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Honey Hot Brunette Fucked In The Ass And Got A Creampie
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The Honeymoon - - Author's note to readers. Nothing about this story is meant to portray any of the characters as under eighteen years of age.


Also this story features themes of rape, slavery, bestiality, and incest. It is intended as fantasy and nothing else. If you do not like such stories or are one of those individuals that can't distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality STOP reading now. Also don't fill up the comments section with posts about how sick the individuals in the story are or about the people who read or write this style of story. This is meant for those looking to take some enjoyment out this tale and not for those looking to recreate the circumstances of the story.

For those that fall into the first category please enjoy yourselves - - Normally I would go through the name changes of the characters but since this chapter mostly focuses on Sapphire and her cousin Pleasure Maid 3382- B2 now Breeding Bitch 3382-B2 so I'll go ahead and skip the others this time.

- - The Honeymoon - - Sapphire was experiencing probably the most humiliating moment of her life. Sure she had previously thought being publicly raped by the dog following her wedding ceremony then again during the reception had been the worse. Yet they had barely been on the plane before even that had been surpassed by a worse humiliation. That was the dog first making her suck his cock. Before he humiliated again by growing at her until she thanked him for the privilege of not only sucking his cock but for allowing her to swallow his cum.

Five more times during the flight the scene would be repeated and every time once his semen had been swallowed she had to say the same thing as she knelt on the floor at his feet. - - "Thank you Master Cesar for allowing your worthless slave bitch the privilege of pleasuring you with her mouth. Your human slave only exists to provide you pleasure." - - Now the first couple of times she sobbed so hard throughout the statement it was unintelligible but the sight of the dog's teeth as he growled in displeasure had her saying it properly.

Part of Sapphire wished she was being treated like her cousin was by her canine master. Though based on what Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 told her that wouldn't happen until she had been truly broken by the dog. - - So until then she would be chained together with the dog and forced to follow behind him wherever he went.

Then there was the fact she wasn't allowed to change out of her clothing. Granted she was allowed wash it and herself still but the outfit was to immediately go back on afterwards. Now based on the state the outfit was in at the moment Sapphire knew it would be nothing but tatters by the time she was a properly broken bitch. - - For instance her stockings already had several runs in them and black stains forming around the knees. Now the corset was already looking a little worse for wear with the lace having numerous rips in it from the dog's claws.

The gloves had fared the best with only some cum stains mixing with the drool stains around her neck and shoulders made during her rapes following the ceremony. Though the fact her arms would remain secured behind her back for the duration of the ordeal was the only reason for this. Even so she suspected they would end up suffering the fate of the rest of the outfit before the ordeal was over with.

- - Now as bad as things were for Sapphire she still was worried about her cousin. Once they were in the air for a while she had been stripped and put in a new outfit. This was the same outfits Kennel Bitches' wore and all of the accompanying humiliations and rules went along with it. Including the changing of her classification from Pleasure Maid to that of a Breeding Bitch.

Now there was one mercy shown to her and that was to wait until they were airborne until it was done to her.

- - Technically since Sapphire's breeding had started at the wedding so should of Pleasure Maid 3382-B2's. So she should've had the outfit and rules infected on her then. However Master Sanders had delayed the start of her breeding until they were airborne so she could advise Sapphire on what was expected from her. Now this technically did require much time to explain but it was the only time they could be themselves with out the dogs growling at them menacingly so they took as much time as possible.

- - Sapphire would have to be kneeling in front of Master Cesar at all times. With the exceptions of when she was following behind the dog while they went anywhere. Or when Master Sanders was performing her two daily breedings and of course when Master Cesar was having his own way with her body. Otherwise the only other times she was to be out of the kneeling position was morning cleanup and as she slept curled up on the floor next to Master Cesar's dog bed.

Though the final time she was allowed out of position was the worst. - - It had been a while since Sapphire had to eat from a dog bowl. Let alone having to eat the dog food they tried to pass as slave food from one.

But to now have to do it alongside the dog that had complete control of her body was the most degrading thing she had suffered during her lifetime. Though she would find even this degradation was soon surpassed. - - For the first time they went to eat neither Master Cesar or Master Lighting eat from bowls on the ground like normal dogs.

Instead their bowls were on tables they eat from while sitting in chairs almost like they were a person. Meanwhile the two cousins had to kneel on the floor beneath the table and that wasn't even the worst part. See before the dogs would eat or let their human slaves to eat themselves Sapphire and Breeding Bitch 3382-B2 had to suck their cocks. Now as humiliating as it sounds it was made way worse by the fact Master Sanders went out to eat during the entirety of the honeymoon.

- - The other masters and mistresses seamed to take great satisfaction out of their humiliation. At the same time the cousins initially garnered sympathetic looks from the other slaves.

Yet this soon turned into angry glares when these slaves' owners started talking about trying the training method being used on the cousins on their own slaves. Sapphire completely understood this since she had acted similarly herself to Jade back when she inspired this. - - Granted Sapphire's view on what Jade did was ever changing depending on how she felt at the moment. For example the first time Master Cesar raped her at the wedding Sapphire wished Jade dead.

This sentiment would then return during the rape at the reception. Yet as the crowd gang raped Jade Sapphire anger had disappeared and she felt sympathy for the asian sex slave. Granted she knew Jade was in heaven as all of those men took turns with her helpless body despite the convincing act that she was suffering horribly. - - Naturally those feelings of anger returned every time Master Cesar's cock was in Sapphire's mouth on the plane.

Just as when he raped her in the lobby while they were being checked in. Though as much as Sapphire would have wanted to stay angry at Jade she just couldn't.

In truth her anger began to focus more on herself for not being as good of a slave as Jade. After all Jade was a first generation slave and not a third generation slave like Sapphire and her cousin so they should've been setting the standards of obedience instead of the other way around. Still it would be a while before this realization would happen and a lot would happen to Sapphire before then.

- - So it would probably be best to explain that part before I get to far along in the story. I'll start with telling about where the honeymoon took place. It was on a private island owned my a member of the organization. While close enough to civilization the make the logistics of running it possible. It still was far enough away that it maintained the necessary secrecy. This wasn't just because of the tastes of the guests.

