Petite slut Gianna Love fucks her little twat with a toy

Petite slut Gianna Love fucks her little twat with a toy
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My name is Leslie Amadeus. I am a senior at The Univercity of Idaho studiying chemistry. I am pretty. I have long blond hair, blue eyes, and am about 5'10". My mother was killed when I was an infant and therefore I was raised by my father. Since I was always very pretty boys were always giving me attention, but father was very protective, and never really let me date.

People tend to think I am a snob because of my quiet nature. I don't think of myself as a snob. I'm just quiet and to myself. I enjoy studying and reading.

My grades are very important to me, and I have made the deans honor list for the past two years. Not things boys are all that interested in. Boys often ask me out, and I am curious, but between my work and studies I don't have any time. So they call me a stuck up bitch. One day I am studying in my favorite spot in the library. It is on the top floor in the corner with a huge corner window. It is very secluded.

Most kids don't come to this section of the library. And as usual I was the only one there.

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I was admiring the sunny campus when a boy walked in. He was walking right at me and I recognized him as one of the fraturnity boys that had asked me out awhile ago. Hi Leslie, he said. Remember me.Jack? Yeah, I remember you I said, thinking of how angry he was when I wouldn't go out with him. Do you mind if I sit here? He asked.


I said nothing. He sat down in the chair right next to me. I could feel his eyes going over my body. He made me feel very uncomfortable. Suddenly he said. Leslie, don't move, there is a big spider on your back. I didn't know if he was serious are not, but he looked truely concerned. Don't move he said. I'll get it for you. He got out of his chair and walked behind me.

I stayed real still. Suddenly I feel a sting in my shoulder and look back and see Jack sticking a syringe full of a bright yellow color liquid and pushing it into my body. I tried to swat him away, but was too late as he released the full vial into me.

I felt a warm sensation travel through my body. I felt as if I would faint. Jack just stared down at me and said. I am your master. I stared at him and without knowing why I said. I am your slave. Why did I say that I asked myself, but did nothing. You will completely forget that I stuck that needle into you.

He said to me. I have no idea what needle he is talking about. Leslie, your cunt is getting very warm, and you are feeling incredibly horny. He was right. I never have sexual feelings, but as he spoke, my vagina was getting warm and starting to perspire. I had an urge to touch myself. I have never felt like doing that before, but right now it is almost uncontrolable, and Jack is standing right next to me.

Watching me. He said nothing as I began to squirm on my seat. Go ahead slave, feel yourself. He said. My hand instantly went down my stomach and under my green surgical pants and into my panties. Oh my God, what is happening to me. Why am I pleasuring myself here in the library in front of this boy. But I can't stop myself. My fingers industrily work in my vagina. It is wet, warm.ohhhhhh ggaaaaaaaaa. I am so humiliated I think as my hand glides over my pubic hair.

I don't know what has happened. Get it Les.hit that snatch.Let it loose, cum in front of me right now. He said, and with that I felt a building in my stomach. Hits like a hammer in my thighs. Oh it comes. My finger digging, scratching, stroking my drenched clit. My toes tighten in my shoes.oh God, here it comes. Aahhhhhhhhggggg.

Oh my God I feel a squirting sensation, like I am peeing, but I am not. Another surge and another shot of the fluid squirts in my panties. My fingers gettting drenched. A big wet stain appears in the crotch of my pants. Wow, Jack says, your a squirter!!!!

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That is sooo cool. I have heard that girls do that, but I never seen it before. I had never had an orgasm before, so I was as suprised about it as he was. My boyfriend always wanted sex from me, but I thought it wasn't right, so I always gave him handjobs. That is why he broke up with me. That was the closest thing to sex I had ever had.

Now I had just climaxed in the library in front of a strange boy. Lick your fingers slave. Jack said. I pulled my hand out of my drenched panties and brought it to my mouth, and began licking my juices off of my fingers. What does it taste like Leslie? Kind of salty and sticky.gross.

