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As the 28yr old brunette was sucking life back into the old man's cock, a tear rolled down her pretty face as her thoughts traveled back… Her neighbor, Dave, was a fairly nice looking guy and had a really great smile.

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It was easy to be attracted to him, although both of them were already married. His two kids' ages put them a year ahead of her two girls, who were in first and third grades. Edie was barely 18 when she and Jack married and got pregnant immediately. They moved to the small town when the first child was ready to start school, thinking that a smaller school system would provide a better education. Dave and his family moved in, on the street behind them, just a few months ago. Edie had flirted a little with friends after her marriage, but had never considered cheating on Jack.

Jack, on the other hand, would fuck anything he could find that would cooperate. Edie felt it was harmless to visit with Dave, over the back fence, or in the school driveway after letting the kids out at school. Finally, he asked her to follow him to another spot; they were tying up a little traffic at the school. The old church parking lot was always empty and sat on the edge of town, across the street from Don Parker's old, white, frame home.

Dave led her there… ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Old Don always woke up early and drank his coffee, nude, while watching the morning news.

From the angle of his recliner, he could watch the few people in the neighborhood as they walked their dogs or jogged for their health.

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One lady always circled the parking lot three or four times, giving Don the opportunity to jack off while watching her jiggling ass. When the pickup pulled into the empty church lot, Don perked up a little; he'd seen it before.


His hand went to his dick as the SUV drove in beside the truck and the young, slim brunette appeared. "Fine set of tits that girl has," he thought, "I'll bet her old man likes waking up to that face every morning." He watched the stocky man get out and drop his tailgate.

The two talked and laughed for ten minutes, then he helped her to the ground and they parted ways. The third time they met at the church, Don watched as the lady stood outside the cab of the pickup and leaned in for a kiss from the young man… three times. "Oh, yeah, this looks like it could develop into something.

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I need to get my cameras set up." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don's dick was now hard again and Edie was doing a wonderful job on it, but in her mind, she was regretting the events which had led to this.

The third time Dave had met Edie at the old church lot, he didn't get out of the truck. He had told her about needing to get back to school for a conference for his son. As she stood outside his open window, he said, "I sure wish I had the time to talk awhile, but I'll have to settle for a quick kiss, instead." Edie hadn't kissed another man in nearly ten years. She hesitated a little and looked back at Dave; then she smiled and leaned in for a quick kiss.

"Hmm, that was nice but kinda short. Maybe just one more?" There was no holding back as her hand went around his neck and she tugged his lips to hers. That one was followed by a third, tongue-dueling, teeth gnashing embrace that made the young wife see stars. "Damn, girl… it I didn't have to go back to the school, I'd try to get your panties off." Edie shook her finger at him, "You can just stop right there, mister… I don't wear panties." She was still giggling as she trotted around the back of her car and waved to him.

Not a move was missed by the old man across the street… -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Three weeks later… Sunday morning… Not many people were attending the early service at the small, cowboy church on the other side of town. A later service would bring many more Hispanic and black parishioners, but the 7am service rarely had more than a dozen attending.

Edie and her first grader were sitting alone in the second pew from the back. Her other daughter was sitting with a friend in the front of the church. The older, well dressed gentleman stopped beside Edie and asked if he could sit beside her.

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She smiled and slid down a couple of feet. "My name's Don," he extended his hand and shook hers, gently. Pointing at the little girl, he asked, "Is this your sister?" The girl snickered, but Edie shushed her as the pastor stepped up on the small stage and picked up the wireless mic.

About ten minutes and two songs into the service, the six year old was sound asleep on the padded bench. Unbeknownst to Edie, he had watched the same thing happen the week before. Don removed his phone from his jacket pocket and began flipping through his photo files. When he found the one he wanted, he tapped Edie and told her, "Shhhh…" The picture he produced was her and Dave, wrapped in each other's arms, in the front seat of the young man's pickup. Her jaw dropped but, again, he cautioned her to be quiet.

