Show us all how the real porno joy is made with hard knob

Show us all how the real porno joy is made with hard knob
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A SATISFYING ABDUCTION All I saw were the flashes in the sky as I rode home from the factory after work. The blinding light in front of me at the crossroads made me stop. I had to close and shield my eyes as it burned into my head. I then found myself being lifted into the sir. Higher and higher I floated upwards until the cows in the fields below became dots in the distance.

I looked up and saw this huge flying machine hovering above me. There were no wings, just an almost flat saucer like contraption that was slowly rotating on the spot. It appeared to be enormous. A huge opening underneath was visible into which the beam of light that was apparently transporting me disappeared. I floated up into the aperture and came to rest suspended in mid air within the ship's bowels.

The aperture below me closed smoothly and silently and a mezzanine like floor slowly purred into action and slid across from the edges of the machine to stop underneath me. I fell softly to the floor and looked around. In a control box opposite sat three very attractive human like females.

They all boasted lovely long golden tresses and, from the little I could see of their bodies over the parapet in front of the control room, appeared to be wearing togas which exposed a central bare breast in the middle of their chests.

The nipples were also a golden colour, and all three bare breasts were surprisingly full and shapely. Their skin was a pretty light brown as if they had enjoyed the services of a sun bed.

Despite my obvious fear at being abducted in this way I was not afraid. I was a twenty year old lad employed as a machine hand in an engineering factory. I was still wearing my dark blue overalls emblazoned with the company logo.

From the doors surrounding me rushed about a dozen girls all similarly dressed and possessing those same lovely golden tresses.

Each one was flashing the single bare breast central on their chest, with another one each side covered by the toga which flowed downwards to their bare feet. The toenails were also this lovely golden colour. I have seldom seen so many beautiful girls in one place and each one seemed eager to make my acquaintance. As they flocked around me I couldn't help noticing that their togas were split at the waist and their flat tummies and golden hair covered vaginas were naked and on view - knickers seemed to be something alien to them (No pun intended).

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I used the word 'vaginas' in the plural as they each appeared to possess two of these attractive organs. One was in the usual place girls on Earth have them, between their legs, but the other was in the place normally reserved for the belly button.

This second vagina was similar to the one between their legs with the exception that it was apparently always in an aroused state and fully open, exposing the inner red flesh beyond the wet golden lipped labia which glistened with their juices. Each vagina was surrounded by gorgeous golden pubic hairs. Despite what could have been my very precarious situation I found myself being aroused by the beauty of the triple breasted ladies, and embarrassingly sensed something growing and hardening down below.

I adjusted my jeans, trying to not make it obvious, and smiled nervously at the throng of lovely females gathered around me. A voice was heard from the walls of the ship, and the girls all froze as they stood.

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"Zinkum Dallier shumkiss" spoke the disembodied voice. The girls in unison began to laugh and point at me. "Zinkum dallium shumberican osster zin terranarnium" the voice continued. An opening appeared by the side of the control room as a shutter slid silently upwards and another female, older than the others, with her third central breast covered and not naked like the other girls', appeared and walked towards us.

The girls surrounding me parted to allow the older female to approach me closely. From her toga she pulled a small golden ear ring and clipped it to my right ear. "Remove the garments from the human male!" ordered the disembodied voice, this time obviously translated in some way by the implement attached to my ear. I froze in anticipation. The girls all giggled in unison and slowly began to pull at my clothes. They laughed and giggled as one by one my various clothing items were removed.

I finally stood before them in only my boxers. Boxers that were being pushed embarrassingly outwards by what was now a full solid erection from my throbbing groin. The girls all fell back to allow another girl, this time totally naked with all three breasts and both vaginas exposed and bare , to walk slowly and seductively towards me.

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She stopped in front of me and grasped the waist band of my boxer shorts. She simultaneously dropped to her knees and pulled my boxers to the floor. My cock was standing proud and erect, waving the not inconsiderable exposed purple helmet in front of the naked female's eyes. The watching females all gasped as my eight inch erect dick flipped into view and gradually came to a standstill. The naked lady on her knees grasped my cock firmly in her right hand and placed it gently into her open mouth.

It was my turn to gasp as she began to suck my exposed helmet and run her tongue erotically around the circumference of the most sensitive part of my cock and between the opening at the top.

