Anal fucking chums step daughter and associates xxx her stepdad begins poking her but

Anal fucking chums step daughter and associates xxx her stepdad begins poking her but
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January 9, 2006 : "Ok students, remember, your speeches are to be ready by tuesday and the final project is due the week after. You should have plenty time to fin.

blah blah blah" Come on, come on. i wanna get out of this shitt-hole! just ten more seconds. RRIIIIINNGGG. "Alright ladies and gentlemen. I'll see you all tomorr---" I was already out the door. Sometimes being in a private school is such a drag. We wear uniforms, we get piles of homework, and we get dismissed after every school in town. Oh well, not much i can do about it anyways. The name's Jae. I'm a 16 year old girl that goes to a "high class" private high school.

I live in a small city with my parents and and older brother. We're american-born chinese-filipinos and live in the "rich" part of town. Anyways, i guess this is the part where I'm supposed to be conceited and talk about how i look, i can do that. I'm a dancer and basketball player.

I lay on the petite side of the scale and i'm not that tall. I'm about 5'1 with long dark hair that reaches to my mid-back. I've got hazel eyes and fair skin. I'm well developed with c-breasts and a lifted ass. alright, is that good enough for you? When school ends, my friend Lisa and I usually head for the bathroom. It's our daily routine. She's a guy-crazed maniac that needs to look good all the time, but I'm just pretty vein and I need to check myself in the mirror before I walk home.

I honestly don't want to walk home looking like an idiot. "ugh, gawd, why didn't you tell me i had all this lipgloss all over my face!" "i didn't even notice, no one cares anyway. come on, i wanna go home. ya done yet?" i asked. "ok ok. I'm almost done. Hey, did you see the new guy in chemistry today? he's totally gorgeous. OK OK, let's head home! geez jae, lighten up will ya?" "oh shut it. let's go to my locker first and we'll go to my house, yeah?" we head over to my locker and i spot some guy eyeing me.

Wow, this guy is gorgeous! Looked about 5'11, well built, dark skinned, with a total charming smile.

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Geez, talk about tall, dark, and handsome! My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Lisa squeal. "omg that's him!" "who?" "the new guy! oh man. this guy is dreamy. Look jae! he's totally checking you out!" "oh he is not. he looks like some jock anyway." I closed my locker and took a final glance at him. "hmm." He just smiled back.

Lisa and I were working on our homework in the my room, but then my brother came in.


"gosh Joey! would it kill you to knock every once in a while?" I said with an attitude. "i just needed to grab the amp for my guitar.

hey lisa." he gave her wink. he thinks he's so macho. And Lisa, being the girl she is.she couldn't help but feel flustered. She giggled and then looked torward the door, she then gave a small grin. I turned my head torward the door, and there he was, the new guy. "Gosh Joey, why do you have to be so rude?

Aren't you going to introduce your sister and I to your friend?" Lisa said smoothely. "oh yeah, this is Jon. Jon this is Lisa, and this is my sister Jae." "it's nice to meet you both." he said. He gave me a grin that made me want to melt, but I tried to keep my cool. He's just another one of Joey's friends, right? But. this guy is different.


"nice to meet you jon. you're in our chemistry class right?" Lisa said perkfully. "uhh, yeah. I'm not too well in chemistry though, I might have to look for a tutor." He said and looked at me. "oh! well jae here is an all-time chemistry genius!

i bet she could help you. you can come over to her house and do homework, right jae?" She nudged me and gave me a look. "uhm, yeah, sure! I'd love to help you. I'm usually free after school anyway." He smiled and agreed. "You think we can start tomorrow?" "Most definetely." I said, and they were gone.

God, this guy is so sexy. "Jae! SCORE! Ugh. I won't be able to come over tomorrow. wow, I'm going to miss his sexy body."We laughed and then went back to doing our homework. January 10, 2006 : .Come on, just one more minute til the bell rings.RIIING. I started for the bathroom since Lisa had an appointment to go to. "I hope I look alright. Wait, what am I stressing for? I'm just gonna help the guy with his homework!" I gave myself one last look into the mirror to make sure.

