One guy fucking merciless cheeks mouth striptease hardcore

One guy fucking merciless cheeks mouth striptease hardcore
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I'm going to the time that I actually did what I wanted to do, something that I only fantasized about every single night for six months. But before I do that, I have to like, fill you in on everything that happened between the day I went and saw him in his ambulance and stuff. I tried to look as sexy as I could for him all the time but I also didn't wanna look like a desperate slut.

I wanted him to see my body and I wanted him to want me like I was really starting to want him in a very bad bad way.

I don't think you understand how much I loved how he looked at me all of the time, he made me feel so so weak, and he looked at me that way no matter what.

If I was wearing a normal pair of jeans and a t shirt, or my booty shorts, or a really small skirt and a revealing shirt, he would look at me the same way and it made me feel really really sexy and he would make me feel that way every time I was with him.

Our first date we ever went on after we got back together was ssssooo so amazing, but it was by far the best make out session we ever had! It was so so amazing because we came so so close to having sex that it wasn't funny, oh my god I wanted him in me so bad! It all started when my mom, Diana Janell and April came over to my apartment while Mason was at work.

He picked up an extra shift so he was working for someone. Anyway, they came over and told me that they were kidnapping me for the day, they didn't even let me get dressed and stuff and I was confused. They just woke me up, and since I fantasized about my boyfriend and got myself off every single night, I just started to sleep naked every night.

So when they tried to pull my blankets off, I had to stop them because of that and because I still had my toy inside of me from the night before. I told them that I was naked and at first, they thought that Mason slept with me that night and I thought for sure that they were going to get mad and start to chastise me for having sex with him, because you know, we weren't married yet. But they didn't, they got really really excited and started to scream and jump up and down. It took a long time for me to get them to calm down and finally convince them that I was telling the truth.

It was kinda weird actually because we grew up in the order and we would get into so so much trouble for just talking about sex, and now all of a sudden, my sisters and mom were like, way open about it! You just didn't talk about sex in the order at all, so I was kinda surprised!

Anyway, they left my room and let me get dressed, but they said to not wear make up or anything like that. So I got up and pulled my hair back and brushed my teeth and stuff before I put my shorts and a tank top on. After I got out of my room, they picked an outfit out for me and I didn't know why, but they wouldn't let me wear it yet. Then they took me to breakfast, then they took me to the doctors.

I had no idea what was going on at all, I was confused and kinda worried about it all. I was not use to going to the doctors either because the order taught us that "outside doctors" were evil and that we had to rely on the order and god. They didn't have much to say about it when I almost got killed because my injuries were so bad that I could have died if I didn't go to the hospital.

Anyway, they took me back and I met the gynecologist, I was so not expecting that at all. But what made me even more surprised and more determined to make my fantasies I had come true, was that fact that I got birth control!

That was another thing that we weren't allowed to have or be on! If we even talked about getting on birth control, we would get into so so much trouble! "Ok, so, you say that you haven't had sex with Mason yet and we think it's because you don't want to get pregnant yet." Mom said while we were walking back to our cars.

"Well, I don't but this is a sin mom." I said. "We're going to hell anyway so what difference does it make at this point. We want you to live your life your way, and if that includes you having sex with the love of your life then so be it. We paid for those so you can have sex with him and not worry about getting pregnant." Diana said. "Yeah, you don't have to be scared now, you can just go for it.

He wants you, I can tell." Janell said. "How?" I asked. "Because he gets hard when he sees you, especially when you wear those sexy clothes and when you guys kiss, he gets really hard." Janell said.

"Oh my god." I said while I laughed. "We all see it, it's really hard to miss hun. Now, put those pills somewhere that you won't loose or forget to take them, you absolutely have to take them as scheduled or it won't work." Mom said. "You want to have sex with Mason, and we aren't going to stop you, you're an adult, so go for it." April said. "C'mon, don't act like you don't want some of that sexy man." Janell said.

"You want him, you know you do Kaylee." Denice said. "I want him and if I was you, I would have had sex with him a long time ago.

If I want him, I know you do, especially since he's your boyfriend you lucky bitch." Janell said, she laughed when she called me a lucky bitch.

"We all know you want him really bad, it's pretty obvious." April said. "I think you should just go for it and enjoy yourself, I'll bet he'll be better than any guy in the order ever, I mean, he's been out for five years and he was engaged." Denice said. "You know you want him." Janell said. "I kinda do want him, actually, I really want him." I kinda sighed. "He's sexy like, oh my god. We aren't in the order anymore, we are free and we can do whatever we want, don't tell me that you don't want to feel his naked hot, sexy manly, muscly sweaty body against your naked little body." Janell said.

"It's getting too graphic." Mom said while she laughed. "Don't act like you don't want his penis inside of you thrusting and making you moan his name." Janell whispered in my ear making my pussy really really wet at the thought of my Mason being inside of me like that.

"Oh my god, yeah, yeah it's probably a good idea to take it then." I said while I opened the package and took my first dose. "See? Now you can stop being scared." April said. "I knew it you lucky bitch, god I hate you, you have the sexiest guy in the world." Janell said at the same time. I couldn't believe how much my mom and sisters changed since they got out. My mom and my sisters were wearing clothes that were pretty immodest, April was already seeing some guy and Janell was a horny horny girl, then again she was molested A LOT!

She had sex already, but she was raped a lot from one of my uncles that she was courting, I only know that because she told me, Janell and I were way way close, we always were. We were so close that I already knew that she had sex with like, two different guys and sometimes she has sex with both of them at the same time, all since she's been out, she's even had sex with girls, a lot of them.

She wanted my Mason in the worst way because she always said what I already knew, he was by far the sexiest guy in the world, he had the hottest and sexiest body ever and he was just, yummy.

She always talked about all of the things she would do to him, but, she also knew that he was mine, so she never even tried to get in his pants. When he was around, she would stare at his bump and then tell me that I should look, so I got to see it a lot.

Like I said, Janell and I were way way close, we were way closer than sisters should ever be and I'll just leave it at that for now. Anyway, we went to the spa, and since mom had money that she saved when she was in the order, she paid for my spa treatments.

When I saw that they did Brazilian bikini waxes, I got curious and wondered what that was so I went to the lady and asked them what that was. So they explained everything to me and when they told me about it, I got kinda hot. So I asked them if it hurt and they said that it wasn't bad. I went to mom and begged her to let me have one, and when I did, she just gave me this little look like she knew why I wanted to do that. So I took Janell and we both went in to have it done. I took my shorts and panties off and they looked at my huge blonde bush and smiled.

They had to have me lay down and they had to use a razor thingy to cut all of my hair off until it was really short. And that's when they gave me a full wax everywhere down there, as in, I had no hair anywhere like, at all. I won't lie, it hurt but when we were all done, it felt amazing!! I never expected it to feel so good when I was all bald and stuff, in fact, I fell in love with having no hair there at all.

They let me look at in a mirror and when I did, I started to get kinda horny because I loved how I looked down there, I loved loved loved it! Janell wanted to see it and since we were as close as we were I let her see it and when she saw it she stared at it for a second.

"Nice, that's really hot." She sighed. "Do you think Mason will like it?" I asked. "I'm pretty sure he will." She said while she licked her lips a little. "I think he'll love it." I said. "Me too, I think he's going to go crazy when he sees that yummy thing." She said. "You think?" I asked while I started to get way way horny.

"Oh yeah, you're definitely going to get laid." She said with a smile. "I hope so, I want him so bad like, oh my god!" I said. "God I'm jealous." She said while we started to put our pants back on. After that, we went and got full body massages and it was absolutely amazing! But what got me kind of excited was that the masseuses that were giving us the massages use to work with Mason when he was a masseuse there!

Yeah, I kinda asked if they knew him since I already knew that he use to do that a couple of days out of the week. Thats when they said that when he worked there, he would be so busy with clients that he would have to work twelve hours with no break. He was the most popular one there and he had so many clients that they had to make appointments a few weeks ahead of time! They say that he was very popular with the ladies, I mean c'mon the man was incredibly handsome and really sexy, so who could blame them!

That's when I told them who I was and that he was my boyfriend, and that's also when they told me that he talked about me all of the time. Even some of his clients wanted to meet me because he always talked about me. I also found out that one of his clients had parents that were private investigators, and that client helped Mason hire them to help find me. The girl was only like, 17 and she really liked Mason a lot, but because he was still in love with me and talked about me all the time, she decided to not go out with him and hired her dad to help him find me.

I got so many hugs, and after that, we started to be treated like royalty like, big time. Apparently they all spread the word that Mason found me and that I was there!

"Kaylee? Kaylee Roberts?" A girl with red hair asked, she was really really cute, I won't lie. "Yeah?" I asked. "Do you know a Mason McCarthy?" She asked. "Yeah, I know him really good, he's my boyfriend." I said. "I'm Summer, I know your boyfriend, I was one of his regular customers." She said. "Hi." I said while she extended her hand and shook mine. "So it is true, he really did find you." She said. "Yes he did." I said with a huge smile.