Oh my goodness this was awesome! Her tongue seemed to generate electrical impulses which travelled from the head of my cock down through the shaft into my groin. Eventually my whole body was enveloped in wonderful sexual electrical impulses. My dick hardened further as she continued this treatment. To my absolute amazement my penis then began to lengthen visibly.

The girl took it from her mouth and held it between the index finger and thumb of her left hand and gently rubbed the shaft. Coaxing it into a growth that my eyes and senses could hardly believe. My original eight inches were now a thing of the past. Nine, ten, eleven inches it grew before our eyes. To say I was beginning to feel pride I had never knew existed would be the understatement of the century. Twelve, thirteen, fourteen inches and still expanding!

The surrounding females began to applaud with admiration, not with their hands as we do, but by slapping their two outer breasts into the central one, causing a wonderful cacophony of slapped tits to fill the entire area. My prick steadied the growth at approximately sixteen inches. I was obviously guessing as best I could until another naked female approached and handed the first one a golden flat ruler about a metre in length.

The two naked females then held the ruler to my cock and measured from my balls to the head of my circumcised penis. Much cheering and slapping of tits ensued as she announced the incredible size. "Twenty seven glissant corbibles!" she yelled in triumph.

As I already said - sixteen inches! She was holding my cock as if in triumphal tribute. I felt quite triumphal myself! I had never envisaged in my wildest fantasies of having a prick anywhere approaching sixteen inches in length. This was a cock to be proud of. I looked around at the faces of the admiring tit slapping females and smiled my thanks.

I felt good in my naked state, surrounded by these gorgeous golden haired females, all openly admiring my new sixteen inch dick. But was it all for? What was the reason for it all? Zymeeda, the lovely naked lady who had previously sucked my eight incher, explained that they were from a planet orbiting a sun in what we call the Andromeda galaxy, several thousand lights years away.

A supernova sixty zyglots ago (eight years in our money!) from an exploding sun in their galaxy had caused anogastic light waves (I didn't know what these were either - but I just accepted what she said) - to surge towards their planet of Zygon which resulted in the total male population on the planet to lose their sperm count, thus resulting in no babies being conceived since then. If continuing, this situation would result in the eventual extermination of their species.

With any males on their planet getting older and not being replaced it was decided to search for a solution. They discovered a wormhole linking their galaxy to our Milky Way galaxy which became operative every eight zyglots (about a year in our money), and in a groundbreaking mission visited the Milky Way last year to discover life on the third planet from the sun in our solar system.

On returning to Zygon their controlling planetary government planned this forthcoming expedition carrying two hundred of their most fertile and beautiful females, with the object of getting them inseminated by the most suitable male human they could find. That was me folks! Surprised?

I wasn't - I always knew I was something special! Anyway, my apologies, I digress. Now hearing of me being required to inseminate two hundred of these gorgeous three breasted golden haired damsels did not exactly fill me with apprehension, rather the opposite, I couldn't wait to get them stripped off to fuck their brains out!

The dream of plunging my new sixteen inch prick into one or both of their golden pubic hair covered cunts was a dream come true for a red blooded English lad. "What happens if I agree to this?" I asked very politely, after all I didn't want to upset them. "You will be returned to earth at the same point in time as to when you left" explained Zymeeda, "and we will return when the wormhole re-activates, every eight zyglots, to request your co-operation once again with another two hundred Zyglonian females for you to impregnate." "Will I be able to keep this new sixteen inch prick?" "Your Twenty seven glissant corbible sperm supplier will remain the same size as now until the end of your life on Earth.

The additional sperm productivity we have introduced to your testicles will, however, be removed until our return visit with the fresh batch of females" "What if I refuse to comply with your requests?" I asked with tongue in cheek. "In that case the memory of all this will be erased from your mind and you will be returned unharmed to the same spot at which we found you.

Your seven glissant cordible sperm supplier will naturally be returned to its original size of course, as will your sperm productivity - which has only been supplied for your speedy insemination of this present batch of females!" Hmmm!

A no brainer really. "One more thing! How does this insemination process work?" "We can obtain your sperm by a mechanical or female induced masturbation process or, if you so wish, you may perform the same outdated and prehistoric physical contortions that are prevalent on your planet, with each of the grateful females in turn with one every fifteen minutes of your Earth time for the next fifty hours!" "I can fuck all of them you mean?" "As you say on Earth, yes you can fuck each one of them individually.