The owner also operated a slave training and processing facility out of it too. While this man wasn't exactly a friend of Master Sanders he wasn't an enemy either. - - This man had created an exclusive resort on the island where masters and mistresses could openly dominate their slaves.

Naturally it wasn't that popular of a place to the slaves since they were the ones being humiliated and tortured not only openly but in mass at times. That also didn't include their feelings about the public sexual use of their orifices. - - This place still had one thing that gave a little relief to the slaves and allowed them to have somewhat of a vacation like their owners.

That was the majority of the staff was sex slaves that could be used by the guests. This did afford many of the visiting slaves a respite from their owners normal affections. - - Now resort consisted of a large multi story hotel, several restaurants, and numerous beachside bungalows.

With all of the rooms of which contained not only the expected comforts and amenities one would expect from a normal resort of this class. Yet they also included the addition of the necessities required since the guests owned other humans as their personal sexual playthings.

So besides the silk sheets and fine leather furniture there were the whips and chains along with assorted other means of tormenting the whimpering women brought there by their owners. - - Now Master Sanders had gotten the honeymoon suite in the hotel. It was on the top floor with a balcony overlooking the pool. It was technically two rooms one a comfortable living area slash dinning area. Then there was the bedroom with a large comfortable bed.

Not that either Sapphire or Breeding Bitch 3382-B2 were initially allowed on it. They instead slept on the floor next to the two dog beds at the foot of the bed. Still they got to experience a little of the comfort offered even if it was only the soft expensive carpeting. - - Even sleeping on the floor they found this a better option then the alternative slave accommodations provided with the room.

For even the means for securing slaves had been provided to the guests. From basic ropes and chains to a pillory in a corner of the room.

The suite provided several other options actually incorporated either into the room itself or the furniture. - - There was a cramped cell built into the back of the closet but even this was better than the other alternatives offered. There was the small cages incorporated into the nightstands on each side of the bed.

Or probably the worst the cages that hung over the edge of the balconies of all the rooms and to Sapphire's horror several of which were currently occupied when she first looked out the window. - - Now to Sapphire's surprise the rooms also had video cameras installed along with a vary fancy computer within one of the fancy cabinets flanking the large flat screen television on the wall above the dog beds.

The other cabinet she quickly learned contained both bondage devices and instruments of torture. Of course she learned this after Master Sanders tried out a cane and several floggers on them.

- - Now once she had been through the torture session Sapphire was freed from Master Cesar so she could wash herself and Breeding Bitch 3382-A. The shower was at least partially refreshing though once they were clean she spent most of the time left scrubbing their clothing clean in the bathroom sink. Then while it dried she had to fix both of their hair and makeup. Now her own wasn't that bad but get that stupid dog nose and spot drawn over her cousin's nose and eye was a pain in the ass.

- - Though once they were finished redressing in their clean albeit damp clothing they were allowed to see the view from the balcony. Now once they were lead on to the balcony their immediate concern was the cages hang off the side of the hotel. But they would have to wait until midway through their stay until they got to experience that. With an worried look in their eyes they instead looked over the courtyard of the hotel. - - The centerpiece was the large swimming pool that almost looked like a tropical lagoon complete with a large stone waterfall.

Surrounding it were tall palm trees with various other tropical plants spaced throughout the courtyard. Then of course there were the tables and chairs spread throughout the courtyard for guests to relax alongside the pool. - - Though based on what she saw they were more interested in either being serviced by or tormenting their slaves then relaxing. She could see a couple of slaves tied to trees being whipped.

While several others pleasured their owners. Yet a few of the slaves seamed to be allowed some rest. Sapphire could see them either sunbathing or swimming nude with their owners in the pool.

- - Now any relaxation those slaves were having came to a sudden end as Master Sanders's true reasoning for them being on that balcony became known.

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It began when he bent Sapphire over the railing. Once she was positioned the way he wanted her proceeded to start her first breeding session at this place. He would then proceed to violently fuck her from behind where everyone could see. - - Now by the time he had cum almost all of the people below were also fucking their slaves.

Sapphire then was made to stay in that position for around thirty minutes. Of course Breeding Bitch 3382-B2 got her own breeding session shortly after Sapphire's but by that time the orgy below was in full swing. These breeding sessions would then become part of both cousins morning routine. - - Unfortunately once the session was over Sapphire's collar was once again chained to Master Cesar's just in time for him to start his own breeding session.

While they were being fucked by the dogs Master Sanders would then dress himself. Though he tended just to were a pair of shorts if he just didn't go out in the nude. He did wear more clothing when they went out to eat since the restaurants required the masters to wear suits and the mistresses to wear fancy dresses and gowns.

- Now them going out usually happened shortly after the cousins were freed from the dogs' knots and had sucked their cocks clean. They would then spend the day sitting on the beach or relaxing around the pool. They also would sample the resort's slaves from time to time. While Master Sanders was content to confine his sexual energy on the cousins he still loved watching them pleasuring other slaves and each other.

- - This is where Sapphire got another unpleasant experience but surprisingly it didn't involve her being raped, tortured, or humiliated in anyway. Instead it was a reunion with another slave she'd been happy to had never seen again. Strangely enough this slave had actually once been considered Sapphire's best friend.

Yet that friendship had ended shortly after they first had collars put around their necks.

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- - At that time they had been Stephanie and Jamie two girls that grew up in a private boarding school together. Neither of them really socialized with the other girls with a few exceptions.

Yet once they reached adulthood and the truth of their existence was known to them the friendship ended as suddenly as both of their hopes and dreams for the future. - - Apparently it had been due to the fact that Jamie and three other slaves were to be sold as virgins. Since they were the only ones not being repeatedly violated as part of their training it created an animosity between the virgins and the other girls being constantly raped.

First there was just snide comments or dirty looks shot at them but this divide began to intensify. Until finally Stephanie convinced the others to rape the virgins in the shower one day. Now they couldn't get at their hymens like they wanted due to the chastity belts they were forced to wear. Yet the virgins were still forced to eat out the others then being made to drink their piss before the scat play was thrown into the violation.