"Oh my god he's right, you're fucking beautiful!" She said. "Thanks." I said. "This is my mom, she owns a private investigation company, we've been looking for you for him." She said. "Thank you so much for helping him." I said. "So I take it that you felt the same way about him?" She asked. "He was the one that got away, he was the love of my life and I never stopped loving him." I said. "It's so so amazing to finally meet the girl who had his heart this whole time." She said while she hugged me.

"I still have it." I said while I laughed. "Aaaaawww, I wanna hang out with you I'm serious." She said. "Ok, I'd like that actually, I'll give you my number and stuff." I said. "Awesome! Can we hang out this weekend?" She asked. "Yeah lets." I said. We went to get some manicures and stuff, and while we did, Summer hung out with me the whole time, and that's when she said that she use to be in love with Mason. She met him and fell in love with him after his fiancé died.

She knew that he was not like any of the guys that she knew because he was a gentleman, and that's one of the things that made her get so attracted to him. Even when she was all naked and he was massaging her, he never once tried to do anything to her that some of the other guy masseuses did. He was very respectful and he was apparently a really really good masseuse!

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She asked him if he had ever been in love, and after she asked him that, he couldn't stop talking about me, and that's when she had no doubt that he was still in love with me. She remembered thinking, why can't I find a guy that was as hot and sexy as Mason was, but who was like Mason was, if that makes any sense. She said that he was one of a kind and that there was only one Mason and she told me how lucky I was to have him back.

She told me that he was lucky to have me because she says that I was one of the most beautiful girls she had ever seen, she even told me that I would most definitely be the hottest friend of all her friends. She told me that she and my Mason were really good friends but because she fell in love with him and it was just a one sided thing, she had to stop hanging out with him.

It hurt her to know that he was so in love with me that he basically worshipped me still. And since she couldn't compete with me, she had to stop talking to him all together because it hurt her to even hear his voice. That's when she went to her parents and hired them to help him find me. She loved him so much that she wanted him to be happy and she knew that if she could find me and reunite us, he would be happy again so she immediately started to help him.

She kept telling me how "disgustingly beautiful" I was the whole time my sisters mom and I were getting pampered. She also kept telling me that she loved my hair and she kept saying it and playing with it. When we got done, my mom invited her to go along with us to the salon and stuff and she came with us. I think it's safe to say that I made a new friend, a really good one actually. I was shocked that she didn't even hate me because Mason loved me and not her.

And now that she actually met me and knew that he and I were together again, and that I loved him as much as he loved me, she was like, really happy for both of us. After we got done getting my hair and make up done and stuff, I said goodbye to Summer after I gave her my phone number and she gave me hers. Then mom took me to her house and she had me get dressed. She had me wear the outfit that they took from my room which included a tight and small button down shirt that had pink and blue stripes on it, my tight Jean mini skirt, one of my cowgirl hats and another pair of my cowgirl boots.

I was kinda excited, so I put a pair of white cotton panties on and got dressed. When mom came in, she looked at me and smiled. "Unbutton two of those buttons." She said. "Ok." I said while I did what she told me to do. "One more." She said. "Why?" I asked. "Just do it." She said. "Ok, whatever." I said while I did that. I looked in the mirror and saw that my boobs were so visible that it wasn't funny, but so was my bra. "Ok, so you're going out with Mason tonight." Mom said.

"Really?" I asked. "Yes, that's what this is all about. He called me and asked me like he did the first time because he wants to relive the night you two started courting years ago." She said. "But it's different now mom, we are actually courting now and we have been for a while." I said. "I know." Mom said. "So we may do more than just kiss, I'm just saying." I said. "Is that really a bad thing?" She asked. "I mean, we are going to hell anyway, so no." I said.

"That's what I was thinking too. You're an adult, you're nineteen now so you can do what ever you want." Mom said. "Well I'm taking my bra off then because he loves my boobs and I want him to see them." I said. "Let me know when you're done." She said while she walked out of the bathroom.

When she got out, I took my shirt off and then took my bra off, then I put my shirt back on but I left the top three buttons undone. "I hope he goes crazy." I whispered while I looked at myself. I could really see my boobs, and when I leaned over I could actually see my nipples a little. I got so so horny when I saw how hot I looked because I knew that my man was going to love it, I mean, I already knew that he liked my boobs a lot so I wasn't going to hide them this time.

I also realized how different it felt when I was wet now too since I got waxed, and all that did was make me even hornier. I could not wait to make out with Mason that night at all because I made the decision that I was going to undo my shirt and let him see my boobs with nothing covering them.

Just the thought of that made me so so hot that I stopped thinking straight! "Ok mom!" I said while my legs started to get a little shaky. She came back in with April and Diana. "Do you think this is too much?" I asked. "It is for us, but I think your man is going to love it." Diana said. "I hate to say this, but you look really hot!" April said. "Holy shit, oh my god you look way way hot, Kaylee, you look really really hot." Janell said after she walked in. So just in case I didn't say it before, she's bi but I still love her to death, and she is still my favorite sister.

"Do you think he'll like it?" I asked. "I have no doubt that he will, he's going to love it." Janell said. "Good." I said. "Now let's finish getting you ready, he'll be here soon." Mom said. "Ok." I said. So I wore the wettest and shiniest lipgloss I had so my lips would tempt my man when he saw them, it didn't have much color at all so my lips looked natural and a little glittery and really wet.

When I started walking, I could not believe how good it felt at all! I was so wet that my pussy lips were slippery and they rubbed together, and I could feel my panties getting really wet! I went in the living room and put my socks and boots on and then my hat, and I was ready!

I got some perfume and sprayed myself with it so I would smell good and then I waited. Finally I heard the door bell ring, so I went to the entry way where mom was letting my man in, and oh my good god he looked so so hot!! It looked like he trimmed his beard because it looked really clean and really sexy.

He even had his hair pulled up in a pony tail, but it looked like he cut his hair around his ears and neck, so it was short, but he still had really long hair. He had this shirt on that was a button down and he had his sleeves rolled up. He wasn't one that wore tight jeans, and he wasn't wearing any this time, but I could see his bump really good.

I just kinda stood there and stared at his bump for a second while he came up to me. And the cologne he was wearing, oh my god he smelled so so good! "Hi." I said while I looked up in his eyes. "Hey, how is my beautiful girl?" He asked before he leaned down and kissed me a few times.

"You know the rules right?" Mom asked. "Yes mam." He said while he laughed a little. "Well they don't apply tonight. If you wanna keep her out late that's fine. Just take her home at a decent time since she has to work tomorrow." She said. "Ok." He said while he wrapped his arm around me. "Can we go now?" I asked.

"Yes you can, have fun." Mom said. "Make bad sexy yummy choices tonight." Janell said making me laugh. "Ok." I said while my baby and I went out to his truck. "Oh my god I love some of these little outfits you keep wearing." He said while he opened the door on my side. "Thanks baby, I think you look really hot too." I said making theses amazing sparks fly between us.

"Thanks, it's what I was going for." He said with a little grin while I got in. When he started driving, I looked down to make sure that my boobs were showing because I really wanted him to see them. When we got to the place where the mini golf course was, I got excited because the last time he took me to one of those places, we had our first ever kiss. He got out and I watched his eyes really carefully when he was helping me out of his truck. YES, I thought when he looked right at my boobs just like I wanted.

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When we started playing mini golf together, neither one of us could keep our hands off of each other at all, and it didn't help that he let me unbutton a few buttons on his shirt. Hey, I wanted to see his sexy hot muscular body, what do you want from me?

Anyway, were at hole number six when he just walked up behind me and hugged me, and when he did that, I felt his bump on my butt. I didn't know what came over me, but I backed against him and pressed myself against his bump. I stood up and looked up at him with a smile and kinda bit my lip and that's when he kinda started to back away from me. I think he was like, trying to see what I would do, so I kinda backed into him again so he would know that I was more than ok with what he was doing and then I kinda moved my butt a little.

We started to have the same competition that we had on our first date and let me tell you, we kissed A LOT!! We were pretty much making out, but we had to be careful since there were like, a ton of people there that had kids. But at one of the holes, I found a good hiding spot, so I went to him, grabbed his shirt and pulled him to that spot. Then I backed against the wall and pulled him against me. "Kiss me." I said while I pulled his body against mine. That's when I tilted my head back and opened my mouth for his tongue, and I did it just in time because I felt his mouth press against mine and his tongue went right in my mouth.

I kinda moaned because I was already way way horny, but when he kissed me, I could feel my body get kinda hot. I loved that our mouths were pressed together and our tongues were twisting and sliding together non stop.

I could feel my hair slide back and forth on my back and butt because our heads were moving. He never kissed me like that, I mean yeah he did, but this time it was like way more intense than it ever was. We couldn't stop no mater how hard we tried and I ended up dropping my putter and reaching up around his neck. We stopped kissing just for a second because I turned my head and pushed my tongue back in his mouth.

And when I did that, I licked the outside corner of his mouth and I even licked his beard again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself against him so tight that I could feel his whole body against mine, well, almost because he was really tall.

I held the back of his head and neck for a second, then I started to rub his face. We kissed like that three times, and every time we did, our heads would turn opposite ways. Finally after like, thee longest time, we stopped kissing and and he put me down and picked my cowgirl hat up and put it back on my head.

