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Asian top and black bottom
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I can't say that what I experienced was strange because it was what I had always known. I mean would you think that eating at the table or taking your shoes off was strange if it was what you always did? That's the story of my life, and while I understand now that it is strange, that it perhaps was wrong, I still can't get angry. What you don't understand is that although most people think what happened was wrong, at the time there was no harm meant, no malice.

I mean my first reaction was anger, but then I thought more about it. Even if the people involved knew that it was something they shouldn't have done, they never harmed me. They never forced me to do anything. My life was my life, and although its different, and I wouldn't do what I did again, it is like everything that we go through. The past is the past, and with knew knowledge comes a knew reality. It just so happens that in my past, in my old reality, I was anything but the simple, happy-go-lucky girl in middle America.

For as long as I remember there were no boundaries in my house. One of my earliest memories of my parents were them naked in the kitchen. It wasn't anything sexual, just them walking around. I didn't think there was anything strange about seeing my dad's dick or my mom naked. It was just what happened in my house. I think it began very innocently. I guess I was around ten, and I couldn't sleep. I went down stairs and I stopped at the top of the stairs, and at the bottom, on the couch that spread out against the wall, my father was sitting on the couch, and my mom was on her knees in front of him giving him head.

Neither saw me; dad because he was facing the wall, mom because she had her head in his lap. I watched as she sucked him off, finished him, and then kissed him after she was done. I saw his hard dick when she was done and put two and two together. I watched them kiss for a few minutes and saw his dick loose its hardness.

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That's when they saw me. They were clearly scared that I was there. I know that now. My mom ushered me down stairs. She took my hand, her breasts exposed and led me over to my dad. Instead of trying to explain what they were doing by lying, she just pointed to dad's dick and told me "I really love your daddy and this is how I show him how much I love him." I remember studying dad's dick.

I looked at it, looked at him. He sat there, his hands behind his head, and smiled at me. Naked. My mom told me to give my dad a hug and I remember when I hugged him, him sitting still, and me climbing on the couch, my knee resting on the couch between his legs to hug him. I felt his cock against my leg. My mom wasted no time in getting me upstairs and putting me to bed.

Once in bed I remember we had a conversation about what she was doing. I asked her if she enjoyed doing it. She told me she loved it and again how that was how she showed my dad how much she loved me. That's how I fell asleep. That's how it all started. I know what your thinking.

Dad was a perv mom was a push over. I bet you think you know what was about to happen, but you would be wrong, maybe. Weeks past and nothing. I would sneak out at night and look down the stairs, hoping to see them again, but they weren't there. Then I discovered their bedroom door. If I went late at night, I could hear them having sex. I didn't really know what it was but I had a good idea after seeing her suck him. It went on for a few nights and then once night, after the noises had stopped, the door opened.

Standing in front of me was my dad, naked, his hard dick wet. There was a moment of silence, and I looked in the bedroom. Mom was naked, her legs spread on the bed, her legs hanging over the edge.

I looked back at him and he smiled. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom and announced that they had a visitor. That's when I got my lesson in sex. They explained everything, and then the shocking part, they asked if I wanted to see what they meant. They told me to sit in the chair and watch. I watched as mom grabbed dad's dick and rubbed it up and down until he was hard.

"Sweetie, when daddy is like this, this means he is ready to show mommy how much he loves her." I watched as he positioned her at the edge of the bed. He got her legs in the air and held them and moved toward her. "Hold on babe. Holly, come over here closer and see what is really happening." I walked to them and stood right by my father. I watched as he pushed his dick into her.

I heard her moan and in one movement she grabbed her boobs. As he began to fuck her, he handed one of her legs to me, so I could hold it up, and he put his hand on my shoulder and rubbed.

