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I was at my friend Henry's house with several other friends as his parents had gone to France for the summer so we pretty much had free range. Other then me it was one of my oldest friends Aviv, the arrogant and elitist Tim and Mat. We had had a rather enjoyable day of lazing around and watching films, due to the guys being rather geeky films Star Trek and Star Gate related were on the agenda. It was getting later though and people were beginning to leave.

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My parents had gone away and weren't expecting me back so I was planning on staying later anyway. Tim lived about 10 minutes away by bike and the others had already left.

We decided to watch one more film before we went. So we stuck on one called The Illusionist.


It was quite interesting in my opinion but clearly Tim didn't agree (he never does) and had proceeded by falling asleep in an armchair.

Henry was less into the film and more interested in me, although I pretended to ignore it I could feel his hand gently stroking my arm. I tried to focus on the film but the more I tried the more my mind drew back to his hand.

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I decided to get out of it I'd pop to the bathroom so excusing myself I made my way upstairs. Shutting myself in the bathroom for a few minutes taking several calming breaths. When I was ready I flushed the loo and left&hellip.only to find Henry there waiting for me. "Hey, before we go back downstairs let me show you something," he said, turning and going through the next door in to his room.

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I followed behind him taking my usual seat perched on the end of the bed as he sat in the swivel chair whilst reaching for the mouse to rouse the machine from its slumber. He began clicking and talking about something, which apparently he had to show me but as usual I wasn't completely giving him my full attention.

My eyes not for the first time began to explore his box of a room, starting with the bed that barely fit in, to the book cases and chests of drawers crammed in to what little space was to spare.

Roving over the desk, at which he sat, which was fixed into the bay window, almost groaning under the mass of papers and video games piled precariously a top it.

I noticed then that he'd stopped talking and was staring at me with his emerald green eyes. As his eyes met mine they focused drawing me in to an unsuspected trap. I was entranced as he reached out with a hand gently cupping my cheek and drawing my face up as his lips drew near, finally meeting my own. Several thoughts flickered across my mind, This was wrong, I shouldn't be doing this, I didn't want this, but as soon as they appeared they vanished as his tongue flicked across my lips begging entry, which I greedily obliged parting to feel his entice my own in to an intricate dance.

He proceeded to push me back onto the bed whilst keeping our lips locked, I could feel his weight slightly on top of me and as his pelvis pressed against mine his khaki trousers did little to hide the bulge of his cock.

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His left hand trailed down my cheek, and neck where he lifted it causing me to lose track of it until it began to gently cup my breast though my top. It was summer so my top was a very simple navy blue vest top, so all to soon his hand hooked under the shoulder strap pulling it down exposing my bra cup which he also pushed down making little work he began to caress it, his finger gently flicking across my nipple sending the most amazing sensations down below which was plenty wet by this point.

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Breaking the kiss he now led a trail of them down my jaw line and neck 'til finally planting one square on my left nipple. His tongue flicked over it teasing it before going down hungrily. His other hand brushed down the other shoulder strap and took hold of my right breast caressing and teasing it as he lapped at the other. As he changed breast he reached underneath me unfastening my bra and throwing it somewhere behind him.

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His lips still teased my chest but I could now feel his fingers making small circles up my thighs slowly working their way beneath my skirt.

An electric shudder racked my body as his finger touched my still panty covered downstairs. He rubbed up and down then hooking it aside his fingers delved in to my warm depths. Just then he stood divesting him self of his beige shirt and khaki trousers leaving only a set of black boxers covering his manhood from sight.

From my position sprawled across the bed my top hanging round my stomach with my skirt pushed up and my panties slightly to one side it looked pretty good. Before he could move I sat up removing my top as I went, my head now level with the tenting front of his boxers, slipping my hand into the waistband I gently eased then to the floor, I was now face to face with his 7inch member.

The head slightly glistened where some pre cum oozed from the tip.

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I took it in my hand and began pumping the shaft, slowly I reached out with my tongue and licked the tip, for which a moan escaped Henry's lips.

I took the head in my mouth and began to bob careful not to scrape my teeth along the shaft, swirling my tongue around it extracting more moaning from his lips. Increasing in speed he began meeting my bobs with thrusts, pushing further into my mouth, nearly gagging as it entered my throat, his thrusts becoming more frantic his hand on the back of my head.

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Suddenly with a final thrust he cam his dick buried in my mouth I had no option but to swallow load after load, which actually wasn't to bad the taste wasn't bad slightly salty. I wasn't quite fast enough at swallowing though and some leaked out dribbling down my chin. Pulling away I looked up towards Henry, his eyes met mine a grin plastered over his face, he bent down so he was at my level he licked the dribble of cum from my chin then kissed me passionately once more.


My heart was pounding furiously. As I felt his hand unclasp my skirt, raising my hips a little he slipped it off leaving me sat there in my pants. Once again he broke the kiss and just stared at me I moved further up the bed so I was now leaning on his pillow. He swooped down on me and parting my legs leaned forward and just inhaled then licked the outside of my panties once before slowly sliding them off, revealing my neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Lowering his head I could feel his breath tickle then once again he licked, the feeling was exquisite I was in heaven he continued his oral assault dipping his tongue in to the folds of my pussy then trailing up to flick my clit before returning.

My eyes were closed with the pleasure of it, my hips bucking slightly, when I looked up. In the door way stood Tim.