Violate my mouth with your big hard cock JOI

Violate my mouth with your big hard cock JOI
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Well, what day i had last week.

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Man it was hotter than hell. Let me sart by telling you about me, my name is John, im married, i have 2 kids, a 22 year old son and a 13 year old daughter, but this particular storie isnt about them. This story is about my brothers two daughters, my neices, Shelly, a 20 year old brunette with bigger than handfull sized breasts and an ass you would just drool over, her hair is shoulder length and wavy, just an overall hot ass girl. Her sister, Raylene, she's about 5'2", curvy but not fat, an hourglass figure with long red hair, if i had to take a guess i would say 34-36D breasts, but her best attribute is her face, she is absolutlety stunning!

Oh and she is just 18, like just a couple weeks over 18.

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Now to what happened last week, my brother called and said that Raylene wanted to visit the UNLV campus to see if she might wanna go there and could she and her sister stay with me since i live in Las Vegas, Well, of course I said yes and they got on a plane from Omaha and was gonna be here at noon on Tuesday.

All weekend I wondered what it was gonna be like, since I had not seen them in about 8 or 9 years, I didnt know what kind of girls they were now that they were older. My wife, Katrina said that Tuesday she had to work a double at her office, because of some shit, i wasnt really listening, and my daughter was at her Grandma's house for a week.

So, that left me and my son. That was, until he came to me on Monday and said that he was going away to a job for a couple months out of town with the construction company he works for.

I was like "Shit! I am gonna be alone all day with these girls tomorrow and I dont know shit about them".

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Tuesday got here and I went to the airport to pick them up, and thier flight was right on time, they rushed up and gave me a bighug and said "Uncle John, its so nice to see you, its been forever". indeed it had been, they did not look like the little girls i left back in Nebraska. Anyway, we got thier luggage and headed to the truck and then on our way home, I let them know it would be just me until late tonightthey were bummed but perked up when i said Katrina would be home around 1 or 2 am.


We got home and they were hungry so i cooked them some lunch and we talked about when they were little and stuff like that. I dont remember how, but the conversation turned to sex and they asked if Katrina and I still had sex alot, I said "I am not young anymore so we didnt do it as often as we used to" I was blushing and they started laughing and came over to me on the couch and sat on either side, then Raylene whispered in my ear and asked "Have you ever had a threesome?" I didnt know what to say.

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I had not ever had one, but, I had fantasized about it all my adult (and adolecent) life. I blushed and said no and then they noticed the tent in my shorts, Shelly put her hand on my thigh and in a low voice said "Do you wanna have one now?" my cock could not get any harder, all I could do was gulp, and shake my head yes.

Shelly started pulling down my shorts as Raylene kissed me deeply and passionately, my mind was swimming thinking to myself " my brother would kill me if he finds out" As I was thinking this my brother calls.

my balls climbed into my stomach as i answered the phone.

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"Hey lil' bro did my girls make it there ok?" he said "Yeah they did, I fed them and now we are just catching up" I said as Shelly took my now deflated cock into her mouth, I gasped in shock that she would do that while I was on the phone with her father "Everything ok?" I heard my brother say on the phone. "Oh yeah, just a little hard to breathe around all this beauty" I laughed "Yeah, I did make some gorgeous babies, huh" he said My cock started getting harder by the second as Shelly sucked, licked and fondled my dick, Raylene was standing in front of me naked as the day she was born.

I was losing focus fast and I told my brother I was going to take them to a casino so they could see what Vegas is like and he said ok and he finally hung up.

"That was just mean" I said, looking down at Shelly as she slurped my precum into her sexy mouth.

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Raylene giggled and joined her sister on the floor in front of me. Shelly took my balls in her mouth as Raylene sucked my rod into hers, I looked up in extasy and let the pleasure flow over me as these two sisters sucked my dick better than anyone ever has. Shelly got up and started to undress and when her titties came out of that bra she leaned over and I sucked a nipple into mouth and moaned into it as Raylene took all of my 7 and a half inches down her throat.

Shelly replaced her nipple with a dripping wet pussy by straddling my face, I dove right in and started licking away. Raylene stood up and pointed my cock toward heaven and sat down taking me into pure bliss as she rode me hard and fast, she had me alomost to full blast cumming, but she slowed down as she climaxed, juices flowing all down my cock and balls.


I kept licking on her sisters pussy until her legs started shaking and her tasty juices flooded my waiting mouth. "Its time for me to have some of that cock-meat" Shelly said as she climbed down off the couch and lifted up her sister off my cock.

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I stood up too and Shelly layed down and I slowly entered my cock into what felt better than anything i had ever felt in my entire life, I mean losing my virginity didnt feel this good. As i was fucking her like a mad man, Raylene put her knees on either side of her face and she started licking her cunt.

The air was full of sex sounds and smells and everything felt like a sexy dream. I came down from my sex high and focused more on pounding Shelly's sweet hole until i could hold back no longer, I pulled out of that glorious cunt and jerked my dick until several long blast of cum landed on Raylene's face and tits and dribbled down onto her sister as both of them climaxed and then all three of us tried to catch our breath.

"When does Aunt Katrina get home again?" They said in unison.