- - This incident not only was a betrayal for them all but it also destroyed the last remnants of the person Jamie was before. In her place was just number 3382-C3 the terrified Pleasure Slave waiting timidly to be sold. This persona that had taken hold of her combined with her virginity had then attracted the wrong sort of attention when she was auctioned off. As she was sold off as a pain slave number 3382-C3 was now the property of an aging mistress that delighted in hearing her screams.

While the bitch couldn't swing a whip that hard number 3382-C3 soon learned to fear the cattle prod among few other instruments of torture. - - If it hadn't been for that sadistic bitch that owned her suddenly dying in her sleep and number 3382-C3 then being sold to Master Sanders then her life would've been way worse. It then took so much more effort for Master Sanders to turn her from skittish number 3382-C3 into Sapphire.

Only now that she's undergoing a new training regiment intended to make her a better slave for her master and husband in comes Stephanie at the worst moment of her life. Sapphire could only wonder what Stephanie would do to screw her over this time.

- - She was a slave of this very attractive blonde mistress that seamed a little soft on not only Stephanie but other slaves. It was the way she kept looking away while other slaves were whipped or when the dogs were fucking the cousins that told Sapphire this woman didn't like watching slaves being subjected to the more extreme torments and possibly them being inflicted on slaves at all.

In fact this woman seamed more of a submissive hiding in the clothing of a dominatrix to Sapphire. Especially since this woman had been soft enough to allow Stephanie to keep her name made Sapphire wonder which one was really holding the leash and which one was actually wearing it when they were alone.

- - This observation about this mistress was also noticed by Master Sanders. He had saw how this woman had kept timidly looking away from the suffering of the slaves. But he had also noticed how she was rubbing her legs together at the same time she would look away. He could tell by that reaction and the subtle scent her pussy was giving off she was aroused by what she was seeing.

Yet he also saw an guilty look briefly wash over her face before she would look away and recognized the signs. - - He was also curious about the fact she was wearing so much clothing when everyone else was basically walking around naked.

From the bikini bottom she modestly had covered by the sarong. Then the white blouse she wore over her top. Even though front of the blouse was completely open she didn't have much of her flesh on display. Her dressing that conservatively made him wonder about her reasons for being at the resort. She did seam like she was trying to relax as she tried to read the book she held.

Yet even with her naked slave kneeling somewhat obediently next to her she seamed out of place there. - - He began making plans to contact several associates as he stood up from his seat. Taking the dogs' leashes in hand he decided head back to the room. The dogs needed rest and he had to make a few calls.

First he needed answers from Sapphire on who that slave was and why seeing her made Sapphire so angry. - - A few days later after several phone calls, a few bribes, and several other shady deeds Master Sanders had some of the answers he wanted. He knew who the slave was, her connection to Sapphire, who the mistress was, and even why she was at the resort. He was even able to figure out her patterns somewhat.

The only thing he hadn't been able to take care of was confirming either of his four possible theories about her yet. - - The most likely theory was she was one of those mistresses that don't care for the suffering and humiliation of slaves but still got enjoyment out of them providing her pleasure.

Two do to her attractive face and body she didn't like drawing attention to herself out of the logical assumption someone would try to enslave her. The third most likely theory was maybe she was actually a sub passing herself off as a dom for the additional protections from enslavement the position provided.

The final theory was he just was reading something in to the situation that wasn't actually there because he saw her more as a potential slave than a worthy mistress. After all maybe she was actually a cruel saddest but preferred not to show that side to others including other members of the organization. - - Now since this Mistress Samantha Cole didn't ever attend any organizational functions there wasn't anyone who knew anything about her fetishes or other tastes.

In fact the only thing any of his contacts could figure out was she kept to herself and was never seen as more than a partial member of the organization. She only owned one slave a number 2859-A2C one of the few forth generational slaves classified as a Pleasure Slave/Personal Assistant. - - Now why this Mistress Cole suddenly decided to show up to an organizational resort to attend a slave auction only she knew.

Since she had gotten by with only one slave for two years without making any attempt at acquiring any more. The easiest thing he found out was not long after their paths crossed she started asking her own questions about him. Apparently she wasn't the only one that had made an impression on the other one. Though her interest in him mostly involved Sapphire's enslavement to the dog more than any interest in him personally. He decided it was time to see how this Mistress Cole responded to a little dinner theater.

- - Getting the restaurant to go along with his plans wasn't that hard a little expensive but not hard. Now getting them to go along with the performance was actually the easiest aspect but they still wanted compensation for the strain it would put on the wait staff slaves. He even had a special package shipped in just for tonight. Now Sapphire wasn't quite ready but the signs were looking promising to him.

- - Master Sanders Stood at the back of the room in the shadows silently watching the other diners taking their seats He had to suppress the grin that he felt come across his face as he watched Mistress Cole getting directed to her table. He could tell she was uneasy with the crowd that was building but he wondered how she would react once things got set in motion. - - He had to admit she was probably the best looking woman in the room not wearing a collar.

Not that the other mistresses were ugly but Mistress Cole was just so beautiful there was no comparison. With her hair up like that and that form fitting black dress she had on she looked simply amazing. It showed the perfect amount of cleavage on her fantastic breasts and the slits in the sides showed off her fine sculpted legs encased in black stockings.

- - He couldn't help it by wondering how many other masters and mistresses had looked at her and thought about how she would look cowering in their dungeons.

His rough guess would've been all of them but that was the only certainty of what he was doing. Granted putting a collar on her was possibility at that time he was only doing this to gain a better understanding of her tastes. He had to put these thoughts aside for now as he decided to put the next part of his plan in motion. - - Slipping out a back door then quickly moving around to the entrance wasn't that difficult. The bellhop was waiting just as he had instructed fearfully holding Cesar's leash.

He could see that the slave was keeping a safe distance from the dog sitting proudly behind an extremely nervous Sapphire. Her nervousness was to be expected she knew that he was expecting a lot from her that evening and didn't want to fail him. - - Granted Sapphire was most definitely not in the best shape. The last few days she been continuously raped by Master Cesar and a few times by Master Lighting with little rest in between rapes.