NO.Les it is delicious. Go get some more. Mmmmmmmm my fingers taste so good. I must have more. I thought. I again stick my fingers in my wet vagina and bring the tatsy nectar up and greedily feed my wanting mouth. Ummmmmm, like candy. Get some more. My hand again finds my vagina, and again I can't wait to get it in my mouth. Jack watches me eating my juice and says Leslie, from now on, everytime you cum you will have an uncontrolable urge to taste your own juices.

I nod my head as I continue to enjoy my tasty fingers. Jack stands above me laughing. You stupid Cunt. He laughs. You are such a stupid dumn cunt.

He is laughing hysterically now as I continue to eat my own vaginal juices. Leslie. you want to suck my cock worse than you have ever wanted anything. Oh my God, he was right.

I have this desire deep inside of me that wants to suck his penis in my mouth. The thought of a penis in my mouth used to disgust me. My ex boyfriend used to try to get me to give him head, but there was no way that thing was going anywhere near my mouth. But now the taste and feel of a penis in my mouth is the thing I desire most. My mouth begins to salivate, and I must have his penis in my mouth. I drop out of my chair to my knees. I reach up and unbutton his pants. He is not wearing any underwear and his penis falls out in front of me.

It is huge. Much larger than my ex boyfriends. Oh God, it is so huge that I am afraid of it. His pants fall to his knees and I open my mouth and take his limp penis into my mouth. I can feel it instatntly getting warmer and it surges in my mouth. I wrap my lips around his thick penis and began pumping it in and out of my mouth. Oh God, his hard hot penis feels so good in my mouth.

As it gets bigger and harder it hits the back of my throat and stretchs my jaw. But I keep working it hard forcing my head faster and faster on his penis. He grabs me by my ears and forces my head faster. His body tightens and his penis swells, and then suddenly his seed is splurging into my mouth. I try to pull my head back, but Jack holds my mouth on his pulsing penis. Another load of the slimy gooey sperm squirts in my mouth. Another, and yet another load of the disgusting fluid is dispensed inside my mouth.

Jacks body relaxes and his hands lighten on my head. I can feel his penis shrinking in my mouth. He puts his hand under my chin and slowely pulls his limp penis out of my mouth. I have a mouthfull of sperm, and try to spit it out, but Jack covers my mouth and says.

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Stupid Cunt love cum. Suddenly it felt like melting butter on my tongue. Warm and sticky like molasses. I rolled it around in my mouth, and savored the flavor. I delicately swallowed it down, enjoying the feeling of it slithering down my throat.

Want more Leslie? he asked. I couldn't wait, so I just took his limp penis back in my mouth and sucked some more, hoping he would soon expell another load of his sweetly sticky sperm into my mouth. He bagan laughing again. Don't worry slut. You'll have plenty of opportunity to eat your favorite goo soon enough he said as he pushed me off of his penis. I hope so I thought. Let me see your pussy. He said. I opened my wet pants and pulled my drenched cotton panties out so he couild see my furry mound of soft brown curly pubic hairs, and my full lips.

Dont' you ever shave that thing Les? He asked me. NO. I said thinking that only slutty girls do that. Go to Chan Lees and get the Brazillian Wax Job. Do you know what that is Les?

No I said. He just laughed again. A librarian must have heard all the noise we were making and was walking toward us. Jack threw me a bag. Go get a "FULL" Brazilian wax at Chan Lees, Go home and shower, put on the outfit in the bag and nothing else. Nothing except what is in that bag will go on your body tonight understand. I nodded. And meet me at the Alpha Delta house at 8:00 tonight. He began to turn away but stopped and said, and get yourself off right now once before you leave here, and then blow the librarian He'll enjoy that.

As Jack turned he bumped the librarian hard and knocked him off balance as he walked past him pulling up his pants. The librarian caught his balance and walked toward me. I was still on my knees as I was when I was sucking the precious necter out of my masters penis.

The librarian who I know is Mr. Lokanos said to me. Leslie, what on earth is going on here. As he said that I put my hand back in my soaked panties and diddled my clit. Just like Jack had told me to. Mr Lokanos was trying to stop me. Leslie, Leslie no.what are you doing? he quietly whispered as he tried to pull my hand out of my panties, but he was not going to stop me as my fingers dug into my warm, wet vagina.

