Geschlagene Blondine im Kino schlug

Geschlagene Blondine im Kino schlug
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I've been involved in a few different jobs over my lifetime. The one that I would have to say I enjoyed the most was my time as a dance instructor. During that time, I learned a lot, not only about dance, but also about seduction. This series will relate a few of those experiences. They are all independent and can be read in any order. For those short story readers, this one in particular is not for you.

It's pretty drawn out but has very good promise. If you like a good read and a story that follows through, this is for you. It's %100 true so I can't cut anything out or you'd miss out on what happened. There's plenty to enjoy here. I first got the job training at a studio, with the promise to move on into teaching.

They were a small independent studio with a lot of recognition. The deal they proposed acted out as a scholarship program of sorts. I trained for free, the value of what was learning being the $100,000's.

Learning to dance at the level I was being trained was not something you learned quickly or easily. People spend years taking lessons an hour or two a week to get to where I would hopefully be within 5 months. I was to be at the studio for at least 25 hours a week training. I was put into a small group of other people who were there for the same deal.

There was one other guy, a long-time friend who had actually told me about the deal that the studio was putting on. To make things even, there were two girls that would be working with us. I was introduced to the first, we'll call her Jenny. She was an ok looking redhead, a lot of flare in her attitude, seemed like someone that would be fun to hang out with, maybe more.

The three of us stood there exchanging pleasantries when I heard a voice behind me, "Sorry I'm late, my son can be a handful some times." I turned to look and there stood this girl, a couple years older than me, in her early twenties. The first thing I noticed was her face.

People subconsciously perceive beauty in symmetry, equal distance in facial features, well-proportioned areas throughout the body, and according to the individual judging, preference in skin tone, hair color, and eye color.

By those terms, this girl was absolutely gorgeous. My mouth must have dropped because my friend gave me a quick nudge and I quickly shut my mouth almost forgetting to breathe. I was taken aback. The color in her eyes was a deep blue, it looked like a pool of transcendent water you just wanted to jump into. Her hair cascaded down to her shoulders and slightly across her face.

I say cascaded because her hair looked like a majestic water fall with slight curls just rippling down giving the impression of water falling off of a high cliff. Her face just glowed, I don't know if it was the make-up or something else, but it seemed to shine, almost giving off a glare. I took a quick glance at her body and everything was the right size and in the right place. She was wearing a tight top, showing off her 36 c breasts, just the perfect handful in my opinion.

Further down she was wearing tight jeans giving everyone a great view of her predominant thighs and luscious legs. I couldn't wait to get a look at her ass. With legs and thighs like that, her ass had to be nothing short of flawless. I was brought back into reality when she extended her hand.

"You must be the new guy joining our class. My name is Ashley." I picked my jaw up off of the floor and answered back with, "Yeah, my name is Chris, nice to meet you." I looked deep into her eyes as we spoke, wanting to bathe in them.

Her hand lingered with mine as she smiled towards me. "Well, let's get started," Jenny said, pulling Ashley and me out of trance. We spent the next few days working on the basic steps.

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They had already been in the class a few weeks ahead of me, but I managed to surpass them in technique and style. Being a very visual person, I was able to pick up on the steps a lot quicker than they had and by the end of the month I was taking moves from the other instructor just by watching them teach their students and train for competitions with their more experienced ones. The girls were sure to notice and often pulled me aside to work with them away from the class.

Jenny was alright but it seemed Ashley was doing a much better job, or perhaps it was my infatuation with her flawless body that affected my judgment. Either way, I enjoyed dancing with her far more than anyone else. We seemed to move so well together. All of our movements together were so fluid, it felt like a stream just pouring water into a reservoir. The studio director had been watching us and said he would like us to perform a small dance exhibition for the students at the studio at one of the upcoming parties that we hosted every week.

We were both thrilled with the idea. We had been given a chance to show off in front of everyone, show off for the studio director and other instructors, and show what we really had.

I took this on as a challenge. I talked to Ashley about what dance we should do and we chose to do the tango, a personal favorite of mine. The tango is a sexy, scandalous dance that can emit the emotions of love, sensuality, hatred, and regret all in the same routine.

It's obvious I was going for the first two. I did a little homework, watched some movies, and made note of some routines I had seen in a couple Antonio Banderas movies, "Take the Lead" and "The Mask of Zorro". This was going to be a dance not soon forgotten. We practiced for the next two weeks on our routine, working in leg hitches, sexy poses, all kinds of tantalizing footwork and body language, trying to make this as sensual as possible without upsetting some of the students who were most senior citizens.

Myself and Ashley worked for hours together, putting in extra time at the studio to work together, we had such cohesion, everything seemed to work out flawlessly. We seemed to get a little closer as we worked together. We laughed and joked around together a lot more.

She would come and see me at my second job as a bartender in a local restaurant a few times. To the untrained eye, it would seem like a harmless friendship, but to others, it was obvious flirtation.

By now my friend had dropped from the training program saying he was going to emphasize more on his studies. I thought he was crazy. I danced around all day with beautiful women and got to see some disgruntled divorced and married women come in just so they could dance around for an hour at a time with younger guys. There was so much opportunity.

