Boy naked doctor movie gay While I was giving the fellate job Randy

Boy naked doctor movie gay While I was giving the fellate job  Randy
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I made my way down the street to my bud's trailer in the trailer park we lived in.

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It was hot and muggy, so I didn't bother with a shirt. I worked out a lot in the gym, so I had nothing to be ashamed of, letting anyone that wanted to get a good glimpse of my hard body. My buddy Tom lived in an off- white trailer, a bit overgrown with weird plants the old owners had planted outside. Because his AC was on the fritz, he had his normal door open, with just the screen door shut.

I walked up the steps and tapped on the door.


Glancing up from watching TV, he waved me in. I opened the door, walked in, and flopped next to him on the sofa he was sitting on. Like me, he wasn't wearing a shirt, only a pair of tattered jeans and a ski cap over his messy black hair.

Unlike me, who worked out, he had some hints of fat on his belly, as it hung over his jeans ever so slightly.


But he wasn't like a fatso or whatever, so I didn't care- it was kinda kinky, but I thought it was kind of sexy on him. "You, Roy, come here, I got the new issue." He told me, getting up after a few minutes of boring TV and a long, deliberate stretch, making sure he stretched enough that his ass stuck out towards me. I knew he flirted like that on purpose- when he itched, he made sure to inch up his shirt when I was around so I could get a look at his body, or rub his crotch against me when he walked by.

But I didn't mind- I would be lying to say I hadn't thought of him sexually once or twice. And I returned the favor- I seldom wore a shirt when he was around, and my hand would 'accidentally' brush his body or between his legs when we passed each other and nobody was nearby. But I still was technically straight, despite having a slight man-crush- I followed him to his room to see the new 'issue' he had gotten.

His room was relatively small, his bed taking up a majority of the space. He reached into his bookshelf and procured a brand new porn magazine. We both sat on his bed [his blinds were shut as was the door to his room, so nobody would see.] as he opened the porn. He stopped flipping when he found a picture of a sexy, blonde woman. She held her body in a sensual position, her hips cocked, and her modest tits nice and perky. "Damn, I would tear that ass in two!" I said, casually feeling my hand drift for my crotch.

"I know, I would so screw the fuck outta her!" Tom said, him too rubbing his crotch. He continued to flip back and forth between the pictures of hot- bodied women, talking dirty about them and increasing how vigorously we rubbed our crotches. After a while, I noticed Tom had unbuttoned his trousers and rubbed himself directly in his pants.

However, [to my slight disappointment] he didn't actually free his meat quite yet. We had never gone as far as to see each other nude directly, but with both of us single and horny, I figured today would be it. Not like either of us would actively care, being the horny animals we were. I followed suit, opening my trousers and robbing myself, the viewing pleasure now a sexy, thin brunnete. However, as we got closer to the end of the book, I decided to see just how far it could go.

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I 'accidentally' let my eight inches of meat free, my throbbing penis jutting out. Tom didn't seem to care- in fact, he followed suit. "And here I was holding back." He said with a sly, almost sexy grin as he freed all nine inches of his picture perfect penis. Sadly, there was only one final picture left, and we had seen everything in the magazine. "Fuck, hold on, I'll go grab something else." He said.

Still with his dick jutting out, he got up, indiscriminately grabbed a stack from under his bed. He sifted through and grabbed a few. "Which one do you want, the June issue, the may issue…" However, as he picked done up, his face tuned red from embarrassment- a gay magazine.

Two hot men in tight jeans with no shirts were kissing deeply on the cover. "How about that one, just for a laugh." I said. Hey, he had a gay sex magazine under his bed- I figured he wouldn't mind so much. And he didn't "Sure." He said, and opened the first page. A muscular couple of jocks were having a scene in a locker room. "Damn, way more hardcore stuff in these." I said, watching the guy get meat shoved in both his mouth and ass simultaneously.

"I know, right?" Tom said, seeming relieved that I wasn't mad or embarrassed or anything. As we continued to stroke off, he reached over, and put his hand on my own shaft. He seemed to be expecting rejection. Admittedly, I was surprised. But hell, I had a hot, shirtless boy stroking my cock, and I was already horny as they got, so all I said was "Damn, that feels fucking good." with it coming out as little more than a steamy whisper.

Tom got that mischievous grin again, and quickly-to my disappointment- left the room. I could hear the front door shutting and locking, as well as several windows. It had clouded up, so there was no need to.