It didn't last long. I watched as her boobs flew around (mom has really huge boobs) and then I knew something was happening because dad started squeezing my shoulder and he screamed. He fucked her for another minute or so and then pulled out of her. I remember starring at her opening, seeing his cum leak out of her and then thinking the whole thing was surreal. They explained to me that it was all normal, that there was nothing wrong with it, and that it was something they did with each other because they loved each other.

Weeks went by with nothing, and then one Friday night dad went out with his buddies and played poker. Mom and I ate alone and then after watching tv for a while, I went to bed and read for a while until I fell asleep.


I woke up somewhere around three in the morning and desperately needed some water. When I went downstairs dad was passed out on the couch. I tried to be quiet, and got my water, walking back in the room and looking at him.

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I could see him breathing, but there was no response to me in the room. I walked over to him and touched his arm, but he didn't respond. I was worried at first, but then I looked at his crotch. I remember thinking that I loved him and wanted him to know it. I wanted to wake him up and tell him how much I loved him, but I didn't.

I went to walk away, and then my curiosity got the better of me. I went over to him and unzipped his pants. He didn't move. I unbuttoned them and then looked at him in the face. He was completely out of it. I paused. Then I just did it. I reached in his boxers and touched his dick.

I managed to work it out of the whole in his boxers and once outside, I took it in my hand and felt the softness. He still was lifeless. I studied it for a minute, and then I did what I thought mom was doing.

I put his soft dick in my mouth and sucked on it. In no time I got that what I needed to do was move him in and out of my mouth. I remember the softness of his head and the amazing feeling of actually having him in my mouth.

I worked on him for a few minutes before he started to harden, and while he wasn't completely motionless, it was clear that he was not awake or really with it. He grunted and mumbled, almost like he was in a dream, his drunkedness not allowing him to wake up. I knew he was more awake when he grabbed my head. He was fully hard and his hand didn't push my head down, but it certainly guided it.

It was crazy how much much more difficult it was than it looked. I discovered how if I pushed it too far back in my mouth I would almost gag, so I didn't go down on it as much as I wanted to.

There was something in me that wanted to go at it harder and faster. I wanted more and more, and then it happened. I felt his dick harden more and then a surge of fluid came shooting from his dick. It surprised me and I choked, but it kept coming. Instinctually, I swallowed, but there was too much and of course it ran out and down his shaft, onto his boxers and beyond.

When he started to soften I knew he was done, so I pushed it back in his pants and zipped him up. I went back up to bed and laid there, breathing hard and tasting his cum in my mouth.

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When I fell asleep I have never been happier. The next day was strange, and I knew it immediately. I could see the look on my dad's face at the table in the morning, although one couldn't be sure if it was the confusion over what happened or the raging hangover that he had to have. When I walked in the kitchen, it was clear they had had a conversation but I didn't know if he or mom had figured it out. We sat at the table quiet, until I couldn't hold it in any longer. "So dad, sleep well last night?" "You rascal.

It was you." "Yeah. I saw you there on the couch and I wanted to show you how much I loved you. Did I do something wrong." I saw them look at each other. Then mom looked at me. "Honey. You didn't do anything wrong. It just shocked me that you had done it. There is no problem. Now eat your cereal so you can go start on your lessons for the day." And that's how it happened.

No problems. No issues. Days went by with nothing more said. Until about a week later. We were all sitting in the living room watching a movie (I forget which one) when I heard a zipper and turned around to see my mom's head in his lap sucking him.

He smiled at me as I stood to get a better view. I moved toward them and stood right behind my mother. I looked at my dad the whole time. After a few minutes, My mom took his dick out of her mouth and smiled at me. When she put his dick back in her mouth, he patted the couch on the other side of him inviting me to sit next to him.

I almost ran to sit. When I sat he almost ignored me for a minute or two, then he looked at me, grabbed my head and kissed me. It was the first kiss of my life and there was nothing I wanted more at that time than that. He probed my mouth with his tongue, and after a few moments I got the hang of it. He turned slightly to face me completely, his ass still planted on the couch with mom working on his cock. I turned to meet him, and as we kissed, his hands started moving up my shirt.

