Sexy round ass carolina sweets getting her pussy punished pornstars and brunette

Sexy round ass carolina sweets getting her pussy punished pornstars and brunette
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Alan slumped into his seat and fastened his seatbelt. Almost immediately a pang of guilt stabbed at him, again his thoughts returned to his wife back in New Jersey. Whilst working for Trump there had been numerous opportunities for infidelity, despite often considering it Saltmayor had always remained true to his wife, Susan. Tonight he had well and truly fallen off the wagon and in a big way. He had enjoyed shoving his cock up the young ladies arse and in turn was strangely turned on by having Manning's massive member in his own anus but he knew it was wrong.

He was sure that he needed to take action, things had got horribly out of hand on the flight, he could not allow it to go on. ********** 'What is happening?' Lydia's mind raced as she considered the last few hours. She had quickly formulated a plan back in her hotel room but things had spiralled badly since. Everything had started out brilliantly, she knew that her roommate would be easy to seduce but was taken aback by how much she had enjoyed having a huge dick in her minge.

Her panties were soaked through by the time Manning had actually got inside her, that was not part of the plan. Lydia could hardly believe she was on Air Force One but after getting fucked by Manning on-board her mind was racing. She had taken quite a few cocks as a teenager but had been a lesbian for a good few years and had not expected to be so turned on by Manning.

This was supposed to be a means to an end. Enjoying the sex was not a problem per se, it was just the confusion that went with that feeling. Lydia's plan was simple, seduce her roommate and the President of the United States, record what she could and blackmail whoever she could for as much as possible.

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After fucking Manning her clit was bulging so much that she almost forgot to slip her iPhone into the pocket of the Air Force One dressing gown that she'd slid into. By the time the girls had joined up with Trump and his Chief of Staff she had regained her senses slightly. She knew it was okay to enjoy the sex that was to come but she made sure she shunted the recorder on her phone to 'on' before anything else could happen.

********** Manning puffed out her cheeks as the wheels of the aeroplane screeched to a crawl on the runway. She was struggling to comprehend what had happened over the last few days. Not only did she have the President of the United States wrapped around her little finger, or more specifically her massive cock, she had managed to nail Lydia's grade A snatch, which she had been chasing for years.

Manning had never struggled for confidence and always expected the best but things really were turning out golden for her. The aeroplane taxied to a stop and Manning shot out of her seat. "Get the doors open Trump, I'm busting for a ciggy." She demanded. "Hold on a second Alexei, it won't take a second to get sorted." Trump rapped on the door to the cockpit to try and raise a response.

"Any idea how long it'll take to get the doors open?" He enquired of the pilot. "Won't be a moment Sir, just a couple of cross-checks to complete," the answer came back. "Move it on son, I got a tab with my name on it in 'ere." Manning had followed close behind Trump and was letting the bemused pilot know her thoughts. Less than a minute later the small door to the plane was open and Manning was on the steps sparking another B&H.

As she stood there she suddenly became aware of the crushing heat, which began overcome her. "Jay-sus Lyd's, it's like the third day at at Mumbai out here, fucking roasting girl.

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You wouldn't want to be bowling a long spell from the top end in this. Me bollocks are already dripping wet, I'll have to go commando I reckon." The graphic picture caused Alan to wretch despite the fact that less than half an hour before that sweaty cock was up his arse.

"What's the plan then fuckwit?" Manning turned to face Saltmayor who she knew was not keen on her. "The cavalcade will be here very shortly, I suggest you wait on-board, the air conditioning will cool your sweaty balls down." He answered acerbically. "Fair dos sunshine, I'll just finish the Gold and I'll be back inside." Saltmayor was right, a row of cars turned up within minutes and pulled right up to the bottom of the steps. All four of them shuffled down the narrow steps and into one large black limousine.

As the streets whizzed by Manning laid back in the comfort of the Presidential limousine. She had little knowledge or interest in why they were in New Mexico. What she did know was that it was time to take a backseat and let Trump do his thing.

She knew Alan was avoiding any eye contact but insisted on glaring at him to make him feel uncomfortable. Manning knew he was planning something but the fact that she had recently slammed her cock into his arse meant that she had something over him.

