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Hot Thai Paar von payub Stadt Chiang Mai 1
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Sorry for any typos. Enjoy! Chapter 3 The day was warm and sunny as usual, with the sun retaining its power and prestige even as rush over was brought through its daily birth.

On Wall Street, Occupy protestors were waving signs and shouting to end the greed that had bankrupted the country. Their cries doubled in volume and effort as the stockbrokers CEOs rolled by in the backs of their limousines, tired from a long day of treasure hunting.

No one paid any attention to the silent man shuffling into the crowd with a bottle in his hand. What people didn't see was the rag sticking out of the nozzle. The man stepped up to the picket line set up by police, gazing at the cars passing by.

The Gargoyle possessing the man's soul growled as it saw the perfect target. Holding up the bottle and a lighter, the Gargoyle set the rag ablaze. Instantly, the people around the possessed man saw the fire and began to panic, setting off a ripple in the crowd. Just as the realization of what was going on passed through the protestors, a CEO rolled past. Sitting in the back of his limo, the fat balding man was trying to light the cigar held between his teeth.

He cursed as the empty nickel-plated Zippo refused to give off more than a few sparks. Giving up on being able to light his cigar, he closed the Zippo, just as the Molotov Cocktail crashed against his window, throwing a blanket of liquid flames across the surface of the car.

The window had held back the explosion, but the man's death was not necessary. The street was already erupting into pure pandemonium as protestors screamed and fled and police began beating people at random. A possessed wealthy businessman stepped out of a diner, straightening his tie with an erratic facial twitch as the Gargoyle inside tried to get accustomed to the human body.

With his suitcase in hand, the man walked down the street with one of the waitresses pointing at him from inside and yelling while the cook tried to calm her down. Clutched tightly in her hand was the bill for his lunch. No tip had been left behind, only a note saying that servants should learn to bring food faster. It was a small move, one that really cause any damage. But already, pictures of the note were being spread across the Internet and igniting massive infernos of anger and resentment.

Similar notes were being left across the city as the hatred grew like thorny vines. The damp night was filled with the sound of spray paint as possessed men and women scrawled huge messages on public surfaces in crimson.

The shade of the red and the way it dripped down made it look like each one had been painted with a blood splatter. The messages were things like 'GOD HATES FAGS', 'PRAISE ALLAH', 'THE BIBLE IS OUR CONSTITUTION', 'IT'S THE WHITE HOUSE, NOT THE NIGGER HOUSE', and there were even more than a few swastikas.

Outrage boiled in the city with the rising sun as people would walk to their cars and find that their tires had been slashed and the sides had been scratched. Every car with a political bumper sticker had been the target of this vandalism, both democrats and republicans. As people struggled to get to work, the vast cascade of offensive messages that had been spread across New York were in the process of being washed away by desperate street cleaners, trying to erase them before the hatred spread.

Selene came to a stop in the hallway of her office, having caught the sound of a fearful conversation in the break room. With her hand on the doorframe, she leaned back slightly and peered into the room while two women talked in hushed voices by the fridge.

"It's absolutely horrible, I throw up every time I imagine it," one woman in her early fifties tearfully said, wiping her eyes with a tissue. "And it just happened today?!" her friend exclaimed with her hand on her chest as if she couldn't breathe.

"I just heard it now on the radio. Police were called over the sounds of screaming coming from the daycare center, and when they arrived, half of the children were dead and the other half were missing!" Selene's blood felt like cold mercury in her veins. "Blood covered the walls and almost all of the children showed they had been raped before they were killed! The police are tearing the city apart to find the children that were taken! I can't even imagine what they've been forced to endure, those poor kids!" A candlelight vigil was held in every religious building throughout the city, as well as in front of City Hall, with people praying for the safety of the taken children and mourning their horrible deaths.

And that was just the city, the situation was already getting international attention. Completely unaware of the forces at work, the people prayed while the Demons and Gargoyles worked.

Baltoh landed on the top of a dumpster with enough strength to crumple it like an empty beer can. Sword in hand, he growled in anger at the two Gargoyles feasting on some of the disemboweled corpses of the kidnapped children. Already a large puddle of blood was forming in the empty parking lot from the butchered bodies. The Gargoyles both turned to Baltoh and gave shrieks of terror, quickly opening their wings to try and escape. "Angel Art: Ultimate Penitence!" Upon being spoken, the spell materialized two large wooden crosses on the Gargoyle's backs, each more than twice as large as the Gargoyle's body.

The Hell-spawn beasts were instantly slammed into the ground with enough force to shatter the pavement, and even though the giant crosses were only laying on them like fallen trees, they could not lift so much as a finger, as the gravity acting on their bodies had been multiplied to the point where their unholy bones were about to snap.

"Fight against it all you want, but you cannot overcome the weight of your sins," Baltoh said coldly as he raised his sword. The mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, sat at his desk with bloodshot eyes. It was almost midnight and he was trying to figure out what was going on in his city.

Everything seemed to be falling apart and he didn't know why. It had all started with that black geyser that shot up into the sky. Still not a single picture or video of it could be found, which was as mysterious as the geyser itself. A knock on the door drew his attention and one of his aides stepped in, trying to help sort the mess out.

"Mr. Mayor, you're going to want to come see this." Gabriel followed the young man outside, where several employees of the City Hall that were working through the night, as well as anyone out on the streets and even a few police officers, were standing around a van-sized pile of sheets of fabric, sitting in the street right in front of the building.

"What is it?" the mayor asked, stepping outside. Once of the police officers picked one of the sheets and held it to the light of a nearby lamppost, trying to get a good look at it. "It's an American flag…" "My god, they're all American flags," another officer said, shining his flashlight on the pile. Standing on the steps of City Hall, completely undetectable by the humans, Abaddon gave a deep laugh as he held out his hand.

With a snap of his fingers, the entire pile was consumed by fire, forcing everyone to jump back out of fear, watching as the flags burned.

One by one, the pillars of human civility were being knocked over, slowly causing the entire foundation of society to collapse. Selene was lying in bed, enjoying the feeling of the late-morning sunlight on her half-naked body and the chance to sleep in.

Her cat was curled up next to her, but without warning, it bolted up and jumped onto her back, refusing to lay or sit down. "Ugh… Jake…" she groaned as the cat's tiny paws pressed down on her like jabbing fingers.

A shadow shifted across her face, causing her to open her eyes and gasp. Baltoh was crouching in her window with his wings extended outside and his tail curling and swishing behind him. "Good morning," he said with no expression.

"Baltoh," she said softly as she sat up, prompting her cat to dash to the foot of the bed with wide eyes, neither hissing nor purring. "I wanted to check in on you. I haven't been so preoccupied with my hunt that I haven't noticed that this city is being turned upside down, and I wanted to make sure you weren't in danger or anything." Even without any emotion in his voice, Selene blushed at his worry.

"You're right, it's like the people of this city instantly turned into rabid animals," she said as she stood up out of bed. Selene was wearing nothing but a black thong and a matching bra that was struggling to hold in her full breasts. Even after seeing and even holding her naked body, Baltoh could feel a very strong sense of arousal as he gazed at her slender yet voluptuous figure.

As usual, the strength of these feelings of attraction welling up within him was rivaled only by the strength of his curiosity of why he was even feeling this way.

Sensing his arousal, Selene blushed again as she walked over to her dresser. Deciding to tease him, she bent down at a near 90º angle to pull a pair of jeans out of the lower drawer, granting the Demon-Archangel hybrid a jaw-dropping view of her perfectly sculpted rear.

