Another orgasm for my boyfriend

Another orgasm for my boyfriend
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It all started when she had to come to my dorm to pick up my copy of Hemingway.


It was rather early in the morning, I was half asleep and had forgotten to lock my dorm door. suddenly, in the midst of my sleep I felt a warm hand around my flaccid cock, beginning to soothingly pull up and down to make it hard.

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I quickly woke up and shot a glance at the face that was doing this, it was Maggie Viene, a girl I had only met recently in my literature class. She was a 5'5 blonde with a nice smooth body, and breasts that weren't too large and weren't too small; I'd say they were C's. She had a pretty great face, but more importantly her ass was incredible.

The hand started to massage my balls, and caressed my crotch in every way possible. I could feel my member hardening beneath the sheets, until finally it was at full capacity. The jerking remained slow and steady, managing to make me almost flinch in each tug. This continued until I couldn't contain it, I came all over my sheets and underwear. I was pretty dumbfounded, but I wasn't about to stop what she was doing, no way. I looked at Maggie and smiled.

She just looked at me and leaned in to whisper, "sorry" in my ear.

She removed her hand and licked her fingers, then grabbed the Hemingway book off my desk before leaving. It was finally spring at the college, meaning pants could be substituted for shorts, but spandex and short shorts were still around on some of the girls. I had to throw my sheets in the wash to get them clean, then went off to literature class. As I walked in I noticed not all the seats were filled up, the class was about 2/3 full.

People must be enjoying the spring weather instead of sitting in class all day. I noticed my new friend Maggie sitting isolated in one of the aisles, so I decided to join her. As I sat down she looked at me and smiled. "Did you enjoy this morning?" Damn she had a great smile "Sure did, it's kinda hard not to." I leaned in so I could talk a little quieter "I had to throw my sheets in the wash because of you" She leaned in to mirror my action "That tends to happen you know-" She was interrupted by the professor beginning his lecture I found Hemingway to be incredibly boring, but it was a required course.

We were 1/3 the way through class when I got an idea. The class was still not very packed, but there were enough people where it would be funny. I crept my hand over to Maggie's stomach, and snuck my right hand (she was sitting to my right) under her leggings. She looked at me and her face flushed, and then looked around nervously.


But that didn't stop me. I started by just petting the sides of her pussy, massaging the inner thighs. She was beginning to get comfortable, because she widened her legs, making for more room. I then placed my forefinger and pinky finger to the sides and pushed my middle fingers into her cunt.

It was pretty wet by now, so I took that as my indentation.

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I began to rub the walls of her pussy with the "come here" motion of the two fingers. This was driving her crazy, she could barely stay still. As I continued to pleasure her, her mouth opened and she began breathing increasingly heavy.

She was almost shaking.

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At one point, her legs closed in real tight around my hand, and I could feel her insides twisting around my fingers. I kept going. I teased that pussy to exertion. I could feel her whole body moving with my fingers, as she started slightly thrusting into them.

I could feel my hand was soaked. She must be a squirter! Her crotch area was surprisingly wet. At the end of the stream of pussy juice she let out an uncontrollable squeal that the entire class heard. I quickly removed my hand from her pants before everybody found out who had yelled. I looked at her with the same questioning glare that everybody else had. The professor glanced over at Maggie "Are you alright?" Maggie replied "Yea I just have to be excused" I looked at her and licked my fingers, and leaned in to whisper "sorry" She giggled a bit at the poetic justice, then stood up and hastily left before anyone noticed her soaked crotch, good thing they were black leggings.

I watched her ass as she walked off. She didn't come back that entire lecture period. I thought perhaps I'd never see her again. I was deep in sleep that night, as I had no morning classes so I could sleep as long as I wanted.


I woke up to a coldness. My sheets were ripped off the bed. I tried to move my arms but they were tied down. Maggie was standing naked over me and she looked at me and said "shhhhhh." She got on the bed and spread her legs out over my neck, her vagina was pretty much hovering over my neck. She looked down at me with sexually charged eyes. "That was pretty rude what you did to me during class today, so you're going to have to… eat… my… pussy" she then raised herself above me and placed her cunt on my face.

I guess I had no choice but to oblige. I started licking the sides of her thighs and then slowly crept toward those fantastic labia lips. She reached her hand down to part them, so as to allow room for my tongue to crawl into her pussy.

I crept my tongue in and out, and she rubbed her clit. This was drying her crazy. She started thrusting down as she purred with each successive tongue push.

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purrs turned into squeals, as she would laugh and have spouts of uncontrollable laughter. It got faster. She started rubbing her clot faster and my tongue almost went numb licking the inside of her pussy. I could feel her whole body pulsing to this area.

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I knew what was coming. Pussy juice flowed over my face and I could't do anything about it. It got on my pillow and part of my sheets. She slowed down and raised off my face. She dragged her vagina across my body, and the remainder of the wetness rubbed off on my body. She looked at me and licked her lips. At this point I was rock hard. She went to the end of the bed and tied her hair back with a hair tie around her wrist. She then leaned down and grabbed my rod.

She pulled the skin back over the head to reveal my gleaming head, wet with pre-cum. She licked it all up and started swirling her tongue around my cock.

This felt incredible. She would slowly tug on the skin and lick all to the same beat, as if she was a conducting an orchestra. She let her extra hand massage my balls. It wasn't long before I was ready. "I'm about to cum Maggie" She looked me in the eyes and all she said was "Good" but she didn't finish there, she stopped and turned around, then lied down on me, my stomach to her back, and my head next to hers. I could only slightly look over her shoulder.

Shen then grabbed m cock with her feet, and started jerking it. I didn't know I could enjoy something like this but she did it so well. I finally finished, and cum flowed over her feet, my naked body, and the sheets.

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She got up and sat at the end of the bed while turning around, all with her feet raised in the air. She grabbed an old shirt of mine and wiped off her feet then leaned down and licked off some of the cum on my body.

She then said "sorry" and got up and threw on her undies and her leggings, and then her t-shirt.

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She got a knife and cut one of the ropes tying me down, and placed it on the nightstand. Then she walked out of my room, and glanced at me right before she opened the door, and winked.

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The scent of her perfume was still in the air. I got the knife and cut the other rope off, and sat up on my bed. "Looks like I have more laundry to do."