Fake masseuse jumps in to get wet and fucked

Fake masseuse jumps in to get wet and fucked
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Tessa pressed firmly on the on/off button of the shower and heard it's buzzing stop. There was a short blast of cold water before the spray finally ceased. Tessa grumbled, suprised by the sudden change in temperature. She cursed herself for being caught out by the machine again. She had been living in her college apartment for almost three months now and was still shocked every time she felt the cold spray.

Tessa slid the shower doors open and reached for her towel. She gave her short, dark hair a quick ruffle with it before bending over and drying her feet. She dryed them one at a time before stepping out onto the cold tiles. She stood facing the fogged bathroom mirror and gave it a quick wipe with her arm.

In the mirror's reflection Tessa could see herself: her short, boyish hair messed up from the towel, her chest and collar bones rising and falling with every breath she took, her sallow skin covered in goosebumps from the cold.

Although not entirely satisfied with her figure she liked how her small nipples stood rigid on her large breasts. She noticed how her hips flared out from her small waist. Tessa turned to the side and admired her overall shape: large breasts, little waist, decent sized hips and a perked ass.

'Could be worse,' she thought. As she dried herself she heard the sound of her roomates going out the front door. From the tone of their voices she could tell they were excited. Tessa pictured them running to the taxi dressed up in all their going-out gear.

'Just me and a book tonight,' she thought. She wrapped the towel around herself and unlocked the bathroom door. Tessa made her way across the small hall to her bedroom. When inside she pulled the curtains shut and gave herself another quick once-over with her towel. After hanging the damp bath towel on the radiator Tessa pulled on a pair of pyjama bottoms and an old t-shirt. While putting on her slippers she heard the sound of the television coming from the sitting room. 'Guess the girls forgot to turn it off,' she thought.

She flicked off the light in her room before leaving and crossed the hallway to the sitting room. The sound of the telly got louder. She opened the door with a creak and was suprised to see Nick and Dan, friends from college, sitting on the couch watching some crime show. They turned to face her as she entered. They smiled and said "hi". "What's up guys?" Tessa started, wondering how to put this, "What are you two doing here? Aren't the girls gone out?" "Yeah they have," Dan replied.

"They just left a few minutes ago," said Nick, "we just wanted to finish watching this before we headed home." "If that's ok with you," Dan added. "Yeah sure, no problem," Tessa agreed. She asked of either of them wanted a cup of coffee while she was making some but both declined. Tessa flicked the switch on the kettle and waited for it to boil. "So how was your day?" she asked "Not bad," replied Nick "Yeah it was ok," agreed Dan, "What about you?" "It was fine, a bit boring though".

Dan and Nick nodded in agreement. Tessa jumped when the switch flicked on the kettle to let her know the water had boiled. 'God what's wrong with metoday?' she thought to herself. She reached up and took a mug from the press. As she was reaching for the coffee she noticed Dan getting up and walking over to her.

"You ok?" she called over her shoulder. No reply. She turned around. Dan was standing right infront of her "You ok?" she asked again "Just fine," Dan said leaning in. Tessa dodged him "What are you doing?" she asked "This" Dan moved forward quickly and pressed Tessa tightly against the counter "Stop that!" she snapped, fruitlessly trying to unwedge herself. Dan wrapped his arms around her trapping her arms down by her sides "Hey," Tessa shouted at him, "stop it" He leaned in, his face inches from Tessa's.

She turned her head quickly to the side and called for Nick to help. He ignored her. 'What the hell is going on?' she thought. Dan grabbed Tessa's face and forced her mouth to his.

He pressed his lips against hers and held her face in place as he slipped his tongue between her lips. With her free arm Tessa put her hand to Dan's forehead and pushed his face away from hers "Get o." was all she had time to say before he grabbed her by the back of the hair and pulled her head back.

Tessa cried out in pain and called for Nick to help her as Dan began to suck on her neck. To Tessa's relief she saw Nick get up from the couch.

Dan was now licking and biting her neck. Tessa tried to push him off but it was useless. The more she struggled the harder Dan pulled at her hair causing her to cry out. 'Thank God,' she thought when Dan stopped as Nick came over.

Her neck and scalp were raw and tears had formed in the corners of her eyes. Tessa took a step foreward but suddenly Dan grabbed her arms from behind and squeezed her wrists tightly. Tessa looked up desperately at Nick as Dan began biting and sucking the back of her neck and ears.

