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English teens boys gay sex free download and porn pokemon sex fakes
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I turned both of the knobs off and stepped out of the shower. Picking up my towel, I dried myself off and put on some clothes. I walked out of the bathroom, walked into the kitchen and poured myself some cereal.

Another day at the races. I had to do a project for biology with Emily. Emily was smokin' hot, and she had a great body, and 38c breasts and blonde hair. You can imagine that I was nervous to go over to her house and work on the project. I kind of had the hots for her, and didn't want to fuck anything up between us.

I pulled my car up by the curb of her house, got out, and headed up the driveway towards the front door. I rand the doorbell and her dad answered.

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"Hey. You must be Joe," he said, "Nice to meet you." He shook my hand and told me that Emily was upstairs in her room just starting to work on the project. So, I walked up the stairs, and there she was, sitting on the floor with a poster board and some glue.

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"Hey," she said, looking up, "You ready to lick this project?" "Yeah," I replied, trying not to look too much at her below the neck. "Emily!" her dad yelled from downstairs, "Your mom and I are going now!" "OK," she yelled back downstairs. "We're going to be alone?" I asked. "Yeah," she said. "They got tickets to Mama Mia and then they're going to dinner." We worked for a while, and after forty five minutes, we had just about finished it.

"Hey, did you want anything to drink? We have some Pepsi downstairs." "Sure," I said as I heard the door close downstairs, "That'd be great." She got up and headed downstairs, coming back up with a cup full of Pepsi. She walked toward where I was, but then she tripped, spilling the pop all over me. "Omigosh! I am so sorry," she managed to blurt out.

"Oh, it's okay. Stuff happens," I said, as the pop soaked through my shirt and pants and got my skin all sticky. "Ah crap… It soaked through." "Do you need to take a shower?" she asked. "That'll probably be the easiest way to wash it off." We headed downstairs and into the bathroom. She grabbed me a towel and waited outside for my clothes so she could put them in the washer.


I handed her my clothes, and then stepped into the shower, turning it on so it would be a nice and warm shower. I wanted it to be a quick in-and-out operation, so I grabbed the soap and started to soap myself down.

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Then I heard the door open. "Hello?" I asked. "It's just me," said Emily, ripping back the curtain to reveal her naked body. "What are y-," I began to ask, but she put her finger to my lip, shushing me as she stepped into the shower and closed the curtain. She looked down at my now erect 8 inch penis and her eyes grew wide. "It's beautiful, she said.

"So are you," was all I could reply. She walked up right next to me, and we began to kiss. First just a little, and then making out. I was getting really turned on by her hard nipples brushing up against my chest, so I lowered my head and began sucking on one, while cupping her other breast in my hand. She started to make low moans as I fondled her, slowly moving towards her crotch. I reached her crotch and began circling her thighs, slowly circling in on her pussy lips. I began to lightly lick her pussy's lips, and then I stuck my tongue in.

"Oh…" she moaned as I began to lick her clit. "Yeah…" I intensified my speed, and she began to moan even more. Her legs became wobbly, and she sunk down to the floor and sat, her hand on the back of my head, pushing me deeper. I kept licking and licking until she yelled out, "Oh fuck… I'm cumming… Oh yeah…Oh yeah!" She began to twitch and spasm in great bursts. "Oh YEAH!

FUCK! YEAH Yeah yeah yeah yeah…" she said as the spasms died down, her hands still on the back of my head. I lifted my head up and sat down facing her, as the shower still sprayed on my back. "That was great," she panted, "but I guess I should return the favor." She slowly got onto her knees as I stood up.

She took my dick with both of her hands, and slowly began licking the head while rubbing the shaft. I didn't think it could get better until she took the whole head into her mouth and began flicking her tongue wildly around it, still twisting her hands.

"Oh yeah…" I lowly moaned. She took my cock out of her mouth and said, "I'm glad you like it. It's my first time." She took her hand off of my member, leaving one hand at the base, and she plunged it into her mouth. I was able to blurt out, "It's mine too," before I couldn't say anything because of the mind blowing sensations I was having.

She had gotten my dick about halfway into her mouth before she stopped and pulled it out. "I think I can go deeper," she said. "Are you okay with me trying?" "Hell yes." She put her mouth around my dick again, slowly taking in five inches. I decided to help her, and slowly pushed her head further. She got seven inches in before she had to pull back, gasping for air. "You almost had it," I panted, still a little weak from the sensations. "Wanna give it one more go?" She didn't even answer.

She plunged my dick deep into her throat with grim determination, and in one fell plunge, her mouth was at the base. "Fuck…" I said. She began to play with my balls, while her throat massaged my cock. I couldn't hold it any longer. "I'm gonna cum," I said. She retreated her head and began to furiously jack me off. I unloaded on her face for about ten seconds before I was done, and I had to sit down afterwards. I watched her slowly taking the cum off of her face, and then eat it.

Just watching her do that got me hard again. When she was done, she got up and turned off the shower. We both stepped out and began toweling each other off. We began to kiss again. Slowly, we went back up to her room, making out all the way. When we reached her bed, she disengaged and layed back on the bead, spreading her legs and revealing her pussy.