Who would possibly want to give up this job? I was on an unbelievable high at this point. I was dancing for several hours a week with one of the most beautiful women I had ever met in my entire life.

What could I possibly complain about? I got to hold her close, smell her intoxicating perfume, and feel her warmth against me. For those of you that don't know, the tango is danced far different than any other dance. The bodies are joined at the pelvis and there is no way either person could tell the other wasn't aroused. Several times I could see her blush when she felt my erection against her. I too had to blush on occasions feeling the heat emanating from what I could only imagine to be the perfect pussy.


I could only hope to get the chance to prove my theory right. The day before the performance she invited me over to her house for lunch before we would have to go into work. She had made some homemade Chinese food. It was great, tasted authentic enough with a little extra something on the side, no, I'm not talking about the food. We sat on the couch to talk for a little while and I'm not entirely sure what happened.

All I know his, my lips found her and we came in for a magnificent kiss, one I will never forget. It was almost as exciting as sex itself. My hands found her body, her hands found mine. We teased each other, touching all the right places, caressing each other gently, both of us enjoying every sensation the other had to offer.

I reached down and began to unbutton her blouse, slowly revealing those gorgeous breasts to my eyes. I took a quick gasp as I finally stared at her partial nudity. She reacted by pulling me in for another kiss. She straddled me and I reached behind her to grip her nice firm ass. It was far better than I could have ever imagined.

To this day, I haven't had my hands on a better one. I slid my hands up to the clasp on her bra and undid it. She pulled away from me and slowly slid it down, teasing me all the while.

Her breasts finally came into view. If you could ever imagine perfect nipples and areolas, these were them. I couldn't help myself, I dove in for a taste.

I suckled on each one gently as she moaned, barely audible. She gave few soft moans, just above a whisper as I suckled her beautiful breasts and reached my hands down to squeeze that gorgeous ass again.

She took a quick glance at the clock. "Oh shit, I have to go pick up my sister." She jumped off of me and put her bra and top back on. "I'm really sorry but I have to go. I promise I'll make it up to you." I reluctantly got up and went to the door. She gave me one last deep sensual kiss and then I went to my truck and drove off. My cock was throbbing so hard I jacked off driving home. No woman had driven so me crazy.

I couldn't stand it. The next day I showed up to the studio a little early. We had planned on going over the routine a couple more times before it was time to perform. Ashley came in with a devilish smile on her face. She looked at me with those amazing eyes, captivating my attention and leaned in close to me. "I promise I'll make it up to you," she said. I just gave her a sly grin and we began to practice. I had picked out "Roxanne", the version played in the movie "Mouline Rouge" for the music to our exhibition.

Everything was going smooth. It was time to perform and everything went off without a hitch. I couldn't find a single flaw in our performance and neither could anyone else. The other instructors that had been teaching for more than 10 years, some of them teaching over 20 years all came over and told us how impressed they were, one of them with obvious envy in his eyes as I had stolen one of his moves and performed it better than he ever had. Ashley was ecstatic. We enjoyed the party and danced with the students, everyone having lots of fun and the students always complimenting her and me on how well we had done.

My ego was at an all time high. After the part was over, Ashley approached me and asked me if I wanted to go out to a club. She informed me one of the other instructors was going and that a couple of her friends were going. I was dying for more time with her after what had happened the night before.

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There was no way I was saying no. I got in her car with her and we drove off, heading towards to club. Once we got there, we met up with everyone else and got in line for the club. She held my hand and held me close. I looked down at her and asked her if she was cold. She looked up at me and said, "No, I just like having you close," and then gave me a quick wink as we went in the door after paying the cover.

It was kind of a grungy club, a lot of people who I wouldn't exactly favor hanging out with, seemed to be a lot of thugs and wanna be gangsters. That didn't matter to me, I had Ashley with me and that was enough.


We had a drink and began to dance the way you would in a club. She turned her back to me and grinded that gorgeous ass against my crotch. There were so many things I wanted to do to her right then. She was driving me absolutely crazy. There was no way she couldn't feel my hard dick pressed against her firm ass. We enjoyed the night and the club began to close. "Well, are we taking this back to your place?" I said. "Sorry, my mom has my son and I have to go pick him up. It won't be long, I promise." As distraught as I was at that moment, I couldn't be little her for her situation.

She had a shit bag ex-husband and there wasn't much anyone could do about it. She dropped me off at the studio where I got into my truck and drove home. I must have gotten off three times thinking about the way she danced with me and pressed her firm ass into me.

The following Monday I came back into work and saw her there. We went on, business as usual since instructors weren't allowed to date. At the closing of the day she came up to me and said she wanted to talk to me in the break room.

We went back there and she told me that her husband was going to take her son for the weekend so she was going to have a couple friends over and wondered if I could come and make the drink specials that the restaurant I worked at offered.

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I accepted and asked her if I should plan on driving home. She tossed me a coy smile as she brushed her hair back and said that she could probably find me a spot for the night. Friday came and went. By the evening, we were all ready to go home for the weekend, and I was hoping there was a lot in line for me this weekend. I went home to grab a quick bite to eat and to shower and change. I showed up at Ashley's around 8 and when she meant a couple friends, she wasn't being modest.