She could feel his wet tongue sliding on her skin and tried to pull her head away which only caused him to squeeze her wrists tighter. "Help, please," she cried out to Nick as Dan bit down again. Nick moved in closer. Tessa couldn't believe what was happening as Nick began to slide his hands up her t-shirt. She squirmed and wriggled, trying desperately to get free.

Nick's hands glided firmly up her sides until his thumbs were just under her breasts and his fingers under her arms. "Lift it up," Dan called over Tessa's shoulder before Nick had a chance to go any further. He quickly pulled his hands out, grabbed the ends of the t-shirt and yanked it up roughly.

Nick let out a small moan as he let go of the t-shirt with one hand and grabbed Tessa's left breast. He squeezed it tightly and Tessa could feel something stiffen against her lower back. She knew it was Dan. He slowly unzipped his trousers until Tessa could feel he had let himself free.


He grabbed her wrists and forced her hands towards his crotch. Tessa pleaded with them to stop. At the same time, Nick began to lean towards Tessa's nipple with his lips slightly parted. 'No,' she thought, 'this can't be happening'. As Nick's tongue began caressing Tessa's nipple she swung her foot up between his legs. The impact was hard but she knew she had missed. Nick jumped back and Dan lost his grip on Tessa's wrists in the commotion.

This was her chance. She turned and ran towards the door. Just as she got to the door something snagged her hair from behind and sent her flying onto her back. She looked up from the floor and saw Dan standing over her grinning.

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Tessa tried to get up but was winded and sore. Dan grabbed her arms and pulled them over her head. He pulled at her t-shirt and yanked it off her, then knelt on her hands. Tessa cried out in agony as her fingers were crushed under Dan's weight. He leaned forward over her head and put his hands on her bare breasts. He squeezed and pulled at them leaving red marks all over Tessa's skin.

He leaned down further and began sucking and biting her nipples. Tessa's face was pushed against the crotch of his jeans. His zipper scratched her face. Tessa could feel Dan beginning to grow again and could feel him expanding out of his trousers. She wimpered as tears began to stream down her cheeks.

Dan leaned back up putting all his weight on her hands again. He began to take off his trousers. When he stood up to take them off past his knees Tessa pulled her arms down and sat up. In a second Dan had grabbed her by the hair again. "Please let me go," she began crying but got no reply. Next thing Nick stood out in front of her completely naked. He got down on his knees, his dick pointing towards the ceiling. He grabbed the sides of her head with both hands and Dan let go of her hair.

Tessa could feel Dan behind her, his wet dick rubbing against her back. Nick moved closer to Tessa as she sat on the ground. He pulled her head foreward and she knew what was about to happen. She struggled against him. She pursed her lips shut tight. She tried desperately to pull her head from side to side but Nick's grip was too tight.

She tried pushing him away with her hands but it was no use. His dick was inches from her mouth. Dan's hands came around from behind and started mauling her breasts. She grabbed at them, trying to pull them off but Dan grabbed Tessa's nipples and twisted.

She cried out and while her mouth was open Nick shoved his dick striaght in. Nick put his hands on the back of Tessa's head and started pushing it back and forth.

She could feel Dan rubbing himself against her back while Nick pushed himself deeper and deeper. Then Nick quickly shoved Tessa's head foreward and thrusted himself deep into her mouth and down her throat.

Tessa gagged and tried desperately to pull away. Nick pulled back and then slammed back in again, even deeper this time. Tessa couldn't breath. She was gagging. Tears were spilling from her eyes. She clawed at Nicks legs with her hands but she couldn't stop him. Dan was pulling at her breasts, rubbing himself against her back.

Tessa bit down! Nick shouted out and pulled himself from her mouth. Dan jumped back. Tessa inhaled sharply. With his hand open Nick smacked Tessa across the face. He raised his arm again and brought it down harder again on her other cheek.

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Tessa's head swung to the side from the impact. She cried out. 'That's it,' she thought, took a deep breath and started screaming at the top of her lungs.

Nick grabbed Tessa by the throat and pushed her back onto the ground with a thump. Her head walloped the ground which sent a sharp pain searing the back of her eyes. He wrapped his hand tighter around her neck and began choking her. She tried calling but nothing came out. She was writhing on the ground clutching Nick's hand and trying to pull it from her neck. Dan stood over her head smiling.