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Plus, he didn't need any potential noises getting out. He returned and got down in front of me, tossing his remaining clothing off to the side. With the door shut, he began to stroke up and down on my shaft. Already rock hard from the porn from earlier, it didn't take long for me to get that tell- tale feeling in my cock.

"Oh god I'm gonna cum…" I moaned. Almost the moment I said this, I blasted a massive load all over Tom's face. "Fuck man, that's a shitload of cum!" He exclaimed, using his nearby boxers to wipe his face down. He plopped himself on a chair near his computer desk, letting his erect dick poke out in my general direction. I needed no further invitation- before he had to even ask, I dropped my own remaining clothes and tossed them off to the side.

I dropped down in front of him, and began to rub my hands up and down his hot shaft. He moaned in pleasure. "Like that&hellip. Oh fuck it, that feels so good…" He moaned steamily. Still horny as shit, I decided to make a bold move. I placed my head close to the head of his shaft, and quickly licked it. I didn't much care one way or another for the taste, but the fact that I had just tasted Tom's dick made me hot as fuck. Tom shuddered in pleasure. "Fuck, don't stop now!" He exclaimed.

I gave him the steamiest look I could muster, and gave his shaft a long, deliberate lick straight down to his balls. I let my tongue play over them, as Tom moaned things like "Fuck&hellip. So good&hellip. yeah, like that…" to me. I let my tongue go up and down his shaft a few more times before I decided to go all the way- I held his shaft with both hands and placed my mouth just over the tip. Tom's moaning was growing steadily louder, so I knew his orgasm wasn't far off.

I had always secretly wanted to know what it was like to have a mouthful of cum, so I began to bob up and down on his shaft, my tongue lashing all over his cock.

"huh…huh…huh… Oh god, I think I'm gonna cum&hellip." He moaned. With one final stroke, sure enough, he pumped a good sized load into my mouth.

I had to swallow hard and fast to keep the massive load from spewing out of my mouth. By the tine he had finished, it seemed like he would never stop. My belly full of his cum, I looked up at him. "Damn, we need to do this way more often!" he said, panting from having such a powerful orgasm. "Then why stop?" I asked lustfully. I stood up facing him, and slung my legs on either side of him.

I sat on his lap, or dicks erect against each other. I put my arms around him, and pressed my lips against him in a lustful kiss. As our bodies squeezed together, we could feel the passion and lust that we felt for one another, and I didn't want such a moment of incredible rapture and ecstasy to end.

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My hands drifted down his body, and began to rub his chest, my fingers gently toying with his nipples. He moaned slightly as we continued our lustful kiss, his own hands on my hips, drifting towards my ass.

I could feel him kneading my ass, and I continued to massage his chest and nipples. After a while had passed, I cast a gaze over at the clock- it was five, over an hour had passed since I got there.

My parents would be out for the next few days, so I didn't care. As far as I knew, Tom's parents were on some business trip or another also, so we had all the time in the world. However, Tom broke the kiss. "Hey, let's do this all the time- become fuck-buddies." He suggested, his hair in his face, his body sweating slightly from the heat of our bodies.

"Fuck yeah, Tommy- I'll do whatever you want." I said. I usually was the one in charge when it came to sex, but something about a hot boy dominating me was a big ass turn-on. "Well, in that case, how about we&hellip.


Clean up first?" He suggested that fucking hot smile on his face. He got up and gestured for me to follow him to the bathroom. It was small and cramped- perfect for us. He flipped on the fan and turned on the shower, waiting a few seconds to pass as the water heated up.

He stepped in first, and motioned me to get in with him.

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He placed his hands on my face- we were just about the same height, with me slightly taller, but not by much, and pulled me in, resuming our kiss from earlier. Our bodies tightly woven together, he reached over and swiped the shower gel. He placed some of the liquid in his hands, and began to rub it all over my back in slow, sexy movements. He slowly worked his way to my ass, where his hands slowly rubbed across, his fingers drifting over my hole. Eventually, he got bold and spread my cheeks with one hand, and put a finger in.

I moaned deeply as it stung slightly at first, but it quickly progressed from a sting to a desire froe more to go in. I broke contact and turned around. I bent over, pushing my girlish ass towards Tommy. I placed both hands on either side of the tub to steady myself. "C'mon, Tommy, fuck me like the sex machine you are." I invited, letting the lust be palpable in my voice.

"Sure thing, nasty little fucker." He replied just as lustfully, and I could feel the head of his dick poking into my butt. With a little effort and groaning, he buried his hot meat further and further into my guts until his hips were in direct contact with my ass.

