Lusty hunk gives demure playgirl a sensational vagina pounding

Lusty hunk gives demure playgirl a sensational vagina pounding
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Brianna and I swam next to one another. We got face to face and we embraced in a hug. We rested our foreheads together. I looked down at her beautiful body, distorted by the clear water. We pecked kisses on each other as I ran my hands up and down her back. "So what time should I come over?" She asked. "I dunno." I said. "Just wait until the lights are off in my house.

My parents will be asleep. Just text me and I'll come down and let you in." "Alright. Then I'll see you tonight." She said, kissing me. I nodded my head. She grabbed my flaccid cock.

"And no beating off. I want you to be ready for me." She said. I promised I'd try my hardest and winked at her. I swam down and scooped her bikini bottoms up and handed her her top. She exited the pool and I watched her put her bikini cling to her, covering her wet body.

She bent down and picked something up. My trunks. "You don't need these." She said with a smile. "Oh come on, Brianna." I said. With that, she motioned for me to exit the pool. I made my way out, using my hands to cover my private area. She giggled at me and made her hand into a gun.


"Reach for the sky!" She said. I slowly raised my hands, allowing my cock to dangle. "Looks like my gun's bigger." She said, laughing. "Oh yeah? I know how to use mine!" I said. I chased after her and caught her. She raised the trunks above her head, but I was taller.

I grabbed them with one hand and used the over to dive into the front of her bikini bottoms. I rammed my finger into her pussy. She bent over laughing and I snatched my trunks and slipped them on. As she turned to walk home, I gave her ass a playful smack.

I watched her ass bounce as she walked to her house. Just before she was out of sight, she turned and gave me a smile. I put my head down and smiled to myself.

I left my pool and walked inside and went upstairs. I took my wet trunks off and threw them on my floor. I laid down on my bed, letting the air conditioning cover my wet body.

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I laid there and thought about what had just happened. After months of avoiding and denying her, I finally gave Brianna her prize. Then I thought about Heather.

Damn it. After I gave her that long speech about it just being me and her. I wasn't worried about Heather finding out about Brianna and I fucking, because Brianna wanted it so bad she wouldn't dare jeopardize the situation. And I still loved Heather. I'd have to explain to Bri that it was just sex, not a relationship.

I started thinking about Briannas great pussy and amazing ass. My cock began to twitch back to life until it was pointing straight at the ceiling. I wrapped my hand around it, but remembered what Brianna had instructed. I let go and closed my eyes. I drifted off to sleep and when I woke up it was dark out. I put some shorts on and walked downstairs.

Mom and Dad were still awake. I sat down in my chair watched some TV with them. After a little while, Mom and Dad announced they'd be going to bed.


They told me goodnight and shut the lights off. Here we go. I went back upstairs and got on my computer. Some time had passed and I almost hoped Brianna had gotten caught up in something else.

Of course, as soon as I'd hoped that, my phone went off. New message. I opened my phone to find a picture message from Brianna.

She was standing in front of a mirror wearing a black thong and black bra. The message read "Ready? " With little fanfare, I replied "Yup." I walked downstairs and waited by the door. Soon enough, I saw the door open and Brianna came walking out of her house. She made her way down the sidewalk and to my door. I opened it up and she walked in. I directed her upstairs quickly. She had stepped into a pair of shorts and a small tank top before she came over.

She stepped into my room and looked around slowly. She sat down on my bed and leaned back. "Bet I'm not the first girl to be in here like this." She said. "Can't say you are." I said, honestly. "Did you ever do Kay in here?" She asked.

"Why?" I asked. "Just wondered." She said. "Well, only a few times." I said. "Most of the time it was at your house." "Oh. Haha. Believe me, I know it." She said. "We got kinda loud sometimes." I said.

"I know. But I liked it better when you were at my house. I could hear you." She said. "You like that?" I asked. "Honestly, I'd listen to Kay moaning and you grunting.

God. I'd lay in bed and finger myself pretending that you were doing me instead." she said. "Well, you don't have to pretend anymore." I said. "Thank God." She said. I laid on the bed next to her and we scooted up to the pillows.

We faced each other and got very close. I ran my hand up and down her side. "So why me?" I asked. "What?" She asked. "Why do you want me so bad?" I asked. "Well." She started "You were my first. Surprise! Haha.

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Um. Really, I don't know. I tried to have sex with other guys but they just didn't know what they were doing and they came to soon.

I'd just start to feel good and they'd blow." "Well it's not really their sexy as you are." I said. I leaned in and was rewarded with a kiss. "I didn't feel very sexy when you left me that night." She said. "Oh.I'm sorry, Bri." I said.

"That made me feel terrible. I didn't know what was wrong. I do now, though. I just got caught up in the moment when I said that." she said. "Oh, no. It's not your fault." I said.

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I kissed her again to solidify my point. "I'm over it." She said. "What's important is that we're here now." I wasn't sure how to take that. So I decided now was as good a time as ever to explain our situation. "Listen, Bri, you know this is just sex, right?" I asked. "Oh, Relax, Bret." She said. "I don't expect you to love me or want to be with me. I know how you feel. I'm just here to make you feel good." "You're doing a great job." I said.

Brianna climbed on top of me and ran her hands down my bare chest. I placed my hands on her hips. She looked at me for awhile and leaned down so I could kiss her once more.

My cock was so damn hard and her snatch was sitting right on top of it. I slipped my fingers under the waistband of her shorts. I hooked the sides of her thong and pulled them up so they were visible. She definitely looked sexy. She noticed the hard lump she was sitting on and started to grind down into it. I ran my hands down to the bottom of her tank top and pulled up on it.

She assisted and pulled it off. I reached up with my hands and cupped her bra-covered breasts. I pulled down on the cups, exposing her tits. Seeing the bra had lost its purpose, Brianna removed it. Brianna leaned down and her breasts dangled in my face. I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked on it gently. Brianna raised herself up once more and yanked her shorts down as far as she could. There was the thong.

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Fuck it. I reached out and yanked her panties down as well. She stood on the bed and kicked the garments off. While she was up, I removed my shorts. Brianna brought herself back down slowly. She lined me up with her and came down hard. I laid my hands at my sides and allowed her to fuck me. She bounced furiously, tiny yelps escaping her mouth.

Her breasts swayed with the motion of her body. I simply laid there and watched her work. Her hips had a simple rock to them as she bounced. She was attacking my cock from all angles. She stopped bouncing long enough to swivel around and face away from me as she rocked her hips.

This angle gave me the perfect view of her ass.

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I could feel every slight movement of her body. Her hot, hot pussy rubbed against my raw cock. To my surprise, Brianna dismounted. She came up and straddled my face, still facing away from me. She lowered her face to my pelvic area. Her mouth opened and I was being sucked into Heaven. I looked at my best view: Briannas ripe pussy right in my face.

It was red from the friction we had created. Instead of giving her the pleasure of cunnilingus, I simply puckered my lips and kissed it. I felt the velvety smoothness of her mouth around my cock, her hand around the lower part of my shaft, tugging furiously.

Before long, my hips were in motion with her bobbing head and I was fucking her face. Not long after this, I felt my balls tug and my cock erupted in her mouth.

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Like a champ, Brianna downed every last bit of my cum. She got off of me, turned around and snuggled next to me. I gave her a long kiss.

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I could taste myself on her. It was hott. She told me all she wanted to do was make me feel good. She'd done it.