Sarina Valentina strokes and toys

Sarina Valentina strokes and toys
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"Honey, you'll be good for Uncle Lou and Aunt Reese right?" Mom asked half rhetorically. "Yes, mom I'll be good." I said as she kissed my forehead then jumped into the car, dad only yelling bye and waving before peeling out of Uncle Lou's driveway and speeding off in the direction of the airport.

"Sweetie I'm sorry we don't have much space here, so you'll be bunking with Robert, there's an extra bed in his." She paused and looked at me "You don't mind do you?" "Of course not! I mean I'd prefer to be at home but mom doesn't trust me alone" We continued walking at she laughed. "Dear, it's not that they don't trust you, it's that anything could happen and they don't want they're precious Rose hurt… No pun intended." So my name is Rose, if you hadn't picked up on that from my aunts futile attempt to persuade me that my parents do trust me.

I do understand that they really don't trust me because I'm 16 and although I know I'm not drop dead gorgeous I know what I've got. I am short stand at 5'4'' that awkward kind of short, kind of tall height that I can't seem to grow out of unless I wear heels, luckily for me, though, I have a natural arch in my feet so I have to wear heels.

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I also have what I considered a curse and gift. My breasts. I am a 36DDD. No, I don't have back problems! Since that's the first thing people ask me… Anyway I love them sometimes at other times I hate them. I have full lips and dark brown hair, so brown it looks black but not black. I keep it cut shoulder length and straight I also have black eyes; well so dark they look black so yo save time I say they're black.

If you haven't guessed it I'm black… Sorry, I mean African American… Whatever! Anyway back to my story… My Aunt was telling me how much fun we were going to have for the next month and a half when I quietly asked to see where I'd be sleeping. She showed me to Robert's room and I was surprised at how clean it was.

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When we walked in he didn't even look up and when she told him to greet me, he just waved his hand up and his eyes stayed glued to his laptop screen. "Don't mind him sweetie, once he realizes his favorite cousin is here, he'll be more friendly." "Favorite cousin? Auntie Reese, we haven't seen each other in four years!" "Well you were, I think you guys will pick back up where you left off as soon as he gets off that laptop." She said "I hope, he was my favorite too." "Alright, well I'll let you get situated and I'll call you both when dinners ready." I shook my head and then slid onto the bed next to him, easing in between him and the side table.

He instantly looked up and I smiled at him. He paused his music and took his headphones out. "Hey Rose. How are ya?" "I'm good. Thanks, so really Facebook is what was keeping you from getting up and giving me a hug?" "No, but it's not too late." He leaned over and grabbed me and hugged me, kissing my forehead.

"I missed you, girl, but your family is always busy!" "I know but it's not my fault, now let me go before you completely mess up my hair!" "So you're staying here how long?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "Why? Tired of me already?" We both laughed.

"No just seeing how long it will be until I can dirty this place up again." "In that case, I'll be here for a month and a half." "Great! Lots of time to catch up!" I laughed and then we went downstairs to dive into one of Reese's great dinners. Over the period of the next week Bob and me got reacquainted and in that time I remembered why I hadn't asked to come back in 4 years… Bob was a know-it-all asshole!

He corrected every grammatical error I made and if I quoted something wrong he'd call me on it, instead of letting it slide. He did that a few hours ago and I had left the house, and went to the park where I saw something crazy.

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Sitting on the bench was a couple, they were making out ferociously then as my eyes traveled down I noticed her skirt hiked up and his pants at his ankles. She was rotating her hips slowly while he squeezed her ass. She then began bouncing on him and moaning just loud enough for me to hear then. The boy looked directly at me and smiled then winked.


For a spilt second I thought of the girl as me and I gasped again. I was soaked and I could feel my panties go cold as the wind hit them. I had to get back to the house, now.


I slipped into the locked up house through the back where I had left and snuck back upstairs into Bobs Room. Seeing him sleep I walked past him and straight into the bathroom. I pulled my shorts and panties down to my ankles and I let my fingers dip into the wetness while I rubbed my nipples.


