Young teen boys cumshots at the doctor gay My dream began with

Young teen boys cumshots at the doctor gay My dream began with
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What happened before: The story is about a man named Daniel and his twin daughters Alice and Emma. Alice is the smart and responsible blonde and also the more serious of the two. Emma is the frolic and playful girl who tries to get what she wants in every situation.

She's also the lead athlete at her school. Both girls are of average height and have brown eyes. Emma is more tanned than Alice though. The girls have grown up without their mother. She left early in their childhood. Growing up with only their father, they developed a certain closeness to him, which eventually leads to various situations.

Eventually Daniel ends up kissing his daughters at a party and fucking another girl named Lara. Lara is a primary-school teacher and a few years older than the 18 year old Alice and Emma. After his daughters learn about the activities of their dad, they end up confronting him. They demand to sleep next to him and then, without warning, kiss their dad. Unable to resist any more Daniel succumbs to his desires and takes both his daughter then and there. The next morning arrives and everyone is in a good mood, but then the front door bell rings.

It's Kate, the girl who had abandoned Daniel and the twins years ago. THE STORY (part 2) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Daniel I-" she replied unfazed by my rage.

"What are you doing here? I don't know how you got our address but you better have a damn good reason to step foot here," I said still trembling with rage. "Who is she?" Emma asked softly. "No one. Go see your sister." I brushed her away because I didn't feel like explaining at that very moment.

"Is she-" Emma muttered. I could hear her voice quiver with emotion. She probably already knew who she was. Her mother's physique almost hadn't changed spite all those years.

The only difference about her was the hardened look on her face, the glassiness in her eyes and the normal clothes that she was wearing. After a few months nobody had expected she would ever return to us. She had left us when we needed her the most and hadn't cared to contact us afterwards. Just a flash and she had been gone. I had asked myself countless of times why she had made the decisions she made. I had loved her so much and now she stood in my doorway once again, but only twelve years too late.

Emma's eyes narrowed, a crease forming above her eyebrows. "You bitch!" Emma spat out, realizing who stood before her. "Emma!" I snatched her away from the door and placed her at the foot of the stairway. "Go see your sister, now!" I bellowed. I understood her reaction completely, but right now I didn't have time to deal with everyone's wave of emotions.

I would tend to her later. "What's going on dad?" Alice called from upstairs. "Nothing, honey!" I shouted as reply. I turned towards Emma again: "Emma, go upstairs." Emma gritted her teeth in anger and reluctantly stamped upstairs.

It surprised me she didn't throw a tantrum. Finally alone I let out a big sigh. After recollecting myself I returned towards the door. "She's become a beautiful woman," the woman in the door said smiling.

"What are you doing here, Kate?" I asked with hidden anger this time. "I wanted to see you and my children again," she said softly, her gaze avoiding mine. "Well you're too damn late. They aren't children anymore and you certainly have no rights in calling them 'your kids'," I clenched my fist in an attempt to stop myself from freaking out again. "I-I meant to come earlier but-" she was almost sobbing now.

"But what? What possible reason could you have had to leave us for twelve years?" My voice rose a pitch. "I-I was sitting in prison," she stated with a hardened face. "Wa-what?" Her words struck me with surprise and drained my face of its color. "Prison?" "Yes…" she glared at her feet, obviously uncomfortable talking about it. Her hands were nervously playing with each other.

"What happened?" I suddenly didn't feel as angry anymore. "I fucked up…" She was on the verge of tears. What the hell was going on? "Tell me what happened," I pressed on. "Who's that?" A loud voice assaulted my ears.

I patiently closed my eyes and turned around to face my other daughter. "Alice, please go back upstairs," I implored, but somehow I knew Alice wouldn't just back down. "Is that…" she paused before she accumulated enough courage to finish her sentence, "Is that mom?" My silent response was enough for her to understand.

"M-mom?" Alice slowly approached the door, her face already contorted with a variety of feelings. "Alice…" Seeing my daughter tear up like that in front of me made me lose a piece of my masculinity. Unable to react to her I just let her pass. "A-Alice, you've grown so tall," Kate herself was now also sniveling vehemently. "Mooooom!" Alice ran up and threw her arms around Kate's neck.

They both cried their eyes out while doing nothing more than just holding one another. Somehow the little tear droplets didn't suite Kate. She had a rigid and cold aura hanging around her. The obvious change from her girly younger self to a rigid and torn-looking woman only made me sadder. I didn't want to break down myself so I swiftly averted my eyes of the drama.

That was when I saw Emma standing there on the stairs. Besides the tears in her eyes there was mostly fury. With a gaze that I've never seen from her in my entire life she glanced at her mother. After Alice and Kate finally let go of each other I directed myself towards Kate again. Our talk had to wait, the girls come first. The whole house was in disarray because of Kate.

"I-I can't believe… I need to sit down…" This was insane. I couldn't fully comprehend the situation… I had to think. "I-I understand," she sobbed and turned around to leave. "No, you are not going anywhere," I quickly reached out and grabbed her shoulder. Despite my anger, I had now a desire to know what had caused her to leave. I was curious to what had happened. "We'll talk inside," I pulled her and Alice into the hallway and closed the door.

Sheepishly she advanced further into our hallway. As she hung her coat next to mine a familiar feeling embraced my heart.

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"Alice, Emma, I would appreciate it if you would give us some time to talk." I knew it was a hard thing to ask, they must've been full of questions too, but I wanted to hear the story first. If I were to break down, then they wouldn't have to witness that.

Without saying another word the girls slowly went upstairs. Both were still too shocked to object. I swallowed heavily before opening the door to the living room. We made our way in and locked eyes for a moment. "Eh… Want anything to drink?" This was so awkward.

She was like a stranger to me now… "Water, please" she replied as polite as she could. I gave her a slight nod. When I came back from the kitchen I got her and myself a large glass of water. With that taken care of I sat myself down on the couch. She kept standing awkwardly, her arms swinging along her body.

Although her rigid appearance had disturbed me a little, it were habits like these that showed me glimpses of the old Kate. I gestured her to sit down on the chair in front of me. "So tell me, what has happened in your life?" I asked. The prison she had mentioned before had me worried.

"Eeh where to start?" She smiled sadly. "I think it is best to start at the beginning," I said totally serious. "Yes, of course. As you probably already know I had some difficulty in establishing my own limits." I nodded at her words. Difficulty was definitely an understatement though. She basically had no limits at the time. Suddenly an unpleasant question made its way into my mind.

"Did you cheat on me when we were still together?" I asked fearing the answer. "No, I did not," she stated firmly. "So you didn't leave because you found somebody else?" "No!" "I mean you might as well admit it. It's been so long I-" "Dan, I never cheated on you!" She said upset this time. "I never meant to leave you but." "But what?" "A few weeks before the night that I didn't return home I got involved into something I should've left alone." Her voice was filled with suppressed pain.

"What do you mean?" I leaned forward in interest. "I wouldn't have agreed to it, if it weren't for my friend. She told me he could be trusted," as she spoke her eyes teared up. "O god, what did you do?" I brushed my hands through my hair. "I was so stupid, Dan, but I needed the drugs. My body craved for it," she shook her head in disapproval of her younger self.

"But he wasn't who he said he was. Instead of just selling me the stuff I needed he got me involved into a big cocaine scam." "Jeesh," a million scenarios filled my head.

"As soon as I realized what was going it was too late. Mistakenly I had used some of their stuff when they had offered it to me. There was no way out for me now. I was surrounded by men with dozen of weapons that demanded my cooperation on some serious business.

It turned out that my 'friend' was in deep too. Fearing for my life I accepted every request they made. From transportation to," the words got stuck into her throat. "For fuck sake," I whispered. My body felt lighter as if my soul was slowly leaking into the ground.

"Why did you wait more than a decade to tell me? Why didn't you contact me? Why didn't you speak to me Kate?" I shouted as threw my hands in the air in disbelieve. "I couldn't drag you or our children into my shit. There was nothing you could've done. We were still so young." "We could've called the police or ask our parents for help," I snarled.

"Your parents would've done nothing, just like the police. Do you know what they do to rats? I've seen it Daniel. They forced me to do horrible things." "Holy fuck Kate," I was pacing up and down while gulping down the entire glass of water.

"Is that why you eventually left? Is there any chance you've brought us in danger as well? I swear to god if you-" "No! They won't come for me. After all, I was merely a disposable pawn." "Then they decided to let you go?" "No. I-I got caught red-handed." Her voice shivered with regret as she recalls her past.

"The police found me with kilos of coke in my trunk. I was sentenced to 12 years in prison." I closed my eyes as I let her words sink in. I had never ever felt as miserable as at that moment. My stomach turned and twisted, my hands were moist, my nose was running and my knees had great trouble to keep me standing. "Why. Why didn't you tell us.

why call and lie to me about everything? Why did you shut yourself off?" My voice was hoarse. The last time I had heard from her was in fact through a phone call. She had called me on my cellphone to tell me she had decided to burn all her bridges. According to her, it was better for her to start over somewhere else and just like that she left me and the kids hanging. "I thought I deserved it, all of it. I was convinced that every misfortune that struck me was due to my own flaws.

I was the one who wandered into that shithole for some cheap coke. I was the one partying while you fought for the future of our kids. I was ashamed, afraid and depressed. It was then that I decided to cut myself off entirely. The girls deserved better and so did you." "I-I honestly don't know what to say." It was just so much to take in all at once. I couldn't hear another word or my head would explode. "Y-you should talk to the girls now," I wanted to escape into a dark corner to reflect on all of what she had said.

"Emma and Alice, you can come down now!" I called. Without the usual noise the girls came down the stairs and into the living room.

"She wants to talk to you both now. Do you want me to stay?" I offered. "We'll be fine," Emma said gruffly. "Ok, I'll be in my room if you need me." The moment I left the room I could hear Emma burst out in anger. I let her express her feelings and strolled to my room. When I found myself a comfortable place I began thinking. There was of course the possibility that she had been lying about the entire thing, but her attitude and manner made me give her the benefit of the doubt.

Besides, if she really had spent 12 years in prison, then she would no longer be an addict. Whether or not she had told the entire truth, I still found myself unable to forgive her. Despite the horrendous events she had experienced (hell I didn't even want to think about the things she had to perform for the cartel) she still left me alone.

She hadn't trusted me enough to tell me anything. Relationships where there is no communication whatsoever are the ones that end up dead. I wondered what she was hoping to achieve by returning to us. Maybe she genuinely missed us and after 12 years of isolation and self-reflection she had decided to seek us out. It's natural for a mother to see her children. But now I had to make a difficult choice. What next? Obviously if either Emma or Alice wanted to keep seeing her, I wouldn't rob them of the opportunity.

As for me… I had no idea. Our connection had been completely severed and the stinging pain of losing her once was still lingering in the dark corners of my heart. To expose myself to that again would probably be a mistake. Not to mention the whole situation with Emma and Alice. I had poured half of my life into raising them. It felt like a cheat to see her walk into our lives with both our children already matured.

Nevertheless prison must've been a lot worse for her. The hate I had against her for leaving me was fighting the pity and sorrow her story had just inflicted upon me. Eventually after beating my mind up a bit more I decided to follow my daughters in their decision. The initial commotion downstairs seemed to have calmed down tempting me to go to the kitchen. Just as I reached for the living-door's doorknob Emma opened it from the other side. "I just wanted to get you," she appeared to have calmed down.

There were marks of tears on her face and she still looked confused, but the fire in her eyes had lessened. "Are you alright now?" I asked still concerned. "I'm fine. We want you to join the conversation now," Emma gestured me inside. As I entered the living room I immediately noticed that Alice had also been crying. She sat curled up into the corner of the couch and was stroking her legs. Seeing her like this made me wish that Kate had just stayed away. I placed myself next to Alice on the couch and laid my arm around her without saying a word.

She appreciated the gesture and cuddled against me. Emma just sat herself down on the arm of the couch. "What've you told them?" I asked Kate who was still shaking in her chair. "Everything they wanted to know." I nodded. "Good." "We've discussed all kind of things.

It was mostly just me talking though," she produced a slight smile. "That doesn't surprise me," I took a quick look at Emma before adding; "I think it's time for us to eat lunch." Neither of us had any interest in lunch, but I wanted Kate to leave for now.

If this was going to work at all, it had to happen slowly. Her words needed time to seep into our minds. Kate got the message and stood up from her chair. "If it's possible I would like to visit again. I'd like to hear what has happened in your lives," she mostly directed herself towards Alice and Emma. Alice responded with a vague smile, while Emma kept looking out of the window.

"That is for the girls to decide," I glanced at Alice who in turn looked towards her sister. "I-I don't mind," Emma stated with a grimace after thinking about it for a while. "Then I don't mind either," I said. Just as I had expected the girls wanted to talk to their mother again. I couldn't blame them. The mother figure that had always been missing in their lives had finally returned.

The girls made an appointment with Kate and in five minutes we were on our own again. As soon as she left I let out a huge sigh and fiercely rubbed my eyes. "I can't fucking believe her," Emma grumbled silently before running off to her room. "What's up with her? Did Kate do anything to her?" I asked the still shaking Alice. "I-I don't know…" Alice was in no state to have a healthy conversation. "Hey," I took her hand and gave it a light squeeze, "you should take a bath and relax for a while: get your thoughts straight.

Take all the time you need. I'll make sure that there's something to eat when we're all hungry again." She nodded as she pulled herself off the couch and gave me a tight hug.

"There, there, it's all good now," I gently patted her head. "It's so surreal," Alice murmured into my chest. "I know baby, I know." I had no idea what Kate had told her exactly, so I refrained from bringing up anything about either the cartel or the prison. "Come on now, fresh yourself up first and take a breather. We'll talk later." I gave her a slight push towards the stairs on her bum. "O-okay," she said timidly and with that she disappeared onto the stairs.

Now that I had dealt with Alice (at least for the moment) I went to pay a visit to Emma. She was clearly not amused by the situation. The door to her room was open and as I entered her domain I saw she was hiding her face into a pink pillow.

"Em, will you tell me what's going on?" I leaned with my back against the wall. "I don't believe her dad," her voice was so soft that I could barely distinguish her words. "Don't believe who?" "Her. I-I don't know… I just cannot force myself to trust her." "What do you mean?" I asked confused. Did she mean with trust to trust her to stay this time? "Do you know how hard it was to watch all the other kids eagerly running towards their mother knowing that I had none?

While all the other girls were telling stories about how great their mom was, I only wished my mom would return. I wished she would return, not just for me but also for you. Looking back I know you've been through a terrible depression because of her and I just came to hate her more and more for abandoning us like she did.

And now… Now she comes here after all those years with a story that I regret listening to. I love you daddy and after finally connecting with you I don't want her to show up and take you away from me; no matter what story she tells.

I no longer care for a mother, she arrived too late. Now I just want you… I won't let her take anything else from my life." I stood speechless.

All I could do was stare at her with a gaping mouth. "She already took most of my childhood. I will not let her take my adulthood as well." Then, as if I hadn't been startled enough that day, Emma launched herself off the bed and slammed her lips to mine. It was a short, but powerful kiss. "Emma…" My throat hurt as I spoke her name.

