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Kinky cunnilingus with a busty babe in a crotchless fishnet bodystocking
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Fun in the Sac by mrmovie fantasy and reality ( This story is dedicated to (Funinthesac) my ever so loving penpal, which will also be playing the part of Dawn. Also I left out what people look like and so on for the purpose that readers for a change can use their imagination.

) ( This story can happen to anyone. ) It all started when I got married the second time. I should explain this first. My first wife just got married to me so she wouldn't have to work so hard to pay the rent with her girlfriend. After a few months of marriage, all she wanted to do was party all the time. Like the time I went to my moms house because we ran out of diapers. I came back home the next morning to find her in bed, ( our bed ) of all places, with another man.

Needless to say after the countless, ( I'm sorrys ) and the countless times I forgave her-----one day while I was at work, ( which of course I heard about later ) She heard there was a party going on downstairs from one of her friends and all she did was go to the party, had a few drinks, while looking off and on at the guy that was holding the party for sometime, then walked up to him and said: "I heard you wanted to fuck me".

Then walked upstairs and left the door ajar. Soon after he went upstairs and fucked her. Frank I believe his name was. Well------after four years of marriage, she left me and moved out of town with Frank, I never saw her again or our son. I was depressed for sometime. All I did was drink.

A friend of mine said to get over it because she wasn't worth crying over. Well, one day I went out to get more beer and I seen a girl that always came in the 7-11. She noticed I was getting beer.

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Of course, for sometime we had exchanged glances at one another from time to time but never said anything, even when I was married. Perhaps I was looking to feel wanted, something clearly my wife did not give me.

Anyway, Dawn was bold enough to ask me if I wanted to go out and drink with her ? Sure I said, "Would you like to walk over to my apartment first so I can drop off this beer." "OK." We soon got to the bar and she ordered a pitcher of beer. ( This was before they started that bar rule that you had to have three people at your table before serving a pitcher.) Dawn was a beautiful woman, she had those bedroom eyes and for some reason, for the first time in awhile, I felt relaxed and good about myself.

She had this certain sadness about her, like putting on a smile that hid her sorrow. She could not very well hide what I could see within her. We had talked about things that made us feel lousy but managed to make ourselves feel better just by each others company.

At one point during the conversation, she reached out and held my hand, even though I wasn't talking about anything sad at that moment, it was comforting all the same.

Dawn had told me that she knew my friend Max and knew what was going on through him when I was married. I was now wondering why Max didn't tell me about this ? No matter I thought.

She told me how much she thought I was cute and asked if I would want to go out with her ? Of course I wanted to ask her the same thing but was too afraid to ask. I really got excited when she asked me that. "Lets" I said. After four pitchers I was buzzed. I asked her if she wanted to go back to my apartment, she said she would but had to call her mom first. (She lived with her mom) Back in my apartment, not to spoil anything even if both of us wanted to, we just laid there on the bed holding each other and took a little nap.

I woke up a couple hours later and just looked at her as she slept yet she woke up a minute later to find me watching her, she just smiled as we both found ourselves kissing one another tenderly. That moment of our embrace felt warm and real, it seemed like I never wanted to loose this feeling. I may have had a hard-on but for the first time in my life I wasn't concerned with myself or my needs and in that instant, a new love had taken over that replaced the one I had for my x wife.

I was soon kissing her neck when she surprised me by taking my hand and guiding it to her breast, I knew Dawn wanted me that moment, yet for some reason I felt somewhat reluctant and held myself back. I gave her breast a gentle squeeze as I kissed her then released my hand and pulled the covers aside.

I got down to the foot of the bed, between her legs and started kissing up and down her legs. When I came close to her honey hive it about drove her wild with anticipation. That moment she was waiting for never came as I soon kissed up her stomach to her neck then back to her lips. After a few minutes I rested on my side, looking at her and relishing in the moment.

She looked at me and said: "That was great honey, but your a real cock tease ya know that, hell I thought only women did that" ? "I just thought I'd take my time, the desire is there as is the overwhelming love I feel for you as well as from you, I just didn't want a quicky and somehow that feeling go away, for some reason I really respect and think of you highly".

After a few days she invited me over her moms house for dinner. I came by around 5 that evening. Dawn had introduced me to her mom Tina that was sitting down in the livingroom watching t.v. She briefly said Hi and ignored me ever since I sat down. However during dinner she was grilling me about everything and made me feel worthless. Hell I got enough of that from my x wife !!

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She thought all men were useless except for one thing. Yet I wouldn't see anybody come over here the way she treats people ! When I left to go home I could hear them arguing and thought to myself if this was even worth it ? I really have alot of feelings for Dawn but her mother is just like my x wife. Five months had passed and between those months we had talked about marriage.

Dawn came over and asked me if it was OK if after we got married that we live with her mom ? She knew she was asking alot, but how could I say no to her, she was so sweet.


Two months later the big day had arrived and no sooner after I said "I do", we were in her room, which now was ours. Living with her mom it seemed to me like I was living with my wife and x wife.

