Hair pussy is the beautyfull

Hair pussy is the beautyfull
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There she was, naked in her room, alone in her house, her parents out of town, and she was pissed off. Just out of 8th grade, Lexi Cartwright was trying to make the most of her summer. But today was the 4th of July, and she was stuck wasting the day away as a performer in a stupid water ski show. Worse, her part couldn't be more lame.

She was in the comedy act, playing a little hillbilly girl who "hitches a ride" with an old geezer by jumping on his back from a dock. She didn't even get wet. Her outfit consisted of a sleeveless blue floral shirt that buttoned up the front, a little jean shirt, cowboy boots and a big straw hat.

Lexi's best friend, Alison Stevens, had put her up to it. Alison's dad ran the ski club, and he had put his daughter in charge of lining up teenagers to be part of it. Alison wanted to play the hillbilly girl herself, but her dad wouldn't let her. He said her breasts were too big. Lexi didn't have that problem. Her body was fine, she had huge flirty eyes, boys loved her blond hair, and she had an incredibly cute, firm, rounded little butt. But, unlike Alison, she rarely, if ever, fell out of her shirt.

It was 9 a.m. The show started at noon, but Lexi was supposed to be at a rehearsal at 10. She had just stepped out of the shower, and was picking out her panties. I'll try… pink, Lexi thought.

The color would go good with her costume, and the pair she picked had a sexy bikini cut. Not that she really planned on anyone seeing her underwear. Lexi didn't have a boyfriend, and there was no party or anything special going on later, just the same old fireworks the town shot off every year. Still, Lexi had a reason to be optimistic.

If she saw a hot guy she liked, she could almost always get him to make out with her. After all, she had a reputation: Lexi was the best cocksucker in school. *** "Give it to me! I love your fuckin' cock! It's so fuckin' hard! Give it to me! You make me fuckin' shake!

Do you wanna cum in me? Do you wanna cum in your little slut? Fuck my pussy! Fuck it! Fuck it!!!" "Alison! Wake up! Pancakes are almost ready!" Fifteen-year-old Alison Stevens opened her eyes and reached for her robe. What is it with these dreams, she thought.

True, she had been thinking about going all the way. Her boyfriend, Mark, had been begging her to for months, ever since Lexi talked her into giving him head one night at a party.

But she always said no. Both "technical" virgins, Lexi and Alison had made a pact that they wouldn't have "real" sex with boys yet, not for the whole summer. Anything else -- blow jobs, the girl-girl stuff they liked to tease boys with at parties -- OK. But no fucking. Not yet. Maybe tonight, though, Alison thought, she'll let Mark do it. After all, most kids thought Alison and Mark were already doing it.

Alison did, after all, have had a killer body (her dimensions were 35-24-32) and she loved to show it off. And Mark had been telling his friends they were. "Alison!" her mom yelled down the hall again. "Wake up! Pancakes!" "I'll be right down mom. Just need a quick shower." What will it feel like, she wondered as the water soaked through her hair. Will it hurt? Will it feel good? Will she be good at it? Her right hand reached down and lingered, for a second, on her thigh.

She slowly moved it between her legs. Will it be like when her and Lexi. "Alison! It's on the table!" Damn! "Coming mom!" Alison loved her mother. Mrs. Stevens always made Alison a hot breakfast, and let her dress however she wanted. But Alison hated how her mom would dress -- in exactly that same sexy way!

Lots of cleavage, no bra sometimes, racy little bikinis. It was embarrassing!

Alison dad, though, seemed to disapprove of Alison no matter what she wore. It was like he couldn't accept that his little girl had grown up. Whenever she wore something low cut (which she did a lot) he called her a slut. The Stevens lived about a mile from Lexi, right on a golf course but in a much smaller house.

Mr. Stevens ran the ski club, and today was his big day. Since it was the Fourth of July, this morning Alison picked out a cute little red tube top and some blue jean shorts. Her mom thought the shorts were maybe cut a little too high, but with Lexi strutting around Alison needed all the help she could get. She squeeze into her clothes and raced into the kitchen. "Hi sweetie!" her mom said. "Pancakes are still warm!" Want some coffee?" "Mom! You know I hate coffee." "Try it with cream. It's better with lots of cream." *** Meanwhile, Jason was waking up at his parent's house, which was just around the corner from the Stevens.

