Sienna Day In Great British boobs fucked in Czech

Sienna Day In Great British boobs fucked in Czech
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At Jessica's house, the three of us are chilling out, sipping purple drank, and watching fucked up internet videos. The two ladies seem to be getting along very well, and that warms my heart, because friendship is really a beautiful thing. After a few hours, Jessica offers to make soup for us, because she makes a very eclectic soup. "It's grand," she says. "Sounds good," I tell her as I make my way to her room. She heads into the kitchen to make the soup and I look for another movie to watch.

I hear the door close behind me, and turn to see the other girl (okay, fuck it, her name is Liz) standing at the door, looking at me with hella lusty eyes. If this girl thinks I'm about to fuck her again, she's crazy. I've got nothing against fucking her, but I'm tired, you feel me? No matter, she grabs me and kisses me and shoves me onto Jessica's bed.

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My will is broken, because this is hot, but I still have some reservations. "We can't do it on her bed," I say. "That's fucked up." "Fine, get on the floor," Liz says. I comply, removing my pants and underwear and she takes off her shorts and panties, then straddles me, leaving her shirt on like I do. I can dig it. She kisses me and I guide my dick into her pussy. We fuck for not even a minute before she rolls off of me and whispers, "Put it in my ass." "Really?" "Yeah, I wanna try more butt stuff." "Alright," I say, pulling out.

I think I'm in love with this girl. She does that thing where she hooks her arm behind one knee and pulls it up to her chest to expose her butthole. I tease her for a little bit, running my dick up and down her crack as I remember that she ate macaroni at my house a few hours ago.

I don't know how long that would take to digest, but a bolt of fear strikes my heart. I really don't want shit on my dick. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained, I figure. I say a silent prayer and shove it all the way in, and she lets out a little yelp. It's really tight.

"Are you okay? Did I hurt you? "I'm fine, it just feels. weird," she says. "Keep going, I like it." "Okay," I say as I slide my dick out. I look down. No shit. I'm good. I release my inhibitions and throw the dick in her with everything I've got.

She's rubbing her pussy in circles again, paying special attention to her clit. I look at her face, her eyes are closed, she's biting her lip, and she seems lost in the ecstasy. It occurs to me that she really is a special girl. She likes horror movies and macaroni and butt sex and she isn't even one of those freak hoes with a bunch of tattoos and piercings and shit. But that's not all, there's something else about her that's just.

really cool. I get a feeling, kinda like when you're about to cum, but it's not in my dick.

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It's in my heart. All of this is occurring to me as I'm reaming her butthole like some kind of automated butthole-reaming machine, when suddenly she grabs my shirt collar and pulls me toward her, looking me in the eyes. "I want you to cum in my ass," she whispers. "Okay, just let go of my shirt please, it's one of my favorites." She lets go of my shirt. Not because I told her to, but so she could go back to rubbing her pussy. I keep throwing the dick in her, with really long, deliberate strokes.

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She cums again, I can feel her butthole quivering, and it's the little spasms that really set me off. I can't see the cumshot, but I can feel it, and it's fucking huge. It feels as if I'm squirting my soul into her.


I grab her foot, still bouncing around in the air as I throw in a few more strokes, and I give it a kiss. I hear the door open and turn around to see Jessica, mouth agape, eyes wide to take in all the damage: Liz's foot on my lips, her hand on her pussy, and my dick in her ass. She blinks a few times as I try to think of something to say. Anything. A bullshit explanation or a joke to break the tension, but I've got nothing.

I'm buttfucking some girl she barely met, in her house, on the floor of her bedroom. I'll be lucky if she doesn't kill us both. "Ummmthesoupisreadypleasewashyourhandsplease," she says before slamming the door and running away. I look at Liz, unsure of what to do.

She looks even more uncertain. My dick is also still in her ass for some reason. "Should we leave?" "No. I think we'll be okay," I say. "BUT SHE CAUGHT US FUCKING AT HER HOUSE." "No, it's okay.

