Frechen allie Besuche Büro für einen Quicky

Frechen allie Besuche Büro für einen Quicky
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Let me start off by saying that I'm 18 years old now. My cousin is 16. I'm 6'1", about 235 pounds, and very muscular. My cousin is about 5'6", long brown hair, small, yet full tits, and a fat round ass.

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We are Latino so she has a nice tan and it makes her look so sexy when she goes tanning. For the sake of privacy, I'll be named alex and my cousin will be named mary. This story takes place about a year ago. I was 17 and Mary was 15. I almost forgot to mention that I smoke weed from time to time. Once she came over to spend the night with my sister, because they were close like that. So anyway, mary was in the house and my sister and the rest of my family had already gone to the sleep.

I saw this as an opportunity to go outside and smoke some weed before the night ended.


I might also add that I had been sexually attracted to Mary for a long while. I was outside smoking when all of the sudden the door to the garage opened.

I thought it was one of my parents, and I would be in so much shit. But when I saw it was my cousin mary, a big sigh of relief came over me. She was wearing a tight t-shirt that really brought out her curves, and a really short pair of booty shorts that showed off her amazing, thick, tan thighs. "What are you doing out here?" I asked "Well I could ask you the same thing" she replied with a big smirk on her face.

"None of your business, now go inside!" I roared.

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Only because at this point I was very paranoid. Not listening to what I said, mary came out into the garage and came up to me, took the blunt from my hand and took a great big hit. I was shocked. "What do you think you are doing stupid?!" I asked, still very paranoid. "I'm taking a hit asshole." mary said with a smart as smirk on her face. " besides it's not my first time smoking weed." "Okay, but we can't tell anyone about this. Deal?" I asked, waiting for her to reply, as she was holding in the smoke from her last hit.

"Okay cuzz, I won't tell." Mary said and passed me the Blunt. After about 20 seconds of awkward silence, we began giggling, as we were both high as a kite. After we had finished the blunt we went inside were the fun really began. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and then to my room to apply some body spray.

After that I went to the living room, where I saw my cousin. She was topless and she was facing away from me so she didn't know I could see her. She wanted to change out of her weed smelling clothes. She did have a bra on. But then she grabbed the sides of her booty shorts and bent over pulling them down. "Holy shit" I whispered to my self.

She wasn't wearing any panties. I pulled my cock out and began to stroke it fast and hard. I almost got caught as she reached for her bag to get another pair of shorts. I was in panic mode.


So I went to my room and locked the door. I got naked and hopped on my bed. I began stroking my cock again, thinking about what I had just seen. Beautiful long tan legs and a small pick, shaven pussy.

She had the fattest ass in the world. Nice and round. With all these things running through my mind, I came after only about 1 minute. I came all over my chest and stomach. Then I heard a knock at my door. It was mary. "Alex, what are you doing? " she whispered, as the rest of the house was asleep.

"Nothing, uhh I'll be right out give me a sec." I replied as I got up reaching for a towel to clean my self off. "Okay hurry up, I'll be in the living room. " she replied. "Okay" I said as I heard her footsteps walking away.

I began to wipe the cum off of my chest and stomach. I got a clean pair of underwear and put on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. I went out to the living room and sat on the couch. Trying to keep my distance from her. We were watching TV and suddenly she became irritated and said "I'm cold" "What do you want me to do about it? " I asked. "Let's cuddle." She said as she gave me these puppy dog eyes.

"Isn't that a little weird?" I asked. She said "no I'm just really cold and paranoid" we were watching a scary movie and she had smoked weed earlier so I understood why. "Okay, come here" I said with open arms and she came and sat between my legs with her fat ass.

I was getting hard but I didn't care. I wrapped my arms around her and we held hands. My cock was throbing so much that it hurt. She felt my deck on her ass. I knew because she turned and asked me "is that what I think it is?" I played stupid and asked what? " is that your cock?" She asked I was embarrassed. And said yeah.

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I said sorry but before I could get it out, she kissed me. On the lips. I didn't say anything, I just kissed her back. We frenched for about two minutes before she suggested going to my bedroom.


I was surprised at how eager she was. "We shouldn't do this. " I said, afraid I was taking advantage of her. "We should" she said biting her bottom lip. I was possessed. I didn't even care if it was incest. I needed her pussy. So I took her to my room. And locked the door behind us.

I pushed her onto the bed and began undoing her shorts. After pulling them off, I kissed her leg all the way down until my face was between her crotch. I kissed just above her pussy. Her scent was mouth watering. So I just began kissing and licking he pussy lips." Oh fuck!" She yelled as I began lapsing my tongue across her clit.

I bobbed my head and licked her for only 3 minutes before her body began to tremble. "Aggghhhhhh fuck alex I'm Cumming!" She yelled.


Only she yelled in a whisper. I was so hard as her juices flowed into my mouth and I drank them all up. She was panting and she said "Alex you're my cousin" I said "yeah I am" I said as I wiped her pussy juice from my chin. "Is this incest?" She asked me as she tried catching her breath. "Yes it is" I told her. The room was silent after he had finally caught her breath. I kissed her passionately and we laid together.

Then she said she wanted to such my dick. I wasn't about to deny her of that. I was way too horny. So I laid back and took off my sweats and underwear. Revieling my cock which was 7" long and 1.5" thick. She took my cock in her hand and began stroking my dick. I was already as hard as I could be. Precum began oozing from the tip of my dick. So she took my head in her mouth. "Ssssssssss" I hissed from enjoyment. Her lips were so soft. She began to pick my shaft up and down. And took more and more of my dick in her mouth with each bob of her head I felt my balls.

Begin to churn up cum. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum! " I said as she viciously sucked my cock and even deep through Ted me a few times. As she sucked my cock I heard sloppy wet smacking noises. "Mmmhh" she moaned as I began shooting my load into her mouth. "agghh fuck mary ahhh" was all I could say. She had her lips tight around much shaft so that not a drop of cum would be lost.

"Swallow it" I said She did exactly that. "Alex?" She said "Yeah?" I asked trying to catch my breath "Do you love me?" She asked "Of course I do." I told her in a sincere voice.

"I don't care if it's incest I love you" she told me.

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After that we didn't have sex. We just cuddled and we kissed some more. Until we fell asleep. The next morning, no body suspected a thing. I said to her, "good morning my love." she said "good morning cousin" she winked at me when She said cousin. anyone who read this, please, give me some feedback it was my first story.

I hope you all enjoyed :)