Home from college for the summer, the tall, shaggy 20-year-old was driving the boat for the ski show, and would be pulling Lexi and Alison. Jason was handsome enough, and sort of an athlete, but in college he just wasn't doing all that well with women.


He dated now and then, but for the most part the girls he liked were always already taken. Even though Lexi and Alison were a lot younger than Jason, he knew them both. He helped run the ski club with Alison's dad so he spent a lot of time at her house, and Alison was often around. Jason had briefly met Lexi at a party a few weeks ago. Though they only talked for a minute or two, Jason remembered that Lexi told him she was 16 years old.

*** That ass! That outfit! That was the girl -- the 16-year-old -- from the party! Driving his parents SUV, Jason was on his way to the rehearsal when he saw Alison walking down the road in front of him. Pulling up alongside her, he rolled down the passenger window. "Alison!

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Need a ride?" "Oh hi," she replied, a little embarrassed that something she knew had seen her out in public with that getup on. "Uh, yeah." "Hop in!" Alison opened the door and slid in. Unlike most SUVs, this one had a bench seat. "Don't mind the seat belts. They don't work." Jason pulled back into traffic and headed on the rehearsal. "Slide over here, little Miss Hillbilly" Jason said, patting the center of the seat.

He was sure she wouldn't do it -- he barely knew Alison -- but he figured it was worth a try. "Sure!" As she slid over, Jason noticed that Alison's skirt got caught a little on the seat. Nice panties, he thought. "Why are you walking?" Jason asked. "Don't you have a car?" "Well, I, uh, share one with my parents.

They have it. They're out of town." "You live near me, don't you?" Jason asked. "I think so. Isn't your house down on Carnac, with the big trees?" "Yeah." "I live right around the corner!" "You going to see the fireworks later?" "I don't know.

I'd like to do something fun." "Well, here's where the rehearsal is." Jason pulled in the driveway of a large house on the lake, just down the shore from the country club where the show would actually take place.

All the performers were going to practice their routines in the back yard, and the home's dock would be the show's staging point. As Alison scooted over to the passenger door, Jason left the truck running. "Aren't you coming?" she asked. "No, not yet. I've got to go gas up the boat. But maybe I'll see you later." "Yeah, maybe." Alison opened the door and got out. Shit, Alison thought, I should have tried harder than that. He didn't even notice my panties.

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*** "I'm a country cunt. Yee haw." Lexi was really pissed. Talking with Alison at the rehearsal house, Lexi was just in a rotten mood. The reason: They cut Lexi's part -- the old man didn't show up, so the whole hillbilly act was cancelled. And she was stuck in her outfit.

"Well at least the boots are hot, Alison said. And the hat, is, well, big." "You and your stupid lame-ass dad. If your tits weren't so big I wouldn't even be here." "Well you don't have to live with him. He's gonna blow up when he sees my new bikini. Red, white and blue, but there's hardly anything to it. My mom and I got it yesterday." Alison only had a small part in the show. At the very beginning, she was a flag girl. That meant all she did was ski slowly behind the boat along with a few other girls, each of them holding an American flag.

It was a little corny. "Well I'm stuck in this hillbilly getup now with absolutely nothing to do. I'd just walk home, but there's absolutely nothing to do back there by myself.

I wanna beer." *** The show started an hour later. Old folks loved it, but realistically, it was boring as hell. The only real excitement came in first minute, when Alison's breasts fell out of her bikini top.

No one noticed them, though. She fell holding her flag, and her top didn't pop open until she hit the water. *** Immediately after the show, Alison, Lexi, Jason and all the participants returned to the rehearsal house for a cookout.

Alison's dad was grilling the steaks, and her mom was slicing up the fruit. Lexi spied Jason in the back yard, getting a beer from a cooler on a patio.

She wasn't going to let him get away again. "Jason!" she called as she ran up to him, "can you get me one?" "I don't know young lady," he teased. "Aren't you only 16?" "Please?" "You have an I.D.?" "Pretty please? "Well OK. Here." "Where are you sitting?" Lexi asked. "Up on the porch behind the house." "Can I sit with you?" "Sure, grab your beer," Jason said in a mock hillbilly accent, "and your hat, and your boots, and your cute little skirt… and come and git it!" "Screw you!" The words spilled out of her mouth before she had a chance to think.