My hips started thrusting uncontroably as I squirted my panties again. I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked my tasty juice. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm As I opened my eyes I noticed a stunned Mr. Lokanos staring down at me. Without thinking about it, my hands went straight to his belt and unbuckeled it. Mr. Lokanos was in shock and he tried to push my hands away, but he really wasn't trying that hard.

I quickly pulled his pants down and pulled his penis out of his boxer shorts and stuffed it into my mouth. He made a pitifull attempt to protest, but he quickly succombed and gently patted my head as I bobbed up and down on his erection. The library was so quiet the sloppy sounds of his drenched penis sloshing in and out of my mouth sounded like it was being amplified over a loud speaker.

Mr. Lokanos started thrusting his hips harder and faster, and then his legs tensed up and his erection swelled and shot a load of sperm into my mouth.

I savored the feeling of his penis swelling and squirting it's sweet juice in my mouth. Mr. Lokanos Pulled up his pants and said Nobody knows anything about this Leslie. Do you understand me? I just looked up at him and said Yeah. He tucked his shirt in, looked around and made sure nobody saw, and walked away. I got up off of my knees and picked up my books and put them in my back pack.

What in the world just happened. I feel the tears building in my eyes. I have just done some of the most disgusting things ever, and I did it in the library where anyone could have walked by and seen me. Nobody forced me to do anything, but when Jack told me to do these terrible things, for some reason I just want to please him. No matter what he tells me to do, I know I will do it, and that scares the hell out of me. What in the world has happened to me.

Fortunately my pants are thin, and dry quickly, but not before a couple of strange looks and laughs. By the time I got off the bus they were dry, but I could still see the stain. Chan Lee's was a few blocks away from the stop, but I found it no problem.

I walked in and the Chineese lady in front of me asks me what I need. A full Brazilian Wax Job. I say proudly. She takes me into a room and tells me to strip from the waste down. A woman walks in and asks if I am here for the Full Brazilian Wax Job. I say yes. She walks between my legs.

I feel humiliated and embarassed, but do nothing to cover myself up. This is going to be a painful one she says staring at my hairy vagina. But if you want it, you want it. She poured a hot wax over a section of my pubic hairs. It burns at first, but then felt strangely erotic. Okay, on the count of three. She says. one, two.blinding hot pain from my vagina.

She pulled a patch of my pubic hair out. I screamed and tears instantly flooded my eyes. I told her to stop, but she said if I want the Full Brazilian Wax Job, it was all going to have to come off. I knew that was what Jack wanted, so I endured the painful ripping out of my pubic hair. She continued doing this torturous act to me several times, before turning me over and putting the wax in my butt crack. I stumbled out of that place so sore.

My vagina and butthole felt like they were on fire. When I got home I took off my clothes and looked at my perfectly smooth vagina. I felt it. It felt soft and different.

It was so smooth it almost felt like rubber. I looked at the clock and noticed that it was already 7:00 I had to get ready to go meet my master.uhh I mean Jack. Why did I just call him that? I showered and did my hair. I couldn't take my eyes off my bald pussy. It looked so strange to me. I picked up the bag that Jack had given me. Inside was a tiny black pleaded ultra mini-skirt a pair of balck pumps, and a white stretch shirt.

No Bra, no panties. I pulled the stretch shirt on and it was so tight. It covered my shoulders, but plunged very low in the front, showing my cleavage, and because the material was a thin white cotton, my dark nipples stood out promanently.

The bottom of the shirt was short and exposed my belly button. I pulled the skirt on, and it just barely covered my ass cheeks. It was one of those swirly skirts, so I knew I was going to have to be carefull not to give someone an eyeful. Being 5'10" I was not used to wearing high heals, but I slid them on, and did my best to walk normal.

The cab pulled in front of my house. Thank God, none of my roommates were home, I would hate for them to see me dressed like this. As I walked outside, I could feel the cool night air go up my skirt to my exposed bald vagina. I felt naked and exposed. I felt completely humiliated and felt like I would cry. As the cab drove me to the Frat House, I began to think about the things I had done today and started to cry in humiliation and shame.