When his hand reached my breast, electricity shot through my body. I closed my eyes. I couldn't kiss him anymore. That's when I felt another set of hands on me. My breasts had not fully developed, but I already had a start. I knew if my mother was any indication, that I would be pretty big once everything was said and done, but it didn't matter at that moment. The feeling was there, and it was amazing.

I opened my eyes to see my mother almost at my lips. She kissed me deep and then withdrew. "Sweetie, hes all ready for you. I saved the best part for you." She didn't have to say a word. I knew what she meant.

Instead of leaning over, I got on my knees in front of him and put his dick in my mouth. It was much better that he was awake. I felt his body respond when I moved him in and out of my mouth, I felt his hands on my head and her hands on my body.

It only took a few minutes, and then it happened. His cock exploded in my mouth. It was so different than the first time.

This time the force shocked me and the amount was just too much to handle. I swallowed what I could, and tried to keep most of it in my mouth, but once he was done cumming, I worked to get all of it I could from his shaft and stomach.

When I sat up finally, my mom was sitting next to dad and they were making out. "Did I do it right?" "You did wonderful sweetie. " Weeks past and nothing. My parents were like strangers. Nothing happened in the living room. They said nothing and I did the same, but I found myself obsessed with the idea of sucking. When I saw dad I wanted to drop in front of him.

When I saw mom, I wanted her to touch me, but the biggest change was in how I felt our relationship had changed. In a short time, I saw myself as an equal in the relationship, like I was a partner in the family, not a child. Time passed, and every now and then I would be engaged with my parents the way I did on the couch.

When we got together, mom always started it and always let me finish it. As the months went on, the frequency increased, happening almost every week.

I turned twelve. I turned thirteen, fourteen. Fifteen came and went, and then it was a day before my sixteenth birthday. If anyone was to look at our family from the outside they wouldn't know anything was different. We went to a local church, I participated in Sunday school and church events, and until my boobs got too big, I was a swimmer and a runner, a part of the local high school teams even though I didn't go to school there.

Even though I was home schooled, I had friends I could go see, but I never said anything about what happened inside my house. I didn't think it was wrong or think it was anything abnormal. I was planning a birthday party for myself (strange that I had to plan it if you ask me) so I made the small trek (a walk I would never have to take again after tomorrow when I got my drivers license) to Taylor's house. Taylor was a guy that I knew from church that was the typical jock.

He was tall and handsome, and I knew he was dating a girl that we went to church with. They attended all the church functions and I knew they were part of the group that said they were going to wait for marriage to have sex.

I didn't worry about being around him, didn't think of him as boyfriend material. I went over there because he was going to help me with the finishing touches on the party. We went over the list of people and called them to make sure they were coming, and then talked about the food we needed and where I needed to drive after I got my license.

I was sitting Indian style on his bed and he was sitting with his legs off the edge. We were taking notes and placing them on his bed, when he turned and looked at me. "You know I really like you. Your one of my closest friends." He really liked me.

I really liked him. I wanted him to know how much I liked him. I stood up off the bed, and he looked at me.

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I walked toward him, and said, "I love you too." I got on my knees in front of him, and I could tell he was shocked and didn't know what to do. I reached out and unzipped his jeans.

Still he said nothing. When I pulled them down a little and fished his soft dick out of the hole in his boxers, he first resisted.

"What about Shelly? Shannon. We can't do this." I looked up at him, "its no big deal, and Shelly has nothing to do with this. I just want you to see how much I love you. You're a great friend." If there was any more resistance in him, he didn't show it. His dick wasn't large but I took it in my mouth and it started to grow. I had sucked dad at least a hundred times, so I knew it would take no times to get him hard. It took him no time at all, and almost as soon as he was hard he started cumming.