She was still in a bad mood about her outfit. "Well, if you're lucky!" Jason said, grabbing her hand and pulling him behind her. *** Up on the porch, even though they were at a small table of six people -- all the rest adults, including the Stevens -- Lexi sat right on Jason's lap. She cut up his steak. Hand-fed him fruit. Mrs. Simpson, herself dressed in a skimpy yellow bikini -- didn't approve.

When Lexi left the table, Alison's mom came over to him and said "Don't you know how old she is?" "Sixteen." "Oh," Mrs. Simpson said. "I was confused. I thought she was. oh never mind. Well she is kind of slutty, don't you think?" "I am really concerned about it," Jason said. When Lexi returned Jason thought about what Mrs. Simpson said. Was Lexi not really 16? She certainly looked that old. And she was so calm, and sure of herself. "Miss anything?" Lexi asked, reclaiming her spot on Jason's lap.

"Nope. What do you want to do tonight?" "I don't know. Alison said her and Mark are going to see the fireworks. Why don't we do that." "Sounds like a date," Jason said, kissing Lexi on her cheek.

"I've got to leave now, but what time should I pick you up?" "How about 8?" "And, where exactly do you live?" "34 Burgundy. I'll be the only one there. My parents are out of town." *** Jason knew Lexi liked to drink, so after stopping back at his parent's house for a quick shower, he stopped at the liquor store and picked up a cheap cooler, some ice and a six pack of beer.

He put it in the floor of the front seat of the SUV. He pulled into Lexi's driveway right on time. It was dark. She answered the door still wearing her hillbilly outfit. "You're wearing that?" he asked. "Oh shit I forgot to change!" Lexi said. "Don't worry about it. The boots look hot. Let's go." Jason and Lexi walked out to the SUV and climbed in. "Sit over here," Jason said as he patted the center seat. Lexi jumped right over. Her skirt caught again, but this time Jason didn't notice any pink panties.

Maybe it was the light. "You wanna go see the fireworks, right?" Jason said. "Well, I dunno." "We could do something else," Jason said. "Those boots give a boy ideas, hillbilly girl." "Screw you!" Lexi said, on purpose this time.

"I'm working on it! Hey, how about we stop for awhile down at the marina. There's no one there at night. And, thinking of you, I got a cooler of beer." "How sweet. OK, let's go there." Jason turned off on the side road that lead to the marina, drove down the hill and parked in a back corner.

He rolled down the windows a little, and turned off the engine. "So, you do look hot in that outfit. At least without the hat." "Thank you." Jason gave her a kiss, first on her cheek, but then on her lips.

Lexi kissed him back, using her tongue to tease his mouth. "You kiss well." "Thank you again," Lexi said. "You know, I never did thank you for giving me that ride this morning. That was nice." "Well I remembered you from the party. And that little ass" -- Jason moved his hand around to her butt -- "it's irresistible.

So, how did you want to thank me?" "I want to suck your cock." Jason was startled. This was like a dream. "What?" "I want to suck your cock. I've very good at it." "Well you certainly are hot little thing, aren't you." "Here, let me show you." Still fully dressed, Lexi got down on her knees in front of Jason and stared right up at him.

She playfully puckered her lips, then suggestively wet them with her tongue. "You're lucky. Most guys have to buy me things to get this." "I bought you some beer." She smiled. "Well that'll do." Lexi scooted closer to Jason, as close as she could to him. She undid his pants, and reached in. His cock was already hard. "Ready?" she asked. "Oh yes, I'm ready. You're really going to suck me?" "I think you're cute," Lexi said. Lexi leaned forward and grabbed Jason's cock with her hand, then gave the head of the cock a big wide lick before slipping the head through her lips.

Lexi's mouth was small, so her lips stayed snug as she began to slide up and down the shaft. Stopping with it halfway in her mouth, she curled her tongue around Jason's shaft, then pulled away and took a breath. "Wanna see me use my tongue?" "Yeah." "OK." Lexi held the head up close to her face, opened her mouth and began flicking at it with her tongue.

Working methodically, she did the top, sides and bottom. Then she gave the head a few long licks. "God Lexi your good." "Should I put it back in mouth?" "You're the expert." "Well, now I'll do it nice and slow." Lexi slipped her lips over the top again and began sucking. Her head bobbed in a slow rhythm. "Let me see those tits," Jason said, pulling at Lexi's shirt so hard that a couple of buttons popped off. Lexi's tits fell out easily, and her nipples were rock hard.