Emma's deep brown eyes were looking up a bit so they aligned right with my own. "You're mine," she whispered before pressing her warm lips against mine again. Most of the time the heat of your blood gets lost to you, but Emma's kiss sent heat traveling through all my arteries and veins. I had barely a window to react before she delved her tongue into my mouth. She wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled my body closer against hers. We stood there for a while, exploring and playing with each other's tongues before Emma backed off.

I wanted nothing more than to press things a little further, but I was simply too confused. "What're you-" I couldn't finish my sentence, for Emma had placed her hand on my crotch and was softly tingling my package through the thin fiber of my pants.

"Show me you're still mine, daddy," Emma gave me a dominant but sexy look. I felt my heart racing and my mind going numb. However, this wasn't the time to- Rush With a strong drag Emma had shoved my pants onto my ankles.

My dick stood like a castle in the air; full with anticipation. Emma then quickly undid herself of her skirt, leaving only her panties and tights on. She then moved forward to help me remove my shirt causing my heart to flutter inside my chest.

This was just so unbearably hot. My mind gave a sigh as I succumbed to my libido. If this kind of reassurance was what Emma needed, I would only be too glad to give it to her. "Emma, you know both you and Alice are irreplaceable to me," I paused before adding, "I mean just look at that ass." I joked, giving her a soft squeeze on the ass. "You perv," Emma smiled as she spun around to show off her ass. When she bent forward it looked like her tights would rip at any moment.

"Holy shit," I murmured in awe. My cock was so hard I prayed it wouldn't explode. Emma was a huge tease and she was well aware of it.

She slowly pushed her ass against my member before grinding up against it. "You like that?" She asked genuinely curious. "Yes, very much." I knew that Alice was only a few doors away, but my mind had set its priorities onto Emma. Alice was taking a bath anyway. "In fact, let me show you how important you are to me." I squatted down and leveled my face with her ass.

Although her pussy was still covered by her panties and tights, I could clearly sense her distinctive smell already. Not caring about a piece of fabric I ripped her tights open. "Daddy!" Emma shrieked, "I just bought those…" "Don't worry about it," I simply told her as I swept her red panties aside revealing her dripping pussy. "W-what are you doing?" Emma asked nervously.

"You smell delicious," I smirked, "I wonder if it tastes as good as it smells." "Oh," her plain but cute reply made me melt. She knew perfectly well what I was going to do. After all, she had done it to Alice before. Her labia were slightly swollen and her small but sensitive clit stood out, almost begging for me to lick it. I inhaled sharply through my nose, gathering as much of her scent as possible.

Her aroma was intoxicating and provoked my hunger like no other. When my mouth filled up with saliva I figured it a good idea to transfer some of it to her. I stuck out my tongue and slowly let it run up her slit. My hands were on both her cheeks, spreading her open for better examination. The pink cave behind her swollen succulent lips gaped at me happily as I made my way to her clit. "O god," Emma gasped as I flicked my tongue against her most sensitive knob. Not comfortable with my position I took hold of her ass and dragged us both to the ground.

We were now positioned in a typical 69 stance: Emma lying on top of me with her alluring jewels hovering above my face, whilst my own genitals almost poked hers. Wanting to get another taste I dipped my tongue inside her.

Her abundant love juices swiftly found their way into my mouth. Her taste was incredible. It was like heaven had descended to earth. Only an angel would be able to produce the liquid that emanated from the small gap in between her legs.

I needed more, much more. I took her clit into my mouth and nibbled on it. Emma let out a satisfied moan and pushed her bottom further down allowing me to get a better hold of her womanhood. Emma never liked one-sided benefits and deftly removed my trousers and boxers in one go.

My cock erupted from its captivity with an incredible force. The newfound freedom was short lived however, because as soon as my cock appeared Emma had enfolded it with her mouth. A low grunt slipped from my lips as she gently tapped the head with her tongue.

Her shy tongue movements soon transformed into fierce swirls and twists. She took me further inside her throat and pushed her hand down along my shaft. After letting it rest there for a while she let my dick slide back into her mouth again, her hand gliding upwards my now wet shaft. Just like that she repeated the process, her head bobbing up and down. Now that my mouth was busy sucking on her clit I brought in additional arms, seeking to return the favor.

Without hesitation I pushed a finger into her, eliciting another entrancing moan. "Daddy, it's. it's so good," Emma purred to my efforts. Spurred on by her reaction I began thrusting my finger in and out of her. Occasionally, I would put the drenched finger in my mouth to experience the bliss of her taste again. When her pussy had adjusted to my finger I slipped in an additional one. She was breathing faster and faster smearing her warm breath all across my cock.

"I'm going to come," Emma hummed with my cock still in her mouth. The vibrations of her voice ignited my own orgasm, causing me to erupt inside her mouth without warning.

She gulped down my semen with no repulsion whatsoever before she herself could no longer resist. While my cock was still in her mouth, Emma's juices smothered my face.

She came with an incredible sexy moan, her ass fiercely mounted on my face. It was like an eternity passed before Emma gave me some comfortable breathing space again. "Holy fuck Emma," I said delighted, "that was amazing." Still panting Emma stood up. I followed her example. "If you think it's already over, you're horribly wrong." Emma's lustful eyes lurked at my cock, which was still hard and dripping wet.

"It seems like you're also not done yet," Emma pressed her slender body against mine. "Want a taste of ya cum?" She was biting her lip mischievously. "Nah, yours did the job," I smiled not too eager to taste my own semen. She gave me a soft kiss along my neck and pushed me to the ground again.

"Well, I have other lips left that do want a taste," she chortled. She slid her hands towards my cock before placing herself upon it. "Emma, shouldn't we talk about-" An involuntary grunt interrupted my sentence. Emma had already taken me inside and her body was now clasping around my cock as if it would die without it.

My breath got robbed from my mouth the moment she began moving up and down. Sliding down along the shaft of my cock her pussy sucked me in completely. The pleasure she transmitted through my body hit me right at my core.

"You're so freaking tight it's making my mind stir," I managed to state out of breath. "This is the first time where it's just us. I-I want you to remember it," she replied with a devious grin stretched across her face.

Not allowing me time to respond she bent forward, encouraging me to caress her perky breasts. Happy to accept her invitation I set upon the feast before me.

My tongue discovered every inch of her breasts, but found out that the area surrounding her nipple was the best place to be. "Fuck, daddy," Emma mumbled with her eyes closed. She was riding me with amazing determination. Either she was just insanely horny or she really wanted to prove a point to me.

It was probably both. She must've wanted to convince me to keep having sex with her instead of maybe Kate. Silly girl, like I would voluntarily chose to stop. "At the pace you're going I'm not lasting long," I huffed as she passionately bounced her ass up and down. "Don't worry, you can make me come whenever so. Let's come together?" She asked a bit shy but confident for my answer.

"For fuck's sake Emma, why are you so damn hot and tight at the same time?" Even though I had already come moments before, I felt my limit approaching fast. Giving up to my aggressive desire I tightly held Emma in place as I took over control. Emma gripped my shoulders to keep balance as I plunged my dick into her over and over again. "Shit, I'm coming!" I roared as I drove my cock balls-deep into her soaking pussy. Emma was entering her own orgasm causing her inside to clutch firmly around my cock.

I exploded into her with a grunt and Emma immediately lost herself into her orgasm. Trembling with pleasure she collapsed on my chest. My dick still rested inside her but was robbed of all its flaming energy. With a blob it escaped her heavenly prison. "Holy fuck Emma I'm fucking exhausted." I took a deep breath. My heart was still racing inside of me.

Emma didn't respond. Instead she cleaned up the left over cum and cuddled up next to me. While we were in the comfort of our embrace we heard Alice leave her bath. "O shit," I sprung up as fast as my dick had done when Emma had touched it with her tongue. "What's wrong?" Emma was still lying on the ground. "We don't have to be afraid of Alice." "I don't want her to see us. I don't think that will help her at the moment. She might want to have sex too just to keep up with you." "And that's bad caaause?" Emma drawled while standing up.

"It's bad 'cause I'm tired as fuck. However, that is not the main issue here. She's genuinely upset and affected by the sudden return of her mother. I know you're not interested in her at all, but I reckon it's entirely different for Alice," I said. "It's not wise to course her towards actions that won't help her situation." "I-I'm not sure I understand. She loves you just like I do," Emma said timidly.

"I know that, of course I know that. Nevertheless, Alice has to indicate on her own what she wants from me. I don't want her to rush towards decisions will that make her even sadder in the end." "Okay," Emma nodded. "I'll put on some clothes. You should get yourself into the shower and clean yourself. Don't make it too long. I want to have a shower too." Emma gave me another nod before I snatched my clothes of the floor and hurried towards my own room. There I listened as silent as the night to the girls' conversation in the hall.

"Hey, are you alright?" I heard Emma ask. "I'm okay, thanks. Are you going to take a shower? And where is dad?" Alice immediately asked. Fuck! As if struck by lightning I rushed into my clothes.

"Yes I'm going take a shower. As for dad he's in his room." "Okay. I'll leave him be then. Got to do some homework anyway." "Seems like a good idea. I will help you when I'm done." The footsteps of Emma faded away as those of Alice came closer. Just when I thought Alice was heading for my room she turned into her own and shut the door.

Relieved I dumped myself on my bed. I knew fully well that Alice would expect me to come by, but I had to take a shower first. Emma held true to her word and was done showering in less than ten minutes, which was an absolute record for her.

When I heard her talk to Alice I sneaked out of my room and into the shower. The warm spray of water cleansed my body as well as my mind and when I was eventually finished showering I felt extremely refreshed.

I headed straight for the girls' room and knocked. "Come in!" Alice shouted. I opened the door and let myself in. The sight was a familiar one. Alice was doing both her and Emma's homework, while Emma herself was nowhere to be found. "I see you're alone again." I sighed. Alice was sitting at her desk in her pink pajamas. "Dad, can I tell you something?" Alice expression stood serious. "hmm?" "I'm… I'm afraid," Alice spoke softly.

"A-Afraid?" That was the least emotion I thought she would bear. "I'm afraid of her disapproving of…" She paused and glared up to me, her big brown eyes hiding behind a shy curtain of blond hair. "I'm afraid she won't approve of us." "With 'she' being your mother?" "Yes… But I-I still want to get to know her…" "I see," I frowned, "I'm sure she wants to get to know you too." Did Alice intent on telling Kate?

"It's weird. I know Emma doesn't really care for her, because although she tries to hide it from me, I can still see the disgust hiding in her eyes when she looks at her. I want to be angry at mom too, but I can't help but feel happy when I see her." "Awh you, stop being so silly!

Why would you want to force yourself to be angry? Anger isn't a good emotion anyway." I put my hand on her shoulder. "I guess you're right," she gave me a slight smile.

"And no worry, I'll just keep quiet about us." "I think that's a good idea," I produced a faint laugh. I hated it when the secrecy of our situation came up. It confronted me with the immoral side of this all. "I've been thinking a lot about all this, you know?" Alice stood up from her homework and turned to face me. "It's not how it should be." "I know, we discussed that before." I gulped.

This wasn't the conversation I wanted to have with her. "My head was filled with so many questions. They had been tormenting my mind for quite a while, but then after that one night I was so happy and fulfilled that I ditched all those irritating questions.

It seemed like I had finally made a decision, but when mom returned I felt the anxiety once again. Then something strange happened. I was listening to the radio on my mobile and this one song came up. It connected so strongly to it that I want you to hear it." Alice pressed a button on her computer and a song began playing across her speakers.

"It's mainly about the lyrics so," Alice remarked. "Okay," I sat myself down and listened to her song. Wise men say Only fools rush in But I can't help falling in love with you Shall I stay? Would it be a sin If I can't help falling in love with you? I recognized the song as 'can't help falling in love', but the singer didn't ring any bells. It was probably a modern cover. While the song was still playing, Alice walked over to me seductively.

"You see, I just can't help it," she looked down upon me sitting in the chair, "I simply can't stop loving you." She dropped herself onto my lap. "Did you really think I wouldn't notice you and Emma going at it?" "I-I… what?" I was at a loss for words.

"There was a huge gap in her tights daddy," Alice laughed. "You're actually quite the pervert, aren't you?" As if to prove her point she flicked my already semi-erected cock. I had told Emma moments before that I was tired, but all my energy had reemerged from the shower. "I don't mind if you are, since I can be quite naughty too," she added gleefully.

"Don't you want to talk more about your mother?" It had appeared to me that she was a bit overcome. Were the girls just trying to avoid serious talk? "Right now I want this more." This time she firmly grabbed my hard-on and squeezed it a little. "I need distraction." "Come on Alice," I said a bit doubtful.

I wondered whether she was doing this because she didn't want to lose to Emma. This was totally unlike her. "I-I feel strangely hot. Normally Emma would help me in this situation, but since you're here now," she leered at my still covered cock. Drool almost fell from her lips and her body twisted full unrest upon mine. "Okay, spill it.

What kind of bath-soap did you use?" I gave her a playful grin. "Kuh. It's nothing strange. Why can't you help me like you helped Emma?" She pouted cutely. I chuckled and gently brought her head closer in an embrace. "You know you will always be my precious girl right?" I whispered into her ear. Satisfied with my reaction she wrapped her arms around my neck. "So you will help me?" Her eyes looked at me pleadingly as she bit her lip. Once again she stood before me as a woman full of desire.

"Please?" Her sweet voice echoed with shivers through my spine. "Of course," I gave her a mild kiss on the lips. Already deeply aroused, she didn't settle for the mere touch of our lips.

She parted my lips with her tongue and stuck it deep into my mouth. Her arms were still tightly enclosed around my neck as she pushed her whole body against mine. The two mounds on her torso pressed my back harshly into the chair. Alice's crotch swayed seductively against mine.

My cock reacted like a flower in springtime and begged me to release it from its captivity. The bulge forming in my pants was almost embarrassingly obvious. Alice was on aggressive mode and probed every corner of my mouth with her curious tongue. While she was focused on licking my entire mouth I sneakily moved my hands upon her ass. Alice opened her shiny brown eyes, clearly aware of what my hands were doing. Encouraged by my hands, she shoved further forwards and positioned herself around my member.

From all the kissing Alice's strength started to escape. She withdrew the arms around my neck and broke our kiss. Her face was brushed slightly red and she was panting like she had just done an entire workout.

"You're so cute," I pronounced honestly.

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The pink pajamas that tightly enveloped her entire body outlined her physique perfectly and emphasized her cuteness. "You look great too," Alice said shyly. I laughed a little before I slammed my arms around her and pushed us both to the ground. "Owha!" Alice little shriek of surprise pierced through my ears. With a soft bump I landed on top of her.

Alice giggled at my clumsiness and spread her legs before me. "What are you going to do?" She asked innocently. I gently slipped my hand inside her loose trousers and brushed the dainty crevice hiding beneath her panties.

She moaned softly in response and firmly grabbed my hand to keep me from pulling away. I exercised some pressure along her labia using my forefinger and slowly swept it up her abdomen. "Nnn… ahh…" Alice's warm breath engulfed my ears as she expressed her pleasure. "Your hand… it's so hot," she panted. "Feel me… Touch me more." She laid her hand around my head and brought my face closer to hers.