I was sssssooo so hot, oh my god! My knees were really weak and shaky so it was kinda hard to walk after we made out like we just did. I looked at him and then I looked down and saw that his bump was really big. We finished the game as best as we could because neither one of us were thinking right and It really didn't help that we kept touching each other. Well, that and I kept backing into him so I could feel his bump, and it was kinda hard! After the game, we went and walked around the arcade room and played a few games.

After that he took me to dinner, and that's when I decided to see how horny I could make him, so when we sat down, I made sure my shirt opened a little. And while he was looking at his menu, I looked down and pulled it open a little more so that he could see the sides of my boobs really really good. I got all tingly when I got my shirt to where it was just covering my nipples and the rest of them. I knew it was kinda slutty and wrong for me to do that, but I don't think you'll ever understand how attracted I was to him and how badly I wanted to make him horny for me.

It was all new to me anyway because I've never had a guy get so horny for me just because he wanted me, if that makes sense. It's because the only time my ex got horny was when he wanted to make a baby and that was all he was worried about. But this time was different because I saw Masons bump and I saw it get bigger when we would make out and when he would just look at me.

While we ate, I could feel this intense tension between us and I had never felt that before so I knew there was some kind of tension, but it was a really hot and sexy tension.

I was loving it because I knew that he thought that I was sexy and hot and beautiful. The look in his eyes when he looked at me, I don't even know what to say because like, I never ever experienced anything like it until he came back into my life. I had a whole lot of brand new and amazing feelings and sensations that I never felt before, but now I was feeling all of them and I loved it because it made me feel really sexy!

I never just looked at a guy and got way way hot and way horny like I did with Mason. I took my menu and started to look at it when I felt his eyes on me, so I looked at him and grinned. He was looking at my boobs, but he was such a gentleman that he got kinda scared and tried to look away, but since I was showing him more boob than I had ever shown him, he couldn't stop looking. Before he could see me watching him again, I looked down at the menu again and pretended that I wasn't so turned on by him looking, but I went a little further and leaned over a little.

When I did that I could feel the air on my nipple on my right boob so I looked down with my eyes only so it looked like I was still looking at the menu. When I did that, I could see my pink nipple and areola showing.

Oh my god I hope he sees this I thought while I sat there. I looked at him and he just looked at his menu like he wasn't looking so I just pretended that I didn't catch him even though I did.

Finally we ordered our dinner and he let me get whatever I wanted. It was so hot to see that he was really turned on by me and I loved that I was doing that to him, I loved it! But what I loved the most was that he was making me really really horny too, like, oh my god!!

I never had a guy turn me on so bad that I couldn't see or think straight, and I mean, it was really really bad, oh my god, he was the ONLY guy to make me horny like that and it was my very first time ever! It was like we just met or something because it felt like it.

It was like we just saw each other and thought, oh my god I wanna have sex with him or her! I didn't even try to hide my boobs at all, I loved that he kept looking at them!

We talked about everything that we wanted to do together and how I wanted to get my realtor license and help him run his business. But when we were talking, I couldn't concentrate on anything he was saying or anything because he was so damn sexy! It didn't help that he couldn't keep his eyes off of my boobs, and it probably didn't help that I was making sure that he could see them either.

Right after Mason got the check and paid the bill, we were sitting there and he was looking my boobs again. I just kinda sat there and and watched him. He looked in my eyes and I was biting my lip kinda hard.

I wanted him to look again so I looked in his eyes and kinda looked down and took my shirt and pulled it open for him so he could see my boob. When I did that, I pulled it till my nipple was peeking out. Then I let go hoping it would stay and bit my pinkie nail while I looked at him to make sure he was looking right where I wanted him too, and he was!

I got so so hot, oh my god! I was overwhelmed by the new feeling that, I don't even know, all I know was that I was beyond horny and I wanted to make out with him like, right now! I felt my muscles in my stomach and back tense up while chills swept through my body, and oh my god my pussy was tingling so so bad and you talk about wet,!

"You're not wearing a bra?" He asked. "Nope." I said before I bit my lip. "You know I can see your tits really good right?" He asked making my face feel really hot. "Yep." I sighed while I watched him kinda stare at them. "Are showing me those amazing tits on purpose?" He asked. "Yes I am." I said. "You're so sexy." He kinda moaned. "So are you baby." I sighed. "You think so?" He asked. "I mean look at you." I said.

"Too bad we aren't married." He said. "Why?" I asked. "Because there are so many things that I would do to you if you let me." He said making my head spin like crazy. "Like what kind of things?" I asked while I leaned over so he could see my nipple again, only both of them kinda slipped out. "Dirty things, starting with those." He said while he glanced at my boobs.

"Yeah?" I asked while I started to literally gush in my panties. "They're perfect, god they're perky." He said. "Well, there are plenty of things I would do to you." I said. "Like what?" He asked. "Getting lipgloss all over your hot and sexy body." I said. "Oh my god." He sighed. "Can we go now?" I asked. "Yeah but we should wait a minute." He said.

"Why?" I asked. "Because." He said with a grin. "Boner?" I mouthed. "Its really bad too." He said while he nodded his head yes. "Is it because of me?" I asked.


"Yeah it is." He said while he kept glancing down at my boobs, only he wasn't trying to hide it like he was. "Am I making you horny?" I asked. "Yes, you're making me really really horny, you have been all night." He said making me feel really hot and really really really horny! Oh my god! I was actually turning him on, you don't have any idea how happy I was about that! "Uuuummm, we should go now." I said. "Why?" He asked. "Because I wanna make out with you really really bad like, right now." I said.

"You're going to have walk in front of me so people don't see it." He said. "Is it that obvious?" I asked. "Yes it is." He said. "I wanna see." I said with the biggest butterflies ever! When I said that it was like my vision got so blurry that I couldn't see at all for just a split second.

He didn't even say anything after that. He just looked at my boobs and then my eyes while he stood up and reached for my hand. When I looked at his bump, it was way bigger than I had ever seen it before, but the thing that made me start leaking all over my legs really bad and made all of my muscles tense up was that I could actually see the outline of his dick, and it was NOT small at all, not even a little small!

"That's kinda nice baby." I said softly while I stared at it. When I said that, I kinda saw it move, kinda like, I don't know, it jumped I guess? You gotta remember that I was as innocent as they came when it came to that kinda stuff, especially since I had actually had sex. But what ever it was, it ignited a huge storm of sexy thoughts and feelings that I never felt before, even when I watched porn or masturbated!

"Baby, we should go because you look like you're about to loose it." He said while I stared at his bump. "I am." I whispered while I took his hand and stood up and looked in his eyes. When I got up, I looked right at his huge dick that looked like it was going to rip through his pants, actually I kinda stared at it. My legs were way weak and I was kinda shaking.

My heart was pounding really fast, I was breathing really hard, I couldn't think about anything but making out with him, and I was starting to go crazy. I had only been with two guys, but only one made me feel like I felt that day, and it was him! I grabbed my purse and pulled my shirt closed before I put my cowgirl hat back on and slid my tiny fingers between his.

We were all but running to his truck, and once we got to it, I looked up at him while he led me to my side. "I wanna get in on your side." I said with a huge smile.

"Ok." He said happily while he changed course. Once we got to his side, he went to unlock the door and I looked around to make sure no one could see us. Then I grabbed his arm, turned him around and shoved him against his truck, stood up on my toes and started to kiss and suck on his neck while I unbuttoned his shirt so I could touch his sexy sexy chest and sexy sexy abs. I was trying so hard to not touch his dick because I still didn't know if he was ok with having sex before we got married.

I felt him open his door and then he kinda pushed me back a tiny little bit which kinda scared me. I didn't know if he was going to get mad at me like my ex did when I did that to him, but right when I started to think that he might get mad, he took my hat off and threw it in his truck. The he leaned down and started to kiss me so passionately that I thought I was going to pass out!

Then he picked me up so I wrapped my legs around him while I rested my elbows on his shoulder and held his face gently while we kissed kinda hard. All of a sudden, I felt his hand on my butt, and that's when I realized that my skirt rode way up to my hips. I was so busy kissing him and moaning while he kissed and sucked my neck that I didn't realize that we were already in his truck, well, he was getting in with me glued to his body.

I kinda gasped and kinda moaned once he sat down because I could feel his dick against my pussy. I looked in his eyes and bit my lip right when I started to thrust my little hips so I could feel all of him. "Wow baby." I half sighed and half whimpered while he closed his door. "I told you." He said with a grin. "It feels big." I hissed. "It may or not be." He said before I started to kiss him again.

After the longest time of kissing him and licking the insides of his mouth and him licking the insides of mine, I stopped kissing him and started to suck on his neck while I grabbed his hand and put it on my boob. I kinda jumped when he squeezed it and started to kiss, lick and suck on my neck, then my chin then my collar bone.

I loved how his dick felt on my pussy and I couldn't stop grinding on it at all, it felt so so amazing. It sent these electrical shocks through my whole body and it started to get to where I couldn't control myself anymore.