She groped at her cock, knowing that it needed time to rest, her seed was depleted after spunking into Lydia and Alan, her balls needed time to refill. "What's the POA?" She asked when Trump had put the phone down. "Well I've got some business to attend to, how about you and Lydia take this card and go and treat yourself?" Trump responded by pulling a credit card from his back pocket and passing it over.

"Cheers fella, could do with a new pair of poppers after this cheeky twat dripped my cum all over them on the plane!" Manning chortled as she grabbed Alan's knee. Alan, disgusted at the hand on his knee, reached into his pocket and pulled out his personal iPhone.

He sent a message to a number saved as 'Recoil' and it read. 'Hotel Edane, 15 minutes, 3rd floor. We need to bury it.' As they arrived at the hotel Manning had already pulled a cigarette out of the pack and placed it behind her ear. "Right Lyds you go grab the room keys, I'll smoke this and be up in a minute. I am wetter than your snatch was earlier," Manning boomed. "Fuck Alexei, pipe down will you or you won't get it again." Lydia's response was sharp before she disappeared, leaving Manning alone with her smoke and the doorman.

With all of the comings and goings over the last twenty-four hours the doorman did not know what to think of this strange looking woman as she lit up a cigarette and came wandering towards him. "You can't smoke inside ma'am." He said. "Ma'am? I'm not the fucking Queen pal, you don't need to be so formal! It's fine anyway, I'm taking in the fresh air son, what's your name?" "ReShaun," he replied.

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"Well then ReShaun let's get some things straight then. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Do you get me?" Manning said leaving ReShaun unsure if it was a question or a statement. "Of course ma'am, whatever I can do to help." He said, not really knowing what he was agreeing to. "Good man." Manning said, looking delighted with herself. As with the doorman in Washington, she put out her closed fist and bumped fists with ReShaun before stubbing out her cigarette and waltzing through the doors.

Alan had stepped out of the Presidential Suite, he was waiting for 'Recoil'. A shadowy figure emerged from the lift with his hood up, which Alan thought made this person stand out on such a sunny day. Alan placed his hand into the pocket of his suit jacket and pulled out a small piece of paper.

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He handed it to the shady character who he was sure had to be 'Recoil'. All this was done without a word being spoken or even catching a glimpse of each other. Alan felt a wretch in his gut, he had only once before ordered the killing of another person. That was his wife's ex-boyfriend Scott Markerton, it had always played on his mind but he never regretted it.

Then again he had never had had Scott's cock in his arse, he knew it was the right thing to do, Manning was a problem that needed to disappear. With no knowledge of Alan's order to have her bumped off Manning joined Lydia in their spacious hotel room. As ever there was champagne and dressing gowns laid out on the bed.

When Manning opened the door Lydia was drying herself with a towel. "Here Lyds, show us your crack!" Manning cackled with laughter. "What did I tell you Alexei? Get in the shower, we've got Trump's cash to spend and I have a few things in mind." Manning jumped into the shower. Having forgotten her Lynx Africa which was back in Washington she used the shower gel provided by the hotel. She scrubbed every part of herself, making sure that she pulled the foreskin back on her huge cock.

It had been in a lot of places and she knew she couldn't afford for it to let her down again like it had at the Swalec Stadium in Cardiff that one time.

Clean, dry and with both girls in a fresh set of clothes they bounced out of the room, down the hall and into the lift.

Lydia turned to Alexei and kissed her on the cheek. "Thanks for this Alexei, I can't wait to tell everyone back home about the fun we've had." As Manning was about to respond the doors opened and Lydia swivelled and strolled towards the exit.

The sun was still shining brightly in the sky as they left the hotel. It was 13:00 and they had not had much to eat so Lydia told the driver to take them somewhere decent for lunch. "Could murder a cheeky Nandos." Manning said. Lydia was quick to explain that it was unlikely they had Nandos in New Mexico. Instead they were dropped off at a delightful looking restaurant in downtown Albuquerque.

Manning and Lydia ordered the most expensive things on the menu. Lydia the seafood platter and Manning a steak, cooked rare of course. Stuffed with food they went about spending American taxpayer's cash.

Manning bounced from sports store to sports store, in one found a pair of pink Nike Air Max trainers. "Look Lyds," Manning started rapping again.