Some pre-cum spilled out of Jason's cock. "I taste that!" Lexi said, taking a breathe as she pulled her shirt completely open. "I love watching you," Jason said. "I bet you do." Lexi slid her mouth back down Jason's cock. This time she sucked harder, with her big eyes fixed solely on my Jason's face. Then she pulled away and gave the whole cock a big long lick.

"It's so nice and hard," she said, rubbing it with her hand. She flicked her tongue around the head again, then went down on the whole cock, taking it all in her mouth. At first she nearly gagged, but after a few tries she had it down pat. "You feel it touching my throat? In the back of my mouth?" "Oh yeah. You're so good." Now Lexi showed Jason a new trick, something she had secretly just learned.

Even Alison didn't know about it. She put the head of Jason's cock in her mouth, sucked it for a second very, very hard but then let go, popping it out of her mouth with a big satisfied smile. Then she did it again. "See. It's like a lollipop!" "I see. You're just a cute little cocksucker, aren't you?" "Told you." Lexi tongued the head of Jason's cock again, just for a second, but then went down on the whole thing with relish.

Now she was getting serious. Sucking hard as she moved up, down, up and down, over and over and over again. A few strands of hair fell in Lexi's face. Nearly out of breath, she paused to brush them back.

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She rubbed Jason's cock with her hands and then wiped her hands on her face. "So Lexi how old are you again? Lexi looked at Jason with a smile so huge she seemed to be embarrassed.

"16 years old," she said reassuringly, Immediately started licking the head again. "16 years old?" "Uh-huh." She looked at Jason with her eyes wide open in mock shock. "You like that don't you." "I like all of it, Lexi." Now Lexi was sucking hard.

She pushed her mouth all the way down, then pushed down further. Then she stopped for a moment and took a deep breath.

"Jason?" "Yeah, baby?" ""This little 16 year old girl wants some cum in her mouth." Jason smiled and took a breath himself. "Oh God yes. Make me come." Lexi took the whole cock into her mouth again.

Then slid her mouth up, then halfway down, then back up, sucking as hard as she could. "Suck on it baby. Make me come in your mouth." Lexi put her lips around the head of Jason's cock, then pushed her mouth halfway down and sucked so hard she almost gagged.

Jason exploded into her mouth. Lexi looked up at Jason and let him see the cum in her mouth. She smiled and swallowed it. Then she took Jason's cock in her hand, and smeared the rest of his cum on her face. Some of it dripped down on her tits. She licked her tongue around her lips, then licked Jason's cock to clean it. "You are so fucking amazing," Jason said, trying to catch his breath. "Told you," Lexi said. *** Suddenly there was a knock on the window.

"Lexi? Is that you?" It was Alison, right outside the window, looking in! While Lexi was sucking Jason dry, Alison had walked up seemingly out of nowhere. The passenger window was half down, so she could easily see Lexi had her shirt open. And, of course, that she was on her knees. Alison looked a little messy herself. Her tight tube top wasn't on quite straight, and her hair was a mess.

"Alishun" Lexi exclaimed in a mumble as she rolled over, her mouth still coated with cum. "Umm… Hi. Where. did you, uh, come from?" Sitting upright, she buttoned up her shirt, and reached over and rolled down the window all the way.

"Mark and I are parked over there," Alison said, smiling as she watched Lexi try to wipe her face. "I just stepped out to. to get some fresh air." "So, looks like you're having fun." "Fun fun fun," Lexi replied, taking a big gulp of beer to wash out her throat.

She leaned back against Jason, who was now sitting normally. "How you doing, Jason?" Alison teased. "Nice to see you, Alison." "So Lexi, weren't you supposed to be, like, home alone or something?" "Well yeah, that's what I thought. Found something better." "You're just a little whore," Alison teased. "Me? Alison, you're the whore!" Lexi smiled.

"You said you guys were going to watch the fireworks." "Well, I thought we were. But Mark wanted to come here instead. I promised I would… "I know," Lexi said. "Give him head." "Fuck him." "Fuck him?!?!?" Lexi asked, startled. The girls had made that pact. It was especially important to Lexi. Though she never mentioned it to Alison, she felt a little trashy about all the blow jobs she gave. To her at least, staying a virgin for at least a little while longer was a big deal.

