Dude gets some cash to fuck a dude

Dude gets some cash to fuck a dude
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I first met Natalie and Janet at a club in London.My brother-in-law introduced us as they worked on the same floor as him at the bank.We only made idle chat for five minutes but I remembered them saying they lived together and that they were looking for a flat mate to help out with the rent.So a couple of weeks later when my transfer came through I got Barry to hook us up.

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We met in a small cafe and worked out the details.Natalie was the friendlier of the two, full of nervous laughs and wild hand gestures.She had long brown hair and wide round eyes.Janet, meanwhile, had a slightly aloof manner and a sarcastic way of saying things.She was younger than Natalie, 22 maybe, and had blonde hair matched with a "chewing a wasp" expression mouth.

I moved in a week later and for most of the first month I was flat out at work, never home before 8pm and I hardly saw them.I finally had a day off and I couldn't believe my luck as to those few precious hours as I recount them to you now. I was sat in the kitchen, enjoying a cup of coffee when the door opened and Natalie came in.She looked shocked I ws there and had certainly thought I'd gone to work.


"Day off?" she asked. "Yep" "I thought you'd left for the day." "Nope." Natalie was dressed in a short, virtually see-through nightie.It was cold and the low cut of the dress showed her swollen nipples sticking out.Her legs were long and shapely, toned but still curved.She stood waiting for the kettle to boil.I couldn't keep my eyes from the two bumps sticking out at right angles.She caught me looking and smiled a naughty grin.

"Just ask, I'd be glad to show you some time," she purred.


I felt myself blush.Slowly she turned round and leaned forward for a mug.Natalie knew exactly what she was doing as the nightie slid up her luscious hips.She was wearing no panties.The globes of her bum cheeks parted and I caught a glimpse of her soft pussy lips and little brown rosebud of an arsehole.As quick as it came it was gone again.I was speechless as she turned and left the room without a word.

Confused and slightly achy in the trouser department, I went shopping and then to the gym, all the time wondring if I was on a promise. When I got back I realised I'd forgotten my keys so I used the back door.The house was darka nd there were strange noises coming from the front room.As I got closer I could see the flash of the television tube and a lamp on.I peeked round the doorway.

On the TV, a petite brunette with bee stung tits was strapped naked to a leather couch, bent at the waist.A huge dildo smothered in vaseline protruded from between her legs, the bulbous end stuffed in her vagina, her hole bloated and crimson red tight.A frizzy haired blonde wearing a ball gag mask was spanking her with a hair brush whilst pinching her own nipples and moaning around her oral constraint.

I turned to the sofa.Janet and Natalie sat side by side, a hand in each others lap, rubbing and stroking.Natalie was naked except for a pink mini skirt hitched up round her slender stomach.Her eyes were half closed and she kept running her tongue over her lips.Janet was wearing thigh high black PVC boots and a leather strapped top with the zip three quarters down.She had full breasts with small bright pink nipples, harsh and standout next to her milky white skin.Both their pussys were completely shaved.I stood mesmerisd as Natalie began to moan.Then I sneezed.

They both jumped and Natalie stood, clicking on the light.I had my mouth open.

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"How embarrasing" said Natalie, throwing an arm over her ample chest. "He had to know some time.Better late than never," countered Janet. She completely unzipped her top and threw it to the floor.She began pulling at the boots, spreading her legs wide.There was love juice glistening on the inside of her thighs and her dark hole was slightly dilated.Her clitoris was a tiny little button of dark red flesh.

"So, breeder," she said, lighting a cigarette, "liked what you saw, I'll bet." "Don't be so cruel," scolded Natalie.

I could feel my cock stirring but I didn't want to show Janet her little lezzie show was affecting me. "Sorry for bursting in," I blurted, "I'll leave you to it, I'm going for a shower." I left the room, ran upstairs and turned on the shower before scrambling out of my clothes and stepping in.My prick was as hard as a rock and I dolloped some gel on my hand a slowly started to masturbate.

About two minutes later I heard the door open and shut.I turned round, penis sticking out like a tent pole, head purple and swollen, as Natalie stepped under the shower nozzle. "Nat." I didn't finish my sentence as she stuck her tongue down my throat and started to rub up against me, clawing at my arse.She stopped and knelt down, her face inches from my prick as the water cascaded over us.She licked the end and I groaned with pleasure.She took me in her mouth and licked my frenum, slowly taking more and more of my length in.I put my hands on her head and moved her faster.As I was about to cum Natalie stopped and licked her nipples and the cleft between her breasts, before licking the end of my cock and lacing it between her tits and squeezing them hard and fast, pistoning my shaft until I could stand it no more and came all over her face and chest.She licked all the salty mix up she could reach, stood up and left the shower, walked out of the bathroom and shut the door without a word.

I quickly threw a towel around my waist and followed her, hoping for an opportunity to repay the favour.As I turned the corner to her room Janet blocked my path, naked as the day she was born, hand between her legs, softly stroking her clit.

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"She's a sucker for a cock," laughed Janet, jumping on the bed next to Natalie.Natalie looked sheepish and began rubbing her finger around one of her nipples. "You're just jealous you haven't got one of these," I replied, pointing to the ever increasing bulge under my towel.

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"So you think you're the first, do you?" Janet snapped, "Well, you're not let me tell you.I just don't think you'll match up.Come here and do your best."She pointed at her pussy.

I didn't need telling twice.I pulled away the towel from my waist and buried my face in her sweet smelling cunt.I leisurely licked her pussy lips before teasing her clitoris and pushing my tongue up her wet love hole.I slurped on her juices as she forced my head down, panting and yelping.

As I began rimming her puckered litle anal ring and licking from her arsehole to clit, Natalie came up net to me, two fingers pumping in and out of her crack, and started to masturbate me.When I was back to full firmness, Janet told me stop.She slid out from underneath me, gone on all fours and stuck her bum cheks in my face. "Fuck me you dirty bastard," she sighed. I bent over her and placed the tip of my prick at her entrance.I slid about an inch in and Janet moaned.She was so tight I nearly came straight away.

Janet slapped my bum and slowly I pushed all the way in.I pumped slowly at first and started to speed up as Janet began to writhe and diddle her clit.I leant forward and grabbed hold of her tits, squeezing and flicking her nipples just like I had seen in the porno earlier.

Soon I felt my climax start to take hold.I thrust hard and deep and Janet shuddered and screamed in orgasm, head back and buttocks quivering.In the excitement I had forgotten about Natalie.Suddenly I felt the tip of her tongue lick my arsehole and the shock and pleasure proved too much.I pulled out of Janet and wanked furiously, spraying jet after jet of spunk over her arse and back.Spent, I collapsed in a heap on the bed, drenched in sweat and breathing heavily.Natalie looked all coy.

"What about me?" she said, parting her legs and sliding a finger around her tight arsehole. TO BE CONTINUED.

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