Why had I done those terrible things. Why did I like it? When the cab stopped at the Fraturnity house I swung my legs out of the door knowing full well that anyone standing outside probably would have gotten a clean look at my bald vagina. I could barely bend over into the window to pay the man without exposing my ass from the back side. As I walked to the front door I could feel the eyes on me from the windows and decks.

I was ashamed, humiliated, embarassed, but I kept on walking towards that front door. Again I asked myself why am I here. I wanted to turn and run. But master told me to be here, and I must do as he says. I have this uncontrolable instinct to please Jack. I don't know what has happened to me. I am scared as hell. As I get to the door I can hear a party inside. Boys and Girls all talking and laughing. Loud music pounding through the walls.

I walk up to the door and ring the door bell. My heart is pounding. I am so scared. A couple of guys answer the door. They say nothing as their eyes instantly focus on my tits. I know my nipples are sticking right through the thin white material. I must look like a hooker. I didn't know what to say. You must be here for Jack. One of the boys says. Uhhhh yeah. I say very meekishly with my head down. Come on in. The other says as he opens the door wide. I walk in and can feel the eyes on me.

I want to turn and run out the door, but I can't make myself do it. The music is still loud, but the conversations stop as the boys and girls all stare at me. I recognize some of the people from campus. I see some of the boys who asked me out. The guys stare wide eyed and the girls leer at me.

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Jack is upstairs says one of the boys who let me in. As I take my first step up the stairs, I feel my skirt lift up my thigh. I try to pull my skirt down, but it is so short that there is nothing really to pull down. As I walk up the stairs, I know the boys down below me are getting a peek at my bare ass. I can do nothing, I am so humiliated, so I just try to hurry my way up the stairs. As I get to the top of the stairs a door opens and there is Jack.

I am relieved to see him, but also scared at the same time. Come on in slave. He says to me. Without thinking, I say. Yes Master. This must be his room. I get scared again.

There is a huge bed in the middle. A TV, computer, stereo, and a video camera on a stand. How did you like your wax job? he asked. Oh my God, it hurt so bad.

I said. Good. Was all he said. Let me see. I lift up my skirt, and show him my bald vagina. He walks to me and runs his fingers accross it. I like it. He says. Jack walks to the door and leaves me standing there. He walks out the door over to the banister. Hey!! I hear him yell. Turn off the music and turn all the TV's to channel 4!!

He walks back in the room and picks up the video camera. I notice that the chords are hooked into his computer. You are going ot be a star tonight Les. He says to me. I just nod my head. He picks up the camera and points it at me. I see myself on his TV. I hear a huge roar from the party downstairs. Oh my God.they are all watching me. Oh my God, Oh my God.what is happening.

Take off your clothes Leslie. Jack says. Oh my God. I whimper. I can't do this. All of those people will see me naked. Oh my God.Jack wants me to bare myself to all of those people down there. I can't do this, but my urge to please Jack overpowers my fear, and I start to take my top off. I hear another roar. OH Yeah!!!! Screams a boy. As I pull my top over my head, I can feel my large breasts release and fall free.

WHooooooo Hoooooooo!!!!!!! Fuck Yeah!!!!! Look at those fuckin tits!!! There Huge!!! I hear from down stairs. I stick my thumbs in the elastic of the skirt and wiggle it over my hips. As soon as my bald vagina is exposed downstairs goes crazy. Holy Shit, she's a fuckin baldy!!! I hear as I step out of my skirt.

Now standing completely naked in front of Jack as he walks around me with his camera. I have never felt more exposed and humiliated in my entire life, but for some reason I just stand there. Jack gets down on his knees and puts the camera inches from my vagina.

I hear another roar from downstairs, and on the TV screen I see a close up of my completely bald vagina. Finger Fuck yourself and make yourself cum Les. Jack says. I slide my hand down to my vagina and start to massage myself. Downstairs is going crazy.

I have to stop this.

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I am being completely humiliated. I am being exposed in the worst way, yet my fingers continue to jut in and out of my vagina. I spread my legs and increase the pace.Uhhhhhhh. My legs start to pump and thrust as my climax builds. I open my eyes to see myself on the TV screen.