The next shot was her bare back, while faced Dave, in his lap… apparently getting his cock rammed up inside her. He flipped to a third photo, which showed Dave's hands holding her tits as she was getting fucked while sitting on his lap. Edie was about to faint, but when Don showed her a video of Dave standing beside his truck while she sucked his stiff cock, she groaned aloud, and reached for her own phone.

Don shook his finger at her and shook his head 'no'. He typed a message that read, "I have more. You won't tell anyone. We'll talk after church." The 'talk' was pretty straight and poor Edie was scared and shaking as she got her orders from Don. Once she was perfectly clear on what was expected, she called her girls from the playground and left for home. She was being blackmailed for sex.


Don had told her that his brother had copies of more than a hundred pictures and six videos. If anything happed to Don, his brother would send all of them to Edie's husband, her mother… and to her third-grader's Facebook account, "I have also acquired Jack's email address." "Oh my God, he knows how to contact all of them…" She agreed to do what he wanted. About 3pm that same Sunday afternoon, her small SUV rounded the corner and pulled into Don's garage.

He pushed the button and closed the overhead door behind her. He was naked, sporting a big hard-on when he opened the door leading into his house.

Edie trembled as the pot-bellied old timer ran his hands all over her firm, slim body; then began to undress her.

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In a weak voice, she asked the horny bastard if there was anything else she could do to make him leave her alone. "You got a million dollars?" "Sniff&hellip. No." "Then I'm gonna fuck you. Period. Now, lets get these clothes off." "I have to be home by 5 o'clock; we have company this evening." "Then you have a lot of work to do.

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Help me get these off and head for that bedroom on the right." He wasn't gentle as he tweaked her nipples, trying to make them hard. He sucked and squeezed her tits until they were sore.

As rough as he treated her, she… almost… admitted to herself that his tongue was doing amazing things to her clitoris. She never had an orgasm while he was eating her, but she rarely had orgasms, anyway.

Her pussy did produce its natural lubricating juices, though; but Don's large cock made her wince with some pain as he shoved to the bottom with his second thrust, "Oh, yeah, you pretty little bitch. Oh, yeah… you are gonna be so fuckin' good.

Ungh… mmm… so fuckin' good. You feel Ol' Fat Boy? Uhhh… Well, Honey, he goddamn sure feels you… and he likes what he… mmmm… feels, too." Edie remembered how it hurt for the first five minutes or so, and how she cried at being so stupid; getting involved with Dave and getting caught by this old pervert.

She remembered thinking that if he would just die a natural death, she may be able to salvage her life with Jack and her girls. Once her cunt got used to his size, she figured the best way to 'get it over with' would be to cooperate. She grabbed his thighs and began moving under him, "Yeah, baby, now you get the idea… gnnnhh… mmm… I got a load in me that needs to cum out, big time… ahh… ahh… OHHHH… OHHHH!!



Oh, my… baby, girl… you are good. No wonder Dave wants to meet you each day. Mmmm… that was spec-fuckin'-tacular." Once he rolled off Edie, she mentioned stepping into the bathroom to clean herself up. Don told her to come right back and clean his cock off with her mouth, until it got hard again.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, here was Edie; naked on her knees, sucking Don's cock back to stiffness. She had recollected the events of the previous months and was regretting them, with all her heart.

With Don's hands on the sides of her pretty head, she didn't hear the man come in through the back door.

Don grinned and winked at him as he undressed behind the unsuspecting Edie. Don's shaft was stiff enough, now. He told her to take all of it she could, "Eventually, baby, you're gonna take my whole cock in your mouth and down your pretty throat. Oh, yes, I'll be sharing your throat… and your pussy… and your asshole with my son, too.

In fact, he's right behind you now.

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"Fuck her good, son. Fuck her while my cock works on her mouth." As the other man's dick slid into her slit from behind, Edie was shocked when she heard him say, "I told you she was better than the last one, Dad. She's gonna be a great fuck toy for a long time." …&hellip.

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It was Dave's voice.