I lifted his head while he slid his hands on my hips and helped me grind against him hard. That's when I looked in his eyes and started to unbutton my shirt while he helped me grind on him. Once I got my shirt undone, I pulled it open and pulled it over my shoulders. "Fuck, oh my god baby." He hissed while he looked at my boobs. "Do you like them baby?" I asked." "They're perfect, is there anything about you that isn't beautiful?" He sighed while he slid his big manly hands on my young perky boobs.

When he touched my bare boobs for the first time, those electrical shocks went though me so bad that I swore I was going to have an orgasm right there in his lap. I lifted his head and opened my mouth really wide and started to kiss him kinda hard while he lifted his hips so that his dick was pressed against my pussy so hard.

I moaned in his mouth while we kept licking the insides of each other's mouths, but after a very long minute of passionate kissing, we stopped and he started to kiss my cheek.


He started to work his way down slowly to my chin, then to my neck, then my collar bone and then to my shoulder. I wanted to see what it was like to have my boobs sucked since I'd never had that done before, I only saw it done in my "educational" porn.

So I kinda leaned back and slid my hand on the back of his head and kinda led him to my boobs. When I felt his beard on them, I started to get so so close to cumming all over him that it wasn't funny! Then I felt his lips, then his tongue and then his whole mouth kissing my boobs, and he started to kiss one, then the other. It was like, all but over for me after I watched him open his mouth and suck my nipples into his mouth!

I moaned and started to grind kinda fast and while he squeezed and massaged one boob, he sucked, kissed and licked the other one, god I loved how his beard felt against my skin! He kept going from one boob to the other, and after a while, my head started to spin so bad that I couldn't see or even breath! I was sssooo not expecting that to feel as ah-mazing as it did, but OH.MY.GOD!!

Finally, he stopped sucking my boobs and started to kiss me, but by then, I was so close to cumming in his lap that it wasn't even funny! I tried to like, stop what we were doing, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't! All of a sudden, I felt these amazing tingles or chills or what ever they were just kinda take over my whole body! It was unlike anything I had ever experienced and it kinda scared me a little because I didn't know what it was. I was going to stop, but I still couldn't and that's when I realized that I lost control completely!

I didn't know how yet, but he knew what was about to happen. "Don't stop, just let it happen." He whispered while I rested my head on his shoulder. I so did not need to be told that twice at all! I kept going and he started to suck lick and kiss my boobs again while I leaned against the steering wheel and ground really hard on his boner. For the first time ever, I was moaning and whimpering and no one was stopping me at all! My Mason was letting me moan and whimper like crazy and he kept kissing my neck and stuff plus he was sucking and licking my boobs and nipples.

After a few minutes, I started to feel my orgasm build and build and build until I was, I don't even know how to describe it. Does exploding work? Because that's exactly what it was like, I just exploded all over in his lap! It was way way way more powerful and more amazing than my first ever orgasm I had not long before that.

I just started to kiss him and held his body against mine and kept grinding in his soaked lap. Finally I was able to stop kissing my sexy man with what felt like a huge dick and looked in his eyes. "Baby, we gotta stop." I said.

"That's fine." He said. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Yes I'm sure baby, I love you more than anything else in this world, if you want to stop, I will be more than happy to stop." He said. "I love you so much." I said while I looked him in his eyes. "I love you forever baby, and now I have your cum all over in my lap." He said while he smiled making me giggle. "Sorry about that." I said while I put my head on his and looked in his eyes. "Don't be, it's the sexiest thing that's ever happened to me." He said making me giggle more.

All of a sudden, this really really bright light came on in his back window, well, it wasn't all that bright through the window since my sexy Mason had his Windows tinted really really dark.

"Oh crap! It's the cops." I said while I got off of his lap grabbed my hat and got in my seat. I got my hat back on, but before I could get my shirt buttoned up and stuff, the cop was already at the window nocking.

I was so so embarrassed, but at the same time, I thought that it was actually pretty hot that we got caught! "I'm not as frunk as you drink I am occifer." Mason said like he knew the cop. "Mason?! What the fuck are you doing douche bag?!" The cop asked like he knew my boyfriend. "We were just talking ass flap." Mason said making me, him and the cop start laughing. "We know him, it's Mason, can you roll your window down for my parter?" The cop asked while he looked at me and pointed to another cop that was standing at my door.

"Yeah, sorry." I said nervously. Thank god I had my shirt buttoned but I didn't have my skirt pulled down yet but I still rolled my window down to see a girl cop. "Mason?! What the fuck are you doing?" She asked. "Talking." Mason said making the cops start laughing. "Bullshit, you're so full of shit." The cop said while she laughed.

"What's your name." She asked while she looked at me. "Kaylee." I said nervously while the other cop and my Mason were talking. "Ok, well it's nice to meet you Kaylee, you must have really impressed him because he hasn't been on a date for a long long time." She said. "How long?" I asked. "It's been the better part of two years or so.

Do you have any ID that I can check?" She asked. "Hey Lillie, that's Kaylee, the one he's talked about." The man cop said. "No way, are you serious?!" She asked while she got really excited.

"Yes it is." Mason said while the girl cop got on the step bars that were on his truck. She leaned in and gave Mason a fist bump before she hugged me really quick.

"So how long have you guys been back together?" The girl cop asked while she got off of the truck. "About six months." I said. "How did he find you?" She asked while the guy cop was talking to my sexy man. "It's a long story." I said nervously. "Were you looking for him?" She asked.

"Yes I was, I looked everywhere for him after I got divorced." I said. "You were married?" She asked. "Yeah, I was married to the biggest asshole in the world and he always beat me up all the time. I was pregnant and he killed the baby because he beat me up so bad, and after that I ran away and got divorced, and that's when I started to look for him." I said.

"You're really beautiful good lord, you make me sick!" She said. "Thank you." I said while I laughed. "Well, just so you know, we got a call about people having sex in a truck that was parked in the back corner of the lot. That's why we are here." The guy cop said. "We weren't having sex." Mason said. "Not having sex?! Yeah right, whatever dude." He said while he laughed. "We were making out." I said while I looked at him. "Ok, well, take it home jerk off." He said.

"Go eat a bowl of dicks." Mason said. "I'll taze you." He said. "I'm invincible it won't affect me." He said. "Should we try it?" He asked while they all laughed. "Nah, save it for the real criminals, you may need that cartridge later, I'd hate for you to waste it." Mason said.

"Hey, it's nice to finally meet you." He said while he looked at me. "Nice to meet you too." I said. "Now we know who you are, have fun guys and take it home." The girls cop said before they went to their cars and moved so they could talk.

"I ssssoooo thought we were going to get arrested." I said while I laughed. "That was a close one for damn sure." He said while he laughed. "We should get out of here and go to my house." I said. "Good idea, I'd like to keep doing what we were just doing for a while." He said making me shiver. "What make out?" I asked. "Yes, make out with you." He said. "Good." I said while I started to undo my three buttons again. "Fuck." He whispered making me look at him.

Oh my god he was watching me undo my shirt again. "I love that you like my boobs so much." I said. "They're perfect, they're firm, very very perky and they're really soft, god they're nice." He said while I just went ahead and unbuttoned my shirt all the way.

"Well I love how it feels when you touch them." I said while I slid my shirt down my shoulders and took his hand.

"You do?" He asked while I put his hand on my boob after I leaned against the enter thingy. "Yeah, it feels really really good, I really like how your beard and your lips and tongue feel on them." I said while I tried to catch my breath. "Oh my god you're driving me so fucking crazy baby." He said while he kept touching me.

We stopped at a stop light right after he said that, so since we were just sitting there, I leaned up and started to kiss his beard. "I love your beard." I kinda whimpered before I held his chin and pulled his mouth to mine and started to kiss him really passionately and slowly.

He put his truck in park and reached over with his other hand and put it on my face while he started to kiss back. The more we kissed, the hornier I got and the more I wanted to be in his lap so I could feel his dick against my pussy again.

I could tell that the light turned green again, so I stopped kissing him. "It's green." I said while I tried to catch my breath. He put the truck in drive and he started to drive. We had a long way to go, so I let go of him and just took my shirt off all the way. After that I leaned against the center thing and took his arm and wrapped it around me and over my shoulder ish and trust me, I made sure he could touch my boobs and play with them.

We started to make out like crazy at every single light, and while we were doing that, he didn't know that I was rubbing my pussy. After a while, we made it to my apartment and we parked while I put my shirt on but I didn't button it at all.

"We need to get inside like, right now." I said. "Ok, let's go." He said while he opened his door. He got out and came to my side and opened my door, and when he did, I kinda opened my legs so he could see my white cotton panties and see that my shirt still wasn't buttoned. "You're not going to button your shirt?" He asked while I looked and saw that his boner was so big that it was pushing the front of his pants out really far.

"Why? I'm just going to take it off anyway." I said making his bump move. "You're going to make me cum in my pants." He said while he pulled me against him. "You already made me cum once." I said before he helped me out of his truck. "You're so goddamn beautiful oh my god." He said with his teeth clenched. "Thank you baby." I said while he closed his door. He had to open his back door to get my hat since it fell back there while we were making out all the way home.