I am standing naked in the middle of Jacks room, my legs are spread, and my hand is between my legs working my fingers in and out of my bald vagina. My nipples are hard as rocks and my large breasts are bouncing wildly.

Oh my God, I can't believe what I am seeing. Why am I doing this? Why am I humiliating myself like this? Tears form in my eyes. The party is going absolutly crazy, I can hear the boys cheering and the girls laughing at me. My vagina is getting wetter and wetter. Uhhhhhhhhh Uhhhhhhhh I grunt. I can't hold it anymore. I throw my head back and finger myself even harder and faster.

I can feel my heavy breasts bouncing all over the place. I hear myself moaning out in pleasure. OOohhhh, OOohhhh, Ooohhhh I scream as the flood gates open. My juices squirt out of my pussy as if I am peeing. She squirts, She squirts!!! I hear them yelling.

Oh God, here comes another one. My body convulses, and another orgasm slashes through me, this one stronger than the first. AAAhhhhhhhhhh.I squirt the carpet again. I can hear my fingers sloshing in my drenched vagina. My legs go weak, and I must brace myself to keep from falling over. I must taste it.I must taste my juice. I know they are all watching me, but right now I don't care, I must taste my juice.

I bring my soaking hand to my mouth and slide my tasty fingers in. Ohhh Godddd, sooooo good. It sounds as if a bomb went off downstairs. Oh yeah.she's eating her own cunt juice, what a fuckin slut!!!! What a hot whore!!! Tears start to roll down my cheeks, but I want more of my juice, so I put my finger back into my sloshy wet pussy and roll it around. I bring my dripping wet fingers back to my mouth and lick the tasty juice from my fingers. Mmmmmmm so good.

I hear screaming and laughter downstairs. Oh God.they're laughing at me. What a stupid fucking Whore!!! I hear someone yell. Suck me. Says Jack. Immediately I am on my knees in front of him. I undue his belt and let his pants fall to the ground. His penis is semi hard. I take it in my mouth as he stands above me with his camera. His penis is so huge, but I open my mouth wide, and slide it into my mouth.

It is getting warm and hard again. Suck that cock.suck it, suck it whore!!! I hear from downstairs.


Your cunt is hot again leslie. Jack whispers in my ear. Ummmmmmm.I must touch myself some more. As I increase my pace on his penis my fingers once again find my wet vagina. Jack has the camera just inches from my face, and this time the sloshy gulping sounds of me sucking a penis are being amplified through the stereo speakers throughout the frat house.

Everyone can hear every slurp as I greedily suck his penis. Jack leans down and whispers in my ear. Tell everyone that you love sucking cock. He puts his hand behing my head and wont' let me take my mouth off his penis to talk so I try to say it with his penis still in my mouth.

Uhhhhh Oooovvv Uuuuccccuung Ooooocckkk. They all laugh again as I try to talk with a penis in my mouth. My fingers have worked me to another orgasm. I can hardly breath because of Jack's large penis in my mouth. As I cum Jacks penis muffles my grunts and moans of pleasure. And this time not only the girls, but the boys are laughing at me. Jack puts one hand behind my head and forces me down further and further on his penis.

The head of his penis hits the back of my throat and I feel like I will gag. I make a couple of muffled gagging sounds and again hear laughter from downstairs. Put it down her fucking throat Jack!!!!! Fuck her throat!!! Yeah.fuck that stuck up whores face. Jacks penis starts to swell and he pulls it out of my mouth.

Open your mouth bitch!! He yells at me. On my knees, still fingering myself I open my mouth wide to catch his sperm. He pulls on his penis and shoots a large load of cum on my face.

I feel the warm sticky load land on my cheeks. Everyone cheeers for Jack. He keeps on pulling on it, and another load shoots right into my open mouth. It tastes so good.


Another shot accross my face, and another into my waiting mouth. I catch a glance of the TV and see a picture of my face with blotches of Jacks white gooey sperm splashed on my cheeks and accross my nose. My open mouth exposes a load of his cum lying on my tongue. He breaths heavy and slaps my face with his slimy wet soft penis. Suck me some more he says. I open my mouth and take him in again. Rolling his soft penis around in my mouth.