"Yeah," Alison said with a smile, then a pause for effect. "Fuck." "You mean, like, with him cumming in you and everything?" "Cumming in me and everything." "But what about our pact?" Lexi asked.

She was actually a little bit hurt. "Hey at least I'm with my boyfriend." "But you're fucking!!!" "Well I am 15. A full year old." "YOUNGER than me!" Lexi jumped in.

"You're 15! A year older, I mean younger, than me. You're just going to be a sophomore next year and I'm a, uh, going to be a, uh… Junior!" "Uh, right," Alison tried to play along. She knew Lexi often lied about her age. "You're 16, Lexi. Of course. That's.what I was going to say." Whoops.

Oh well, Jason probably wasn't paying attention anyway. While the girls were talking, he had reached around Lexi from behind and, in that dark front seat, had been slowly rubbing her pussy.

Lexi discreetly wiggled on his hand. Jason felt his cock getting hard again. "Well however old she is, this girl's a little cutie, Jason," Alison said, sticking her head through the window to give Lexi a kiss on her cheek. "I just love her." "Love you too, my fuckin' friend!" Lexi said, desperate to change the subject about her age.

She pulled Alison closer and gave her best friend a peck on the lips. Wanting to embarrass Lexi just a little more, Alison slowly stroking Lexi's cheek. "Jason, did she tell you we're good friends?" "No," Jason said, "we haven't been talking that much." He slipped a finger into Lexi's pussy.

"Well it's true. We have been since elementary school." Alison leaned in and gave Lexi a kiss on the lips, this time, just for a second, sliding her tongue into Lexi's mouth.

"We do everything together." "Well, gotta go!" Alison said, stumbling back toward the other car. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" *** "What did Alison mean, you do everything together?" "She's making it up.

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We tell boys that. But we don't really do anything but kiss each other at parties." Just then Alison came running back.


"Hi, uh, me again. Mark got a phone call. He has to leave and get back to his parent's house. And I can't be with him. Are you guys going to the fireworks?" "Well, we wanted to do something else tonight," Jason said.

"Sure. Hop in." "I need more beer," said Lexi, looking through the cooler. "We're out. I know -- let's go to my house. There's some in the refrigerator." "Your house it is," Jason said. *** The lights were dark at Lexi's house, as her parents wouldn't be getting back until the next day.

Lexi, Sherri and Jason all went in. "It's in the basement," Lexi said. "I'll be right back." Alone in the living room, Jason and Alison stood awkwardly next to each other for a moment. Then Jason spoke up. "You know Alison," he said, "I've always thought you were really cute." "I've had a crush on you for years, Jason. Whenever you come to the house, I always try to put on something sexy." "I've noticed," Jason said.

Looking down at her chest, he added, "Believe me, I've noticed." Alison walked over to him and gave him a kiss. Jason put his hands on her tube top, and started to pull it up. "Hey! What the fuck!" Lexi was standing a few feet away. "If you wanna fuck somebody, fuck me!" Jason looked back at Lexi. "Maybe we should." "We?" Lexi asked.

"Yeah, maybe we should," Alison added. Jason sat down on the sofa. "Lexi, come over here." "You mean, for real?" Lexi said as she sat down next to Jason. "You want to have a, a, three-way?" "You are so cute, Lexi" Alison said as she sat down on the other side of Jason. "We always tease the boys that we like each other, but I really mean it. What a perfect body." Lexi was nervous, but she felt her pussy get a little wet.

Alison reached over in front of Jason and touched her best friend. "Aren't her tits just perfect, Jason? You can see them through her shirt." Alison lifted the shirt higher, exposing Lexi's tits. "And her little nipples -- aren't they beautiful?" "They are," Jason said.

"They're 14 years old. Look at her nipples, Jason." Alison touched Lexi's tits with her hand, and gently kissed her nipples. "They're so soft." "You make them so hard, Alison." Alison reached down and slid her hand under Lexi's skirt.

"No panties?" Lexi closed her eyes.

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"I especially love this part between your legs." She touched Lexi's pussy hair with her fingers, then moved her hand down. "Your hair is so soft. And your little pussy lips are so beautiful." "Wait," Lexi said. "I can't do this. I want to. I really do.

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But I'm too nervous." "I know," Jason said. "Let's tie her up." "Lexi, we could all do it in your parent's bed! It has those big posts!" "I need a beer!" Lexi said. *** Quickly, Alison got her best friend a beer, then dug through a closet to find some extra sheets.