We closed the doors and we went to my apartment where I took my keys out and opened the door. I turned around and took his hand and pulled him inside before I closed the door and locked it.

Then I dropped my keys and took my shirt all the way off again and threw my hat on the ground. Right when I did that, he came up behind me and pushed his body against mine while he held my chin gently and lifted my head. I was looking straight up, so I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out right when his went in my mouth. He kept kissing me and while he did, he slid his hand gently around and grabbed my boobs, that made me moan and push my butt against him.

I stopped kissing him and when I did, he pushed his bump against my butt crack kinda hard held it there. "Oh my god baby." I moaned while I looked up at him and moved my butt side to side like I learned from the porn I watched. I watched his eyes close just a tiny bit while he thrusted against me a little, and that made me gush so so bad! He put his arm around my body right under my boobs and started to lift me up so he could lean down and kiss me.

And just like the other times, our mouths were opened wide and pressed together while we licked each other's mouths and tongues for the longest time. I couldn't help but moan because he was touching and massaging my boobs at the same time, and after the longest time ever, we stopped kissing and that's when I turned around and pushed him back on my couch kinda hard and straddled him, I was going to kiss him, but I wanted to take his shirt off.

I took his hands and put both of them on my boobs, then I started to unbutton then take his shirt off. He had to stop massaging my boobs because I had to get his shirt all the way off. "Oh my god your body baby." I whimpered.

I pushed him back and threw his shirt on the floor before I pulled him against me so I could feel his bare skin against mine.

I started to kiss him passionately while I adjusted myself so I could feel his hard boner against my pussy. We both moaned at the same time when I started to grind against him hard and slow, and after another long long time of kissing, we stopped and that's when I leaned back and pulled him gently so I could feel his beard and mouth on my boobs again. My hair was caressing my back and his legs while he took each one of my boobs in his mouth and sucked on them.

I loved watching him open his mouth really wide, stick his tongue out and lick my nipples and other parts of my boobs before he closed and sucked my nipples in his mouth or kissed my boobs. "Oh my god Mason." I said, except my voice was all shaky and broken up. That's when I started to loose all control again, and before I knew it, I felt that very familiar feeling getting so so strong!

My whole body was shaking like crazy, and when I was grinding on him, I was kinda jerking a little. I pulled his mouth off of my boobs and pushed my tongue in his mouth and started to kiss him like crazy while I held both sides of his face. We kept going and going like that for like, ever and it was so so amazing! I never experienced anything like I did that night, ever! All of a sudden, I felt this little bubble like feeling inside of me just like when we were in his truck in the parking lot.

I wasn't thinking straight and I couldn't even form a sentence, but what made it worse was that Mason was having the same problem as me. He stopped kissing me and pushed his head against mine kinda hard and closed his eyes. He held the back of my head and had his other hand on my boob. "Fuck, oh go.god I you Kaylee." He said while he gasped.

"Oh god Mason, oh god I love, I love you baby." I whimpered at the exact same time. All of a sudden, his whole body got like, really really tense and he kept pushing his dick into my pussy so hard that he was making me moan, oh my god it felt so so good!

He let go off my boob and he moaned my name, and when he moaned my name, I opened my eyes only to see his amazing green eyes. Then just like in his truck, I started to cum again, only it felt like, a thousand times stronger.

I held my baby's face with both hands while they went numb and I was gasping. He groaned at the same time, and after a while, he kinda fell back, but he took me with him, and before I knew it. I was laying on top of him gasping, and he was gasping too, but what I loved the most was that I felt my bare boobs pressed against his hot and incredibly sexy and sweaty body.

I fell in love with how my naked skin felt against his, that's the only way I know how to say it. I could feel his heart pounding, and I know he could feel mine pounding too. After a little while, I lifted my head and kissed his chin, of course I ended up kissing his beard, but then he tilted his head down and kissed me so so slow and softly making me shiver.

So I sat up just a little so I could keep my skin against his and kissed him back. We kissed so many times and when we stopped, I just pushed him down and laid on top of him. "I soaked you with my cum again." I said while I giggled. "You're not the only one who soaked me with cum." He said while he caressed my back with his finger tips. "I'm not?" I asked while I rested my head on his sexy chest and caressed him there too.

"Nope, you made me fill my jeans." He said. "Wait, I made you cum?" I asked while I looked up at him and smiled. "Yeah you did." He said while he reached up and started to brush my hair around my ears. Ok, so I made him go crazy, so I met my goal because that's what I wanted to do, then we made out like crazy which was what I wanted to do, and I made him cum in his pants!

I sssooo did not expect that at all! Sssssssoooooooooo so HOT! "I made you that horny?" I asked. "I've been that horny for you ever since you pulled me behind that wall tonight." He said. "I've never done that to a guy before, not even my ex." I said.

"Your ex isn't a man, ssssooo, yeah." He said. "Nope, he's not." I said. "I don't even think you understand how beautiful you are. I can't wrap my head around how no one can fall in love with you just by looking at you, you're a damn goddess." He said making feel all warm and fuzzy.

"Thank you baby." I said while I smiled so big that it hurt. "I can't believe that you're mine, jesus." He said. "I can't believe that your mine either, I'm in the best dream of my life." I said while I laid my head on his chest and started to caress him again. When I looked at my phone, I noticed that it was after one, and we got to my apartment at sometime after midnight, so we made out for almost an hour!

But that's not counting the parking lot make out session that we had. "I love how your skin feels against mine." I said softly. "I was just thinking the same thing about you." He said. "We should do this more." I said. "Ok, I won't argue with that.

Although I may need to bring an extra pair of pants and underwear next time." He said making me laugh. We laid there cuddling for a while, and since my man didn't have a change of clothes with him, he had to leave.

I was sad that he was going home because I wanted to sleep with him that night, but he was sad that he had to leave too. I just got up and he didn't even put his shirt on, then I walked him out to his truck and kissed him before he went home.

It wasn't so bad though because I called him while he was driving home, and we stayed on the phone together while he took a shower, and I took a bath to get all of our cum off of ourselves. I went to bed all naked and we fell asleep on our phones, we were still connected the whole time. I just wished that he was in my bed with me, then again, that probably would have been a bad idea because I know that we would end up having sex.

The next morning, I woke up and my phone was dead, and when I noticed that, I kinda panicked because that meant my phone hung up on him. So I plugged it in and waited till it came back on and called him. It turned out that his phone died too, so yeah, I felt way better!

After we hung up that time, mom called me and she told me that some people from the order sent her pictures of me and Mason in his truck making out.

We don't know how, but they got moms new phone number, but so did my dad. He was being way mean to mom because he was convinced that Mason and I had sex that night because they followed us from the restaurant to my apartment and everything. Apparently they were sitting outside of my apartment waiting for my man to come out, but security found them and kicked them out of there. Mom, well, she was pissed off, but she wasn't mad at me at all, she was excited for me.

I didn't care, I was scared of them still but I was glad that they saw me and my lover together. I was actually really happy that they saw me and my sexy man together making out because I wanted them too. Anyway, that was just the beginning of them trying to get me to go back to the order, but I was with the love of my life again, so there was no way that they could convince me to go back and I told my mom that.

After we hung up, I just laid there and thought about my baby and when I did, I started to think about everything we did the night before. I was already kinda horny anyway because I was already thinking about it, but after I got off of the phone with mom, it was all I could think about.

I had to play with myself before I got up and got ready for work. And while I was at work, it was all I could think about too and no matter how hard I tried to push it off so I could concentrate, I just couldn't. I could still smell him, I could feel him touching me all over my body, I could still feel his beard, his lips and his tongue all over me.

I could feel his tongue in my mouth still, I was still tasting him, I could feel him kissing my neck, my collar bone, my chin, and my bare shoulder. I LOVED how his hands, beard, and lips felt on my boobs, and I loved how his dick felt when it was all hard and pushed against my pussy! I loved loved loved how his soft beard rubbed my skin while he did all of that, and I could still feel it, so I loved his beard, oh my god I loved his beard!

It was a really hard day at work for me because he like, I don't know, consumed every thought I had I guess. When it was my break time, I went to the outside entrance of the store I work at after I grabbed my phone. Me: hey sexy Mason: hey beautiful goddess, how is work Me: it's ok Mason: just ok? Me: yeah Mason: are you ok? Me: I'm amazing, I just miss u Mason: I miss you too!

Me: I can't stop thinking about what we did last night Mason: I can't either. I still can't believe how beautiful you are!

Me: I can't stop thinking about how your lips feel all over me Mason: I can't stop thinking about your taste Me: oh my god baby! Mason: I don't know what you did, but I've never been so turned on by a woman, then again, you're by far the most beautiful woman I've ever known.

Me: I have never ever ever been so hot for a guy like I am for you Me: r u still horny for me Mason: I jerked off twice after I woke up thinking about you and I'm still horny, so yes Me: god, I'm really horny for u too baby Me: I wish u didn't have to work tonight Mason: me too because I want more.

Me: me too! Mason: I'm on my way to work Me: you're going in early Mason: because I'm coming to see you before I go in, I need to see you in a very bad way.

