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19 year old ebony gloryhole girl kim sucks cocks clean tube porn
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"Absolutely not," I yelled at my wife. "You don't need a $500 watch." I said as I walked out the door. That was the angriest I ever left my wife. She wanted to buy a $500 watch and she didn't have any money in her bank account. She expected me to buy the watch for her. That's why we have separate accounts. We each have our play money and I wasn't going to use my money to buy her a watch. I did call her on the way to make up. I was on my way to a project about 2 hours outside town.

I was going to be gone all week and I knew I would be missing her. I wouldn't only be missing the sex but also the companionship. We work great together. We respect and participate in each others hobbies. I help her scrap book and she goes fishing with me. I don't like scrap booking and I know she hates fishing but we do it to stay close. We love each other and that's one of the reasons why. The other major factor is we have a great sex life. We are both willing to try something new and not afraid of being embarrassed in front of each other.

We still have a good laugh when we talk about the time she wanted to try this new sex position and I ended up pulling a muscle in my neck. Or the time we were going to have sex in a small park and got caught by an 8 year old boy.


Or the best had to be getting caught by her mother with my wife giving me oral sex. We have done some crazy stuff and am sure we are about to do more. We talked on the phone every night when I was away. She kept asking me what she needed to do for the watch. I laughed and told her to go down to the street corner and earn it.

We just laughed at the idea. Thursday night came and I was so horny. Phone sex doesn't work for us and I get tired of masturbating. I needed a release but wasn't sure how to get it. I guess I would have to wait until I get home. My wife thought the same thing.

We were talking on the phone and there was a knock on my hotel room door. I told her to hold but she said just call her back when I finish with what we though was the maid. I told her OK as I walked to open the door. To my surprise it wasn't the maid but it was my wife! She was wearing a long coat and as soon as I opened the door she came in. I started to talk and thank her for coming to see me but she just asked "did you order a date or not?" Oh I get it I thought.

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She is playing the roll of the hooker. We had talked about roll playing this fantasy but never did it. I asked her how much and what am I getting. She opened her coat and showed me what I would be getting. Under the coat my wife was dressed in a pink bustier with garters, matching thong panty, black stockings, and very high heel shoes.

She was gorgeous and my cock started to ache for her touch. I just stared for a moment at her gorgeous long legs, curvy body, and beautiful tits. I started getting aroused with thoughts of what I could do with her. I would rub my hands all over her body pushing her coat to the floor. I would kiss her beautiful plump red lips. I would taste her mouth with mine. I would touch her body all over until begging for me to fuck her. I moved forward to kiss her and she pushed me away.

"I need payment up front", she said in a very stern voice. "How much?" I asked. "Five hundred in cash and I will give you anything you want" she responded. I told her that I didn't have that kind of money with me and that I would need to go to the Mac machine. She hesitated but told me she would let me go just this once and the next time I call I better have the money. I ran out for the money, thinking she found a way to get that $500 but I am going to make her work for it.

I got back to the room to find my wife on the bed with her coat thrown onto the floor. She was lying on her side with her one arm propping her up and her leg bent in the air. She still had on the sexy lingerie and high heel shoes. She was stunning and just looking at her made my cock start to harden. The five hundred gave me two hours and I was going to make her work for it. I stood at the bed and ordered her over to take off my cloths. She did as I said and stripped me down to nothing.

She pushed me onto the bed and she got on her knees to suck my swollen cock.


She acted like a pro as she bobbed her head up and down on the shaft. Her warm moist mouth was wrapped around my cock and she played with my balls with her hands. I was on the verge of cumming and I tried pushing her away. It was too late as I shot my load all over her face.

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I told her she is going to work a little harder than that. I grabbed her hair and pulled her face to mine. I kissed her deeply on the lips as I held her tight to me. I called her names. I called her a fucking whore and a slut. I told her she was slutty bitch and that the cum over her face just proved it. She cleaned it up as I forced her to lie on the bed. I kissed down her body and ripped open her bustier.

Exposing her huge tits, I sucked each of the nipples until it was hard. She moaned in delight as I milked her huge tits. I moved down her body and pulled her thong off over her stockings and garters.

I kissed her pussy and lightly touched the outer lips.