Her shimmering eyes had grown full with yearning and her thin blonde hair was spread out beneath her slim shoulders. "Ravage me," she whispered lewdly.

Waiting no longer, I took her mouth captive once again and moved my free hand underneath her shirt. When I reached for her breasts it became evident that she was wearing no bra. Pleased with the discovery I cupped one with my hand and gave it a light squeeze.

Her body gave a slight twitch at the cold that my hand emitted through her chest, but Alice was too focused on playing with my tongue to object. I felt her heart throb enthusiastically at my touch, causing me to love her even more. Whilst still kissing her passionately, I was now also caressing her most sensitive parts admiringly. Alice happily accepted the pleasure and her cheeks glowed with warmth. The adorable expression on her face as we kissed aroused me to no end. She was my angel.

Seeking to give her more pleasure I moved my hand down her panties and commenced my assault on her clitoris. The piece of cloth protecting her jewels from view was already soaked and sticky with her secretions before I even touched her.

My finger effortlessly slipped inside of her. Alice immediately broke our kiss to erupt in another loud enticing moan. I took the opportunity to remove her pants, leaving her on the floor with only her panties (which were hanging below her womanhood) and shirt.

The only thing covering her pride was my hand that was ferociously rubbing her clit. "It…It feels so good," Alice legs tightened as she tried to deal with the overwhelming pleasure.

I couldn't help but feel proud and blessed being able to send Alice to a state of euphoria.


Her pussy's lips sucked upon my finger causing lewd sounds to emerge. "I-I'm going to come while you haven't even been inside of me yet," Alice purred amazed by the occurrence. "O girl, that part is still to come," I said satisfied with my unnoticed pun. Now that my hand was enjoying itself down below, my mouth began to feel lonely. Alice was too busy managing to breath for me to kiss her, so I went on to plan B. I slowly crept my hand underneath her shirt until two giant mounds blockaded further passage.

When I didn't push her shirt any further Alice gave me a disappointed glare. Before surrendering to her adorable sulky face, I let my hand run down her back and lightly kissed the nape of her neck. The fragrance of her shampoo tickled my nose provocatively and caused my libido to inflate beyond control. I subtly pushed her shirt across her two well-sized orbs revealing her upright nipples. Alice quickly understood my intentions and removed her shirt, causing her tits to wiggle about.

Pleased with the lady lying underneath me, I let my tongue slither down her neck and onto her collarbone. The texture of her skin tasted strangely pleasant and sent tickles through my tongue.

I maneuvered my tongue towards one of her tits and circled it around her turned on nipple. After playing around with her nipple for a while I decided it was time to move on. I steadily ran my tongue down her stomach and teasingly stopped right before I came in contact with her feminine glorification. "Daddy, please," Alice husky voice intoxicated my mind. This time I would kiss her on the other luscious lips.

My eyes didn't know where to look. Alice entire body was just too stunningly beautiful. That hourglass figure of hers made me want to bow down and obey her every command. It was hard to realize that two girls as gorgeous as Alice and Emma were so infatuated with me. When I licked up the delicious spilled liquid around her creek she immediately took hold of the back of my head, preventing me from seizing my attack on her pussy. At first it was hard to combine the efforts of my hand with those of my tongue, but soon I found the perfect rhythm.

The erotic sound of our fluids colliding reverberated throughout the room. My flicking and probing had caused her well of love to excrete more of her lovely nectar. With my nose so close to the source her strong and sweet odor made my mind delirious with desire.

"I-I'm-" Alice gasped. She didn't need to finish her sentence for me to understand what she meant. From the way her body was squirming from left to right I knew she was very close to an orgasm. Barely giving me any room left to breath, she rode her pussy against my face in an effort to get even more pleasure out of me. "H-holy fuck," Alice yelped appreciatively as I pushed in an additional finger. I kept lapping her as she tried to speak through her state of bliss.

"Daddy, I-I love you so much. Lick me harder! Do me until I'm no longer able to think about anything else but you." Charmed by her words I began swirling my tongue around her swollen clit, knowing fully well it would push her over the edge.

"I- I am coming, Daddy!" She yelled as an avalanche of her secretions hit me right in the face. Her whole being trembled as I tried my best to keep up my rhythm. Her legs and arms tightened and I was afraid she would crush my head with either one of them, but fortunately she kept her legs wide and her arms along her body. When her breath was no longer robbed from her lungs and her body had calmed down a little I stood up.

I stretched my back and sat down next to Alice again. "That was incredible." Alice panties had dropped to her ankles and were completely drenched. "I'm glad," I gave her a smile. "Now it's your turn," Alice said with an evil glim in her eye. I hadn't dared to ask her for anything in return, but the truth was that the whole spectacle had made me horny as fuck. Still it hadn't been me who was in desperate need of 'distraction'. "Alice you don't have to," I objected as she pushed down my torso on the carpet and removed her panties.

"I know but I want to," she giggled mischievously, causing her tits to wiggle. "Show me your muscles, daddy. I wanna see them." Her tender hands tugged at my shirt, desiring that what was underneath. "Alice, are you sure you-" "Take it off," she commanded coquettishly. "Yes madam," I joked at her sudden change of attitude. Not minding it at all I quickly got rid of my shirt. "Good," Alice whispered wantonly, "now take off all your other clothes too." I blinked dumbfounded before undressing myself.

Alice didn't allow me to stand up so I ended up struggling to get my pants off. "Here let me help." Alice fumbled around with my belt and somehow managed to get my pants looser.

Just like that she stripped me naked in a blink of an eye. My cock was already a bit wet from pre-cum. The glans stood proudly on top and gaped at the sky.

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"Wow," Alice muttered in awe, "it… It's huge." "Now, now, don't make me arrogant," I said a bit embarrassed by her remark. Alice giggled at my sudden vulnerability. "Daddy, I love you… I love you so much. I'll do anything for you," her cheeks flushed slightly pink and even though I had the feeling she was playing with me, the impact of her words wasn't lost on me.

The small wall I had rebuilt to properly control my desires was smacked to pieces by the wrecking ball that had followed her declaration. As a consequence my cock grew massive, absorbing as much blood as it possibly could. "W-would you mind?" Alice asked timidly while she reached for my cock. "Not at all." Alice hesitantly enclosed her hands around my shaft. "It's so warm," she muttered astounded. "That would be the blood that's gathering inside." "Ewh, you didn't have to describe it like that," Alice complained while smiling.

"Okay, I'm going to move now," she notified me. Her hands crept around my member, slowly conducting pleasure throughout my body. Inside Alice's gentle hands my cock twitched at her touch. "It's mesmerizing," Alice said eyes fixed on my genitals. "You can do it a little more vigorously, if you want to." She wasn't experienced with hand-jobs so I figured I would give her some directions.

"O-okay." Alice took my words as holy and soon her strokes became more vivid. The sudden change of pace shot an incredible pleasure throughout my body, causing me to grunt softly. "Does it feel good?" Alice asked curious. "Yeah." In fact, I hadn't expected to be aroused that much. Especially since it was merely a hand-job and that form a beginner. "I'm glad," Alice smiled, "I'll make you feel even better." With a lot more confidence she crawled herself closer to my cock and pushed out her chest.

She guided my dick to the spot in between her breasts and squeezed them together. "Holy shit Alice," I muttered, my member cradled between her huge breasts.

"Am I doing this correctly?" Alice asked, her adorable inexperience shining through. "Y-yeah, now you only need to move up and down." "Like this?" She pushed her tits upwards along the shaft until she reached the head and tentatively tipped my glans with her tongue. The wet sensation made me tense up and I groaned softly. At first her efforts were sloppy and lacking, but when she had figured out my sensitive spots it felt better than I could've hoped. After a while I was ready to come, but just before I could Alice stopped her movements.

"Not yet," Alice tightly squeezed her hand around my dick, "I want you inside of me." She didn't bother waiting on my response. Instead she straddled me and pressed her pussy on my glistening glans. She was still wet from her previous orgasm, making the entrance easy as pie. With me being already so close to the edge, it was extremely hard to not immediately explode inside of her.

It took all my energy to keep my orgasm at bay. When I didn't thrust myself further inside she began to ride me instead. My skin was burning with delight every time our bodies found each other. Alice was towering above me, her beautiful face looking down at me and her tits bouncing seductively. I let my hand travel to one of her breasts and stimulated her small pink nipple.

My effort wasn't in vain as Alice released an energetic moan. My rod was plunging into heaven and proudly deployed the pleasure that was rapidly coursing through my body. The whole scene was just insanely exquisite. "Daddy, can you hold on a little longer?" Alice implored, her breath disjointed. Although I felt the divine waves tearing down my defenses, I answered positively. Alice immediately took up the pace and squirmed around so that my cock was batting against her g-spot.

I firmly clenched my teeth together and tried my best to hold on to the slippery cliff of sanity. Alice cried out with pleasure as I answered her hips. "Yes, baby, I want to hear you." I moved harder and harder, our symmetry being more than perfect. "So good," Alice groaned her voice hoarse. Her body began to quiver letting me know that I could finally drop myself into the charming dark below the precipice. Everything around me melted together as Alice and I came as one.

Shattered into a thousand pieces I let my semen flow into her. We lied exhausted on the floor for a while, soothed by the wind that stroked against the roof. "I wish we could stay like this forever," Alice disrupted the silence. "So do I, so do I." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next day Emma and Alice had to go to school again and I had to attend work.

It wasn't until evening that I saw the two again at diner. "How was school?" I asked. "Good! My swimming team has been nominated for the national games. We'll have to swim against the best schools in the country!" Emma beamed enthusiastically. "That's amazing, Em!" I smiled broadly. She always worked hard for her team. She never skipped training and her motivation had a good influence on her teammates. Besides being the best swimmer in the team, she also pushed every member to the ultimate limits.

"Yes, it's great! I still missed you though." "Well I missed you too, even if it was just for a few hours." I couldn't help but smirk a little. We hadn't seen each other for merely a few hours.

It was kind of cute. "And you, Alice?" I turned my gaze towards Alice who was sitting diagonally of me. "I-I missed you too!" Alice peeped as her whole face flushed pink with embarrassment. "I meant how your day went," I grinned. "O…" She looked at the floor in shame.

"I wasn't really paying attention at school." "What?" That wasn't anything like Alice. "Is it because of your mom?" "That is part of the reason." "Did Emma distract you again?" I sighed. "No…" "Then what is the other part of the reason?" I stared her in her brown eyes, pushing for an answer. "It's just some guy named Michael… He wouldn't stop talking to me," she sighed, finally saying what was troubling her mind.

I let out a low grunt. Someone was trying to hit on Alice. Normally I wouldn't have bothered and laughed at the fact, but this time I felt strangely uneased. "If he pushes things to far, you'll come and tell me right?" I asked her. "Of course!

I won't let him do things I don't want to," Alice said with confidence. Still I wasn't sure about whether she could hold true to those words when pressed into a nasty situation. Alice had always been shy and tolerating. That could very well come back to haunt her… Or me.

"I trust that you do." I took another bite of my food before I heard the telephone ring. "Excuse me," I excused myself from the table and went to pick up the phone. "With Daniel." I never spoke my last name to anyone. "Hey Daniel, with Lara," an excited voice echoed through the phone. "Hey, how are you doing?" I replied casually. It didn't go unnoticed that Emma and Alice were keeping an eye on me. "Fine, fine thanks. Hey, do you have anything to do tonight?" Her voice spoke volumes.

"No, not really, but I need to get myself some sleep so I'll be going to bed early," I swallowed heavily. Emma's gaze was fierce and already asking me for an explanation. Alice had averted her eyes and was looking sadly at her food. "O, but once I'm done with you sleep is the last thing you'll think about. I'll be there in about fifteen minutes!" And with that last message she hung up the phone.

Confused by how she got our telephone number I laid down the phone. This was not good. "Who was that?" Emma cut straight to the chase. "Lara," I spoke softly, a little ashamed to speak her name in front of my two daughters.

"What did she want?" "She wanted to come over." "And what did you say?" "I said she could come over if she wants, but that I'll be sleeping early. Emma, honestly it doesn't really concern you," I grew tired of her questions. "Well if you sleep with her it does," she said dryly. "Emma, please." Even though she had a very valid point, I didn't fancy an argument with her.

"I can't imagine another reason for her to come her." "I said I told her I would go to sleep early, so I don't expect her to push things," I said surly. "You should've declined her," Emma kept going. "Maybe I should have. We shall see." I dropped myself back onto the chair and ate the rest of my diner, signaling that this argument was over. When we had all finished our plates the doorbell rang. "I guess that's her," Emma muttered sardonically.

I ignored her and made my way to the door. Just before I opened it I realized my mistake. Lara had been at the party; the exact same party where I had kissed my own daughters. How fucking stupid to invite her over. As fast as the wind I ran back into the living room.

"You have to get out now! Take the back door!" I shouted my body trembling. If Lara knew the truth everything would come crumbling down. Alice immediately sprung up from her chair and looked at her sister. Emma reacted more calmly, staying on her seat. "What the hell is going on?" Emma looked up from her phone.

"She was there! Goddamned she was there at the party Emma!" I exclaimed agitated. "You mean Lara?" "Of course I mean Lara!" My hands were up in my hair. "We already met her," Emma said unperturbed. "What?" I blinked my eyes in puzzlement. Alice's sighed in relieve and sat herself back down on her chair. "When she came down the stairs all messed up she saw us sitting on the couch," Emma explained.

"But-" "She just glared at us for a moment before rushing over to the door." "W-what? That can't be true," my eyes were wide open with shock. It was true that I hadn't anticipated Lara running into the girls in the morning. "We didn't dare to tell you," Alice whispered. "O lord, what have I done wrong?" I threw my hands in the air. If it was true what the girls were saying, then it would be fair to assume that Lara knows something is not right… Messed up even.

Would she be here for an explanation? Was that why she said I wouldn't be thinking about sleeping? "Open the door, dad." Lara had been pressing the doorbell vividly in the past few seconds and it was starting to hurt our ears. I said a silent prayer before heading to the door again. "H-hey Lara." I couldn't keep my voice from shaking. "Hey Daniel," she gave me a blunt kiss on the lips. Bewildered by her sudden gesture I set a step back.

"Mind if I come in?" She asked but didn't wait for an answer. Pushing me aside she hung up her coat and moved into the living room. While holding my breath I followed her. Once inside she let her eyes run from Alice to Emma.

"I see…" She closed her eyes before turning back to me. "I-I… Let me explain," I began. "There is nothing to explain," her eyes looked at me with something I could only call pity.

"We kiss each other on the mouth all the time! It-it's our normal greeting," I tried to reason, but even to me it was an obvious lie.

"You don't need to explain," she said again her eyes fixated on mine. "Let's go upstairs." Her hands pushed me on my back and urged me to go up the stairs. Before my head went around the corner I managed to throw a look of total confusion towards the girls still sitting in the living room.

Their mouths were basically hanging on the floor. Lara impatiently ushered me to my room. When we reached my chamber she pushed me onto the bed. She cocked her head to one side and gave me a stern look. "You shouldn't let your sexual desires seep out like that. I know it's just a kiss to you, but when others see you kissing your own daughters you can be dead sure your life will be ruined." She paused for a second then continued.