To be truthful she was on the verge of collapse both mentally and physically. If the look of exhaustion on her face didn't give this away her outfit did. - - Her corset had been ripped to shreds leaving not only a lot of skin visible but also her belly button piercing and her identification tag. Just had her stockings and her sleeves been reduced to a similar state. Even the gloves had chunks of fabric missing along with several fingers.

Her hair was disheveled and her mascara was already running down her cheeks the way she was crying. Taking ahold of the leash he got Cesar and his bitch moving towards the restaurant's entrance. - - Once inside he handed the leash to a waiting staffer that took the two out of sight. While at the same time he was shown to a table right by Mistress Cole's table insuring they were practically sitting next to one another.

Strangely enough they had never actually talked until this point but she seamed completely unaware there was an ulterior motive for their proximity. - - She seamed a little leery when he introduced himself but that could just be unease with a stranger approaching her.

She did have a pleasant personality unlike many of the other mistresses who were die hard dikes that had very little to do with males. He also saw the same laxness in the discipline of her slave kneeling at her feet Sapphire had noticed earlier.

- - Based on what he had learned about this slave being to careless around her could get Mistress Cole into trouble eventually. While he wasn't against her falling in to that trap Master Sanders also wasn't fond of the idea of someone else getting their hands on her. If this mistress did end up on the wrong end of a leash he wanted to be the one holding it. - - Even with her leeriness about his presence he was soon sitting across from her at her table.

He even got her to share a bottle of wine with him as they ate dinner together. They talked mostly about business unrelated to the training and use of sex slaves in an attempt to temporarily avoid the elephant in the room.

Though as the manager of the restaurant approached the table this soon was going to become impossible. - - The manager's presence was the moment his plans hit the point of no return. While he hadn't broached the subject of training slaves nonetheless he still wanted to see her reaction so he gave the go ahead. Now as the manager left Mistress Cole was eyeing him and Master Sanders with a suspicious look on her face.

- - He figured she knew of the other mistresses he'd managed to enslave since the incidents had unfortunately made him a minor celebrity within the organization.

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While the enslavement of Janet Watson, her daughters plus the two members of her board, and their daughters, along with the two personal assistants were his most recent conquests he had also been responsible for several others.

He was the one they discovered what current Kennel Bitch and former Mistress Melissa Hardman was up to then exposed it. He even had had set up her enslavement to happen at that auction where he first sampled the Sisters. - - The one he was best respected for and the most proud of was a Mistress Mei Yomagato. Of a Japanese and Filipino pedigree that bitch had been one of those sadistic diehard lesbian dikes that was disliked or hated even by other mistresses. Besides the satisfaction of taking her down he ended up with his favorite brothel because of her.

- - Granted the Kennel Club wasn't her brothel but instead it was her home and workplace as an organizational slave trapper. Yet the property was ideal for the purpose thanks to her modifications for processing and training freshly captured slaves.

He just needed to modify the upstairs to fit fantasy fulfillment requirements. She even provided the leverage necessary to keep unwanted people from looking to close at the operation.

He even came up with a use for the theater she use to to auction off her product from. - - Now this accomplishment wasn't really known until after the incident with Janet Watson. He had managed to keep his involvement secret until then. Unfortunately to take down Watson he had to make his ownership of the brothel known plus he wanted to be there to see the look on her face when it happened.

- - Yet as an unintentional side affect he was now getting a suspicious look from another potential target. He could see the way Mistress Cole was now keeping a close watch on not only him but everyone else in the restaurant especially the exits.

Deciding the time had come to acknowledge the elephant in the room he went ahead and told her to go ahead and ask him the question she needed answered.

- "Are you trying to spring a trap to enslave me Master Sanders? Because I can tell you right now it's not going to work. While I don't travel the normal circles within the organization for this vary reason I have taken precautions before coming here." - - Master Sanders could tell by her tone of voice when she said the part about taking precautions she was bluffing but he decided to gage her reaction to the prospect of becoming his slave but at the same time try and distract her some when he answered.

- - "While I'd be lying if I said I wasn't out to get a collar around your throat. What that conversation was about was part of my Slave Wife's training. Any plans I have for having my way with your helpless body before giving you to my dogs and finally putting you in my brothel will involve more than a whispered conversation with a restaurant manager." - - While he mentioned what he wanted to do with her he was pleasantly surprised by her reaction.

She was definitely a closeted submissive but she was also now more leery of him than ever before now she knew for certain he wanted her for a slave. She was now giving the exits the majority of her attention now. Yet she was also showing a bit of embarrassment because she correctly guessed what the knowing look he gave her was about. Her secret was out to someone that wasn't hiding his intentions of making her his slave. Still since he wasn't trying anything to block her making an escape if necessary along with the fact he wasn't actually trying to hide his intentions she decided to find out more about his plans for her.

- - " So what are your plans to make me your slave? Is it to have someone waiting outside to grab me if I bolt from the restaurant? Or do you have someone waiting around or in my bungalow to grab me?" - - His laugh was more about her lack of imagination and naivety then her bluntness. If she seriously thought that was what it was going take to enslave her was simple snatch and grab then it was a major miracle this woman wasn't already wearing a collar.

It also told him he definitely needed to act to keep someone else from getting their hands on her. It was now certain this woman's freedom was on borrowed time and he definitely needed to step up his game as he responded.

- - "While I'll admit I'm not above the opportunist tactics used to trap girls from sororities. An grade A piece of ass like yourself would require more work then chloroform in a dark alley or someone hiding in your closet. No when your on your knees sucking my cock it will because you were soundly defeated in a contest of intellects.

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More over you will know not only how you ended up servicing your superior but also how inferior your attempts to avoid enslavement actually were. That way you will always know your proper place is kneeling at the feet of others at the end of a leash. But before that I would suggest you watch my wife's little performance so you can see how a proper slave acts." - - Mistress Cole was seriously worried now she knew her bluff had been unsuccessful.

More over the talk of her kneeling at the feet of others while on a leash was turning her on. Even as she was trying to figure out what he was implying by the contest of intellects comment she could feel her pussy dampen. It also didn't help that a sexy as hell naked asian sex slave suddenly walked on the dining floor of the restaurant. While she hadn't seen this slave before she did recognize the other slave being dragged behind the dog the asian slave was leading by a leash.