Then all three moved to the parent's bedroom. As she stumbled in, Lexi discreetly found her baby picture on her mom's dresser. She turned it face down. "Tie her left arm back to this post with this sheet," Jason said. "Then use this one to tie back her right arm to that post over there." Alison did, tying the knots firmly so Lexi couldn't get loose.

"Good," Jason said. "Now use these other two sheets to tie her legs to these back posts. Soon Lexi was completely tied down. And she was soaked to the bone. "Now Lexi," Jason said, "Do you know how to eat pussy? I mean, can you make a girl cum?" "Well, no, I don't think so." "That's OK. Here's how we'll do it. I'll get down and eat you, and Alison will stand over your face, so you can eat her.

You just do to her what I do to you. You girls will both get to cum." "And Lexi, one more thing. After you cum, I'm going to fuck you." "In my pussy, cumming in me and everything?" "Cumming in you and everything." Alison took off her shorts, climbed up on the bed and straddled Lexi's face.

"Alison, pull down your top," Jason said. "If I'm in charge here, I want to see those tits." "Yes sir!" *** Jason lied down between Lexi's legs and spread them open.

Jason started off with something, while it wasn't actually pussy eating, he knew would drive Lexi crazy: Starting at Lexi's knee, he ran his tongue, slowly, up Lexi's left thigh, almost all the way to her clit but stopping just before he reached it.

Jason then did the same thing with her right thigh, again stopped just short. "Jason! Stop! I can't stand it!" "You're tied up Lexi. Screw you." "If you're lucky," Lexi said.

"OK, Lexi. I'll be good. I know what you want. You do the same to Alison, OK?" "Yes master." Being careful not to touch it yet, Jason cupped her hand around Lexi's clit. Then, using just her two middle fingers, Jason lightly brushed the clit's outer lips. "Oh my god!" Lexi said, before doing the same thing to her friend. "Oh that feels good," Alison said. Going a little further, Jason slowly moved his hand down, teasing Lexi's clit with the tips of his fingers. "Oh fuck!" Lexi said. "Oh like that!

Alison said, as Lexi did it to her. Jason then gave each of Lexi's thighs a quick kiss. Lexi did the same to Alison. Then Jason gave each of Lexi's thighs a little lick, and then a little suck. Jason paused for a minute, and handed Lexi the open bottle of beer, which was still half full. Lexi took a very long gulp, but then dropped the bottle.

Jason was kissing her clit! His kisses were soft at first, just sweet little pecks. But then he slowly got rougher. He kissed Lexi's clit the same way he had earlier kissed her face, forcefully, pushing her lips open with his tongue. "Don't make me beg for it, Jason" Lexi said. "Make me come!" "I want it too Lexi." Alison said.

"I want it! Make me come! "OK my little sluts," Jason said. He Jason tongued the lips of Lexi's clit, then tugged at them with his mouth. Then he went for the 14-year-old's clit itself.

First, with a slow, gentle lick up it that was so slow and gentle it was barely there. Then another, a little stronger, then another, another, and another, each a little more forcefully than the one before. "Yes! I'm coming!" Lexi screamed. "Yes! Lexi, you make me fuckin' shake! I'm coming too!" Alison screamed. Finally, Jason went down on Lexi's pussy.

He kissed the outside, then worked his way inside with firm, broad strokes. Lexi did the same to Alison. "Oh fuck yes!" Lexi screamed.

"Yes yes yes! Oh yes! Oh fuck yes!" Alison screamed.

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Jason smothered her face in Lexi's pussy. She was soaked to the bone, so Jason's cheeks, chin, forehead, even some of his hair was all covered in pussy juice. "Now, fuck me." As Alison laid down beside Lexi and fondled her tits, Jason fucked his little piece of jailbait like a stallion. He cock throbbed in her tight little snatch. "Fuck my fucking pussy!" Lexi screamed.

"Screw me! Screw me! Come in me! Fill me up" Jason's exploded in Lexi's pussy, unloading more cum then he thought he could possibly still have in him. Alison slid over and grabbed his cock, and sucked out the few last drops. She rubbed her hands on Lexi's pussy and licked them clean.

"Just like my mom said," said Alison. "Better with lots of cream." "Way better than fireworks," Lexi added, still tied to the bed.