My big strapon will feel so good in your tight virgin ass

My big strapon will feel so good in your tight virgin ass
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Her Master came back to her and unlocked her cuffs catching her when she slumped forward somewhat. She looked up at him and he smiled down at her, not a nice romantic smile either, but a preditorial smile that made her fear that he would take a bite out of her. He brought her into the bathroom and handed her a warm facecloth and told her to wash herself with it. She did so slowly watching him watch her.

Suddenly he leaned forward and caught her hair behind her, pulling her head back. He leaned forward calmly to tell her off. "You are my slave. You don't look at me unless I have you. Understand." "Yes ny Master." She gasped out, she knew that much, he always made her say that online. He released her hair and she quickly looked down while she washed herself.

She found that even though she wasn't looking at him and couldn't see him, she knew where his gaze fell on her body. She shivered lightly. "Do you need to use the bathroom?" He asked, his voice deceptivly soft.


"Yes my Master." She said gratefully, "Go right ahead, there's the toilet." He told her As the words registered in her mind her pussy squeezed tight and she was wet again. Piss, in front of him? She didn't realize how erotic and diffucult it would be as she moved slowly to the toilet, he was watching her intently. She pissed in the toilet while looking down, her face red with shame.

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The sound filled the room with her heavy breathing. She spread her legs to wipe up and her thighs were wet with her own juices. When she finished she stood silently and looked down.

He reached a hand out and grasped her chin, pushing her face upward to look at him. In his other hand was a dress. "Put this on, we're going out." She unfolded it and pulled the simple dress over her head. It was pure white and tight, she knew that in the hot sunlight outside she would be practicly transparent.

Back in the living room Rick and Jack looked her over by the window in the sunlight. Rick slipped his hand under the short skirt and started to finger her slowly, getting her wet again watching her closely. Her orgasm didn't climb up, it just became. Her body shuddered around Rick's finger. He stopped and pulled his finger out of her abruptly. Rick grabbed her and bent her over before smacking her ass hard.

"Did I tell you to come?" Her smacked her ass again.

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"No Sir!" She cried out as his hand came down on her ass again Rick smacked her ass again and again, making her cry out each time. Then he stood back and looked at his hand print on her ass. The marks showed through the dress when she stood. They left the house and she looked around. Men and woman alike were looking at her, the woman with disgustion, the men with desire.


They went shopping for clothes for her at a small shop down the street. When they went upstairs her eyes grew large at the displays of gags, leather, whips, and other toys.

They went into the back room where woman were waitressiing in shorts and nothing else. Men sat everywhere with beautiful woman on thier sides in various states of dress. Some woman were completly naked. Master led her down to the table near the back and had her sit on the inside.

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Rick sat next to her and Jack next to him. She felt Rick slip his hand under her skirt and started to finger her. "If you cum," he whispered "I will beat you right here.

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Understand?" She nodded and looked at the table. Her Master was watching, she wouldn't fall him again by cumming.

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Rick's finger slid inside her hard, making her breasts bounce slightly as he slammed against her. SHe was already wet so he used two fingers, then three.

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She squirmed slightly in her seat, trying to remain still. One of the waitresses came by and asked her Master what they wanted. He ordered three beer's and a bowl of milk. The woman looked over at her, squirming as she was fingerfucked. Alice was humiliated as she shivered again in plain view. Her breathing was getting heavy and she closed her eyes as she focused on not cumming. Rick leaned forward and whispered, "cum" and she did. Hard, she shuddered in his hand as she bite her lip to keep from calling out.

Her Master smiled at her. Rick slipped his fingers, wet with her juises into her mouth. She sucked herself off of him, cleaning his fingers with her tounge. "Good Slave" The men relaxed and talked and laughed and drank beer. Alice was given the bowl of milk and told to lap it up. She did, leaning forward until her tits almost popped out of the dress and used her tounge to lick up some of the milk.

When they left it was darker out and the men made her walk with her hands behind her back, thrusting her breasts forward. Leading them back towards the house.