Baltoh's breathing became shallow as he stared at her smooth-as-glass thighs and her full yet well-taut ass, which would put a Brazilian stripper to shame and could bounce a quarter across the room. Her black lace thong was nestled between the two cheeks like a length of wire and was clinging to her almost as if desperate. Feeling the hybrid's eyes travel across every inch of her cinnamon-shade skin, Selene smiled and bit her lip as she slipped her feet into a pair of slim-fit jeans.

She slowly pulled up the jeans with the waistband being dragged tightly against the back of her legs, the way a clay sculptor would drag a string across her creation in progress to make it perfectly smooth and shaped.

Selene stood up straight, pulling her jeans tightly against the back of her thighs with her ass resting on the waistband, almost being lifted by it. Baltoh struggled not to lick his lips and keep his composure as his rushing blood began to enlarge his cock.

"You aren't very modest, are you?" he finally asked as she brought up her jeans all the way and buttoned him. Selene was momentarily flooded with embarrassment, but quickly brushed it aside. With a tank top in hand, she turned back to him.

"Well you've already seen me naked, so there is no reason to be discrete," she defended while raising her arms to slip on the top. Baltoh instantly felt his cock stir as her breasts seemed to expand with the parallel elevation of her arms. "So has your doctor, but I doubt you get dressed with him watching." The white tank top came down over her breasts, restoring his self-control. Selene swung her head from side to side, straightening out her long hair.

"Happy?" she asked with a wry smile. Baltoh did not reply. With a small giggle, she turned and walked to the doorway. "Come on in before someone calls the police about a man with a tail and four wings watching people from their fire escape." While it wasn't a smile, Baltoh's expression lightened and he stepped into the room, first retracting his wings back into his body and wrapping his long tail around his waist.

As he stepped through the doorway of her bedroom, Selene watched him, specifically his halo. "What?" he asked, noticing her gaze. "I'm just making sure that your halo doesn't burn down my apartment." "Don't worry, the halo is mostly just a symbolic illusion of my Archangel status.

If I want it to, I can make it interact with the world around me, but otherwise, it's basically made solely of light, see?" He raised his hand and moved it back and forth through the ring of fire, not disturbing the flames in the slightest.

"So tell me, do you have any memories of the people that you once were? You seem to understand cultural references just fine," she asked while setting up the coffee maker. Baltoh lazily wandered around her apartment and looked at everything on the walls and shelves. "I do, but not as many as you think.

By the time souls in Hell crumble to dust, they've already undergone so much torture that they've been driven insane and don't even know who they are. Most of the memories I get are of people's patterns in their daily lives, like their understandings and views of their culture.

While I don't remember ever meeting a doctor or driving a car, I understand what both of them are and what they are for. However, much of my understanding of this world comes from first-hand experience. I've come to Earth tens of thousands of times to escape from Hell when I am overpowered and death is almost guaranteed. Contrary to what you might believe, I am far from being the top of the food chain." "Well what personal memories do you have?" she asked, taking two mugs out of one of her kitchen cabinets while the coffee pot slowly began to fill.

"I remember fighting the Greeks that sought to raze the city of Troy and enslave its people, I remember serving as an executioner in 16th century France and beheading criminals, and I remember hunting down escaped Nazis after World War II, among other things." "That's incredible!" Baltoh just shrugged and sat down at the island table. "So wait, how old are you? If one of the people that you were created from was a Nazi-hunter, that means you can't be more than a few decades old." She inquired.

"Time in Hell moves at a much faster pace than in the human world, a single day here is an entire year there. It's hard to tell just how old I am as Hell has no seasons or yearly changes, but due to the date here, I would say that I'm over 40,000 Hell-years old." "Say, what is Hell like?

I get a vague idea, but I'm curious. Coffee?" she asked, holding up the pot. "No thanks, I don't eat or drink. Demons and Gargoyles can eat human flesh in order to regain their strength, but Angels and Archangels do not require sustenance. In fact, we never have to "relieve ourselves" because nothing ever passes through our systems. Hell is actually rather small. The universe of it is just as large as this one but the name 'Hell' denotes both the entire realm and the one region that is actually occupied by human and demonic spirits is a single planet in empty space.

95% of the planet Hell covered by a sea of fire that burns for all eternity, but there is a place known as the Isle of the Damned. It's the only landmass in all of Hell so it's the only place with only residents, and it serves as the entrance the planet, where most of the stuff goes on. The planet is composed of zones, which each zone corresponding to a different kind of prisoner and different kind of punishment. The zones are divided up not only by the Seven Deadly Sins, but by other factors and geographical factors.

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Humans that are sent there generally lose the ability to be killed. They will suffer mind-numbing tortures and excruciating deaths, but until they finally crumble into ash, there is nothing that can free them of their pain.

I consider myself lucky that my enemies don't have that trait. Even in Hell, beings with Angel or Demon energy are mortal, meaning that I'm not just killing the same opponent over and over again." "So I imagine it's full of criminals?" "Generally, but there are also the victims of circumstance and those who meant to do good. Suicide victims, heroes that have committed murder to bring justice, and even people who committed crimes completely by accident.

Unfortunately, the majority of the people in Hell are there only because of small infractions that never hurt anyone and caused any harm, but were still considered sins." He continued. "You know, there is something that people have been wondering for a long time in this country; do you go to Hell if you get an abortion? They say its murder." She asked. Baltoh scowled.

"Of course not! What dumbass told you abortion was murder?" Selene gave a lighthearted giggle. "Thank you for coming to check up on me. I was wondering when I would see you again." A small smile briefly appeared on Baltoh's face before disappearing. "I had to, with how dangerous this city is becoming and the fact that you are aware of me, I knew you were at risk." Selene lost her smile. "Do you know what's going on?" "I do know that my enemies are causing it.

I've been investigating the scenes of these disturbances and I always find the faint scent of evil. Abaddon and his henchmen are taking over humans and using them to raise tensions and cause chaos, though it has already gained momentum and no longer requires their involvement. You'll probably see this on the news, but a woman just threw a flaming bottle of gasoline into a mosque while it was full of people. I got there moments after it was thrown and caught her. She wasn't possessed; she was just a hate-filled killer.

I hold no remorse in taking her life. It's being seen everywhere: religious fanatics are on the streets, cursing everything and everyone that doesn't follow their strict and prejudiced views (I'll probably kill them later), new protest groups are starting and they are patrolling the city with political signs, and I've already found three dead bodies." Selene stirred uncomfortably at the mention of murder.

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"Are you really willing to kill that easily?" Sensing her unease, Baltoh looked at her in the corner of his eye and stood up. "I'm not a serial murderer that takes the lives of innocent people. My name means "righteousness" in the language of Heaven and I was born from the hatred of evil of millions of heroes. I was born of hatred, just like my victims, but unlike them, my hatred is of their hatred. They use their hatred to cause harm and make others suffer, I use my hatred to end the torment they inflict and bring the justice that must rule.

Hatred is like fire, in that it can destroy all in its path, but my hatred is like Hellfire, in that it incinerates the unjust." Selene regained her smile and her eyes were filled with admiration, sparkling like gems so beautifully that Baltoh could not look away from them.

"To be honest, I have no clue what the Demons are up to. I don't know if they're causing this pandemonium because it is their nature, or if they are just using it to hide their movements while they bring some plan to fruition.

I can't track them when they possess humans, so unless they actually use their powers with enough energy for me to sense or their human hosts are caught within the rites of an exorcism, I can't find them." He sighed.


"So what are you going to do?" Selene asked. "I have to wait, wait for one of them to reveal themselves or wait until I can identify a possible pattern and predict where they will strike so that I can capture them." He then walked back over to the island table and leaned over it, looking in Selene's eyes.

"Listen, I have a feeling that things are going to continue to escalate. These acts of violence and vandalism are now occurring without the Demons' influence, and this fire is just going to keep growing unless I can stop them. If I can't find them soon and things go from bad to worse, I want you to leave New York until I can get the situation under control." Selene smiled.