I eventually achieved an orgasm but nothing too earth shattering. I had gotten quiet sticky in my little endeavor so I ran the shower. After just 2 minutes the curtain was snatched back and I saw Bob standing there in his robe. I whisper/shouted for him to get out but he just stood there with that dumb smirk on his face.

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"Bob, please, seriously get out." I said, reduced to pleading. He removed his robe and got in the shower with me. I turned and backed against the wall staring at his giant cock, which had to be 9in long and 4in wide. "B-bob…" I finally looked at his face, with the smirk still on it and I frowned. "Bob, I'm in here! Get out!" He chuckled and got a little closer. "I'm not going anywhere, Rose, I see you're just now getting back… its 2 in the morning, where the hell did you go?" He questioned, stroking himself.

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I stammered, staring at his dick. "I-I um…" "Why'd you come finger yourself in front of me?" "I didn't!" I managed to say. "Then why wasn't the door closed fully?" I sighed to myself and mumbled, "fuck." His bathroom door had a trick to it, you had to lift it up to close it fully and if you didn't it could just slowly open back up.

"It was quite a show Rosie my dear." "Get out of here!" "If I do then in the morning I'm telling my mom and dad that you snuck out and then came home and were masturbating and moaning loudly…" "Bob, please don't!

I'll do anything!" I yelled, forgetting everything and rushing towards him; wrapping my arms around his neck and sobbing. "A-anything&hellip." I said between tears. We stood there a moment before I realized we were still naked and his hard cock was right up against my stomach, sandwiched between us.

I looked up at him and began to pull away when he tightened his grip on my waist to keep me close. "Anything?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. "Yes, please don't tell Reese and Lou." "Suck my cock." He said bluntly. "What?" I asked blinking a bit. "Suck my cock right now." "But you're my cousin, that's incest and…" "Do it, now and I won't tell" I nodded, what harm could one blowjob be? As I sunk down to my knees in the tub I realized what harm could be done, like stretching my lips so far they ripped.

I took his cock into my hands anyway and then looked up at him. "Go for it." He said encouragingly. I never did anything like this before but I read enough and watched enough filth to figure it out. I stroked his dick slowly and licked the head a bit. His cock twitched when I did that and I smiled a bit.

I sucked the whole head into my mouth then let it pop out quickly. He groaned. "Am I doing this okay?" I asked.

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"Yes! Keep going I want to see what you can do." I fondled his balls then licked the underside of his cock up slowly like a long lollipop. As I got into it more I quickly licked up and down the rest of I as he moaned his approval. His cock was ready and I hoped that I could take enough of it into my mouth to satisfy him. I slowly slid his cock into my mouth waiting until it I couldn't fit anymore in. It turns out his it all fit into my mouth and my nose was brushing his blonde pubic hair.

I looked at him and saw his head was back with his eyes closed. "Rose, oh my god, it fit all the way in, fuck, you little cock-sucker, suck it good." I pulled back and gripped half of his cock with my hands and then sucked the rest, licking the head and dipping my tongue into the slit at the tip.

After 5 minutes he announced he was going to cum. I pulled away and focused just on the tip, while stroking him quickly.

He groaned and the first shot hit me in the chin the second and third shots landed on my breasts. After what seemed like four more ropes of cum he finally stopped cumming and looked down at me. I was breathing hard and I sat back, against the wall. "Mmm, you look real nice with my cum on you." He chuckled to himself then bent over and fondled them.

"Wow, I didn't realize just how long it had been till I saw these giant tits." "Get off of me, you got what you wanted!" "Fine, I'll leave, I've just got to pee first." I rolled my eyes then closed them, not wanting to watch him pee. Then I felt it. I opened my eyes and saw he was peeing on me. "Stop, that's nasty!" "Close you mouth or I'll pee in it." I closed my mouth and he finished and got out, putting his robe on and winked, leaving. I quickly took a shower to get his pee and cum off of me then went to bed as fast as possible.