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Continued story from Drunk mom visits son. Just before the light turned on, Danny was pounding away at his moms pussy. Telling her he loved her and always wanted to fuck her. He would tell her this between thrusts. Then when the light went on and they both looked over and saw that Bianca had returned.

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Danny and kara (His mom) Did not move. Danny stayed inside his mom. Not at all caring that his girlfriend Bianca returned. "What the hell is this? How long has this been going on?" Bianca demanded. Danny looked at his mom. Still staying inside of her. He leaned down and kissed his mom with tongue right in front of Bianca! He then looked back at Bianca. "I look at it this way Babe. You either join us, or get the fuck out. I am feeling to good to stop fucking my mother, and I'm sure she feels the same." He leaned down and started to make out with his mom again.

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"Your fucking kissing your mother ! and kissing her? That's incest!" "What is your point? My dream came true. I been wanting to fuck my mom for years. So if you dont like it. Get out !" Danny went back to pumping in and out of his mother. Bianca just kept looking at the two of them. She had to admit to herself it was kind of exciting. Watching her boyfriend thrusting in and out of his mothers pussy. the pussy he was born from.

They both where moaning. Not paying any attention to Bianca. Before Bianca knew it she was undressing herself and rubbing her tits. Danny noticed Bianca taken off her clothes.

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He looked down at his mom. Between thusts he moaned to his mom, "Looks like we going to have company." Danny and his mom continued thier fucking and kissing as Bianca came over and sat on the bed. Neither female had ever been with another woman, let alone in the same room as they fucked someone.

Kara knew it was wrong to fuck her son, expecially where someone could see them but she was enjoying her sons cock so much she couldn't stop. Bianca was like in a dream. She was so turned on at this point she reached over and started to fondle kara's tits while Danny fucked her. Kara moaned. "You like that mom?" he whispered. "Yea. she moaned.

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Feels good." He looked over at his girlfriend. "Kiss her nipples. Suck on them." Bianca leaned down and started to lick and suck on Dannys moms tits.


Kara moaned in plessure. So did Danny. Seeing to woman together was HOT to him. Even more hot that it was his mom and girlfriend. Danny pulled out of his mom and took Biancas hand closer down where he was fucking. He kissed Bianca and pushed her head between Karas legs.

Bianca didn;t now exactly what she was doing but she went for it. She stuck head tongue out and slipped it through Karas pussy lips.She started to lick and suck on Karas clit as Danny got behind her and started to lick her asshole.

He was gonna fuck her ass, and he was gonna fuck it good. Kara and Bianca were both moaning at this time. While Danny got Biancas ass ready for his cock. He inserted a few fingers getting her hole loose.

Bianca loved a good ass fucking. Danny entered Biancas hole as he starting to move in and out of her while she continued to lick on Karas clit. Danny kept looking at his mother the whole time. He was only fucking Bianca so he could possibly keep her mouth shut about what she saw. He wanted his mom. He wanted her all to himself.

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The fucking of Biancas ass lasted a few minutes till Danny exploded in her ass and just as Kara came in Biancas mouth. Danny crawled over to his mom and started to french kiss her again as Bianca watched.

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He looked over at Bianca. "If you know whats good for you, and I think you do cuz I have alot on you. If you know what I mean. You wont say nothing about tonight." He kissed his mom again.


" Oh and Bianca? Were over. I dont want to see you no more." As Bianca went to get dressed so she could leave, she had one thing left to say to the son and mother kissing on the bed. "I guess it's ok for me to keep fucking your dad then." With that Bianca left.

Mother and son stoped kissing and looked from where Bianca left to eachother with shocked looks on thier faces. Bianca fucking Dannys dad? The next day Kara went home to get her clothes and things. She was moving in with Danny. He asked her to live with him and be his. They would just pass it off as mom and son in front of people. Danny had gone with her in case her father was there with someone. He didn;t want to let his mom go alone. He still couldn't figure out what Bianca meant last night.

Is she really fucking his dad? He could care less though. When Danny and his mom went in to the bedroom where she spent many years with Dannys dad . they walked in on. Mark ( his dad) and Bianca (his ex) "I guess it is true." said Danny.

"How long has this been going on" asked Kara. Mark cleared his throat.

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"You have no room to ask me that after you been fucking our son." "Your right. i dont care who you fuck. I just came for my things. I am moving out then you can do what you want." said Kara. "I already have. So where you going?" Mark asked. "Not that its any of your business dad, but shes moving in with me. I'm in love with mom and we are going to be together. And if I were you, I wouldn't say nothing or I can tell everyone what you did to me when I was a kid.

You wouldn't want that would you? and Bianca you know what I got on you. So you will hush too." Kara and Bianca both looked from Danny to his dad. Wondering what Mark did to his son. This was news to them. No one said nothing. Kara packed her stuff and her and her new lover went back to his house. But, its not over.

Secrets where still there. Will we learn these secrets? Find out in part 3 -- to be continued --