Me: YAY! Mason: in fact I'm almost there! Me: oh god Mason: is that ok? Me: I'm way way way way horny for u, so I don't know.

Mason: fuck we need to get married! Me: I know right?! Mason: but I don't wanna marry you just for that, I wanna marry you because you are the only woman I want and need. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you Me: oh my god baby, u r going to make me cry! Mason: I love you forever, oh my god I love you forever! Me: I luv I always, u make me so so happy!! Mason: good! I hope I always do Me: how close r u?

Mason: I'll be there in five seconds! Me: you're texting and driving?! Mason: voice to text, so yes but only by voice Me: that explains y everything is being typed out like normal wait, I c u!

Then when I saw his truck, I started to run out to him before he parked his truck, and when he got out I jumped in his arms and held onto him for dear life! He started to kiss me right in front of all of the people in the parking lot and it was so so amazing! He hung out with me for the rest of my break and he gave me some flowers! After my break was over, I walked him out to his truck and we kissed over and over again.

Only we just slid and swirled our tongues together in our mouths and then ended the kiss with his upper lip between mine, and my lower lip between his. We did that a few times before he watched me go back in, and I was almost skipping!

All of that was like, the beginning of how things were going to end up with me and my lover. For months after that we never had sex, and well, I'm not going to say why because I think I already made that pretty clear and I don't wanna like, come across like a broken record. We did make out like we did on our first night every weekend on our dates.

We would either end up at my apartment or his house, and I would always take my top off because like I said, I loved how his beard and mouth felt all over me. We even went to moms house a few times and I pulled him into a room so I could make out with him. I still hadn't touched his dick with my hand, because if I did, I'd wanna take it out and have sex with him, and I don't think you'll ever understand how tempted I was to just take it out!

During all of that and while the next few months went by, I was practicing my new blowjob skills and how to make love to him.

I found so many tutorial videos and even found classes in town on how to give a guy an amazing blow job! So one day, he had to go out of town for a mass casualty incident training class, so while he was gone, I went to this building and there were actually a lot of girls there. I went with Janell my bff and Summer who was one of my other best friends now, they weren't my best best friends because Mason kinda had that taken, but summer was a close third to my sister Janell.

I told her everything that I told the girls while I was in therapy, and she was so so cool about it all! I mean, she hated, and I mean she hated my ex like I did, but she didn't make fun of me or anything!

So now she knew that I was basically as innocent as they came when it came to that kind of stuff, so she offered to help me take the blowjob class. Well, she wanted to get really good at it for her man and so did Janell. My baby was gone for a few days so all three of us got to go to all of the classes, all of them. And when we were done, I had the most confidence I ever had!

I even bought a new toy with Summer and Janell's help so I could practice, and trust me, I did that at lest a few times a day! After that Janell, Summer and I hung out for the rest of the evening, and we got to meet the rest of her friends and her boyfriend. We all went out that night which was ok I guess, I just wanted to be with Mason. I loved how he kept calling me through the whole day, and he even sent me a whole bunch of pictures of his training. It looked kinda scary because there was a train involved with it.

Plus there were a whole bunch of fire trucks and ambulances there from all over the place. He sent me so many selfies that I had way too many pictures to choose as my home and lock screen on my phone, oh my god he was so so handsome! I didn't get to see him the night he got home because he had to work an over night shift right when he got back and I felt bad for him.

He had to drive four hours back after training all day and he had to go to work right when he got back. So I decided to see if I could brighten his day for him and took dinner to him and hung out with him for a little while. The next morning at around eight, I heard my phone ring and it woke me up and it was my mom. "Hi mom." I said. "Hey go turn the news on." She said. "Why?" I asked.

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"You'll see." She said. I grabbed my remote and turned the tv that Mason bought for me on and saw the news and I didn't see anything all that bad until I saw Mason on tv. He and Kendra were helping someone and when I heard what happened, I felt really really bad. Apparently there was a bad car crash that had a big van with a high school soccer team, and a car where there was a family in it, but there was another car involved.

The other car had a guy that was drunk and he was running from the police, but the police stopped chasing him a long time before the crash. Basically, three of the soccer players and the mom and dad of the family all died and the rest had critical injuries, that's what the news said. "Oh no, that's sad." I said. "Yeah it is, it was a really bad call so they're here at the station debriefing." Mom said while my phone started to beep saying I had another call. "Hey mom, it's him I'm going to answer it." I said." "Ok, you do that, I'll talk to you later." She said.

"Ok, love you mom." I said. "Love you too kiddo." Mom said before she hung up and I clicked over. "Hey babe." I said. "Good morning beautiful." He said. "How was work?" I asked. "Long, it was a really bad and busy night." He said sounding like he was really sad.

"Are you going to be ok?" I asked. "Yeah, I'll be fine. I'm really really tired since I haven't slept for oh I don't know, 26 hours?" He asked while he laughed. Even though he was laughing I could hear the sadness in his voice. "Baby, you need to go home and sleep." I said. "I need to see you though, I really need to see you." He said like he was begging to see me.

"Was it that bad of a night?" I asked. "Yeah it was." He said, god he sounded so sad. "I'm going to your house cause you need to sleep, I'll meet you there because your work is closer to your house." I said.

"You're ok with that?" He asked. "Why wouldn't it be? I love you." I said. "I love you, do you work today?" He asked. "I'm calling in sick because you sound like you need me." I said. "God I love that you know me so well." He said, I could hear his smile. "Yes I do, let me call my boss and then I'll go to your house." I said. "Ok, see you there." He said. I got up and got dressed as fast as I could, I didn't even do my hair or makeup because he sounded like he really really needed me.

I went to his house and parked next to his boat and waited for him, and when I saw his truck I got out and walked to his garage. He smiled when he saw me, but he looked so so tired and I saw blood on his boots and on his uniform, so I went to him, took his hand and walked him into his house and to his room. "Stay here." I said after I made him sit on his bed and went and drew him a bath. "Baby, when was the last time you ate?" I asked after walked back out to him.

"Yesterday when you brought me dinner." He said. "Ok so, you're going to take a bath and get dressed, I'm going to go make you something to eat. When you're done, you're going to come and eat and then you're going to bed, and while your sleeping, I'm going to wash your uniform." I said.

"You really don't have to do th." He said while I interrupted him. "Baby I love you, I don't have to you're right, but you're tired, you had a bad bad night last night and you have blood all over your uniform. You need me right now and I want to be here for you, so that's what's going to happen ok?" I asked.

"Damn I wish I would have married you years ago." He said. "Well, we have a second chance at that." I said with a smile. "I love you." He said while he held my face and looked in my eyes. "I love you too, I love you. That's why I want to do this." I said softly.

He kissed me a few times before he stood back up. "Ok, get undressed and take a bath, I'll be making you something to eat." I said. I kissed him again then I walked out of his room so he could get naked and went out to the kitchen. I loved that his bedroom was on the main floor and not upstairs, because once I got out to the kitchen, I got thee strongest urge to go spy on him, I wanted to see what he looked like naked.

So I did, and when I spied on him, I got to watch him get completely naked, but his back was turned to me so I didn't get to see everything. The man had an incredibly hot and very very sexy body, he was all ripped and big and just sexy as hell!

His ass, holy god, and when he leaned over to take his pants and underwear off, I could almost see his balls. I could see every single one of his muscles perfectly and I couldn't help but stare at him. I wanted to touch myself, but it was that time of the month for me, so yeah, that just would have been really gross, luckily it was almost over. I watched him walk to his bathroom and once he was out of sight, I snuck up to his bathroom and peeked in.

I only got a glimpse of his dick and oh my god I got so horny like, instantly. But then he turned around and took his phone off of the counter and looked at it while he kinda spread his legs and turned so that he was facing right at me.

Like, all he had to do was look up and he would be looking right at me! And when he did that, my mouth got all dry and my heart started pound like crazy!

I couldn't breath and I couldn't see, it was like I went into a trance! My whole body got these really hot chills, I started shaking, my nipples got really hard and I started to ache really really bad because I saw it! I was looking right at his dick! I saw his balls, I saw everything, and I mean everything! He didn't have a boner because it just kinda hung there, but it still looked really big! It was way bigger than my ex assholes dick and he didn't even have a boner!

But what made me so horny that I couldn't stand it was that it was all shaved just like the guys in the porn I watched!

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My man had a very vvvvvery nice, beautiful hot and very sexy dick, holy god it was ssssoooo so nice! I wanted it! "Oh wow Mason, oh my god." I whispered quietly while I stared at his big soft dick and then looked at his extremely hot body, then at his huge hot dick again. Is he getting a boner, I thought while I watched him start to grow, but he wasn't growing slowly, it was getting bigger and bigger really fast! He just kinda stood there and looked at his phone for a minute so I got to get a really really good look at his amazingly sexy and beautiful dick!

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I watched him get so big and hard that it stuck straight out then it kinda fell down I guess? He, was, huge!! I had to get out of there because I wanted to go in there and give him a blow job and that wasn't a good idea for reasons that I already gave, so I snuck back out to the kitchen and leaned against the counter.