He pulls his penis back out and waves it in front of my face. My mouth is open like a baby bird trying to catch some food from it's mother. I try to get his penis back in my mouth, but he keeps on teasing me. He just slaps my face with his limp wet penis. My mouth continues to try to catch it. He is humiliating me in front of his fraturnity and they are loving it. I bring my wet fingers to my mouth and eat another tasty load from my vagina as Jack continues to slap my face with his limp penis.

The boys are hooting and hollaring, and the girls are all laughing wildly at me. I am completely humiliated, but continue licking my fingers and trying to catch his penis in my mouth. Jack finally stops slaping my face with his penis and walks away from me. He sets the camera on a stand. I see a close up of my face on the TV scren.

I have cum splashed on my lips, cheeks and across my nose. The tears run down my cheeks. Jack walks back over to me with his limp penis right in front of my face again. I open my mouth to suck him, but just then he turns around and bends over sticking his ass right in my face. His large balls hanging right in front of my open mouth. I can smell his wretched butt hole.

He puts his hands on his butt cheeks and spreads them apart. I am staring right at his dirty hole. Lick my asshole. He says to me. I cannot believe what he just said. That is probably the most repulsive thing I have ever heard in my entire life.

Sticking my tongue into a hole that he shits out of? There is no way in hell I am putting my tongue there, but uncontrolably I bring my mouth to his filthy hole and stick my tongue in it. It taste disgusting and I feel like I am going to puke, but then Jack says You love the taste of my shitter Les.

And suddenly I am licking his asshole as if it were filled with honey. Shoving my tongue further and deeper into his smelly hole.

I again look over at the TV and see my tongue darting in and out of his ass hole, and I can hear the kids downstairs laughing. They are in disbelief, and most of them grossed out, but they continue to watch me as I humiliate and totally degrade myself for their pleasure.

As I am licking his asshole, I am thinking that he is going to fuck me next. Oh God, I am going to lose my virginity to this horrible boy.

All these years I had been saving my myself until I was happily married, and now tonight this despicable piece of shit was going to take my virginity. And he was going to violate me in front of an entire Frat Party.And I know I will let him. Jack started grinding and shaking his ass, forcing me to chase his hole with my tongue.

Everyone laughed some more at the girl fighting to lick a guys asshole. Jack just began laughing hysterically, toying with me. Damn she loves ass.He said, and they laughed some more.

The tears rolled down my cheeks, but still I tried to get my tongue in his butt hole. Hey Les, I bet you can't wait to get my cock up your snatch can you?

He asked me. No, I don't want thhhhhaaat I cried.

Oh sure you do. He said. Oh God.I know I will let him do it to me. My tongue flicks in and out of his asshole, and I see some other boys walk into the room.

One of them grabs the camera and brings it closer to us, focusing on my tongue lapping at his wet asshole. Jack gets up, and I am left on my knees, my face still dripping with his come, and my own tears. Go lay on the bed, and spread your legs wide. Jack says to me. I get to my feet and walk over to his bed, lay on it and slowely bring my legs up. OH God I feel myself screaming inside. But still I spread my legs wide in front of 4 boys. The one with the camera steps forward and focus's on my bald vagina.

The party screams. I feel as if I am spreading my legs and exposing my most private of parts to the whole world. UP until now, I never new how it felt to be totally exposed. This is a level of humiliation that I have never thought possible.

Two of the boys grab my legs and spread them even wider. Jack walks up and stands between my wide stretched legs. He penis is huge. It must be 9 inches long and it looks as wide as a door knob.

Here it comes Les.he smiles at me sinisterly. Oh my God.he is going to violate my body right now. He puts the head of his penis on my vagina. The boy with the camera gets right up close. Jack pauses and the crowd downstairs starts chanting. "Fuck that cunt.Fuck that cunt. The TV shows a close up of my bald vagina with the tip of Jacks enormous penis just touching it.