"I've done some research and know by a fact you are the father of those children, so don't you try to deny that. Even though your entire past is a mystery and all the information I could get on you was through the previous principal of my school. You see, I know that both Alice and Emma have gone to the primary school where I now teach.

You were registered as the father. If it weren't for that I probably wouldn't have found anything. I don't know what happened in your past and while I'm sure it wasn't pretty, you mustn't indulge yourself in incestuous activities, especially in public places. I know you must be drowning in lust and longing for the female touch, but you shouldn't affect the innocent with the demons you carry," she sermonized. My body felt numb. My voice was stuck in my throat, unable to speak or laugh at her lunacy.

How dared she to even think I would exploit my daughters like that. I did it out love. What did she know? My hands started to tremble, my eyes spat fire. I rose up, ready to sacrifice everything by throwing her through the door.

Despite my anger, she gently placed her hand on my chest. Her fingers were curled as if she were to grasp my heart. "Let me help you," she caressed the words with her tongue, "let me be the one to still your insatiable hunger." Her fingers traced from my chest to my stomach.

It felt warm, but all I could think of was her insanity. Somewhere in the back of my mind my conscience shouted: 'You have to keep her quiet!' and I knew he was right. It was the easiest way… Her hands smoothly went down to my thighs and disposed of my belt. Knowing fully well that the girls were still sitting in the living room I had to suppress the huge repulsion that was swelling up inside of me.

Going to the party had been the worst decision of my life. She had seemed so… Not insane. Inside me my feelings battled with each other.

Should I nip this in the bud and risk my entire life or continue with her madness and betray the trust of my most beloved beings in the entire universe?

I didn't know the answer and so I stood transfixed, unable to perform any actions. At the moment she pulled off my pants I had found a temporary solution. "I appreciate your help, but can we wait until we're alone?" I negotiated.

"But we are alone," she gave me a sly smile. "No, downstairs-" A gasp from my throat interrupted my speech. Lara had quickly removed my boxers and was holding my semi-erect penis into her very cold hands. "Less talk and more silence," Lara said as she wrapped her mouth around my rod. My mind was running at a 130 miles per hour. She already took me into her mouth, what the fuck?

While I was stupidly staring at her bold action she swirled her tongue around my shaft. Her annoyingly beautiful blue eyes were aimed upwards and looking at me full expectation. All my moral instincts told me to pull out, but I couldn't deny that it actually felt quite good.

Besides, you've already abandoned all your morals anyway. I pushed away the vile whispering voice inside my head and tried to think of something rational.

However, I soon reached the conclusion that I should at all cost avoid to upset Lara. She had all the cards in the palm of her hand. It would be the easiest way to just keep her on my side.

Feeling nasty, it was hard for me to come, but I knew she wouldn't stop until I would. Hence I decided to forget everything around me and instead look at the stunning young woman who was serving me on her knees. As soon as I let go of the guilt that was haunting my soul, I felt pleasure boiling up inside of me. The texture of her mouth and throat hit me like a truck.

She took my dick further than both Emma and Alice could manage and it was amazing. No matter how hard I struggled to uphold my feelings of dismay my body and mind kept hazy from delight. She had made me the thrall of her sexual desires. Her red shirt hung loosely around her neck, allowing me full view of her cleavage. I reluctantly closed my eyes, the whole idea of coming as fast as I could quickly ebbing from my mind.

I wanted to prolong the intense bliss for as long as possible. Her ardent blowjob was still going strong when she decided to delicately massage my package. The stimulation elicited a verbal response from my mouth. "Fucking hell…" I sissed the words through my teeth. I pushed my waist forward, shoving my dick further inside her mouth. Lara was surprised at my sudden movement, but took me in obediently.

After letting my dick rest inside her throat for a while, she pushed her head back forcing my glans from her throat back into her mouth. Indulging into the pleasures of the flesh my breathing became more and more ragged. Noticing how close I was, Lara went all out showing her impeccable skill. She was all over the place, flicking the tip, licking the fold skin and exploring underneath the shaft.

Every sweep made a droplet fall into my bucket of ecstasy. When she cleverly used her only free hand to stroke my shaft, the bucket overflowed.

Not bothering to tell Lara the obvious, I came fiercely into her mouth. Lara gulped down every drop and although she dropped some saliva in her cleavage, she did a very clean job. The after effects struck me as soon as the bliss of my orgasm had left my body. The guilt that had pestered me only moments before had found its way back. Only this time it came at me twice as hard. Unable to look Lara in the eye or even speak a word, I hastily hitched up my underwear and left my room.

The moment I had set foot outside the door four eyes stared me in the face. Alice and Emma had been listening from their room all along and were now scolding me with their eyes. Feeling ashamed I rushed past them and into the bathroom. My breaths were deep and heavy. In an effort to calm my stomach and dizziness, I splashed some water onto my face.

It helped a little and I found myself standing bowed over the washbasin for several minutes. After a while faint voices reached my ears telling me Lara was having a conversation with my daughters.

Not willing to face my angels yet, I decided to leave them be. I raised my head and forced myself to look in the mirror. My reflection sent shivers down my spine. I had become a licentious bastard; a monster, whose pleasure buried the thoughts of morals. I had taken my own daughters' love, taken their purity and this was how I rewarded them.

I should've pushed her away. I let out a heavy sigh before stepping out of the bathroom and knocking on the girls' door.

They had been very kind to let me come to my senses, instead of immediately bombarding me with questions and accusations. "Girls?" I asked as I noticed that the door was in fact locked. "You have no business here," Emma replied ruthlessly. "Listen I'm sorry let me explain… Is Lara gone?" I suddenly found myself wondering where she was. If the girls upset her, the blowjob would've been for naught.

"She excused herself, apparently too weak to see you flip out. You should go after her and try to fuck her some more," Emma spat bitterly. "Emma please… It isn't like that at all." "Don't bother." Alice stayed quiet, most likely lacking resolve to produce resistance against her own father. "Emma, if the words you spoke to me in the past few days hold any meaning, I would beg of you to unlock the door," I said referring to her declaring her love for me.

The silence that followed told me she was considering at least. Then finally she unlocked the door. I sighed relieved. If she hadn't opened the door I would've probably kicked it in. Like an animal treating on unknown territory I set foot inside their room.

Emma was sitting on her bed, while Alice was lying on hers with her face buried inside her pillow. "Well? Explain then," Emma said her voice shred with anger. "I-I wanted to reject her, honestly, you have to believe me that I did," I looked pleadingly at the girls.

"She was giving me an entire speech about how wrong I've been and ranted on about my inner demons or something and fact is, while she did sound completely insane, it didn't leave me entirely unaffected." I heard Alice groan as I went on with my apology.

"But I didn't care. Her stupid speech about how I am supposed to feel made something very clear to me. Every doubt I had about morals and all that whiny bullshit just evaporates when I think about you two. There is nothing alive or dead that I love more than I love you." "Then why did you-" "I couldn't risk it," I muttered.

"I couldn't risk losing the both of you. She knew… She knew you were my own daughters. If she were to tell anyone…" I paused and tried to push out the unwelcoming thought that was rushing into my head.

You could've used other means to shut her up. I shook my head and focused my attention on the girls again. "I would've lost both of you. She offered to help me with these 'lust demons'.

I hadn't spoken a word, but her mouth was on my member before I could somehow grasp the situation." "Is she… blackmailing you?" Emma asked confused. "I don't know, she hasn't mentioned telling others about it, but she apparently insists on helping me out.

I don't know what will happen should I refuse her." "So this will happen again?" Alice spoke for the first time. "If she wants… I don't know." I hung my head defeated. "Then fuck her! Fuck them all! Why can't they just accept us? Why the hell do we have to be born in this damn age where everyone thinks they know what's best?" Alice shouted angrily. I had never ever heard Alice curse. I was absolutely stunned by her sudden outrage.

"She is freaking blackmailing you, yet she calls you immoral? She is sick and disgusting. I chose the fucking person I want to fuck, not her, not you and certainly not society." I was staggered. Her uncharacteristically fiery outburst robbed me of my ability to talk. "We merely kissed," Emma muttered silently. It appeared Alice had drained all Emma's fury in that one eruption.

"What?" "She has only seen us kiss, that's no such a big deal right?" Emma asked hopefully. "It was more than just a kiss though." The image of us deeply kissing at the party made its unwarranted way to my mind. Emma let out a deep sigh as Alice returned her face to her pillow. "We don't have a choice, do we?" Emma asked already knowing the answer. "This fucking sucks." "I knew this would happen. I mean look at you," Alice pointed towards me.

"You're smart, kind and insanely good looking. From your aura alone the girls already swoon." "Alice, not everyone is as obsessed as you," I said, but her words made me smile a little. I had noticed of course, but I've never paid that much attention to it. "Khuh, I'm not obsessive, you can ask Emma for confirmation.

All those damn girls at the party wrote down your name. You know that Lara passed it on to everyone right? It was sooo obvious." Alice ranted on. "Did she?" I had thought about the possibility when my name had been pulled more than three times.

"Daddy please, you can't be that blind. So is she going to come over a lot?" "I-I've no idea." "I hope not…" Alice sighed again, "I'm going to take a bath." This was the signal for Emma to take a shower and so both the girls got up.

"If something else happens, we want you to tell us," Emma remarked as she passed me through the door. "In details," Alice added before rushing after her sister. I stood for another few seconds in their room. That had gone better than I had expected… Way better. Did this mean that they simply accepted the fact that another woman would be touching me?

Sure, they had no a choice, just like I hadn't had a choice moments before, but still. Shaking my head I returned to my room and threw myself on the bed. The fuck did just happen today? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next morning I wake up with two faces hovering only centimeters above my head. Strands of blonde and brown hair were lightly touching my chest.

"What the-" My eyes shot open. I could only barely keep my torso from shooting upwards. "Daddy, can we ask you for a favor?" Emma is hovering above my startled face and smiling like an idiot. "I do believe you owe us a favor anyway." Alice's face was right next to Emma's.

In contrast to Emma, Alice's eyes were only half open. She must've been a victim of Emma too; probably dragged out here by her sister.


"Why are you two so close to my face?" My heart was still racing from their little prank. "Why not? Anyway, could you take us for shopping this afternoon?" Emma goes straight for her objective. "Aren't you seeing your mother today?" "No, that's tomorrow.

Come on, will you please take us?" "Yeah, sure whatever," I mumbled. Why did they have to ask me that now? Couldn't they at least wait until I was out of bed? "Thanks daddy." Emma gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Behind her Alice was looking sulky and I sighed. I knew what she wanted. "C'mere," I beckoned her forward.

Giving me a cheeky smile she moved in. Her kiss was way more intimate than the casual one Emma had just given me, taking me by surprise. As soon as our lips touched she pried her tongue through my lips, initiating our French kiss.

She harvested some saliva from my mouth and swallowed it down. The kiss was passionate and when she finally departed from my lips I was left panting. "Thanks, Daddy," Alice giggled mischievously. Emma gave her sister an angry look before dragging her along out of my room. Alice was going to have to explain that one. "Well, better prepare for work I guess." I let out a yawn and set course for the bathroom.

That afternoon I was waiting in my car at the entrance of my daughters' school. I would've brought my motorcycle, but I didn't fancy taking two girls on one motorcycle. The school was like any other and to be fair looked kind of boring.

The walls were made of regular bricks and the window frames were painted a boring white. The entrance consisted of nothing more than two gigantic white doors. After about five minutes of waiting the girls came ebulliently skipping out the entrance. They weren't alone. A very familiar girl was happily skipping along with them; their best friend Rachel. Rachel was almost two years older, making her 20 years old. She was gregarious girl, always making small talk with whoever she pleased.

However, she was also a dominant figure. She knew very well what she wanted and always seemed to get it. It wasn't like she was spoiled to the bone. She would just exhaust every option available until she felt content. Furthermore, she was a very ambitious and clever girl. Whenever I saw her, I got reminded of my younger-self. She was beautiful as well and with my two daughters' one of the most desirable women of the entire school. Her slightly curled black hair, tanned skin, oceanic eyes and captivating smile were enough to ensure she would get herself a very handsome husband.

Add to that her strawberry lips and well-shaped figure and you had yourself a hell of a woman. I definitely liked the girl and I had a feeling she liked me as well. Their eyes were scanning the area for a glimpse of my car. When they finally found me, they almost ran towards me, their skirts fluttering in the air. They were dressed almost identically. Alice wore a blue skirt, Emma a red one and Rachel a black one. Their stockings were indistinguishable and the only thing setting them apart besides the skirts was the amount of cleavage shown.

Alice showed almost none, but her shirt didn't cover her shoulders. Emma was completely naked above her tits and her cleavage was much more notable than that of Alice.

Rachel was right in the middle and displayed a modest cleavage. As they drew closer I rolled down a window allowing Emma to peek her head inside. "Is it okay if we take Rachel with us, daddy?" She asked brightly.

"Yeah, sure. Hop in." "Shotgun!" Rachel suddenly cheered, her eyes twinkling with an impish delight. "W-what?" Emma looked as if she had just been kicked in the stomach, while Alice gaped at Rachel like she had just done something unforgivable.

Without paying much attention to the evil gazes of both the girls, Rachel proceeded to open the door to the front seat. "Do you mind?" She winked at me cutely as she took her seat. I shrugged. "I don't mind." I didn't particularly care about which girl would be sitting next to me, but there was one advantage to that girl being Rachel. Emma and Alice were now in an impossible position to 'accidently' brush against me.

Every time they had done that, it had been very distracting. "Girls, are you going to remain outside or are you two going to get in?" The two of them were still managing their anger next to the car.

It took another few seconds for the girls to drop the matter and take a seat. "So where did you want to go?" I impatiently tapped my fingers on the dashboard. "Just take us to the mall," Emma said curtly.

"Okay, misses sour." Emma stuck out her tongue, but produced a tiny smile to let me know she wasn't really upset. I started the engine and let it roar. "Here we go, girls!" I exclaimed excited as I accelerated the car. I freaking loved my car. While we were on our way I had some light banter with Rachel.

"So you scored higher than Alice?" I laughed aloud. That was a rare achievement. "I know right?" She beamed. "Well someone deprived me of my usual study hours," Alice said accusingly from the back. "Yes, we had a busy couple of days." A disturbing image of Kate inside a prison momentarily filled my mind.

"O, I almost forgot!" Rachel suddenly blurted, "Did you know that Peter is out for your ass, Emma?" I could practically feel the heat streaming towards Emma's cheeks. Her eyes were wide with shock. "Not here stupid!" Emma wailed. "Besides you already told me that when he was giving me weird glances in the canteen." Rachel giggled playfully. "I guess I did." I saw an evil shimmering appear in the corner of her eyes.

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"It's not such a surprise with a chest like yours." "Racheeel!" Emma uttered her embarrassment. Rachel didn't care in the least for either my presence or Emma's objection and went straight to fondle Emma's tremendous breasts. Emma crawled as far into the corner as she could with Rachel trying her utmost to grope her from the front seat. If she was going to do this, she should've just let Alice ride shotgun. It didn't take long before Rachel gave up on her assault and refocused her attention on me.