"Are you still a virgin?" I asked. "Are you?" she replied. "Yeah." "Yeah, me too, so be gentle with me," She said in a mocking voice, smiling. I took my cock and slowly put it up to her pussy lips. She slowly inhaled. I gave my dick a gentle push, opening up her pussy and getting half of the head in. We both gasped, feeling sensations that were incredible.

I stuck the rest of my head in, plus another inch of my shaft. "Yeah…" she moaned. I slowly pushed it in more, getting six inched in, leaving two left. "Stop!" she gasped, "leave it like that for now." I obeyed, not wanting to screw this up, and slowly began to pump my pelvis, making sure to not go past that six inch mark. "Oh fuck…" she moaned. "yeah&hellip." I began to pump more vigorously, which was met with more and more moans of pleasure from Emily and a couple from me.

"Put it all in," she was able to moan. I promptly obeyed, and shove the full length of my member inside her. "YES!" she screamed out, as I continued to pump and fast speeds, this time with two more inches going in her. After a few more pumps, I took one more deep stroke and stopped. I needed a rest. I had been humping her at blinding speeds and we both needed to catch out breath. "Damn, you're tight," I was able to say before we made out a little. "Damn, you're big," She said right back.

"Can I go on top?" Before I could reply, she caught me by surprise and threw me on the bed. As I turned around she kneeled over my cock, grabbed it, and slowly eased it inside her.

"Yeah… now it's my turn to control the pace," she said as she began to bounce. This was even better than when I was on top. Now I didn't have to do any work. I watched her beautiful breasts bounce up and down as she moaned, louder and louder until her pussy tightly gripped my cock as she gasped, "I'm cumming." She laid down, her head on my chest as she screamed and spasmed until her orgasm died away.

We both sat there panting. After a minute, we kissed and she said, "I want it in my ass." Before I could reply, she had gotten down on her hands and knees on the floor, and stuck her butt into the air.

I obeyed and got off the bed. I took my cock and ran the head up and down the valley in between her cheeks a few times before I put it right on her asshole and slowly pushed it in. It was even tighter than her pussy!


She must have felt the same way too. She gasped and then moaned as I slid all eight inches into her beautiful ass and began to pump. She rocked back and forth in unison with my pumps, screaming, "YEAH! FUCK ME!" We kept going for a few minutes before she moaned, "Fuck! I'm cumming again." I could feel that I was close too, so I pumped even faster. "FUCK!" she yelled as her ass squeezed around my cock, causing me to explode inside her. We moaned as I shot wave after wave of cum in her ass.

I pulled out and sat down watching as the cum oozed out of her ass, dripping down her pussy before it reached the floor. I thought I wasn't going to be able to get hard again after that, but watching my cum drip down her body got me going again. As Emily lay there panting, I walked up to her and put my cock in her pussy and began to pump again.

Slowly at first, but then as fast as I could go. She jumped back to life, moving back and forth in unison to my strokes.

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We both moaned together, with more frequency and louder than we had before, bother her pussy and my dick were sensitive because of all the times we had orgasmed.

We hopped back up onto the bed. She lay on her side, and I went up behind her and put it in her pussy and began to pump. "Fuck yeah!" she moaned over and over again.

"Shit shit shit shit shit…" She maneuvered herself so we were facing and then she pushed me on my back. She began grinding my member with her pussy and then laid down on me, making out with me as she continued to grind. "Fuck…" I moaned into her mouth. It was the best feeling I had ever had. I sat up, and threw her onto the bed and began fucking her furiously. She screamed with pleasure as I fucked her faster and faster. "I'm cumming" she yelled as I slammed into her.

Her boobs would bounce with every thrust, turning me on even more as she clenched my dick, screaming with delight as she had another orgasm. "I'm cumming," I said as I pulled out, and backed away, jacking off. She lay there, still weak from her orgasm as I unloaded on her whole body, plastering her.

I was surprised I had that much left. "Fuck," I said as I lay down on the bed.

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Emily slid up next to me and we just lied there for a few minutes. I leaned over, kissed her, and then said, "Let's get you cleaned up." She took my hand as I led her to the shower and turned it on. We both stepped in and began washing each other off.

After we got out and toweled each other off, I went to put my clothes in the dryer while she put her clothes back on. We went back upstairs to finish the project.


I had to do it naked, because there were no clothes I could wear. I didn't mind, and I don't think Emily did either, judging by where she was looking most of the time.

We finished the project in about ten minutes, and went downstairs to watch TV. We still had a little over an hour before my clothes were dry, so we sat on the couch, me still naked, and cuddled.

I put my arm around her and she put her hand on my crotch and fondled my member and balls. When my clothes were done drying, I put them on and started to head for the door.

Emily came up and hugged me and we made out for a couple more minutes. "I can't wait until our next project," she said. "Yeah. Me too," was all I could come up with. We kissed and I headed out the door. The next day in band, our director reminded us about the trip to Florida our band was taking in a few weeks, and I looked over at Emily, in the clarinet section. She looked and me and gave a sly smile. Florida, here we come.