"Sophomore three years, ain't picked a career, she like fuck it I'll just stay down here and do hair. 'Cos that's enough money to buy her a few pairs of new Airs, 'cos her baby daddy don't really care." She held the trainers aloft as she rapped. "Fackin' Kayne ain't it, him and that Selina Johnson, great tune, he loves these beauties." As ever Lydia was completely bewildered but nodded in agreement and turned back of a neat pair of Converse she had been eyeing.

"Come on Alexei, let's get out of here and try some sexy stuff on. I've got something to show you." Manning dropped the trainers into the arms of one of the Secret Service agents that was following them around. "Pay for these will you pal." She muttered as she hurried to catch Lydia. She noticed Lydia was already entering a lingerie store, Manning would never ordinarily been seen on one of them because she loved the comfort that boxer shorts gave her cock. She didn't really consider wearing female underwear, but she did love seeing other women in matching underwear.

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Her particular favourite were those sexy little French knickers and matching bras. Although she would usually get carried away and tear them off whichever girl she was fucking.


Lydia had picked out a selection and was heading towards the changing rooms at the rear of the store. She turned and held out her hand, Manning knew she wanted her to join her. She took a brief look around and could see that the shop assistants were too busy flicking their way through a magazine to notice that they had even entered the store.


Manning trotted to the changing rooms to find that Lydia had left the door open. She could already see that the top and bra Lydia were wearing only moments before lay on the floor.

Manning's cock grew, although she loved sex in public it only occurred when she dabbled with girls on the game. She gently pushed the door open just as Lydia was pulling up a gorgeous pair of lemon coloured French knickers to match the lacy bra she had hastily put on.

She had her back to Manning, so she peered over her shoulder and seductively fluttered her eye lashes at Manning. Manning moved closer, the bulge in her tracksuit bottoms was more prominent than ever.

Her cock, seemed to have a mind of its own and it desperately wanted to feel the tight walls of Lydia's cunt wrapped around it again.

She kissed the back of Lydia's neck gently at first, then more passionately. She slid her hands over the soft fabric, beyond Lydia's chest and onto her ass and legs. She loved how it felt, it reminded her of the silk panties her mum used to wear. Manning rubbed her crotch against Lydia's arse as she reached round and groped for Manning's cock. "Turn around Alexei, I want to do something special for you." Lydia whispered. Manning did as she was told, she dropped her trousers to the floor and released her Congo cock.

It was stood to attention as Lydia fell to her knees behind her. In one motion Lydia slid her tongue to the rim of Manning's anus and started wanking her off with her hand as if she was playing darts. Manning was taken aback by the tongue in her ass and gasped.

"Fuck Lyds what do you call this?" Lydia paused for a second. "A 'Dirty Bristoe', just shut up and enjoy." Lydia delved back in with her tongue and started to wank Manning off at an increased speed. Manning felt her balls swell. "Ooooohhh ya bastard." She called as she blew her load all over the changing room wall.

********** Trump and Alan were sitting in the lobby of the Hotel Edane. They had ordered a bottle of the finest champagne whilst they waited for Javier Marquez the leader of the anti-wall movement to arrive. "We're in a bit of a bind here Sir. We need to get rid of these protestors as soon as possible or else this wall will not be ready on time. Do whatever it takes to get the job done Sir." Alan said firmly. Trump knowing full well that it was do or die for the wall knew that it would take all of his political nous to get this sorted.

He hated the Mexicans and everyone knew it, but he also knew that everyone had their price. He sat back, took a sip of the champagne, smiled and winked at Alan. Javier Marquez was a short gentleman who looked as Mexican as any of the stereotypes.

He was clear in his mind as he walked through the front door of the Hotel Edane that he was not going to budge. He felt a sense of power and knew that the whole world was watching.

"Welcome Mr Marquez," Trump boomed from across the lobby. "Please come this way. Here, have a drink," he placed a large glass in Javier's hand and ushered him into a comfortable looking armchair. Trump pulled his chair closer. "Listen Javier, I know we are not going to see eye to eye on this one but I assure you this wall is for the good of the American people.

What can we offer you to make your protest, how can I put it, disappear?" Trump said getting straight to the point. "Well Mr. President," stuttered Javier, for the first time in a long time he was feeling slightly overwhelmed by the position he found himself in.

"Donald, call me Donald," Trump said and placed his hand on Javier's knee. "Donald, I believe, I mean we believe, that this wall should not go up. It is not a good move for the whole of North America. I urge you to reconsider, there are a number of ways we can control this border without the need for a wall." Javier said a little more confidently.