I headed for my locker and to my suprise, Jon was already waiting for me. "Hey jae, What's up?" "Heh, not much. Let me just grab my stuff and we'll go to my house, kay?" "no prob." He smiled. His smile was so sexy, I seriously wanted to melt.

Gosh, why can't all guys be like this? We got to my house and sat by the table in my room.

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I started explaining to him what chapters 13 and 14 were about but he didn't seem to care. "wow." he said. "what?" "oh nothing. uhm. how about chapter 15? I think I understand 13 an 14 now." "alright." I said.

I started to read him the chapter but he started to inch closer and closer to me. I tried no to let it distract me but he then started to run his hand up my thigh. I looked up from the book and he then planted his lips on mine. He leaned on top of me and kissed me more and more.

I was overwhelmed and didn't know what to do, so I just let him do what he wanted. He moved his lips from my mouth to my neck as he ran his hands up and down my small body. He carressed my breasts and then moved his hand down and under my skirt. He started to rub me as he was kissing me. He then stopped kissing me and let his eyes roam up and down my body. He moved my panty to the side and then started to rub my clit. He slowly ran his finger down to my pussy. he smiled as he felt how wet i was.

He slipped a finger inside and I let out a soft sigh. He played with me soft, and he played with me hard. This felt so good I didn't want it to stop. I lookedat him from bottom up. masculine, dark, and I was taken over by his sexy smile. "mmmm. you like that?" "ohhh god yes, don't stop! don't stop!" I never wanted it to end. He fingered me harder and harder. This guy was aggressive! He stared into my eyes and bit his lip as he played with my sex.

He forced his fingers harder and harder until i gave a great orgasm. He smiled and i could tell he was satisfied. He inched closer and kissed me softly on my lips. "be my girl." he said. i couldn't let this oppurtunity slip, so i smiled. "yes" January 11, 2006: "hey jae! so how did it go?" lisa asked excitedly. "oh, it was pretty cool. we went over chapters 13-15" i said smoothely. "so you mean to say. nothing happened?" "i'm his girlfriend." "eeeeeeeeeekkkk!!!!!!! omg you're so lucky!!!!

how did he ask you?" she was jumping. "he kissed me and asked me to be his girlfriend, that was all." she looked a bit disappointed because it was so blunt, but she was happy. we heading to the cafateria since it was lunch time anyway, and we saw jon with all the jocks and my brother. "hey babe!" he waved. "hey!" i said with a big smile. he motioned me to come over, o i walked a bit faster to reach him. he put his masculine arm around me. "guys, my new girl, jae." i smiled since i already knew most of them but i shook hands with the strangers.

lisa was too busy running her eyes over each and every one of them. "let's go to my car so we can have some time together.?" whispered jon. i got a bit wet when he said this. we started walking away form the group and fnally reached his car. i was already hot, so by the time we got into the back seat of his car, i pounced on top of him and kissed him, letting my tongue explore his mouth.

he instantly lifted my skirt and rubbed my ass and my pussy. i was so hot i couldn't control myself. i unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. immediately, his huge cock flung out.

my eyes widened. "you like?" he smiled. i nodded. i've never seen anything so big. the head was swollen, but the whole cock itself was fat and long! i wanted it my pussy, but i needed a taste first. i ran my tongue around his balls, making circles and swirls. he moaned as i sucked on them and played with them in my hands. i ran my tongue from the bottom of his balls all the way to the tip of his head. i slowly put my mouth over his head, sucking it while i jacked off his cock.

h e shut his eyes and ran his fingers through my hair. i moved my head up and down, going deeper and deeper. he then grabbed my head and pushed it up and down as he moved his hips, he was fucking my mouth.