I pushed in a little farther to find that she was starting to get wet. I licked her cunt while I played with my cock to get hard again. In no time I was rock hard and she was dripping wet. I continued calling her names and insulting her.

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I told her that this just proves she is a whore and I was going to fuck her and fuck her good. I moved between her legs and that is when things got rough. Put a condom on you bastard she yelled as I placed the tip of my cock at her cunt. She started to kick and push me away. I grabbed her arms and overpowered her as I pushed my rock hard cock into her hole. She squirmed and kicked trying to push me away. I continued to pump my dick deep inside her while holding her down.

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I was soon caught up in my pleasure when she broke free and got out of the bed. I stood up and called her names. I told her you tease and then you don't deliver. I told her I am going to get my $500 worth and she better prepare herself. I moved towards her. She tried to hit me but I grabbed her arms. I moved them to her back and reached for the tie on the chair.

I tied them together so I can get control. She squirmed and tried pushing me away. I continued to overpower her as I tied her legs together. I tied her up tight as I let her stand there with no where to go and nothing she could do. I went over and tried kissing her. She spit in my face. You fucking bitch I told her as I forced her to the table. I bent her over the table. She squirmed and I had to tie her legs spread on the table legs.

I told her I was going to fuck her and I was going to fuck her good. She kept trying to stand up and I needed her bent over. I untied her arms and tied them to the other legs.

She was tied to the table and nowhere to go. I went and got my belt. As hard as I could I slapped her ass. She screamed in pain but I told her this is punishment for spitting on me. I called her a whore and a bitch each time the crack of my belt on her ass sounded. Her ass got red and raw. I slapped her ass and gave her pain for what she did to me. My cock was still hard. I was extremely turned on and my throbbing meat wanted to penetrate my whore of a wife. I positioned myself behind her and pushed my cock into her dripping wet pussy.

It was tight but I told her it wasn't. I told her that she must have fucked too many guys and now she was too loose. I told her how much of a whore she was for letting so many guys have her. I told her she wasn't tight enough for me and she better prepare to have my cock in her ass. She begged me not too. My wife and I had anal sex but she really doesn't like it. She does it for me and it has been a long time since we did it.

I don't push because I know she doesn't like it and I make her pleasure me in other ways. But tonight is different. I went to my suitcase to get my lube. I lubed my dick and then her tight ass. I rubbed it in using my finger to stretch her open. The entire time she begged me not too and she begged me to stop. "Please don't, anything but that." She yelled as I placed the tip of my cock at her anal hole. I though for a moment, maybe I shouldn't but the desire was just too great.


I pushed it in as hard as I could as my wife yelled in pain. It was tight and I had to pull out for more lube. I plunged in again. This time I got almost all the way in. I pulled out and rammed it in again as hard as I could.

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I got it all the way in. It felt good having her tight ass wrapped around my cock. The tightness felt so good on my throbbing cock. She yelled and screamed to stop. I reached around and grabbed her tits as I pumped in and out of her tight hole. It didn't take long for the pressure to build in my cock. I pumped in hard one last time as I felt the orgasm overpower me.

I pumped her ass full of my cum as it squeezed tightly around my cock. It went limp and fell out. She ordered me to untie her. I told her it is your turn to cum. She told me she didn't need to but I didn't care. I plunged my fingers in her cunt with one hand and her ass with the other. Soon I had all four fingers ramming in and out of her pussy and I had two fingers up her ass. She moaned in pleasure as I continued to call her whore and a bitch.

I pushed my hand deeper and deeper until I had my whole wrist her cunt. My fingers where in a ball and fist fucked my wife. She liked it and I could tell by her breathing she was about to cum. I brought her to orgasm with my fist inside her and two fingers up her ass. She moaned, screamed, bucked, and wiggled as the orgasm shot through her body. I felt her pussy clamp to my fist and I was careful not to let her break it. I pulled out and proceeded to untie her.

She slapped me across the face and called me a bastard as she left the room. I thought for a moment that my wife was really angry until I heard my phone ring. I picked it up and it was her. We talked like nothing had happened and we told each other how we couldn't wait for sex with each other when I get home. I got home and my wife was eager to show me her new watch. I asked her where she got the money and she told me she found it. Like hell I told her, you probably dressed like a hooker and went down to the street corner.

We both laughed. I think I got the short end of the stick on this one but when you're horny enough you will do anything for sex.