She was fighting for breath, trying to inhale but nothing would come in. Just when she thought she would pass out, Nick let go. "Scream again and you're dead!" he snapped, then spat in her face. Tessa just lay there gasping for air. Before she had time to catch her breath Nick was lying ontop of her, his face over hers. Her bite hadn't seemed to phase him at all.

He snatched her pyjama bottoms and pulled them off. He got onto his knees.

He grabbed her behind her knees and shoved her legs up. His dick was hard and pulsing. Dan stood over Tessa, his dick dripping on her face.

Nick quickly leaned back and then plunged his dick into her pussy hard. He pulled away and then shoved back in again. She could feel him inside her, thrusting into her, pulsing, yet the throbbing in her head and her eyes bleard with tears and pain prevented her from doing anything.

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Dan got onto his knees over Tessa's face. Nick was still thrusting himself into her. Slowly dan lowered himself so that his balls were rubbing against Tessa's mouth.

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She could feel that they were moist and hairy against her lips. She tried pushing Dan away but found she had no strength. She tried to turn her head to the side but he slapped her across the cheek. Dan reached down and pulled her chin down till her mouth was open. "Bite and you'll be sorry," was what Tessa made out from the confines and heat of Dan's thighs before he lowered his balls into Tessa's mouth.

Nick was grunting and moaning every time he plunged in deep. He was propping himself up on Tessa's breasts and was clenching them tightly. Tears trickled along her face.

Tessa was trying to breath but was finding it difficult. With every thrust Nick would knock out any bit of air she could find in the hot moisture of Dan's crotch.

Dan grabbed her hands and started rubbing his dick with them. She tried to pull away but her arms were weak and sore. Dan held Tessa's hands around his dick tight and began pushing them back and forth.

Tessa could feel him grow larger and start throbbing and hoped it would all be over soon. Slowly Nick began reducing his speed.

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'What's happening?' she thought. Both Nick and Dan were breathing heavy and were obviously close so why was he stopping? Did he feel guilty? She could only hope. Nick grabbed Tessa by the waist and turned her roughly onto her front. He pulled at her hips so that she was on her knees. Tessa tried to squirm away but she was no match for either of them.

She shut her eyes tight and braced herself. She knew what was coming next. Leaning on her elbows she clawed at the floor as Nick gripped her waist.

"Please don't! Please, please," she begged. Nick leaned forward and then sunk his dick straight into her ass. He grunted as it went in and out. Tessa held her eyes closed tight and bit her lip trying to ignore the pain. It was impossible. With every thrust, Tessa felt like she was being ripped open.


Tears streamed down her face and she began to sob as Nick picked up speed. Her head was pounding and her eyes stung. Suddenly Dan grabbed her by the arms and pulled her front up so her face was level with his groin.

Dan's dick was large and dripping. Holding her up by the arms Dan pushed his dick into her mouth. He shoved in hard and fast pushing it down her throat. Tessa gagged which made him seem to want more. Nick was thrusting back and forth forcefully, pushing himself all in as far as it could go. Both men were moaning. Dan was squeezing her arms tighter and tighter and Nick was going harder and faster.

Tessa felt like a ragdoll between them. They were hot and sweaty and could feel themselves getting closer.

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Nick's dick probed her ass and Dan was shoving his down her neck. With one final moan Dan shoved his dick hard down Tessa's throat. He felt the first bit of his hot juice shoot out.

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He squeezed Tessa's arms tight as he came down her throat. She gagged and struggled to pull her head away but it was pointless. She could feel his fluid fill her throat and mouth. She gagged again. This turned Nick on more and he slammed into her hard and fast. He moaned and grunted as he could feel himself throb and pulse in Tessa's ass.

His grip on her waist tightened as he felt his balls get tighter and his dick grow. He was just there. He quickly pulled back and made one final thrust into her tight hole. He groaned. Tessa gasped as he shot his cum into her ass and filled her up.

Dan let Tessa's front half drop to the floor. Nick's breathing slowed down and he eventually pulled out, satisfied. Tessa lay there gasping for air tears streaming down her face. Suddenly Nick woke up.

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His body covered in sweat and his boxers lined with wet stickiness. 'Wow,' he thought,'I know what I'm doing tonight!'