"Found yourself a girlfriend yet?" She happily gawked at me. "Rachel, you ask me this every time you run into me." "I know! I just can't understand that a man like you doesn't have a girlfriend. It's like the whole world has gone mad!" Rachel proclaimed loudly. "Dad has very specific preferences," Alice said matter-of-factly.

I knew this was a tease, but Rachel reacted nevertheless. "O, is that so?" Rachel was more than intrigued. "No, that's not so. I think Alice speaks for herself." Damnit Alice. "Daddy always takes us to nude beaches if he gets the chance," Alice continued ignoring my remark about her. "It's not my fault those damned beaches turned into nude beaches all of the sudden!" I bellowed. I heaved a sigh and calmed down.

"We're here." In front of us stood the pride of our town: the shopping center. The streets were packed with people and the chatter of hundreds of people colored the sky. When we were all out of the car Emma was the first to speak. "Can you please wait here?" Before I could object to the idea of standing by the car for what would probably the entire afternoon, she ran away with the other two into a passing crowd.

"Hey!" I shouted after her, but to no avail. Defeated, I hung my head down. This was going to be an amazing afternoon. As time progressed the sun got heavier on my skin prompting me to quickly seek refuge in the shadows of a lost pillar. With my back against the pillar I allowed myself to doze off. "There you are!" Emma and the others were standing at the other side of the street waiting for a green-light. Their hands were occupied with numerous of bags. "Finally," I mumbled not hard enough to be heard.

I was just preparing myself to get hugged to death when all of the sudden I saw something suspicious occurring behind the girls. Cautiously I abandoned the pillar and cracked my fingers. This could turn ugly. With slow steps I set foot onto the street, ignoring all the voices that invaded my ears.

Smoothly maneuvering myself through the crowd I passed the girls without saying a word. They instantly knew not to interrupt me. I pushed my way through until I finally reached my destination. I fiercely placed my hand around the shoulder of my subject, who was walking in front of me. "Hm, what do you want?" The guy turned towards me, a menacing look printed onto his face. It was a guy in his early twenties, dressed in a long dark coat. His hair was unwashed, his body slim, and his posture lacking.

He was probably an addict. "I want my daughter's wallet." My voice is cold, my hand tightly grasped around his small shoulder. Realizing I was onto him his eyelids part open an extra millimeter. "I don't know what you're-" "Now." My eyes pierced right through him and tested his masculinity.

He tried to return the stare, but soon backed down. His hand reaches for something into his pocket, but what he brought out was not the wallet I was looking for. It wasn't even a wallet. "DAD!" A faint scream probed its way into my brain. Alarmed by a sudden sparkle I swiftly pressed my fingers further into his shoulder.

The pain in his shoulder prevented him from raising the knife he was holding and allowed me to use my free hand to punch him right in the face. My knuckles clashed on to his nose with an incredible force. I could hear the tiny bones snapping beneath my fingers. He did a step back to keep balance, but didn't release his grip on the knife. Spite the blood spouting from his nose; he refused to give up his pathetic weapon.

He screamed a vile cry and took a stab at my stomach. Easily dodging his feeble attack I immediately crushed his shoulder underneath my hand, bringing him to his knees. The pained grunts of the young man brought a grin to my face.

I have no mercy for those who try to take my life. His knife dangled loosely in his bloody hand. All his arm-strength was entirely drained by that one move. I leaned over, bringing my face to his. "The wallet," I demanded. He didn't react to my command, too busy expressing his pain. There had formed quite a mass around us.

There were tons of people standing in a circle around the event, including the three girls who were struck with freight. "Alright then," I took the knife from his hand and examined his pockets. I found several watches and wallets (including the one that belonged to Alice) spread across all kind of hidden pockets. I nodded in satisfaction.

"What's going on here?" A stern voice inquired. Next to me was standing a police officer. "Jeesh, what has happened to him," his face contorted with disgust when he saw all the blood that originated from the victims nose. "Did you do that?" The policeman grabbed me firmly on the shoulder clearly intending to cause trouble.

I sharply turned my head towards him so that he could see my face. "You?" He exclaimed surprised. His immediately lifted his hand of my shoulder and offered a tiny bow.

"I'm sorry for interrupting you Sir," he muttered as polity as possible. "Don't worry, you had no ill-feelings. More importantly, could you please take this thief to the hospital?

And make sure that these belongings find their way back home," I pointed at the possessions scattered across the ground. The policeman did what I asked and tried his best to ignore me.

"What the fuck…" I heard Rachel whisper, trying her hardest to grasp what was happening. Feeling rather calm, I got up.

"Alice here's your wallet," I gave her the wallet and gently took her face into my hand. "Always be careful of your possessions," I whispered softly into her ear. I let my cold aura slip and returned the smile to my face. "Okay, let's get back to the car," I announced and pushed the girls away from the still mumbling crowd.

While walking the pavement the girls finally snapped out of their trance. "Holy shit that was amazing!" Rachel exclaimed excitingly. "I was so scared he would wound you. When he pulled that knife…" Alice was shaking her head. "Daddy, you're so cool.

He didn't even touch you! Where did you learn that?" Emma brimmed with pride. "The way you kept so calm. You clearly knew what you were doing," Rachel agreed. "You could see him steal my wallet from the other side of the street, while I didn't even feel a thing," Alice's eyes looked at me as if I were an immortal or something. "Yes, daddy you were amazing! I'm still shaking a bit though." "Girls, girls, there was nothing special about that.

Once I had my hand on his shoulder he was done for. Every man would've done the same, especially if he takes something from his daughter," I said humbly.

Despite my words the girls kept jumping around me and commenting on the past event. Probably they just needed to flush out their adrenaline, which is quite normal after such a deviant string of events. I had hoped they would quit their ranting when we were finally in the car, but no such luck.

In an effort to shut them up, I took them to a drive-through and got ourselves some fast-food. It proved quite efficient. Now that their mouths were busy chewing on chemicals, they calmed down a little. Our stomachs full, we came stumbling into our home.

We got rid of our shoes and walked into the hallway. "We're going to do our homework in our room," Emma said immediately. "Alright, I'll be here if you need anything," I plumped myself on the couch. The girls were all giggling as they went upstairs. Staring at the white ceiling I sank into thought.


Tomorrow Kate would come over again and although I had told myself that I didn't care, a faint wave of excitement accompanied the thought. It's just hard to ignore when your previous fiancée suddenly drops an enormous bombshell on your mind.

I had tried to just ignore it and go with the flow, but her face kept popping up at the most random times. The most unpleasant thing about it was that she was always crying when I thought of her. Every single time she infiltrated my mind tears were rolling down her face. It got to the point where I was no longer capable to picture her happy. How I would like to see her happy again… Soon my eyelids found each other and my head became light. In order to get home early from work, they required me to put in some extra effort.

Satisfied with my day so far I allowed myself to take a quick nap. Yeah, better to keep the bullshit of tomorrow for tomorrow.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Is-is he asleep?" A soft whisper rudely called me back to earth.

"I think so." "Awh, he's such a sleepyhead." Something told me the girls were done with their homework. I decided to play asleep for a while so I could seek the perfect opportunity to scare them in front of their friend. "Even in his sleep he's so damn hot." Rachel's voice had raised a few pitches.

"Seems like we could've just let the door unlocked anyway," Emma sighed. "You were hoping he would check on us, weren't you?" Alice teased. "Maybe," Emma didn't even bother denying. "Jeesh, so you weren't teasing me when you said all those things?" Rachel asked in disbelieve. The girls moved over and sat down on the edge of the couch and a nearby seat.

"Rachel, I know 100% certain that daddy would fuck you." Emma's words made my insides cringe. Why would she tell her that? "Pf, I've been dropping hints ever since I met him.

I don't believe he's that thick-headed," Rachel sulked. "Daddy just doesn't like to be polygamous. He takes his girls very seriously," Alice giggled. "What? Somehow I didn't expect that. I thought he was some kind of wild and carnal man," Rachel said trying to hide disappointment. "What he did today was so…" "Hehehe, then you should see him fuck. He can be very rough." Emma's tone sounded heated and I instantly knew she was horny. They had mentioned something about locking a door… They had probably done entirely different things than doing their homework.

Damn, I would've never thought they were this perverted. "Wow, you I can get my mind around, but Alice as well? Alice is usually so shy." "When it concerns daddy I'm very straight-forward," Alice replied. It was not entirely truthful but not entirely false either. "Demonstrate it if you dare." Somehow I knew Rachel's deep blue eyes were lewdly staring at my body.

The abrupt silence in the room almost let me hear the gears turning inside Alice's head. "It's not like we haven't touched him before in his sleep," Emma encouraged. The fuck!? They had touched me in my sleep? My thoughts were at all places at once.

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Should I put a stop to this? "Fine, I'll show you," Alice decided. I heard some rustling and suddenly there was a hand resting on my chest. The warmth of her fingers dispersed through the thin fiber of my black t-shirt.

The comfortable feeling sweetly embraced my heart. "Go on," Rachel said full anticipation. "Shh, keep quiet. We don't want him to wake up," Emma shushed. Alice fingers crept down from my chest to my abdomen. She paused at every discernible muscle, tenderly stroking them. It was amazing how she was able to express so much love through only her touch.

"You really love him don't you?" Rachel said with admiration. "Yes," Alice's warm breath tinkled my chest. She proceeded to carefully roll up the hem of my shirt to just above my belly-button.

"He has more scars than just the separation with mom," Alice murmured in a sad tone as she stroked her finger across a scar on my belly. With her touch, the memory I had buried long ago resurfaced. A memory I had almost forgotten. The air around me turned into poison, every inhale stabbing me with a thousand knifes.

I was going insane, but luckily before Alice could notice anything she got distracted by Rachel. "To be honest it looks kind of sexy," Rachel remarked.

"Are you sure you're not referring to his abs?" Emma smirked in an effort to set an atmosphere. The pain weakened as Alice's presence became stronger. Alice's face was now so close to my body that I felt most of her hair resting on my legs and stomach.

Her fingers touched every inch of my now naked flesh, her velvety skin connecting with mine. She was very cautious, almost as if I were made of porcelain. And boy did it feel good. The memory soon faded from my mind again. There was only Alice. "Use your tongue, Alice," Emma commanded.

Sure enough moments later the sudden touch of Alice's wet tongue tickled my skin. Following my happy-trail up, she dipped her tongue inside my belly button. "This is so turning me on right now," Rachel was breathing softly. "I envy you both. You're getting to fuck him every day." "We haven't fucked every day," Emma grinned. "Hey, here's a thought. Maybe we can get him into a foursome." Alice was still busy trailing her tongue back and forth and completely ignored the surrounding conversation.

"Pf, don't provoke me. Remember how angry you were when that another girl had given him a head?" "That's something else entirely," Emma sissed sharply.

"It was the same girl that he had fucked days before. Besides I didn't know of the entire thing, so it felt as if he went behind our backs. It turned out to be entirely different though. But okay if you don't fancy a foursome you should've just said so," Emma spoke with her characteristically strong attitude. "Okay, okay, you don't have to become so mad. Of course I want a foursome.

You know I love to have sex with you," Rachel said with a sudden lewdness in her voice. I could hear her walk towards the position where Emma's voice came from. "You've such luscious lips," Rachel was now practically standing at the same place as Emma.

A moment of silence before Rachel continued: "You look so cute when you're flustered." Emma softly moaned at her words and was officially turned on. Not so long after, the sound of two girls kissing surfaced. The words that I wanted to form in my mind where nowhere to be found.

All rhyme and reason had left the world and all I could do was devote my entire soul into pressing my eyes shut. Alice's mood gradually turned from determined to lascivious. Her hand was no longer on my torso, but had moved its way towards my groin. Alice swallowed audibly. She brushed her hand along my shaft that was still hiding in my pants. My dick reacted like a bull to a red flag. Defeated, I opened one eye just a crack.

Just as I expected Emma and Rachel were embraced in each other's arms, their eyes closed and their lips gratefully joined together. Their enchanting beauty dawned upon me and threw gasoline on my already fierce burning fire.

My whole body was longing to be touched. Alice was still sitting next to the couch with her knees splayed to one side, her gaze fixated on my crotch. "Wow," Alice muttered, "it just… moved." Despite my hardest attempt to lie still I wasn't able to keep my cock from reacting. Encouraged by the reaction of my body Alice grew more enthusiastic.

Her breathing grew rougher and her cheeks redder, telling me that she was probably enjoying this herself. Just as her strokes were transforming into a more ardent pattern and one hand had disappeared down her skirt, Emma intervened.

"Stop playing with yourself and come play with me Alice… Let Rachel take over. S-she might not get another chance," Emma tried to sound dominant, but her voice was battered by her lust.

"I-I don't know," Rachel said full doubt. It was weird to see her so indecisive. After what happened in the car I believed her to be sexual aggressive. Emma shrugged nonchalantly. "You can decide on it while I stick my tongue down Alice's throat." Rachel narrowed her eyes. She didn't like the fact that Emma had taken the upper-hand, but the thought of touching me was keeping her silent. In a moment of consideration she probed my body with her eyes. The fervid look she gave me whetted my libido even further and I tightly clenched my teeth together.

Somewhere in the dark and narrow back-alley of my mind I fervently hoped that she would accept Emma's proposal. Meanwhile, Alice reluctantly let go of my member and stood up. The majesty of her swaying walk towards Emma called upon my roaring beast inside. I wanted to fuck her so badly. Foreplay without the actually deed sucks. I had liked the skirts at first, but now they were hiding their very likeable asses. "Hey precious," Emma smiled lascivious at her sister. The hunger in her eyes was reflected by the eyes of her twin.

Without another word Emma went in for her meal. Grabbing Alice by one shoulder, she swept Alice's hair away from her target. All of Alice hair was now hanging at one shoulder leaving the other entirely bared. Closing her eyes in anticipation, Alice bit her lip. Emma reached for Alice's breasts while slowly hovering forwards. A devious grin was spread across her face as she deliberately prolonged her assault. "Emmaaa, get over here already," Alice pouted, her face pink with yearning.

Emma giggled and pressed her tongue against the top of Alice's shoulder. While elegantly squeezing Alice's breasts with her hands, Emma let her tongue slither ever so slowly from her shoulder to the nape of her neck. Her combined efforts resulted in an inviting moan from Alice. Attracted by the lewd sounds Alice was producing, Emma fervidly pushed her lips upon hers. Their kiss illuminated the entire room with passion as they fed each other's hunger.

One of Emma's hands retreated from Alice's breast and parted south to look for an even bigger treasure. Emma's hand rolled down Alice's stomach and found its way to her skirt.

Her fingers deftly took care of Alice's skirt, unzipping it in one fluent motion. The skirt fell like a show curtain and revealed its hidden gem. I couldn't believe my eyes; Alice was wearing a black thong. For the first time, I questioned the realism of this occurrence. There was no way I was awake. Quickly I checked if Rachel was looking, but all her attention was focused on Emma and Alice just as mine had been.

I carefully pinched myself and was shocked to find out that I was still very much awake. The smooching sounds (that were now widely distributed across the room) were pummeling against the prison of my lust.

My body was growing restless and begged me to put a stop to my facade. "I want more… Feel me," Alice groaned when Emma had granted her a brief pause. To my surprise Emma listened to her request without toying around. She must've been quite horny herself. Steadily she pushed against the thin lace barrier that was already soaking with Alice's appetite. Using her fingers Emma rubbed the black silk into Alice's slightly parted privates.