He placed both hands on my hips, and began to pump in and out, his smooth belly making a telltale *pop* every time he thrust in far enough. "You know, I've wanted to fuck you like an animal for a while, Roy." He said, taking a deep, powerful thrust. "Then come on, fuck me, fuck my brains out, sex machine." I said, beginning to grind my hips to his thrusts.

I let my body rise up and put my hands against the shower wall, still keeping my ass pushed out and grinding to the rhythm of our lovemaking. Tom let his hands drift up my hips to my chest, and began to tightly pinch my nipples. "Oh god, fuuuuuuuuuck&hellip." I moaned the heat and sensation overwhelming. "I'm gonna cum, baby, hope your ready." Tom said in a hot voice. I could feel him blast an enormous load of his hot cum into my body, and the sensation of what felt like gallons of hot cum in my belly was incredible.

He pulled out and bent over to my ass. I could feel his tongue working my butt, helping himself to the fresh cu, he had put in. With a mouthful of the tantalizing fluid, he turned me around to face him, and caught me in another kiss. With cum still oozing freely out of my ass, we shared the cum between our mouths, the thick, slightly salty liquid flowing freely between our mouths. We switched positions, and this time it was Tom's turn to get it in the ass.

He bent over in the position I had originally, and I placed both of my hands on his picturesque ass. I slowly brought the tip of my cock to his asshole, and slowly stuffed it into his body. "Damn baby, fuck it, fuck it hard!" he moaned as I began to pump his ass.

The feeling as my dick pushed into his butt again and again was incredible, the hot water on my stomach and drizzling down my body and onto his making it feel all that much hotter. "You like that, huh Tommy? You like me pounding that…" I began to softly massage his gorgeous ass cheeks.

I gave a slight slap to his right cheek. "-That fucking hot ass, don't you?" I asked him, pulling his ass in for a deep thrust. "Yeah baby, I love it when you pound that ass with that big, fucking dick.

Mmmm, yeah, like that baby…" Tommy replied, his voice so sexy I could have blown a load just listening to that. My hands moved up from his ass to the smooth skin of his slightly flabby belly.

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I rand my hands up and down his incredible body, eventually resting on his nipples. I pinched and pulled them both, casuing Tommy to gasp sharply. "oh, Oh, OH, OOHHHH&hellip.Fuuuuuuuck…" He said in between gasps. I continued to screw him, and got that telltale feeling in my shaft. "I'm gonna cum, Tommy." I said, unable to fight it.

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I spewed what must have been gallons of hot cum into Tommy's body, impressing even myself as more and more cum pumped into him. It was nearly a minute before I fully stopped. I withdrew my shaft, and mimicked what Tommy had done earlier, bending over to his ass. I kissed it, hungrily slurping my cum out. It was a bit thinner than Tommy's, but there was so much more in him than there was inside me when he blew his own load a minute ago. My mouth full of my own jizz, I turned Tommy around for another kiss of lust, swapping the cum between us, caressing each other's bodies.

Once we had gulped down the cum, the water began to cool. "Let's get outta here, dirty little fuck machine." Tommy said, giving my nipples one final lick as he washed out the remaining cum After we got out of the shower, we dried off each other and put our pants back on. We went to go get something to eat really quick- I had just a quick peanut butter sandwich, and Tommy had just a soda. We decided to rest a bit before we REALLY fucked each other's brains out. We watched a bit of boring TV, albeit I spent most of my time watching Tommy smoke, observing his amazing body.

I couldn't wait to get him naked again! Sure enough, at about eight PM, he snuffed his cig and stood up, stretching.

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"What do you say we&hellip. Head to bed?" He asked his sexy tone thick with lust. "Hell yeah baby." I said, getting up and taking a quick pinch at his nipples. Shutting off all the lights in his house and locking up, we headed to his room. Only a small light on his desk provided a low level of lighting. "So&hellip. You have anything in mind?" He asked, unbuttoning his trousers.

I didn't even bother to answer as I pushed him on the bed and lay on top of him. I pressed my lips to his, our tongues locked together as I tossed his pants off to the side. His hands held my hips, and slid my own pants off, tossing them near his cum- stained boxers from earlier. His hands groped my ass cheeks, and I could feel my dick getting hard. I rolled off of him, and knelt between his legs. Lifting his legs up, I slowly put my dick back into his ass… [If this one gets enough good feedback, I'll post more of my hot nights with Tommy, or maybe some of our threesomes with our other buddy.]