- - Mistress Cole cursed herself for taking the risk of coming to this resort being a submissive. For years she had successfully hidden this aspect of her life. First from her grandmother the first Mistress Cole. Her grandmother had cruel streak towards anyone who shamed her including her own children. Her grandmother had actually sold all of her daughters into slavery with the exception of Samantha's. Though once Samantha had been born her mother joined her siblings.

Then from the organization who she joined for the sole purpose of avoiding forced enslavement. About the only one that knew was her slave who had been a gift from her mother before she died two years ago. - - While she hadn't wanted to own a slave she accepted Stephanie more than anything to keep up appearances.

But even though she hadn't planned on it she was grateful to have her. Stephanie was able to give her the domination she required without the risk of enslavement. Only now this man with a history of out witting mistresses and making them slaves was not only after her but she was certain also knew her secret. Every time she reacted to one of his references to her performing submissive sex acts he gave her the same knowing smile.

- - Giving the exits another look she contemplated making a run for it even as the asian slave seamed to reach her own destination on the stage set up for entertaining the diners.

Mistress Cole realized that running away would only work into his hands decided to hold her position. From what this man had said his plans was something more intricate then drugging her or kidnapping. Taking a sip of wine to try and calm herself she instead focused her attention on both the immediate threat of this man and this show he was having put on as an obvious distraction.

- - The asian slave lead the dog to the center of the stage and released the leash. The dog seamed to move off and start maneuvering the other slave that had been forced to follow behind them. First he did it by dragging her behind him by the length of chain connecting both of their collars but once he had moved as far as he could that way he used a different method of positioning her.

He moved behind her and seamed to be ordering her with a series of menacing barks and growls. Then once he has the slave where he wanted her the dog barks at her to get her to face the audience before giving her a quick nip to the ass that makes her drop to her knees. - - Only once she was kneeling right in front of their table did the dog sit down right behind the slave.

With her attention split between the slave on stage and the man watching her intently Mistress Cole barely noticed the gasp of surprise followed by Stephanie saying "OH MY GOD!". Looking down at her only confident she is shocked by the look on her face as Stephanie looked up at the terrified slave on stage. There is no denying that the suspicions Stephanie had that she knew this man's wife were correct and that she now recognized who this pour woman was.

Unfortunately this was when Master Sanders decided to make not only his intentions for Stephanie known but the fact he knew more about the connection between the two then Mistress Cole did.

- - "I see that treacherous slave that you keep with you has recognized my wife. She needn't be concerned anymore about Sapphire recognizing her to. That happened days ago apparently there's no for forgetting your best friend betraying you the way she did. But if she is worried about grudges Sapphire had a message for her.


She said there is a special place in hell for people like her but she is content with the fact she will be spending the rest of her life in a brothel before that happens." - - Now Mistress Cole is confused it was certain that she was this man's target.

Yet now there was obviously bad blood between Stephanie and this slave named Sapphire. The only question was what had happened. It definitely happened before she knew Stephanie since she's the only owner that Stephanie has had.

Now the use of treacherous and special place in hell implied there was some sort of betrayal. - - More over this man's temperament changed from when he was talking about enslaving her and Stephanie.

When he was talking about enslaving her it was more matter of fact then anything emotional about it. Yet when it came to Stephanie his tone of voice was more angry and vindictive like it was a personal score he was settling. Mistress Cole had instinctively realized she was out matched by the planning of this man. - - She also knew whatever he had planned he had been working on for some time. She needed to come up with something quick since it wasn't just her fate on the line here.

But the only thing that she could think of was trading Stephanie for her freedom or at least enough time to not only fulfill her reason for being here but to come up with something to save herself. She didn't want to do this to Stephanie but based on the look of guilt on her face as she looked at this Sapphire then she probably made a similar decision once upon a time.

- - Steadying her nerves she started form a basic plan before she patted Stephanie on the head to get her attention. Looking down at her with a sorrowful expression she silently mouthed the words I'm Sorry before look back at Master Sanders. She was just about to speak before he stopped her by raising his hand palm out and nodding towards the stage. Mistress Cole saw the asian slave was now standing next to this Sapphire that was at all intensive purposes at the center of this issue holding a microphone up to her lips.

Before Mistress Cole had a chance to figure out what was happening the asian slave began speaking. - - "Greetings if you could please direct your attention to the stage. While most of you may not know me but I'm here to provide you all with a little entertainment to go with the fine meals you all are having.

Now to be comparable to the cuisine of this outstanding establishment this performance will be involve the degradation of the slave you all see kneeling at my feet." - - Now most of the guests had either seen Sapphire's repeated violations by the dog or heard about them. Plus Jade's own performances was well known by the members of the organization so they had a good guess as to what the show was going to be.

So once she mentioned Sapphire's impending degradation a wave of applause rose up. Now since this was a different type of crowd then at the brothel it was mostly just clapping hands and there were none of the cat calls and wolf whistles she was used to.

Still Jade graciously acknowledged it when she began to speak again. - - "Now based on your applause you have a good idea of what is coming but an explanation along with some introductions are in order before we began. I am Head Madam 3613-A of the Kennel Club Brothel.

A few weeks ago I served as the Maid of Honor at the wedding of my owner Master Robert Sanders and his Slave Bride Sapphire who see kneeling before you. Now at the conclusion of the wedding ceremony my master not only began breeding his new wife to produce him an heir but at the same time this slave started to undergo a special training regiment intended to bring out the ultimate level of obedience and dedication from her." - - Mistress Cole like almost all the others in the restaurant couldn't look away as Jade spoke.

The only one not watching Jade was her owner. Master Sanders had seen Jade conduct countless performances already and knew she was more than capable of doing this without his involvement. So as she continued speaking his sole focus was on Mistress Samantha Cole's reaction. - - "Now I know many of you had not only seen her daily breeding sessions but have a good idea of part of this training regiment entitles but I'll go into the specifics to fill in some of the gaps.