One that was loving and caring and the other that just kept giving me crap. One day Dawn had come to me with a strange request. She had said Patty, her best friend that was at our wedding, was going through a difficult time. I asked her what she ment ? "Well.her husband Richard is going through a malpractice suit". "Well what does that have to do with us" ? "It so happens that his doctor was giving him medicine for anxiety but his office has been so busy that he got the wrong prescription, twice, and now.well.left him impotent".

"Again, what does that have to do with us" ? "Patty has been my best friend for years, and well.I said we would help her out, I really feel for her". " her out, how" ? "Well I basically volunteered you to do the job that Richard can't do".

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"Now I'm supposed to pay their light bill or something" ? "Come on now, I guess I'll have to spell it out for you.I told Patty that it would be alright if she came over once a week and got some good hard dick.she tells me she hasn't had it for close to a year as it is" ! "I know I didn't discuss it with you first and I'm sorry for that, but she would do the same thing for me if that happened to you, and of course I believe, you of all people, being a kind and unselfish person that you are, would not see me go unhappy" !?

"Your right, I wouldn't, even though it would hurt me knowing your in another mans arms, yet for the purpose at hand, I would understand knowing that your heart really belonged to me". "So will it be OK with you" ? "Well you practically arranged it already". "You know I'd do anything for you honey but sometimes I wish you would fill me in on stuff before hand, yet I imagine women do that in general just to make sure whatever they want done, gets done" ?

"Patty will come by every Thursday around 3, you will wear a sleeping mask because the only thoughts I want you to have are of me, your hands will be tied to the bedpost, just to make sure your hands don't touch things that will excite you too much, because in all fairness I'm doing this as a favor for a friend and even though she is my best friend.well I'd like to keep it that way, and in doing so.well, she won't get too excited either".

"I thought it was best and asked her not to say anything or engage in any conversation, so please, no talking". "Boy, you really put some thought into this one". "Well sometimes you have to, and thank you honey".

Wednesday evening at supper Tina was ragging at me for not helping out enough around the house, according to her. It just seemed like all my mother-in-law lived for was to yell about anything and everything and make me feel like crap.

Anyway later on was much more relaxing when Dawn and I made love. At one point Dawn was moaning as usual when she road me but what made me smile with satisfaction was the sound of Tina's bedroom door slamming in disgust of what she wasn't getting. Although I didn't hear her come up the stairs, I wonder how long she was in the hallway listening or if she even peeked in ?

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The next day came and at 2:50 Dawn and I had went upstairs. She had teased me by taking her shirt and bra off as she tied my wrists to the bed then put the sleeping mask on. I soon felt her gently stroking me til I was hard, then said she was going down to wait for Patty.


I heard the door open and close but didn't hear anybody talking but I did hear someone come upstairs and go in the bathroom. Soon, whoever was in the bathroom came in the bedroom and closed the door, this had to be Patty.

Silence seemed to fall over the room for a minute before I heard what sounded like a robe falling to the floor. She walked over to the bed and just stood there, I soon smelled pussy under my nose as if she stuck her finger in her snatch and then put it under my nose.

The aroma made my dick rock solid, I guess thats why she did that. Satisfied at what she wanted to achieve, she climbed up on the bed and sat down on my shaft, taking it all in. She moaned silently as she moved her hips back and forth.

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It seemed as if by not seeing anything, I was excited enough to stay hard without getting too excited to get off right away. She felt a little heavy but not too bad. Patty moved her body up leaving my dick to flop out of her as she brushed her breasts back and forth against my face, then at one point held one breast steady over my lips long enough for me to suck as she moaned again.

I sucked her tit greedily yet this only lasted long enough til she was satisfied, then sat back down on my shaft. She seemed to take her time, slowly moving about and sometimes lifting herself up just to move back down again on my shaft. She was sure having a good time grinding herself on my shaft. I had no idea what time it was but she had been riding me for sometime. After a while she started moving her hips furiously as she moaned with delight when she came, then got off of me, wiped my dick off with a towel, then moved her mouth up and down my shaft a few times, then all I heard was the door close.

Dawn came in to untie me but first she thought she would take full advantage of the situation and balled me til I came.

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I thought it was quite strange during dinner that Tina wasn't yelling at me or anything, strange but nice for a change. Late that night when I knew everyone was asleep, I took the video camera I hidden and went downstairs in the basement.

I don't know why I taped this, I guess I was just curious. Anyway, I put the tape in and pressed play. There was Dawn tying me up, there she is leaving the room.waiting.what the fuck !!!??? It wasn't Patty at was Tina. I can't believe she lied to wonder Tina wasn't yelling at me at dinner.

What should I do ? Should I tell her she lied to me and have one big argument ? No.if this is what it takes for Tina to be nice to me, as well as save myself an argument, yes, it's better just not to say anything.

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After a month of this, the fourth week I thought I'd put an end to these shenanigans. During the time Tina was about to cum, I said: "Oh ya baby ya, get some Tina, get some". As soon as I said that she froze for a moment. "Yes I know and it's ok, all you had to do was ask". From that point on, whenever Tina wanted some, I went to her room.

In the aftermath, there was no more yelling or anything. -----------------------------------------------------after----------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you enjoyed this, however if some of you readers did not, I don't really care, lousy comments come from lousy people !!