"There is no way I'm leaving you or this city. I've always wanted to be somewhere of interest, somewhere where there is something amazing and complicated that I can get involved in. I moved here because of how interesting New York is. Right now, you are the most interesting thing in the world, so I'm not leaving unless you leave." Baltoh gained a rare smile at her stubbornness. "Have you always been so defiant?" "Always. Like most kids, I disobeyed my parents constantly, but not because I was a little brat.

I was always trying to push myself to my limits and do what I shouldn't. They were always saying to me "don't climb that tree, you'll fall", "I don't care if your brother did it, don't eat that bug", "don't run so fast or you'll trip". I was a well-behaved child, I just didn't like not being challenged. I even loved schoolwork because it was one giant mind challenge." "So I imagine you did a lot of sports?" Baltoh asked, sitting back down. Selene laughed. "My parents still keep my old bedroom full of my trophies, not to mention awards from other school groups.

They always worried about me, worried that I was pushing myself too hard, trying to balance homework, sports, school clubs, and a social life. It never got to me, because the more I was pushed and the harder I worked, the stronger and better I became. I was like a knife; no matter how much you grind me against a whetstone, I just get sharper." "I imagine you considered dating as just another weight to add to the dumbbells of your life?" Baltoh asked, becoming more and more comfortable and lighthearted.

Selene's smile grew smaller, but did not disappear. "I could never find a guy who challenged me enough, someone interesting enough. I've had couple boyfriends in my life, but as you can see, they didn't last.

I was always looking for something more in them, something that set them apart from everyone else, something that I could spend my life trying to climb like a cliff face or translate like a book written in Latin." She then leaned over the table with her chin resting on her hands. "I wish I could return these questions. You've spent your whole life fighting in the pits of Hell which means you haven't lived like a regular person, and I don't want to ask about the lives that make you up, because then I don't feel like I'm really asking about you, and who you really are.

You're so strange," she huffed, while maintaining her small smile. Baltoh rested his chin on his hands the same way, looking into her eyes. "What I was or what made she who I am should not matter, only who I am now should matter. You don't need a past to have a future, you only need a present from which that future can grow." "What lies in your future?" "I'm not sure." "Maybe instead of fighting, there is a person in your future." "Unlikely." Selene gave a soft giggle.

"You're half-Archangel, right? Well then have some faith." After the words passed her lips, the human and the hybrid both became silent, staring into each other's eyes. Slowly, they began to move forward, in increments of measurement so small that they were barely visible. As their faces approached, their lips parted, and on cue, the cat Jake leapt up onto the table, landing between them. Selene and Baltoh jerked back and immediately felt the squeeze of awkwardness around their chests.

"I should go, I have to find those Demons before things get out of hand," Baltoh nervously said, turning around and extending his wings. As he turned around, about to become intangible and pass through the wall, Selene spoke. "Baltoh, take your time. You've piqued my interest, so don't think you're leaving any time soon." Baltoh mirrored the smile on his own lips.

"Maybe I will, after all, you humans are turning out to be interesting as well," he said before departing. As Baltoh passed through the walls and levels of the building and took to the sky, flying invisibly, Abaddon materialized on the fire escape of the building across the street.

His arms were crossed and he had a dark grin. "Well now, isn't this a curious twist?" he said to himself before disappearing once again. Selene and Molly were sitting on a bench in the park, enjoying the late-spring sunlight. Deep in the background, the sounds of chanting protestors and honking cars could be heard in the city, but the park itself was almost completely tranquil. The island in the pavement sea was bustling with people, all trying to enjoy the nice weather before it rose into the unbearable summer temperatures.

"I had the kinkiest dream last night…" Molly hummed as both women leaned back in the bench with their eyes closed, trying to soak up as much sun as possible like a pair of dozing cats. "Ok, I'm interested," Selene chuckled. "It was about that office Christmas party two years ago," Molly said coyly, raising one eyelid and glancing at Selene. Without opening her eyes, Selene scowled. "Molly, we agreed never to talk about that night, remember?" she hissed. "Hey, you seemed more than willing and happy at the time." "Yeah, because we were both drunk.

Remember what happened afterwards? How we couldn't speak to each other for three months and I almost quit my job because it was just too awkward to be in the same building." "Oh come on, I know you enjoyed it, and if you didn't, then why is it that you were so interested in my sex dream just a minute ago? The idea that I'm doing something kinky turns you on, doesn't it?" "Listen, I don't want to talk about it.

It took me months to get over what we did and I'm still ashamed of myself," Selene angrily replied, about to get up and leave. "Then why are you blushing?" Selene glared at her with invisible daggers shooting from her eyes, but no matter how hard she fought, talking about that night was bringing up a very erotic montage of memories in her mind, and those memories were beginning to make her aroused.

Already she could feel her pussy moistening and her body temperature rising. It didn't take long for her resolve to finally break and a flashback to flood her mind… December 24th, 2009, 10:00 pm: Selene wandered through the cubicle maze with a half-full plastic cup and a prominent stagger. This was the last time they would allow liquor, and for good reason.

The office party had quickly fallen apart as the blood-alcohol level rose with the lateness of the evening and Selene had probably the highest. Bored and more than drunk to decide to start photocopying her ass, Selene was looking for Molly, as there certainly wasn't anyone interesting to talk to. She had already wandered around most of the building, but there was one place she had not checked.

Selene pressed her ear against Mr. Reed's office door, hoping she wouldn't hear her friend getting a mustache ride from their ugly boss. She did not hear the moans or flesh clapping of two people having sex, but she heard an undulating buzzing sound and the shrill but soft whines of Molly. Curious, Selene opened the door and peered inside. Molly was sitting in her boss' chair, her blouse open with her arms across her bare breasts, her thong and skirt on the floor, and a vibrator being worked between her legs (but do to the desk blocking her from the waist down, this couldn't really be confirmed).

"Molly, what are you doing?" Selene asked in lazy interest. The busty blond nearly jumped out of the chair. "Selene, close the door!" Selene stepped inside and locked the door behind her.

"Ok, I'm going to need an explanation…" Molly turned in the chair and pulled out the pink dildo, holding it like a cigarette without even turning it off. "I was bored as Hell, my vibrator was in my purse, and this is the most comfortable chair. Reed is already gone, and I figured doing this might get me sober enough to drive. I hit the sauce pretty hard." Selene was completely unaffected by the sight of her friend's lily-white D-cup breasts, landing strip-flat belly, smooth thighs, and wet shaved pussy, and Molly seemed literally open to showing her everything.

Without alcohol in the equation, this conversation wouldn't even be happening, but with them practically burping ethanol, neither were exactly "thinking clearly". "Normally it takes a while to get me off when I'm buzzed, but this is ridiculous. I've been fucking myself with this thing for half an hour and I've almost drained the batteries, not to mention my arms are exhausted." Selene was silent, letting her eyes wander around the office before inevitably coming back to her empty cup.

"Hey, could you help me out?" Molly finally asked. "Why? What are you doing?" Selene asked, having completely forgotten what they were talking about. "Just sit on the floor." "Okey-dokey," her friend replied with a girlish giggle.

Crossing her legs, Selene sat down on the floor like a kindergartener at story time. Molly spread her legs and only now did Selene seem a smidgen skittish at the sight of her pussy, sopping wet and pink as gum. "I'm really not sure I like this." Molly handed her the vibrator. "I just need you to work this in me, just like a fuck machine.

You don't need to do anything else. It's just a simple favor, like helping me paint my kitchen. Just help me get off, it's not like I'll tell anybody about this. Come on, you would help me paint my kitchen, wouldn't you?" Squeamish but willing, Selene held the end of the wet vibrator with her index finger and thumb.