After her first breeding session at the wedding she was also given to the dog you see sitting behind her. For all intensive purposes this dog is her owner the same as her husband. The dog has complete control over her body and can use her however he wants whenever he wants just as if he was a human." - - As Jade pauses for the crowd's applause Master Sanders is shocked by what he is seeing from Mistress Cole.

While she is listening to Jade talk one of her hands had slipped under the table. Now he isn't in a position to see but he is almost certain he knows where the hand is and what it was doing.

Glancing at her empty wine glass he knows it is only a matter of time now. - - Mistress Cole on the other hand is spellbound by the explanation. Besides being a closet submissive she has a secret desire to be fucked by a dog.

She had even bought a special strap-on shaped like a dog's cock for Stephanie to fuck her with. In fact after she first crossed paths with Master Sanders that day by the pool and she saw Sapphire being fucked by the dog she had to rush back to her bungalow. She then spent the next hour on her hands and knees while Stephanie fucked her like a proper bitch. - - Now that she is hearing that this Sapphire isn't just the wife and slave of Master Sanders but the dog also she is almost overwhelmed with arousal.

As thoughts of herself in as similar situation fill her head her hands start to involuntarily drift about her body. Even as Jade continues one hand had slipped beneath her dress and was rubbing her pussy through her panties. - - " For those who haven't seen it the dog not only gets to fuck his human slave bitch whenever he wants but she must also suck his cock whenever he wants.

Along with not being able to go anywhere the dog doesn't allow. This only ends once the bitch is broken of all will to resist and gives herself over to the dog accepting his claiming ownership of her body. Only once that happens is the bitch allowed to crawl ahead of her master on a leash and allowed out of the clothing she has been wearing since her canine master first claimed her as his bitch." - - As Jade pauses after completing the explanation of the bitch claiming ritual the sounds of whistling joins the clapping of hands.

However Master Sanders is no longer paying attention whatsoever Mistress Cole now has his complete attention. There is no longer any guess work necessary to know what her hands are doing. The aphrodisiac he had slipped into her drink had taken effect earlier then planned and was working better than anticipated.

While the hand stroking her pussy wasn't visible the one playing with her left breast most definitely was. Before this night was over with she would be not only his slave but would do so of her own free will.

Or at least how she saw it after Jade concluded the performance. - - "Now though constant and brutal fucking of her canine master has pour little Sapphire here at her braking point. She only needs one more brutal fucking before she becomes a true bitch and the increase the humiliation she has been enduring it needs to be public.

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So we are not only giving you all a front row seat but the privilege of giving the command for the dog to give her the pounding she requires. Now if you would look in the cards on the centerpieces of your tables you will see five words written. On the count of three everyone is to yell the command as loud as they can and the rest will take care of itself." - - As Jade gives the dinners the opportunity to read the command Master Sanders is forced to tear his attention from Mistress Cole openly masturbating in front of him to the terrified expression on Sapphire's face.

As much as he wanted to stop this it now had to run it's course. Still he had to do something for Sapphire that was supportive and spoke to the reason for the suffering she was enduring. So as she was looking at him intently hoping for mercy he mouthed the words.

"Your making your master very proud and very happy." Before nodding to Jade to start the count. - - "Alright remember everybody when I get to three everyone yell the command with me. One!!! TWO!!! THREE!!! RIP THE BITCH A NEW ONE!!!!" - - Master Sanders took a quick glance at Mistress Cole as Master Cesar was mounting Sapphire. Mistress Cole now had a breast exposed and based on the sounds he was hearing from under the table a couple of fingers in her pussy.

As much as he wished he could watch her Sapphire needed his attention more. Even as Master Cesar's cock was being thrust violently in to Sapphire's pussy Master Sanders had established unblinking eye contact were her. Their shared gaze would only be broken when Sapphire was overwhelmed by the massive orgasm.

- - The next morning he would wake up with Sapphire in his arms. She was sleeping so peacefully with her back pressed against him. A subtle shifting of the bed behind him made him remember who was spooned against his back. A quick glance over his shoulder and he saw Jade sleeping almost as peacefully as Sapphire. - - As much as he didn't want to wake either one of them they had a busy day ahead of them. First they needed to take both dogs and Breeding Bitch 3382-B2 out for a walk so they could do their business.

Then there was the matter of his two newest Brothel Whores to take care of. - - Now he was in no hurry to take Brothel Whore 2859-A2C from the cage hanging off of the balcony. But former Mistress Samantha Cole was a different story. Once she had willingly surrendered herself to enslavement she proved to be quite a eager and obedient slave. On top of that she was a very good fuck with a tight pussy and he suspected an even tight ass hole. She was guaranteed to become very popular with the brothel's customers.

- - But that wasn't important to Master Sanders as he looked at her curled up in the cage built into the nightstand. Instead his memory drift to the events leading to her having that collar around her neck. It still amazed him how charged her felt afterwards. He had not only fucked Sapphire until she passed out but he actually fucked Jade for the first time. - - It started shortly after Master Cesar knotted Sapphire. Master Sanders had stood up and moved closer to the stage so he could be closer to Sapphire.

As he affectionately stroked Sapphire's hair while looking at her with pride before kissing her he became aware of the sounds of the other dinners. Looking around the restaurant he saw the expected full blown orgy in progress.

- - The other dinners' slaves along with those amongst the wait staff were all getting hard poundings. But what drew his attention was the terrified slave kneeling by his table and her mistress who was nearly unconscious from a massive self induced orgasm. The top of Mistress Cole's dress was pulled down exposing both her breasts. While the bottom of the dress had been pulled aside allowing her soaking wet pussy to be easily visible.

Especially they way her legs were widely spread with her wet panties hanging around her left ankle. After whispering to Sapphire about how happy she had just made him he decided to give Mistress Cole his terms for her surrender. - - As she was just starting to recover he sat down on the edge of the table in front of her.

As he gave her a chance to get her wits about her he gave her exposed breasts and pussy a good looking over. That over grown blonde bush of hers was going to have to be permanently removed but otherwise his earlier assessment of her was a hundred percent correct.

