Teen land boys gay porn first time Lukas visits the clinic again but

Teen land boys gay porn first time Lukas visits the clinic again but
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The halls of Jesse's high school echoed with the raucous laughter of students and the idle chatter of teachers. It was the first day back from winter break, and everyone was catching up with each other and pretending to care about what each other said. The new year was seen in with bragging about vacations and christmas gifts.

It was standard social protocol. But alas, Jesse had nothing worth bragging about, and no one to brag to. His despotic parents confiscated his bedsheets and laptop just last week, and now he spent every night cold, shivering, and bored. "If only I had some hunk to cuddle at night," mumbled Jesse to himself, a single tear running from the corner of his eye.


"He could keep me warm and occupied, and pound my tight boipussy incessantly." Heaving a sigh, Jesse ventured to his locker. The fantasy would never come true. The hot little slice of 9th-grade man-meat he had his eye on earlier spurned his affections, and now his love life was looking awfully bleak. ">tfw no bf," he mumbled, a stone forming in his throat.

However, Jesse was too absorbed in his own loneliness to notice the new figure pushing its way through the throngs of students. The figure was a tall, bulky lad, several inches proud of six feet. Eyes like sapphires glinted from under a neat mop of mahogany hair and took in the world with a playful gaze. He carried a stack of textbooks under his left arm and an athletic bag over his right shoulder.

His blue letterman jacket concealed his titanic biceps, but his tight white t-shirt revealed every contour of his abdominals.

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The phrase "natty swole" did not do this man justice. It was as if God Himself sculpted this hunk while building man in his own image, and then been turned gay by his own handiwork. The dude was fuckin' sexy, yo. The crowds of lesser students parted before him like water before Moses.

Poor Jesse did not notice the man's arrival until it was too late. "Pardon me," he said, extending an arm like a tree trunk to the locker above Jesse's. His voice was deeper than the Marianas Trench and smoother than a teflon pan coated in butter. Jesse looked up, and in an instant, took in all of the man's features. He liked what he saw. In fact, he liked what he saw so much that his pants were growing tighter by the second. This dude was sexier than Bob Dylan, and that was saying something.

"Hey, dude, I'm new here," said the hunk, tossing a physics textbook and several college-ruled notebooks into his locker. "Y'know which way the gym is?

I have that class first today." Jesse gulped and pointed further down the hallway. "T-t-that way, then turn left at the end," he stammered."Hey, uh, I also have gym first…" he added.

A grin spread between the hunk's lips. His teeth were as white as fresh sheet of graph paper and lined up just as neatly. "Alright, man. Cool. The name's Riley Jackson." He put out a hand. "H-hi, I'm Jesse," said Jesse, shaking the hand. Riley's grip was tight and firm, but his skin was as smooth as his voice.

"Er, pleased to meet you." "Likewise, kid," said Riley, punctuating his statement with a quick but saucy wink. Flocks of butterflies began flapping wildly within Jesse's stomach. Jesse couldn't remember the last time anyone winked at him, let alone someone as attractive as Riley Jackson.

He stood in stunned silence, thoughts churning in his brain. Would Riley-Senpai pound his boipussy? The school bell rang and dragged Jesse from his trance. Still in a daze, he shut his locker and clicked the padlock closed. "I gotta say, man," began Riley, shutting his own locker, "I am not used to this much fucking snow. What do we have today, two feet? Goddamn." "Where are you from, Riley?" asked Jesse.


He followed in the wake the hunk carved through the masses of students. "I just moved up from California," replied Riley. His broad shoulders moved through kids like a snowplow, pushing them against the lockers. "From LA, to be exact. My family had to move because of my dad's work shit." "Dude, that sucks," piped up Jesse, his voice straining to be heard over the chatter of the students around him.

"Eh, it's aight. I'm used to it," explained Riley. His full baritone voice was clearly audible. "I've always moved around. It's kinda nice to always see new places and new people. And everywhere I go, there's always a lacrosse team to join." "You play lax?" Riley raised an eyebrow at Jesse and gestured at his muscled frame. "Yeah, dude. I mean, just look at me. Look at my body. I'm wearing a letterman jacket. Of course I'm a laxbro." Jesse swallowed, his brain forming new mental images.

In his opinion, lacrosse was the sexiest sport, followed only by billiards, NASCAR, and water polo. "Wait a minute, hold it," said Riley, holding up a hand and stopping in the middle of the hallway. "What is it, Riley?" asked Jesse, looking up into the hunk's cerulean eyes. "What's up?" "You aren't really interested in all this dramatic build-up, are you?" said Riley.

"You're not really concerned about whether or not this short erotica story has an arc or character development at all, am I right?" Jesse was confused. "What do you mean?" "I mean that you don't care about gym class as long as we end up fucking." Jesse looked downward sheepishly, feeling embarrassed and guilty. Riley laid a reassuring hand on Jesse's shoulder and said, "Hey, now.

It's okay if you do. I don't blame you, and I'd consider it an honor to fuck you." Jesse looked back up. "Really?" "Really." Riley's face lit up with a comforting and earnest smile. Jesse enveloped Riley in a tight hug.

"T-thank you, Riley," he murmured, nestling his cheek against the lacrosse player's beefy pectorals. "It means a lot to hear that from someone." Riley reciprocated the hug 110%. "Hey, no worries, man. But if we're gonna fuck, I need you to help me out with something." "Anything," replied Jesse.


Riley bent his head down and spoke quietly into Jesse's ear. "Well, we can't just have sex right now. It's the middle of school hours. There are kids and teachers and janitors all over. We need somewhere where we won't be intruded on, because neither of us is into exhibitionism." "Yeah, I see what you mean." Riley's chest was warm against Jesse's face, like laundry fresh from the dryer.

Riley released Jesse and pointed him towards the school's Fourth Wall. "We're gonna have to break through that," he explained, "It's our only choice." "The Fourth Wall? Are you sure?" exclaimed Jesse, incredulous.

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Riley nodded, his chiseled chin bobbing. "I'm positive. See, I know Fagulous - I'm one of his few original characters. The guy's a shit writer. He has no sense of patience. If he wants to write a gay sex scene instead of establishing characters and setting, he'll do that.

And he'll use cliched and over-used narrative methods to do so." Jesse's eyes widened. "The bastard…" he breathed. Riley smirked. "Well, we can use this to our advantage. We break through that wall, and it'll be all the sex we can take. Maybe even more. Sound good?" Jesse smiled broadly. "Sounds lovely, Riley. What do I have to do?" "You gotta give me a kiss." "What?" asked Jesse. "I don't see how that helps us break the Fourth Wall." Riley chuckled softly, his laughter sweeter than birdsong.

"It doesn't. I just want you to kiss me." Jesse put a hand to the top of Riley's shoulder, stood on the tips of his toes, and planted a soft, delicate smooch on Riley's lips. His face was as smooth as his hands, and it still smelled of the morning's shaving cream. "Satisfied?" he asked as he pulled away, the taste of Riley's mouth fresh on his lips.

Riley nodded and gave another wink. "Mmm, temporarily," he answered, "Now, follow me." He hunched his shoulders, took a running start, and propelled his muscled bulk into the Fourth Wall at top speed. The man hit with a tremendous impact, punching a hole large enough to fit through. Bits of drywall and narrative cohesion fell from the shattered partition and clattered on the floor.

White fluorescent light shone in from the other side. Jesse watched on, eyes wide as tea saucers, torn between surprise and arousal. Riley wiped plaster dust and paint flecks from his jacket, and motioned for Jesse follow him through the rend. "C'mon, man, this way," he goaded.

Jesse took Riley's hand in his own, and the duo stepped through the ragged hole. Riley had to turn sideways and duck to fit his massive frame through the gap.

"Whoa, what the hell?" asked Jesse, when he emerged on the other side. Riley and Jesse found themselves standing in the school's locker room, each dressed in their gym uniform. Aside from a few stragglers still changing, the room was empty. Behind them, the hole in the Fourth Wall closed with a shloop sound. There was no turning back now. Riley gave a single, hearty laugh. "Goddamn! Fagulous is one lazy-ass writer. He couldn't be asked to write anything about gym class, so he just sent us directly here.

Jesus Christ, what a talentless hack," he said, shaking his head. "Well, good writer or not, he's writing about us. And that's more than anyone else is doing," pointed out Jesse. Riley tossed his shoulders. "Whatever, man," he shrugged, snaking a hand down the front of Jesse's gym shorts and grasping his tackle.

"Let's stop dicking around, and start… dicking around." Jesse inhaled sharply as his cock began to throb and stand to attention. "Oh, Riley," he breathed, with hormones and adrenaline pumping through his veins. A downward glance at Riley's gym shorts revealed that he was already fully erect.

At least, he was probably fully erect. There was a nine-inch bulge in Riley's shorts, and Jesse would be surprised if Riley could get any larger. Riley noticed Jesse's diverted attention and grinned widely.

"You want a look, don't you?" he purred, running a hand back through Jesse's hair. Jesse nodded. "Well, I'll do you one better than a look," said Riley backing against a row of lockers, "I'll give you a taste." He pulled on the waistband of his gym shorts and let the garment fall around his ankles.

Indeed, Riley's dick was at least nine inches, and it stood at an angle slightly above the horizontal. A thin patch of trimmed pubes adorned the circumcised pillar. He patted the top of his thigh inviting, looking directly into Jesse's eyes. "Come on, man." Jesse didn't need to be asked twice. He plunged down to his knees and latched onto the head of Riley's cock like a lamprey.

"Shit, man!" gasped Riley, pressing his palms against the cool metal of the lockers, pleasure spreading in his loins like wildfire. "Go easy!" "Easy" was not in Jesse's vocabulary, and he continued sucking as though he were protein deficient. Jesse was inexperienced in the ways of dick-sucking, and he would gag when he would pretend bananas were cocks and try to deep-throat them.

But now, the animal lust burning in his bones was enough to make him forget his gag reflex. In and out of Jesse's mouth slid Riley's fine penis, like a piston in an engine cylinder, going slightly deeper with each stroke. "Fuck!" panted Riley, his voice beginning to quaver. He dropped a hand to the back of Jesse's neck. The lad's tongue on his frenulum felt like ambrosia on the soul. Riley laughed, then looked back down to Jesse. "Ohh. Jesus, dude… keep going like that…" Jesse complied with renewed gusto.

He slipped his hand up between Riley's legs and began to massage the man's scrotum in his palm, the soft skin damp with sweat and salival runoff. Riley grunted in pleasure at this new stimulation; Jesse truly was a natural when it came to this sort of thing.

With the proper training and a purpose for his potential, Jesse could blossom into quite the professional cocksucker. It was a vocation that many dabbled in, but few became artisans of the craft. "Ease up, Jesse - I'm getting real close," breathed Riley.

The sensation of Jesse's lips and tongue wrapped around his shaft was. well, sensational, and he wanted it to last as long as possible. Alas, Jesse was too cockhungry to relax his motions. Riley's precum was a tantalizing appetizer, but he wouldn't be satisfied until his mouth was full or his face was dripping. "Dude, slow down!" pleaded Riley, but this was a futile request. Jesse looked up into Riley's hazel eyes with an animalistic glare that made it clear he would do no such thing.

"Gllfffghrhhghaghmmmph," rebutted Jesse, ending his statement with a soft squeeze to Riley's sack of presents. "Touché," conceded Riley. Jesse made an airtight case; there was no way he could disagree with that. No sooner had the words left his lips than his toes and fingers began to curl.

As the waves of pleasure washed over Riley, Jesse released the man's sack and plunged a finger up into the entrance of his fudge tunnel. "Hwaaagh!" gasped Riley. With a seismic orgasm rocking the foundations of his body, he clenched his eyes and sphincter shut. A torrential monsoon of sweet, sweet semen flooded Jesse's mouth. Jesse already had breakfast, but this was the most important meal of his day.

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Satisfied, he removed his finger and released the cock, letting the throbbing totem hang dripping from Riley's sweating body. "You - you saucy minx," scolded Riley, as he began to regain his breath. "Sticking your finger up there - you gotta warn a man before you do that!" Jesse swallowed Riley's payload and grinned sloppily.

"Hey, don't complain. It looks like you enjoyed that." "That's not the point!" snarled Riley, who was even sexier when annoyed. His smoldering eyes scanned over Jesse, and his endorphin-saturated brain formed a new idea. "Get down on that bench," he commanded, "And spread your damn legs." Jesse sat atop the locker aisle's spartan wood bench, but crossed his legs and pressed his fingertips to his mouth.

"Oh my, Riley… so demanding, aren't we?" His waxing erection made a pup tent in his shorts. "Stop being coy, dude," Riley growled, "Now, prepare your boipussy." He seized the waistband of Jesse's clothes and yanked, tearing the nylon shorts and boxers neatly from the lad's legs.

Firm palms drove Jesse's back against the bench and pulled his legs up and apart. Jesse gasped. "Riley! If you're going to get forceful, at least lube me up first!" Riley tossed the shredded garments aside and plunged his tongue into the winking anus.

"Hmmph!" moaned Jesse, his eyelids beginning to flutter. This was his preferred method of anal lubrication; there was no substitute for good ol' saliva. As Riley's tongue dipped in and out of his manhole, his manpole began to twitch. Drops of precum trickled from the tip and ran down the shaft. "Oh, you're a fucking magician down there…" he exhaled, each breath shuddering through his teeth.

Riley chuckled and rubbed Jesse's frenulum. "Shazam," he said, giving the dick a series of strokes. "Goddamn, Riley, just fuck me already," Jesse panted. His boipussy felt slick enough to take nine inches by now. Riley grasped his penis and carefully guided it into Jesse. The rectal walls closed around the head of the foreign organ like a bike lock. "Dude, you gotta relax down there - you're too damn tight," he grunted. "I don't care. Just fuck me.

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Hard." Jesse's teeth were gritted, and his chest heaved with each breath. Riley licked his lips, then gave a slow but deliberate pelvic thrust, driving himself two-thirds of the way into Jesse.

"Enngh! Yes! Like that!" cried Jesse. His spinal cord was vibrating like a guitar string, every neuron in his body humming with electrochemical signals, and all of them good. Riley grabbed Jesse's hips in his paw-like hands and slid him down the remaining length of his dick, then withdrew and pumped again, picking up speed with each cycle.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you?" said Riley. His low voice was hoarse and husky. Jesse nodded emphatically. To say that he merely liked it would be the understatement of the year. He loved it. Every sensation was a slice of heaven - the pulsations of Riley's cock inside him, the strong fingers pressed into his midsection, the jock's labored breathing. Pleasure built in his penis like the pressure between tectonic plates: unavoidable, uncontrollable, and only reduced by a sweet and explosive release.

"FUCKING SHIT AAAAGHH," cried Jesse. His body quaked with the grandfather of all hands-free orgasms, a Krakatoan eruption of semen spewing from his quivering cock.

Several globs splatterd onto the ceiling of the locker room, narrowly missing Riley's face. "Jesus Christ, dude," breathed Riley, looking upwards in amazement from Jesse. He withdrew himself from the lad and wiped the sweat from his brow. "I suppose now is a bad time to ask," began Jesse, catching his breath, "But can I be your roommate? My parents are gonna kick me out in July, and I need a place to stay." "Goddamn, man, no afterglow? No cigarette? Straight down to favors?" "I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important," replied Jesse.

"And… I can pay in blowjobs :3," he added. Riley raised an eyebrow and looked back down at Jesse. "You know, I could use a roommate," said the hunk.

"Yayyyyy," cheered Jesse. THE END