There were three other people there other than her. I mixed a couple drinks and everyone mostly just talked and goofed off, just random stuff.

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One person had to go cause he had work in the morning, another girl called in soon after saying she had to go home. The third friend got sick soon after the second one left so we tended to her and left her on the couch to sleep it off. "Well, I guess the couch is taken," I said. "Well, I guess you'll have to sleep with me," Ashley said.

I could tell she was a little tipsy but didn't think much of it. She grabbed me by the hand and led me to her room.


"Turn around," she said, "I'm going to change." I turned towards her bed and slipped my shoes and shirt off. I was hoping there wasn't going to be a need for them. All of a sudden the lights went out and she came up behind me, wrapping her hands around me, gripping my well-toned chest and abs.

She laid in bed and pulled me in with her. She immediately pulled me in for a kiss. I sure as hell wasn't going to argue, not with the pent up feelings I had. My hands were roaming over her body, being sure to get another feel of her gorgeous tight yet tender ass. I pulled her closer to me, feeling her body pressed tightly against mine.

Her hands went down to my pants and began to undo them. She fumbled with my belt buckle and managed to get it undone. She worked my pants down and off of me and then began to kiss down my chest and body, finally reaching my dick. She licked the length of it slowly, making me gasp at the sensation of her tongue on the underside of my cock.

Her lips enveloped the tip and slowly took my whole length into her mouth. She swallowed me whole until the tip reached the back of her throat. She gagged a little and came up for air. "Sorry, you're only the second person I've ever been with," she said. "Trust me, that's not a problem," I said as I smiled.

She smiled back and gave her affirmation by swallowing my dick whole once again, taking it all the way into her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down. The sensation was absolutely wonderful.

I couldn't believe she didn't have more experience.

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"That's enough," I said as I pulled her up to me to kiss her. I slid my tongue between her lips and started to move it across hers. She only responded with deep moans that put me on end. I slid my hands under her shirt to cup those wonderful breasts again.

Her nipples were on point and I rolled my thumbs over them, making her moans even deeper. I slid her shirt off, soon to be followed by the shorts she was wearing. I reached down between her legs and immediately felt how wet and hot her pussy was. It felt like she was on fire. She was radiating an amazing amount of her and juices, I've never felt a pussy this warm.

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I tried to slide two fingers into her and find she was too tight. This was crazy. After having a kid, could she really be that tight? I worked the one finger in and out of her enough to loosen her up, finally getting to fingers into her. She shuddered as the second finger into her. I rubbed my thumb across her clit and she immediately clamped down on my fingers and started to spasm.

I couldn't take this anymore.

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I had to get my dick into that sweet pussy of hers. I removed my fingers from her and positioned myself over her. I tried pressing my dick into her but she was too tight. My dick just wouldn't go in. I was dumbfounded, this had never happened. I went back to fingering her and loosened her up some more, finally being able to spread her pussy enough for three fingers.

I decided to try again and once again tried pushing my dick deep inside to tight warm wet pussy. To my surprise, it actually went in this time. It was by far the tightest pussy I've ever had my cock inside of in the 10 years I've been having sex.

Amazing! I thought I might instantly cum. I just held my dick in her deep, enjoying the feeling. It was sensational. Her tight pussy seemed to clamp around my cock. I returned the favor by clamping my lips around one of her nipples as I began to slide my dick in and out of her slowly.

She moaned with each stroke, seeming to enjoy every moment of it. With every second stroke I pressed in as hard as I could, being sure I got as deep as I could, savoring every moment. I started to get into a good rhythm, getting a little faster and a little deeper with every thrust. "I didn't know this could feel this good," she said. She grabbed me by the shoulders and rolled both of us over, putting her on top. She stood straight up and began to rock her hips back and forth.

I reached behind her and took hold of her firm sexy ass once again. It was flawless, not a dimple, not a crease, not a stretch mark, it was absolutely perfect. I took a tight grip of it and helped her move against my body, driving my cock into every corner of her warm wet pussy. She rocked back and forth against me, occasionally lifting herself off of me and then driving herself back down. The intensity I was feeling wasn't going to make me last long.

I grabbed hold of her hips and held her down on me one last time as I let go a torrent of cum deep into her. I pumped several loads of cum deep into her pussy. I lost count of how many. I was so spent, it felt like I came five times in a row. People say men can't have multiple orgasms. In that moment, I confirmed that they can. It hit me wave after wave as her pussy clamped down onto my dick.

It's a feeling that I am sure can ever be duplicated. I don't know what happened. I just know that the next morning I woke up with this gorgeous girl on top of me and my dick still buried deep inside of her.

It would seem we both collapsed on each other and fell asleep. I wasn't disappointed in the least. Much to my disappointment, this would be the only account I would ever have with this girl. Many things happened over the transpiring months and we couldn't stay together much to my dismay. I still think about her in a romantic context.

I wish we could have made things happen. ***please comment and rate and i'll continue posting this series***