- - She was indeed a grade A piece of ass and she was now primed for enslavement. She soon came out of her orgasmic stupor and realized the position she was now in. Even as she was moving to cover her crotch and breasts with her arms he was stopping her with just the words from his lips.

- - "Don't bother you soon will only be wearing a collar anyway so it no longer matters who sees you like that. In fact odds are it will probably take you awhile to earn lingerie privileges once you reach the brothel. So you should start getting used to showcasing your body now.

Your only option now is to turn over all of your possessions and yourself to me and willingly become a sex slave." - - Mistress Cole was now totally humiliated as well as terrified as the prospect of a lifetime of sexual slavery was hanging over her head. For some reason she had become overcome by her lust and in the heat of the moment publicly masturbated in front of someone out to put her in chains.

Plus this had rendered her only bargaining chip useless. The only thing she had to offer was to give him Stephanie along with the willing use of her body. But she couldn't afford to lose her freedom this close to the auction to much was now riding on her shoulders.

So she started to try and bargain with him. - - "Please I'll give you my slave and you can fuck me whenever and however you want but please let me keep my freedom. If I'm a slave someone I care about will suffer a horrible fate. So please just make me your slut and not your slave." - - While he wasn't going to accept her offer he decided to find out the story about this friend of hers. So he told her he would think about her offer but she had to explain the situation with her friend first.

She had been crying uncontrollably since he laid her impending enslavement on her but once the prospect of not ending up in a cage developed her tears started to slow. - - She explained that her oldest and dearest friend had been captured by slavers while partying on spring break.

It had taken a lot of doing but she found out her friend was being sold at the upcoming auction at the resort. She then traveled there for no other reason than to buy her friend before the friend was sold to some horrible person.

Master Sanders did feel a little sorry for her but she was still going to be wearing a collar no matter what but he did decide to change his terms slightly. - - "Your offer is not good enough once your my slave I'll have all of that anyway.

BUT I will offer you two options to choose from. First I take as my slave unwillingly along with all of your possessions then just to torture you I'll buy your friend and resale her to this producer of snuff films I know. OR you can willingly become a slave turn over your possessions and as an act of kindness I'll buy your friend and you can serve together in the brothel.

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BUT understand which one you choose doesn't matter to me your ending up in a collar no matter what." - - With really no choice she accepted his second offer. Then upon his order for her to strip her dress was soon laying on the floor at her feet. Next he had her laying on top of the table in front of him on her with her legs spread as wide as she could.

Then as a final act of submission she not only loudly begged him to make her his slave but she also pleaded for a nice hard fucking that he quickly gave her. - - Now while he was giving her tight pussy it's first cum bath as sex slave.

He got a good idea for some pay back for Sapphire. It took only a quick signal for Jade to come to him. Then after a few whispered instructions Jade had a hold of Stephanie's leash.

Even as Stephanie was taken on stage her former owner was ordered wrap her legs around her master's hips. Samantha Cole was soon meeting her master's thrusts as her moaning started to fill the air.

- - Stephanie on the other hand was immediately put to work licking Sapphire's pussy clean once Master Cesar pulled free from her. Granted it took the threat of being fucked by the dog herself to get Stephanie to comply. But she was soon sucking as much of the dog cum as she could from Sapphire's pussy like there was no tomorrow once the additional threat of having to give Master Cesar a blow job was added. It didn't hurt that Sapphire was currently performing that task herself. So just the mention of it wouldn't be too much trouble to have Stephanie take Sapphire's place provided just enough encouragement.

- - Master Sanders on the other hand had slowed things down with his fucking of Samantha Cole. He was holding her on the very edge of her climax and had his own plan for her. He would pound her pussy as hard as he could until he could see her getting close to orgasm. Then at the last second before she crested that peak he would either stop thrusting entirely or just slow down till her building orgasm began to subside. He would keep repeating this until the desperation was written plainly across her face.

Finally he told her if she wanted to cum she had to beg for the privilege like a proper slave. Without the slightest hesitation she was pleading with him. - - "Please Master let this worthless Slave cum. Please Master this Slave can't hold out any longer. Please Master allow this worthless Slave the privilege of cumming around your wonderful cock." - - Master Sanders let her plead and beg a little longer before he couldn't take anymore.

Grabbing her hair her forced her to look him in the eyes as he started to pound her pussy as hard as he could. Like wanton harlot her hips were rising to meet his thrusts. Until finally he saw she was on the edge of orgasm yet again. Only this time as she started to plead he looked her directly in the eyes as he spoke. - - "Cum for your Master Slave and show the world you are just a bitch in heat that can't get by without her pussy filled with a cock." - - Master Sanders then harnessed the last reserves of his strength was he gave her gave her the most powerful thrusts he had left as he felt his balls empty into her spasming pussy.

At the same time he bathed her insides in semen an even more massive orgasm then her last one exploded from deep within her. Her whole body contorted as her back arched backwards and she cried out louder then she had ever before in orgasm. Even as she was screaming in orgasmic bliss the intensity was to much for her as her eyes rolled back in their sockets and she was out for the count this time.

- - She wouldn't remember being carried from the restaurant over Master Sanders's shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Or him taking her back to his room naked or him putting her in the cage she woke up in.

All she knew she was on all fours in the tight confines of the cage with a collar around her neck and her panties shoved in her mouth. With no recollection as to how she got there she searched her memory and everything suddenly came back to her.

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- - Suddenly in a panic she frantically looks around the room the best she can. She can see the cage is right next to a bed and she can hear the sounds of multiple people sleeping together. She remembered he had two slaves' last night.

That asian slave that said she was the Head Madam of his brothel and the other was his wife believed her name was Sapphire. Then there was that little redheaded slave he was with the other day. That one she could see curled up on the floor by the foot of the bed so the other two were probably on the bed with him. - - She had seen how he was with those two and doubted he was making them sleep in cages.

But she also remembered the mistress that warned her about this man said that redhead on the floor was a lesser wife he was breeding they also said he was also breeding his wife Sapphire. If he was making one of the women carrying his child sleep on the floor then there was no telling what he would do to his other slaves. - - As she thought of his other slaves she suddenly remembered Stephanie. How she could have been so engrossed in her own problems and forget about Stephanie she didn't know.

