Cute Skinny Columbian gets fucked good

Cute Skinny Columbian gets fucked good
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Dear Diary, So I molested stupidname again. I was actually kind of surprised that he even came in today, but as a weeks-old employee he basically has 0 vacation time accrued and he already took three days when I "broke his heart" (lol), so he probably figures he's already at -3 days and he needs to hedge his bets against having to quit before I corner him in a nap room and fuck him in the ass.

Believe it or not, he even tried to man up and stand-up to me today (so adorable!). Yesterday was yummy I'm not even gonna lie. I mostly just wanted to. ya know, iterate on yesterdays beta test (turn that minimum viable molestation into a minimum delightful molestation).

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So I hung out in the hallway waiting for Margo to fika, and when she left I strolled over to stupidname's desk and shoved his head a little roughly, knocking his stupid gay pink headphones off his head.

He looked up all butt-hurt until he saw it was me, and then gave me those Bambi-watching-his-mother-get-shot-eyes that I've come to adore. I'd left him alone all morning so I think he thought he was off the hook or something. Anyway I said "FIKA TIME", and he blinked, glancing at the clock horrified, realizing that I meant to drag him to Margo's office and make him suck my thumb while I played with his humiliating cock-tent again.

I could see him re-live the entire episode yesterday, and as he did, he slowly glared down at his desk blushing, kind of cringing away from me and finally he said "um. Rebecca." Honestly kid, if you were going to say something, yesterday was the day. You're not going to let me claim your mouth yesterday and then use it today to talk your way out of anything. Besides, I'm on a clock here ya know?

I don't have time for backtalk.

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So, since everyone else in his area was in the data-planning meeting and there was no one there to see, I went ahead and interrupted him by violently smacking his keyboard up and across his desk. it landed upside down like 4 or 5 rows away. He actually screamed a little bit as his probably beloved and no-doubt carefully over-researched brushed-aluminum bluetooth keyboard noisly cartwheeled across the sea of Thunderbolt displays.

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Well it wasn't exactly a scream it was more like a cross between that terror-squeek from yesterday and a sobbing, petulant 'aww do I have to?' sort of moan. "FIKA TIME" I repeated myself "dont make me say it again". And he shot up, already red-faced and almost crying, and walked quickly and purposfully to Margo's office. I have to say, I'm still a little taken aback that he's actually obeying me.

I mean really that ANYONE would obey me. Like, a huge part of what's making this so fun for me is my own expectation that he will call bullshit on me, and laugh in my face and tell me to go fuck myself, which is completely what I feel like I deserve. But every time he doesn't, I feel a little bit less like it's what I deserve. Like by his actions, he's confirming that what I ACTUALLY deserve is whatever the FUCK I command him to do.

It's a pretty great feeling. I think when I'm done with stupidname, I'll probably level up. Try to do this to someone who isn't 19 and sexually repressed to the point of being broken by his midwestern conservative-christian upbringing (just a guess).

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But I digress. Anyway, I follow him in there, and this time I make him close the door. 'close the door bitch' I told him, and he did (HE DID! lol).

He didn't say shit, he just pushed it shut like a good pet, letting it click like it had yesterday, flinching a little bit at the sound of it. Then he starts trying to negotiate with me again. "Listen Rebecca." All trying to sound reasonable but just coming off like he was completely shitting his pants. Really kid? This again? I was beginning to think the little shit was actually stalling for time, and I wasn't having any of that, I had a plan today. "Shut up".

I interrupted. "shut the fuck up. That's my mouth" fixing an angry finger at it, "I say when you work it. I don't have time for the pathetic little speech you memorized last night between jacking off to the image of me owning your mouth and crying yourself to sleep in shame because it turned you on.

I don't give a fuck how you feel about it. Shut up and turn around." Boy I must have really hit that nail on the head because he audibly gasped at the 'jacking off' bit and gave me this look like 'oh my god do you have cameras in my house or something?!' and then he started seal-bark-sobbing like the first day I heard him like all: BWA!

BWAHAHA! (lol). "I SAID TURN AROUND BITCH" I snarled and he spun with his hands at his sides all balled up into fists like he was a soldier executing drill. A pretty, extremely weepy soldier. "Knees." I ordered (I'd planned to say 'on your knees femboi' or something badass like that but, at this point I was so fucking excited I could barely hold still).

