella's exposed crotch and yet again began feeding upon my girl's vagina. I sat back on my haunches and wanked while watching the vampire and human 69 one another. The girls were engrossed in one another's wet snatches. I could hear soft moans and wet slurping noises and I could see the pink tongues whipping in and out of each hot little mouth.

I was almost ready to cum! But first I had to fuck my sister! Alice saw where I was heading. "No no no! Wait a minute! You can't take me, not with that blood covered cock!

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Jasper will smell you out immediately" Alice said looking up from her feast. " Well you had best clean it up then!" I said, offering my big tool for her to swallow. Alice obliged and engulfed me deeply, unlike Bella, she was able to deep throat my dick and it felt gooood!! She sucked me good and hard, presumably to get all the blood of Bella off my shaft. "Oooh its soo good!" I grunted "Mmmm mmm mmm mm!" My beautiful sister replied, her mouth full to the brim with vampire meat.

Jasper certainly was a lucky guy! Alice pulled away. My shaft was shining clean. I left her to get back to pussy munching as I headed to the other end of the two writhing bodies.

I aimed my shining schlong over Bella's face aligning it with Alice's bald cunt. Bella playfully licked my engorged bell end as it dribbled pre cum into her eager mouth. Then I took the plunge, I knew it would be intense and I would have to be careful not to injure Bella, but I just could not contain myself any longer.

In I plunged. Alice lurched forward I thrust hard. Alice moaned loudly. And then we began! "UH UH UH UH UH UH UUUUUH!!" I grunted pounding Alice rhythmically with the mechanical methodology of a cog in a machine.

Alice pushed back, reciprocating the action. Every now and again I felt my balls slap Bella in the face. Peeking down below I could see her attempting to keep licking Alice's clitty, despite the hard drilling she was receiving.

Suddenly Bella began bucking again, her second orgasm of the day! This time Alice was the culprit! She had carried on licking and nibbling, as I fucked her from behind. This made me wild with the horn! I was now pumping Alice so hard and so fast it was like a super speed pneumatic drill. Alice bucked and pumped equally as hard and fast as I was, for a moment I forgot little Bella was below us.

Remembering suddenly, I pulled Alice to one side so that we fell sideways onto the bed, avoiding crushing the gasping panting Bella beneath us. I was still lodged deep inside Alice and we continued our furious, bone shattering pounding for several minutes more. Looking over at my Belle I could see she was mesmerised by the superhuman speed at which we were fucking.

She was strumming herself yet again, obviously turned on by what she saw! Alice guided Bella's skinny finger to her cock filled cunt and got her teasing her own clitoris.

Within minutes Alice started bucking harder than ever, her body went into spasms, like she was having a seizure. She screamed out as her hot orgasm took her body to heaven and back again! This was too much for me! Groaning loudly I whipped my fat dong out and threw myself in front of the two stunning girls and let fly my superhuman white hot spunk.

It boiled up deep in my loins, I felt it rushing up my base, all the way up my long shaft and with a loud spurting sound creamy thick jet, after creamy thick jet of jizz shot out of my pulsating dick end, plastering Beautiful Bella's pale pretty face and jet black hair, and splattering Adorable Alice's angelic eyes tight shut, whilst it ran down her cheeks, chin and onto her big mams. Edward, what a lucky Vampire you are! I thought to myself slumping back to the cushions as the two girls cleaned themselves up.

"Too right you are!" Grinned Alice naughtily, flashing her winning smile. END After some constuctive criticism on one of my past twilight texts I have changed the narrative point of view for this story and tried to research the book a little more in the hope that it will be more true to the real books! Hope you enjoy, feel free to comment as ever!