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Going anal stepsister cock fresh juicy meaty cock deep into asshole to fuck
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(Note: I'm back. Looks like this will be a once a month sort of thing. Nothing really to say on this one though besides that this is still fiction and that I would still appreciate criticism with negative votes.

Or just criticism in general since, you know, I'd like to improve. Also, for those who may be wondering, I have ten chapters total planned for this. I hope you enjoy the read) For the first time in months, Stacie was breaking her tradition. Her computer was open, but her eyes did not linger on it, despite it being past 8:50 pm already.

She was waiting for her master to log on, as she had for months, but today- tonight- was a little different. The first thing that was different was that she was no longer a sixteen year old sex slave, as she had been since she had met her master. Her birthday had been today, complete with a party. Friends, cake, presents, and games had littered her afternoon, and yet all she could think of was the box that now lay on her lap, the second difference.

It was a standard brown cardboard box, labeled with the safe deposit box where she'd picked it up- by his orders- and the address and name of the sender.

B. Hound. The fact that his last name really was Hound had amused her somewhat, but she couldn't help wondering what his first name was with this minor hint. Benjamin, Brandon, Bob, Barry, and Blake all fit the bill, but for some reason none of them seemed to click with the idea of him in her mind.

The box itself took the rest of her attention. She'd been sent an email two weeks ago, saying how and where to pick it up, and that they'd discuss it on this date. He shouldn't have known where she lived- she'd never told him- and yet he still managed to send it to her home town. She, however, did not question this.

He was her master, and she trusted him. All she wanted to know was what, exactly, was in the box. The idea had distracted her since she'd gotten it- if it hadn't been summer, she knew that it would have cut into her studies. Today, it cut into her concentration in another way. She looked down at the computer to see that it was already 9:03 and her master had sent her a message. He'd sent her two. MercilessHound666: Good evening, my pet.

MercilessHound666: &hellip. Stacie hurriedly pushed the box aside and set her fingers to her laptop keyboard. Me: Sorry Master. Good evening. MercilessHound666: You're late. Me: I know. I'm really, really sorry, Master. Can you please forgive me? MercilessHound666: I told you from the start: from 9 to 11, you are wholly mine. No exceptions. No excuses. No margin of error. MercilessHound666: You will be punished.

Me: Yes, Master. Thank you, Master. MercilessHound666: But before that, you're seventeen now.

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I'd imagine that you've had a busy day. Forty-five minutes later, Stacie was naked and fully aware of her master's gaze on her flesh. She could see him as well, and hear his voice through her computer's speakers. "I see you've managed to get your hands on that package I sent you. Have you opened it?" "What?

No, sir.


Of course not," Stacie stammered. She was still on edge from his absolution from before. She would be punished. He hadn't brought it up again since then, which was strange.

This was the first time that he'd made her wait for it. Now, it was as if he could spring it on her at any moment, or as if any slight mistake she made could be added to that one already sizable punishment. "Good. Open it now," he said, and a slight smile appeared on his face.

He watched her as she put the box on her lap and ripped off the packaging tape holding the flaps closed. When she looked inside, his smile grew to almost mirror hers. "You like it?" "Like it? I love it, Master. Thank you so much!" "Happy birthday, Stacie." Inside the box was something a little bit different than the rest of the gifts that Stacie had gotten for her birthday.

Her mom had gotten her a new movie; her dad a new chair for her desk. Her best friend, Melanie, had given her a ticket for the amusement park. However, all of these paled in her eyes compared to what her master had gotten her. To put it simply- she'd never thought that she'd be so excited to get toys for her birthday. There were six different types of dildos, of different shapes and sizes, including two with switches at their bases and, oddly enough, a strap-on.


Three vibrating eggs were in the box, as well as a roll of duct tape- among the solo masochist's best friends. A pack of batteries and a charging station were there, too, presumably to make sure that her toys didn't die. He'd even been kind enough to provide her with nipple clamps and her own gag.

It was a traditional type- red rubber with black leather straps. There was just one thing in the box that she didn't recognize from her forays into pornography.

She held up a pair of metal balls to get a better look at them, but they seemed to be just that- a pair of metal balls. "Those are Ben Wa balls," her master volunteered. "I'll explain those later. As for the other box in there, you are not to open it yet. I'm only going to say this once, now, so focus.

Tomorrow morning, you are to bring that box into the bathroom with you and open it. Inside, you will find a few items and a list of instructions. You will follow those instructions to the letter.

Is that understood?" "Yes, Master," Stacie replied, looking at the smaller box that was packed with her new toys with renewed curiosity. Her mind began wondering what was inside, but she quickly caught and brought that line of thought to a halt.

She was in trouble for curiosity already. Besides, there were only a few hours before she was officially allowed to open it. That may have seemed like a lifetime to her curiosity, but she forced herself to pay attention to her situation. She pushed the box aside and spread her legs proudly without leaving her kneeling position. Her hands rested on her thighs, ready to obey any order. "What can your pet do to thank you for such wonderful gifts, sir?" she asked eagerly.

He smiled. The term 'eager' certainly described her, but she was far from fully trained. Still, he'd made progress. For instance, there was no possibility that she would refuse to use any of the objects he sent her. Still, tonight was not a night to push her inhibitions. It was her birthday, after all. "Enjoy yourself," he said simply. "Choose… three items from that box. I'll direct you in their use." "Yes, sir," Stacie replied, and returned her focus to the box.

It wasn't an easy choice, to be sure. The first thing that her fingers touched was the red rubber gag.