He didn't shoot or cum a lot, but it tasted about the same as dad's and when I pulled off his glistening dick, he just looked at me. I took my place back on the bed and started talking about the party. He looked at me like I was an alien, and before long, it was time to leave. I got home and wondered about what had happened.

Why had he reacted the way he did? What was so wrong about what had happened? I didn't understand. I decided I would take a shower. Once in I let the water fall over me, but the thoughts about what happened bothered me. I got out, dried myself off, and hung the towel up.

I checked out myself in the mirror, lifted my left breast and checked a mole that I had been watching, and let my hair down. I opened the door and dad was standing there.

He smiled at me and told me to give him a hug. He held me tight and then looked at the clock. It was 11:40. "Your mom and I have a gift for you. Actually two gifts.

One we will give you tonight at midnight, the other tomorrow after your party." It was cold in the hall. Mom looked over at me and smiled. "Go put some clothes on sweetie.

We can see your freezing." I went in my room and put on some panties and a tee shirt. I hated wearing a bra unless I had to, but it was necessary when I did anything. Over the years I hadn't blossomed, I had exploded. It seemed for a little while like I was all the time getting new bras.

I would wear one for a month or so and it would get too tight and I would have to get a few more. My dad joked that we should own stock in Victoria Secret, but when I outgrew their sizes. I worked my way into my mom's and then surpassed her, causing my dad to make comments that I must have gotten the boob gene from someone in the family. I sat down at my desk and logged onto my yahoo account.

I checked in with some of my friends, and then there was a knock at the door. I stood up and saw the clock as I opened the door. It was midnight. "Happy 16th birthday." "Thanks mom." They walked in the room. They were both without any clothes, mom's boobs swayed as she walked in, her nipples hard with the cold.

Dad was soft, but his dick moved back and forth until he sat on the edge of my bed. "So your mom and I were talking and we think its time that you become a full fledged woman." Mom came to me and lifted my shirt. She pulled it over my head and then pulled down my panties.

"Honey. I want to show you what being a woman is really like. Your father is going to treat you like woman tonight. Get you ready for your life as a woman." Dad stepped over to me and took my breasts in his hands. He lifted them and took one nipple in his mouth and then the other. When he dropped them I went with them and fell to my knees right at his cock.

I immediately took it in my mouth and started sucking. He was hard immediately. For the first time I understood how big my dad was. His cock in my mouth felt different than it ever had because of earlier that night.

I wanted it more. I wanted to feel the size of it. I moved harder and faster with his moans. He stopped me by pulling my head off his dick, "damn girl, I think its my birthday the way you are going at it. But I don't want to finish yet. This is about you, not about me." "But daddy, I really like it. Its not just about you." "I want you to see what its like with your mother." "But she doesn't have a penis." "Its fine. Just put your head the same place and you'll get the hang of it." Mom was laying at the head of my bed, naked, and taking my fathers direction, I crawled to her and put my face down to her pussy.

She smelled different, and at first I was lost as what to do. There was nothing to put in my mouth, but with her hand on my head, she guided me to the top of her opening. My mouth found her clit and as soon as she responded, I figured out what to do. I licked at her clit, and up and down her opening. I felt her get wet in my mouth and begin moving her body up and down off the bed as I licked at her. I brought my finger up and pushed it into her as I licked above, and with that she came.

It was much more intense than when dad came, but with her, her whole body bucked and moved. She clamped down on my face with her thighs and then kinda of collapsed. She pulled me up to her chest where our pussies were about to meet, and then guided my mouth to her nipples. In all the time I had been doing things with them, I had never gotten to play with her chest. I raised up off her to get a better angle with my mouth and with that, she grabbed my face.

"Darling, I want to give you what every girl desires. It might hurt at first, but trust me, it's the greatest thing in the world." With that, me freshly on my knees my tits barely grazing my mom's stomach as I licked and kissed her breasts, my father came behind and and rested his dick against my opening. "This might hurt a bit, but just relax." Then he pushed in me.