"Well let me give you some cold hard facts Javier," Trump's tone went cold. "We have an immigration nightmare. We cannot sustain the amount of people we have already let alone the flood of people coming over the border. This is the first step in making America American again." Javier rolled his eyes and started gazing around, he had heard all of these tired arguments before.

"Okay," Trump said realising he wasn't going to win any political argument with Javier. "I have something to show you. Alan, if you could oblige." Alan picked up a brown envelope from the floor and slid it towards Javier. "Open it," Trump said with almost a schoolboy giddiness.

Javier did as he was told. The first photograph in the envelope showed him with his wife and three children on his fiftieth birthday. "I think you'll find the second one of more interest," Trump said impatiently. Javier, lifted the first photo up to reveal an image he thought nobody else could have possibly seen. He was in an alleyway, trousers around his ankles, having his little Mexican dick sucked by what appeared to be another man. "What the hell, how did you get this?" Javier was shocked.

"We know everything," Trump said with a smirk. "Now listen to me for a second. We have a couple of options here. Either your wife and family find out that you love having that little Mexican prick sucked by men and boys or you call off the protest and tell all of your supporters that this wall is the best thing for Americans and Mexicans alike." Javier slumped back in his chair, completely thrown by what he had just seen.

"Let me tempt you with something else, just to sweeten the deal for you. We have a room just over there, no windows, no cameras, no tricks, no nothing. Alan here is willing to suck that Mexican prick until you blow your muck into his mouth. Then we can go out the front and make a statement to the press, what do you say?" Alan looked as surprised as Javier by the proposal, Trump sensed his reluctance but immediately shot him a look.

"You owe me Alan, it's this or your wife finds out everything." Alan stood up and made his way over to the room at the rear of the lobby, resigned to his fate. "Off you go Javier, no need to thank me." Javier stood up and glared at Trump, equally resigned to the outcome. When Javier entered the room Alan was already on his knees. "Let's get this over with," he said. Javier quickly pulled his jeans down to his ankles and flopped his dick out of his boxers, he gave it a few tugs and the blood rushed to it.

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Even though it was a forced situation, knowing he was about to have his cock sucked by a man turned him on incredibly. Alan nervously slid Javier's cock into his mouth, he had never sucked cock before but it felt natural and Javier would never have known Alan was not an experienced cock sucker.

Alan recalled every blow job he had ever had and went about pleasuring Javier, sliding his tongue up and down whilst playing with his balls with his hands. He tickled the tip of Javier's cock with his tongue and felt the taste of his pre cum all over his taste buds.

On he went, licking and sucking before he felt it stiffen in his mouth. Javier rocked back slightly and he blew into Alan's throat. Alan shot backwards meaning the second load hit him on the cheek, as it did Trump burst through the door. "Clean yourselves up chaps, the press are gathered, let's go to work." ********** Manning and Lydia skipped between shops, they shopped with carefree abandon, smashing Trump's credit card as they went.

Manning turned to Lydia as dusk started to fall. "We've got to sack these security goons off Lyd, I cannot be doing with it. Just grab something and get them to buy it for us, whilst they are at the till we'll give them the slip." Lydia grabbed a handful of DVDs that were right in front of her before striding over to one of the Secret Service agents and handing them to him, then she grabbed another handful and placed them in the hands of the other agent.

Putting on a sickly, sweet voice she said. "Please could you go and grab these for us, the woman on the till looks frightful to me!" "No problems madam, whatever you want. I'll take care of her." One of the agents half laughed back. As the two agents turned their back Manning and Lydia slowly backed towards the shop door, before turning and bolting out. Once outside they saw a park shortly ahead of them so they darted inside, slipping away from the main pathway and behind a row of trees.

The carried on running for a while before they slowed to a jog, moving deeper into the wooded area. They both knew there was a fair chance the Secret Service agents would not find them in here so they laid low for a while until they felt safe. Realising their secluded location, Manning turned to Lydia and pushed her against a tree trunk. "Get your knickers down sweetheart, the wolf is howling." Manning used both of her hands to point at her cock, which was very obviously erect.