"Aaah," Alice exhale cuddled Emma's face. Engulfed by Alice's breath, Emma resumed their kiss. Down below her experienced hands had found Alice's clit. Droplets of perspiration began to appear on their bodies as a result of their internal temperature rising. Rachel was completely flustered by the spectacle.

The tip of her small tongue cutely stuck out of the corner of her mouth. I figured it would only be a matter of time before Rachel herself would act up. In a proud endeavor Alice meekly pressed Emma's skirt into the apex of her thighs. Using her middle fingers, she stroked the slit hidden underneath. Even with the skirt still in between, Emma reacted vehemently. A sharp aroused squawk slipped from her mouth. Immediately all eyes were on me, afraid I might have woken up.

After confirming that I was still 'unconscious', Emma and Alice continued their lewd activities. Emma was now effectively rubbing her palm against Alice's clit while simultaneously fucking her with two of her fingers.

Due to the stimulation, Alice was less capable of returning the favor to Emma and merely stuck to stroking Emma's vulva through her skirt. After what seemed an eternity, Rachel was finally having enough.

"Fine," Rachel whispered determined. She ignored Emma and Alice's finger banging and instead set her eyes on me. "You're fucking mine now." She had herself all worked up. When she made her way over to me, I almost screamed in desire.

Her pupils shone a light dangling sign of longing and her curled lips didn't have to say another word for me to know that she was horny as fuck. Cautiously she came closer and curled her fingers on top of my chest.

"So rigid," Rachel whispered inaudible to the rest. She let her hand run down my chest and stomach until she got to her destination. She unclasped my belt, allowing her hand passage to my underwear. While her one hand was groping my dick, her other was hiding underneath her own skirt. Due to the confined space, her hand and my dick grew exceptionally hot.

The stroking movements that she executed with perfection made matters even worse. Trying to get herself off, she wholeheartedly pleasured herself at my suspense.

I could feel my orgasm coming near, forcing me to bite on my tongue. There was just no way I was going to come in my underwear. Not only would it make a freaking mess, it could also alert the girls I was actually awake the entire time. I tried to endure her caress as best as I could, but the look on her face combined with the lewd sounds of Emma and Alice in the background made this an impossible task. My brain, already exhausted from the continuous strain, thought it would be wise to show Rachel a sign that I was waking up.

I mumbled some non-existing words and turned on my side towards Rachel. Everyone in the room was struck with fear, their breath stuck in their throats. Rachel didn't even dare to remove her hand from my crotch. "He-he just moved… Holy fuck he just moved!" Emma let out a muffled scream. "My… My hand is still in his pants," Rachel said petrified. Suddenly I knew what I could do to maybe steer the events towards a happy end.

"Emma, stop playing around like that in the middle of the night," I said sleepy as I yawned. Since the girls were always teasing me when sleeping in my bed past days, it was a fitting line. Rachel took the opportunity and immediately rushed her hand out of my pants. After I heard her rush back to Emma and Alice I decided I could wake up. With one more exaggerated yawn I opened my eyes.

As I pushed myself of the couch, the girls were watching awkwardly. They had wanted so much more. It must've been frustrating to get denied like this, their ravening lust still raging inside of them.

Quite frankly, some of their inappropriate enthusiasm had poisoned me as well. My dick was hard as rock and throbbing wildly. I had to make the best of this situation. As a man I could not let it end here. "What are you all doing down here?" I tried my hardest to sound surprised. They were all fully clothed again. "We… eh… We were bored," Emma quickly made up a weak excuse.

"So you came here to watch me sleep?" I raised my eyebrow. "Eh… No… We just happened to find you here sleeping," Emma said not very convincing. "Okay then, that's pretty embarrassing." My plan had already formed itself inside my head. "You know what?

You should show me something embarrassing in return." "What?" The girls looked at each other in confusion. "It's not so much embarrassing as it is fun though.

I would like to see what you girls have bought at the supermarket today," I grinned. I honestly had no idea what they had bought, but I knew it was embarrassing. They had been carefully hiding it from my sight ever since we had left the shopping-center. "W-What? No!" Emma's face had turned scarlet.

"Well I can of course also bombard you with more questions. For example: why there is liquid dripping down Alice leg? And why did I feel a hand rubbing my dick as I woke up?" I was an evil being. "Okay, okay, we'll show you," Rachel quickly pushed Alice out of sight and onto the stairs while Emma just shook her head and followed.

Served them well; a little vengeance for abusing my sleep. I patiently waited on the couch while the girls were rumbling upstairs in search of their items. They definitely took their time and I began to wonder if they were taking care of their libido first.

That would be a shame. Finally I heard them coming down the stairs. Instead of the usual commotion the girls were suspiciously soft on the steps. Curious to see what they would bring down I stood up and turned towards the door. "Holy mother of…" I murmured bewildered as I saw the girls appear. I had expected them to just show me the clothes using their hands… Not by wearing them.

Emma, Alice and Rachel were all wearing lingerie and it was freaking amazing. Although I like to refer to my girls as angels, they were more qualified as succubi at this time. Emma was wearing a lace booty short of the color black with carvings in it.

Her camel toe was very visible and I knew instantly she didn't wear anything underneath. The short crept in between her asscheeks and was wrapped tightly around her well-shaped butt. On top of that she matched a very thin black top that was transparent on the side and forced her tits into a push up position. Her bust was almost entirely visible and her cute belly-button was completely uncovered. Alice on the other hand was wearing black stockings with a lace G-string.

A garter belt was running across her asscheeks. While I could only see Emma's ass through the carvings in her short, I could see Alice's cheeks fully naked. The only thing she hid down below was her pussy that was covered by the soft material of her string.

Above she wore a just as black bustier that pushed up her tits and generated a cleavage to the like I had never seen before. Rachel wore a cute pink lace baby doll (a kind of nightie). The tender looking fabric lightly touched her figure and showed every aspect of her normally covered skin. Only her proud chest was blocked by the pink grace of her brassiere. Her slit was also cloaked by a separate garment of the same color. These pink panties were tightly enclosed around her genitalia.

Her round ass protruded behind her, with her lower buttocks free of her underwear. "I-I… You look amazing," I stuttered. Normally I never ever stutter, but those girls kept surprising me again and again. "You perv, forcing us to wear these," Emma jokingly accused me. She was in her element now. "I didn't have anyone to buy lingerie for so… So I bought a nightie instead," Rachel explained now disappointed with her lack of undergarments.

"Don't be ridiculous. I've never seen you as alluring as you are now. That nightie you've picked catches your beauty perfectly." Rachel's face lit up with delight and she brought her finger to her mouth. "I want you so bad right now," Rachel declared with her teeth softly biting on her finger.

"Well, since I can't control myself anymore anyway you should come and get me," I winked provokingly. Rachel quickly gauged Emma and Alice's approval rate. To me it was already clear that they wanted Rachel to participate in all this, but it seemed that my daughters weren't fully willing to stand aside.

Emma set her hazel eyes upon mine and set a step forward. To tease me even further she did a slight bent and pushed out her ass. The fabric stretched to its boundaries trying to contain the wonder that was her ass.

Emma fully intended to draw me in first, but Alice wasn't having it. She skipped the teasing and went straight for my neck. "Woah!" Her arms swung around me as she forcefully pushed herself against me. "Alice, that's not fair!" Emma complained from the side. "You were first last time, remember?" Alice laughed while rubbing her body along mine. Emma knew Alice had the high ground here. Instead of bumping Alice off me, she took a hold of Rachel and pushed her towards us. The surprised squeak of Rachel hurt my ears a little but I didn't have the time to care about that.

Rachel was now centimeters away from my face with nothing but a sheer nightgown to cover up her assets. The panties she wore underneath highlighted her ass perfectly. Right then I wanted nothing more than to bury my face deep into her behind. "What do you think?" Alice did a cute pirouette, bouncing her tits up and down. I was worried they would pop out their containers for a moment.

"Absolutely stunning. That outfit makes me want to fuck you so bad." There was so much anticipation in my body that I almost couldn't control myself. "Then fuck me." Alice got on all fours and presented me with her ass. The feeling of lust was so overwhelming that I needed to pinch myself to keep sane. "Hey, don't leave me out of this!" Rachel grabbed my hand. She wasn't losing to Alice this easily. "Pf… Daddy, I know these two girls are attractive as fuck, but I can throw you into the pits of desire and you won't ever want to leave," Emma bit her lip and slowly let a hand slide down her neck upon her breasts.

She then began to moan softly, displaying her lewd craving side to everyone. This was some fierce competition. "Holy fuck…" Were they trying to choke me on my own libido?

Jeesh. I needed relief and so I grabbed the closest thing I could find: Rachel. Her opening eyes wide, I pulled her against me. My hard cock poked her onto her stomach as I looked her into the eyes. "You want this?" I dared her. "I've never wanted anything more." Her breath smelled sweet as fruit, leaving my mouth watered. "Well baby, I'm going to come somewhere entirely different now," I chuckled at my own cheesy joke. Rachel gave me a disapproving grin before laying her arms on my shoulders.

"Why do you think I'm on all fours?" Alice interrupted not too pleased about being ignored. "For this." In one short motion I gave her ass a good smack.

"Ieeaah," Alice yelped with thrill. That one spank had already soaked her panties. A damp darker spot had now clearly appeared in between her legs. The impact had left her cheek a bit red, but nothing too bad. "Fuck," Rachel puffed aroused. I waited no longer and took her lips in custody. A hot shudder sped down my spine and poked at my bare and sensitive lust. The kiss was amazing.

Her saliva was as a drug for me. I kept sweeping the insides of her mouth, gathering as much as I could. Our tongues were intertwined, seeking our desperate relief.

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My hand moved on its own eagerly hunting for her flesh. I let my finger slide down her spine and grabbed her ass. In turn she wrapped her leg around me and grinded her wet spot against my groin. Our kiss got so intense that I had to put a stop to it. I drew a sharp breath. My body was close to trembling.

The past days everything went so quick. I had barely recovered when Emma suddenly appeared next to me. She bluntly seized the back of my head and guided my face towards her tits. "I know you like those," she said wantonly.

Her female needs gleamed behind her dim pupils, begging me to give her some very specific attention. Willing to give her this attention, I stuck my tongue in between her two perfectly round orbs. The cleavage granted me limited access to her tits, which in my honest opinion was not enough. I wanted to devour every inch of her, but with her camisole that was not possible.

So I pushed my hands underneath her bra and freed her breasts so they were hanging outside their comfortable hiding place. I took a step back and let her beauty burn into my mind. Her tanned perky tits were just perfect. Their size, roundness and firmness made me gulp. Two small pink nipples stood erected in the middle. Rachel had the tip of her little finger in her mouth and was attentively watching us and I knew neither I nor the girls could wait much longer.

"Okay, I'm going to get serious now. Are you girls ready to do whatever it takes?" I knew exactly what I wanted to do. "Hmhm," Rachel moaned affirmative. "You can do whatever you want with me, daddy," Emma purred while kneading her tit with one hand to relief herself a little. "Come on, you know I will let you do anything," Alice rolled her eyes, "more importantly, get over here and start fucking me.

I'm not in this position for the sake of it." She was still on all fours; her head turned 90 degrees so she could face us. The straight brassy hair that she possessed almost touched the ground. For the first few seconds I had to remind myself that Alice was very straight forward when it came to sex; especially when she was getting impatient. "Alright then," I removed my clothes and got down on my knees. I positioned myself behind Alice and gestured the other two to come closer.

"Would you two ladies like to have a taste of Alice's nectar?" I asked while looking at both Rachel and Emma. Rachel immediately knew what I was hinting at. She got on her knees and unclasped her bra beneath her nightie. It fell down and from her chest emerged two fine looking tits.

Emma's were probably a bit more substantial, but then again almost no girl could compare to the appeal of those of Emma. The pair that Rachel possessed was finished with two large erected pink nipples and had grown more to the front than to the side. Consequentially, her bust stuck out even more. They were perfect for the classic act of 'titty-fucking'. Rachel plopped her tits on Alice's ass and faced me. Emma, who hadn't figured out what I was hinting at, still stood standing.

Unsure about what to do she started twining her finger around her brown tresses. "Is this how you would like me?" Rachel asked tenderly. "This is just fine. I noticed that you've got some beautifully nipples," I complimented her. She had, probably for the first time, showed her tits to a man.

A bit of flattery wouldn't hurt. "Thank you," Rachel's flustered expression left me grinning. I couldn't wait to feel her lustrous lips around my cock. Meanwhile, Emma had decided to follow Rachel's example and kneeled on the other side of Alice's bum. Her well-shaped tits had already been revealed, making it easy for her to move her breasts about. "Daddy, please stop playing around. I want you inside of me… I need your enormous man-meat pounding my drenched hole," Alice moaned feverish lust.

I raised an eyebrow. That sure was some creative language she used there. "Well, well, you are quite the naughty girl, saying those words." I swept her string to the side, exposing her hairless pussy to us all.

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Drops of her juices sprang from her well of love and spilled on to the floor. The intoxicating fragrance that spread from her hole had just as much influence on my mouth as it had on my nose. Something smelling this good had to taste amazing. Unhappy with the way her sweetness that was wasted on the ground I flailed my tongue against her womanhood like a dog.

Her taste engulfed my mouth with luscious satisfaction. This was all I ever needed: the juices of a lovely woman melting together with my taste buds. Emma and Rachel were distracted by each other's marvelous tits and were feeling each other up. They were both hanging above Alice's back, twisting the other's nipples while sharing a passionate kiss.

"Daddy… aaah… I want… I want your cock!" Alice squirmed under my efforts. "Do you now?" I said not particularly caring. I wanted to taste her more before going any further. "Daddy, I can't…" Alice moaned softly. Her body began to quiver and I knew she was approaching her climax. I quickly inserted two fingers inside of her and concentrated my tongue on her clit. She must've been extremely horny to get triggered this soon. "Fuck! Holy fuuuuck," Alice cried out as she came all over my finger.

Her secretions deluged from her insides, covering my fingers in a syrup-like liquid. "Emma, give me your mouth." She obeyed like a good girl and opened her mouth to me. "Her have a taste of your sister," I pushed one of my fingers inside her mouth.

Emma reacted like an addict and sucked upon my finger until there was nothing but her saliva left. With a light pop my finger left Emma's mouth. "There is still another finger left," I hinted at Rachel. She hesitated for a short moment before opening her mouth. I held my finger a few centimeters from her mouth, tempting her to take it inside herself.

She took the bait and enveloped my finger with the wet interior of her mouth. As the taste distributed itself Rachel's eyes shot open. Her tongue ceased movement for a while. This was the first time she had tasted a woman's delight. The lewd act made her cheeks burn red. Her tongue shyly curled around my finger, collecting as much of Alice's secretions as she could. "Liked it?" I inquired. Rachel nodded slightly, still baffled by the fact that this was really happening.

