Naughty bombshell gets cumshot on her face gulping all the jizz

Naughty bombshell gets cumshot on her face gulping all the jizz
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M&R Megan is 21, blonde, curvaceous (size 12-14 to be exact), blue eyes, gorgeous DD boobs Renee is 19, brunette, skinny, toned and tanned (size 6 to be exact), hazel eyes, DD boobs. Arriving at the hotel on Saturday afternoon at approximately 2.00pm we checked into the Novotel Canberra, setting down our bags we were exhausted from the drive and our exploration of the War Memorial (minus one tour guide).


We decided to have a sleep to feel refreshed and prepare for the night we'd have ahead of ourselves :P Waking up at around 6.00pm we decided to make dinner reservations at a Thai Restaurant and we discussed what the other was going to wear, after much delegation, we each decided on jeans and tops as we were heading to the sex shops after dinner and Good Berries.

Hearing the shower turn on, with Megan in it, Renee decided this would be the perfect opportunity to pursue her, she opened the bathroom door and saw Megan's gorgeous curvaceous body and smiled, Megan's gaze met Renee's eyes and her cheeky smile was inviting, Renee took the subtle sign to jump in with her.

With the steamy warm shower, dripping water all down Megan's body, Renee slowly started to undress, knowing that Megan was watching, she carefully stripped, taking care to not expose what would be promised to Megan later on.

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As Renee opened the shower screen door, Megan's hand reached out to Renee to pull her in with ease. When the shower door was close, things began to get even more steamy, Megan pulled Renee in close and slowly started to kiss her, Renee returned the kiss with just as much passion.


As the kiss got more intense, Megan started pashing Renee and once again Renee returned Megan's intentions. Breaking away, Renee reached down to grab the shower gel and placed a small amount on her hand and slowly lathered it up into a soapy foam before asking Megan to turn around so she could wash her back, the feel of Megan's body amongst Renee's hands was amazing, as Megan's body felt different to her own still just as sexy nonetheless, she rubbed the shower gel all over Megan's back, arse and legs, lightly massaging them with her every touch.

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Renee then pushed Megan back into the running water to wash all the shower gel off, and used her hands to ensure that all the residue was washed off. Noticing the time, their steamy shower session was cut short, due to dinner reservations, their cheekily devilish grins implied that their fun was not yet over.

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As they were dressing for dinner, Megan chose a black singlet top with a low cut shirt draping over the top, which showed her beautiful figure, and most of all, amazing cleavage anyone would be envious of. Renee chose skinny jeans with a black singlet top, they both chose to wear heels.


They each admired the other and acknowledged the effort that was made. Heading out for dinner, the conversation turned to sexual conversation over the excitement of heading to the sex shops later on, Megan had told Renee of sexual antics with one boy in particular and this engaged and excited Renee as she wanted to become involved in their occurrences.

After having a casual dinner and laughing and smiling, we headed off back to the car, for some dessert, though both Megan and Renee would prefer each other, they decided Good Berries would be a good place, as previously recommended.

As they piled into the car, Megan and Renee occasionally looked at each other, their eyes filled with desire, and smiled, Megan leant over and lightly kissed Renee, the smell and taste was intoxicating, when they were stopped at a red traffic light.

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Driving further along, Megan and Renee arrive at Good Berries and walk inside, their alluring confidence succumbing jealously to all girls who cross their path. Stepping inside the shop, Megan asks Renee what she'd like, Renee responds with "what I want, I can't have at this moment" and gives a cheeky smile, Megan knows exactly what it is Renee wants. Watching the boys behind the counter, making the combinations, while checking the girls out, Megan suggests to Renee that the chocolate custard is the better alternative to the vanilla, Renee then pulls Megan towards her and asks if later tonight, she can paint her body with chocolate sauce and lick every inch off her smooth, sensuous, shaved body, Megan winks at Renee, giving her the go ahead.

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Megan orders chocolate custard with crushed nuts and Renee orders chocolate custard with strawberries, the licking of their lips after each spoonful implies to the other that their mouths will be given quite a workout later on tonight. Both finish their dessert and head off to the first sex shop of the agenda "Adam and Eve", the girls discuss which toys they currently have and what they'd like to see and potentially purchase tonight, Megan describes to Renee that she has; anal beads, orgasm balls, vibrators, dildos, porn DVDs, costumes and naughty lingerie.

Renee advises Megan that she has porn DVDs, vibrators, costumes, lingerie, orgasm balls. The conversation becomes exciting as Renee asks Megan of her deepest fantasy, Megan begins explaining in detail that she'd like to have a threesome with herself, Renee and A.M.

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Renee smiles and giggles and wonders if one day it would be possible for the fantasy to become reality. Megan then turns the question onto Renee, who promptly responds with;