She looked back and forth at the toy and the spread lips of her friend's pussy, hungry for pleasure. A part of her was saying that this was going a little too far, but the rest was saying 'eh, why not'.

Deciding that this was just a favor for a friend, she slowly inserted the buzzing vibrator into Molly. The blonde drunk instinctively moaned as it entered her, shaking the silky flesh of her moist interior. The sound of the sexual call made Selene excited and anxious, but she proceeded to move the toy back and forth in her friend.

As she moved the toy like a piston in Molly, the sweet juices of her snatch ran down the dildo and soaked Selene's fingers. While she was immediately touched with the desire to wash her hands, she could feel herself beginning to enjoy the act as well. The contorted expression of pleasure on Molly's beautiful face, the shifting and jiggling of her breasts as her body trembled and she pinched her nipples, her flat stomach rippling as if she were belly dancing, and her legs openly spread, carelessly putting her oiled vagina on display.

Something about this act was very arousing to Selene, and the sweet smell of her friend's pussy was making her body tremble with heat and excitement. True, she had never felt any sort of attraction to women, at least no more than a slight curiosity like everyone else had, but she had always felt a tinge or arousal when Molly bent over to pick something up or was showing a particularly ample amount of cleavage.

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Selene often found her gaze wandering when Molly was around, stirring her natural curiosity. And she had to admit that the symphony of Molly's moans and the buzzing of the vibrator was making her own pussy wet as well.

After just a couple minutes, she held the vibrator tightly with her full hand and was working it in her friend with rapid speed, making Molly holler and whine, quickly bringing her to climax. "Thanks Selene," said Molly, gasping for air as she took the vibrator and turned it off. Trembling from the arousal that had been instilled by pleasuring Molly, Selene was just about to get back on her feet, but froze in shock as her friend ran her tongue up the sex toy as if it were a Popsicle.

"Oh my god, you actually lick your own juices?" "Of course, I am delicious!" She then leaned forward in the chair and put her hand on Selene's shoulder as she licked the toy again.

"Here, try it." Selene's whole body became rigid as the phallic toy was forced into her mouth against the back of her throat, nearly making her puke from the sinfulness of her friend's flavor. She tried to pull away, but Molly was holding her shoulder and making her to suck it. Molly truly was a dominating drunk, but even with tears rolling down her face from the punishment of her throat, Selene was too drunk to feel anything but joy at the delectable oil from Molly's pussy.

Molly finally pulled it out, leaving Selene panting from the forced-feeding. "Want some more?" Selene nodded, feeling her sexual desires gaining inertia.

With a smile, Molly got down on her knees and began working the dildo in her cunt, slathering it in her juices. She pulled it back out and held it up, licking one side while Selene licked the other, both of them taking great pleasure in tasting the blonde's essence.

Molly pleasured herself again with it, covering it in another layer of fluid, then held it up and the two women began licking it. As they moved up to the top of the dildo, their tongues began to meet. At first it was the slightest accidental touches, then strings of saliva could be seen stretched between their lips, and eventually, they were kissing each other over and over again with the dildo no longer between them.

At this point, Selene no longer cared what happened. She just wanted the hot vibrations of pleasure between her legs to continue. The gorgeous blonde and the ebony goddess continued to kiss, their mouths salivating from the horniness they were feeling. With a smile, Molly put the dildo aside and pulled off her blouse and unclasped bra. With her hands on Selene's shoulders, she laid her friend back on the floor and held herself over her, wearing nothing but her high heels.

"Hmm, this reminds me of my college sorority," Molly purred as her long blonde hair hung down on Selene's face, contrasting against her dark skin. She leaned down and pressed her lips against Selene's, slipping her tongue into her friend's mouth and letting their saliva mix. With their rosy lipstick shades blending together, Molly grasped Selene's hand and held it limply against her pussy.

Barely thinking through the alcohol, Selene got the message and inserted her fingers into the wet opening, tickling Molly's slit and restarting her like an engine. Supporting herself with one hand, Molly pulled off Selene's skirt and panties with the other, revealing her own pussy, already sopping wet.

Molly reached down and pushed her fingers into Selene, making her moan in pleasure through their endless kiss. Both women began moving as mirror images, fingering each other while their tongues basically formed a double helix. After a minute of kissing, Molly sat up and undid Selene's blouse and bra, humming in arousal as Selene's melon-sized jugs burst free from their fabric prison.

Molly moved up past Selene's head and turned around so that they were almost in the 69-position, but with each other's breasts in line with their faces.

"Come on, suck on them," Molly said coyly as her erect nipples hung just inches above Selene's face. Curious, submissive, and horny as Hell, Selene reached up and wrapped her lips around Molly's nipples, sucking on them hungrily and making Molly coo not just in physical bliss, but in the knowledge that she had bent Selene to her will, and now it was time for her to reap the benefits.

Molly lowered her head and painted Selene's areolas with her tongue, taking incredible satisfaction in the taste and feel of her soft flesh. For several minutes, the two women sucked on each other's tits like leaches, practically leaving hickeys on their pointing nipples.

With a coy smile, Molly finally moved down into the 69-position, holding her perfect ass above Selene's face. "I've wanted to lick your honey pot ever since we met. Come on baby, you can't say that you haven't wanted to do the same," She whispered, shaking her ass from side to side. Selene did not reply, as she was too horny to even speak. First pulling her long blonde hair out of the way, Molly lowered her face and slid her tongue through the sloppy entrance to her slit, making Selene moan softly in euphoria.

Taking the initiative, Selene raised her head and buried her face in Molly's perfect ass. Having never done such a thing before, Selene didn't quite have any experience on this, so she tried to mimic what old boyfriends had done to please her as Molly's smooth ass cheeks were clenched against the sides of her face.

Molly gave the same moan and continued to go down on Selene, essentially turning the two women into a living yin yang symbol. Gorging herself on Selene's wet pussy, Molly purred and hummed from the taste alone as she sucked up every delicious drop of the woman's fluid as if she were drawing the poison from a snake bite. Beneath her, Selene was becoming more and more accustomed and practiced at pleasuring Molly, moving her tongue inside her friend the same way that Molly was moving her tongue in hers.

She too was taking vast amounts of pleasure in not just the flavor of the hot wet cunt resting on her face, but the kinky excitement making her whole body buzz at the softness of those delicious pussy lips and the knowledge that she was completely gorging herself on her sexy friend.

With a smile, Molly retrieved her vibrator and inserted it into Selene, making her groan through Molly's ass. She turned on the toy, making it shake and rumble in Selene and using it to draw forth more pussy juice to drink up. The office was filled with the sounds of the women's moans of pleasure and buzzing of the sex toy, glistening with Selene's oils. Licking her smiling lips, Molly got up and shifted her weight, sitting directly on Selene's face so that she was almost completely hidden between her friend's curvaceous ass cheeks.

Molly broadened her control on the vibrator, jacking it back and forth in Selene and making her spread her legs wide, pointing her high heels at the ceiling.

"That's right, honey. Lick my cunt," Molly purred as she ran her tongue up Selene's smooth leg and continued to fuck her wildly with the vibrator. Beneath her, Selene was desperately trying to catch her breath between slurps, but Molly's naked flesh was covering her face every second.

Molly finally moved, letting Selene finally get a lungful of fresh air, but instead of moving away, she left the vibrator wiggling in her snatch and moved up onto a crabwalk, putting Selene's face back between her toned ass. "Fuck yourself and lick my asshole, do it," she ordered, grinding her cheeks against Selene's face.

Selene obeyed with horny excitement, pushing her tongue as far into Molly's asshole as possible while grabbing the vibrator and pushing it in and out of her gate of paradise. Molly gripped her breasts until the pale skin turned pink, moaning and crying out in euphoria as Selene's soft wet tongue burrowed into her anus, tickling the tender moist flesh.