"Fucking hell Alexei, are you ever not horny?" Lydia responded. "Nah, girl, not when I'm with you. Now are we getting this on or not?" Manning had already un-popped her tracksuit bottoms by the time she'd finished the question, which made Lydia realise she was unlikely to have much say in the matter.

She bent over and slipped her knickers to one side.


"Just stick it in then." Manning, dropped a hand onto her cock and lifted Lydia's skirt upwards with the other. "I'm coming in." She went on, as she fed her cock past Lydia's knickers and into her vagina. It was pretty clear that Lydia was not as into this surprise fuck as Manning but as Alexei's cock manoeuvred back and forth so the juices started to flow. "Fuck me Alexei, I cannot believe I only had minge for so many years. I had no ideas what I was missing." She groaned as Manning went through the gears.

"You hadn't had the right cock in ya had you?" Manning was at full tilt by now. "Jesus, Lyds, I'm on it again, have that ya bastard." She said as she exploded, filling Lydia's dripping wet cunt with her seed.

Manning couldn't remember when she started calling her fuck buddies 'ya bastard' as she climaxed but these days she couldn't help it, it just came naturally as she shot her load. As she withdrew her cock, she ripped Lydia's knickers off and used them to wipe it down.

"That was a right touch sweetheart. Wipe yourself down, we'd better get back to the hotel before we piss everyone off." Lydia did as she was told, and slipped her skirt back down to just above her knee. The lack of knickers meant there was a refreshing breeze liberating her pussy.

The two girls happily wandered through the park, hand in hand, returning to the main pathways. Manning didn't care if they got found by the Secret Service guys now, she'd got what she was hoping for. It wasn't long before they spotted what they thought was one of the agents they had given the slip about forty-five minutes earlier.

"Alright, you dreary wank stain." Manning bellowed out. Immediately it became clear that things were not as they might have been. There was no response from the murky figure that was not more than fifty metres in front of them. Manning spotted the character in front of them reaching for his pocket.

"Fuck me Lyds, he's either carrying a piece or he's happy to see us. We could be in a spot of bother here." ********** 'Recoil' Agent, Anthony Pereira didn't actually get that many orders to kill but he knew his role when he did. Get the job done, professionally and don't leave any clues. His training had been thorough, this should be easy. He was to kill a couple of English jokers. A lot of his work meant getting rid of other professional killers, nothing could possibly go wrong with this one.

Anthony got a tip off that his two targets were taking a walk in a secluded park. 'Could this get any better?' He thought to himself, walking in a secluded park, the job was getting easier and easier. After a brief wander around Pereira had seen his targets slip off the main pathway and hide away. For a moment he wondered if they knew he was after them. 'No way, impossible,' he reassured himself. Out of view he slipped behind them, keeping a close eye on what was happening. Much to his surprise one of his targets, who he had previously thought was a butch looking woman, had slipped a huge cock out of her tracksuit bottoms and was smashing the other girl from behind against a tree.

'Bonus,' he thought, a bit of a show before the kill. He even felt his cock start to swell as he looked on, he couldn't wank off now though, he had to be professional, this image was going into the bank. His targets cheeky fuck was over pretty quickly and Anthony silently floated around the other side of the trees without being noticed. He saw the two ladies he was tracking come back out to the main pathway and he made his move, approaching them from the front.

He heard the bigger of the two girls shout something or another at him but he wasn't really listening, he was in the zone, the 'kill zone'. He reached into his pocket to grab for his trusty pistol. ********** Quick as a flash Manning bent over and grabbed the biggest rock she could find and launched it at the man in front of them.

Years of practice on the cricket field paid dividends and the stone found his target easily, smashing into the temple of the dark figure some distance in front of them.

As it did there was a bang and a flash of light. It was the unmistakable sound of a gunshot but Manning couldn't quite make out what had happened. As the stone felled its target Manning turned to Lydia with a massive grin on her face but something was not right. Lydia had grabbed her chest and was letting out a gasp. The bullet that had been let off as Manning's throw had found her assailants head had crashed into Lydia and blood was raging from her.

"Fuck Lyds, nooooooooo." Manning cried as her roommate crumpled to the floor. Manning fell to her knees and cradled Lydia in her arms.

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After a while she knew she would have to move on. She couldn't be found here, there would be too many questions to answer. She needed to get back to Trump, only he would be able to sort this mess out.

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