Jessica's pretty cool." We awkwardly get dressed and go out to the kitchen/dining room area. Jessica is sitting at the table with a bowl of soup.

There are two other bowls for Liz and I.

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We take our seats and try the soup. In all honesty, it's pretty fucking good. "The soup is pretty fucking good," I say. "Thank you," Jessica says. She doesn't sound mad exactly, I think she just doesn't know what else to say in this situation either.

We keep eating in painful quiet for a few more seconds that feel like a few more minutes. Liz decides to break the silence. "Sorry we fucked in your room." "I guess it's ok," Jessica says. "At least you didn't do it on my bed." "I don't know what came over me, I'm really sorry you had to see that." "Really, it's ok, don't worry about it.

Just one thing though.


It was in your butt? Does that hurt? If you don't mind me asking." "I guess it hurts a little bit, I don't really know. It's not too bad, he's not huge," she says, gesturing at me. I continue eating the soup silently, unsure of how I feel about the direction of this conversation.

"Interesting, I thought most girls were reluctant about that sort of thing," Jess says. "They are, I was just feeling adventurous today, I guess." "I can tell." They laugh and I guess I like the fact that things aren't too weird between them. I don't know why, but I feel excluded. Like I'm not even in the same room. It's a hard feeling to describe. CRACK! We all look toward the door. CRACK! We look at each other.

CRACK! The door busts open, and five masked Elvis Presley impersonators rush in with full SWAT gear. Jessica screams. I would scream too if I was her, that door was really nice. Two of the Elvis impersonators grab Jessica and Liz, handcuffing them. Another one has his gun pointed at Jess, and another has his gun pointed at Liz.

The fifth guy swaggers up to me and removes his helmet.

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He looks a lot like Elvis, I'm kind of impressed, but still scared, of course. He grabs a black handle protruding from his waistband, and yanks it, revealing a badass comb that he uses to fix his pompadour.

"We've been looking for you, boy." "You have?" "Mhm, since this morning." "Damn." "You're coming with us." "And what about them?" I look at the girls. "Well, they're expendable. If I'm gonna be completely honest with you, we can't just leave them here.

They're witnesses, they're gonna have to die." I look at them. They're scared as hell. I obviously can't let this happen. Jessica is one of my best friends in the whole world, and Liz, well, you tend to feel attached to someone after you fuck them so many times.

"With all due respect, Mr. Presley-" "Sergeant Presley." "With all due respect, Sergeant Presley, fuck that." "Sorry, kid. Just takin' care of business." "They're going to come with me. If I'm of any real importance to whoever you're working for, you'll allow me this, and I'll cooperate with whatever you need me to.

So will they. Just don't hurt them." Sergeant Presley pauses, then he steps away. He mutters into his radio, and I faintly hear a garbled response. He turns toward his men. "Alright, fellas, they're coming with us." They lead us out the broken doorway, to a massive black helicopter in the yard. Jessica looks at me.

"How did we not fucking hear that?" The Elvises lead us into the back of the chopper, get in after us, and take off. The rotors are much too loud, so nobody even tries to talk. Jess and Liz look beyond terrified, completely speechless. This is understandable, given the strange and sudden turn of events. A simple thank you would be nice, but I'm not bent out of shape about it. I take another look at Liz. She looks like she's gonna cry.

I'm not a very outwardly sympathetic person, but seeing her like that really has me fucked up. I lean toward her and put my hand on her shoulder.

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"DON'T WORRY. YOU'RE GONNA BE OKAY," I scream over the noise of the propellers.


"WHAT?" "YOU'RE GONNA BE ALRIGHT." "I CAN'T HEAR YOU." "NEVER MIND," I yell as I give her a wave of dismissal. Jessica leans over toward me. She looks really anxious. She's shaking. Now I'm afraid. I ask her what's wrong. "WHAT'S WRONG?" "I REALLY HAVE TO PEE," she says.