Drunk as she was, Selene couldn't really taste anything, though her mind and her hormones were screaming that it was addictively delicious and her massaged pussy lips wanted the pleasure to never end, not to mention that Molly's soft smooth ass felt amazing on the sides of her face.

Her dedicated efforts were driving Molly insane in ecstasy, making her abandon her breasts and instead rub her pussy frantically, soaking her fingers in her juices before sucking on them. After almost five minutes, Molly finally got off of Selene and quickly bent down, licking her face clean like a dog licking a dirty plate.

Selene had a drunken smile on her face as Molly's tongue ran up her face. "Ok, it's my turn. Now I sit on YOUR face while YOU get fucked!" Molly grinned in arousal and lied back on the floor, desperate for a second course of delicious twat. Selene moved up over Molly's face, but in the reverse direction when their roles had been different.

She lowered herself onto Molly, pinning her down and making her lick her pussy. The second Molly started, Selene was moaning in euphoria, feeling a much greater pressure on her tender lips as Molly's tongue worked inside her tirelessly.

Almost feeling numb from the waist down from the incredible pleasure being given to her, Selene looked back and began fondling Molly's breasts, playing with them like an ADD kid playing with a small desktop feng shui sand garden.

She was completely infatuated with the full softness, squeezing and fondling them like a cat with a bag of catnip. While she gorged on herself on Selene's essence, Molly retrieved her vibrator and put it right where it belonged, right between her legs. Upon its insertion, Molly nearly arched her back in ecstasy, for the feeling of the toy shaking every single centimeter of moist flesh in her cunt and the soft deliciousness of Selene was almost more than she could handle.

Before long, Selene craved more from Molly; she wanted to experience what her friend had experienced. She changed her position, getting on all fours with her nipples pointing at the ceiling. Molly took the message and practically dove into Selene's tight asshole, flirting her tongue in and out of her anus while relishing the softness of Selene's firm rear.

"Oh, that feels so good. Keep licking, keep licking it," Selene growled as she rubbed her pussy and hungrily licked up the juices, while trying not to fall off balance. She pressed down harder, grinding her ass against Molly's face while the blond nymphomaniac practically slobbered on her asshole. Before long, Selene's thighs were burning like furnaces and she had to dismount Molly's jiggling tongue. Like Molly had done, Selene bent down and licked her friend's face like an ice cream cone.

"Ok baby, now I want to show you something that I used to do in college. Rub my pussy with yours," Molly instructed with a coy grin. Still intoxicated, Selene did not understand what she was supposed to do, so Molly took the initiative. Nearly scraping Selene with her high heels in her excitement, Molly interlocked the two women's legs.

Very gently, the smooth lips of their pussies kissed, making the women purr in kinky pleasure. "Now grind against me, the harder the better," Molly said before leaning forward and giving Selene a soft kiss. Smiling and licking their lips, the two beauties began rubbing against each other, letting their pussy lips aggressively kiss and smother each other over and over again.

Their moans reached new levels of volume and tone as the softness they felt surpassed everything else from that night. Ripples traversed their glassy smooth bodies as their thighs clapped against each other over and over again and their lips seemingly fused together with each sensual kiss.

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As their bodies moved in rhythm, they each reached out and massaged each other's breasts, rubbing their palms against each other's nipples. The two beauties continued like this for several minutes until sharing a simultaneous orgasm.

Their pussies were as soaked as dish sponges, covering each other and exchanging their succulent juices, without ever breaking their wet kiss. The two women lied back, panting like dogs in the summer from their exertion. Their bodies were both covered in a glistening film of sweat, saliva, and vaginal juices, catching the light and illuminating their voluptuous curves. Catching her breath first, Molly sat up and swathed her hand in the wet mixture between their pussies and licked it off as if it were water from the Fountain of Youth.

She then leaned forward, kissing Selene's belly and tickling her naval with her tongue. She continued to move up, licking the sweat off Selene's luscious breasts, kissing her neck, and finally locking lips with her and licking the inside of her mouth.

The sensual kiss revived Selene, and she could finally feel the effects of the alcohol wearing off. She looked around, once again thinking clearly and now aware of what she had just done. She looked at the smiling Molly and at her own naked body, suddenly filled with a mix of shame and confusing.

"Uh… I think it's time for me to go," Selene said, hurriedly pulling on her clothes and rushing out of the office, leaving Molly smiling and licking her dildo clean. "Admit it, you just had one big flashback," Molly teased. Selene didn't reply, only blushed in annoyance and tried not to rub her legs together. It hadn't taken her long after the party to remember everything she had done, every… single… detail.

As she had said, things had been incredibly awkward for them afterwards, at least for Selene. Molly felt no regret and occasionally tried to talk Selene into another sexy fling, and while Selene always said no, she could not ignore that thinking back to that night made her horny in a way that she had never before experienced. Whenever she lied in bed, working her fingers between her legs, Selene often found that her best orgasms when memories of eating out Molly slipped into her fantasies.

If she were completely honest, she would say that being with a woman was one of the greatest new experiences in her life, one of her personal favorite "challenges".

This undeniable pleasure was probably why Selene forgave Molly for seemingly taking advantage of her and why they still remained best friends. As much as she denied it, in her subconscious, the only reason why she never took Molly up on her sexual offers was because she didn't want to complicate their friendship any further. Though as the memories flashed through her mind, Selene suddenly felt the desire to get some space from Molly so that she could clear her mind.

Trying to keep her clit from shivering in arousal with greater intensity, Selene stood up and walked off. Abaddon and Rimmon stood in front of the daycare center from which they had killed half of the children and taken the rest to be tortured and devoured later.

The sidewalk was blanketed in lit candles, notes, and photos of the dead and missing children, while the street was covered in trash and flyers from the protestors who had stood by and chanted their outrage at how such a travesty could take place and what kind of world their children were living on. The street was completely empty, and while the sun was shining brightly down upon the Demons, they had made their bodies invisible to keep the light from affecting them.

Abaddon held out his hand as if he were a mime and licked his lips. "Yes, it's so beautiful. The air here is so rich in suffering and rage that each breath is euphoric.

Attacking the children was a wise move, as now the humans of this city are close to rioting from fear for themselves and their loved ones and anger that this was allowed to happen.

I don't know which is more delectable, the flesh and blood of those children or the reaction it caused." "So can you do it?" Rimmon asked anxiously. "If it can be done, then this is where it will happen. Something like this has never been accomplished, let alone tried in the human world. However, with my power at its maximum level and this city acting as the perfect breeding ground of malice and suffering, the only way the variables could be better aligned is if we were performing this on a cursed burial ground while torturing a few delicious humans," he replied with an evil smile, wetting his shark-like teeth over and over with his forked tongue.

"Baltoh will undoubtedly sense your power during the ritual. I'll keep him off your back while it happens, just make sure you don't stop and you work as fast as possible." "I know, I know. I'm not some lowly Gargoyle that is less intelligent than these pitiful humans.

Do what you need to do and I will do what I need to do." Regaining his smile, Abaddon crouched down and held out a tiny severed hand. "The blood of a child, for a little extra luck," he chuckled, squeezing the remaining fluid out of the hand and forming a small red puddle on the ground.

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"Demon Art: Horror Obelisk Summoning!" he called, slamming his clawed hand down on the puddle. Baltoh's head perked up as a dark sense of foreboding passed through his mind.

"So, you finally make your move, huh?" Spreading his wings, he leapt off the roof of the skyscraper and flew away, mentally tracking the source of the dark power levels he was sensing. A howling wind blew through the street, forming a tornado around Rimmon and Abaddon and picking up all the trash in the street as well as the memorial pieces set on the sidewalk.