"I loved it, daddy," Emma declared with her voice husky. "Then I'll let you have some more." Thinking I should finally get to business I prodded Alice clit with the head of my penis and dragged my member across her crevasse. Her soaked lips were already parted, ready to receive me in full. "You want this inside of you?" I pushed a bit harder. "Yes, daddy. Please…" Alice begged. With the sweat beads on her body and her disheveled hair, she already looked like she had been fucking for hours.

She was in desperate need. "As you wish." I gently eased myself into her. While my cock gradually sank into her, Alice speech restricted itself to licentious moans. I drove myself further into her until my balls touched her ass. Her walls strongly contracted around my member in a futile effort to keep it prisoner. After relishing in her wetness for a moment, I pulled back. "Yes, yes, do me harder now, daddy!" Alice panted suffused with ecstatic thrill.

I slammed my cock harder into her than before, causing her to cry out in delight. My pace quickly grew harder and faster and Alice couldn't get enough. She passionately met my every strike, her ass smacking against my thighs. Emma and Rachel were drooling all over each other as they viewed the spectacle. "Get over here," I puffed. I withdrew my cock from Alice's grip and presented it to the other two lewd beauties. My fully hard throbbing dick was totally drenched in Alice's fluids and was now a few inches away from their mouths.

"You can lick it all you want," I said smugly. Emma was the first to stick out her cute tongue and lap up the liquid that almost fell onto Alice's back. As soon as the first movement was made, Rachel dared to touch my penis as well. She touched the shaft with the tip of her tongue, exploring the feel and taste of this rod in front of her.

Emma rapidly increased the intensity of her swirls and was all over my cock. She even brushed away Rachel's cute attempt by taking the entirety in her mouth.

"Holy fuck Emma, go easy on me here," I grunted overwhelmed by her oral skills. She released me from her mouth and gave me a cute smile. "Okay, daddy," she winked and gave Rachel a signal. Rachel hesitated for a split second before enclosing her hand around my shaft. She opened her mouth and placed the head inside. Much to my surprise she went on the full offense, prying her tongue into every sensitive spot.

She bobbed her head back and forth while granting me access to her throat. If I wasn't very careful I would come into her instead of Alice. When it became clear that Rachel wasn't going to let go I reluctantly backed down myself. No matter how amazing that was; I wouldn't be able to handle too much of those. I repeated the procedure another two times before I concentrated fully on Alice. My mind was already wavering, warning me of an upcoming orgasm.

My relatively mild attack on Alice puss had made way for complete onslaught. I rammed my cock into her harder and harder, my balls ferociously smacking against the hood of her clit. "Owh god!" Alice erupted around me. Her juices flooded from her hole as she came hard. Quivering from the intensity of her orgasm, her arms collapsed underneath her. Only her ass was still off the ground while I pounded myself to paradise. "Take it all baby," I sissed as I made my final thrust.

My engorged cock spewed as much semen as it possibly could into her. Alice was still mid-orgasm when the warm liquid gushed inside.

My cum mixed with her fluids inside of her. Drips of the evidence of our love spilled on the floor. I took a brief pause to gather my breath and pull out, causing more of our products to hit the floor. Despite my orgasm I was still rock hard. I guess my dick already adapted to the fact that I would have sex at least twice. Rachel and Emma glared intensely at my filthy cock.

I knew what they wanted, but I also knew that I could only give it to one of them. Unless… "Both of you clean one side, so don't take me in your mouths," I instructed. Without rebelling (which was quite impressive for Emma) they began licking their respective parts of my cock.

The soft rubbing of their fine tongues was extremely soothing, especially since my cock was still a bit sensitive from before. Rachel had been observing my mate session with Alice very closely.

I hadn't considered, but she may have been still a virgin. Based upon that recently found knowledge I decided to fuck her last. "Emma, stop licking." I gave her one simple command. She immediately obeyed and backed off from my cock. As she curved her back and sat herself on her knees her rack gracefully bounced upwards. She was now kneeling a few inches away from me; a faint blush on her cheeks.

"I'm going to fuck you next." My words had the desired effect. I could practically see Emma swoon at my declaration. I moved away from an exhausted Alice and towards an excited Emma. Curious to see what I would do she bit her lip in anticipation. I curled my fingers and ran them gently down the side of her neck. Her skin was heated and soft like an intense embrace. My fingers soon reached the bare top of her breasts.

The moment the top of my fingers touched her there Emma puffed out her lung capacity in one go. She twisted from the sudden sharp jolt of pleasure that flowed through her body. My hands roamed her body, stroking her thigh, grabbing her breasts and squeezing her buttocks. I pressed my hand underneath the delicate fiber and freed her marvelous mammaries. The tanned skin she had inherited from her mom enwrapped her tits elegantly. It made me want to devour every piece of her.

Feeling her breathing through her chest, I could tell she was aroused. With a satisfying smile, I massaged her well-sized puffy nipples with the palm of my hands evoking a soft moan from her lips. While rolling her nipples in my fingers, my hands moved in a circular motion. I pushed my body against hers and with a kiss I brought her to the ground, her brown hair cuddling her face. "I'm going to take you so hard." My cock was fully recovered and ready for the next trip.

"Daddy, I want you like this." Her sultry voice sent a tingling sensation to my lower body. Emma placed her hands on my chest and urged me to lie down on my back. "Stay." She gave me a mischievous smile and hooked her thumbs underneath her shorts. Then, very slowly, she began to strip. The tight short didn't go down easily though. Emma's legs were pressed together, her ass slightly pushed backwards as she removed the cover in front of her pussy.

The striptease she was performing heightened my senses. My eyes were blocking everything that wasn't Emma. The moment her pussy was about to be uncovered, the shorts dropped down to her ankles. There she stood, fully naked with her puss dripping wet. There was no pubic hair, just a bald deliciously looking slit. Emma smirked and did a little pose to whet my appetite even further.

She crossed her slender legs and leaned against the wall, her gaze expressing a deliberate sultry look. Rachel was watching us from the sides, trying to hide the fact that she was touching herself. "Do you want it, daddy?" Emma licked her lips and opened her pussy's lips to grant me a look.

She was fully aroused, her clit stood out and her lips were swollen. The pink insides were dripping and waiting for someone to penetrate her. "Yes, yes I want you," I heaved heavily with more than just a tinge of lust. She got rid of her top and exposed her breasts. Before I could even adore the view, she sashayed her way over to me. When she arrived at my lying body she hesitated for a moment.

"Rachel, undress and come over here." Emma had thought up another plan. Rachel's breathing quickened and she remained transfixed to the ground. "Rachel, hurry up! I want to double-team this man, but I can't handle myself if you don't come over here right now." Emma couldn't wait much longer to find her sweet relief.

Meanwhile Alice had recovered and watched Emma with a proud smile. After Emma's remark Rachel's mind finally snapped back into reality.

With the speed of light she had dropped her nightie and panties on the floor. "Okay, here's the deal. I'll take him down below and you'll take his tongue. I really need his cock inside me," Emma explained as if I was some product to be sold. "I'm fine with whatever," Rachel panted. "Do I have any say in this?" I raised my eyebrow at Emma.

"No. Just lick her puss and fuck me… Hard," Emma had taken direct control. She must've been crazy with arousal. "Well, since you ask me so nicely." "Here I go." Emma straddled me, placed herself upon the head of my cock so that she was facing me and let herself slide down along the shaft.

The grip of her pussy was so tight that I couldn't help but grunt. However, I didn't have the time to sit back and watch Emma ride my cock to heaven because Rachel had made her way over. Her genitalia were already hovering above me.

She possessed a neat pubescent strip of pubic hair, opposed to Emma and Alice. I took a deep breath and wrapped my arms around her waist. Knowing my intentions she squatted down and led her clitoris to my mouth with the guidance of my arms. She didn't pull through entirely and stopped an inch from my mouth.

Meanwhile, Emma was speeding up the pace and was fervently slamming herself onto my cock again and again. The mass that was her ass bounced up and down with the rhythm. "Rachel, you better get a grip or sink further down. You will fall like this." Rachel was balancing herself above me and giggled at my words. She abruptly dropped her ass full force on my face and dragged her wet spot all over my poor skin. As she crawled forward to give me some normal breathing space, she gave me a daring look.

"Woops, I fell down. I'm sooo sorry," Rachel's playful sarcasm showed her confidence had returned. "You'll be sorry indeed." I still had my hands on her thighs, even after she had 'fallen' on my face. The aroma stemming from her love hole infiltrated my nose in grace.

I brought her lower lips to mine and let my tongue curl upwards along her pussy. The little princess Emma, who was still riding fiercely on my cock, was very pleased with Rachel's sudden drop. In the process of her fall Rachel had moved into the range of Emma. Without delay, Emma leaned forward and pressed her lips on one of Rachel's tits. "This is payback for what you did in the car," she mumbled.

"Nnh…" Rachel's soft response was as music to my ears. I let my tongue swirl, twirl and whirl all over her rear and occasionally nibbled on her clit. "So… So good. Fuck me with your tongue!" Rachel's lewd declaration made Emma grin. She knew how it felt to get a good treatment from down below. However, since she was concentrating part of her energy at Rachel, her hip movements had deteriorated.

Not satisfied with her decision on a sudden pause, I thrusted myself into her as far as I could. The act made Emma yelp with surprise.

"Wha… I needed… Ugh… I needed a pause… I don't want to come yet… longer daddy, I want you longer!" Emma panted as my shaft poked at the opening of her uterus. Enflamed with pleasure, I had no trouble focusing on both Emma and Rachel at the same time.

Rachel, who had wanted me for a long time, was close to losing control. Having her pussy devoured by an older man made her young mind spin. I spread her ass further open and dared myself to sporadically toy with her asshole as well.

When my tongue hit her ass for the first time Rachel yelped in surprise. Although my main focus remained her clitoris, the rare pokes at her other hole seemed to make her go wild. "Yes, give me more. I'm so close… more…" Rachel humped her behind against my face.

"Me… hng… me too," Emma moaned in total bliss. The whole scenery was simply amazing. Two stunning girls riding a man for shared pleasure. Even Alice had become horny again, stimulating herself in the corner of the room. My unrelenting thrusts began to take their toll however. My brain felt hazy and I knew I had to work fast. I called in the help of my fingers to pinch Rachel's clitoris and made sure to hit Emma on her clit with every thrust. "Fuck, I'm… I'm going to-" Rachel's body thrashed about and I knew this was it.

I slurped up her product as she came on my face. I finger banged her a little more before she withdrew and rolled over onto her back, panting from exhaustion. Emma was still hanging on by a thread; a thread that I would gladly cut.

Now that my hands were able to reach Emma I used them to further incinerate Emma's pleasure. At first, Emma's tits had swung about freely, bouncing with the rhythm, but now I had taken over this automatic pilot. I kneaded her tits into my hands and gave them both a strong squeeze. "Aaaah!" Emma's expression of lust sang into the air. Her walls contracted sharply, signaling her upcoming orgasm. Feeling a bit naughty, I pulled her breasts forward by her nipples.

Emma made a whorish sound as my cock rammed into her one final time. Emma's back arched from the pleasure flowing through her body. With a groan I erupted inside of her, shooting leans of semen inside her womb. Not soon after my orgasm was fading, but Emma was still quivering with delight on top of me.

Unable to hold her position, she let herself top drop on my chest. Her soft hair tickled my torso as her body was trying its hardest to recover. I gently pulled out and gave her a kiss on her forehead. I slipped away from underneath her and set myself upon my remaining objective. The only one I hadn't fucked yet: Rachel.

She was lying on the floor, her face buried in her arms. Intending to surprise her, I snuck up behind her. Then, with a sudden growl, I caught hold of her behind. A startled yelp slipped from Rachel's mouth. "Wha… wha… what are you-" "I'm going to fuck you," I said dryly, but unable to hide my seemingly insatiable lust. "Oh god…" Rachel purred in prospect of getting another orgasm.

My hands ran from her buttocks to her waist. Once arrived, I rotated her from her stomach to her back. Rachel's hair had been rumpled up by our previous encounter and covered up part of her pretty face. In a soft manor I brushed away the black straws of hair. Her eyes followed my every move, restless with hankering. I smiled down upon her. The way she was lying beneath me, all vulnerable and obedient, defied her usual wild side. I wanted to feel her even more, so I gallantly let my fingers drift towards her bosom.

As the tip of my fingers drifted from neck to her breasts she raised her head and gave me a kiss. This wasn't a gently 'I love you' kiss, but a fierce passionate kiss born from greed and sexual hunger. She hungrily sucked on my lower lip before our tongues clashed in the small space that was our mouths. Meanwhile I kept fondling her handful breasts. I rolled one of her nipples in between my fingers, causing Rachel to utter a moan inside my mouth. After toying with each other's tonsils for what seemed an eternity, Rachel retreated to catch her breath.

"I-I can't believe this is actually happening," Rachel cooed glancing at me full with admiration. "I've come to learn that one needs to accept the good things in life, even if it seems so unreal at first. Before you know it, the chance might've passed by." Her lips curled into a smirk.

"I'm only too glad to accept this. I wonder if you're even aware of what you do to us women." "And I wonder why we are still talking." I gave her a hungry look.

Abandoning her breasts for the time being, I positioned my cock at her entrance. Before I entered her I gently tickle her behind her ear, which made her moan with unexpected pleasure. Some women, if not all, have those special spots where they like to be touched. "I cannot wait any longer. My insides are aching for your cock," she squirmed around and pressed her labia further around my member, "do me already." Compiling with her request I pushed my entire length in her in one go. After all, Rachel had shown she liked it a little rough.

Since she was lying on her back her tits would cutely wiggling around every time I shoved inside her. "Hnng. aah…" Rachel's soft moans gradually grew louder and naughtier. Only weeks ago I hadn't dared to even dream such an incredulous display, yet now I was fucking her on the floor. "You look beautiful." The remark wasn't just to make her happy, I really meant it.

She was absolutely breath-taking. I observed her every move, trying to figure out her sweet spots. It was harder than I had imagined, since her reaction was all the same no matter where I touched her. It seemed like her whole body was extremely sensitive to the touch. "More… More…" Rachel begged me to please her every sense. The slippery walls of flesh enclosed around me were growing warmer and wetter by the second and I knew this was going to be though.

Seeking further affection I leaned further forward, connecting my body with hers. Whilst I was grinding my hips between her legs, our lips reunited with each other.

Our tongues swirled and swung as one, clearly enjoying each other's presence. My thrusts became slower and more passionate. Her hands were on my back, exploring the texture of my skin and underlying muscles.

The saliva that was exchanged between us left wet trails on our lips. As time flew by I became more and more avid to find my release. Hence, my rhythm began to speed up again, each trust encouraging me to go even harder. Rachel wasn't able to cope and threw her head back while moaning loudly. "Nhng… Yes, yes fuck me right there. I've never felt this good… You make me feel… Aah…" Rachel tried to convey her feelings to me, but ended up moaning and panting again.

I was now actively ploughing her pussy with a fast constant speed. A tickling sensation emerged from my genitals. I was getting close… "Ah… I-I'm…" Rachel's nails dug in my flesh and I knew what was coming. Rachel violently threw her head back causing dark wisps of hair to fly through the air. The lower part of her jaw hung half way, displaying the tongue I had sucked on moment before.