Her guilt for forgetting about Stephanie was suddenly amplified by the fact she also sold Stephanie out to this man so she could save her and Natalie's asses. She started to frantically look for Stephanie when she was startled by a voice from the bed. - - "You should try and get some sleep your getting your slave markings later today and trust me your definitely going need your rest for that." - - Looking up at the bed she saw the asian slave looking down at her.

There was a look of pity on her face so maybe she could tell her where Stephanie was. She pulled the panties from her mouth and looked up at her quickly trying to think of the best way to ask her when she seamed to read her mind. - - "If you are talking those out to ask me let you go it's best you just stuff them back in now. But if you want to know about your former slave I'll tell you on two conditions. One you put those panties back where you found them and two you curl up and try to get some sleep like I just told you to." - - Former Mistress Cole quickly shoved the panties back her mouth as the asian slave twirled a finger.

Former Mistress Cole could understand what she was implying as she did her best to curl up and get comfortable in the confines of the small cage. Once she was curled up as comfortably as she could get. She looked up at the asian slave with pleading look. Again it was like this asian sex slave could read her mind as she spoke.

- - "Unfortunately your former slave is in one of those cages over hanging the balcony. As for your friend you came here to help the master will honor the agreement he made with you. So the only things you are to worry about now about is trying to sleep and being the best slave you possibly can for your owner.

I'll say this one last time you will need your rest so get to sleep." - - As hard as it was former Mistress Cole was soon able to get to sleep. She wasn't sure if it was the memory of those orgasms she had or that she knew that he would be helping Natalie like he promised.

Perhaps it was she no longer had to fear enslavement or hiding her submissive nature but even though she was now a slave she felt more free than she had during her entire lifetime. So she was soon sleeping more peacefully than she ever had before. - - A week later Brothel Whore 4637 was kneeling in her shipping crate on her owner's plane. She was actually looking forward to life in the brothel. She had been repeatedly humiliated and fucked since her enslavement loving every minute of it.

While Samantha Cole hadn't liked showing off her body Brothel Whore 4637 couldn't get enough of being paraded naked in front of large groups. She almost couldn't wait to get to the brothel even though the two slaves in the crates next hers we're probably not as eager as she was to get there.

- - The torment and humiliation for Brothel Whore 2859-A2C1 had been the most intensive. Not only had she had her head shaved but they applied a hair removal cream that insured her long black hair would never grow back. They also had Brothel Whore 2859-A2C1 tattooed on the back of her head and forehead.

Granted this was the only mercy they had shown her. She had been repeatedly raped and tortured until she could only cower in fear when ever she saw her owner or Sapphire approaching. Brothel Whore 4637 felt the sorriest for her but she dared not get on her master's bad side.

- - Then there was the soft sobbing coming from the last crate. Master Sanders had kept his word and bought Brothel Whore 4637's friend. That one had had a most difficult time not only accepting being enslaved but sold to a brothel. The petite blonde had been crying almost non-stop since the auction and would probably end up suffering greatly as she was trained to her new owner's standards. Still Brothel Whore 4583 should fit in once she gets it through her head that she was a slave now.

- - As cute as she was Master Sanders was certain she was the replacement he had been looking for Breeding Bitch 3382-B2. Brothel Whore 4583 had that same sweet and innocent vibe his breeder had and the way she cried all the time only enhanced it. Jade would have no problem training her beg her daddy to stop during rape fantasies and one of Master Lighting's siblings had already been ordered for her.

Her little red riding hood act should be almost as popular as her predecessor's was. - - Master Sanders may have been going home from his honeymoon early but he had no regrets. It had been a fantastic trip to beautiful place that he didn't have to hide his lifestyle. He had acquired three new slaves for the brothel and at the same time settled a score for his wife.

- - To top things of since Sapphire had been broken by Master Cesar she had become the perfect slave for her husband. With a devotion to his satisfaction that only Jade could match but even that was no longer a issue for Sapphire. The only thing that mattered to her was her husband's happiness. If it made him happy to be pleasured by Jade as well her Sapphire was fine with it. Besides Sapphire and her cousin would be giving him something more meaningful than any pleasure he got from fucking Jade's tight pussy and ass.

- - They both were now pregnant with sons giving their owner the heirs he desired so much. Even before the plane reached cruising altitude Master Sanders had Sapphire in his lap. While one of his hand fingered her pussy the other was rubbing her stomach. This would become a daily ritual Master Sanders would preform with Sapphire for the next nine months.

- - Of course this also lead to the start of another daily routine for the two of them. That was after Master Sanders got Sapphire all worked up by the fingering of her pussy. She would turn around and ride him like a woman possessed until he filled her pussy full of cum. Now her cousin would end up taking Jade's place of sucking the cum from Sapphire's pussy after the first time on the plane but otherwise it remained the same. - - Thanks for reading.

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I'm hoping to get the next part done soon but I'm having trouble deciding on the topic. I've got several ideas that would follow new characters but I'm not sure about them. - - The first is another slave auction but they are really being sold this time. - - The second is something I did in an previous story where the slaves are released in the woods and are tracked recaptured then gang raped - - Third the established characters return to the Brothel and help guide new characters.

- - Forth is something along the same lines as the Erenisch graphic novel plot line where sexual slavery is made legal. But any such story would probably use different characters or the descendants of the existing characters.

- - Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section if there was somethings you want to read about within the sites allowed limits.

Sorry while I didn't agree completely with some of the age restrictions I won't violate them either. - - I'll Also worn you now though I've already made references to scat and snuff scenarios I won't write about them in detail.

Sorry but they don't hold much interest to me other then as something to threaten or torment a character with. I also don't like the dark places such story lines like snuff take me so please don't suggest I go there. - - I'm also not that into women fucking horses outside of the cum bath following a blowjob aspect. I've watched the porn read the comics but my thing is submissive women with dogs and not horses.

So outside of giving a horse a blowjob or possible pony girl training don't expect much out of me. I've been willing to write about a character doing such acts in the past but the last time I did the story ended in the before mentioned dark places I didn't like.

- - So please leave any ideas you may have and if I like them I'll try to incorporate them into a future chapter.