The puddle of blood that Abaddon had set out was slowly expanding and growing brighter, turning into a fiery membrane about ten feet in diameter with the two Demons at the very edge. Black lightning crackled above the membrane and a large shadow could be seen underneath the burning glassy surface. Rimmon quickly turned around as Baltoh landed a hundred feet away, sword in hand. "Great, another one," the hybrid muttered. On the other end of the street, Michael and ten Angels appeared.

The men and women were dressed in white monk robes and looked to be in their early thirties. "Two and a half Demons, it's my lucky day," the Archangel said as his broadsword appeared in his hand. Rimmon began to laugh. "I'm not sure if my luck just increased or decreased. Either way, this will prove to be an interesting fight." He cackled, holding out his arms to his sides.

A sickening sliding sound emanated from his wrists as two blades of black steel burst out of the backs of his hands, parallel with his arms and each protruding more than a foot past his fingertips. "Well then, let's get this melee started," Baltoh said. With a swing of his sword, he signaled the beginning of the fight and he and Michael both shot down the street towards Rimmon. Behind Michael, the two Angels were combining their power to summon a repairing barrier around the area.

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Normally it would encompass only about a hundred feet, but in this case, the illusionary dome had a radius of a full kilometer. Baltoh reached Rimmon first, but the Demon blocked his attack with one of his blades and aimed his free hand at Michael. "Demon Art: Dark Pulse!" A colossal focused beam of Demon energy erupted from the tip of the blade reaching past his hand, shaking the surrounding buildings as it flew with an ear-thumping hum.

With a battle cry, Michael raised his sword and used it to cut through the blast. The defense brought him to a dead stop, but with his blade, he was able to split the beam and half and deflect them. The buildings along the street were instantly obliterated by the scattering blast, but with the Angels working to maintain the barrier, they were instantly repaired.

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With Michael struggling to push through the blast, Rimmon turned to Baltoh just as the hybrid delivered a devastating kick to the Demon's gut, knocking him through the air like a stone being skipped across water. He flew over the fiery membrane that Abaddon was crouched by and crashed through a building, bringing the structure crumbling down like a house of cards. Before Baltoh could attack Abaddon and stop the ritual, Michael zoomed over to him and tried to deliver a lethal stab.

Baltoh deflected the sword with one of his claws and was about to counter with a stab from his stinger-like tail, but the clash was interrupted as Rimmon unleashed his power in a devastating spell. "Daemost Arsolt: Incinterandato Dilunious!" he roared, casting the Incinerating Flood but announcing it in Hellscript to increase its power. Before Baltoh's attack could connect, he and Michael were run over by a deluge of black flames, slamming into them with more power than a mudslide and sending them both crashing through a line of buildings.

Thick clouds of dust and smoke billowed from the buildings that had been destroyed by the attack and were currently burning with the black flames. With a powerful flap of his wings, Rimmon zoomed across the path of destruction and into the dust cloud, sensing Baltoh and Michael and stabbing at both of them with his blades.

An invisible shockwave suddenly cleared the dust cloud, revealing Baltoh and Michael, blocking the Demon's blades with their swords. The moment of unity between the Archangel and hybrid was quickly broken as Baltoh turned and punched Michael in the jaw, sending him staggering back. He then wrapped his tail around Rimmon, gripping him with bone-crushing force, and pointed his finger at him.

"Angel Art: Divinity Ray!" The entire street was lit up as a wide but focused golden laser surged from the tip of his claw, consuming the Demon as the equal and opposite of the Dark Pulse spell.

But just as the spell began, Baltoh's attention was drawn to Michael. The Archangel jabbed forward with his sword, but Baltoh blocked the attack with his Demon wing. Sparks flickered off the surface of the steel-like membrane from the strike of the sword, leaving Baltoh unharmed.

Before the hybrid could retaliate, Michael placed his hand on his foe's wing and shouted a spell. "Gastagen Nantsa: Ne Cortaxo Inor!" 'Angel Art: Holy Thunder Roar!' In a blinding flash, Baltoh was thrown into the air by an explosion on par with that of a stinger missile.

Wrapped in smoke and disoriented, Baltoh slammed into the corner of the building next door, breaking through it as if it were made of Styrofoam as he was tossed into the sky. Before Michael could deliver another attack, Rimmon opened up his protective wing cocoon and lashed out, delivering a slash across Michael's chest and sending a splatter of blood across the wreckage of the buildings around them. "Angel Art: Divine Smite!" Baltoh roared, swooping straight down and plunging his sword into the ground between the Archangel and Demon.

In a split second, the entire city block was riddled with bright glowing cracks before suddenly being thrown upwards in a golden explosion, so powerful that it shook the city of New York and formed a mushroom cloud. At the edge of the explosion, Abaddon struggled to keep his focus on the summoning ritual while the ten Angels that Michael had brought were gasping in air and drenched in sweat from trying to keep the barrier from shattering under the combined power of the three fighters.

Selene stared at the glowing feather sowed onto the front of her purse, knowing that it signaled Baltoh's rising power levels. Whatever was going on, he was fighting and he was fighting hard. Every fiber of her being wanted to go find him, but she knew that she could never forgive herself if she got in his way again and cost him a fight. She just had to wait and have faith. At least now her mind was taken off Molly. "Gastagan Nantsa: Conselha Natea!" 'Angel Art: Circle Edge/Halo Discus!' Michael called as he raised his hand.

Looping his finger around his halo, he pulled his arm down with a dozen copies of the ring of golden light, all intertwined with a lightning-like cord. With a roar, he swung his arm and sent the halos flying towards Baltoh and Rimmon with the lightning thread no longer binding them. Spinning like tops, the rings of light swooped down across the sky like falcons towards the Demon and hybrid.

"Daemost Arsolt: Ferroust Flagellox!" 'Demon Art: Iron Whip!' Rimmon called. Stretching like rubber, his tail extended to several times its own length and gained a metallic durability while retaining its flexibility. Swinging his tail wildly, Rimmon deflected the halos, sending them down into the city. The rings of light sliced through everything they touched, leaving laser-cut holes in buildings and even downing a few street posts. The fight had now moved, and the hybrid, Archangel, and Demon were now battling around the Chrysler Building.

The Angels that Michael had brought with him had been forced to move the barrier to keep the battle from destroying the city, and had even called in reinforcements to protect, heal, evacuate, and remove the memories of people in the battlefield and repair the damage.

Already, the Angels had removed half of the people in the area, and none of them would remember a thing. Not in a hundred years had so many Angels been called from Heaven to suppress such a high level of destruction. Before Michael could launch another attack, Baltoh pounced on him from above with a downward cleave of his sword. With his superior power, Baltoh pushed Michael right out of the sky, sending him plummeting towards the ground with the edges of their swords screaming from the friction.

Keeping Michael down with one hand, Baltoh looked back at Rimmon and pointed his finger at him. "Angel Art: Blessed Lightning!" A deep crack boxed everyone's ears as a channeled bolt of golden energy was launched from his finger, surging towards Rimmon erratically while maintaining a straight direction.

It was not true electric lightning, but it had similar speed and power. "Daemost Arsolt: Cipparche Sputus!" 'Demon Art: Tombstone Shield!' Rimmon cackled as he clapped his hands together. A bright flash of black light flared before him as a table-sized tombstone materialized, covered in engravings of skulls and Hellscript symbols.

The bolt of lightning struck the tombstone like a javelin and instantly shattered it. But unlike the Divinity Ray, its penetrability came at the cost of its timing, and before the bolt of lightning could strike Rimmon, it was ended. Baltoh looked back down at Michael, still with their swords locked, and cursed when the Archangel spread his wings.

"Angel Art: Enlightenment Flash!" In a blinding display of radiance, every feather on Michael's wings lit up like a miniature star, shining so brightly that anyone who looked at it would be temporarily blinded.

Knowing what was going to happen, Baltoh wrapped himself in his wings, shielding his eyes and protecting himself from Michael's expected stab. Just like before, the blade bounced off the surface of his wings with little more than a transient shower of sparks. Baltoh opened his wings once the light faded and grabbed Michael by the throat. With how far they had fallen, Michael had no time to react before Baltoh slammed him down into the middle of the now empty street. In a jarring pulse equal to that of an earthquake, the street opened up like a blossoming flower into a deep crater and every window in the area was reduced to glass powder, filling the air like dust.

Michael's eyes rolled back into his head and he lost consciousness from the pain of the impact, but such a blow would only knock him out for a very brief time. Baltoh raised his eyes as Rimmon swooped down with his blades held out, desperate to make a lethal strike.

Without any effort, he swung his sword and knocked the blades aside the instant the Demon came in his range, then in a single fluid motion, he jumped into the air and delivered a powerful kick to the Demon's jaw, sending him skipping across the street with a small crater forming every time he touched the ground.

Moving so fast that he was practically invisible, Baltoh caught up with the skidding Demon and grabbed him by the face, slamming him down into the pavement and dragging him along while carving a trench in the street like a plow through a field. Ignoring the pain of being used as a garden hoe, Rimmon reached up and tried to stab Baltoh, but the superior entity tilted his head to the side and dodged the attack.

Not done, Rimmon reached around and tried to stab Baltoh with his tail like a scorpion. Baltoh was forced to let go of the Demon and retreat to avoid the attack, letting Rimmon finally come to a stop a hundred meters away.

On instinct, Baltoh turned around and caught the sword of Michael, stopping the Archangel's slash with his bare hand. Like the rope of a noose instantly becoming taut, Baltoh's tail snapped around Michael's ankle, and with supernatural strength, he flung the Archangel towards the side.

Michael crashed into the front of the Chrysler Building and drilled a hole straight through it with his body before finally bursting out near the top of the back of the tower. Regaining balance in the air, Michael pointed his wings down at Baltoh through the hole blasted through the building. "Gastagen Nantas: Vparah Nal!" 'Angel Art: Wing Arrows!' he shouted in frustration. Like a pair of rapid-fire shotguns full of birdshot, his wings began launching hundreds of feathers each second, with each one glowing with a white aura and packing more power than a .50 armor-piercing slug.

With a calm expression on his face, Baltoh began swinging his sword with impossible speed, moving his arm so fast that his movements were invisible, even to the nearby Rimmon. A wide deluge of sparks flashed in front of Baltoh as he deflected every single feather that would have struck him. The rest of the arrows peppered the ground around and behind him, pocking the pavement and soil with head-sized craters and kicking up clouds of dust and smoke. Getting to his feet, Rimmon raised his hand and bellowed at the top of his lungs, "Demon Art: Monster Slash!" Bringing down his hand diagonally like the blade of a guillotine, Rimmon launched five blades of energy from his claws, razor thin and faster than lightning.

In a single moment, five lines appeared on everything within the two-dimensional plane of his slash. Cut by the Demon's attack, everything began to fall apart, including the Chrysler building. As if cut by a giant laser, the entire top-third of the building slid cleanly off the diagonal cut mark, with Baltoh right in its path. Sensing the perfect opportunity, Michael quickly cast a spell.

"Angel Art: Crusading Canter!" Moving so fast that he was invisible, Michael flew down to the street at super speed, seemingly teleporting down to the ground, a hundred meters from Baltoh with Rimmon on the other end. The Demon and Archangel both pointed their index fingers at Baltoh, and with top of the Chrysler Building dropping towards him with the tip of the tower careening straight towards his position, they shouted their spells.

"Demon Art: Dark Pulse!" Rimmon snarled, launching a horizontal geyser of condensed shadow energy. "Angel Art: Divinity Ray!" Michael roared, launching a horizontal geyser of condensed holy energy.

Even with the two beams zooming towards him and the tip of the Chrysler Building tower plummeting towards his head like a spear from God, Baltoh was completely calm. "Tch, please," he scoffed. Balling his hands into fists, Baltoh held his arms out to his sides and released an animalistic bellow that was louder than a jet engine. Carried by his voice, an expanding bubble of white and black power rushed from every inch of his body, annihilating everything it touched like the first microseconds of a nuclear explosion.

Both blasts splashed off the rapidly growing dome like water on rock, while the Chrysler Building was instantly vaporized upon contact with the surface, as well as every building in the surrounding area.

Michael was forced to flee for his life as the bubble-explosion continued to grow, reaching a mile in radius alone before finally bursting into a mushroom cloud. Rimmon wasn't as lucky and the explosion slammed into him like a flaming avalanche, peeling away his flesh and consuming him. The Angels manning the repairing and illusionary barrier were brought to their knees trying to keep the explosion contained and unnoticed to the outside world, but even they couldn't cover up the shockwave it released.

Wind flooded the entire city of New York with unparalleled strength, shattering thousands of windows, knocking people off their feet and nearly sending them flying, ripping power lines to shreds, setting off every car alarm, and causing buildings throughout the city to shake violently and even tilt. Baltoh hovered in the air with a mile-deep crater sitting beneath him as if by a meteor and the clouds above parted as if a nuclear bomb had been set off in the atmosphere.

Already, the hundreds of Angels that had arrived to the city, as well as hundreds more arriving from Heaven at that very moment, were using their powers to recreate the area as it had been before the fight, basically turning back time so that no one would ever know. With inhuman speed, they put back all of the evacuated people in the exact same positions that they had been in before, each one unconscious and unharmed, removed any memories of the scene, and woke them up, leaving no one to suspect a thing.

Baltoh cricked his neck from side to side. "Finally got one.


It's hard staying focused in this human world." As the words were spoken, a familiar sense of dread shot through his mind like an electric current. He looked to the east, sensing Abaddon's power, as well as the power of something else, something just as dark and malevolent. "But my mission is not complete," he cursed before spreading his wings and flying east towards the source of the ominous presence.

Abaddon cursed as he sensed Baltoh's unfathomable power snuff out Rimmon's existence, killing him or at least wounding him so badly that he was now on death's door. "Damn it, that cocky bastard went and got himself killed, and with Baltoh and the Angels still around, I'll really need to work to get some reinforcements." He then smiled and licked his razor teeth as the glassy puddle before him shattered like a window, letting the flames of Hell burn without suppression. "It worked, summoning really can be performed in the world of the living.

This Horror Obelisk shall beckon the end of the world." From the semi permeable portal to hell, a dark object rose up in the street like the hand of a zombie bursting up from the grassy soil of its grave.

The object was a tower, ten feet in diameter and forty feet in height, made of chalky obsidian and covered in blood-red symbols. The base of the tower was adorned with carvings of human skulls, set up row by row, with a basket-style woven layer of different bones and limbs. Near the top, a large snarling Gargoyle face was carved in each side, all with the exact same expression.

The top of the tower consisted of five long talons, all converging on one point, above the very center of the obelisk. An undeniable chanting sound began to emanate from the obelisk, with multiple deep voices murmuring curses in Hellscript. The obelisk began to shimmer with a dark-violet glow and the chanting grew in volume. Above the city, dark storm clouds formed and stirred, blocking out the sun with the inky vapors. Throughout the city, everything began to shimmer in appearance, with their colors and shapes and seemingly bending and stretching ever so slightly, as if the existence of the obelisk was sending ripples through reality itself.

While the people of New York did not see the affects of this ominous oppression, people throughout the city began to feel sick to their stomachs and lightheaded, as the dark malevolence of the artifact poisoned their minds like a toxic miasma. "Even if Baltoh destroys this obelisk, it does not matter, the fact that it can exist in this world is all that I need. Soon our plans will come to fruition, and the end of days will be at hand," he said with a dark laugh before becoming intangible and sinking into the ground.

Baltoh stood before the obelisk with his teeth bared and his hands balled into fists so tightly that blood trickled from his cut palms. Even though he was half-Archangel, the affect of obelisks was nearly overpowering to his Demon side, making it difficult to suppress his violent urges.

He despised these artifacts for their unnaturally powerful influence, not to mention he found their mindless evil highly disturbing. "How the hell was one of these summoned to the world of the living?

Only Archangels should have to ability to use their spells in different realms." "Baltoh," a soft voice gasped. The hybrid turned around, spotting Selene.

She was leaning against a lamppost, gasping for air with cold sweat running down her paling face. "Selene!" Baltoh called, running over to her and catching her before she fell to her knees. "Sorry, I didn't want to get in your way again. It took everything I had to wait until you were done fighting before I finally came to find you, I wanted to make sure you weren't hurt or anything.

I guess I shouldn't have come at all," she said with her voice weak and her eyes closed. Being so close to the obelisk was taking a heavy toll on her body, so much so that she could barely stay on her feet. Baltoh gained one of his rare smiles. "No, it's ok. You couldn't have known. I appreciate the care," he said, crouching down with Selene in his arms. After brushing aside a lock of her hair, he held his clawed hand over her face.

"Angel Art: Laying On Of Hands. Angel Art: Blessed Protection." As if liquid light were running through her veins, Selene's body began to glow as the first spell repaired the affects of the obelisk's metaphysical miasma and the second spell wrapped her in a thin layer of holy energy, protecting her from any further affects.

Selene's eyes opened and she took a deep shuddering breath. "There, you should be fine now and you won't be affected by the obelisk," he said, helping her back to her feet. "What is that thing?" Selene asked as she rubbed the side of her head, trying to remove the last traces of grogginess. Baltoh looked back at the obelisk and growled like a dog sensing a stranger at the door. "It is an artifact of the darkest order, summoned straight from Hell." Selene's breathing became quick and shallow as she listened to Baltoh and stared at the ominous tower.

"What is it for?" Before answering, Baltoh walked towards the obelisk, and ignoring her fear, Selene followed him. "Demons will occasionally use these in battle, as it provides a considerable strength boost, not to mention it energizes the evil intentions of all the spirits around it. Often when they are used, it is to dredge up the strength of an army of Gargoyles and set them loose upon me, or strengthen the black hearts of the truly evil human residents of Hell to help them join together to form a Demon-level creature without ever crumbling into ash.

I've never heard of something like this being summoned in the human world, but just being here could drive the people of this city so wild with rage and malice that they could rip New York apart like a pack of rabid wolves." All her life, Selene had craved challenges, craved the feeling of fear at trying something new and exciting; bungee jumping, sky-diving, mountain climbing, that sort of thing.

But being so close to this cursed tower, the fear that she was experiencing was darker and colder than her wildest imagination, and even while protected by Baltoh's spell, she felt like at any second, something terrible was about to happen, or that the obelisk was alive and staring straight at her, like a serial killer before he makes his move.


This crippling sense of dread and terror sent shivers up her spine and made her feel like she was sinking into quicksand. Seeking relief, she reached out and grasped Baltoh's hand, clutching it tightly. The contact brushed aside the influence of the obelisk for both of them, and even Baltoh had to admit that holding Selene's hand filled him with ease.

"Can you destroy it?" "I can, but it is difficult and more often just breaks. Even if I reduce it to dust, it will still have heavily negative affects, just like radioactive waste. I can blast it with pure holy energy and try to obliterate it, but there will always be remains. No, there is a simpler and better way…" Snapping his fingers, Baltoh opened up a portal to Hell right beneath the tower.

Instantly, the obelisk fell through the portal as if it had been set on a frozen lake and the ice had broken under its weight. With another snap of his fingers, he closed his fingers, sealing the cursed artifact in the fiery depths.

"Unlike Demons and Gargoyles, Angels and Archangels have the ability to enter and leave the three realms at any time, even Hell." "Do you have any idea why they brought that thing?" she asked, glad that it was now gone. "No, it just doesn't make sense. If they wanted to use it to increase their power when they fought me, then that other Demon wouldn't have allowed the battle to move so far away, and if they had some other reason for it, such as to strengthen their Gargoyles or cause more havoc in this city, then I don't understand why they would just abandon it or not hide it in a place where I might not be able to sense their activities.

They knew I would find it, why would they go through all that effort to summon it if I would just get rid of it? It's like they summoned that obelisk for no reason other than the act itself." "Well maybe it was just practice. Is there anything else they can summon?" "There are different kinds of artifacts, but I don't know what they would achieve. After all, I—" He was cut off as a quick glint of light caught the corner of his eye. Turning around, Baltoh saw Rimmon's tail flying towards them like a harpoon, extending in length as it moved.

But it wasn't aimed for Baltoh; it was aimed for Selene. Realizing the Demon's target, Baltoh gave a furious roar and got in the way, catching Rimmon's barbed tail before it could strike Selene. Growling like an animal, Baltoh glared at Rimmon, who was standing in an alley after having just barely survived the blast that ended the battle. Almost every inch of outer flesh had been burned off his body, leaving only singed bare muscle and cauterized veins, not to mention that his wings had been almost completely destroyed.

"You dare harm her? You dare attack this woman?! You will repent for your Demon sins, and you will suffer the most painful death that your wretched kind can experience! Angel Art: Final Crucifixion!" Rimmon raised his hand, about to sever his own tail so that he could escape, but before the act could be performed, a large white crucifix burst out of the ground behind him, measuring twenty feet in height and eight feet wide at the crossbeam.

Rimmon released a roar of terror as whips with pieces of jagged metal braided into the strands wrapped around his limbs and torso and slammed him against the cross, tearing through countless muscles in his skinless body. Unable to move, Rimmon could do little more than howl as a three large nails materialized, the first two driving through his palms and the third piercing his ankles and securing them to the side of the main beam.

The final restraint came in the form of a crown of thorns, which acted like a shackle around the Demon's head, tying him to the vertical beam of the cross with blood running down his face.

At least, a spear blade appeared before him and was plunged into the Demon's chest, piercing his black heart.

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"Angel Art: Holy Burn!" Baltoh called, clapping his hands together. In roaring flash, a bonfire of golden flames flared up at the base of the cross, reaching up and curling around the suffering Demon.

Already bleeding to death with a ruptured heart and no skin to cover his lacerated muscles, Rimmon gave one last howl of agony as the holy inferno ate away at his body, burning his flesh as if he had been coated in thermite. In less than half a minute, Rimmon was reduced to nothing but ash, and the crucifixion setup all disappeared. Baltoh was breathing heavily as his hatred finally left his body like blood from a fatal injury, and Selene was staring at him with wide eyes.

"Are you always so furious when you slay your opponents?" she asked softly. "No, I'm usually much more calm and collected. I don't know what happened." "Are you sure it wasn't because of me?" Baltoh turned to her and instantly shivered as Selene placed her soft hand on his cheek.

The gentle touch and tender care that Baltoh could feel flowing into him from her hand calmed his body and removed the last traces of strain from battle. But while this sweet touch sent waves of bliss through his body, Baltoh felt a pool of fear and nervousness forming in his heart. "I have to go. I have to find Abaddon and figure out what he's planning before it's too late." He stepped away and broke the connection between them. Selene watched with sadness in her eyes as he flapped his wings and flew away, fleeing from her and his own emotions.

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