"Oh my god, oh my god oh my god oh my god, oh wow he's got a crazy nice dick, oh my god! Oh shit, shit shit shit shit shit shit, no no please no." I whimpered and gasped while I stood there squeezing my legs together so tight that it almost hurt because I was trying so so hard to not have a really really big orgasm right there!

Oh my god I was breathing so so hard, I so could not get the image of his sexy hot and beautiful dick, and his HOT HOT naked body out of my head! I tried everything I could to stop myself from having a really big orgasm and thank god I did but you have no idea how close I was! I picked up my phone while my legs got all wobbly and called my boss and told her that I wasn't going to go to work.

She was kind of surprised because I didn't miss a day of work since I got out of the hospital, but she was way cool about it. Then I called my mom. "Hey sweetie." Mom said. "Hi mom, I was wondering if you could bring me some pads or something." I said with a shaky voice because I was trying to not have an orgasm still. "Sure, I'll bring them by on the way home from work." She said. "Oh you worked last night?" I asked. "Yeah I did, it was such a bad night but I got to do everything by myself." She said.

"So the news said that there was a really bad crash, can you tell me anything that wasn't on the news?" I asked. "I can't tell you everything, but what you heard was true. Listen, it's really affected him in a bad way.

Now it's up to you and all, but he's family to all of us Kaylee and he needs you more than anything else right now. So you may want to call in sick at work and go spend the day with him." Mom said. "Already done and I'm at his house now." I said. "Is he there?" She asked. "Yeah, he's taking a bath now and I'm going to make him something to eat." I said.

"Does he have any food? If he doesn't, I'll grab some stuff for you to make him while I'm here getting your stuff." Mom said. "Let me see." I said before I looked in the fridge. "Damn, he doesn't have much." I said. "Ok, I'll bring some eggs and hash browns and stuff." Mom said. "Thanks mom, you're the best." I said.

"I know, and I'm glad you do to." She said making me laugh. She brought food for me to make for all three meals and she brought me some pads and stuff. So after she left, I put the stuff away and started cooking him breakfast while she went home and got my sisters and went to my apartment. They ended up bringing me some clothes, a towel and my pillow. By the time breakfast was ready, I started to worry about my baby, so I went to check on him to make sure he was ok.

What I saw was really really sad and it made me cry a little. He was sitting on his bed all dressed and he was leaning forward and was resting his head in his hands just sitting there. "Oh my god baby, are you ok?" I asked while I lifted him up, sat in his lap and helped him move his long hair away from his face.

"Yeah I'm good, two more of my patients died." He said while he looked at me and tried so hard to not cry. "I'm so sorry baby." I said while I hugged him. We just sat there like that for a while and after a few minutes, I lifted his head and looked in his eyes.

I could tell that it was messing with him really bad, he looked like he was going to cry and I could see the blood drain out of his face. He looked defeated and really really sad. "Are you going to be ok?" I asked. "I will be as long as you stay with me for a while." He said. "I'm not going anywhere I promise, I'm going to be here all day." I said. "Thank you." He said. "You're welcome, now you need to come with me, you need to eat baby." I said.

"I'm starving." He said while I stood up and took his hand. "Cmon, you're mine all day and I'm going to take care of you." I said. "Damn it I love you." He said while he pulled me against his body and walked with me to the kitchen.

I actually ate with him because I was hungry too. After that he helped me clean his kitchen and then I took him to bed, and when he laid down, he took his shirt off and when he did that, I remembered that I got to see his bare dick for the first time ever. I mean, I kinda spied on him so I could see it so it wasn't by accident, I spied on him because I was hoping to see it!

I laid in his bed with him and caressed his body with my finger nails and kissed him a coupe of times. After he fell asleep, I got out of his bed and went to get his bloody uniform so I could washed it. While I cleaned his pants out, I found his wallet so I opened it and found a piece of paper in it. I kinda got scared, I thought it was going to be some kind of phone number from another girl, but when I opened it, it kinda hit me hard.

It was a note that I wrote for him back when I was fourteen, it was like a day or two after we started courting that I gave that to him. "I will love you always, and I will love you forever." I remembered when I wrote that!!

"He kept it." I said while I held it against my body. I put it back in his wallet and put all of his stuff down before I put his clothes in the washer and started to do his laundry. Anyway, I got his laundry done and went and laid down with him and fell asleep.

Later that afternoon after we got up, he insisted that he cook dinner for me for everything that I did for him, and that never happened to me before. All women in the order were just expected to do things like that because I was a girl and appreciation was never shown to girls because it was just our place. We were expected to do it and that was just it. Mason didn't see it that way, he even ordered some flowers and had them sent to his house for me just to say thank you for being there for him.

I asked him if mom and my siblings could come over, and he said yes because he loved my family, well, except for my dad, we all hated my dad. So we made enough for all of my brothers and sisters and my mom, and he even made dessert. While dinner was in the oven, we laid on one of his ginormous oversized couches together and started to watch tv, well at first anyway. I got up and he let me brush his hair before I put it in a man bun for him, and when I looked at him, oh my god!!

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"You look really really hot." I said while I smiled. "Thank you." He said. "You're welcome, you should take your shirt off." I said. "You just want to perv on me." He said with a knowing grin. "Oh don't act like you don't like it, you love it when I perv on you." I said with a smile.

"I guess that answers my question doesn't it." He asked. "Yes now take it off." I said with a grin while I started to lift his shirt up. "Ok fine." He said while he pulled his shirt off all the way. "I don't think you understand how handsome and sexy you are." I said while I ran my hand down his chest and abs.

"You're right, I don't." He said. "Want a hint?" I asked. "Yeah I kinda need one." He said. "Ok, so there is a certain kind of guy that girls like, swoon over and stuff. They are so handsome and so sexy that when that guy walks into a room, they all stare and they all talk about that one guy. It doesn't matter how old the girls are, they could be young, old, teenagers or whatever, it doesn't matter. They see that guy walk in and they all stare and some even sneak pictures of him and they all pretty much stalk him so they know where he's going to be and when.

Then they all like, gather at those places just so they can see him and hopefully talk to him, you're that guy." I said. "You really think I look that good?" He asked. "I know you do." I said. "I've never thought that I looked that good, I mean I know I look good but damn." He said.

"Well, I hope that you will soon, I'll make sure of that." I said while I turned around and laid against him. We just sat there but I wanted to get comfortable so I laid down and laid my head in his lap and when I realized that my head was on his dick, the images of him being completely naked, and seeing his big shaved beautiful dick and balls in all their glory started to replay in my head like crazy.

He had a beautiful dick, it was big and it looked really really white, like my new toy, only his amazing dick had more pink and color to it. It kinda looked like my toy but way way better and bigger and sexier. And while those images went through my head, I decided that I was going to find out what he thought about making love to me before we got married, I absolutely had to, but I had to kind of be a little subtle about it at first.

"So can I ask you something?" I asked. "You know you can ask me anything baby." He said while I rolled over so I could look up at him. "I know but this is going to be personal." I said. "I'm ok with that." He said. "So um, what was your fiancé like?" I asked.

"She was funny, she was cute and she was kind of fun." He said. "Was she good to you?" I asked. "She was for a while. Everyone I talked to says that she was abusive though." He said. "How was she abusive?" I asked. "I didn't really see any of this until they all pointed it out to me, but I always had to ask for permission to do anything and she ran around and did whatever she wanted whenever she wanted without asking.

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She always yelled at me if I spent my money the way I wanted to, but she would spend it without a second thought. I was only allowed to go to school, work, home and that was it. She always told me that I was not good enough for her and that I was worthless, a poor excuse for a man and that I need to just give up on life because I suck at life, among many many other things." He said.

"What a bitch, ok, I don't like her now, was she at least pretty?" I asked. "She was pretty but she wasn't incredibly beautiful like you, she wasn't even close." He said. "How did you guys meet?" I asked. "It was about a week after nursing school started.

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We were in the same class and we became pretty good friends at first, and we were friends for a long time. We were more than half way through our RN class when we started courting. So we were friends for almost two years and one night she broke up with her boyfriend and came to me to talk about it. And that night, she just started making out with me, and that's when we started courting." He said while he lifted my t shirt and started to rub my tummy with his fingertips.

"So like, how long did you guys court before you guys got engaged?" I asked while I pulled my shirt up more for him "I'm not exactly sure how long it was, all I know was that it was almost two years." He said. "Were you in love with her?" I asked while he kept rubbing my whole stomach area. "I thought I was." He said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "This is going to sound really bad and I'm going to come across as an asshole or a douche bag but it is what it is and I'll own that.

It all came back to you and what we had before we were torn apart. I was in love with you and I was ready to marry you and wait till you graduated high school then I was going to run away with you so I wouldn't have to be with any other woman. I only wanted to be with you and that was all I ever wanted or needed. I loved you so hard that you were my everything, I ate drank and slept you. So when she and I started dating and ended up getting engaged I did everything I could to feel the same things for her as I did for you but I couldn't because I still loved you with everything I had.