We will enable you to continue without sleep for the time needed, and also enable you to physically perform this outmoded and frankly primitive procedure, until all two hundred females are successfully impregnated." As I already intimated - this was a no brainer! To fuck two hundred of these three breasted visions of beauty was a fantastic prize in itself, but to be returned to Earth to pleasure human girls with my sixteen inch prick for the rest of my life was a reward a randy bloke like me could have only dreamed about.

"Let's do it!" I yelled, punching the air in triumph. Zymeeda nodded her thanks and bowed. She waved her hand for the watching females to drop their togas and stand in line stark naked, triple tits and double cunts on full view - all awaiting my service. "You may choose which Zinkla to impregnate young Earth human." I was confused until she pointed at the first girl's belly button cunt. "Aha!


One of her two Zinklas?" I mumbled "Of course!" I didn't want to change too much from earthly procedures and so I decided to fuck the Zinkla between their legs for starters, as I was most accustomed to having a cunt in that position.

The first girl was suspended in mid air with obvious hovercraft technology and I climbed nervously on top of her. Having no mattress was one thing, being suspended in mid air was another, but I coped magnificently. The three breasts came in handy though, with not only being able to play with one in each of my hands, but having the opportunity to suck the nipple and kiss the flesh of the additional middle one.

Nice! My sixteen inch cock was a joy to control. I realised the reason for the additional length they had given me when my cock slid straight up the first girl's vagina up to my balls.

Now that is an impressive depth of cunt - I mused as I proceeded to fuck her. She didn't seem either particularly keen or knowledgeable about kissing as we fucked, but I soon get her going by sticking my tongue in her mouth. She then started kissing like a Trojan.


Sexual penetration intercourse may have been an anathema to Zyglonian females but the first one certainly took to it like a duck to water, and was thrusting her eager cunt at my plunging cock with the determination and gratefulness of a first time fuck - which this was to her of course. I sensed my erotic sensations beginning to rise and sucked hard on her middle tit, which I had found to, be the most sensitive of the three.

My thoughts regarding this were soon rewarded as I heard her gasp in the first throes of an oncoming orgasm. I was almost ready for bursting and sucked harder on that middle nipple.

She exploded seismically like a well informed and expert earth female. She cluing tightly to me as her climax overwhelmed her. I, in my gentlemanly generosity, released the immense product of my throbbing balls and gushed my plentiful thick hot spunk deep inside her gorgeous body. The watching naked females slapped their tits in appreciative applause. This was, of course, the first time they had seen a good old English down to earth fuck!

Prick and cunt in total unison and ending in a mutually satisfying double orgasm. Lucky girls! They were about to get the same! One after the other they were suspended in id air, for me to climb on top of them and fuck them silly. Zymeeda had been correct in her explanation.

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I didn't feel the need to sleep during the two hundred fuck marathon, and the momentum and strength of my physical prowess was never doubted.

I managed to fuck and impregnate all two hundred girls without breaking sweat! I unfortunately failed to bring ten of them to orgasm in the fuck, but like the gentleman I am, proceeded to finger and frig all ten to a satisfying and totally surprising climax. I really am a considerate bloke. The naked Zymeeda, to her credit, finally accepted that the 'primitive' earth procedure of physical fucking to inseminate was a more satisfying of becoming impregnated, by requesting a fuck of her own.

Which I of course was happy to supply. She came three times, the greedy Zygonian bitch! One for each of her tits. I came twice - one for each of her cunts! I like to please. It was with mixed emotions that it came time for me to be returned to Earth.

I was quite sorry to leave all those frustrated females. You know - I could have fucked them all again given the chance.

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But no! Zymeeda was insistent that they had to leave before the wormhole closed for their return home. Each of the now satisfied three breasted females wanted to kiss me goodbye, with several confirming that they would like to return in eight zyglots, after giving birth to my child, to be fucked and impregnated once more by the sixteen inch prick of yours truly.


They were all waving and crying as I was lowered from the ship in the hover light. It was as Zymeeda had promised. I was set down in exactly the same spot that I had been first abducted. I picked up my bike and mounted. I looked up and waved as the space ship moved slightly to the left, before zooming at the speed of light up into the dark reaches of space to find that opening to the wormhole for home.

I smiled and shrugged. Two hundred of my kids would be walking on a planet in the Andromeda galaxy within a few months. Hmmm! Now to try my new sixteen inch prick on the local lasses!