He almost immediatly dropped to his knees for me, but then he paused, and fought with himself, and then he lost, and then dropped to his knees.


It was actually hotter than if he had just dropped without thinking about it. He was still a little too tall down there, the top of his head just above by belt line. "Spread your legs". He did, but wow that really set him to crying for some reason.

Did he think I was going to kick him in the nuts or something? I guess boys don't like spreading their legs when girls tell them to? Duely noted, (I mean someone really ought to be writing this shit down). "Wider bitch", and again he obeyed. He'd been still just a teensy bit too tall, but that got him where he needed to be. This whole on your knees thing literally burned 45 seconds, and I didn't want to waste this much time sizing him for my crotch again, so I told him "Remember this exact position.

This is position zero." Then I quizzed him on it just to make sure he was listening, because he seemed pretty distracted today: "What position is this?" stepping up behind him a little bit more, peeking down over the top of his head. Yup, he'd already made a tent for me. Dang boy. more like a.

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I dunno what's a really big tent? A yurt? It took him a few seconds more to process the whole 'position zero' thing; the fact that I was suddenly defining an indexed list of physical positions that I would expect him to assume before I had my way with him was no doubt a bit jarring for him. That it was a zero-indexed list, the implication that the cardinality of this list would no doubt grow above 1 as I continued to molest him day after day for an undisclosed length of time.

I mean I can empathize. It was a lot to take in. Of course it could also be that he was trying to compose himself to the point where he could literally say the word "zero" without sounding too pathetic. But when it came out it was still pretty pathetic anyway hehe.

Like a barking-huffing vocalization 'zee-hee-row'.


mmmmmm, I don't mind telling you diary, that at this point I was already nice and soggy, I wish I could have drawn it out some more.

like make it last longer before I actually laid hands on him, but I was on fika time. "good girl" I congratulated him, lacing my hand across the back of his cute designer hair, down past his forehead and nose, and hooking all four of my fingers into his mouth. He whimpered pathetically as he parted his lips for me, willingly surrendering his mouth to me for the second time.

"there's my pretty little mouth" I whispered at him. He formed his lips around my fingers immediately this time, maybe not wanting to drool on himself like yesterday? It just struck me as. intimate. A more rapid escalation to his acquiescence than I would have expected.

Anyway, I didn't over think it, using my grip on his mouth to pull his head up and back into my crotch, so he was facing up at me while I rubbed myself out on the top of his head, smiling down at that massive boner of his. Of course his eyes were locked sideways to avoid me like a fag.


"Look at me" I ordered, and his teary eyes flicked up to mine, still leaking water, his cheeks fire-engine red now. "good.

Keep your eyes on mine". I didn't hold his eyes though, I just wanted him to watch me stare at his cock while I brought myself to orgasm on his gap-model haircut. I wondered momentarily if he'd take it out for me if I told him to -- his dick I mean -- but that wasn't today's plan and I didn't have time to go too far off script with all the time we burnt between backtalk and positioning.

"use your tongue." I ordered; he could only see me with one eye now since my forearm was across one side of his face, forcing him back into me with probably some uncomfortable force as I ground my hips into his head.

But I could see his eyes well enough to see him blink in humiliation at my command all the same.

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I saw him come to terms with what he had to do. The new line I'd commanded him to cross. I came when I felt him pensively start to work against my fingers with his tongue. Not a massive explosion, nothing to set me moaning, but a fluttering, rolling earthquake of an orgasm. My head shot up, and I fell back against the door, bringing him with me. It was quiet, but exquisite, I nearly bit my bottom lip bloody. I feel like it rolled on and on for almost a minute, and I'm pretty sure he saw the whole thing, he was still obediently staring up at me, licking my fingers when I loosened my grip and looked down again panting.

"You're doing great kid" I encouraged, smiling darkly down at him, retrieving my fingers, wiping his own spit off on his hair.

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He literally winced at that. Then just to add insult to injury I pumped my hips forward violently into the back of his head, knocking him forward on to his hands and knees, "don't take off tomorrow" I told him, opening the door, "we're goin out for coffee".

And with that I left. Margo didn't see me come out of her office this time, but she saw me in her hallway, and I'm sure she caught stupidname either still in there, or just coming out. Probably still with tears in his eyes and a tent in his pants. Well se-lavi. I'm looking forward to getting coffee with him tomorrow.