I pierced her a few more times before I too succumbed to my lingering orgasm. Our groans mixed up together as I exploded inside her. Having already come a few times, there was less semen than before, but Rachel's insides didn't seem to care. She savored every drop inside her, squeezing out all that I had.

As her trembling began to subside, I placed my lips along her neck. I softly scraped my teeth against her smooth skin, only to gently suck on it a second later.

Rachel mumbled some satisfied gibberish under her breath, enjoying the act to its fullest. Repeating the process I placed hickeys all over her neck. The evidence of my presence would be stuck onto her until she would find herself some concealer. "Daddy's so naughty," Alice panted her hands sticky from her masturbation session. "O my, I got all hot again," Alice's had an erotic expression on her face. She crawled to me on all fours and separated me from Rachel.

"Ugh, Alice… I know you like daddy, but it's a bit harsh to skip me like that. Like I can't satisfy you anymore," Emma murmured in protest. She was still lying on the ground, her limbs spread to both sides. Normally she would be the one Alice would turn to.

"But you can't smash a cock inside me, can you?" Alice flashed an exaggerated smirk at her sister. "Pf, don't pretend you didn't like it. Besides, I'll have him first. You got to start so I want him first now." Emma got up and swayed towards us. "Emma, please!" Alice slammed her arms around me in an effort to enforce me as her territory. "Begging won't work, Alice." Emma had reached us and sat down on her knees. "Aw, come on sis," Alice put on her puppy face. I sighed and closed my eyes as two desperate girls were pulling me from left to right.

Unsurprisingly, I didn't catch much sleep that night. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next day she arrived. The bell rang throughout the house, alerting anyone with ears. I made my way to the door and opened it with such a force that I mercilessly startled poor Kate.

"H-hey, Daniel." Her eyes were aimed at her feet and her flush was clearly visible under the ray of sunlight. It left me wondering whether she reacted like that out of shame or out of desire. "Hey, Kate. Come in, the kids are still upstairs." I lead her into the living room and she follows me tenderly. Her timid behavior kept surprising me.

When I had met her she was so full of confidence and joy. Life has gotten the best of her. The only time I see a glimpse of her old self is when she's talking with the girls.

Maybe that was part of the reason I let her talk to them without much fuzz. The girls had heard the bell as well and were coming down the stairs. "Do you want something to drink?" I asked Kate. It was still weird to treat her so formal. "Hey girls," Kate gently smiled towards the door. Alice was shyly tiptoeing in the doorpost while Emma was too stubborn to enter the room first.

"Want a drink?" I threw the question at the girls to lure them in. "Yes, sure. A coke please," Emma was the first to come in, with Alice close on her heel. "Hello," Emma nodded stiffly to Kate. "Hi mom," Alice smiled weakly. "How was school today?" Kate commenced the conversation. "It was alright," Emma said stern. "It was amazing! In English class we discussed Shakespeare and Ken Kesey. At first Shakespeare seemed undoable, but when class was over I had a feeling that it is readable.

I try to get daddy to buy me more books, but he says that if he were to buy all the books I want, the entire house would be full of them. He should just buy another bookshelf!" Alice blurted enthusiastically. It was a rare sight to see Alice talk more than Emma. "Yeah, daddy also promised me to help me with my homework, but he never does," Emma said using her fake sulky expression.

"That's not true. If you want to gossip about me then please wait until I'm gone," I rolled my eyes before leaving the room. I opted for a shower. My day had been a long one.

After a breakthrough at work which cost me an incredible amount of time, I had made the stupid decision to visit the gym. The cold water streamed down my face and poured down my body cleansing me of sweat and potential filth. I was kind of curious as to what the three girls were talking about, but I had to trust them.

Without trust all of this wouldn't be possible. Thinking about trust, I suddenly thought of Rachel. Was she to be trusted? Had it been a mistake to allow her so close to me? Sure, she had been all but rebelling, but what would've happened if I had decided to shut her down? The kind of relationship I was in did not allow mistakes or misplaced trust.

One foul play and it would be the end. I sighed and applied some shampoo to my hair. The resulting smell was a pleasantry to my nose and I briefly forgot about all my earthly worries.

After staying like that for a few more minutes I had enough. I got dressed and spent the rest of my time reading in my chamber before I got called downstairs again. Alice and Emma were smiling as I entered the room. The conversation must've been going well. "Hey girls. So what's the matter?" "Mom wants to talk with you," Alice said happily. "O… I guess that's alright," I shrugged my shoulders. "Alone." Emma's expression changed from happy to an emotion I could only describe as suspicious as soon as Alice spoke the words.

"Sure," I said not really caring either way. Kate herself hadn't spoken a word yet. "We'll be in our room." Emma grabbed Alice's arm and dragged her to the stairs, obviously eager to deal discuss matters with her sister.

"See ya mom!" Alice waved before disappearing. Kate warmly waved back. Seeing a glimpse of her youthful innocence made me gulp. "Daniel I." Kate's voice was hoarse as she once again gathered the courage to face me. "What is it?" I took a chair and sat in front of her. "It's just. I don't want us to be like this. Every time I see you I feel this need to be with you. I-I don't know why, but even after all these years I feel connected to you." Her brown eyes were full of sincerity.

She conveyed her feelings for me in an honest matter, so I decided to give her mine as well. "I must admit, you haven't left my mind either, but. I can't help but associate you to the pain I've felt," I explained to her. I wasn't a softie or anything, especially not after she left me, but I had to be real to my feelings; merely looking at her stung at my heart.

"I understand that. I would hate myself too. I just can't stand it to be only able to look at you. I want to talk to you and be able to touch you… Although I know I can't." "We can talk.

I don't mind that." "I don't mean small talk. I want to talk to you like we used to. Our late night conversations for example," she gave me a shy but devious look. I instantly turned red. I knew exactly what she was hinting at. "I've so much cropped up inside of me… I want to share that with the only person I trust." "Do you know how much I've missed you in that cold cell?

I had decided while in prison that I shouldn't try to see you again, because that would be selfish. It wasn't until after I was free that I realized I don't want to live anyway if I can't see my family." "O, come on Kate." I couldn't believe she pulled that card.

"It's true. I've nothing else to live for. The only family I have is here. I've missed you." I sighed. "Do you know how much I missed you after you left me? That empty feeling in my heart grew bigger and bigger, until I decided to fill it with all the rubbish I could find. I'm no longer the man you fell in love with. If you only know what I've done and the mistakes I made you wouldn't-" "I don't care, Daniel!

I've made mistakes too. I want to forget about our past. I now only live for you… you and my daughters." "But I've learned to live without you…" I lied. I had learned to cope without her, but there had always been a hole in my heart. Seeing her sitting her in front of me I knew that I wanted to be with her. But… There was no way I could get together with Kate again… She would surely find out about my relationship with our daughters.

She would tear us all apart. She would love me for a while, then find out, then leave me and take the children with her. I would be left alone… "Don't do this to us… I've never stopped loving you… And I know you've never forgotten about me," Kate grabbed my hand.

"I've missed your touch so much." "Kate…" Tears formed into my eyes. I wanted to give her another chance, but I just couldn't.

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It would destroy my life. "Please Danny," she used my nickname to appeal to my soft side. "I-I can't." I avoided eye-contacted. She was ripping me apart. "You can… You are stronger than to linger in the past. I'm here now… After all those years I'm here now.

You're the reason I got through that living hell. Danny…" She leaned further forward, trying to get me to look at her. "Kate, we can't…" My eyes blinked rapidly, shooting from one place to another. "We can start it slow. We can-" "No, Kate we can't," I said coldly.

I couldn't risk it. No matter how much I wanted to. Kate looked down in defeated. It was as though I had hit her with a brick. The resulting silence sent shivers down my spine. Kate never let go of my hand and was the first to speak again. "Then at least give me one last kiss," Kate squeezed my hand. There were tears in the corner of her eyes. "Kate…" I whispered her name.

Although my head was turned away from her, my eyes were in the corner of their sockets so they could look at Kate. "You can grant me that much right? Just give me that and I'll leave." "I don't know," I muttered. My breath was torn. Would I get addicted to her once again? "But you do." She brought her hand to my face and ran her fingers behind my ear. "I know you do. I can still see it in your eyes." A tear ran down my cheek.

She still knew me so well. One last kiss… I turned my head to face her, she was now openly crying too. The tears dripped from her brown eyes and tainted her smooth skin. Our faces drew closer, each filled with pain: hers because she couldn't be with the one she loved and mine because I couldn't give up on the ones I loved. Her breath gently brushed against my lips. Our eyes piercing through the other's heart, seeing our connection still hiding underneath all the suffering we had endured the past years.

She closed her eyes, sending another tear down her cheek. I did the same. As soon as our lips touched I felt my heart break into smithereens. I still loved her. I had missed her so much.

Neither of us broke contact. My lips rested on hers, as if they had always belonged there. My body started to tremble, my senses were numb and a high pitched sound infiltrated my ears… I must overcome. WHAM! With an absurd loud noise the door to the living room swung open. Kate and I shot away from each other, startled by the intruder. I was just about to get angry when I saw who it was: Lara. She scanned the room with her eyes. "Who-" My voice was hoarse and forced me to cough.

"Who let you in?" I tried again. "Daniel, you had promised to come by me today," she whined ignoring my question. "I don't know what you're talking about." I didn't remember such a promise. I just wanted her gone. She couldn't have picked a worse timing. I wanted to focus on Kate. "O, well I see you have a visitor." Lara came closer towards us. "Yes and we're currently having a private conversation." "I see. Well I better return later then," Lara said smugly before she promptly kissed me on the lips.

She pulled away so quick that I wasn't able to react. "Have you been crying?" She frowned. Her hands were on her hips almost demanding me for an explanation. "I-I have to go," Kate hid her face, clearly upset. She must've thought that Lara was my present lover. She stood up from her chair and turned towards the door. "Kate wait," I snatched her by the wrist, trying to convince her to hear me out, "Don't go I-" "It's alright.

I understand," she whispered unable to look at me. She shook herself loose and made for the door. "Jesus, Kate this isn't what you'd think!" I shouted after her. I rushed out of my chair, but Kate had already accelerated and was exiting through the door.

I ran outside, not caring about my socks, but she had already disappeared into a side-street. How was she so damn fast? "O. I'm sorry." Lara muttered from behind me. "What the fuck, Lara! Who the fuck let you in?" I was boiling with anger. How was I going to explain to her that Lara was in fact not my fiancée?

"Fuck!" I punched the wall in defeat. I had already hurt her by rejecting her, but this… This was just cruel. "I. Who. What happened?" Lara uttered confused.

"You can't just kiss me like that! We aren't dating, we've never dated and we will never date, do you understand?" I almost screamed at her. "I know. I didn't know she was someone special to you," Lara genuinely expressed guilt. I found it hard to determine whether she was the bad guy here. For some reason she seemed to seriously express worry for me. She was practically trembling in fear, her head bowed low. So vulnerable… This wasn't the kind of girl who would blackmail me. I sighed.

"Well you couldn't have known. Still I would appreciate it if you call me before you head over. Who let you in anyway? I didn't hear the bell." "I-I-I b-believe it was Emma who saw me heading for the door. She opened it b-before I could ring the bell," she stuttered. "That timing…" I scratched the back of my head. Lara had come here for a reason and I knew that very well. However, right now I had to worry about Kate. I had to try and call her. "Why are you here?" I asked hoping she would deny her purpose out of pride.

"I came to see you, of course," she smiled. Well shit. "I'm not particularly in the mood right now," I scowled, letting my voice carry a hint of anger. I knew she was scared as fuck, but I really couldn't deal with her right now.

"I-I understand," she nodded politely. "Also, I put up with your little act of a villain, but despite its short performance I already have had enough. You're not the type to press someone into something they wouldn't want.

In the short time I've known you I can tell that much. You didn't need to rely on these cheap tricks the first time we had sex. I don't understand why you would use them now. They don't suite you." Lara just looked at me in full confusion. It wasn't until a few seconds later that she responded. "I-I never tried to make you do things you did not want." Her voice was vulnerable. "You said that if I didn't have sex with you, you would tell." "I didn't say that. I only tried to help you!" She said with watery eyes.

"Help me how? You just wanted me for sex," I said calmly, not falling for her facade. "No, I-I just thought it would help with your urges." "Then why did you research me?" "Someone told-" She abruptly shut her mouth. "What?" "It's nothing. I. eh. just had a bad feeling about it." "Lara, who told you what?" I urged her. Did someone else know about me? "I can't. Just forget it," Lara said suddenly violent. She did a step back. "Lara!" I firmly took hold of her shoulders.

"Tell me!" This was important. There were some guys that I'd rather not have meddling in my private world. "I told you it's nothing!" She screamed, jerking herself loose. "I need to go now." Before I could say anything else she left through the door.

"The fuck is going on?" I murmured with disbelief. Everyone was leaving me behind in confusion. "What happened?" The girls had come down the stairs. Their activities had been disrupted by the noise. "Why did you let her in?" I asked Emma a bit irritated. Things weren't going my way today. "She asked if she could come in…" Emma said plainly not understanding the problem. "You know I was talking with your mother! Yeesh…" I sighed.

"I'm going to make you something to eat and then I'll have to visit your mom asap." I figured that a simple phone call wouldn't do it.

"We'll help you." It was more a statement than an offer. "That would be appreciated." I didn't feel like cooking at all. With the help of the girls the dishes were done quite easily and we found ourselves eating at the table twenty minutes later. "What happened with mom?" Emma finally dared to ask, "She left so suddenly." "She didn't appreciate the kiss Lara gave me," I said bitterly, "I can't blame her." "Hm, you two aren't together anymore.

Why should she care?" Emma took another bite of her food. "Because she cares." My voices came out harsher than I had intended. "O, okay, I didn't know you would get angry." Undoubtedly offended, she broke eye-contact and stared at her food. The following silence was interrupted by the ringing of a phone. It wasn't the usual melody of our house phone however. It was my work phone that was called upon. "Excuse me, I have to take this," I stood up and fetched the phone from my pocket.

"Daniel," my voice was hard. I didn't have the mood or time to deal with bullshit from work. "Yes, why? . What? Right now? . That can't be. She just left… alright I'll be there in ten." I hung up. My hands were trembling, my face drained of its blood. "What is wrong?" Alice asked sensing something was not right. "I have to go," I said almost in a whisper. "Fuck, I need to go!" I sprinted to the hall and snatched my coat from its holder.

Having no time to go by my working place I rushed to the bookshelf and got a gun from inside the drawer. "Dad, what the hell is going on?" Emma shouted no longer interested in her food. Alice looked at me with panicked eyes. Their eyes were glaring at the weapon in my hand. "She… She did something stupid… She's in danger…" I spoke the words but couldn't believe them.

Kate… What had she done? To be continued. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Author notes* Dear all, I've returned after a few months with part 2 of my story.

Sorry for the long wait, but this has drained up a lot of time. The whole story (part 1+2) is now about 110 pages. Hence, this part is quite long (60+ pages), but I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry for the spelling and grammar mistakes, if there are any. Last author comments: - Some have told me they want an anal scene, which I will consider for the next part.

- I tried to write this with emotions considered. - Part 3 will probably be the last part. - Rachel will serve further purpose and come back in part 3 - Please give your suggestions/feedback in the comments below. - I'm sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes