Chubby GF sucking and riding him

Chubby GF sucking and riding him
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Hi, my name is Henry Harrington. I'm a Sophomore in college and I have two sexy younger sisters named Emma and Elizabeth, we call her Lizzy for short. Emma is 18 and Lizzy is 16.

This is my story of how things in my life went from normal to orgasmic in the blink of an eye, and then a certain complication threatened it all. I always tried to be a good big brother and look out for my sisters, but I would have had to be blind not to notice that they were hot.

Emma for one was a walking wet dream, standing 5'2 with brilliant blue eyes and a mouth-watering D-cup chest. She was always prancing around the house half-dressed, and the things she wore to school raised many eyebrows amongst the teachers and faculty, not mention many cocks amongst the students.

She had caused many hard-ons in her life, and my cock was not at all immune to her charms. Which was how I developed the little habit of sneaking into her bedroom and masturbating to the sight of her naked sleeping body nearly every night. Still, it was my youngest sister that turned me on the most.

Lizzy was a rare type of girl, the type that is hot but doesn't know it. See, she was a cute little kid and then suddenly puberty hit and instead of getting a giant rack like our sister, she just shot up overnight to a towering height of 5'9. Ever since then she obviously felt really awkward about herself.

She began to turn in on herself more and more, shying away from a lot of social activities because she convinced herself she was 'not pretty.' Always comparing herself to Emma, she found herself lacking. So she wore loose or boring clothes all the time and every morning she basically shoved her hair into a ponytail, put her glasses on and rolled to school with her nose stuck in a book. Nobody would ever know that she was a sexy bitch unless they lived with her.

And that was where I got lucky. See, at first glance Lizzy probably wouldn't make you look twice, but if you saw her stretched out on the sofa on a Saturday morning, wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt that exposed almost every inch of her long baby-soft legs, no glasses on her face, her chocolate brown hair flowing across the pillow and her perky little tits clearly outlined in her shirt, nipples poking out beneath the fabric just begging to be tweaked and kissed.if you watched her like that, laughing with a carefree smile on her fresh face, you would fall for her.

Even I did, and I am her brother. For months I'd wanted to see her naked and feel those gorgeous legs wrapped around me, but I always kept my distance because mom made it clear that I was supposed to look after Lizzy.

I was to make sure she ate well and did her homework, make sure nobody was messing with her at school and that she had a ride to the places she needed to go. You know, all of the things Dad was supposed to be doing but stopped when he left us to go marry some 22-year-old hair dresser and never looked back.

I didn't mind looking out for Lizzy but it was a bit hard because, to be honest, I was a horny bastard. I couldn't be around a cute girl without thinking about shoving my cock in her, and Lizzy was no exception. Actually, she was probably the worst case because she was special. Emma was hot and I loved her as my sister, but I knew she gave it away to everyone so I wasn't all that impressed.

Lizzy, on the other hand, she was my little undiscovered gem. I can't tell you how many times I rubbed one out to the thought of just pouncing on her and sexually destroying her, all while she gasped in surprise yet still creamed all over my cock.

But I always thought it was to be nothing but a fantasy. At least, that was what I thought until that fateful night when she caught me coming out of Emma's room and told me in so many words that she wanted me to visit her at night instead when I had sexual urges.

Now in all fairness, I did have a moment of conscience during which my head told me that I should not fuck my baby sister, even if she wanted it. But then my cock told my conscience that it should really man the fuck up. My cock had been wanting this for too long, and there was no way he was going to miss out now.

I spent that night sucking and fucking my sister's virgin cunt and filling her with my cum. Which, if you read story number one that my sister told, you already know.

Well, what you don't know is that after that night, I was hooked. And then things took an unforeseen turn. When I woke up the next morning I had a raging hard-on and all I could think about was putting it in my sister's mouth. So I got up and went down to her room. I snuck inside to see that she was laying there asleep on her side wearing a cute little pink nightgown that had ridden up to show the seat of her white cotton panties.

She had such a cute ass and you could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips in those panties. I sighed and grabbed my crotch, squeezing my hard dick as my eyes roved hungrily over the soft little rounded cheeks of her exposed ass. I thought about the tight little pussy that lay concealed just beyond that strip of cotton. I desperately wanted inside it.

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My cock throbbed at the thought of it. I wanted to wake her up but I knew that she was not an early riser and she hated to be woken up. I figured I would let her sleep a bit longer, and putting my own needs aside for the moment, I headed to the shower and stripped off. Standing under the hot shower spray I lathered up my body, thinking about how lucky I had been the night before when Lizzy let me fuck her. It didn't take long for me to start stroking my cock, and not for the purpose of cleaning it, either.

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I just kept remembering how it felt being wrapped in the hot, tight, slick walls of my baby sister as I pumped her to an orgasm more intense than any I'd had yet. I wanted to know if it would be just as good if we did it again? I was thinking of all the ways I could take her this time as I stroked my cock, and soon I felt my balls tighten.

I watched my cum spurt out of me and swirl down the drain, thinking that it was a waste, it should really be in Lizzy's pussy, or possibly her ass. I wondered if she would ever let me fuck her ass?

Maybe someday. A loud sound jerked me out of my daydream. Someone was kicking the door. "Hurry up in there Henry, you retard!" Emma cried. I ignored her. I do what I want around here and we all know it. Hey, I'm not too much of a dick about it, so it's cool! When I felt like getting out of the shower I stepped out and dried my hair a bit before wrapping the towel around my waist.

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I opened the door to see my youngest sister standing there looking adorable, confused and sleepy. My cock instantly woke up and started to solidify underneath the towel. Her eyes roved over me slowly and I smirked to myself as she eye fucked me shamelessly.


I was so proud of myself for being sexy enough to get Lizzy hot for me. I still couldn't believe it! I wondered when she realized she wanted me? Did she think about me when she was masturbating? What was it about me that turned her on? I'd have to ask her later. "Hey, baby sister," I said. "Are you about to shower? Want some company?" I waggled my eyebrows suggestively. "Uhmmm, Henry.Question," she said, holding up a finger. "What exactly do you do when you sneak into Emma's room at night?" "Oh," I said, running a hand through my hair with an uncomfortable look.

I didn't really want to be talking about that. She wanted details? Why? "Ummm not much, just jack off while I look at her. She would be so mad if she knew, but I couldn't help it ever since I found out she sleeps naked. Plus sometimes her boyfriend sneaks through her window at night and fucks her then leaves her just lying there in a pool of his cum.

What a douchebag. But it's kinda hard not to look at her splayed out there and drooling cum without touching myself." She just stood there blinking at me like she'd expected something else. "Why?" I asked. "Oh, did you think we were doing it? Emma would never let me fuck her. That's why I was so surprised last night when you said you wanted me.

I mean really I was shocked, I could hardly believe it." She started laughing. It was kind of a bitter laugh that said "wow, unbelievable," and not in a good way. Something was up and I was starting to wonder what it was. "What?" I asked. "What's so funny?" "Nothing," she said, shaking her head. "Nothing." I watched her face and she seemed to have shrugged off whatever was bothering her. Whatever it was, it must not be all that important.

So it was time to get down to business. "Well, I'm really glad I have a cute little sister who loves me and is every bit as horny as I am. So why don't you come in here, and I'll show you how to do that thing you wanted to do to me last night?" I suggested, taking her hand and tugging her into the bathroom with me.

She shut the door and locked it, taking her nightgown off and then tugging off my towel. 'Now things are going in the right direction,' I thought, as I gawked at her nearly naked body, dressed in nothing but those tiny panties. She put her hands on my chest and started touching me, running her hands up and down my chest and stomach while my hands explored her body, fondling her tits and then traveling down the soft silky skin of her back to squeeze her ass.

Her right hand was traveling lower and lower down my body and my cock was getting stiffer with anticipation. Then she stopped.


"Wait - Henry, do you think that maybe us doing stuff like this is wrong?" she asked, looking up at me with big innocent baby blue eyes. "No! No way, we're just having a little fun. There's no harm in that, right?" She thought about that. "Right," she said, but still seemed a little hesitant. I put my hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her down in front of me. She was eye level with my cock now and I saw her tongue dart out and swipe across her lips. Oh yes, she wanted it!

"Hm, you're right it's just a little fun," she muttered, and reached out, taking my cock in her hand. It was half hard but when she started to stroke it up and down it started to get harder and longer immediately.

Lizzy made a little 'mmm' noise in the back of her throat. "I love your cock, Henry," she said while staring at it as if entranced. My ego inflated to mammoth proportions. I slipped my hand into her hair and coaxed her face closer to it. "Oh it loves you, too. Why don't you kiss it?" I suggested.

She puckered up and kissed the head of my cock with her soft plush lips and a thrill went through me. I knew that mental image would forever be seared into my brain. "Lick it," I told her. Always eager to do whatever her big brother told her to do, she started to lick my cock, swirling her tongue around the head and then licking up my shaft from base to tip, only to go back to licking the head.

"Oh yeah, that's really good, sweetie," I sighed as her tongue worked over that sensitive spot just beneath the head of my dick. "Now put it in your mouth." My horny and eager little student opened her mouth and took my cock inside, sucking the head into her hot wet mouth.

I felt a rush of pleasure shoot through me and my cock felt like it was melting. I let out a moan and sneakily pushed my cock further into her mouth.

Taking the hint she slid her lips down further, taking me all the way inside before starting to bob her head, sliding her mouth up and down. "Oh yeah," I said, using my hand in her hair to guide her into a nice rhythm. I did not know how she managed to suck so much of my cock but I could feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat and her tongue working up and down my shaft.

"Oh God, yes, keep doing that!" "Mmmmm so good," she groaned with her mouth full of my cock. I couldn't believe she was enjoying this as much as I was. My little sister was born to suck cock. At least she was born to suck mine! I told her to play with my balls, just cup them in her hand and fondle them a little. She started doing that while she was sucking me and I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

My cock started to throb in her mouth and my balls tingled. She must have been getting really excited too because she slipped her hand into her panties and rubbed her pussy as she sucked and slobbered enthusiastically on my big hard tool. I started to thrust my hips a little, fucking her mouth.

She let out a moan and started to rub herself faster. She came on her hand, whimpering and twitching as I fucked her cute little face.

It was without a doubt the hottest moment of my life. All of this was a dream come true and I wanted it to last forever but I could feel my release building and rising up to the surface. "Lizzy.I'm gonna cum," I warned her. She switched to using her hand to stroke me, but she opened her mouth. The sight of her there on her knees in front of me, mouth open and waiting obediently for my cum was enough to send me right over the edge.

I shot a big stream of cum into her mouth, followed by four more healthy squirts of my hot cream. She swallowed all that I gave her but some dribbled onto her bottom lip so I caught it with my thumb, pushing it into her mouth. She swallowed it and kissed my thumb. That was when I knew it: she was mine.

She totally loved me and would do anything I wanted. "Did I do good, big brother?" she asked. I had no words so I pulled her up and into my arms, kissing her lips, face, then neck as I held her to me.

"You are amazing," I told her. "I am?" she asked. "Yes, amazing and sexy and just.God I wanna fuck you again," I told her, as we stood there hugging each other. A banging sound at the door made us jump apart. "So help me, Henry if you are still in there.!" Emma cried. "Okay, I'm coming out, God!" I said. "What do we do?" Lizzy whispered.

"She can't see us both coming out!" "We'll just wait until she's gone then go out." "Okay." We waited a few minutes until Emma stalked away saying something about just using the bathroom downstairs. Lizzy said she wanted a shower but I didn't want our fun to end so when I left the bathroom I went to wait for her in her room. When she came back to her room, there I was sitting in her desk chair.

"Henry, what are you doing in here?" she asked. "Isn't it obvious?" I asked with one of my sexy grins the ladies go wild for. She just put her hands on her hips and raised her eyebrow at me, a smirk on her face. "Cute. But I'm still recovering from last night. So if you want sex you might wanna come back in a few days, buddy," she said. A few days?! Well, I guess she was a virgin and I probably did put a bit of a hurting on her the night before.

I should let her recover. "Okay okay," I mumbled, getting up heading for the door. She gave me a kiss on the cheek on my way out. Not quite the wild fun I'd had in mind, but it was something. I could wait a few days, it wouldn't kill me.

For the next couple of days I was a bit agitated, to say the least. I wanted to get laid but I didn't want to call any of my usual girls. It was just boring, I already knew what that would be like and I'd had it countless times. Being with Lizzy, that was something different and new. That was exciting. I had to have her again. I couldn't think of anything else. I hadn't even been sneaking into Emma's room the past nights.

I kept falling asleep. On the third day I was going nuts. After being distracted all day during classes, I went home to wait for Lizzy. I got there a little early and she wasn't there yet, so I went into her room and rifled through her underwear drawer.

Nice, but I wanted to smell her. I went to her clothes hamper and found a pair of her cute pink polka dotted panties, recently worn. I smelled them, taking in the sweet musky smell of her pussy. It was such a turn on.

I quickly got my cock out and started stroking it.

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It fleetingly occurred to me that I was an unbelievable pervert, but then I realized.I didn't really care. I stroked myself off into the seat of her undies then tucked them under her pillow as a little surprise reminder of me. Content, I tucked myself back into my pants and left the room. As soon as I stepped out of the door I saw Emma standing there in the hall. "What were you doing in Lizzy's room?" she asked, her eyes filled with suspicion. I spouted off the first lie that came into my head.

"Um, I got bored so I was going through her stuff," I said and shrugged. She looked at me for a moment then quirked her mouth to the side and nodded. "I do that, too," she said, then turned around and went to her room. Whew!

That was close! Later that night after dinner Lizzy was clearing the table and I lingered, staring at her ass. And legs. And tits. "You know, if you are going to hover around, you could help," she said. I was allergic to housework of all kinds but for some reason it didn't seem so bad at the moment, I think I was just horny and trying to score points with her.

I was hoping she was ready for more one-on-one time with my cock. So I helped her clear the table, load the dish washer and wipe down the counters. We were standing by the sink admiring our handiwork when she bumped me with her hip and smiled at me. "Thanks for the help, you're sweet," she said. "You're welcome," I said, easing up closer to her. I slid my hands onto her hips and pulled her to me, kissing her temple. She didn't seem to respond.

"Uh, we need to talk about that little present you left me under my pillow," she said, tucking her hair behind her ear. I grinned. "Liked it, huh?" "It wouldn't matter if I did. Henry, you can't do things like that!" she whisper-yelled. "What if mom had found it instead of me?" Oh.I hadn't thought of that. "Okay, you're right. I guess I wasn't thinking. Sorry. I just wanted you to know how much I want you, that's all.

But I mean, you're ready right? I waited three whole days, so you're better right? Your pussy is ready to give a great big hug to a longtime friend?" I snickered, pushing my dick against her side suggestively. She started to look flustered and backed away from me. "I-I can't. I was talking to my friends today and they said that sex between brothers and sisters is bad - " "Wait, you told your friends about us?" I hissed, panicking. "No! I Of course not! Why would I tell anyone?

I just told them that I knew a girl who was doing it with her brother.


They all said it was terrible, because it was gross. Plus they said that the brother and sister would end up ruining their relationship and hating each other!" Okay, that just sounded stupid to me. "I'm pretty sure I could fuck you a million and one times and still care about you as my sister. And as for the rest, is that how it felt to you when we were together? Did it feel gross?" "No." she said quietly.

That's right! She started all of this, she can't have an attack of conscience and back out on me now! "Then forget your nerdy ass lame friends!" I cried. "They're not lame! If they're lame, I'm lame! Is that really what you think of me?" "No! Lizzy, I think you're awesome and I want you, and I'm pretty sure you still feel the same way about me." She seemed to relax a bit and I took that to mean I was getting somewhere.

"Look, who cares what your friends say? They're not us. They can't tell us what's right for us. And they don't have to know what we do, that's between us. I'll give you a little more time to think about this but I'm coming by your room tonight after mom and Emma go to sleep. If you really don't want me, just lock your door. But if you don't, I'm coming inside." She thought about that.

"Ok then," she said. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see tonight." I knew I should play fair and give her space while she was thinking, but I didn't. I walked around the house with my shirt off, followed her around brushing up against her at every possible opportunity and whispering dirty things in her ear.

Finally she ran off to her room to hide from me and I just hung out downstairs playing video games and sulking. This was not going the way I had planned. I had seduced tons of girls since I was 13 and never had I wanted any of them this badly.

Ironically never had I found it quite so difficult. That only made me want it more. Mom and Emma went to their rooms around 11:30. Mom was out by midnight but Emma didn't finally turn off her music and cut off her light until 1:30. I knew from experience that by 1:45 she'd be dead to the world so that was when I went up to Lizzy's room.

I placed my hand on the doorknob and hesitated. What if she'd locked it? What if she never wanted to be with me again? Damn, I couldn't think like that.

Even if she locked me out tonight I would just keep trying until I wore her down. Still, I wasn't used to rejection and I didn't like it. I twisted the handle just a bit.relief washed through me when it turned.

I pushed the door open and there was Lizzy, lying on her bed naked, asleep with a book in her hand. I guessed she fell asleep reading and waiting for me. Well, I had a wakeup call for my little princess that she was bound to love.

I locked the door and took off my t-shirt and boxers, tiptoeing to her bed. I picked up her glasses and set them on the nightstand where they'd be safe, then set her book aside. I climbed into bed with her and watched her face. Sleeping soundly. I ran my hand down her body, feeling the curves of her soft breasts and her flat stomach. I moved to hover over her, running my hands down her shapely hips before taking hold of her thighs and pulling them apart to reveal her treasure.

I licked my lips when I saw that sweet pink flesh waiting for me. I gently parted her puffy lips finding her wet and glistening inside there. I wondered if she'd been thinking about how I was going to come and fuck her tonight? My cock started to rise as I leaned down and lapped at her juices. Mmm, so sweet. My sister shifted on the bed, letting out a sigh and spreading her legs a bit more as I licked at her cunt. My tongue ran up and down the length of her pussy then swirled around her hole.

I darted it in a bit, dipping it into her pussy. She sighed but kept sleeping. I wriggled my tongue in as far as it would go and tongue-fucked her pussy. She was so hot inside and I could feel her pussy quiver and her body start to twitch as I licked her walls.

I rolled my tongue up to her clit and began to lick it, flicking my tongue against the swollen little nub and then lapping at it generously. "Mm.Henry," she sighed, still half asleep. I smirked to myself and continued to eat her pussy. My cock was so hard it was starting to poke through the slit in my boxers.

I ran my hand up and down her leg as I sucked on her clit. She shuddered and moaned, her eyes flying open. Welcome to the party, baby sister.

"Oh Henry," she moaned, rocking her hips. "That is so good." I bet she does not care what her friends think now! I plunged a finger into her cunt and started to rub her g-spot while my tongue swiped at her clit again and again. "Ahhhh ahhhh ahhh!" she moaned, obviously trying hard to keep quiet.

I was afraid she might scream when she came but she tensed up and let out a loud gasp then started to shake and writhe on the bed, grinding her pussy up against my face. I kept licking and fingering her until the spasms in her body died down and she went limp, a goofy grin on her face. "Oh you are too good at that," she sighed. "I love your pussy, I could eat it for hours," I told her. "Take off those boxers, come up here and put your dick in my mouth," she said.

Her bluntness really turned me on. Yeah, it was obvious she was just like me when it came to sex. I followed directions immediately, losing the boxers and then moving up to the head of the bed to straddle her body while being careful not to place my full weight on her. I didn't exactly want to smother her. In that position my dick was right in her face and she wasted no time in taking it into her mouth. I groaned and held onto the headboard, gently pushing my dick further into her mouth.

I looked down and watched as she sucked my cock, enjoying the sight of her pretty lips sliding back and forth on my shaft. She placed her hands on my ass and squeezed and fondled it as she licked and sucked on my cock. She got into a good rhythm, taking me deep and fast and moaning softly in excitement as she slid her mouth up and down on my hard throbbing meat. I started to get so excited I was panting and rocking my hips, pumping myself in and out of her hot wet sucking mouth.

I felt so much love for my sister as I fucked her face and her hands just kept pulling me by the ass further and further into her until I could feel the head of my cock in the back of her throat. Pure pleasure spread down the length of my cock and through my entire body. I had never quite loved anyone as much as I loved her in that moment. That was when I knew that I was hers. I would do whatever she wanted for the rest of my life. I could only hope she would always want me like she did right then.

"Oh god, oh god, gonna cum," I whispered. She did not stop or change her speed at all, she just kept sucking me off until I erupted and shot my cum down her throat. When I pulled my cock out of her mouth she slowly licked her lips and smiled at me. "That was yummy," she said. I smiled, pleased she had enjoyed it, then I lay down with her, kissing her lips and sliding my tongue into her mouth.

She tugged at my hair as we kissed, our tongues tasting and caressing each other. I kissed my way down her chin to her neck, sucking on her pulse point and enjoying the way she let out cute little moans of excitement. I continued down her body, kissing her breasts and then licking and nipping at her nipples until they stood up for me, hard and sensitive.

My cock had never really gone all the way down and as I kissed and sucked on her tits and tweaked her nipples between my fingers it quickly grew to a solid and thick erection. Lizzy wrapped her hand around it and stroked it as I circled her nipple with my tongue. "Oh god, just fuck me, please?" she begged.

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"I need it so bad." I smirked at her impatience but settled between her legs and guided the head of my cock to her opening. She shifted her hips toward me a bit eagerly and I pushed my cock into her. We both let out a moan as the sensation washed over us.

The fit was incredibly tight yet again as my cock stretched her open to accommodate it's girth. I pushed deeper until I was all the way inside her, my cock occupying every inch of her pussy, the head nestled against her cervix.

My sister was moaning something unintelligible as I started to fuck her pussy, pumping my cock in and out of her, slow and deep. She spread her legs wide and held them under the knees, giving me full access to her tight steaming cunt.

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I fucked her faster, feeling her pussy tighten around me like a wet velvety vice, it was incredible and she looked so sexy as I began to outright pound her, my lust for her completely taking over.

"Oh God, yes, that is it. Fuck me, take me, Oh God," she breathed out frantically as I fucked her relentlessly. I sincerely hoped everyone was still asleep because her bed squeaked a lot more than mine did and as if the squeaking wasn't loud and insistent enough the sound of our panting and quiet little moans and groans were getting more urgent by the moment.

Lizzy grabbed hold of my hips, thrusting her hips along with mine in an effort to keep me as deep inside her as possible.

I still couldn't quite believe we could do something like this with each other but the pleasure that had currently engulfed my cock told me it was real, much too real to ignore. It was like her body was made for mine. She so wet she was leaking around my cock and her juices were seeping down my thighs. There was no doubt that she loved this every bit as much as I did. "Do you wanna get on top?" I asked her. "Yes," she said, nodding.

We switched positions and I lay on my back watching her straddle me and guide herself over my cock. She lowered herself down onto me and I sighed as her pussy sheathed my cock, wrapping around it and squeezing.

She began to move her hips, raising herself up and down, fucking me slowly but steadily. "Oh my God. Fucking you feels so good," she said, like she could hardly believe it. "Is this what you wanted? You wanted me to sneak in your room every night and fuck you like this?" I asked, as I held her hips and used my grip to urge her up and down on my cock.

"Yes, yes," she said, biting her bottom lip and bracing her hands on my chest as she humped me. "Is this better than jerking off to Emma?" "Oh fuck yeah," I said. "There is no competition, babe. I'd rather be inside you like this any day." She smiled and rode me faster and after a bit I could tell she was starting to come undone.

She was gasping and bucking on top of me. Her hands cupped and squeezed her tits as our bodies slammed together again and again. Her pussy was working up and down my cock so good it was taking everything in me not to explode.

"Oh God! Oh oh oh! Cumming!" she whimpered and started to shaking on top of me. She lost all control of her body so I pulled her down flat against my chest and held her ass, thrusting up into her and keeping our rhythm going. She was twitching and gripping my shoulders and moaning in my ear as she came on me, her pussy squeezing me tight.

It was all so intense I couldn't hold back anymore. I almost came in her, but I managed to pull out just before erupting all over both of us in stream after stream of hot sticky cum. I came so hard I was left breathless. Lizzy collapsed on me and we both lay there panting and covered in our combined juices. She was still twitching and mewling as I held her, stroking her hair and caressing her. "Wow, is sex always this good?" she asked eventually when she'd calmed down a bit.

"Not always," I said, running my fingers along her shoulder. "I think we are just lucky." "Do you think it's cause we're brother and sister?" "I dunno, maybe," I said. "So, I've been wondering.What made you start wanting to do this?" "Huh?" she asked. "Well, you know. How did you start to get attracted to me?" I asked. "What made you decide to start doing this with me to begin with?

Not that I'm complaining, because trust me I am really glad, but I've just been wondering. I always thought you just saw me as a big brother." "Uh." she said. "You don't know?" "Well, there's no big reason or anything. Hey, you are hot. I may be your sister but I have eyes." I snickered.

"Thanks. You're pretty hot, too," I said, kissing her. Minutes passed and we were both half asleep. "Henry you should really go to your room," she told me sleepily.

"Yeah," I sighed. "I guess so." Still half asleep I got up and left the room, closing the door behind me. As I headed back to my own room, I passed Emma's.

I was more than a little disturbed to see light coming from under her door. How long had she been up? Had she heard anything? No, if she did she would confront us. If there was one thing Emma liked, it was confronting people. I climbed into my bed and fell into a blissful sleep. The next morning I went down to breakfast to find that mom had made us some toast, eggs and sausage links before she went off to work.

Lizzy was sitting at the table eating and she looked like she was in a good mood. "Good morning, princess," I said. She perked up, beaming at me. "Princess?" "That's you, Princess Elizabeth," I declared goofily before leaning down and kissing her on the cheek. "I love you," she blurted out. I was a little surprised and caught off guard but I grinned at her awkward cuteness.

"I love you, too," I said, tapping her on the nose. I went to pour myself some orange juice and I wondered, was Lizzy falling for me or something? Like, seriously? Like I was a regular guy? Would that be weird? Would that be dangerous? I looked at her, eating her breakfast without a care in the world and I thought, nahh she was fine.

She wouldn't go and fall in love with me, that would just be crazy. As I watched her she reached out and grabbed a banana from the bowl of fruit in the middle of the table. She began to peel it awfully purposefully, then her tongue darted out and she licked it. Slowly. My pants started to get tight. She proceeded to lick the banana slowly and sexually like she had licked my cock last night, then slide it into her mouth.

Very very far into her mouth. I almost choked on my orange juice. I was standing there watching her little show riveted. That was when Emma walked in and Lizzy started eating the banana normally. I tried to look normal and pretend I hadn't seen anything, but Emma stopped in her tracks, her eyes darting between us. "What were you two doing?" she asked.

"Nothing," I said, looking at her like she was crazy. "Eating. What's it look like?" She exhaled rather loudly, but carried on about her business, fixing herself some breakfast. I made a mental note that we'd have to be a lot more careful around the house. For the next week Lizzy and I fucked at every possible opportunity, we just tried to be careful about it and make sure Emma was nowhere around.

We both agreed that it wasn't safe for me to sneak into her room at night. It would look too suspicious. So, I picked Lizzy up from school on her lunch hour and fucked her in my car.

We took a walk down to the park down the street one night and fucked over by the bushes. We waited until Emma was on a date and mom was asleep then snuck down into the back yard and fucked in the pool. She rode me on her desk chair after school while Emma was at a Student Council meeting. I found her on the couch watching cartoons early on Saturday morning while everyone was asleep. So I snuck under her blanket and we slid down our pajama pants and fucked.

I had never felt more sexually satisfied than I did that week, and I thought it would never end. But I just had to go and get greedy. That Saturday night I went on a date with a girl from one of my lecture classes, really just to keep suspicion off of me and Lizzy. She was pretty, though, and we did make out a little, but I had promised Lizzy I wouldn't fuck her so I didn't.

She still turned me on, though, and when I got home from the date around midnight I was feeling that itch. The person I really wanted was right down the hall.But no, I told myself that it wasn't safe, and I wouldn't do it. What if Emma woke up in the middle of the night again? I threw myself on my bed and jerked myself off.

I came but it wasn't all that great. Not like being with Lizzy. I tried to go to sleep but I tossed and turned until 3:00 AM before deciding I had to take action. Getting out of bed I snuck out of my room. All was dark and quiet. I crept past Emma's room, happy to see the light was out.

I kept going, making it to Lizzy's room without making a sound. So imagine my surprise when I turned the knob, opened the door, and then suddenly Emma's door flew open down the hall. "A ha!" she cried victoriously. I jumped, startled, then froze in terror. I was caught and I knew it. "Just what are you doing, Henry?" she asked, marching up to me.

"Um, just checking to make sure Lizzy is okay?" I said, peeking in the room and then closing her door. "Yep. She's fine.

Sleeping like a baby!" "Don't give me that," she hissed. "You were going to fuck her!" "Now, c'mon! How could you say something like that?!" I asked, acting as horrified as possible. "You are totally jumping to conclusions! Sick, sick conclusions!" She growled and grabbed me by the ear, dragging me to her room. "Ow ow ow ow ow!" I said all the way there. "Would you let go?!" She shoved me into her room and slammed the door, standing in front of it to block my escape.

"Do you think I'm stupid? I saw you two!" she cried, jabbing a finger at me. "You've both been acting weird lately, all happy and giggly!

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So I've been watching you, especially at night. Two nights ago you snuck out the back door in the middle of the night, so naturally I threw on some clothes and followed you! I watched you two fucking like animals against a tree!" Oh fuck, I am so dead! She's gonna tell mom! Mom will freak out! She might even call the cops! I'll go to jail! I'll never see Lizzy again! And not to mention.I am way too good-looking for jail! "There is just one thing I want to know, Henry David Harrington!" she said, poking me in the shoulder at each syllable.

"I don't know why!" I cried. "It just started happening! It was totally consensual I swear! I didn't make her do anything! I love Lizzy, I would never do anything to hurt her! I guess we were just horny! Please don't tell mom?!" She rolled her eyes at me and huffed. "What I want to know is.why her?" she asked. I blinked at her in confusion. "Come again?" "Why her.and not me?" she asked, stamping her foot angrily. Emma wanted to fuck me too? WOW! I must really be the man!

But.I was kind of confused. Emma never wanted anything to do with me like that before until now - now that she knew that Lizzy and I were having sex. Just like before when Lizzy thought that Emma and I were having sex.and she hit me with the same question.with just that very same face. It all started to click in my mind.

This was the only reason Lizzy had started sleeping with me. She was jealous of Emma. Just like Emma was jealous of her now. This was not about me at all. Neither one of them really wanted me, they were just competing with each other for my attention like two kids fighting over the toy in a cereal box, neither of them wanting the other to have something they didn't.

That realization was strangely painful. In fact, I'd never felt this particular kind of pain before. To put it sucked. "Why should she get you all to herself?! I mean, I am your sister too! And hello, I am way sexier than her!" she said, gesturing to all of herself. "So here's the deal, Henry. If you don't want me telling Mom about you and Lizzy's little fuck buddy play dates, you're going to start taking care of my needs, too!

Starting right now!" "Okay what do you want me to do?" I mumbled. "Well ya don't have to sound so happy about it!" she said sarcastically. "To be honest, Henry, I am a little bit disappointed.

I always thought you wanted to do me. It kinda grossed me out, yeah, but I was flattered. So what's wrong with you now?!" "Nothing," I said. Truth be told, I had no idea why I wasn't jumping for joy. Any guy would be lucky to fuck either of my sisters and soon I'd be able to say I did them both.

So why did I not feel honored? It didn't really matter, though, I had no choice. "If you don't tell mom, I'll do whatever you want." "Hmm," she said, rubbing her chin with a devious look on her face.

"Well, first I want to see this cock I've heard so much about. I've only caught a glimpse before. So why don't you drop the shorts and show it to me?" Well, I had never been shy about showing a girl my cock so I pulled down my shorts and showed it to her, stepping out of the boxers.

"Good God, that is one of the biggest cocks I've seen," she said. "How does Lizzy sit after fucking that?" I just shrugged feeling good about myself.

That compliment said a lot, since I was pretty sure Emma had seen a lot of cocks. She licked her lips, staring at it. "Let's get it hard," she said. I had to wonder why it wasn't at least a little hard already.

Usually just the prospect of sex was enough to bring it to life. Emma took off her tank top to reveal her a red lacy bra that was literally bursting with tits. Then she took off the bra and her giant round tits sprang free. Okay now this was definitely bringing my cock to attention.

'Yeah, cause I'm heartbroken, not dead,' I thought to myself, snickering in my mind. Then I realized what I'd just thought.

'Wait, is that what this feeling is?!' Just then Lizzy came barging into the room. "Just what are you two arguing about, you woke me u - " she stopped talking when she saw my cock out and Emma's tits out.

"Oh God, what is this?" I grabbed my shorts and pulled them back on. Emma just stood there smirking. "Oh, what's the matter, sis? Jealous that you can't keep Henry all to yourself anymore?" Emma asked.

"I found out your little secret. Now you have to share him with me!" She ignored Emma's words entirely and looked at me with these big hurt eyes that kinda made me want to go hide somewhere in a corner. "Oh, I get it. So either sister is fine as long as you are getting laid," she said. "Okay. I guess I see how much I mean to you." "Well, it's not like you really wanted me anyway!

You just wanted to do whatever you thought Emma was doing, or get something she doesn't AS ALWAYS!" "That's not true! Okay, wait, it's true. Well, it was true. But then I had so much fun this last week I realized that I really love you! And not just like a brother, either!" she said. "Really?" I asked, taking a step towards her.

"Cause I think I love you too! I was only gonna do it with Emma cause she was gonna tell mom about us if I didn't!" "Really?!" she grinned, grabbing my hands in hers. "Um, excuse me," Emma cut in. "Are you two fucking serious? What are you even doing right now? This shit is like hella creepy!" "Creepy? You were the one about to rape Henry!" Lizzy said.

"Oh, I was not! He liked it!" she growled. "Um, no, you were blackmailing him!" "You're just jealous cause you don't have these!" Emma said, gesturing to her boobs. "You're just jealous cause Henry loves me!!" Lizzy said, grabbing onto my arm. "Girls, girls, please!" I interrupted. "You'll wake mom!" They both quieted down and we all stood there looking awkward. "So.

What do we do about this?" I asked. Emma huffed and pulled her shirt back on. "Get out of my room, you two," she said, waving us away. "'re not gonna tell?" I asked hopefully. "No.

If you two are love or whatever.I think it's weird, but.well, if you really love each other like that.Well, I guess I won't interfere. Or tell mom. Whatever happens between you two is on you." "Oh my God, yes!" Lizzy cried, grabbing Emma and hugging her.

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I hugged Emma from the other side. "BUT I am not doing a single chore in this house again," Emma declared. "You will both do all of my chores!" "Awww," we both said, letting go and moping. "Well, if you want my silence about something this big, it's gonna cost you," she said. "Deal," I said. "We will do all of your chores from now on." A tapping sound at the window caught our attention. "Oh. That's probably my boyfriend," Emma said. "So you two can get out, so I can get some of what I'm sure you'll be giving each other soon." I looked at Lizzy.

She looked at me, and I could tell by the horny look in her eyes that Emma was right. We were definitely going to spend the night fucking each other silly. "Thanks, Emma," I said, taking Lizzy by the hand and pulling her out of the room.

"Don't say I never did you any favors," she said, and shut the door. "So," I said to Lizzy, "your room or mine?" "Hmm.I was thinking more like the laundry room," she said. "We've haven't done it there yet." "I like the way you think," I said, and I wrapped my arm around her as we headed downstairs. "So, hey sis, since you're in love with me and all.does that mean you'll let me do you in the butt sometime soon?" "And how exactly do those two things relate?" she asked.

"C'mon, nothing says 'I love you' like anal!" She laughed and rolled her eyes at me. Then she walked ahead and waggled her butt at me. "Maybe," she said coyly, and ran off to the laundry room. I wasn't far behind.