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She was a submissive more than a masochist, so the idea of being completely unable to speak, totally unable to speak against one of her master's orders, thrilled her. She took it out of the box and held it up for her master to see. He nodded. "Two more." Stacie's eyes went back into the box.

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She was tempted by the vibrators, but her gaze was uncontrollably drawn to the clamps. There were two pairs, but only one of them seemed fulfilling for what she was doing. Connecting each end of them was a chain, which meant that they would count as a single item.

The others seemed a little strong for her tastes, and were separated in any case. She held up the chained clips and received another nod. For her final choice, Stacie's hand was unsure. There were still so many toys left, and none of them seemed good enough to forsake the rest of her new collection for. After half a minute, though, she made her decision, and held it up.

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"I'll explain those later," her master said, his voice showing signs of annoyance. "Try again." Slightly disappointed and more than a little worried, Stacie put the pleasure balls back into the box.

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And since she couldn't make an actual decision for her last item, she chose something at random. It was simple- a seven inch vibrator with an attachment for clitoral stimulation. It was entirely smooth from end to end except for the tip, which was shaped like the head of a human penis.

She held it up and, this time, got her third nod. "Gag yourself and set the other items aside. Rub your nipples and clit for a bit. I don't think I need to tell you that cumming at this point isn't allowed." He didn't. The ban on orgasms during foreplay was one that he'd enforced so strictly that Stacie honestly didn't think that it was even possible for her to cum without getting serious about it.

"Yes, sir," she said before putting the gag in her mouth. It tasted strange, but she strapped it on so that it was secure and began pinching and rolling one of her nipples. Her second hand started down to her pussy when she was interrupted. "Stop," her master commanded, and hands commanded. She even stopped breathing, and she was almost certain that her heart had skipped a beat.

He sighed. "I'd half-suspected this. You don't know how to strap a ball gag in. It needs to be tighter than that. Three notches, by my guess." He loved the way that she let out her breath in relief. She'd honestly thought that she was going to be punished. Jumpy, wasn't she? He also loved the way that the corners of her mouth were pulled back into a crude facsimile of a smile as she forced the gag further into her mouth.

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And he loved the way that she looked back at him when she was done, her eyes begging for approval because she was no longer capable of asking for it. "Good girl. Now get to it." "Eh, A-uh," Stacie managed to get out before she went back to what she was doing before.

It wasn't long at all before her body began showing signs of its arousal- her nipples hardened, her pussy was wet enough for any of the items that her master had given her, and her clit was engorged with blood. Her breasts were also damp, wet with the drool that the gag kept her from holding in. "You may stop. Take the clips and attach one end to your left nipple," he said, and waited for her to comply.

She winced as the clamp closed around her hardened nipple, but no sound, not even a groan, came from behind her lips. "That was excellent, my dear.

Now clip the other end to your clit." Her widened eyes met his equally widened grin. "Now, now, Stacie, you aren't thinking of saying no, are you?" he asked, admiring how quickly her features shifted to defeat. "Ah-eh, A-uh," she forced through the gag before taking the other end of the clips and opening it. The chain was short enough that she had to bend down to get it to reach, and even then it pulled at her nipple. She tried not to imagine what it would feel like when it was on her clit.

It didn't work, but she barely hesitated in following her master's command. It was worse than she'd imagined it to be. If she were ungagged, the scream of pain might have even woken her parents. Instead it just served to excite her master more than anything he'd had her endure before. "Now take the dildo and start fucking yourself. Don't turn it on until I say so and do not allow your clips to come off," he said before she got the chance to recover.

A shaky hand grabbed the vibrator and shoved it inside of herself. The sensation caused her to cry out with the raw sensation. It was the most perfect example of pain and pleasure mixing that she'd ever experienced.

The toy was filling her magnificently, while both her nipple and clit were being crushed and pulled at by the clips. At the same time, when the dildo went all of the way inside of her, the clitoral stimulator hit the clit there, causing just a little more pain with each stroke.

She pulled the dildo out of her pussy almost all of the way before forcing it in again, with the same reaction as before. Her pace quickened rapidly, and it wasn't long before she could feel herself reaching her climax despite and because of the pain that she was allowing herself to feel. Always before, she'd half-believed that her masochistic side was simply a side effect of how submissive she was, but this exercise seemed to prove differently. "Hold the chain. On my command, you will pull the clips off of you, turn on the vibrator, and force it all of the way inside.

Then you may cum to your content." Barely thinking at this point, Stacie's free hand grabbed hold of the chain connecting the two clips, her rhythm unaffected at all.

Obedience didn't need thought. He waited another minute, watching as his slave struggled to keep herself at bay, before giving the order.

"Now," he said, and she pulled at the chain immediately. Surprisingly deft fingers then flicked the vibrator on and shoved it inside as far as she could. There was a one second delayed reaction before all of the sensations hit her at once.


She'd never used a vibrator before, excepting laying her cell on her crotch and calling it with their landline before she'd begun being her master's pet, so the stronger vibrations inside of her pussy alone were more than enough to drive her over the edge.

On top of that, her clit and nipple were now hypersensitive thanks to the clamps and were feeling the pain of the blood rushing back to them. But what really made her scream?

The vibrating nob on the dildo that was forced against her pained and sensitive clit. "Remove the gag," her master commanded. Although she was weak from her orgasms, she managed to do so. The ball fell out onto the floor, revealing a profane expression- her tongue hung out and drool still dripped from her features. "Now clean yourself up. And pick another three." Stacie smiled. "Yes, Master."