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this turned me on even more, so i took control. i grabbed his hips and shoved his cock down my throat. he grunted an gave a loud moan. "oh yeah,, ooooh yeah!" i could feel his pulsing cock in my mouth, i knew he wa going to cum. i moved my head faster and sucked harder, moving my hands up and down that huge cock.

"oh fuck yeah! i'm gonna cum!

i'm gonna cum!" i jacked him off so hard that a load of cum spurt out. i ran the tip of my tongue around the head and then sucked all the cum off his cock. he was breathing heavy, and he smiled.

"mmm, baby. you're so fucken hot." i just smiled and gave his cock on last hard suck. he moaned as smiled. RIIIING. oops! it was time for class, we laughed as we ran back inside. "hey babe, i'll pick you up at 6 on saturday. i have a date planned for us." "ooh a date eh? alright!" i giggled. Saturday: ding dong. i ran downstairs and gave one last look at myself in the mirror.

i wore my most sexiest bra and thong i had and wore a classy, revealing dress. i opened the door and found a gorgeous, well suited young man. "hey there, jae." he looked shocked. "hi jon! you look great." i smiled. "you look. amazing! you're so beautiful." he grabbed my hand and we headed into the car. i gave him a kiss and he started to drive.

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"so where are we headed to?" i asked. "we're going to have a nice dinner and maybe go to my house, cool with you?" "cool." we arrived at the "Palais de Jade", a classy, chinese cuisine. I honestly didn't want dinner. the only thing i wanted in my mouth was that big cock.

i looked him in the eyes, and kiss him. "so, ready to eat?" he asked. "no." i said with a grin. he looked at me and then smiled. "how bout my house?" "absolutely." he backed out of the parking lot and started heading toward his house. i kissed his neck and played with his package as he drove. i wanted to make sure he was ready when we got there. we ran up to the door and before he opened it her kissed me.

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he opened the door and we stepped inside an empty house with no one there. he pushed me against the wall and kissed my neck and ran his tongue inside my mouth. we dashed up the stairs and into his room, i can't wait for that huge cock. we couldn't get off eachother, we kissed as if there was no tomorrow. he undressed me as i undress him. his body was so perfect ; big arms, hard chest, ripped abs, and a big fuckin' cock. he layed me onto his bed and kissed every inch of me.

he played with my breasts and sucked on my nipples. i moaned as he rubbed my pussy with his big hands. he then started kissing me going lower and lower down my body. he reached my sex and gave a big long lick. i moaned at his warm tongue. he dipped his tongue into my pussy, and explored the inside of me. he gave slow licks, and fast licks. he teased my clit and sucked on it. he sucked and played with my clit as he finger my wet pussy. he then got up and reached for his cock.

"mmm, you want this?" he said. "mmmmmm yeahhh." he slapped my clit with it and then slipped the head inside. it was so big i let out a soft sigh. he slowly put the rest of his cock inside me. as soon as he had half of his cock inside me, he then rammed the rest into my tight pussy. he grunted as he pumped his cock in and out of me. i moaned each time he rammed it in. it was so big that it hurt, but loved it cuz it felt good. we fucked for about an hour doing different positions.

i couldn't beleive how hard he was, it felt so good.

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i could tell he wanted to cum because he was going faster and faster into my pussy. he grabbed my hips and fucked me hard. he was pouding my pussy, smacking against me. "uh uh uh uh uhhh yeah you like that baby? uh you like that cock?" he was fucking me so hard i couldn't take it. i screamed as he rammed into my pussy. "fuck yeahbaby! fuck yeah you like that?" "ooohhh yes jon, oh god don't stop!" he was fucking his fastest now, he was going so fast the whole bed was shaking.

we both were reaching our orgasm. "ohyeah!! i'm gonna cum! i'm gonna cum!" he fucked me faster and faster, and he then pulled it out and started beating his cock. he cummed all over my pussy and my stomach, he groaned as each glob of cum came out. he used his cock to spread the cum all over me. we both smiled and kissed eachother.