At first I didn't think anything about it, and then a huge pressure hit me and this shot of heat and pain and he went further in. He didn't fuck, he just pushed into me. I felt like he was pushing my insides apart.

I could never have imagined the fullness, the separation I felt. I moaned as he pushed into me, and could no longer do anything to my mothers chest. Instead I rested my head down on her breasts and she began rubbing my hair and shoulders. I felt his body come to rest against mine and tried to feel his length inside me. I was short of breath.

After a minute or so he started moving, and with each movement, it felt like waves of electricity shot through my body.


As he pulled out and then moved in me, as he got all the way in, I grunted as the waves rushed over my body. From the first rush of pain, I couldn't have imagined that it would feel this good or that he would be able to move in and out of me as easily as he was. He continued to fuck me, grabbing my ass, but stopped once he was all the way in me and pulled me up so I was more upright and mom moved around as if on cue. My legs were together, but as mom put her head down between them, dad spread my legs and pushed my pussy, with his dick in it, down on her mouth.

As mom's mouth danced on my clit and dad began fucking me once again, she began massaging my tits. That's all it took. I didn't know it was going to cum, but cum it did. Cum shot out of me and sprayed all over my mom's face. Instantly I go so wet dad's fucking got easier and he began to fuck me harder.

All of a sudden he stopped and pulled me of mom's face. He turned me around and kissed me. He pushed me down on my back and pulled my legs up to his shoulders. He quickly entered me again, with one push getting all the way in. I let out a sharp yelp and closed my eyes. When I opened them, mom was lowering herself on my face. She grabbed my tits and began to pull on my nipples and squeeze my tits hard.

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I ate her as best I could with her weight on my face, but it took no time before I came again. I screamed into her pussy I came so hard, erupting once again, this time shooting onto my chest and mom's hands.

"Looky here. We got ourselves a major squirter." The both laughed. I thought they were making fun of me. The obviously saw my face, "honey, are you ok.

Need a break. You are absolutely amazing." That perked me up immediately. "Honey, do you need to rest a bit?" "No, please don't stop." Dad stepped away from me and laid down on the bed. His dick pointed to the ceiling.

Mom took her cue and straddled his face and he grabbed her thighs. I watched them and though they had decide to make me watch them, but then mom looked at me, her eyes closing and opening with what I thought were waves of pleasure, and she said, "climb on honey. Its great when you can ride it." I crawled up the bed on my knees and looked down at his cock.

I knew what I needed to do, but didn't really know how to go about it. I lifted myself and positioned my hole over him.

I guided his cock to my opening and then let my body weight push him into me. It was like coming home. When I was resting firmly on him, his cock felt so deep inside me. I could move. He impaled me with his size and it was a few minute before I could move. Finally, I got use to him but I lacked the energy to lift myself.

I just moved my hips back and forth and found that the feeling when I came forward sent waves coming from my clit and when I came back, the head of his cock hit something inside me that made me want to have it hit again.

I continued moving back and forth, really getting into it. I closed my eyes and felt my chest as I moved. I opened my eyes when mom grabbed my tits, and pulled me close to her with her grasp. She kissed me and took my tits in her hands. She moaned into my mouth with the flicker of dad's tongue. I broke with her grasp and her mouth and bucked backwards. I fall almost all the way back and when I did his dick moved in me and a huge stream of my cum shot up into the air.

I fell off him and my body seemed to be in spasms. That's when dad kneeled over my face and started jacking his dick. In seconds streams of his cum shot over my face and onto my tits and stomach. As the shots lessened, his cum seeped onto my face. As he continued to jack, my hands found the streams of cum on my body and I rubbed it as best I could into my skin.

They both stood, his cum on my forehead and cheek, running down my neck and tits, and looked at me. They smiled and mom winked, "just wait till tomorrow. This is nothing.

Get some sleep."