It didn't matter how hard I tried I just couldn't stop loving you, I thought about you all of the time. I thought about our first date, how you looked at me, how you tasted, how amazing you were to me and how amazingly beautiful you were. I don't know, I just couldn't feel any of that for her no matter how hard I tried." He said. "Did she know that you were already in love with someone?" I asked. "Yeah she did, she knew all about you because I talked about you constantly and I was trying to reconnect with you.

I busted my ass to try to find you and go get you so I could be with you. Even when we started courting I kept looking for you but I was doing it behind her back." He said.

"Did she know you were looking for me after you guys started courting and stuff?" I asked. "I don't think she did. I went and got my masseuse license while I was in school to get money, then I started to buy properties and sell them and rent them so I could make more money so I could hire private investigators to find you since the order said that they moved you. She just thought that I was saving all of my money, I don't think that she knew what I was really using the money for." He said.

"They never moved me, they lied to you." I said. "I know that now, I found that out the day I found out that you were my patient." He said. "Was your fiancé dead then?" I asked. "Yes, her death was the reason I became a paramedic." He said. "And then you came and saved my life. So like, you guys were together for two years right?" I asked.

"Yes we were." He said. "Did you guys ever like, have sex?" I asked hoping that he would say yes. "Yeah we did." He replied. "Really?" I asked while I started getting excited. "Really." He said. "So like, how long were you guys courting before you guys start having sex?" I asked.

"It was actually a week before we started courting." He said. "So did you loose your virginity to her?" I asked. "Yes I did." He said. "How was your first time?" I asked while I started getting horny.

"It wasn't bad. She wasn't a virgin so she knew what she was doing." He said. "Did it get even better after that?" I asked. "It got really good because she taught me a whole lot of things, a lot of things." He said. "How often did you guys have sex?" I asked. "It all depended actually but we had sex at least once or twice a day. And if she was on her monthly cycle, she would just give me blowjobs." He said while I started to smile really really big because I was so so excited!

"And you guys were together for almost two years?" I asked making him look at me and start laughing. "I thought you'd be mad or look at me different because I had sex with her before we got married." He said while he laughed a little. "I'm not though." I said while I laughed. "Are you excited about that?" He asked while he kept rubbing my stomach. "Maybe." I said with the worlds biggest smile. "Why are you excited?" He asked while he laughed.

"Because." I said. "So you were married, how was your first time?" He asked. "It was really really weird and awkward, and really really painful." I said. "Did it get any better for you?" He asked. "No, it was like that all of the time. All he ever cared about was that he got me pregnant to help build the kingdom." I said, but I was being really sarcastic when I said build the kingdom.

"So what, you just laid there and he shoved his dick inside of you and that was it?" He asked. "Yep, it was literally like that all of the time." I said.

"Good god what was wrong with him? Did he even try to please you?" He asked. "No he didn't. He just made me get naked and lay down, then he would squirt lube all over me and his dick, then he put it in me and had sex with me for no more than a minute and then it was over." I said. "What the fuck was wrong with him?! You're a damn goddess for god sakes." He said.

"I haven't been a sexual person since then because sex was never anything anyone ever said it was." I said. "Yeah well, you haven't had sex with me yet either." He said making me feel all hot, which wasn't good since I was on my thingy if you know what I mean. "Do you think you'd be better?" I asked. "Based on what you just told me, yeah I would be much better and I don't just think that, I know I would be." He said.

"Would you make me have an orgasm?" I asked. "I'd make you have a lot of them." He said. "Good to know." I said while my phone rang. It was my mom and she was calling me to let me know that she and my siblings were all on their way to my mans house. But I had a hard time concentrating because I was so so excited and horny! He told me exactly what I was hoping to hear! He had sex, and he had lots and lots of sex, do you know what that meant?!

That meant that he was going to make me feel really really good and take care of me, that and he was very very experienced! And, and that also meant that I had a really really good chance of making love to him and we didn't even have to get married to do it!!! Oh my god you have no idea how excited and happy I was!!

I was screaming in my head and I was wanting to jump up and down! "So um, I guess that having sex without being married isn't that big of a sin to you anymore right?" I asked after I hung up. "Well it is a sin, but, I'm already going to hell because I was booted out of the order and I had premarital sex with my e." He said while I interrupted him.

"Once or two times a day." I said. "Yes, once or twice a day." He said while I interrupted him again. "Every single day for two years." I said. "Exactly, so since I'm going to hell anyway I might as well just go all out and make sure I have a suite when I get there." He said making me get really really hot. "That's a lot of sex like, a lot a lot of sex you realize that right?" I asked while I looked up at him with the worlds biggest smile. God I was so so excited, I felt like I won something or whatever, and it didn't matter how hard I tried to hide my excitement, I couldn't, I just couldn't stop smiling!

"You're being fucking adorable! I can't believe that you're so excited about the fact that I fornicated so much and for so long, with a woman that I wasn't married to." He said while he laughed. "Well I kinda am, well, not kinda, I am excited about that, I'm really excited about it." I said. I couldn't believe that I just admitted that! "Why?" He asked while our eyes met and I stopped smiling, but he didn't stop smiling at all.

"Because now that I know that you've had a ton of sex before you got married, then maybe, maybe I have a good chance of maybe you know, being able to make love to you before we get married." I kinda gasped while I looked up at him and before I bit my lip.

"Not maybe." He said making my face all hot while his smile went away. "What do you mean?" I asked. "If you want to make love to me before we get married, I would be the luckiest man alive because I want that too." He said making my whole body tense up and shake a little.

"Really?" I gasped. "Really." He said. "You're in so much trouble now." I said with a shaky voice. "Why?" He asked. "Because now that I know you want me like I want you, I'm going to make love to you for sure now after my thingy is done." I said.

"Oh my god, you just made me hard." He said. "That's not a bad thing is it?" I asked. "If your family wasn't coming over I would say no, but since they are and I'm only wearing gym shorts, yeah, it's a bad thing." He said.

"Yeah that's true because I've seen what your jeans look like when you have a boner so I can only imagine what it looks like in these." I said. "I'm not wearing underwear either." He said. "Oh my god I want you, god." I said while I looked up at him and before I bit my lip again. "I want you too, I want you in a bad way." He said while he started to breath kinda hard.

"You wanna make love to me?" I asked while I looked up at him and started squirming. "I've been wanting to for a long time, but I love you so hard and so much that I was willing to wait till we got married." He said making me feel really really dizzy. "Yeah well, you aren't going to have to wait till we get married because I want you so so bad.

Now we better stop because I can't do anything yet and you're making me really want to." I said while I tried to catch my breath. "What kind of things are you wanting to do?" He asked.

"Things I've never done because I was never allowed to do them and make love to you, now can we change the subject because you're making me really really horny." I whimpered before I ran my hand down his hot body, turn my head and kissed his abs and while his door bell rang. "You're not helping matters baby." He said softly while I started to sit up licking his abs and chest while I did. "Oh my god." He sighed while I slowly licked his hard rock, wash board abs and his sexy sexy chest.

I licked his body until I was licking his beard till I got to the corner of his mouth, then I pushed my tongue in his mouth and kissed him one time while he kissed me back.

"I love you Mason McCarthy." I said after I stopped kissing him. "I love you Kaylee Roberts, I love you forever." He said while I grabbed one of his pillows and looked in his lap before I covered his big boner up with it. "May wanna keep that hot and sexy boner covered so they don't see it." I said making him look at me all shocked. "I thought you wanted to stop." He said while he started smiling. "We have to, they're here." I said. "Then stop because you're not helping at all, you're making it worse." He said while I lifted the pillow and looked in his lap, sure enough, he had a big big boner!

"Ok I will." I half whimpered while I stared at it for a second. "Oh my god I love what you do to me." He moaned while he slid his big manly hands all over my stomach, side and back. "So do I baby, I love love love what I do to you, and I love what you do to me. I can't wait till you're inside of me." I kinda moaned while his doorbell rang again.

"Oh my god baby, fuck." He moaned. "I'll be right back." I said before I kissed him several times and got up and looked at his covered boner again. "May wanna cover that, it's for my eyes only baby." I said. "It's for more than just your eyes." He said making me almost fall because he made me so horny that my legs almost went out on me.

"Stop." I said while I tried to walk but couldn't because my legs were all wobbly. "It's you're fault." He said. "I know and I'm not sorry." I said while I giggled and started walking to the door. I let them in and we all had dinner and hung out and watched movies and went swimming and stuff, well, I didn't swim because well, you know.

I hated that he had to work the next morning because I hoping to be done with my thingy because I wanted to suck his dick and I wanted to make love to him. I was done waiting now that I knew for a fact that he wanted to make love to me as bad as I wanted to make love to him. I still couldn't get over my excitement about all of that at all because I knew that making love to him was not going to be anything like it was with my ex.

I had to go to the bathroom so many times after that because everything we talked about kept going through my head like crazy! That and the image of his beautiful dick all naked and shaved like it was, was too! Thank god mom brought me a whole bunch of pads because I was going through them like CRAZY!! Most of that was because I was literally dripping and I was doing it constantly, and I've never been that horny in my life, even when we made out like crazy! That night I got to sleep in his bed with him, and that didn't do much to help the fact that I wanted him so bad that it literally hurt.