My body quivers in anticipation of what is about to happen to me. The crowd continues to chant, and it feels like forever before he pushes forward, and the tip of his penis forces my lips to part. Oh lips are failing me, and letting this thing invade my most private part. The tip slides inside of me, and an intense pain strikes through my vagina. I cry out, but he keeps on pushing. The crowd goes crazy. With my legs being held out wide, I feel like a tree log being split right down the middle.

He slowely forces his penis inside of me with a blunt force, and I can feel inch after inch of my womanhood tearing apart and surrendering to this penetrating monster. He finally stops his invasion of my body when his balls touch my ass. His penis feels like it is in my stomach. I don't want to move. Suddenly he starts forcing himself harder and harder into my sore vagina.

His penis surges in and out of my hole as he violently slams into me. With each thrust my body wants to slide up the bed, but the two boys holding my legs apart keep my ass right on the edge of the bed as Jack pounds into me.

My virginity has just been shattered. I feel like I am being raped, but how can you rape someone who is willing to let you do anything to them. He stopped thrusting into me, and we were motionless for a moment. His huge penis still inside of my burning vagina. Well don't just lay there Les. He says to me. Ride my cock. Fuck it hard, make me cum in your hot hole.

Slowely I start moving my hips. Come on Les, you can do better than that. Fuck me like the whore that you are. Make yourself squirt all over my dick. Suddenly I was gyrating all over the bed, sliding his penis in and out of my vagina. My large breasts were going in a circular motion and slapping each other when they came together in the middle.

Jack just stood above me laughing at my desperate movements. I grabbed my brasts to stop them, but the boys holding my legs pulled my arms away and laughed as my breasts started bouncing again. On the TV I could see his penis stretching my vagina wide with each thrust.

Cum for us slut! Jack shouted. Oh it comes again. My thighs tighten, I increase my pace on his penis. AAAaahhhhhhh.Gaaaaaaaa. Ohhhh gaaaaaaa here it comes uh uh uh uh uh uh. My legs are thrashing in the arms of the boys trying to hold them. They are laughing. I explode, and my juices squirt all around Jacks penis. My breathing is very heavy, and loud as another orgasm shoots through me.

The boys let go of me, and exhausted my legs fall to the floor. I reach down and wipe the juice off of my thigh and bring it to my mouth. Uuummmm.taste so good. Still Jack's penis is inside my vagina. My turn he says, and picks up my legs and puts them over his shoulders. He starts slamming into my now soaking wet vagina. He is looking me right in the face.

He can see the fear, humiliation and pain in my eyes, and he likes it. His face contorts as he forces himself into me harder and harder.

My body bounces off of the bed with each violent thrust. God it hurts. He grabs my breasts and squeezes and twists them. It feels like he is trying to twist them off. It hurts so bad. He pinches my nipples and pulls on them. The pain in my vagina and breasts is so intense. It hurts so bad, but he likes watching me squirm and cry out in pain. This seemed to go on forever, but finally Jack started to increase his momentum, and he pulled out, he held the shaft of his penis tightly in his fist.

The two boys grabbed my arms, and threw me on the ground. They grabbed me under the arms and brought me to my knees. Jack stepped in front of me holding his huge hard on and grabbed my hair.

He pulled back until my mouth fell open. He pointed his penis at my face and let go with his fist. Globs of sperm shot out and splashed on my face. My open mouth catching what I could. He slimed my face about three or four times before he finally stopped shooting. Clean my filthy cock with your mouth. He said, and I opened my mouth and took his cock in tasting my pussy juice. My vagina hurt so bad.

I just wanted to curl up in a ball. Look at the TV. Jack says. I open my eyes and see myself sucking a huge cock into my mouth.

My face is a mess with cum dripping from my eyebrows, nose, from my lips, and dripping from my chin. My vagina feels like it has been split in two, and my breasts feel like they are on fire, But I continue sucking that cock in and out of my mouth. I catch a glimpse of a clock, and it says 9:13.

Jack sees me and says. "That's right Leslie, the party is only beginning." My mind races and imagines the things I will be forced to do tonight.

I am scared as hell, but I still keep on sucking his cock, because he told me to.